I Am Frankie (2017) s01e17 Episode Script

I am...Hanging Out with a Boy!

1 - ANDREW: [closes door] It's true.
Peters created me.
- Wait a second.
Peters? As in James Peters, your mom's friend? Does she know he created an android like you? - She never said anything about another android.
James Peters visits frequently and never said anything, either.
- You've got to tell her, Frankie.
- No, no, please.
You can't say anything about me to your mom.
If Dr.
Peters finds out I gave away my secret, he'll do something terrible.
He'll shut me down.
- Why? What are you hiding? He knows about Frankie.
Why can't Dr.
Gaines know about you? Frankie, we need to tell your mom.
- Frankie, think about it.
You're just like me.
You understand what it means if Dr.
Peters shuts me down.
- I understand.
I promise I won't tell her.
- [sighs] Thank you.
- I have so many questions for you, Andrew LaPierre.
What is your operating system, your processor speed, your battery life per charge? - Dr.
Peters is gonna be home any minute.
He can't see you here.
We'll talk later.
I promise.
But, please, you have to go now.
- All right.
- Thanks, Frankie.
- - DAYTON: I don't like any of this.
Why would Dr.
Peters make an android and keep it a secret from your mom? They're friends.
They used to work together.
- That is a mystery, Dayton Reyes.
- One we need to solve.
- [cell phone rings] - ANDREW: Hey, Dr.
Peters, how's it goin'? - Are you at my workstation? You know you're not supposed to be there.
- No, I'm just kickin' it on my charging pod.
You know, takin' a load off, as they say.
- Well, don't get too comfortable.
I wanna check your memory files when I get in.
- What? Um, sure.
Uh, but don't rush home.
I wouldn't want you to get a ticket or crash or something.
- [laughing] Don't be ridiculous.
I'm an excellent driver.
And I'm only a few blocks away.
- If he finds out Frankie knows the truth about me, we're both goners.
- [USB cable clicks] - [sighs] - - [horn honks] - Already? How fast does this guy drive? - [computer beeping] - [typing] Find - [front door closes] - [USB cable clicks] - - [blows air on glasses] - [yawns] Hey, Da--uh, Dr.
I must've dozed off for a second.
- Well, you're up now, so, let's get this over with and check those memory files, shall we? [clears throat] Are you sure you weren't at my workstation? This seat feels rather warm.
- No, sir.
- Take a seat.
- Yes.
- [blows air on USB plug] - [USB cable clicks] - [typing on keyboard] - - It looks like you had a pretty uneventful day.
- You don't know the half of it.
- The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced there's something fishy.
I really think we should tell your mom.
- The risk to Andrew is too great.
Besides, I promised to keep his secret.
- Are you really planning on wearing that to play mini-golf? - My research shows that this sort of hat is associated with the search terms "golf apparel.
" Do you think Cole will like it? - Uh - Don't answer until you've seen the entire look.
- Frankie, you're trying too hard.
Just be yourself.
- That is logical, Dayton Reyes.
Who else would I be? - I wish you could be the girl who told her mom there was another android at school this whole time.
- This discussion is becoming circular.
I already told you multiple times that my course of action is to keep Andrew's secret.
- But what if he was responsible for the night of rampage? - Robbie Turnbull was already suspended for the night of rampage.
- What if he didn't act alone? They showed up at school on the same day.
There has to be a connection.
What if Andrew destroyed Bob? What if you're next? You have to tell someone! - If Andrew wanted me destroyed, he wouldn't have saved me from the water at the dance, and, besides, I did tell someone.
- You did? Who? - Jenny.
I didn't intend to, but her persistent chronological questioning made it impossible to hide.
But she promised to keep it a secret.
There are many secrets.
- There don't need to be.
Stop being so stubborn.
You have to tell your mom-- for your own safety.
- Dayton Reyes! Do you need a reboot? I believe you might be stuck in a logic loop.
- [frustrated groan] - ROBBIE: What do we want? - STUDENTS: Free Robbie! - ROBBIE: When do we want it? - STUDENTS: Now! - Robbie's back? Since when? - STUDENTS: [mixed conversations] - Greetings, ladies.
You're just in time to join the Free Robbie Sit-in.
- Over here.
We can have a Brain Squad in Support of Robbie coalition.
- [bell ringing] - ROBBIE: What do we want? - STUDENTS: Free Robbie! - ROBBIE: When do we want it? - STUDENTS: Now! - What-- - [device whirring] - That was the first period bell.
Anyone who does not report to their first period class will be marked absent and receive detention.
Now disperse.
- STUDENTS: [hissing] - My decision to suspend Robbie was based on rock-solid video evidence.
Now if someone has information casting doubt on it, I will be happy to consider it.
Until then, get to class.
- [device whirring] - Really, you guys? - I just feel bad about Robbie being suspended.
- I guess I feel kind of bad, too.
You know, I can't help but feel like I'm partially responsible for it.
- You mean because you were the one who faked the evidence against him and sent it to Ms.
Hough? - Well, when you put it that way, I-- - So, what are you gonna do about it? - You should come clean and get him reinstated.
- Hey, let's not get crazy.
I just said I felt bad, not even bad, just kind of bad.
I did it for you guys.
You said you wanted Frankie back for Brain Squad.
I got her back.
[scoffs] Some people are just never happy.
- Does she have zero conscience? - We don't need her to.
I've got a plan.
- Tammy did what? - That means the animal who mutilated Bob is still at large? - I'm afraid so, Byron.
- BYRON: [sighs] - Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - Why would Tammy say Robbie did it, if he did not? - She wanted to get you back on the Brain Squad, Frankie.
- Surprising.
I was under the impression that Tammy did not appreciate my presence.
- She knows we need you, if we've got any chance to win at state's.
- That's true, but we can't let Robbie take the blame, if he's not guilty.
What do we do? - Don't worry.
Lucia has a plan.
Tell 'em what we're gonna do.
- Nothing! - Right! Wait.
No offense, Lucia, that's a weak plan.
- No, it's not.
We do nothing.
That includes any Brain Squad activities until Tammy goes to Ms.
Hough and tells her that Robbie is innocent.
- Okay, Squad, brain warm-ups.
Give me a noun for every letter of the alphabet.
I'll start.
"A," Aardwolf.
It's a striped hyena native to southeast Asia.
"B" anybody? Oh, come on, it's not hard.
- JOHN: No.
- All right, come on, guys, let's get those brains warmed up.
- No, Tammy.
- Okay, you guys are terrible at this.
"No" is an interjection and it starts with an "N.
" - We're not doing anything until you do the right thing.
- JOHN: About Robbie.
- Thank you for getting my suspension lifted, Tammy Gilroy.
But if Robbie Turnbull is innocent, then he shouldn't suffer either.
- TAMMY: [scoffs] I can't believe you guys are getting so bent out of shape about this.
Okay, tell you what.
Let's just review polynomial theorem, and then I'll go talk to Ms.
Fine! - - ALL: [quietly laughing] - MS.
HOUGH: A misunderstanding? - Yes, uh, the video of Robbie breaking into a locker was actually him helping Makayla because she forgot her combination.
- Well But I thank you for coming forward, Miss Gilroy.
That took courage.
- Of course, Ms.
It was the right thing to do.
- Especially considering the consequences of making a false accusation.
- Consequences? - Well, of course.
I can't have students accusing each other willy-nilly, you understand.
It'd be like the Wild West up in here.
[laughing] - But, Ms.
Hough, you don't understand how difficult it is for me to admit a mistake.
Shouldn't that be punishment enough? - [cat meowing] - - PEGSI: At last! Sweet freedom! I'm coming, Mr.
Kingston! - Stop! - PEGSI: I will never stop.
I am unstoppable.
Eat my environmentally responsible exhaust, suckers! - [truck horn blaring, brakes screeching] - [loud thud] - I hate when that happens.
Well, don't just stand there.
Grab a broom and a dustpan.
Somebody's gonna have to put him back together.
- PEGSI: [groaning] - Okay, who can explain what a "quantum" is? - A quantum is a measure of energy that can kick an electron up one complete energy level within an atom.
- I'm really glad you're back, Frankie.
- MS.
HOUGH ANNOUNCING: Attention, students.
New evidence has come to light that completely exonerates Robbie Turnbull.
Effective immediately, his suspension is lifted.
- ROBBIE: Yes! - MS.
HOUGH: I am redoubling my efforts to find the guilty party.
I implore the perpetrator to step forward and take responsibility.
If there is no confession in the next 24 hours, I will have no choice but to punish the entire school.
Thank you.
Have a "clawsome" day.
- Punishing the entire school? How is that fair? First, Bob gets destroyed.
Now I get included in the punishment for it? - What do you think Ms.
Hough is gonna do? - [gasps] What if she takes potato dots off the lunch menu? [garbled] Lunch would be without meaning.
- LUCIA: Well, we're lucky we're not Tammy.
Btdubs, we should probably steer clear of her for a little bit.
- How did you even get here so fast? - I can't tell you my secrets.
Look what happened last time I did that.
- It was a mistake, Robbie.
I apologized.
I don't understand why Ms.
Hough felt the need to drag this out.
- Granting me three wishes is a mild punishment, if you ask me.
Refill, please, waitress.
- I'll be glad when state's are over and we can have lunch together again.
- Me, too, Dayton Reyes.
I miss moving my jaw up and down while crushing food in your presence.
- [laughs] Me, too.
Speaking of eating, is Cole taking you out to dinner tonight? - Affirmative.
We are playing mini-golf and having [laughs] breakfast-for-dinner.
- That's so exciting.
Are you excited? - Very.
- BOTH: [giggling] - Hey, it's so sweet of you to give me such a warm welcome.
- I see you're back to your charming self.
- And why wouldn't I be-- now that Frankie and I have an understanding.
I'm heading to The Garage.
You guys wanna join? - Listen, Andrew, we can't.
Frankie has plans to hang out with Cole and she has to get ready.
- You and Cole are hanging out? - We are, but Cole Reyes is not picking me up until after tennis practice, and I would like to know more about you.
- Shoot.
My e-life is an open book.
- Do you have an e-stomach as I do? I really enjoy the loaded nachos at The Garage.
- No, I always get a smoothie and then flush it in the bathroom.
I just carry around a cup to make it look like I'm drinking.
- You know what I wanna know.
What are you even doing at Sepulveda? - Bringing a little cool into all of your boring lives.
[laughing] Oh, you have to hear this amazing new band I discovered.
- Nah.
- I'd love to hear them.
- You really don't have time.
- I have two hours, 17 minutes, and 35, 34, 33-- - Okay, I get it.
- Thirty-one seconds.
I'd love to hear an amazing new band.
- Cool.
- [computer beeping] - [music playing] - I admire the tempo complexity of the overtones in the chord progressions.
- I know.
Right? - Really? Frankie, we should go.
Come on.
- [music continues playing] - Frankie! - I would like to finish listening to Andrew's amazing band, Dayton Reyes.
Feel free to walk home without me.
- [music continues playing] - I am really enjoying this amazing new band, Andrew LaPierre.
- ANDREW: [laughs] Let's keep listening.
Come to The Garage with me.
- My mom is expecting me at home soon.
Won't James Peters be worried, if you're late? - Actually, I'm kind of trying to stay out of Dr.
Peters' way for a while.
Ever since the night of the dance, I've been picking up signs that he doesn't trust me.
- Does he ever check your memory files? Those can be incriminating.
- Yeah, but I changed the file names to fool him.
He'll never find out the truth.
- You have the ability to lie? - It's all in my programming.
- That is fascinating.
I wonder what purpose that programming serves? - I don't know, but it's fun.
[laughing] You know, you're the only one who really gets me, Frankie.
We've gotta look out for each other.
- FEMALE OPERATOR: Please try your call again later.
- Kingston must have blocked me.
I bet he didn't block her phone.
- Hey, man, did you just take her phone? - What? I don't know what you're talkin' about.
- Give me my phone, you creep.
This old dude just stole my phone! - No, INo.
[gasping] - [smoothie splatters] - [coughing, sputtering] - [door slams] - [groaning] I would know that blurry spawn anywhere.
Hello, tip line, meet anonymous.
- [toilet flushing] - What are you doing here? It would be disastrous if if we were seen together.
- What am I doing here? What are you doing here? - Calling a tip line about a dangerous cyber criminal android.
- Frankie? - Kingston? A little blast from the past.
It's your former master engineer calling to tell you I know where Dr.
Gaines and the android are.
I know you think it's nonsense, but if I wasn't in contact with Gaines, how would I know that the android has a 64 exabyte processor and a 90 kilowatt lithium ion battery? - Those specs are right.
- JAMES: I can lead them to you, but it's gonna cost you.
I'll be in touch.
It would be wise of you to take my next call.
Peters, out.
- PEGSI, now I can bring you back home.
[laughing] - Sir? - Hm? - A package for you.
- Ah, I hope it's cookies.
Only cookies could make this day any - [box thuds] - better.
Yes, here we go.
[whistling] - PEGSI: Hello, sir.
Is that really you? - - Oh Oh, PEGSI, what what have those monsters done to you? - PEGSI: They said to tell you this was a warning.
If they don't get an android, you're next.
Sir? - Oh, PEGSI, I'm sorry.
Sorry, um PEGSI, don't you worry your little head.
I will rebuild you and you will be more glorious than ever.
It's all going to be all right.
We've got the android.
We have finally got her.
[laughing] - JENNY: How am I supposed to know what you should wear? Why don't you call Dayton? - I attempted to video chat her, but she was unavailable.
- That's weird.
She's your best friend.
It's like part of the best friend contract that she has to help you with stuff like this.
- Perhaps that's the problem.
I don't remember signing a best friend contract.
- Oh, that's not a real thing, Frankie.
I meant "best friend contract.
" - So, if one draws quotation marks in the air with one's fingers, does that mean something is not real? - Basically.
Okay, so, I guess it's up to me to help.
- Cole will be here any moment, and I need to choose an outfit.
- Hmmm I've got some ideas.
- - If it's not broke, don't fix it.
- Am I right? - You are right.
- [palm slap] - COLE: Hey, sis.
What do you think?