Hungry Ghosts (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

My grandmother always told me
that if the dead weren't
given a proper burial,
they'd become ghosts
looking for revenge.
The stories used to
keep me awake at night,
especially during the Month
of the Hungry Ghost,
when lonely, angry spirits
are free to wander the earth
revisiting those who
have forgotten them
or tormenting those lucky enough
to survive the war.
- What have you got?
- Cheers.
Set up for detonation.
"The dead are all around us,"
she'd tell me.
Most of the time,
we can't see or touch them.
But sometimes,
the power of one event
can change everything.
Thanks for coming so quickly.
Look, it seems like
a type of crypt or tomb.
You may have a better idea
of what it is.
Do you have any idea what this is like?
How could you do this to me, Mark?
I woke up this morning and a repo guy
was breaking into it.
They repossessed the truck,
Mark, for non-payment.
And yet I distinctly remember
giving you the money.
I want my money back.
- They repossessed the food truck.
- So? Open a restaurant.
You are a very good cook.
Just a terrible businesswoman.
May, you look tired.
- Mmm, lack of sleep will do it.
- The dreams again?
There are many restless spirits
in Hungry Ghost month.
Come to a temple with me
when you finish work tonight.
It's important.
Work. Shit.
May. May.
I want you to wear this. For luck.
- Oh
- Please.
You look beautiful.
Thanks, ba ngoai.
And thanks again for letting me stay.
Love you. Love you.
Not all ghosts want revenge.
Some just want us to see them.
To hear them, to remember them.
The more we push the past away,
the more insistent they become.
- They're here.
- Good.
It must be an exciting way
to revisit your past.
Not really a big fan.
- Of exhibitions?
- The past.
Neil, this is Tracy Tran
from Lee and Stanton,
the exhibition's major sponsor.
- Such a pleasure.
- Hello. Hello
And Harry Trang from the Arts
Council, who's giving us the space.
Nice to meet you.
We've actually met.
We have?
In Vietnam?
Lieutenant Trang. Hien.
How about that?
- Good to see you, Hien.
- It's Harry now.
This is the new ad
that went out yesterday.
Better get serious, then.
Jesus. Liz.
Sorry. Did I scare you?
What makes you think that?
I'm glad you're back.
How how long are you staying?
Couple of days. I'm on my way to
Antarctica via New Zealand.
- Antarctica?
- Mm-hm, yep.
Doing a peace for Lonely Planet.
Environmental tourism.
It's a thing now.
Yeah, well, if you say so.
Gonna put on a coffee.
Smells like something
a bit stronger in here.
What you been up to?
- This.
- Oh. Retirement.
It looks relaxing.
They're doing a retrospective
of my work.
The Vietnam years.
It's a Vietnamese festival.
Yeah, I didn't think
you really liked exhibitions.
When's the opening?
- In a week.
- Oh, shit.
It'd be great if you
could stay for it.
Support the old man.
I've got a deadline to keep. Sorry.
- What about that coffee?
- Yeah
I gotta go see my editor.
I just popped by to
let you know I was here.
You're not staying with me?
Well, the company paid for a hotel,
and I wouldn't want intrude.
I'll give you a call.
We'll catch up for dinner.
"We all have our own ghosts,"
my grandmother would say.
But sometimes, the pain of past trauma
can seep from one generation
to the next,
haunting an entire family.
Ba ngoai, is this the one?
Yeah. Thank you, dear.
- Was this yours, ba ngoai?
- Your father's.
When we came, we had nothing.
No money, no clothes.
The care packages we were given
only has clothes for little girl.
So, Paul had to wear a dress
for the first few months.
Dad in a dress?
- What did ong noi wear?
- He came later.
- Why?
- He wasn't allowed.
- Oh, careful, dear.
- Sorry.
Is this you, ba ngoai?
You're so young.
Who's that other man?
What are you doing?
- Those are mine.
- I'm sorry.
Don't mind old grumpy.
If you tap a bowl
during Hungry Ghost month,
a ghost will think you are
inviting them to eat with you.
No, it's not. Because
they don't always leave.
Not too much, dear.
Paul doesn't like turmeric.
Oh, I've always put turmeric in.
Sorry I'm late.
Ah. That smells amazing.
You should be resting your hip, Ma.
Lein tells me you don't like turmeric.
- Huh?
- Turmeric.
You used to be able to sniff it out
no matter how I hid it.
Did he?
Where's where's Dad?
He was a real ball-breaker,
always giving us some rubbish job
like digging trenches.
So we waited until he was on the toilet
and threw a smoke grenade under it.
- What?
- But we got it wrong.
It wasn't a smoke grenade.
Hi, Dad.
How was your day?
Did you speak to the real estate agent?
It's just that offer won't last.
Now that Mum can't work
I really think you should consider it.
- How was uni, mate?
- Good.
Hey, ong noi. So what was it?
That you threw?
- It was a stun grenade.
- Serious?!
Oh, it mess.
He was totally okay, but I was
covered from head to toe in cut.
In poo?! That's gross.
- Will you do me a favour?
- Mmm.
Take this. Keep it safe for me.
Something is wrong.
I don't know.
There's a dangerous presence.
I feel a strong male energy.
Very angry.
Someone from your past?
All I want to know is how Sophie
will do on her exams?
No, I'm not getting anything.
Every Hungry Ghost month, it's the same.
This time of year, the dead are too busy
haunting their relatives to talk to me.
But I do see loads of phallic energy.
I'm serious. There's definitely
a new man coming to your life.
I've got to go.
Can't talk now, babe.
- I just wanted to hear someone sane.
- Then why are you calling me?
I've been scrubbing bunions
for the past hour.
Oh. Nice.
I'm taking you out tonight.
I'll pick you up at seven.
- May Le.
- I gotta go.
Everything all right?
It's just you seem a little sad.
- Plenty more fish in the sea, doll.
- Oh, it's it's
Hurry up and finish. Mrs Gee's waiting.
Thanks for fitting me in today.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
Oh, sorry.
The Drowned Man.
Maybe your mysterious stranger
is a sailor.
Some ghosts are envious and hateful.
My grandmother called these spirits
gon cuoy.
Jealous and bitter,
they hold grudges against the living
and often they prey on the guilt
and shame of those who survived.
Come on, come help me finish this.
What's up, Dad?
Just idiots digging up the past.
Isn't it important to remember the past?
Who wants to be reminded
of what we lost? Hmm?
- Hi.
- Hi, Mum. Hi, sis.
Hi! Have you been good?
- I spilled the water.
- Oh, no.
Hey, you clean up your stuff.
Hi, Dad.
- Hey, we're sponsoring this.
- What for?
Community spirit. Hello.
5,000 years of rich history,
and all they fascinate on is that war.
Well, it was a pretty big one.
Let's get you home to bed.
What are you up to tonight, sis?
Studying, maybe party later on.
Ooh, maybe a party? Just wait
until you start work.
- Bye bye.
- Bye bye.
- Bye.
- Bye, Ethan.
I have to go too.
It goes away, you know? The pain.
It's not even pain.
It's more like humiliation.
You know, how could I be so stupid
to put it all in his name?
Mark will get his.
Karma won't let that fly.
And some clairvoyant you are.
Could have told me my dream's
about to be repossessed.
I'm done.
I took a chance, put myself out there.
And I got shat on.
Do not let me go home with him tonight.
Charging again. 200.
Oxygen away. Stand clear. Shock.
Continue CPR.
Adrenaline, one in one thousand.
- Adrenaline given.
- Charging again, 200.
Oxygen away. Stand clear. Shock.
- Asystolic.
- Check for vitals.
No visible signs of life.
No femoral pulse.
Okay, enough. I'm calling it.
Time of death, 21:55.
Give her another shot of adrenaline.
Nurse, adrenaline. One in one thousand.
Ben, I've called it.
It's been too long.
Charge 300 this time.
- Dr Tran has called it.
- She's in fine VF. Ready?
We've got a sinus rhythm.
He's here. He's not alone.
Tell her, tell her.
Half a loaf is better than none.
Hey, where are you?
Home. Studying.
Aww! Come on, come out, loser.
Hey, Soph, are you coming up
to the festival on the weekend?
- Maybe.
- Oh, please, come!
Okay? I'm going up tomorrow. Come!
Hey, Soph, just come out.
Just for one hour.
- Bye, Daniel.
- Please!
How's it going?
- Slow.
- Well, I'm making some tea.
Would you like some?
I think I'm going to have a bath
and then go to Eve's party for a bit.
- Couldn't sleep?
- No.
- Yes.
- I'm going to go straight to bed.
Do you want something to eat?
No. I'm exhausted.
Mr Nguyen, how are you today?
Well, I just thought I'd let you know
my client has raised his offer
on your shop.
Look, I know you said you're not
quite ready to sell yet,
but I think this might change your mind.
Well, I'll just leave this here for you.
My card's inside. Give us a call.
Hey, Bao, we are out of mandarins.
- I'll get some from the back.
- No, you serve.
- Daniel. Hey.
- Oh, hey, Mrs Tran.
Did Sophie stay at your house
last night?
No. She didn't even come to the party.
- Why? Is everything okay?
- Yes, everything's fine.
I was just early and I was passing by,
so I thought I'd come in and check.
Lisa did say she was going to some
music festival today with Sophie.
- Maybe I can call up and
- No, no, no, no. It's fine.
It's fine.
Anyone up there?
You got to stop scaring me like this.
You're getting jumpy
in your old age, Neil.
- What are you up to?
- I was looking for an old lens.
It's a Russian one
with this weird distortion.
All Russian lenses have distortion.
It's called under-engineering.
I saw these really cool Siberian shots
that were taken on an old Helios.
Thought I might try to re-create
the effect in Antarctica.
Do you know where the rest
of my boxes are?
Where'd you put them?
You remember him? Pebbles.
You got him for me.
- In Lebanon or somewhere.
- Syria.
- Ah, yeah. Syria, right.
- I loved him. I took him everywhere.
Looks well loved.
I'm going to go out.
You sure you don't know where
the rest of my boxes are?
Maybe, um
If you need a distortion lens,
I've got some.
I want the one that I'm looking for
that you clearly threw out.
I heard that.
- Jesus, Stella!
- What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You scared me half to death.
You're the one with a knife.
Did you did you go
through her things?
I didn't do that.
How'd you get in?
Mark gave me a key.
I flew down as soon
as I got your message.
I'm sorry about ba ngoai.
- Thanks for coming.
- Why wouldn't I?
After all is said and done,
she was my mother.
Be prepared to dress
for any occasion, darling.
You going to go to the hospital
to see ba ngoai?
I guess.
Yes, of course.
I've gotta drop by work for a bit.
As bad as it is,
I can't afford to lose my job right now.
This is a restricted area.
Just right this way.
Let me know if you need anything.
- Can I help you?
- I'm I'm
- I'm Dr Williams.
- What are you doing in my morgue?
I, um I'm sorry to interrupt.
Are you Mrs Le's daughter?
I was with your mother when she died.
She actually had a message for you.
Really? For me?
She said,
"Tell her he's here and he's not alone.
"Tell her half a loaf
is better than none."
- Half a
- Loaf.
- is better than none?
- Yes, that's
That was the message.
She wanted me to tell you that.
She was quite insistent.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Doctors, right?
Ms Stella Le?
It's such an honour to have you
in my establishment.
- Thank you.
- Are you okay?
She's your mum.
We have to go the funeral home.
Did they tell you when they're going
to release ba ngoai's body?
I don't think so.
Although they did say something odd.
What do you mean?
A message. Ma left a message for me.
What message?
Before she died, she said,
"He's here. "Half a loaf
is better than none."
- What?
- Yeah, it's a bit weird.
All right, let's go.
You know how I feel about funeral homes.
I'm just going to go home and unpack.
Okay, fine.
See you at ba ngoai's.
"Nua o banh."
"Half a loaf."
Excuse me?
Is anyone here?
Hello. Um
Sorry to interrupt.
It's just no-one was out there.
I just I just wanted
to ask a question
about the name of the restaurant.
Why "Half a loaf"?
- Come here.
- Sorry?
Come closer.
Oh, that is amazing.
Oh, God, that is incredible.
You have to give me your recipe.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry. Um
I'm a chef. I know how precious
secret recipes are.
We don't have much time, May.
- How do you know my name?
- Phuong is in grave danger.
What? Who are you?
- I have a message from her.
- Phuong is dead.
She's left this realm, yes.
But her spirit lives
and it's now trapped.
- Quang has come back.
- Wait, what? Quang?
Since his death,
Quang has remained trapped in hell
by the power of your grandmother.
But no more.
- I don't understand.
- It's the month of the Hungry Ghost.
The gates of hell have opened,
Quang has returned with the dead.
He wants eternal life,
and if he gets it
Why are you telling me this?
Because you, May, you are even more
powerful than your grandmother.
- Only you can stop Quang from
- Stop it from what?
From what?
- Stop stop him from what?
- Take it!
It's Thao.
What the fuck?
Where are they?
Where are the three souls?
Where has she hidden them?
Vietnam, 1973. Thao Hoang,
my interpreter.
- Think it's the same fella?
- It couldn't be.
I've cursed this family.
Complete the circle.
Find these souls.
Quang has three souls.
You must find them before he does.
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