I Am the Night (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Queen's Gambit, Accepted

1 I found her.
Tamar Hodel.
Right before you were born, there was a trial.
What kind of trial? With my father, George Hodel.
Improper acts, improper relations.
He made love to me.
Is it true? He killed the Black Dahlia, didn't he? Elizabeth Short Janice Brewster.
We can stop him.
You can't.
The universe protects George.
It was you, George.
It was you.
But George's achievements for a boy his age.
His IQ is 186! Madam Hodel, I'm very sorry, but I cannot teach him.
Whyever not! His last instructor, Dr.
Simmeleman Madam, please! Simmeleman? Your son, he is talented, but he plays without emotion, the hardest thing to have.
It cannot be taught.
At least I cannot teach it.
He's a mimic, a precise machine.
Put him into medicine or science.
I beg your pardon, Maestro Rachmaninoff.
He is not an artist.
Absurd! That's absurd! You said medium rare, right? Call it medium.
You think I like doing this? I hate this part of my job.
Do you understand me? Now, I want you to sit in there, and I want you to feel sorry for yourself, and I want you to be ashamed.
Ain't one of you supposed to be the good cop? That was good cop.
Wait! Aah! Wait.
I know who killed Janice Brewster.
Janice Brewster? We had somebody till your pal, the overeager newspaper reporter, ran a story and cleared Brody Stiles.
George Hodel.
You could someday maybe walk out of here if you could just keep that name off your lips.
You're protecting a killer.
And you are dumber than a box of rocks, man.
What the hell does Hodel have, and why is he is so protected, Billis, huh?! Hey, man, we just dot the I's and cross the T's.
Billis, I got I got proof! I got proof! It was on the table when you walked into Ludong's.
Billis! For once in your goddamn life, be a cop! What did you say? Be a cop instead of a bag man for the mob! - Is that why you joined the force? - What did you say? - Was that your dream as a little boy? - Don't you ever say that to me! One blood test proves that Tamar - was telling the truth.
- Give me the keys.
That's why she's hiding in Hawaii.
He wanted that girl I was with, too.
What's the key? Which is the key? Fauna.
His granddaughter.
Why? Because he wanted to rape, murder, and cut her up.
She's 16 years old, Billis! So what happens, huh? What happens when it all falls apart? And Hodel falls apart, and good old Billis is is left holding the bag for a murderous pedophile that made a kid with his own daughter! Huh? Is that why you joined the force, huh? You don't talk about why I joined the force! You understand me? You understand me? You don't know what I deal with on a day-to-day basis.
I do.
You're a cop.
You are a cop.
So you do me a solid.
And you look at Hodel, and you look him in the eyes.
Hello? Hello.
I'm trying to reach Coretta Lee? She's not in.
Please tell Coretta Lee that her daughter, Jimmy Lee Faison, was admitted to the ER last night.
She's sedated and has been moved to our intensive care unit.
- Jimmy Lee? - She's lost a lot of blood, and doctors are still working to stabilize her.
Please pass along the message? We'll stay in touch with updates on her status.
Hello? Mrs.
Huntington? Look, I need your help.
Terrence, where is everyone? Where the hell you been? Has Xander come back? No.
Nobody's here.
They all out looking for Xander.
We haven't seen him.
We don't know if he's in jail or laying in the streets dead somewhere.
The cops already killed 15 people.
They say that you took off to Hawaii with some man, some some white cat.
Yeah, he's a reporter.
He's He's trying to help me find my mother.
Terrence, y-you gotta take me home.
My mama, she's hurt.
My car won't make it to Nevada no how.
Why don't you go back to Hawaii w-with your white man? I gotta find Xander before Big Momma have a heart attack.
- Can you take me to Pasadena? - What? 'Cause I can get cash, and then I can take a bus from Pasadena, if you'll help me.
They are yanking white folks out of cars on Imperial, and shit, the cops are worse.
A black man driving a light-skinned girl in Pasadena? I'll walk, then.
Wait! Have been harassed by brick-throwing Negroes as they attempt to put out fires all along Imperial Highway.
Rioting and looting can be seen in liquor stores Get your ass off my street! Get up out of here! Hey, man! This is my car, man! Get your ass off the street right now! Wait, brother.
Look what you did to my car! Get on out of here, Uncle Tom! Protect themselves from snipers Remain indoors and remain calm.
Roadblocks have been established around the perimeter of the neighborhood.
Hey, boy! I wouldn't park there today.
You'll get a ticket.
It's Tuesday.
Yes, Sir.
Thank you.
Go on home.
Be careful.
What are you about to do? Fauna! Where I'm going, you can't come.
Fauna! They've all gone mad.
They're burning down the city.
It's terrifying! They'll be coming here next.
You know they will.
God help us all.
Hoodlums responding to unfair arrests have taken to the streets en masse, and rioting can be seen Mrs.
Ho Huntington.
I need your help.
I'm sorry to ask, but I need money for the bus.
I need to get home.
Oh, yes.
Let me get you something to drink first.
You must be parched.
Thank you.
You should know, I-I went to see Tamar.
Is she still living in her dream world? Well, yes.
She believes it.
That she hates me.
I really don't deserve that.
No, um, Tamar doesn't hate you.
She forgives you.
Don't eat anything in his house.
I'm telling you, Beans, - you wouldn't believe it.
- Move it along.
Me and Bill pinned down by sniper fire - for 40 minutes - That's it, that's it.
Till we could even get a cordon up.
- Hands up! - Walk away from one thing.
- Don't sass me now.
- Six other things come up.
- Yo.
Hurry up.
- We're riding one way, - and the comes - Over there.
"Looting on Imperial and Hoover.
" Cruisers going that way.
We pass 'em, lights and sirens.
You know you ain't getting backup 'cause you can't back anybody else up.
Those fires, man, those firefighters are getting shot at, man.
What's gonna happen? That's it.
What they got you in here for, Al Capone? Look at you.
Cell all to yourself.
What's going on out there? Hey, man, we fighting back.
Them damn cops beat up on Marquette's mama, threw a pregnant woman down on the ground.
Folks is tired.
Burning down your own neighborhood.
I can dig that.
Man, we don't own them damn businesses.
We don't own shit.
That's all them punk-ass police care about is protecting them stores.
They don't protect us.
You live in a different world.
Think somebody will stand up and right a wrong or stop an evil thing.
It ain't like that for us.
If we don't put ourselves on the line, then who will? How are you feeling? Come join me in the sitting room.
How did I get here? Corinna called.
You fainted in her kitchen.
I fainted? She was beside herself.
Could barely speak, poor thing.
So, she called me, and I came and brought you here.
Not even the hospitals are safe at the moment.
How are you feeling? Healthy as a horse.
George Hodel.
I've been trying so hard to get into contact with you.
You invited me here.
Do you remember? I am hard to pin down.
Work, of course.
My wife, Yuna, has many talents, but the finer points of polish seem to elude her.
To be honest, I find it relaxing.
I met Tamar.
And Jay Singletary.
Oh, my goodness.
You must think I'm Lucifer himself.
The two of them.
What a trial for you.
Well, I'm so sorry that that was your introduction to me.
You know, I'm not sure what plagues Mr.
To begin with, he's a muckraker, a yellow journalist.
But whether it's due to a brain imbalance of fluids or some war-time trauma, he's a badly damaged man who's caused me a tremendous amount of trouble over the years.
You understand that I sued him for libel and won? And what about Tamar? You found her in her hovel on the beach? Surrounding by squalling brats? I send her money, of course.
I wouldn't even say Tamar is a liar, precisely, because she believes her mis-truths so deeply.
It's tragic.
Or at least Eugene O'Neill.
I'm gonna lay back down.
Not feeling very well.
Feeling better? Come and look.
My latest acquisition.
I'm very much on the fence about it.
I like it, I think.
I can tell there's something to it.
But to be perfectly honest, abstraction feels faddish to me.
What do you think? I wouldn't know.
Like a window we all peer through from the outside.
I imagine it feels familiar to you, looking through windows onto another world? What it must have been like growing up among all those simple people.
Not belonging.
There's so much happening inside you.
I think of myself at your age.
You look well in this house.
It suits you.
Would you stay as my guest? My granddaughter? That's very kind.
It is, isn't it? Well, I suppose you've never had a proper home.
Did you feel at home with Jimmy Lee? How is pretty Jimmy these days? She's fine, I think.
I haven't spoken to her in a few weeks.
Ah, yes.
I have a meeting with Mr.
Berman from the clinic.
You should go to your room.
Um, uh, I'd, uh I'd like to leave now.
It's not safe, Fauna.
Surely you can see that.
Terribly sorry to disturb you, sir.
Fauna, go.
Sergeant Billis, not at all expecting to see you.
You fellows have certainly got the tiger by the tail, haven't you? Are armed Negroes, wearing red armbands, invading white neighborhoods? Communists? Hard to tell these days, sir.
We got that reporter wrapped up.
Just thought you should know.
I've spoken to the Lieutenant Governor.
You know, of course, the National Guard is being deployed.
I did not know that, sir.
I'm having them send a squad here to the house.
Soldiers are what I need now.
Not police.
Hodel? It's Mr.
Show yourself out, Billis.
Are you a police officer? Who are you? C-Could you take me with you? Out of this house, please.
Fauna? No.
Better not.
You should be in your room.
Wake up.
Billis wants to talk.
You guys don't look so good.
You neither, beaver.
You wouldn't like it out there.
I might.
Cuddy, make sure he's listening.
No, no, no.
I'm listening.
Paying attention? Say it.
Say it.
Paying attention.
So, I looked at all your evidence.
Got the pictures developed.
Not much there, pal.
What else you got? Let me out, Billis.
For Christ's sake.
We'll bury Hodel under a mountain of shit.
You'll be the hero detective.
Don't you want that? Well, can't do that.
There's too many problems.
You got credibility issues.
Even if I was, which I'm not, it wouldn't be with you.
Nothing you have would hold up.
So, what else do you have? Because I'm gonna need solid gold.
Did you Did you see him? Did you go see him? Yeah, I went to the house.
The girl's there.
The granddaughter's there in the house.
She is? Are you gonna do anything about it? You better watch what you say right now.
I'd be very, very careful if I were you, 'cause I'd have Cuddy cut your throat, throw you in the cell, call it solved.
Is that the plan? Oh, God damn it.
Billis, you saw the photos, right? You saw it.
You know I'm not crazy.
- You saw it.
- I saw it.
And what what, that's all? You know he's the guy.
You know what's gonna happen, what's maybe already happened.
- So do something! - Look at me.
This is very important that you listen to me.
I'll put this cigarette out in your eye.
Look at me! First of all, neither you nor God tells me what to do.
Second maybe we'll handle it.
But a decision like that takes months.
Hodel's got too many by the big balls, and it's not just our top brass protecting him.
It's DeSimone.
It's the Licata family.
It's everybody.
I do something like that on my own, I'm dead in a week.
Have a good day, pal.
Wait, wait.
Hey, hey, hey.
Wait a minute.
I got something.
- No, you don't.
- Yeah, I do.
That knife That knife right there.
That's my second-favorite knife.
That's the knife that killed Janice Brewster.
You get the M.
to testify to that, the D.
will go along with it, huh? Cuddy's second-favorite knife.
You put my fingerprints all over that, I'll sign a full confession for Janice Brewster.
- What game are you playing? - You cut me loose.
The city's going crazy.
I get lost in the shuffle.
Lose me for a couple hours, and I will kill Hodel, and you know I'll do it.
That's your solution, Billis.
Two problems gone.
All your problems gone.
You're a genius.
I get a full confession? Prints on the knife? What'll you do, I don't cut you loose? Aren't you sick and tired of wiping his ass? Aren't you sick of looking at my face? You kill two birds with one stone.
It's elegant.
I was supposed to be a journalist.
Yeah, well I don't think that's gonna work out.
Why do I feel like I'm gonna get shot in the back trying to escape? 'Cause you have no faith in our institutions.
Just do me a favor.
Try not to kill Jim, okay? What? His uncles are all captains.
Guy's a real prick, but please, promise me that you will not kill him.
Hey, Jimmy.
Screw you, Billis.
Hey, Jimmy! Hold up! Where you headed? Hollywood.
Our cars are up there.
Give us a ride, huh? Yeah, yeah.
Jump in.
Dinner is served.
Good night, Yuna.
Aren't you hungry? Not right now.
I'm just not feeling well.
Well To your very fine health.
Did you know I'm a painter? Well, I dabble, anyway.
Sit for me.
- I'll paint you.
- What? If we're not going to eat, we should work, create, chase our own divinity.
Here? Nasty thing.
Still, better safe than sorry on a night like tonight.
This way.
I'm very safe and secure here.
Of course, oil portraiture isn't my forte.
My focus lies elsewhere.
But I do find it an essential step, so please, bear with me.
You'll need to wear this.
Just this.
You can change behind the curtain.
I don't want to.
Let's not have any more of that, shall we? Change.
Is it true? What Jay said? Who, the reporter? Oh, it's Jay now, is it? My, aren't we chummy? Jay wouldn't know a single true thing about me.
You can't compare me to normal, ordinary men or expect me to follow their laws.
The surrealists in the end were cowards.
They lacked the moral strength to see their philosophy through.
They made pictures of what they dreamed and desired.
How quaint.
I've traveled as far from them as a star from a worm.
The Marquis de Sade wrote, "I have no need to thwart my inclinations in order to flatter some God.
These instincts were given to me by nature, and it would irritate her were I to resist them.
If she gave me bad ones, that is because they were necessary to her designs.
I am in her hands but a machine which runs as she likes.
" Sit.
Hey, jackass! There's a curfew, and you're in violation! Go home! Man, some people are just too stupid to live.
Yeah, too stupid.
These idiots smoking dope and skipping rope all the way down here from Avalon.
- Aah! - Ohh! I need to wipe my face.
Please, please, don't hurt me.
This is your special moment.
Let's not spoil it with hysterics.
Just yet.
Get up, silly, or something bad could happen.
Fauna! Don't be a goose.
Get back in your place.
Keep your face up.
Your dreams are more real, more true than your reality.
But you must remove the veil society places over all of us after childhood.
You sure talk a lot of shit.
I went to Corinna Huntington's Happening.
I know what Corinna would call this.
She'd say it was the opposite of avant-garde.
She'd say "kitsch.
" No one speaks to me like that.
Corinna said "literalism means you're simple-minded.
" What does that say about you? Corinna's the real artist.
Ain't that something? She's the one whose name they're gonna remember in 100 years.
You're nothing.
Another daughter of mine that no one will believe.
The artists, the ones you call cowards, they were talking in symbols, dummy.
Jimmy Lee said she didn't need to understand a song to sing it.
But that ain't true, is it? You're just like her, making art without understanding.
Even what you were just saying, nature made you a machine? What a bunch of shit.
I'd rather not start so soon.
Aah! Aah! I'll show you pain, bigger than anything Aah! How dare you.
Aah! Damn it! You You can't get away.
Whatever you are, you're mine, most of all.
Mine more than anything.
Am I your daughter? George? No.
Not yours.
I know who I am.
I'm Jimmy Lee's daughter.
I will never be yours.
We all know what you are, George.
You're a cliché.
Just like a pimp, raping his own daughter.
It's boring, George.
Pretending simple urges are high art.
You're boring.
Jay? Are you okay? I'm all right.
You stay here.
You son of a bitch! Jay! Jay, stop! Aah! You don't get to walk! He's gone, Jay.
- Jay.
Jay, listen to me.
- I have to get him.
I have to get him.
- Listen to me, Jay! - Where are you?! Jay, Jay, Jay! - Jay, look at me.
- I will die to find him.
- Jay.
- I'll die to get him.
- Jay! - I'll die to get him! Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You don't have to.
Let's go.
I don't want to tell your story anymore.
I just want you to get away.
Just walk away and never come back.
You can tell it.
I don't mind.
I won't.
I think there's grace for you, Jay, if you can find it.
Is there? I gotta leave town.
Send me a postcard.
I'll write you.
You gonna bring your man up in here? You know I ain't done my hair in two weeks.
You're still Pretty Jimmy, Mama.
"Dear Jay I hope this finds you.
I hope you found a life somewhere down there.
Things here have changed.
Feels like the more they change, the more they stay the same.
I feel lost and alone sometimes.
Feel so different than everyone around me.
Like you feel.
Maybe it's because we know what monsters are.
We know what makes 'em.
And I know what unmakes 'em.
We keep struggling, making do, and going on, 'cause that's all there is.
When you look in the mirror, Jay, I hope you can live with what you see.
The devil is something we all carry in our hearts.
We have to make peace with him, Jay.
We have to find another way.
What you did and didn't do, that saved me.
You may not believe it, but it saved me.
People around me are a sunny day, living their lives wide open without secrets.
When I look in the mirror, Jay, I see something else.
Something I don't quite recognize.
But something I chose.