Hurts Like Hell (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[tense music playing]
[man] It's the one sport where
you decide to sacrifice your body.
You take on boxing as a sport
to get money in return
to support yourself and your family.
It's the one sport where you can feel
it could open doors for you.
With Thai boxing there's hope.
[announcer] Next up is a Muay Thai match
in the mini pin weight division
for the age group for 14-year-olds
in the weight range of 38 to 41 kilograms.
In the red corner, Sorasingh Boxing Gym's
Khunpon Wichien Sorasingh.
He has competed in eight fights
having six wins, one loss, and one tie.
In the blue corner, Arnon S. Wichaithong
from S. Wichaithong Boxing Gym.
He has competed in three fights
and has two wins and one tie.
The special cash prize
for this match is 50,000 baht.
[pungi horn playing]
[crowd cheering]
- [crowd cheering]
- [bell ringing]
[Toi] Get closer, Wichian!
[trainer] Get closer!
[Toi] Go left. Go!
Good, good, good!
[man 3] Kick him! Kick!
- [man 4] Where are you going?
- [man 5] It's okay.
[crowd] Ooh!
[bell ringing]
Come on, let's go.
[trainer] Go!
He's a knee striker. What do you do?
Push through. Push out.
Use your feet. Got it?
Make sure you hit the target.
Use your knee then your arms to lock him.
Strike him hard, got it? Okay!
[bell ringing]
[trainer] Let's go! Let's go!
Show him what you've got! Do it!
[Toi] Come on! Get in there!
Move to the side! Watch out!
[trainer] Get in there! Hit him!
Good! Kick him!
[Toi] Push him! Kickhim!
[trainer] Get closer!
[Toi] Move to the side!
[both panting]
- [trainer] Hey! Get back!
- [Toi] Watch out! Yeah!
[trainer] Kick him!
[Toi] Push him and back off!
- [Toi] Push him out! Use your arms!
- [trainer] Move to the side.
- [trainer] Get in there!
- [Toi] Lock your arms! Hold him!
- [trainer] Good. That's it.
- [Toi] Back off! Back off!
[Toi] Push him!
Push him!
- [trainer] That's it!!
- [Toi] Now back off!
- [cheering]
- [bell ringing]
Hey! You did good!
Good job, Chian. Good job.
You can't keep backing away.
Don't do that again. Hit him.
You have to hit him hard. Kick him hard!
You're stronger than him.
Hey! You're stronger, you hear me?
Fight him. Don't walk away or you're dead.
Stay focused, okay?
Throw extra punches. Do it! Go! Go!
[bell rings]
- [trainer] Follow him closely!
- [Toi] Don't run away!
[Toi] To the body! To the body!
Kick him! Use your right foot!
- [Toi] Go to the right!
- [trainer] Follow him!
- [trainer] Go!
- [Toi] Get out. Use your feet!
[Toi] Use your arms!
Lock him in! That's it!
That's it!
[trainer] Go! Go!
[Toi] Get out!
Okay, turn him.
- [Toi] Turn him! Turn him!
- Fight!
[trainer] Use your legs!
[body thudding]
[boy breathing heavy]
[mysterious music playing]
[theme music playing]
Running out of time
Either get out or get in ♪
Days are slipping by
Won't wait to begin ♪
'Cause I'm losing
All my feathers in the wind ♪
Digging out a memory
Of who I was before ♪
And how I got involved
In this endless war ♪
The ones who win
Don't always need it more ♪
I'm ready for release ♪
I wait for the pain to come ♪
I beg it to believe ♪
Hailstorms coming
Baby bring it on ♪
I'm waiting for the blow ♪
I'm reaching out
To take what's mine ♪
Whichever way it rolls ♪
I dance my way
Through hailstorms anytime ♪
[theme music ends]
[Wanchai] How do children
get their start in the boxing?
More often than not, we find
those who start boxing,
most of the children
were living in poverty.
I was the same way.
My family was poor too.
Father drove a taxi. My mom was a maid.
We didn't have money.
I was ready to do whatever I could
to help my family.
It gave me pride.
That was what made me start boxing.
I started at ten.
It's a choice that was made
by people like me from a poor family
and everyone who started young.
It's the one sport where
you decide to sacrifice your body.
You take on boxing as a sport
to get money in return.
to support yourself and your family.
It's the one sport where you can feel
it could open doors for you.
With Thai boxing there's hope.
[roosters crowing]
[footsteps approaching]
Take this.
Study hard, okay?
I'm going to the gym later.
[somber music playing]
[woman] Today, we will learn
about Thai musical instruments.
There are four different types
of Thai musical instruments.
The first type is percussion,
and then the second type is wind.
The third type is plucked string,
and the last type is bowed string.
These are the most common types.
Do you know any instruments that
fall into these four categories?
Anyone? Any instruments?
What else is there?
A two-faced drum and
[somber music continues]
[man] Usually, what makes them different,
these poor children,
they have the strong desire
to help their family.
That's how children think.
I work in boxing.
I see poverty as a sign.
It's what forces them.
I would ask these kids, "Hey!
Here's the thing, you're poor." You know?
And, "Do you think you can box?"
They would say, "Yes, I can!"
"Can you fight?" "Yes."
Something like that.
Hello, Coach.
Go get changed.
[woman] it depends on the adults
I think they should
figure out other solutions
because banning children from boxing
will surely affect the income
of the children's families.
As for gambling,
people say that the two are connected.
For example, if you take a look
at different boxing events,
there are many childrin's fights.
Many people ask
why anyone would bet on children.
Children give their best.
There's no faking it.
Research says that in these fights
the unpredictability has become a source
of enjoyment for many.
It's a part of life
for many people in the countryside.
Especially the people
who enjoy watching children boxing.
[man] Yes.
Focus. Focus. Hey, focus!
Stay focused.
You have to turn your shin over!
Go! Hands!
Hands! On tiptoe!
There you go.
His neck kicks.
More. Again
Chian, Chian. Measure it.
The distance. Then use your foot.
Measure the distance. Use your foot! Yes!
Measure it!
Measure it! Your foot!
There. Do that ten times.
[coach] Focus!
[grunting, panting]
Again, ten times. Go! Go!
[grunting continues]
[coach] Good!
Ten times again.
I'm Khaosai Galaxy,
also known as Sura Saenkham.
I'm a former world champion
in junior bantamweight, 115 pounds.
When I first went to live in the gym,
training was much harder
because when I was training at home,
running was already enough work for me.
In the gym, after running,
I had to kick the sandbag,
practice fighting,
do the sparring, everything.
I felt that it was very hard for a kid.
But I never wanted to give up.
I never let them know I was tired.
I never ever complained
because I told my mother,
"If I do it, I will do my best."
[birds chirping]
[jump rope slapping]
Tan, stop slacking off.
You got a match soon!
[all] One. Two.
- [coach] Louder.
- Three.
- Four.
- [coach] Louder.
Seven. Eight.
[fading out] Eleven.
[man] Sometimes, parents will sign
their own children up for lessons.
Firstly, to learn self-defense.
Sometimes they like it.
And when they enjoy Muay Thai
they might ask the trainer
or the head of the gym,
"Do you think I can fight?"
And so, when the trainer or the head of
the gym sees that a kid has potential.
They will then ask the kid
and then the parents
if they'll let him fight in the ring.
[dramatic music playing]
[inhales deeply]
Come here.
There's a fight coming up in two days.
Do you want it?
I do.
You have to prepare.
I'll let you fight in Put's place.
- Yes.
- You're the same weight, right?
Yes, I think we are.
Look, I'll give you 1500 only if you win.
Yes, Coach. Thank you so much.
All right. You can go now.
Thanks, Coach.
[crickets chirping]
I'll be fighting in a match in two days.
I'll get a lot of money for it!
How much will they pay?
Fifteen hundred.
That's if I win the fight.
And if you lose?
Haven't you learned your lesson?
Even when you do win,
you get a little money.
But if you lose,
you get hurt, and you get nothing for it.
What if something happens to you?
Is it worth it?
But if I do win, I can give you money.
How sure are you that you'll win?
[dishes clanking]
Do what you want.
But take care of yourself.
It's getting late.
You should eat something.
And go to bed before your dad gets back.
[lid clicks]
[door slams]
[footsteps approaching]
[woman straining]
[grunting, straining]
[grunting, straining]
[grunting, straining]
[man] Stay still.
[grunting, straining]
[grunting, straining]
[grunting, straining]
[grunting, straining]
[Chian panting]
[knocking on door]
- [thud]
- [cheering]
That's it, Chian. Keep your guard up!
[Toi] Use your feet! Come on!
Use your feet! Your feet!
Hit him back now! Hit him! Hit him! Yes!
Hit him back!
Push out!
Hit him! To the body. To the body.
[cheering continues]
Go up high! Hit him! Hit!
Hit him!
Now use your arms! Block him.
Block him! Block his legs!
Chian, move! Don't let him lock you.
Yes! Use your arms!
Strike! Strike him!
Push him out!
Push him out first! Push him!
Hit! Hit him!
Uppercut, come on!
Hey, Chian! Hey, Chian, listen to me!
I said listen to me, you little shit!
Keep your guard up!
[muffled] Chian!
[Chian panting]
[panting continues]
[high pitched tone]
[muffled] Hey, Chian!
You need to focus, okay?
What are you doing?
Why are you letting him beat you?
You have to strike first,
or you'll be dead!
Chian! Chian!
[normal] Are you listening?
Look at me! Listen!
Hey! Listen!
What's wrong with you? Huh, Chian?
Look at me!
Look at him! He's a knee striker!
Do you understand?
Listen! The guy's a knee striker.
Don't let him clinch, that fucker!
When he uses his knee,
you hook it and sweep his leg!
Do you understand me? You hear me?
All right!
If you make the same mistakes
If you don't listen to what I tell you
I'm gonna fucking deal with you, huh?
You hear me?
All right! Get up!
[man] Go, go, go!
- [man 2] Get up!
- [man 3] Come on!
- [referee] Here. Right.
- [man 4] Don't give up!
[man 6] Knock him out!
[man 7] Come on! Get out of there.
Listen to me. Focus! Focus! Understand?
All right! Go!
Come on.
- Fight!
- That's it!
Keep your defense up!
Remember to use your shin!
Keep the distance and strike!
Block his punches! Keep your arms high!
Let's go!
Push him. Push him out!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
That's good! Good job! Good job!
[Toi] Let's go!
Go on! Go!
[Toi] Yeah!
Go for it! Punch him now!
[Toi] Yeah!
[somber music playing]
[muffled] Strike! Now back up!
Strike! Strike! Go! Go!
If it's big arenas
like Lumpinee or Rajadamnern,
I can get paid 10 to 12,000 baht.
But in local arenas, 4 to 5,000 thousand.
[man] Because they could use your fee
to make their bets. They count on it.
That means gambling, more often than not,
goes hand in hand with
the competition of Thai boxing.
If you win,
their hunting dog has caught their prey.
The owner will gladly partake in the meat.
But when you can't catch their prey,
the owner, he'll throw you to the dogs.
That's how I see gambling
and the relationship
between boxers and the gym leaders.
Here. Your share.
Thank you.
At least you won this time.
But next time,
I swear if you don't listen to me,
I'm not gonna have a fight for me again.
You got that, Chian.
All right, you can go now.
Yes, Coach. Thank you.
[man] What does happen sometimes is that
the boxer's pay could actually be higher.
Like, the head
of the boxing gym might tell him,
he'd go "Hey! You get 5,000. Or 2,500."
Sometimes it could be 10,000.
It depends. But the boxer needs
to accept no matter what the amount.
He eats and lives with
the head of the gym.
That also means he has to follow him
and not question what he says.
No boxer would say,
"Hey, you owe me one more."
To the leader, no way.
His conscience won't let him do that.
You're Wichian, right? [exhales]
[crickets chirping]
You don't even look at me.
I've been here a while.
And you haven't said a fucking thing.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Do you give a shit?
[plates clanking]
Come here.
Come here!
Come here!
[Kim] Let me go.
[grunting, straining]
[Kim] You're hurting me!
- [Mut] Kim!
- [Chian] Mom.
Where the hell have you been?
Mut, no!
I asked you where did you go?
To a boxing match.
So you have money?
I don't. I lost.
Don't lie to me.
If you're a loser,
why fight in the first place?
[Mut] Huh? Where is it?
- The money.
- Don't hurt him.
- Don't
- Let go!
Where's the money?
- [Mut grunts]
- [Kim gasps]
[Mut] Stop it!
- [Mut grunts]
- [Kim strains]
It's mine!
- [Mut grunts]
- [Kim strains]
[grunting continues]
[Kim] Chian.
Get out, Chian.
Get the fuck out of my house!
[Kim] Chian!
[somber music playing]
Slow down, Chian. Hey!
You could choke to death like that, huh.
Eat up.
[music ends]
So, what's up?
You're still banged up.
You should stay home.
What? Did your dad kick you out again?
You want money to help your mom, right?
Yes, Coach.
Well, there's a big match next month.
Do you want int?
I do, Coach.
Now remember,
the chance to fight in a match like this
it's a big deal.
You have to be a better fighter.
You have to train harder.
If you win this time,
you'll get more money than before.
Eat up.
Don't inhale your food.
It's not going anywhere, okay?
[tense music playing]
[music intensifies]
That's it! Get out of it!
He's hitting you, Chian?
Get out!
[tense music continues]
[Toi] Chian, what do you do?
What do you do now?
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, come on!
Faster! Faster!
Get out! That's too slow!
Faster, come on!
Take him down! Yes!
[man] For every competition,
I have no doubt
that every boxing gym in this country
will make sure
their boxer is well-trained.
No one would let their boxer
get up and fight
if they are not in ideal condition.
If it's a big event,
and with a big audience!
That's how it is.
[tense music playing]
Again! Good, good. Guard up.
He's coming in. He's coming in. Now what?
Up! Good!
All right, let me. Go on.
Go on.
Is that all you've got, fucker?
Your fight is coming up!
Kick me! Harder!
[Chian grunting]
Is that all you've got?
I thought you wanted to help your mother?
What's the matter?
Can't you try harder for her?
[grunts] Harder!
One, two! Go! Five times.
[Toi] Yeah!
Hey! This is really all you've got?
Don't you mess around, you little fucker!
Two times!
- [grunting]
- Ten times!
A hundred times! Go! Go!
Harder! Is that it, Chian?
Come on, fucker.
Come on!
[tense music ends]
You okay?
I think you should take a break.
Hey, Tan.
Get up here now.
Now, do you know what that was for?
Now, sit down.
The rest of you, remember.
If you have a match,
and fight as poorly as Tan,
getting knocked out!
Get the fuck out of my gym.
Get this through your thick skull.
Do not fucking embarrass me.
In the final days before the match,
I was exhausted.
It was like
like I wanted to quit
because training took so much out of me.
You might not get enough time to recover.
You might simply not get enough sleep.
Uh it's hard to sleep.
There's a lot on your mind before a fight.
I was like that too,
but I powered through.
Sometimes, you have to power through.
[banging sound
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Chian] Mom.
Yes, honey?
I have a big match tomorrow.
Will you come and watch?
I can't go. I have to work.
But take care of yourself.
And if I win and get paid
can we live somewhere else?
[sentimental music playing]
Just do your best, okay?
And if you can't fight anymore,
you don't really have to force it.
Yes, Mom.
[sentimental music continues]
["Time' by Andrea Marie playing]
Over my head ♪
Ready, Chian?
Catching my breath ♪
Listen to me closely.
I bet a lot of money on you.
You better give it your all.
If you win today,
I'll add 10,000 to your pay.
But if you lose
You saw Tan?
What? Do you want that?
All right. Get ready. It's almost time.
[music continues playing]
He's a knee striker. So what do you do?
Push. Push out!
You use your feet. You got it?
Now, go!
[bell ringing]
- [cheering]
- Fight!
Keep your distance! Use your shin!
Use your foot! Come on!
Push through!
Lock him in with your arms! Come on!
Don't let him trap you!
You gotta use your foot!
No, no! Turn him around! Turn him around!
Hey, watch out!
Guard up! And use your feet!
[bell ringing]
[indistinct dialogue]
Hey. Good. Good! You did good!
Good work, Chian. That was good.
You've got more skill.
Hey! You're way better than him!
You hear me?
He buckled when he got hit. He buckled!
Keep hitting him!
Keep hitting him, and don't stop!
Remember training.
Do it just like that.
- Keep hitting him.
- [bell ringing]
Throw punches. Throw more punches! Go!
Come on! Push!
[muffled cheering]
[muffled] Throw an elbow strike!
[muffled] Fight!
[muffled] Chian, your punches!
Punch hard!
[muffled] Keep punching him!
[slow triumphant music playing]
[Wanchai] I got to watch the tape for that
day. I understood exaclty what happened.
When gambling is involved,
it has to be sure.
As soon as the referee signaled the start,
his opponent ran towards him
and punched non-stop.
Then the boy
He fell backwards.
The back of his head hit the floor.
He was at the edge of the ring.
[tense music playing]
[Wanchai] It was like, "Boom!"
No one could've done anything.
It happened fast.
People have been saved before,
but not every time.
His head hit the floor.
And that was when the kid was unconscious.
[tense music continues]
You did it, Chian!
I enjoyed watching you fight!
You fought very well today.
Hey, get your things. I'll get the money.
[tense music continues]
What I will say is I don't think
that this happens to everyone.
Some get it worse but survive.
[horn honks]
[siren blaring]
Our lives are predestined. Believe me.
Everything is.
Including the start and end of life.
When something happens to one,
then it doesn't mean the outcome
will be the same for all.
It's not like that at all.
[music ends]
Hey, it's normal to knock someone out.
You've been getting better.
I'm watching you.
["Dark Is As Light"
by Hidden Land playing]
The wounds ♪
Lead to understanding ♪
Acceptance leads to victory ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Of light ♪
This is our story ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Story ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
The greater the darkness overcomed ♪
The greater the beauty there ♪
[song ends]
[dramatic music playing]
[music ends]
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