I Am Jazz (2015) s03e07 Episode Script

Dating in the Light

1 Jazz: Previously on "I Am Jazz" Now that I've had three consultations, I feel like I'm more confused than ever, because Dr.
McGinn seemed really confident in her two-part procedure, but Dr.
Reed and Dr.
Salgado say, "no.
You have to get a colon vaginoplasty.
" If I had to pick my doctor and procedure right now, I don't know what I would choose, honestly.
I can't imagine how one could transition without hormones.
Jazz: Yeah.
I disagree with that.
My grandpa always has to be right.
I know you're very stubborn, but you are wrong.
- I have a cat.
- [Gasps] Me, too! The best thing about talking to this guy in the dark is how easy the conversation flowed.
Hello? What's up? Yeah.
That actually sounds really fun.
16 years ago, I was assigned male at birth, but inside, I always knew I was a girl.
I have a girl brain and a boy body.
Being transgender hasn't been easy.
This is definitely not a straightforward case.
I don't think you have any option for a vaginoplasty.
- I had a great time.
- I had a lot of fun.
Have a great day.
- That sounds like a date.
- It's not a date! But it's made me who I am.
I am Jazz.
What you doing, having a big breakfast? - Yes, breakfast.
- That looks yummy.
I gained 5 pounds, and that's it.
I'm sticking to, like, fruit.
Is it going to upset you if I make an omelet? I'll just drool.
Has Jazz talked to you more about the date with Shane number two? Not much.
- She hasn't said anything? - No, she's mentioned it, but, you know.
I actually have very, very high hopes for this double date, because Jazz wants to go.
There's no negativity.
It's all positive.
She likes this guy.
I'm excited for Jazz.
She's progressing, and it's a step in a more social-experienced world for Jazz.
Oh, wait.
My phone is ringing.
Hello! Hey.
It's Jessica.
- Hi.
- I miss you.
- How are you? - I miss you, too.
Jeanette: Jessica is an amazing friend, and she and Jazz wrote "I Am Jazz" together.
She has done a lot of advocacy work with us in the past.
What bathroom do you use? I use the female restrooms, because I am female.
I think it's a sick thing, basically.
Jessica: Right.
You're entitled to your opinion, sir.
But it seems that the arc of history is not in agreement with your position.
I have an important idea to talk to you guys about.
Sounds familiar.
- I don't know who that is.
- Okay, so, she's a young superconservative host of an Internet show.
It's on Glenn Beck's network.
She recently did a segment on the so-called Bathroom Bill.
Tomi referred to transgender people as drag queens and rapists.
It's going to make your head explode.
In a surprising turn of events, Tomi has invited Jazz, Jeanette, and me to be guests on her show.
When Jazz has faced opposition at the Liberty Counsel and on the radio, she had the perfect answers, and she can do that.
But when it comes to politics, Jazz is out of her element.
This is not her forum.
I'm concerned that we're giving Tomi platform for sharing her story, and if she already has a following that's contrary to our position, I'm not sure if the risk outweighs the reward here.
I know it's scary.
I feel the same way, and I don't want to put Jazz in a position where I would be kicking myself for suggesting it.
But if someone doesn't stop the momentum around the Bathroom Bill, it's just going to be an insurmountable challenge at some point where there are more states that have Bathroom Bills than don't.
Maybe our messages aren't really resonating beyond people who already agree with us, and to use a platform like Tomi's, where she has almost four million followers on social media, at least it would give us exposure to a bubble outside of the people that we're normally speaking to.
Jeanette: She makes a lot of sense, and I do agree that we've kept in our bubble for so long.
It might be time to do a face-to-face with somebody who completely disagrees with us.
Greg: The question really, to me, is whether or not Jazz should participate in that type of argument.
Jazz is just a kid that's just trying to live and just trying to share her story.
I don't know that she's in the same league as a pit-bull-type of reporter.
So are you going to send a link over to us? I'll actually send you the clip right now.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Okay.
Thanks, Jessica.
- All right.
I love you, guys.
- Love you, too.
You, too.
It doesn't sound like somebody that we should get involved with.
There's the clip.
All right.
Let's play it.
Let's form an opinion after we've seen it.
Tomi: We are once again talking about bathrooms.
Here's the deal.
It's not really the drag queens they're worried about in North Carolina.
It's the creeps that will use it to self-identify as whatever gender will get them closer to their victims.
Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe the thing in your pants really isn't up for negotiation.
Hell, why don't we all just start self-identifying for perks? Tomorrow, I'll park in a handicapped spot and self-identify as someone with disabilities and, the next day, maybe get a spray tan and self-identify as another race, so I can reap those benefits, too.
Fairness and justice for every American sounds great.
Keep pushing that lovely message when an abuser strolls into your daughter's "gender-fluid" bathroom or locker room.
Those on the left are all about feelings, while the rest of us just don't want to get raped in the bathroom.
Jeanette: I'm honestly horrified.
You know, I realize that there are people out there who seem bright and educated that just don't get it, and she comes off as being a bigot.
She's bad.
Like, she's really out for blood.
She has not met anybody that's transgender, no way, based on that.
She's like the bullies that, you know, they make fun of people behind their backs, but let's see what she would be like if you had to face that person that you're making fun of.
My thoughts are that we need to talk to Jazz, because if she's not into this, then I'm not pushing her.
I would never do that to her.
Historically, I would say, let's not even bother, but we are in different times.
I'm not overly ecstatic about the idea of putting Jazz in the firing line of a shock jock.
But having watched the video, all I could think about is that we still have a lot of work to do.
But ultimately, it's Jazz's decision.
Jeanette: In the process of yawning, my contact rolled into my brain, like, way up there.
- What? - And I couldn't get it out.
I was in the bathroom with tweezers.
Oh, my god.
Anyway, I have no idea what to expect from the allergists.
We kind of waited.
We should have addressed it back then, so it's overdue.
I know.
Last year, when I got my implant in my arm to block the testosterone in my body, I had a really bad rash and reaction, and we still don't know what caused it.
But what if they don't find something? Like That would really stink if they don't find anything.
Jeanette: Ever since Jazz had the rash, I've been afraid, especially with the big surgery just around the corner.
We can't afford to play Russian roulette with Jazz.
All right, Jazz.
We're ready for you.
Jazz: I'm hoping that the allergist will have some answers, so when I got the bottom surgery, I won't have a rash on my new vagina.
- Hello.
- Hi.
How are you? Hi.
I'm Dr.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- I'm Jazz.
Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Very nice to meet you, Jazz.
I'm Dr.
Charlene Shookoff, and I've worked in the south Florida area for about 17 years.
More and more people are experiencing allergies, and they can be potentially life-threatening.
So tell me why you've come to the allergist.
She had an implant put in her arm to suppress her testosterone because she's transgender, and a terrible reaction.
She's got all the pictures to show you.
I want to see the pictures.
She's going to show you in the order.
So, it looked like that, - and then - Oh, wow.
it got all bubbly and everything.
Oh, wow.
This rash is much larger than I anticipated.
It moved up her arm and then started to affect her face.
Very infrequently do I see something like that.
- I was surprised.
- We're concerned because she's going to have gender-reassignment surgery.
- Right.
- And we're working with those doctors now, and they want to make sure that we figure out what caused this so that they don't use any of those materials.
I can tell you, from just the pictures that you showed me, that does look like a contact dermatitis, which is when you come in contact with something.
And it causes the rash.
So we do what's called patch testing.
What we do is we have 70 general chemicals that we adhere to her back.
It's a lot.
So what we're going to do is put them on her back, and then we take it off.
We look at her back to see if we can find an area of redness that you showed me on your phone.
It's super crucial that I find out what caused this rash, because when I have the bottom surgery, if it happens down in that area, then I'm going to have itchiness, you know, redness, rashes, warts, pimple Oh, my god.
[Shudders] So I'm willing to do anything to get to the bottom of this situation.
And hopefully, I won't have to see it ever again for the rest of my life.
I'm going to spend the night with my grandparents because they wanted to spend some more time with me.
You went dating in the dark? - Yes.
I went dating in the dark.
- Yes! I have to say this.
I sort of disapprove.
You go groping in the dark and find a body part that doesn't belong on this female? It just doesn't add up.
- Jazz, you decent? You ready? - Yeah.
So, Tracy has the patch all ready.
- Okay.
- If there is a positive reaction, she may get some itching - Okay.
- Underneath the patch.
Jazz: Getting all these patches on my back, I was not expecting this at all.
I thought they were going to, you know, take my blood and run some tests, but, no.
I am the test.
Jeanette: 70 different Dr.
Shookoff: 70 different chemicals may cause allergic reaction.
- So you're all good, okay? - Okay.
I certainly hope that we do get to the bottom of it.
So in two days, we'll see what the results are, and she'll be safe in the future.
- Cool.
- Great.
Jeanette: I can't believe what your back looks like.
Like, that's crazy.
If it's going to give us answers, then that's all that matters.
- Is it itching? - Yeah.
Some places are really itchy, yeah.
It's so important for us to get this out of the way before we make a decision as to who's going to do your surgery.
I don't even know which doctor we're going to go with at this point.
Jazz: After three doctor visits, I've become even more confused.
I have to make the right choice, but when all of these surgeons are saying different things, I don't know what is the right thing to do.
Where my head is at, I feel like we need to have another consultation.
What do you think about going to California to visit Dr.
Marci Bowers? She's one of the most respected physicians in the country.
Why haven't we gone to her yet? She's so far away, and it's a long haul knowing that you probably have to go back a few times.
It makes it very difficult, and I know she has a long waiting list.
I think she'll get you in for a consult, though.
I think she'll do that.
Well, let's do it.
Marci Bowers is one of the best If not the best doctor, but we've been putting it off because she's in San Francisco.
But with all these varying opinions, it's really confusing, and I feel that if anybody could help us figure this out, it's Dr.
I just really want to do what's right by you 'cause I love you.
Anyway, I have something else to discuss with you! Have you ever heard of a woman by the name of Tomi Lahren? No.
I don't know who that is.
She has her own show on the Internet with a huge following.
And when it comes to trans people, she is not supportive of them using the bathrooms.
Is she educated, or is she kind of ignorant? I think she's pretty ignorant when it comes to trans folks.
Why are you telling me about her? Did she say something about me or something? I talked to Jessica, and she thinks it would be a good idea to confront her, because Tomi invited us on her show.
But is it really a good idea to confront her? I like to stand up for what I believe in, but I really don't like to argue with people.
My initial thoughts about going on Tomi's show is, I have to assume her audience is mostly people who aren't accepting of the transgender community.
And if I say something that makes me look bad, it would be bad for the entire community.
I think something really good could come out of this.
And who knows? Maybe her followers are really not all so awful.
I would definitely have to think about it, because it's a little scary and intimidating.
- Hello.
- Hi, folks.
We're just looking around.
I finally found a place that's more crowded than my wife's closet.
There you go.
Well, welcome.
Tonight, we're antiquing with my parents.
- Okay.
- Wow.
Look at this.
Jack: Can you imagine having an inventory of this place? It's kind of like walking down memory Lane.
I had a typewriter like that when I was growing up.
We're like, "yeah.
I had one of these," and, "oh, remember that?" Jacky: How are the kids doing? We really haven't spoken to you very much about what's going on.
Well, Jazz went to this "Dating in the Dark" thing.
They have a meal, and you talk to each person for like 10 minutes.
So it's a from of "the dating game," but they've now done it in the dark over food? It's like speed dating in the dark.
Jacky: Dating doesn't make sense.
After surgery, then another story.
But right now, you go groping in the dark and find a body part that doesn't belong on this female? It just doesn't add up.
She and Noelle went, so it was, like - Okay.
- two trans girls, two cisgender girls, and four cis boys, and one of the guys, she really connected with, and they're going to go out this weekend.
What do they know about her? Everything.
She told him, you know, "I'm transgender," and he doesn't care.
- He doesn't care.
- Doesn't care.
- Okay.
- I'm totally surprised.
I have to say this.
I sort of disapprove.
Have you questioned what a cisgender person has to be like in order to date a transgender girl? I'd be suspicious.
- I miss Jazz.
- You know something? We've seen and spoken to Jazz very little lately.
We really don't know what's going on in her head, and we'd like to have some contact with her.
You think it's possible that we could have her come over? Are you going to let her stay overnight? Sure.
- We'll give you a night out.
- Ooh.
We would love it, if she'd be willing and able.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Jazz has stayed overnight with us before, but we never get into any in-depth conversations about anything.
And I think there's a lot going on, and we hear about it from Jeanette, but we want to discuss these things with Jazz.
If we don't have anybody sleep in that guest room pretty soon, it's going to become an antique like this place.
I think it's very endearing for Jazz to hang out with my parents, especially since my dad and Jazz had a little altercation, and there was some, you know, bad blood there.
You were kind of saying, like they can't be who they are - without taking hormones.
- No, no.
I know you're very stubborn, but you were wrong.
All right.
Let's not talk about this anymore, Grandpa.
- I love you.
Whoo! - No, you can't cut me off in the middle of an argument.
What a treat.
Jack: For me, as a grandfather, I want to exchange ideas with Jazz so she understands where I'm coming from, as well as I understand where she's coming from.
She's all yours.
Jazz: I haven't gotten a pedicure in months, so, like, I desperately need this.
- Hello.
- Hi.
What would you like today? Pedicures? Three.
Jay, Noelle, and I are getting pedicures today, and I have been needing a pedicure desperately.
I have so many different calluses from soccer, and I have extra skin excreting out of my toes.
It's just disgusting, and I'm Skin excreting? What? That doesn't happen! [Laughs] [Laughing] Ew.
Oh, my god.
My legs are so hairy.
[Chuckles] Have you heard back from Shane? Actually Yes.
I have.
He called me and asked me out on a date for this week.
Oh, my gosh.
I know.
A double date.
Noelle: I'm happy that going to "Dating in the Dark" with me did end up very well for Jazz.
It was my idea, so I'm kind of jumping on the credit.
You know Hannah, the girl at Dating in the Dark? So, she met a guy there, as well, and he is also best friends with Shane, so they're kind of setting up this whole thing.
I mean, do you think this date is going to be, like, a lot different from the last one? - Where'd she go? - She left.
I mean, I think it's okay because I'm doing it on my own terms this time.
Like, we both had a connection.
- You know what I mean? - Yeah.
I hope that Jazz just has a lot of fun, and she's herself and doesn't get nervous or anything, 'cause dating is definitely new territory for Jazz, 'cause she doesn't let many people in, and she's letting him in.
I'm so excited for you.
You have so much going on.
It's crazy.
I know.
I have so much going on.
That is true.
I haven't talked about this to you guys yet, but I might be doing this interview with this woman named Tomi Lahren.
Have you guys heard of her or no? - Yeah.
- You have heard of her? Yeah, I know her.
I know her.
- You've heard of her? - Very conservative.
She's a very conservative political character.
And she said some very bad things and hurtful things about transgender people regarding the Bathroom Bill.
Jazz: I haven't decided if I want to do the Tomi Lahren show, because I'm not going to lie She is intimidating.
I want to talk to her.
You going to give her a piece of your mind? Let's just watch this video first.
Tomi: Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe the thing in your pants really isn't up for negotiation.
It's not really the drag queens they're worried about in North Carolina.
It's the creeps that will use it to self-identify as whatever gender will get them closer to their victims.
To me, Tomi Lahren is someone with a lot of tenacity and excitement, but not in a good way, 'cause it's coupled with a very toxic view, which hurts a lot of people.
She thinks that people are going to harm people, but there's never been a case of that in America.
There's never been a case.
The worst part about it is she is a self-righteous woman who feels like she's saving America by oppressing this group of people that does nothing wrong.
Like, I've come out almost 3 years ago.
In that 3 years, I have not used one public restroom.
- Really? - I just I can't even if there's one girl in the restroom.
I am honestly scared they'll attack me.
I don't think Tomi knows all the consequences of the Transgender Bathroom Bill.
I don't think she knows how it's going to hurt individual trans people like me.
I'm not sure if I want to do it or not, though, because, obviously, Tomi is clearly aggressive as you guys saw in the video, and I don't want to be bickering back and forth, because nowadays, in debates, it's basically whoever's the louder one is the winner.
Well, like, you've done this before.
If you at least change a couple people's viewpoints, it's going to make a difference, and slowly, people are going to start changing.
You know, you change one person.
They change two people, just a ripple effect.
Hearing my friends pumped up about the prospect of me going on Tomi Lahren's show really does sway me.
I feel like this could be the right thing to do, and having their support is definitely making me feel more confident.
I'm very confident that you're going to do well.
Make her look stupid.
[Laughing] What? So, how are you feeling about it? I'm pretty excited about it.
Today is my date with Shane.
The best thing that could happen is that Shane and I realize we do want to pursue a relationship.
[Doorbell rings] [Doorbell rings] Ho, ho, ho.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hello.
Oh, my god.
Are you taller than I am? I think so.
I'm shrinking, and you're growing.
Jazz: I'm going to spend the night with my grandparents tonight because they wanted to spend some more time with me, and that's okay.
I mean, I love my grandparents, but I have a really busy life, and I don't get to see them as much these days.
Want to show you where you're going to stay tonight.
Jack: We don't have that much contact with Jazz.
She's in her world.
We're in our world, and there are very few moments where we get together.
But we have her captured.
We just heard that, um, you went dating in the dark? - Yes.
I went dating in the dark.
- Yes! Yes.
Tell us.
I met this one guy, actually, who I had a connection with.
His name is Shane, and he was really nice.
We had a lot of similarities.
He likes cats.
He focuses on school.
He has a really good mind-set, and he asked me out on a double date.
Are you excited about this? Yeah.
I've had bad experiences with dating, but I feel like with this guy, it's going to be natural and very easygoing.
How did the transgender issue come up? - Did it come up? - I would assume that he knew that you were transgender.
I kind of told him.
I was like, "by the way, I am transgender, and I think you should know that.
" And then he's like, "oh, that's cool.
Like, I'm still totally accepting.
" Okay.
You carefully studied the expression on his face - when you told him that? - Yeah, no.
He was very accepting, and he asked for my number after I had said that, so I'm not really in favor of dating, but I've never expressed it to Jazz.
Jazz: I don't really know how my grandparents feel about me dating, but I know they want me to experience things that all other teenagers experience, and I'm excited for this date with Shane.
Jacky: That's phenomenal.
I'm so proud of you, that you've stepped into this.
Well, it made me smile that she's willing to come out and explore a little bit.
I didn't see it happening, but if it's happening, so be it.
We'll add in a new element.
But anyhow, Grandpa, you wanted to say something about your lecture.
Oh, yeah.
But I wanted to know what your thoughts were, particularly, though, with regard to We had a little episode there.
I'm born female, but I really don't feel female, but I'm afraid of the hormone situation.
I can't imagine how one could go through a transition without the appropriate hormones.
Jazz: Yeah.
I disagree with that.
If it's not important to you, don't do it.
Don't listen to my grandpa.
[Chuckles] Do you remember the episode clearly? Yes, I remember.
Yeah, I think we should have some closure on that one, shouldn't we? I was a little upset that she interrupted me and did not allow me to finish the answer to a question, so I'm hoping I can straighten that out with Jazz.
I'm kind of annoyed.
I thought this was in the past.
I didn't want to talk about it, but apparently, he's still been thinking about it.
A lady asked a question.
She was in her mid-40s, I think, and she was thinking of transitioning, - but she didn't want hormones.
- A lady in her mid-40s? Yeah, I think she was about in her mid I'm only guessing.
Wasn't it a male? - She was a female.
- Didn't he want to be identified as male? And I think he was younger than - I would have guessed.
- But you said 30s? No, I said 40s.
I thought she was in her 40s, to me.
It's not important whether she was 30 or 40 or whatever.
He was really She, she.
- It was a she.
- He.
It was a female who was transitioning to male.
So therefore, we should use male pronouns.
It's like being in English class, you know? You know when the pronouns become important? They become important once the transition occurs, not before the transition.
She asked a little bit about hormones, and she didn't want to take any, remember? - He? [Laughs] - She.
- He! - Yeah, but I'm calling her a she because she looked like a she, but she was thinking of becoming a he.
It was very early for her, for her.
She was planning to become a he.
Jazz: I don't know if my grandpa is making any valid points.
I feel like we're just rehashing everything that occurred, I just remember you saying Don't deny this, 'cause I definitely remember.
I'm not denying it.
I did say it.
You said, "I don't know how you can be a man if you don't go to the hormone route, because you won't have a secondary " Okay.
No, I didn't say that.
I simply said Then, wait.
Let's just not talk about this, okay? - Don't worry about it.
- No, I want to talk about it.
My only point that I wanted to make is whether you understood what I was trying to say.
It makes 100% You are so right, Grandpa.
You know, you have this characteristic.
If you don't like a topic, you always say, "I don't want to talk about it.
" Have you had the same experience that I've had when you're talking to Jazz, that she tunes you out? - Oh, absolutely, but - Okay.
we have a different reaction on how to handle that, I have no What's my reaction? I back out quicker than you do.
I disagree with that.
We're going to go back through this.
I have to back out, 'cause she's not there.
I think I let it go more quickly just because of who I am.
No, I disagree with that.
Jazz: I think that my grandpa really does try to understand situations like this, but he ends up shooting himself in the foot, and I don't think I want to argue with him anymore.
It's not worth it.
From now on, if he's right, then he's right, because otherwise he's right.
[Chuckles] Wait.
Aah! I think he's a really, really nice kid.
I just don't know if he's my type.
I feel myself shutting down, but I don't want to close the doors like I have in the past.
Jeanette: I hear people.
- Yeah.
We're here.
- I hear people.
Greg: Hello.
Did you miss us? Jazz: Sure.
[Chuckles] I missed you! And thank you for lending her to me.
Oh, our pleasure.
I love my daughter, Jazz, so much.
- [Yawns] - You want to go sleep? Yeah, 'cause grandma wakes up early, so I had to wake up early, too.
But having a break for one night, I have to admit, it was kind of nice.
So, how did the sleepover with my little Jazzy go? Did she behave? - Yeah.
- What do you mean, "yeah"? - You look a little hesitant.
- Uh, well, no.
All was really terrific up until we covered Dad's presentation.
So this issue came back up last night? It came up at the sleepover again.
Jazz gave her side, and Jack gave another side.
So how did that go? Uh, there's still a difference of opinion.
I think Jazz has the ability and propensity to push everybody's buttons a little too far, including her grandparents, but she's also the only person in our family that is transgender, and if she feels strongly about about a particular issue, I think we owe it to her to take the lead in that respect.
At the same time, I think Jazz has a responsibility to respect her elders.
Did you guys have sweet dreams? Were you able to go to bed? Like, everybody shook hands? There was no shaking of hands or hugging and kissing and all of that.
It was, "this is going to be left here, and that's going to be left there and done.
" I don't know that we have full resolution on the issue.
I don't think we ever will have full resolution on the issue.
And I don't know if I consider either person wrong or right.
I think the sleepover went fine.
When she turned to me and said, "I love talking to you," that says it all.
Do you think the "you" was plural, "us," or you? I didn't break down the "you.
" You were sitting right next to me.
- I'm just asking.
- So the you is inconclusive.
Greg: We think Jazz should sleep over at her grandparents' house for at least a week 'cause we really want to hear more war stories.
[Chuckles] Jazz looked really tired.
Maybe, like, having a little squabble with my father - Yeah.
- That could exhaust you.
Did you talk to Jazz about the Tomi Lahren show? I brought it up to her, - and I had her watch the video.
- Yeah? And after talking to her friends, she told me she wanted to do it.
But she's not sure that she could hold her own against somebody like Tomi.
What do you mean? She's just scared of being in that kind of venue? Yeah.
I mean, that woman is intimidating.
Jeanette: It's scary walking into the lion's den, 'cause even though Jazz has faced opposition in other speaking engagements, this is Tomi's territory.
She sets the rules.
And Jazz, as feisty as she is, as smart as she is, she could get caught with her pants down.
We have to have all our ducks in a row and do all our homework.
We need to know everything about this woman.
She don't know what she's going to say to Jazz, and we need to have answers ready to defend our position.
Since Jessica is going to be there with her, she'll be fine.
She just needs to go up there and be herself.
It's really just her explaining her story and why she needs these rights and that there's other people like her, you know? I have reservations, because no person should have to be faced with that type of hatred.
But at the same time, by Jazz agreeing to do the show, I think she's sort of evolving from an advocate to an activist.
And if that's the direction Jazz wants to go, there's no way I'm going to be able to stop her.
- Hey, Jazz.
- What? Jeanette: We have that call with the allergist.
Jazz: Okay.
Jazz: So, I got the patches off at the allergist, and in one spot, it was very itchy, and it looked really bad.
So I've been eagerly awaiting the results.
[Video call ringing] Hello! Hi! Dr.
Shookoff: Hello, Jazz.
Hello, Jeanette.
Oh, it's so nice to see you.
Thank you.
It's nice to see you, too.
I want to review the results of your patch testing.
Nothing came out positive except one.
So it shows that you have a contact dermatitis to benzoin tincture, which was used to help your bandage stick to your arm better.
So the chemical they used to protect her skin actually was the culprit.
Jeanette: This product used on Jazz's arm was used to prevent a rash, and it gave her a rash.
How ironic is that? It definitely didn't protect your skin.
It caused one of the worst dermatitises - I've ever seen, to be honest.
- Wow.
In terms of future operations, should I be okay as long as we notify the doctor beforehand? It certainly can just be avoided in the future.
So I would not worry.
I am so relieved that we now have an answer, that it's not going to affect any future surgeries of any kind.
We know what Jazz is allergic to.
And for months, it's been weighing on me.
And now I don't have to worry anymore, 'cause I have enough to worry about.
Thank you so much.
We appreciate everything.
My pleasure.
Good luck in the future.
- Thank you.
- Thank you for everything.
- Take care.
- You're welcome.
- [Knock on door] - Jeanette: Knock, knock.
How we doing? Fine.
I don't know what I should wear, though.
Today is the day.
So, for this date, we are going to an interactive trampoline park called sky zone.
I can't wear any of these things, 'cause they're too flowy.
Jeanette: What's wrong with too flowy? It'll jump up.
Do you think I should wear jeans? Or do you think it'll be too hot? I'm too fat for shorts right now, right? You can't wear shorts.
I wouldn't show too much skin.
I'm so close to Jazz, and I want to give her all this advice, but I know I can be smothering at times.
I hope she just has a good time.
The best thing that could happen is that Shane and I realize we do have an interest for each other, and we may want to pursue a relationship.
And I'm not saying that is going to happen, but if it does, then that'd be really cool.
I think I'm just going to wear this, 'cause I feel like it's the easiest, and there's no problems 'cause if I jump Right.
[Both laugh] [Doorbell rings] - Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Shane.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- You must be Jeanette.
- I'm Jeanette.
Hold on.
I'm going to scream for Jazz.
- All right.
- Jazz! - Shane is here! - Okay.
- I'll be down in a minute.
- Oh, there you go.
She'll be down in a second.
Oh, it's nice out today.
- Yeah, it's good weather.
- So nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you, too.
She told me things about you that are really cool, like you're a cat person.
I definitely like cats.
- I love them.
- Aww.
And you're a wrestler? Yeah.
Do you have any siblings? I know I'm grilling you - a little bit, but - No, it's fine.
I have a younger brother, Adam, and an older brother who's in college, Brandon.
Jeanette: After speaking to Shane for just a few moments, I can totally understand why Jazz was drawn to him at Dating in the Dark.
He's very personable.
He's talkative.
- He's really sweet.
- I've been meeting Shane.
- Sorry about that.
- I think I've asked him - like a million questions.
- Hi.
Good to see you.
- Good to see you, too.
- This is, like, the first time I've seen Shane since Dating in the Dark, so it's pretty exciting, and now I have butterflies in my stomach.
- Well, you guys have fun.
- Thank you.
Nice meeting you again, Jeanette.
- Aww.
So nice to meet you.
- Take care.
You know now to find me if you need me for anything, okay? - All right.
- Let's go jump.
I'll text you.
I have my phone.
It was so bizarre watching Jazz hop in a car with a bunch of teenagers that I really don't know.
How are you? - Good.
How are you? - Good.
This was so new to me, and I stood there like an idiot, waving goodbye.
Like, I didn't know how to feel, and I just want her to come home feeling good about it.
- You driving yet, Shane? - Yes, I have my permit.
But my mom's not letting me get my license until I'm 17.
And I don't really want to drive because, as soon as I drive, I'm just going to get fast food every single day.
- Oh, my god.
That is so true.
- And then it's, like, 50 pounds heavier, and it's like, "oh, great.
" Shane: I wanted to take Jazz out because it's not every day you really meet someone that is completely, like, kind of have a lot in common with and kind of just make a good, fiery connection off the start.
So I wanted to kind of keep things rolling.
Sky zone.
I know.
- It's huge.
- I'm going to die.
Knowing you, yes.
You're going to do something stupid and fall on your neck and break it.
Jazz: I'm super excited to get jumping up and down with Hannah, Frank, and Shane.
I haven't done back flips in a few years, but I know I still got my skills.
So girl gonna be showin' off a little bit.
[Grunts] Wait.
Aah! - Oh, my god.
She - Whee! Hannah: I can't do it.
I don't Ooh.
[Gasps] Oh, my Jazz: Like that.
Shane: It's almost astonishing to watch Jazz do those flips, because, like, I'm coming in here thinking I'm fitness supermodel.
- No, perfect.
- Hey.
And then I watch Jazz bounce off the wall, land about three back flips, and I'm sitting here like, "what?" - [Speaks indistinctly] - [Gasps] Ooh.
Jazz: Not going to lie.
I feel like I'm definitely the queen of this trampoline.
And I think I made an impression on Shane.
We're ditching you guys, getting some water.
What do you think? Do you think you see, like, something? I mean, I don't know.
I've never gossiped with a girl about guys before.
Like, I've just had no guys to talk about, because I don't experience dating that often, so it's really fun to be able to talk to Hannah about this, because it's new for me.
You know what? I think he's a really, really nice kid.
I just don't know if he's my type.
That's how I feel about Frank, kind of.
- That's how you feel about Frank? - Yeah.
Like, he's so nice.
He's sweet, but I don't know.
I'm not sure.
Like, he's I kind of would rather be friends with him.
I think Shane has a great personality.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's just he may not be into me.
I don't know.
I feel myself shutting down, but I don't want to close the doors like I have in the past.
I feel like that's not fair to Shane, and he deserves the chance to get to know me, and I should get to know him better, as well.
Do you think she's digging you, feeling anything? I think we made a connection.
Whether it's surpassed friendship, that, I don't know.
I do not know how Jazz feels about me.
I don't pick up on vibes easy.
It seems like she's having a great time, but I'm here to give it all I got.
I may be only 5'3", but I got a heart that's 5'10".
How do you feel about her being transgender? To me, a person's a person, and in my honest opinion, she is a girl, because she has the mind and heart of a girl.
It doesn't really matter what's in between her legs.
So it doesn't matter to me at all.
Jazz: Do you guys want to eat some food? - Let's get some food.
- Let's do that.
Jazz: So far, I don't feel like this is the best date to really get to know each other, because we've been jumping up and down, sweating, and not getting to know each other.
So I feel like we should probably sit down for a little while just so we can talk.
- That's really buttery.
- Yeah.
Wearing jeans was a bad idea.
You're wearing Jean Oh, my god.
What were you thinking? You know what sounds so good right now? A nice cookie.
You want to go get one? - Yeah.
- Oh, my god.
Get me one, too.
We'll get you one.
We'll be right back.
- Leave me out of that option.
- Oh, I'm too lazy to get up.
- How about you? - Don't want to get up? I can't get up.
I don't know how you did Like I did one flip on there, and, like, I'm done.
And I'm just, like, watching you in awe as you just flip, flip, flip, flip.
And I'm just like I don't know.
I just used to flip a lot.
I actually haven't done this trampoline thing for like 2 years now, so it's been a while.
It looks like you haven't missed a beat.
You were just going, whee, whoo, whee, whoo.
- I know.
- And I'm just like, "how do you even do that with your body?" Well, you wrestle and stuff.
Well, yeah.
But that's, like, different.
I never really flipped in the ring yet.
- I haven't had the opportunity - I know.
But it's like - or athleticism.
- But, like, no, it's similar.
Like, everyone can do different things with their body.
Jazz: It's really nice to talk to someone new without having to talk about me being transgender.
I feel like it's always the discussion What I'm going through when it comes to my transition.
But it's really cool that Shane isn't even asking me about that.
He just wants to know about me as Jazz.
And that's something I really appreciate.
I'm scared that, if I do kind of mess up - Yeah.
- But, hey.
You live once, - so can't do it with fear.
- Yeah.
I'm pretty reckless sometimes, though.
I just don't think about the problem until the problem's there.
That's a good quote.
I'm going to steal that one.
It could have been awkward and uncomfortable, but it's not.
I feel like he's such a positive energy, and he's easy to talk to, so I'm really enjoying this moment.
Got you a cookie, Jazz.
Why would you why? All right.
You guys ready to go back jumping? - I don't know.
- No.
I don't care.
I feel like my stomach's going to start hurting, but we can bounce, if you know what I mean.
- Never say that again.
- Bounce, like, get it? [Laughter] - Bounce, like - Why? Jazz: This date was amazing, and I was just so happy that I gave Shane a chance.
I opened up my mind.
I opened up my heart to any of the possibilities, and I really like this guy.
I just don't know if he feels the same way.
I have wobbly legs from the trampolines.
Are you sore? Nah, I've been in harder places.
Yeah, I'm sure, 'cause you do all that wrestling - and everything.
- Yeah.
I had a great time.
How Did you have a fun time, too? I had fun.
- I had a really good time.
- I'm glad you did.
We should do something again sometime.
All right.
Well, thank you.
No problem.
Have a great day.
- Take care.
- You, too.
In the past, dating has always been a weird, awkward situation for me.
But with Shane, I feel like I could just have a good time and be myself.
I'm excited to see where it goes.
Hannah: Everything went well? Shane: Everything went great.
Next time, on "I Am Jazz" Greg: When it comes to the surgery, you feel like you have all the pieces to the puzzle yet? I just need to hear one more opinion, because, right now, it doesn't feel perfect.
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I hope that we could address some of the things that she said.
- Nice to meet you.
- So nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Tomi.
So nice to meet you guys.
I'm going to slip right behind you.
She doesn't want to interact with me at all.
We're off to a bad start.
- Good to go? - Yep.
Jeanette: This is a little bit terrifying.
You feel that you're a woman, but why do you have to surgically change yourself? You know, as people Were people calling you a pervert?