Hurts Like Hell (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[man] People view Thai boxing
as a circle operated by the mafia.
It's a circle of thugs.
A circle of gangsters.
So that's the reason why
we never think of Muay Thai
as an integral part
of the nations martial arts?
Listen to me. Focus! Focus!
Understand? All right. Go!
[bell rings]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd continues cheering]
Yes! Yeah!
Yes! Good!
[crowd cheering]
New release.
Keep pushing! Hit him high!
[bell rings]
[tense music playing]
[muffled cheering]
[tense music continues]
[man] Kid.
You're Wichian, right?
[Wichian] Yes, sir.
[man] You did well. Good job.
Keep training. You'll go a long way.
[muffled cheering]
[crowd cheering]
[bell rings]
[tense music playing]
[music ends]
[man 2] These days, gambling acts like
the heart of the boxing industry.
It's what's keeping it alive.
Right now, it's hard to find people
who love boxers.
or to find ones who love boxing so much
that they'd spend on tickets
to watch a match.
What time is it?
Shhh. Go back to sleep.
Sleep, okay?
["Hailstorms" by Hugo playing]
Running out of time
Either get out or get in ♪
Days are slipping by
Won't wait to begin ♪
'Cause I'm losing
All my feathers in the wind ♪
Digging out a memory
Of who I was before ♪
And how I got involved
In this endless war ♪
The ones who win
Don't always need it more ♪
I'm ready for release ♪
I wait for the pain to come ♪
I beg it to believe ♪
Hailstorms coming
Baby bring it on ♪
I'm waiting for the blow ♪
I'm reaching out
To take what's mine ♪
Whichever way it rolls ♪
I dance my way
Through hailstorms anytime ♪
[music ends]
[man] The Jao Cherng's Muay Thai
fight today, the 6th match between
Sor Worasingh and Arnas Liamthong.
Arnas I've seen him a lot.
He works hard and is in prime shape.
He's buff as hell.
He's got skills.
He's got a variety of moves to thrill.
So I'd recommend betting on Arnas today.
Okay? Now, for the major fight,
take note of the main match.
Aekanan S. Wichaithong in the red corner
will face Den Chaomeungphet
in the blue corner.
This one, for me, personally,
I would go with Aekanan.
He's hard-working, well-built, and he's
been training for this match for months.
That's from an insider.
He can hold on longer. He'll probably last
four or five rounds easily.
Sorry if you're rooting
for the other side.
Aekanan is easily going to win this fight.
As for the eighth and ninth matches
between Nongyuth and Rangsan,
don't bother with it.
Invest your money in something else.
Just remember that you need
to be wise with your investment.
All right. Till next time.
Oh, come in.
- Some apples?
- Thank you.
What time are you going to leave today?
Today? I've got to go.
I'm meeting him around four.
That's okay then. I can still drive you.
Hmm. You're pregnant. Stay home.
It's really okay. I'll just drive you.
- It's okay. You should rest.
- It's okay. I can do it.
Don't argue with me.
So, what's the latest on your boxing gym?
Mmm, I went to look at the land.
[woman] And?
How was it?
Well, it was okay. I mean,
there's some details
I hadn't planned out yet.
For example, building costs,
cost for water,
electricity, and a bunch of other stuff.
Plus maintenance costs.
So, when will it be finished?
Well, um
once the building plan is done,
there are other steps we have to follow.
I want it to be finished quickly too.
Do you have enough saved, though?
[woman] What? Can't I ask?
Well, I think I've got
enough money saved up.
I have it all planned out.
[woman] You know we're about
to have a baby.
You should think about that
before starting anything.
I don't have any income
to help support you anymore.
Don't worry. I can handle it.
Just get ready, or we'll be late.
[door closes]
[dramatic music playing]
My name is Boom Dek Sian.
I'm the head of Boom Dek Sian Boxing Gym.
I've always been involved with boxing.
Right now, I'm running a boxing gym.
I'm a boxing guru at the Rajadamnern
and Lumpinee boxing stadiums.
My passion for boxing started
when I was young.
I was influenced by my grandfather.
He likes to watch boxing matches, and I
noticed he would go out every evening.
I got curious and wondered why
he liked it so much.
I wanted to go with him even just once,
so I could experience it myself.
So I started going out
when I was about ten years old.
I remember wearing my school uniform
because that way,
I didn't pay anything to get in.
There were so many people there.
The stadium was packed.
All the people were cheering,
and the atmosphere was just great.
After that, I started liking the sport,
and I asked my grandfather if I could go
watch matches with him all the time.
At first, when I went,
I. uh, I wasn't betting.
I was just watching.
Then two or three years later,
I started saving up my allowance.
About 100 sometimes 200 baht.
Eventually, I wanted
to place bets like my grandfather.
He bet 4,000 to 5,000 per bout.
I only had a couple of hundred,
but I bet it on the ones I liked.
And that's how it started for me.
I placed bets
every time I watched a match.
I was about 16 or 17 years old.
Uh, as I got older and got more money,
I made larger bets.
From the time I started, it's been over
ten years that I've been a boxing guru.
What time do you want me
to come and pick you up?
[man] You can come at nine.
I'll be done by then.
I'll wait for you at the same spot then.
- [man]Okay. Sure.
- Call me if you need anything.
Okay. Bye.
[car door closes]
[man 2] Hey, Phat!
Hey, bro.
Why are you there?
I was waiting for you, bro.
Dude, you still let
your girlfriend drive you?
You know what she's like.
If I didn't let her do what she wants,
I'm telling you,
I wouldn't hear the end of it.
No, thanks. I quit.
What? Since when?
For a week now.
Relax, women are like that.
Just don't mind it.
Which match are you looking at?
The fifth one and the main one. Here.
The rate of the major bout is quite high.
At least all of them are interesting.
- [exhales]
- Mm-hmm.
Can we go?
All right, all right. Let's go then.
- Damn.
- Shit.
Come on.
You whine like my girlfriend.
Is it because you're getting old?
[dramatic music playing]
[man 3] When it comes to boxing,
we don't usually refer
to audience members by their names.
Everyone in the boxing circle
are generally referred to as boxing gurus.
Even if you're there
to watch the match or just to cheer,
or maybe you're there
so you can experience
being a part of gambling
and boxing circles.
who are mostly referred by "Sian",
meaning gurus.
That's where the term
"boxing guru" comes from.
- Can I get two tickets, please?
- Hello.
- [woman] Sure.
- [man 2] What's up?
- [man 4] Hello.
- [man] Here you go, huh?
[man] Come on.
Two tickets, please.
There are boxing gurus
who are like the heart of each stadium.
These men usually go there
so they could watch the match.
They are people who are respected
by the other bettors in the business.
They're referred to as “Big guru”.
[dramatic music playing]
Hey, Phat. The high rollers have arrived.
All the bouts are attracting money.
That's normal, isn't it?
[man 5] Hey, two tickets for Kom.
- They want to bet on major fights.
- Here are the tickets.
[man 5] All done, sir.
Kom just got here.
[man] Most of them are popular,
and they have lots of money to burn.
They have the upper hand.
They have more money. They bet big.
Let's say you're not a well-known guru
but you still place a large bet,
then based on that,
you're called a "big guru".
So, most people usually
don't dare negotiate with
or challenge a big guru during a match.
[man 2] Here he comes.
[man2] Hello.
[man 4] Hello, sir.
- [man5] Hello.
- [man 6] Hello.
[man 6] Well, you just got here in time.
[man 6] Hey
[man 7] This is a good spot.
- Wirot.
- What?
Have you ever bet against Kom?
Of course.
But these days I rarely see him
at the stadium.
Why are you asking?
You wanna play against him?
You know he only plays with high rollers.
Ten to 100,000.
And he likes to raise it
when somebody joins.
I got trapped and lost a lot.
- Are you even listening to me?
- Yes.
Stop yelling at me.
He said he rarely comes to the stadium.
Why are you afraid?
[man 8] Okay. Put in a bet for me,
will you?
Let's play on this side.
Why would you wanna play there?
All right. I know. I hear you.
[man 10] People who gamble
on boxing matches at the stadium,
you can say they are like
moths flying in to a flame.
It's easier to trap new players
they lose a lot of money.
They don't know what it means.
The term "getting trapped" means,
for example, uh the big guru bets on red,
the small and minor gurus bet
on the red corners as well.
All the while, blue is going strong.
When blue throws kicks,
the odds don't change.
That's what's called "getting trapped."
[crowd cheering]
[crowd cheers to each punch]
Go tell red I'll add 20,000.
Yes, sir.
[man] Yes!
- [Phat] Yeah!
- [man] Push him out!
[Wirot] Push him out! Push him out!
[bell rings]
[referee] Time! Corners. Corners.
- [man 11] All right!
- [man 12] Yeah!
[crowd cheering louder]
- [man 11] You did great. Well done.
- [man 12] All right.
[man 12] Hey, blue won.
[Boom] The good thing
of being a boxing guru is
it's a job where you stand
to make money easily,
because a match is
usually done in 30 minutes,
If you got 1,000 baht,
considering there are seven to nine
boxing matches a day,
if you bet on all seven,
you get 7,000 baht.
- Jack isn't here yet?
- No, he's not here yet.
I heard that you lost big yesterday.
- Hey. You're late, asshole.
- Yes?
Come on, man! I'm just a little late.
Don't get so upset.
If only I hadn't heard something
really interesting,
I wouldn't have been late.
Just leave it.
You know what I heard?
At the weigh-in for the main match,
the odds were at 3/2
with red as the favorite.
Right now it's 7/4.
[Jack] And you know what?
The reason the odds went up this much is
because the story is spreading that the
blue boxer didn't train and partied a lot.
I think they're driving up
the odds for sure.
So, who's selling the story?
They say it's Kom's men.
Because those guys set
the odds in favor of red.
There's also some insider information
that the blue boxer won't last
to the fourth or fifth round for sure.
Now that people are hearing about it,
they're flocking to bet on the red corner.
That's what I heard.
All right. Fuck it.
In boxing things can always change.
The term "selling a story"
mostly means spreading lies..
Maybe the boxer fought as hard
as he could, but he was exhausted.
What happens is the story or rumor
still gets the credit.
Whether it's true or not, they still
shouldn't be spreading those lies.
They can affect the boxer negatively.
People who sell stories can hurt
the boxers and ruin their reputation.
Hey, Kom, do we go for this match?
- Sure. Go ahead.
- They set it at 9/2.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Go ahead.
- Yes. Yes, I will.
Who is he?
I think his name is Phat.
He's Roj's friend.
[Phat] Sir, let me play with you.
- Roj.
- What now?
Hey, Roj.
Phat went over there.
We play tough around here, kid.
Are you sure?
I also heard that
around these parts you play the toughest.
[Phat] So, can I play with you?
Or are you afraid?
[tense music playing]
If you play with me
and you can't pay me back,
I'm warning you,
your life will be difficult.
[tense music continues]
[tense music ends]
Big gurus generally play
with those who are also well off.
Usually these are individuals with money
whom they already know well.
They wouldn't agree to play
with anyone who approaches them.
They wouldn't be able to trust them.
Chances are they wouldn't want
to play big with them.
They play within their circle.
How would he know
if the small guru can pay him if he loses?
What if he has no money and can't pay up?
What will happen?
Generally, people who are small gurus,
they are respectful.
They respect the big gurus.
When small gurus are short on money,
or in the event
they lose one or two bouts,
they'll sit with the big gurus
and suck up to them.
Big gurus have lots of cash,
and sometimes you can even get a loan.
So in terms of clashing with big gurus,
from what I've seen or heard
in the boxing circle,
they try to avoid this.
They even ask the big gurus for advice.
[bell ringing] By the way,
my name is Wirot, boxing guru.
And the fight is starting.
- [referee] Round one.
- [bell rings]
[crowd cheers]
[crowd cheers]
[crowd cheers]
Over here.
[Soros] All the gurus speak
this universal language.
They use hand signals
so that from a distance,
they can bet with each other.
For thousands, it's a thumbs up.
This is a 1,000.
For 10,000,
they would raise a fist like this.
I'm red. 50,000.
Okay? 50,000 for red.
They'll repeat. Red, 50,000.
So those are the hand signals.
All gurus use them.
Everyone understands
what those signals mean.
In the boxing business,
it's a gentlemen's agreement.
We use hands to communicate.
[crowd cheering]
[Wirot] World-wide-web-V-8-9-N-G-dot-com.
Hey, man.
The fight's just starting.
They barely touched each other.
Look at these assholes.
They're going in hard.
I guess today is going to be fun as fuck.
Let's go! Yes!
[crowd cheers]
[Boom] Usually, there aren't many bets
placed in the first and second rounds
because the boxers aren't
showing off their moves yet.
Since they bounce around
so intense this early,
the boxing gurus can't set the prices.
[crowd cheering]
- Come on!
- Damn, man! Red is looking good.
- Red! Red, 3/2.
- Red looks good.
Red, 3/2!
4,000? Okay, on red.
It's a deal!
[tense music playing]
[crowd cheers]
[crowd cheers]
Jab! Jab! Jab! Jab!
[crowd cheers with each hit]
Break. Break!
His form is fucking great!
- I told you.
- [bell rings]
Normally in a boxing match,
people don't bet on the first round.
But after the second round is over,
the prices are set in the 3rd round.
Sometimes something unusual happens.
Like if during the Wai Khru ceremony,
and the crowd suddenly gets rowdy,
you can be sure that
there's something wrong.
When that happens, they know that
they have to be careful and alert.
[bell ringing]
[man] Let's go!
[referee] Round two. Fight!
[bell rings]
[man] Knock him out!
[crowd cheers]
[man 2] Come on. Hit him!
[crowd cheers]
[crowd cheers]
- [man 2] That's good!
- [man 3] Yes!
[Phat] Yes!
Get him! Get him! Knock him out!
[crowd cheers]
[crowd cheers]
- Hey.
- The ropes! The ropes! Referee!
The ropes! Hey!
- Hey.
- What the fuck is he waiting for. Dammit.
[crowd cheers]
No! Don't run. Get closer! Get closer!
[crowd continues cheering]
- Fuck!
- Fuck!
With this kind of sport,
the odds change by the second
because the boxers
are always showing off their moves,
and the odds change based
on how they fight.
Come on. Fight!
- Your kicks. Throw your kicks.
- Yes!
- Yes!
- Damn it.
[crowd cheers]
[crowd cheers]
- Goddamn it.
- Come on!
[referee] Get up!
- Red has fallen. Red has fallen right now.
- Hey! Get up! Quickly!
[Wirot] Red has fallen.
[crowd cheering]
[thumping sound]
[man] Come on!
Hey, Phat, that's 50,000.
The odds on blue are going up.
Hold on. Didn't Kom bet on red before?
Why bet on blue now?
He bet a lot on red.
I guess he's hedging his bets.
Now that the odds on blue are going up.
Get closer. Come on, man.
Hey, throw some punches.
[crowd cheers]
A left punch. Go on. Throw a left punch!
[music intensifies]
[crowd cheers]
Don't be a coward! Hit him!
Get up!
Damn it.
- [bell rings]
- [Phat] All right. Let's go. You got this.
- Son of a bitch.
- Goddamn it.
The odds are even now. They're even.
[Soros] When the audience is
cheering wildly,
it's because the amount that's at stake
is actually getting higher and higher.
In boxing, the cheering starts
to get intense in the third round.
The cheering is part of the match.
Those who support the red
must cheer for red.
Those who support blue
must cheer for blue.
The cheering is another element
that can influence the fight
to become more intense.
And on the boxer's side,
when they hear the crowd cheering,
they fight better. They do.
So now, the outcome of the match
depends on how well the boxers fight
the opposite corner in that round.
[tense music playing]
- [bell ringing]
- [crowd cheering]
Even to red. Even to red now.
The big gurus are with blue.
- Fight!
- [bell rings]
[crowd cheers]
- Hey! Move it, asshole! Move it, man!
- Come on! Hit him!
Get your hand up.
Aren't you a left-handed, asshole?
Move it.
[tense music continues]
[crowd cheers]
- Come on, throw a punch.
- Kick! Punch! Come on!
Damn it. Closer. Closer. Come on!
[crowd cheers]
[crowd continues cheering]
Hell yeah! Yes!
Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
- Don't run away, damn it. Go.
- Punch! Punch!
[crowd cheers]
- Get closer. Closer, damn it!
- Just do it!
- Go on! Punch!
- Closer! Yes!
[crowd cheers]
Get your hand up!
- Throw a punch, man! Punch him!
- Yes!
Yes! Yes.
Hey, get up! Up! Up!
[Wirot] Come! Get up!
[referee] Fight!
Son of a bitch! Don't back down!
[crowd cheers]
Goddamn it.
What are you walking around for?
Kick and punch him!
Push him out!
[crowd cheers]
Yes! Good!
[crowd continues cheering]
[Wirot] Red has fallen.
Son of a bitch, you can't fall anymore!
- Don't run!
- [referee] Fight.
You're a lefty, so throw a hook!
Son of a bitch!
[tense music continues]
[crowd continues cheering]
One! Two!
- Shit!
- Red has fallen.
[referee] Two!
- [referee] Six!
- Red, focus!
- Red, focus!
- Red! Red, I'll pay you!
40,000 extra! 40,000!
[referee] Eight! Good!
Yes! Yes!
Hey, Phat, why would you
pay him that much?
- You're gonna be broke.
- We're already in this. Let's go all in.
[crowd cheers]
- Get closer!
- Get in there!
[Kom] Jab!
Let's go!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
[crowd continues cheering]
Idiot, you're a lefty.
Throw your left punch!
Son of a bitch. Use your fucking brain.
Huh! Yes! Yes! That's right.
[bell rings]
[Wirot] The odds are on the blue corner.
[Jack] What do we do now?
- Red can't take anymore.
- I know that.
- Let's hedge our bets with blue.
- You can do whatever the fuck you want!
- Ahh!
- Calm down, Phat.
Pull yourself together.
Do you know what gurus call
the first round?
Round one is for observing.
Second round is for feeling it out.
Third round is for testing.
The first three rounds
aren't that important.
If blue catches up
at the end of round three,
the odds that were against them
could quickly turn
if he gets a few hits in
before the end of the round.
in no time, the price quickly
favors blue as much as two to one.
[Wirot] Now the odds are in favor of blue.
It's blue's turn. Blue is in good shape.
Well, blue is looking good tonight.
It's like a walk in the park.
The match isn't over yet.
We'll see if it's a walk in the park,
or a walk of shame.
That's quite a mouth you have, kid.
Fifty thousand is too little.
I'm going with blue.
Five hundred thousand. Are you in?
[man] Red. Go with red.
Everyone knows you always bet
on the favorite.
Two one. 500,000.
[indistinct chatter]
Deal. Okay.
You go for the underdog.
What an asshole.
What's wrong with you?
Five hundred thousand baht.
Just move, bro.
Betting 500,000 on the underdog.
Well, it's pretty straightforward.
If it's 2/1, 500,000 times two.
You'll get one million.
One million baht.
[man 11] Old man. I want
to add 3,000 more. 3,000.
[man 10] How much?
[man 12] Uh, wait a minute.
I need another one. Hey! Another one!
- [man 11] I want to add 3,000 more.
- [man 13] Over there, anyone else?
[man 13] He's got everyone, right?
[man 11] What? What, you want my money?
Another one. Another one.
[man 12] Are you in? Come on.
[man 11] Want to play?
[man 14] Four thousand.
- [man 12] It should be even.
- [man 14] Come on.
These judges are going
to rob the poor guy.
[Wichai] Gambling and family
that's a reality.
Gambling is a profession.
They do it to earn a living.
Some can afford to buy a car or a house,
while some lose everything.
Those who lose it all
cause their family to suffer.
[referee] Round four!
[bell rings]
[crowd cheers]
- One, two.
- Throw the punch!
You fucking idiot! Use your brain!
[crowd continues cheering]
[Kom] Get in there! Get in there!
Get in there! Don't hesitate.
[crowd continues cheering]
Throw a kick! Throw a right kick!
- Kick him, son of a bitch!
- Phat.
- What?
- The odds for blue are going strong.
- You should hedge your bets.
- Leave me alone.
- [Jack] Fight him!
- Yes!
[crowd cheers]
Get in there!
[crowd continues cheering]
- Hey! No way!
- Fuck!
[man] Nice one.
- [Wirot] Stop!
- Yeah!
It's over! It's over!
It's over! It's over! All right.
[tense music playing]
Come here!
Yes! Yes!
Hey, what the fuck?
Damn it! Why did you let him
continue, you idiot?
Son of a bitch. The fight is over!
It's your job to break them up,
you dickhead!
Son of a bitch!
[crowd cheers]
Yes, keep going! Keep going!
It's fucking over!
You have to break them up!
Can't you hear me? Stop the fight!
You son of a bitch! Fuck you!
Fucking asshole! How could you do this?
Hey! What do you think you're doing now?
Get back there!
Hey, here he comes! Here he comes!
[crowd cheering continues]
Son of a bitch!
He's not even fighting back!
Do your job, asshole!
[cheering continues]
Shit! Fuck! Go!
- Yes! Keep punching! Harder!
- Put your guard up!
You motherfucker!
The fight is fucking over!
How could you let him continue?
You son of a bitch!
You motherfucker. Fuck you.
You hear me? Do you hear me?
[cheering continues]
[cheering inaudible]
- Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
- Yeah! Yeah!
[crowd cheering and booing]
Son of a bitch!
Motherfucker, I'll fucking get you!
Fucking asshole. I'll fuck you up!
You motherfucker!
Hey. Hey, wait. What the fuck?
Hey, Phat!
If you do anything stupid,
they're gonna ban you.
It's none of your fucking business.
[tense music playing]
Do you know how to do your job?
How could you let him keep going?
You dickhead of a referee.
He was fucking out of it already.
- He was out of it!
- No way. It was clearly a knockout!
Knockout my ass!
- You lost a long time ago.
- Don't be a sore loser!
I'm talking to the referee.
Butt the fuck out!
Hey, you deal with me first, okay?
Then I'll go home.
You butt the fuck out.
Didn't you hear me?
- Deal with me first.
- Phat!
Who are you raising your voice at?
Huh, big guru?
You were so tough
when I was challenging you.
Fifty thousand, 100K? What was that?
- Now you're chickening out?
- You wanna fuck with me?
- Yes, I'm gonna fuck with you!
- Really?
- Wanna fuck with me?
- Bring it on.
You wanna fuck with me, motherfucker?
As you wish, you asshole! Motherfucker!
Damn you! I'll fuck you up, asshole!
[Jack] 3/2 my ass. Fuck you!
Fuck you, motherfucker!
Fuck you! You don't want to pay, right?
You messed with the wrong man!
- You fucked with the wrong man!
- I'll fucking get you!
You're fucking with the wrong man!
You're fucking with the wrong man!
- Phat! Phat! Let's go, man!
- Let go. I'm not scared, motherfucker!
You motherfucker! Let go of me!
Phat! Look at me!
- That son of a bitch!
- Phat, listen to me!
Let go of me. Let me at him.
I told you that's enough.
- [Kom] I'll fuck you up! Come on!
- Phat!
- [man 15] Come on!
- What the fuck is with you?
Listen to me! Because you're like this,
other people think
you're an idiot, asshole.
- And you're so smart?
- What?
You think you're so fucking smart?
How long have I been here?
How long have you been here?
Do you know what people think you are?
You're a fucking idiot.
Fuck you, you idiot!
All of you are idiots!
You fucking bow down to him.
Stand up for yourself!
- Stop!
- No, you stop and listen to me!
If you live like this,
you'll always have
to fucking bow down to him, you idiot!
Hey there, Phat.
Min, where are you?
I'm waiting at the same spot.
[inhales, exhales]
Uh, ooh.
[dramatic music playing]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[Phat panting]
- What's the matter with you?
- Let's go.
But, Phat,
did something happen?
Let's go home!
You know you can talk to me, right Phat?
Can we do this at home? [sighs]
But I want to know right here, right now.
I know you're upset,
but by the time we get home
you'll still be angry at me anyway.
Phat, are you okay?
What's the matter with you?
Can't we just go home?
I'll tell you at home.
[Min inhales]
Why the hell
can't you give me a direct answer?
For fuck's sake,
I'll answer you when we get home!
What the hell?
Let's go. Start the car.
You know what?
I've been here
the whole time waiting for you.
I'm carrying our baby in my belly
- Just drive!
What the hell is wrong with you?
You keep bringing up the fucking baby!
Always the baby!
Isn't this your child too?
I never wanted a baby in the first place!
- What makes you think I want one?
- You think I did? Shut up!
Shut up and listen!
Do you have any idea
of what I had to give up?
What about me?
I lost my whole fucking life just now.
- This is my life too, you know?
- I just lost Shut up!
Listen to me!
I never wanted that fucking thing
in the first place! You hear me?
- Want me to get rid of it?
- Yes! Get rid of it!
- Go ahead!
- Fine!
- I want you to get rid of it!
- I will!
Go! Start the car, drive yourself
to the clinic and get rid of it!
Every day I wake up, and I don't want it.
What have I had to give up?
Do you know what I've lost? Do you?
You have no fucking clue
what I just had to go through!
You're just fucking pregnant.
And that fucking baby
[both sobbing]
Do you think I wanted
to give my whole future up?
I left everything so I can spend
my life with you.
[Min continues sobbing]
[Min] I'm already dealing with so much.
I have to take care
of your emotional issues too.
Why do I have to do that?
Don't you ever think of me at all?
[sobbing continues]
[sobbing continues]
- [gunshots]
- [Min screams]
[Min sobbing]
[nervous gasps]
[screaming] Phat!
Phat. No!
Phat, get up!
Phat, please. Phat, get up!
Wake up, and stay with me!
Please don't leave me.
Stay with me, Phat!
Please don't leave me, Phat!
[Min sobbing]
It was around the fourth match,
one person challenged another,
so it probably went like,
"Let's meet outside."
"Let's have it out after the match."
Maybe it was like that.
But at that time, other people,
including myself,
never could have imagined
what happened next.
We didn't think it would get this serious.
People on the outside now see
the boxing business in an even worse light
because they're idea
of it from the beginning is
it's the business of thugs.
It's a circle that
they should stay away from.
So, when they see something
like this on the news,
the sport of you
to be even more terrifying.
It's a tragedy.
He was headstrong.
That's what men are like.
And when one is headstrong,
the other won't back down either.
That's why there are fights
that can result in murder.
If people play with respect,
nothing bad will happen.
But some refuse to pay up.
They take advantage of others.
The circles all about that anyway.
If you're better off,
you have an advantage.
[Wichai] But where there's gambling,
you know there's cheating.
[jazz music playing]
[Boom] It's natural for gurus
to be crooked.
Referees cheat, and so does everyone else.
The worst is the crooked referee.
[dramatic music playing]
[music ends]
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