Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e27 Episode Script

Arrival x At The x Arena!

Train and earn money? The Heavens Arena.
Heavens Arena Yeah, I'll explain later.
We should get moving.
Okay! Whoa.
Look, it's huge! Yep.
That's Heavens Arena.
Two hundred and fifty-one stories.
Nine hundred, ninety-one meters tall.
The world's fourth tallest building.
So this is where we'll be training I used up all my money on the trip fare.
We'll have to make more here.
After we disembark, we'll start from zero.
Okay, got it.
Good Let's go.
Yeah! Arrival x At The x Arena Gon and Killua head to Heavens Arena, seeking to get stronger.
There's a really long line.
Everyone's going to Heavens Arena? There aren't any conditions here, like there were for the Hunter Exam.
You just have to defeat your opponent.
Oh The higher you go, the more prize money you earn.
This is as good as it gets for those looking to make a living with their fists.
Welcome to Heavens Arena.
Please fill out this form.
Killua Zoldyck-sama, you are #2054.
Gon Freecss-sama, you are #2055.
They'll call your number on the first floor of the arena, so make sure you remember it.
Then please go ahead.
Go! Take him out! It's been a while, but the place hasn't changed.
Huh? You've been here before? Yeah, when I was six.
My dad left me here without a penny.
He said I should reach floor 200 before coming home.
It took two years.
Two years Sure, he was only six, but it really took Killua that long? If you want to fight people of Hisoka's level, you'll need to go higher.
Let's hurry.
Please enter ring E.
#2055! That's me! I'm getting nervous now.
Gon, you got through the Testing Gate, right? Huh? In that case Look at that! It's a little boy! Hey, kid! This is your last chance to run! This ain't a game! One punch, and he'll fly out of the ring! On the first floor, we appraise each participant's level.
You are allowed three minutes to demonstrate your prowess.
Then Begin! Sorry I'll end your suffering with one punch.
You got through the Testing Gate, right? In that case, all you have to do is push hard.
Just push hard! No way! Yes! That kid's incredible! He's got some crazy power! When did I become so strong? #2055, proceed to floor 50.
All right! Hey, here's another kid who's a beast! Oh? You've already been to the 200th floor? And this was a strong performance.
Very well.
You may go to the 180th floor Oh, I'll start from the 50th floor.
Huh? I want to take it easy.
That's enough! Yet another strong kid there! You are permitted to advance to the 50th floor.
Osu! The first 200 floors of Heavens Arena are divided into classes, each comprised of ten floors.
So after someone defeats an opponent in the 50s, they advance to the 60s.
If they lose, then they'd drop back to the 40s.
Oh, so that's how it works.
Plus I've heard that after you pass the 100th floor, you get your own room! Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.
Osu! My name is Zushi! What about you guys? I'm Killua.
I'm Gon.
Nice to meet you.
We've arrived at the 50th floor.
I saw your fight earlier.
That was really amazing, yo! What are you talking about? You made it up here with one match, too.
That's right.
No I still have a long way to go.
By the way, which martial arts discipline do you practice? I study the Shingen-ryu fighting technique.
School? We don't have one, right? No What? You're that strong with no training? I'm kind of shocked I still have so far to go! Zushi.
You did well.
Master! You adhered to my teachings.
Osu! I am honored! Master, your shirt is untucked again.
Oh, sorry about that Who are they? Oh, these are Killua-san and Gon-san.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Wing.
Yo! I didn't expect to meet other children.
Why are you here? Uh Well, we want to become stronger.
But we're also broke, so we're making money simultaneously.
Killua's a veteran here.
Oh? If you're up here, you must be fairly skilled, but you should pay strict attention to your opponent's body, as well as your own.
Osu Killua-sama, Gon-sama, and Zushi-sama? Please hand me your tickets.
Here is your prize money.
One hundred, fifty-two jenny On the 1st floor, win or lose, your reward covers a canned drink.
But beyond that, a loss gets you nothing.
A win over an opponent in the 50s nets you fifty thousand.
Fifty thousand That's a lot.
In the 100s, I think wins are worth a million.
What? Once you're past the 150th floor, you get ten million a pop.
Ten million? Didn't you make it to floor 200 when you were here before? Th-The 200th floor? How much do you get for winning on the 200th floor? Well I don't really know, because I quit once I reached 200.
But when I was winning in the 190s, I had around two hundred million, total.
T-Two hundred million Where's that money now? That was four years ago.
Of course it's gone now.
Spent it all on snacks! Two hundred million on snacks, in four years? What kind of snacks are these? Hey, let's head to the waiting room.
We didn't take any damage in the last fight, so they'll probably assign us another match today.
Well, these opponents should be a cinch.
Just take it easy.
Really? Killua-san! You're too loud #2054, Killua-sama.
I'm already up.
And #1963, Zushi-sama.
What? Please head to arena A, on the 57th floor.
Osu! I shall give it my best.
Well, you can't win them all.
Better luck next time.
I'll head out.
Good luck, guys.
I'll wait for you above.
Uh-huh He really didn't have to be so blunt Okay, everyone! The event you've all been waiting for! We have a unique match-up for you! Two young boys, fighting it out! However, you don't want to underestimate them! Both had strong showings in their first rounds! They both advanced directly to the 50s! We will now replay their matches on the big screen! Killua defeated his opponent in a flash! One chop was all it took to knock him out! Meanwhile, Zushi used martial arts to punish his opponent, scoring a flawless knockout of a 200+ kilogram giant! Okay, everyone! Are you ready to press your gamble switches? In that case, switch on! All bets are in, and the odds favor Zushi! Perhaps his martial arts knowledge gives him an edge? This is bad Killua-san is mad This match will consist of three, three-minutes each, decided by the points and knockout system! Begin! I see.
His stance leaves few openings.
He's trained long and hard to master that stance.
But he has no chance against me.
Wow Killua is boldly walking toward his opponent! Sorry.
But I'm sticking to one chop per match until I reach the 150s.
Clean hit! Amazing! Killua has knocked out another opponent with only a single chop! A clean hit and being knocked down get him 2 point.
As you already know, under the points and knockout system, There are clean hits, critical hits, and knockdowns.
Superb attacks count as "clean hits," worth one point apiece.
Unusually superb attacks are classified as "critical hits," worth two points.
Knocking down your opponent earns you one point.
After amassing ten points, you are awarded a technical knockout.
Of course, if your opponent cannot continue to fight after one hit, you win due to a knockout! That chop ended the fight, stupid.
Can you fight? Yes, I'm okay! He got up! Zushi will continue! Fight! Did I hold back too much? He's taken another hit! Zushi has been knocked down! But he's already standing up! If you stand before the referee reaches you, your opponent isn't awarded the point.
Not bad.
So the same attack won't work twice against you.
But something's wrong.
That attack was strong enough that a graze should have rendered him unconscious.
Unbelievable He has dominating power and speed! At this rate, I won't stand a chance! I have to try it! Oh! What's happening? Killua has backed away! Zushi! So, an incredibly loud shout from a spectator interrupted the fight, but let's get started again! Oh, Killua! Over here! See? I got sixty thousand.
How about you? It took you a while to get here.
Yeah, I ran into a little trouble.
Then Zushi was pretty strong.
No, not at all.
He has potential.
One day, he'll be strong.
But right now, he's just target practice for me.
His punches were weak I was completely able to knock him around.
But I couldn't defeat him.
Huh? I received the TKO from points, but I couldn't knock him out.
Further When he changed his stance, his aura reminded me of my brother's.
I don't know what it was, but it felt dangerous.
It must be some kind of technique.
His master called it "Ren.
" Forgive me, Master! I thought I made myself clear, Zushi.
You were not supposed to use Ren yet.
Forgive me! My opponent was so strong, I couldn't help myself Sure.
Wanting to win is good.
But your true goal lies beyond this.
At this tower's top floor.
Focus too much on simply winning a fight, and you reduce your own potential.
Yo! You must be prepared to lose a thousand times while you're here.
Yo! So he isn't supposed to use Ren until he reaches the top floor? The strongest fighters are at the top, right? Gon, change in plans.
Huh? I'm aiming to reach the top floor! Uh-huh! Actually, that was my goal all along.
Killua defeats another opponent with one chop! A knockout! Oh! In the other arena, Gon has knocked out another opponent with a single push! Each of them has won six consecutive matches over the past three days, to reach the 100s without a scratch! Killua's chop.
And Gon's push.
How far will they be able to go? And who is going to be able to stop them? Yay! A private room! We won't have to worry about money and lodging anymore.
I wouldn't be too sure about that.
If you drop below the 100s, you have to check out of this room.
A world of difference separates making it to the 100s and staying in the 100s.
The 100th floor is like a ceiling.
A ceiling? Once you pass it, you get special treatment.
So everyone focuses on holding their spot.
Some people will do anything it takes to stay in the 100s.
You can waste a lot of time on them.
Be careful, Gon.
Gon wins another match with a single push! Guess I didn't need to worry about him.
Your prize money has been deposited into the specified account.
You were right I've never seen so many zeros before And just a week ago, I was totally broke.
I'm a little annoyed.
Huh? My first time here, it took me two months to reach floor 150.
Meanwhile, you're breezing through.
But you were only six back then.
Well, that's true Oh, that's right.
I saw Zushi on TV earlier.
So did I.
He's still in the 50s.
I wonder what that Ren you sensed could have been.
Maybe if we fight opponents higher up Or wouldn't it be faster to just ask Zushi? Ren is one of the four major principles.
The four major principles for disciplining your mind and body.
Fundamental to every martial art! You must know "Ten," learn "Zetsu," achieve "Ren," and reach "Hatsu"! This is all part of "Nen" training! That covers everything! I've no idea what you just said! Zushi Are you sufficiently educated that you can teach others? Gon-kun, Killua-kun.
There's an old saying that if you learn something piecemeal, you'll end up knowing less than when you started.
So a little knowledge is a dangerous thing? But I want to know right now.
Because it's related to the secret behind my brother's power.
Then, your brother is able to use Nen? I need to know what Nen and Ren even mean! I'll agree to the full learning process rather than a quick explanation! And if you're willing to teach me, I won't try to figure it out myself.
I understand.
Come with me to my residence.
What is Nen? What is Ren? Killua believes they are related to his brother's abilities.
Gon wishes to learn what these mean, as well.
Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Brush your teeth.
Unripe Fruit Coming up, it's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Today, we introduce Zushi! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Learning Shingen-ryu kung fu from Wing.
He practices Shingen-ryu kung fu.
He's considered a one in a hundred thousand talent! Very polite and earnest.
But we're considered one in a hundred million talents! Likes to say "Osu.
" Osu! Next time: Nen x And x Ren! That was a rough episode Good work! Osu!