Hysteria (2014) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Though cases similar to this have been documented going back to Ancient Greece 26 people in Tokyo It's just a matter of time before we see outbreaks, not merely confined to, let's say, a school or a factory.
This disease War with international interest in communism When this city was overcome with fear over the murder of a young Daisy Sanchez How did he start the fire? We're not sure.
When the guards found him, he was slamming his head against the wall, trying to go unconscious before the flames could reach him.
Pretty cowardly, if you ask me.
After all these years, to deny the family their justice.
You ever try to kill yourself, Warden? It's fairly common in your profession.
When an excessive need for control meets the dawning realization that no one can really control anything, folks tend to crack.
Will you be needing anything else, Doctor? No, thank you.
I see you got a haircut.
That's not funny.
Why'd you do this to yourself, Carter? I found a match.
Oh, okay.
So I can't be funny.
I understand you've been to Austin.
Who told you that? The radio.
Them girls that you're treating there, they're causing quite a stir.
You should still be in the infirmary.
Nice segue.
- How'd how did it start? - What? The this business with the girls.
Is that why you did this? Because of what's going on in Austin? Well, yeah, I had to get your attention somehow.
Been calling you for weeks.
It's not the same.
And if you pull a stunt like this again, I swear it'll be the last time you see me.
I'm gonna be dead in two months, so That's hardly a threat.
Tell me how it started.
Why? Because I think history is repeating itself.
The panic, the race to find the devil.
Shit, I can smell the cologne of desperation from here.
Logan, come on.
Tell me.
Tell me how it started.
What's happening in Austin is different from anything I've ever seen.
But why it may feel familiar is that it all began with one family.
Let's go.
They're here.
Get in, get in.
Let's go! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, T.
, it's our song.
I know, I know! I love this song! - We got to practice.
- Start us off, Cass.
- Okay, ready? - Five, six, seven, eight.
I want to scream at the top of my lungs I want to do what has never been done - What'd you do that for? - 'Cause it sucks.
Audra, we're practicing.
Yeah, you were practicing for failure.
Y'all want to beat Dripping Springs? Y'all want to make it to finals? Never gonna happen with a song like that.
Okay, the song don't matter.
Cassie's booty gonna take us to finals.
- Yes, whoo! - Booty! Wait, wait, wait, you're doing the bear crawl tonight? - No, Cassie, no! - Yes, yes.
No, I'm not! No, no, no, I'm not! Please, ladies and gentlemen, tonight, Tionne deering is doing the bear crawl.
Oh! Oh, I know, we are cute.
We're so cute! Audra.
What's up, ladies? Pearl, this song is what we're doing our next dance to.
Look, look! He's doing the crab crawl.
All of you are drinking tonight.
You are drinking.
You are definitely drinking.
Come on, Cass, start 'em off.
You try it.
Now, this is how you beat Dripping Springs.
Girls, watch, we're going to be doing this like Deante.
Where did y'all learn to dance? - Church.
- They don't dance that way in my church.
Oh! - You go, Cassie.
- T.
, what? I'm not like my sister, okay? She's into older guys.
I'm only 15.
Oh, my God! - You got a man? - Not here.
- You miss this, don't you? - What? I know you miss this.
Yo, who the fuck are you talking to? Audra, what are you doing? - Dancing.
- Stop it.
Stop it.
I said stop it.
Hey! Get off me.
Audra! It's okay, Cass.
It's all good.
Get off me.
Stop, get off me! Stop it! What's wrong with her? Cass, what is it? Stop it, Cass.
Call 911! Help me pick her up.
Take her to the hospital.
I can't go to the hospital! If my folks knew I was out I'll drop you on the way.
The lorazepam's working.
All her vitals are normal.
Then why is this happening? What went on out there, Audra? I told you, we were dancing.
With strangers? Guys we met online.
- Did they give you drugs? - No.
I mean, they may have given Cassie something, but - Given her what? - I don't know.
Talk to the Mexican guy.
He's the one who was pushing his junk into Cassie's What? Did he rape her? No.
They've got her on all kinds of medications, but she just won't stop shaking.
What possessed you to do this? My God, Mother.
It's your job to protect your sister.
My job? It wasn't just Cassie! Audra.
Audra, wait.
I'm not saying you have to have sex every night, Ray.
I just think it's important to try.
And just because a woman is pregnant doesn't mean she's not interested.
Hell, my wife loved it when she got big.
I'll bet she did.
Is Gina having any morning sickness? No.
Well, maybe it's a girl.
That'll be awesome.
Of course, girls are tough, especially on each other.
They're not like boys.
Boys are simple.
More like dogs, really.
Girls? They'll tear each other's heart out and boil it for breakfast.
Hold on.
What we got? - You coming? - I'll be right there.
Hello? I need to see you.
- Audra.
- Something bad happened.
I told you, I can't do this anymore.
- Ray, my sister's - I'm working, Audra.
My sister is messed up, Ray.
Two guys messed my sister up.
What guys? Some guys we met at the snow globe factory.
- I have to go.
- Fuck you! I need to see you! No.
You said you loved me! You said you loved me.
If you need a shelter, we can get you to one.
Sir? Sir? Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Back off! Back off! Ah! Oh! Back off! Don't you fucking move! Hey, you all right? Give me your fucking hands! Don't fucking move! 2305! Officer needs assistance! Shit.
What's wrong with her? No! What's wrong with her? What's wrong with her? What's wrong with her? Tionne? Where have you been? What's wrong? Mom, I'm sorry.
I Oh, honey, what is it? Hey.
You're up? We were starting to worry.
Ed got hurt.
Is he all right? Not sure yet.
He's with the doctors now.
You try to call? I was going to, but then I found this.
You miss this, don't you? What? I know you miss this.
It's creepy, right? Our old babysitter having sex? She's not having sex.
Well, it sure looks like that to me.
Did, um, anything happen to your daughter tonight? Any kind of trauma? We're looking into that.
I think we should do a rape kit.
- A what? - No.
No, no, Audra assured us that that didn't happen.
Well, it wouldn't hurt her.
It's better to have confirmation now.
We only just moved here a year ago.
All we've heard about is how great this town was.
Look, I have a friend who's double boarded.
She's a neurologist and a psychiatrist.
A psychiatrist? She works out of Houston.
I'd like to call her if that's all right with you.
Sure, if you think she can help us.
I'm gonna head home, talk to Audra.
You give me a call if something changes, okay? Yeah.
Oh, and, Val, let's let's keep this between us, okay? No Facebook.
I just I don't want people thinking there's something wrong with our family.
Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Tell me, Cass.
Our appointment's not until 1:00.
I didn't want to be late.
You're never late, Arthur.
Are you belittling me? No.
You gave me the wrong meds.
The combination's not working.
We can discuss that at 1:00.
God, you are a bitch.
Why are you always such a bitch? How about some understanding, a little fucking empathy? Maybe just a little fucking shit! Just something! Fuck! Arthur, if I watched a man jump off of a bridge, I might be compelled to jump too, but if I died trying to save him, how would that help anyone? Empathy isn't about the other person.
It's about seeing yourself in the other person.
It's narcissistic, voyeuristic, and rarely has anything to do with true care.
I care for you, Arthur.
I want you to get better, but that has nothing to do with empathy.
Can I kiss you? No.
Harlen, I'm just taking these files.
- It's okay, Vivien.
Any calls? - Yes.
Lyles from the American Neuroscience Society called.
Oh, right, he wants me on another panel.
Let's tell him I moved to Africa.
Westheimer from the university.
- Hello? - Hi, it's Carl.
- How busy are you today? - Why? I know Austin isn't your favorite place, but we have a situation that's escalating, and I could really use your experience here.
- What is it, Carl? - I've got two sick girls, and I don't want to set off any alarms yet, but Just come.
Come on.
That's it, there we go.
Pearl, breakfast is ready! Did you see her when you went out? No, I think she's still asleep.
- Hello? - Tom, it's Raina.
- Are you with your daughter? - No, why? I'm here in the hospital with Tionne is here, and Cassie is here.
Hon, you're gonna be late for school.
They snuck out together last night.
Is Pearl okay? Pearl? Pearl? Where is she? Pearl? Pearl? Dad? What the shit? - This is not good, Ray.
- I know, ma'am.
Rule number one, never leave your partner.
- I know.
- Then why didn't you - make the approach together? - I got a phone call.
- From who? - It was a it was one of those automated things.
- Automated? - Yeah, you know.
An appointment with our baby doctor.
4:00 in the morning? I suppose I could have let it go, but when I saw the number, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.
Well, Ed's gonna be out for a while, Ray.
He's having some terrible headaches.
And I'm real sorry about that.
I take full responsibility.
What about the sex? Uh, excuse me? Of the baby? Oh.
We we should find that out tomorrow.
You're a good man, Ray.
My daughter told me she wanted to marry a cop from Chicago, I had my doubts, but you're a good man.
Now, why don't you take a few days? Go be with Gina.
When you come back, you bring me one of them ultrasound pictures of my new grandbaby, the kind where you can see the face.
I think that'll go a long way towards putting this little misstep behind us.
All right.
- Get out.
- Yes, ma'am.
Sorry to bother you at work.
Audra, what the hell are you doing Daddy.
Daddy, this is the man I was telling you about, - Officer Ratajeck.
- Ken Young.
So I guess you've probably heard that Audra and her sister are dancers.
Well, they're on the team at school.
Well, last night, they all decided to go to this this place, the old It's the old snow globe factory, just off 290.
You know it? Yeah, they were gonna meet these these two fellows, right? These two dancers that I guess Audra thought could maybe teach them some new moves.
Yeah, I thought it'd be good to work with the pros.
- Yeah.
- And at first, it was all fine, but then, this big guy named Samson starts getting rough with my sister, and I tried to get him to stop, but he was too big.
And then, the guy that I'm dancing with, Deante, he starts getting rough with me, throwing me on the ground, ripping my shirt off, touching me in places he shouldn't.
And I'm yelling at him to stop, but he won't, so I don't know what's happening to Cassie, but I know what's happened to me.
I mean, I know that this guy has just had his fingers in me for, like, ten minutes and that I'm really hurting.
Really hurting.
Because I've never let anyone do that to me before.
You getting all this, Mr.
Ratajeck? Do you see yourself? That's who you are.
You're a winner, a survivor Like me.
M Mom? Yeah? Nurse! - Nurse, my daughter's talking.
- Da What is it, baby? A A Audra.
What about Audra? I want to see her.
Logan? - Doctor.
- Carl.
Logan? - Is the girl in that room - Yeah, Tionne Deering.
She's one of two we talked about this morning.
- You okay? - You didn't - you didn't tell me her name.
- Okay, but I You should have told me her name.
Have another bite.
- I don't want it.
- No.
Come on, Cass, you have to eat something.
What did you say to the police? I just told them what happened.
I just said that, um, some guys got rough with us, and they kind of pushed you over the edge.
They got r rough 'cause you started talking crap to them.
You didn't care about making us better dancers, Audra.
You just you wanted to mess with Ray.
That's that's why you filmed everything, - to make Ray think that you - Listen You don't know shit about me and Ray, so just be quiet and let me handle it.
I'm hurt, Audra.
I know I know Ray hurt you.
He did not hurt me! - Stop doing that! - I can't help it! Ray just got scared.
He did something stupid.
After this, he won't do it again.
Cassie, this is Dr.
She's come all the way from Houston to see you.
Hey, Cassie.
Can you hold out your arm? Hmm.
You feel this? Your friend down the hall is Raina Deering's daughter.
Nobody told me that.
I hate surprises.
Okay, can you stand up for me? All right.
Cassie has another friend who's come to visit, but her parents are afraid that Cassie's contagious.
- Can you ease their concern? - I doubt it.
I understand you're a dancer.
You think you could dance for me now? Seriously? I used to know how to moonwalk.
You don't really have to dance.
But if I told you you'd never dance again, would you be disappointed or relieved? What kind of question is that? My kind.
Look, Dr.
Sapsi already gave her an exam.
This isn't an exam.
It's just a conversation.
- Dr.
Harlen, if this is gonna - You know, maybe I should speak with the girls alone and then meet with the parents in the conference room.
Are you asking me to leave? Okay.
You know, if she was really contagious, wouldn't all of us be sick? You ever hear the expression I feel your pain? Not everyone does.
So before we talk about how we're going to treat these girls and what that means for everyone else, the first thing you need to know is that no one is faking here.
Even if the dyskinesia's psychogenic and caused - by some internal stress or - Dyskinesia? The spasms the effects are real, and the girls could hurt themselves if they're not monitored closely.
We can control the shaking with medication, but the primary goal now should be to uncover the root of this problem before it escalates.
Wait, so you think this is all in their heads? That doesn't make it any less serious.
But you've barely spent any time with them.
- So how can you say - Ms.
Young, Dr.
Harlen has treated a number of people with conversion disorder.
I don't know what that means.
Whatever happened last night and I know it's being investigated whatever happened, it triggered something in Cassie that may have caused a subsequent reaction in Tionne.
That's conversion disorder.
One girl breaks, and then another girl, - feeling for her, breaks as well.
- It's not uncommon among tight-knit groups of young women.
You think because Tionne cares so much for Cassie - that it's made her sick too? - Yes.
But that's I mean, have you seen their daughters? The girls have lost control of their bodies.
It's like the girls in New York that got those tics.
- What tics? - It was all over the news.
Right, right, they were twitching and shaking like crazy.
Drew had 'em on.
I think they found poison in the drinking water, and wasn't one of the girls abused? Oh, Cassie's never been abused.
I'm not saying that, Val.
Maybe she's feeling extra pressure - with the dance competition.
- Pressure from who? And I know when they renovated the gym, they found a ton of lead paint in there.
Are you suggesting that this is all my fault? No, Val.
- I don't pressure my daughter.
- That's not what he said, Val.
- I'm telling you, lead paint can make people My husband oversaw that project.
Do you really think he'd be so stupid Please don't do this! The last thing we need is a witch hunt.
What is it? Cass what is it? Cass, what is it? Here you go.
Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Oh, my gosh, look at her.
That's so bad.
Oh, my God.
You are messed up.
That is messed up.
What y'all looking at? Hey, Mr.
We're just, you know, watching something on YouTube.
Dancing cats? Yeah, something like that.
A baffling case here at a local hospital, where two girls on the same West Austin dance team I'm not saying the woman is wrong.
I just think that we should get a second opinion.
I mean, my God.
She's clearly disturbed.
How do you know Dr.
Harlen, Raina? We went to school together.
Fairview Elementary.
Fairview? Daisy Sanchez? Who's Daisy Sanchez? Oh, my God, she was this little 12-year-old girl who was abducted and killed.
- Here? - Yeah.
After she disappeared, every kid in Austin was questioned by the police.
It was a horrible time.
Everyone accusing everybody else, blaming the parents, each other.
Logan got the worst of it.
Daisy was her best friend.
Two weeks after she went missing, they found her body stuffed into a tree right out there in that park.
When police finally made an arrest, no one could believe it.
It was Logan's brother.
And now he's on death row.
What the hell do you think you're doing? - Let go of me.
- You can try to hurt me all you want, but when it comes to my wife Let go! She wanted to send this video to your parents.
How would you have felt then? Was anything you ever said to me true? In the moment every word, but that moment's gone.
You will not call me again, you will not come to my police station again, and if you ever send anything to my wife again You think that video's the only one I got? I got way better than that one, Ray.
I got you and me all over this place.
On the floor, against the wall, up the chute.
A 36-year-old man fucking a 17-year-old girl.
Deante's got nothing on that.
But, hey, I'm sure people will understand.
I mean, your wife just wasn't giving you what you needed, so you started banging the babysitter.
- I have a family, Audra.
- Yeah? You should have thought about that before you pledged your undying love to me.
Slow down, he's there now? All right, I'm coming up.
Logan, I've been in touch with the parents of all the other girls.
Carl, we need to talk.
None of them are sick, at least not yet.
I need to go back to Houston.
I'm having a hard time here.
All of my patients are asking for me.
Well, Cassie Young's been asking for you.
I guess you made quite an impression.
Well, you can send me everything.
I can talk to her on the phone.
- That won't be enough.
- Why? Because we have another problem.
EMT said his mother found him on the basement floor.
Dyskinesia, spasms.
They just picked him up.
He had all the same symptoms as the girls, but when they got him in the ambulance, he got violent.
Get him on the gurney.
Hold him down.
Keep him there.
Was he with the girls the other night? I don't know, but he's not a kid.
- Sir, calm down.
- That's a 25-year-old man.
All in their heads? Just our girls? You should be ashamed of yourself.
Is this the same thing as the girls have? Do you know what it is? I don't have any details at the moment.
If you give us a chance He's inside.
I understand, but when did the outbreak begin? I don't think we can refer to this as an outbreak at this point.
It's Do the two girls in the hospital have the same symptoms as the man? No, no, no, I mean, they've all had the spasms, but our girls have not been violent.
I mean, this guy's from out of the area.
- I don't think we can - From where? Uh - Tell us where.
- Where's he from? Dripping Springs.
Has he had any contact with the girls? Uh, not that we know of.
Principal Young, we understand that your daughter is one of the victims.
Yes, that's true.
Well, when you found out she was ill, did you alert anyone? Alert them to what? I mean, before we knew what we were dealing with We haven't had any indication that this is contagious.
Then why is more than one of them sick? Look, my daughter's on the dance team too.
- Wade, please don't do this.
- Okay, no.
When they renovated the gym, they found lead paint in there.
Now, I have googled this stuff up and down, and exposure can cause reactions just like what we're seeing in our daughters.
All right, how do we know this fellow wasn't in the gym too? Dripping Springs is our main rival, Ken.
Wade, no, look.
Our first concern has always been the safety of Oh, come on! My twins are on the team.
If you knew your daughter was sick, and you tried to keep it a secret Nothing was secret, ma'am.
We just These are our children we are talking about! Are you going to order a quarantine? No, we are not planning on shutting down the school at this point.
We want the answers just as much as you do.
I thought it was you.
It's been a long time, Logan.
How are your folks? Gone.
You you causing all this trouble? Afraid I'm just a bystander.
You know, I think about you.
A lot.
You miss my sister? Very much.
You and Daisy were so close.
Look, I know Carter's date's coming up, but there's something you should know.
Look, I was never sure it was him.
My parents were convinced your brother did it and others, like that mob in there, that policewoman.
But never me.
I just thought you should know that.
Hey, uh, I I'm running this little food truck outside the house.
- Neighborhood got rezoned.
- I know, I saw it.
Well, you should come by some night.
I'll buy you a beer.
Yeah, that'll cause some real trouble.
- What's wrong with her? - Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? When I spoke with Tionne, she said she was your best friend.
Do you feel that way too? Yes, ma'am.
- What's wrong with her? - Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? And you're very close with Pearl as well.
But you've never met this man, never communicated with him before, right? Cassie? Cassie? Nurse! Put her on high-flow o2 and 2 milligram lorazepam I.
Cassie! Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? Cass, what is it? This.
This, your son made this.
It's the same symbol he has on his hand, the star of Texas with the birds or the bats or whatever.
- Yes, yes.
- How long did it take him to make this video? How long was he at his computer? Hours, many hours.
- All night.
- All night? I'm not doing any damn interviews, and neither are they! And the next time I see you in there, I'm calling the police! Carl.
- Vultures.
- We were wrong.
I was wrong, everything I told these parents.
This man had no interaction with these girls, - none whatsoever.
- You don't know that.
I do, I spoke with Cassie, and I spoke with his mother, - and - Did he confirm it? - No, but - Well, then you can't be sure.
You can't rule out the possibility that there's some connection somewhere.
I have it! What if, because of the way we communicate now, you don't really need to know someone to feel their pain? He watched Cassie's video all night.
All night, Carl, over and over and over again.
But if you can get sick just by watching some stranger on a screen What began as a loving friend's empathetic call for prayer has been twisted into these chilling images that have quickly become a viral sensation.
Even as Cassie Young, the 15-year-old girl Calling fits of hysteria.
For now, doctors are not talking, but viewers may recall a similar case in Le Roy, New York, when a couple of years back.
You have to go back there.
- I'm scared.
- Of what? This, uh, disease or what Matt Sanchez told you? Logan It's okay.
You were just a kid.
You couldn't help me.
But maybe you can help me now, huh? One last chance to finally know me.