I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

It's Thursday

[women screaming]
[Jadu Heart: "Another Life"]
[Lennon] I'm sure you're
sitting there right now
thinking you know who you are.
Who your friends are.
I thought I knew.
I was wrong.

What I knew were
the faces we put on
that we wanted other people
to see.
The faces of who
we wanted to be.
I feel so alive ♪
Oh, with you ♪
But nothing's left for us ♪
I think we even
convinced ourselves
it was who we really were.
It was easier that way.
Another year of this ♪
Maybe in another life ♪
I'm not saying we didn't
do fucked-up shit.
I mean, who doesn't?
We'll be okay
But you get over it.
Because you're friends.
You don't sit around all day
asking yourself
who you really are.
If you do, you're lying.
You have no fucking idea.
Until something happens.
Something that
makes you question

That forces you to face
the depth and darkness
in everyone you ever loved.
And shows you how far you'll go
to keep those parts hidden.
[phone chimes]
[tires screech]
- [horn honking]
- [man] Come on!
Something that
makes you realize
you can never really
know anyone.

Least of all, yourself.
- There you are.
- Hey, Dad.
I was getting worried.
- Oof. [sniffles]
- [grunts]
Here, I got it. You look great.
Yeah. You, too.
How was the drive?
It was fine.
It was just driving.
I still don't understand
why you didn't let me
pick you up at the airport.
I just needed a minute.
You had the whole year.
- Yeah, well, I'm here now.
- [phone chimes]
Who's that?
[Lennon] It's Margot.
I'm sure she's excited.
She hasn't seen you
since last summer.
I know.
Text her back,
then come to the restaurant.
Harold made
your favorite luau stew.
Just let me put my stuff away.
Hurry up. Everyone missed you.
- Hey, Len?
- Hmm?
It's gonna be okay.

[wood creaking]

[wood creaks]
You're back.
Hey, Courtney.
How's-how's Riley?
It's Thursday.
I clean in here on Thursdays.
Oh, right. Well, um
I'm sure my dad will be okay
if you miss this one.
As long as I get paid.
[laughs softly]
[phone chimes]

[liquid dripping]

[Litty Kitty: "Superstar"]
Hey, riding round town
in my sports car ♪
Looking like a superstar,
they wishing they was me ♪
In my sports car ♪
Looking like a superstar ♪
Looking like
a superstar ♪
Looking like a superstar ♪
Bye, bitch ♪
You could never be me,
I'm a fly chick ♪
I'm super-duper hot,
I fry shit
[girl] Johnny!
Well, fuck it.
[all chanting] Johnny, Johnny,
Johnny, Johnny. Yeah!
[man] Hey, congratulations!
Are you on my level?
That's a flat-out no ♪
[music muffled]
Half ratchet ♪
Ten out of ten, automatic ♪
But your outfit so tragic ♪
Everything I ever do
is magic ♪
Hey, riding round town
in my sports car ♪
Looking like a superstar ♪
Looking like
a superstar ♪
Looking like a superstar,
they wishing they was me ♪
In my sports car ♪
Looking like a superstar ♪
[Riley] Dylan.
Looking like a superstar ♪
Looking like a superstar
Don't you ever get bored
of this shit?
It's Mortal Kombat.
Come on.
I need to do business.
Okay. Thanks, Kira.
In my bad banks,
looking too good ♪
Doing bad things,
y'all hos too slow ♪
- Sorry.
- This the fast lane ♪
Riding round town
just to see your man ♪
Got him hypnotized
when I do my dance ♪
Got 'em whipped up
Everyone so wishes
they were us right now.
- Yeah, I fucking wish I was us.
- [both laugh]
Want to have fun
with your friends?
No, they're not my friends.
Bitch, your outfit's
so tragic ♪
Everything I ever do
is magic
Come on, Alison.
It's graduation night.
Your sister's here.
Have fun. Smile.
What, so I can look like Lennon?
I didn't say that.
- [door opens]
- [Mei] Bruce. Finally.
Come in.
[Margot] Together forever.
Or at least till tomorrow. When
I leave for fucking college.
Time and space are irrelevant
in the age of social media.
Looking like a superstar ♪
Riding round town
in my sports car
Can't believe it's over.
Looking like a superstar,
looking like a superstar ♪
Looking like a superstar
Let's blow shit up. [chuckles]
[Lennon] There's
my fucking sister.
They want a death wish,
first come, first served ♪
Hot. Want me to tag you?
[boy] Hey, Lennon.
Congrats on being valedictorian.
[girl] Gonna miss you!
Thanks, girl.
And congrats on Berkeley.
Connor, hi.
Aw. I'm gonna miss
that pretty face.
Get over here,
my stunning queer king.
[Lennon] Ally!
- [Tkay Maidza: "Shook"]
- Finally.
I see you and Margot
- are BFFs again.
- No, no.
- She's a cunt.
- So are you.
I can't believe
you left without me.
Well, I told you I was going.
Look, I had to drive
with Dad. [scoffs]
Okay, but this fit, this is
not pussy-popping attire.
- [shushes] Stop!
- I'm just saying.
Come on. Off.
Come on.
Hit 'em with them boydem,
and I made
Come on,
let's go make you look pretty.
Earthquake, yeah,
I got 'em all shook ♪
I came,
I don't play by the book ♪
Yeah, I make the bands
Ooh. Dick appointment,
12 o'clock.
Everybody knows
that you are deep into movies.
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- [Dylan] Hey.
I don't play by the book,
yeah, I make the bands ♪
Yeah, I got 'em all shook
[Alison] Sorry.
I be in my bag,
I don't dance around TikTok
She's shy tonight.
You want to bouncy-house?
- Sure.
- Oh, um
did you get my cereal?
Slump with the guns ♪
Peter popped a question,
couldn't get me on the run
Prescription strength. Have fun.
You know me.
I thrive on a balanced
breakfast. Thanks, Riri.
Vroom-vroom and I'm there,
I swerve ♪
On bitches,
why they even got nerve? ♪
Outside they be lookin'
like squares ♪
No time for a hater, I skrr
Do you want
to watch them pee, too?
You're disgusting.
Dude, you've known that
since second grade.
Come on. Let's bouncy-house.
I came, I don't play
Last time I was in a bouncy
house, I'm pretty sure I puked.
Remember when you puked
all over Johnny
during Seussical: The Musical?
[Johnny] Ah, bruh,
gonna miss you.
- [Dylan] You, too.
- Look absolutely ratch.
Retake. [sighs]
- Oh, don't forget the head tilt.
- Mm.
Ready? One, two, three.
You look hotter than me.
Uh, not possible.
I love you.
[Mei] There you are.
So cute.
- Mom, stop.
- Ms. G., sweet kicks.
[Margot] Mom, you promised
you'd stay in the kitchen.
[Mei] I know, I know.
Just come and say hi
to my friends.
- [Lala Lala & Grapetooth: "Fantasy Movie"]
- Just to be
That dude must
shave his armpits.
No one's actually that hairless.
[Riley] Hmm.
[Dylan] Andy.
Fuck, marry, kill.
- I hate that game.
- Well, that's because you never pick kill,
which means you have
to fuck or marry everyone.
- Maybe.
- Okay, well, how about
Yeah, I would
definitely kill Hitler.
Yeah. I mean, I-I'm not gonna
fuck or marry Hitler.
[Lennon] You look hot.
[Alison] Why?
'Cause I'm dressed like you?
- You're gonna be great.
- I don't know.
Come on. You've wanted him
inside you since, like,
You are so broken.
You're gonna miss me so much.
Just do it exactly like
we've talked about, remember?
You're gonna talk about
how good it tastes.
Angle yourself so he can
see it going in and out.
I'm not putting that thing
in my mouth. That's, like,
- totally unsanitary.
- So are dicks.
Do you know where dudes
put those things?
Seriously, Ally,
if you do this right,
Dylan is gonna love you forever.
Do the bag, last week ♪
Super Fly ♪
That's me, do the sign ♪
That's me, if you lived ♪
How I live,
you would die happy ♪
[laughs] Okay.
Yeah, someone just won
the cool dad award.
- This one taught me everything I know.
- Tea.
She's got almost
half a million followers now.
And they all love Carl G.
Come on.
[Mei] Don't forget to tag me.
- Oh, we got you, Ms. G.
- What a great guy.
We're so lucky Margot gets
to have him with her at USC.
Lennon's gonna be all
the way in Michigan.
At least your other one
will be home.
Doesn't mean I'm not gonna cry
like a baby when Lennon goes.
[Mei] I'm just so glad
that they're all here tonight.
Partying where we know
that they're safe.
- [retching]
- [Einar Erlander & Julia Heslop: "Famous"]
I'm a star now ♪
Bet you wish you were me ♪
The cash, dreams, queen ♪
Boys and girls
I just don't want to fuck it up.
You won't. Look, just remember:
gentle touch and eye contact.
[device whirring]
Forget it. I'm-I'm done.
I'm done.
No, you're not.
I'm not gonna let you pussy out.
Choosing not to have sex
is not pussying out.
Come on.
You bail on, like, everything.
You, like, have to do this.
Why? So I can be like you?
I'd never wish that on anyone.
I just want you
to have a fucking life.
- I have a life.
- You're a virgin
who doesn't have
a driver's license, so
Did you just misquote
Clueless at me?
Look, I'm just trying to help.
[clears throat]
Don't you want Dylan
to see how awesome you are?
You mean, like,
after I manipulate him into it?
You're just overthinking,
as usual.
Please, just have
a sniff and chill out.
What is wrong with you?
It's my life.
I'll do what I want.
Yeah? How's that
working out for you?
You have any plans
for after the party?
I mean, like,
for the rest of your life?
Fuck you. At least I'm not
a drug addict who screws her way
- through everything.
- Wow.
That's a new low, Ally.
- Thought you were a legit feminist.
- You think I don't know
how you got that A in A.P. Bio
from Mr. Haskell?
You fuck to get everything.
I mean, grades,
attention, friends, drugs.
Y-You fuck to fuck people over,
and you want me to be like that
so that Dylan will like me?
Fuck you. You're nothing.
You're the worst
fucking person I've ever met.
[Poppy: "Anything Like Me"]
Sorry for what I've become ♪
Because I'm becoming someone ♪
Your hand on my neck,
you call up the press ♪
Die for the attention ♪
You pray for a reaction ♪
I'll stop when
it's no more fun ♪
If this is the start,
then let's see how far ♪
You're gonna take this one ♪
You shouldn't be
anything like me ♪
You shouldn't
be anything like me ♪
You shouldn't be
anything like me ♪
You shouldn't
be anything like me ♪
You shouldn't be
anything like me ♪
You shouldn't
be anything like me ♪
You'll never be
anything like me ♪
You shouldn't
be anything like me ♪
This isn't a fight to be won ♪
Go on and give up the gun ♪
If this is a test,
with all due respect ♪
You're not gonna fool no one ♪
I'm everything she never was ♪
Now everyone's out
for my blood ♪
Stop, you're making a scene ♪
You're coming at me
with blood in your teeth ♪
You shouldn't be
anything like me ♪
You shouldn't be anything
like me ♪
You shouldn't be
anything like me ♪
You shouldn't be
anything like me
- I need a bump.
- You just had a bump.
Then I need a mogul.
No, that's a ski bump.
We need to get you on skis.
- Johnny!
- Hey, Johnny.
Uh-oh. Some of your
secret trade?
Uh, just Gary, junior year.
Knew it. Wait, junior year?
When you were with me?
No overlap. I swear.
I'll catch up.
This graduation party
is iconique,
as the French would say.

[indistinct chatter]
[Lennon] It's going to be fun.
[Dylan] I don't know, Len.
Do you want to do it?
Come on. You're not
gonna make me do it alone.
[inhales sharply]
- [chuckles]
- [grunts]
Come on. It's graduation.
Let's fuck shit up.
[Al Wilkinson:
"Louder Than Words"]
[whooping, cheering]
[music fades]
Alison, you're not
getting off that easy.
Is it over yet?
[laughs softly] Not even close.
You look pretty.
Yeah. Pretty fucking stupid.
You're right, it's totally
beneath you to actually try.
Okay, shut up.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
Did you tell Margot yet?
Want a drink?
Way to change the subject.
Look, I mean, it's Juilliard.
She's got to understand.
She's Margot.
Well, I guess
she'll just figure it out
when you don't show up at USC.
She's just done so much for me.
They're menthol.
As long as they'll kill me.
It's weird, right?
[Johnny] That we've known
these people our whole lives
and they don't know us at all?
[Chiiild: "Back to Life"]
Tell me what we're learning ♪
Guess no one read
the history ♪
We're burning ♪
Don't understand the way
[Johnny] Hot.
- Fuck off.
- All right. Come on.
Go make interesting,
neurotic babies.
You're so fucking stupid.
If there's a God ♪
I hope she's Black ♪
And when I die ♪
She brings me back ♪
Back to life ♪
Back, back to life
Alison. Hey.
- Oh, shit.
- Oh, shit.
- Do you want some help?
- Sorry. No, no, no, no, no. It's fine.
- Uh, I got it. Sorry.
- There's
Sorry to the table?
Oh, right. Exactly.
So are, um, are you having fun?
Depends on how you define fun.
Right. Yeah.
I failed the reading portion
of the SATs,
- so
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh. No, I
that-that was a joke.
- I-I never took the SATs.
- Oh.
Right. Sorry.
[laughs] Not-not
that you didn't take them.
That's cool.
Uh, you, do you want a shot?
And when I die
Yeah, sure. That would be nice.
Yeah? Okay.
Back to life, I hope
Then w-would you like,
if you want, um,
after, the maybe,
we could go somewhere and talk?
Yeah. Yeah,
I like, I like talking.
[laughs softly]
I'm gonna, I'm gonna
pay attention this time.
Back, back to life
Hey, Lennon.
[Lennon] Isn't she the cutest
thing you ever saw?
I look just like you.
Did you want a shot too, or?
Alison doesn't drink.
I hope she's Black ♪
And when I die
Uh I could pour more.
I hope I get ♪
More is good.
My second chance ♪
And when I die ♪
I can't fucking believe you.
She brings me back
[Shygirl: "Freak"]
I'm a freak, yeah, I know ♪
Know you like to
hear me say it
Oh, my God.
Lennon was in my room.
She is so
I can't even.
I cannot believe
you fucked Dylan.
You don't know that.
[Alison] Yes, I do.
It is written
all over your fucking face.
You had sex with the one person
I have been in love with
my entire life.
- [Balance: "Money All the Time]
- New shit, we just
Hey, have you guys seen Dylan?
[boy] I don't know.
I'm about to drop,
stop with your bank account ♪
Money out the sunroof,
drippin' ♪
Come in. Bruce is here.
Said she want a real player ♪
I don't ever hate,
player-trippin' ♪
Back-to-back drops,
raise the ceiling ♪
Everybody bang like an 808 ♪
I don't wanna hang,
she can hardly wait ♪
All I fuck is money,
I don't really date
- Hey, have you seen Dylan?
- You got roxy?
Shut the fuck up.
Now you have everything.
I'm sorry. Trust me, okay?
This way you can finally move on
and have a life.
Fuck you, Lennon.
You ain't gotta spit ♪
Pop the whip, make it flip,
I ain't holler shit ♪
Flexing on the Gram, couple
bands, who the hottest bitch? ♪
Money, money, money
all the time ♪
What I'm thinking 'bout,
bitches on my mind
[muffled music continues]
[breathes deeply]
Thinking 'bout money,
money, money
[grunts] Nice.
What you talking 'bout? ♪
There you are.
What you talking 'bout? ♪
Can ketamine kill you?
With your bank account
She is in such denial.
Why hasn't Riley hit me ba
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
I could be your man like hey ♪
Money be the mission
Um, what is the police chief
doing here?
Why don't you ask your mom?
We need to go.
Way to state the obvious.
I mean before
anyone else sees her.
- Why didn't you text me back?
- Hello, bitch?
There is a cop in your house.
[Johnny] You okay, dude?
I think I might be a bad person.
[laughs] You're not.
Trust me on this one.
[music continues in distance]
Lennon, you goddess.
What are you doing?
Going away from that
dry-vag cop.
I mean, those pants. I'm sorry,
but who dresses like that?
My mom's definitely
passed out at my place.
What about the lodge?
Why are we not driving?
Is Alison okay?
- No.
- [engine starts]
- [SKRXLLA: "Dare You to Get It Started"]
- [Margot] Let's go!
You don't really wanna
start with me
- [all shout]
- [Margot] Oh, shit!
I would like to live
into adulthood.
No one mails anything
anymore, anyway.
Yo, how fucked up are you?
[Lennon] Very.
I fucked up
Ugh, what was
my mother thinking?
Oh, I'll take an eight ball.
Who wants shots?
Taking all of your dough
Oh, I already drank
my calorie limit.
Get over yourself. Take it.
Coke does speed up
the metabolism.
The Internet says
ketamine can kill you.
The Internet is full of shit.
I already told you this.
Shots? You're just freaking.
- Do a shot.
- [Margot] Graduation night's about to get lit.
- I need a burrito!
- Not keto!
I'm here with the OGs, BFFs
since kindergarten!
- Say hi, Johnny.
- Hi, Johnny.
Hey. Seriously,
can we talk about what happened?
[Margot] Uh, Riley
was my first friend
when I moved here and no one
else would talk to me.
Yeah, I would have failed
first grade spelling
if it weren't for you.
But you were
definitely annoying.
Bitch, I just wanted
everyone to like me!
And now they do. Thanks
to the original bad girl Riri.
- Say hi, Riri.
- Legit, don't point that shit at me.
Uh, Riri is a little shy
right now.
But Lennon's never shy.
Say hi, Lennon.
Taking all of your dough
Guys, I need a burrito.
Can you two please just
kiss and make up?
Love you, Lemon.
We need better music.
Say hi, Dylan.
Isn't he cute?
I mean, like, in a Dan Humphrey
kind of way?
- Ponder that.
- Okay, what about
hey, you know,
maybe we could talk later.
It's just sex.
Start with me
Ooh, yum. [giggles]
Um, can someone please
be in charge of music?
Uh, yeah.
How about something chill,
like Joni Mitchell.
- Dude, you're a loser. Lil' Xan.
- We need Ari.
- I think I need to go home.
- [Riley] What you need
- is a fucking burrito.
- Ari, Ari.
- [Charli XCX: "Claws"]
- Yeah, that's so nice ♪
- I love this song.
- Oh!
I like, I like,
I like, I like ♪
- Everything about you ♪
- Burrito!
- Burrito. Burrito.
- I like, I like
Hey, maybe I should just
go home, guys, okay?
- [Johnny] Whoa!
- [Margot] What the fuck?
I like, I like,
I like, I like
Seriously, guys, can I
I-I think I really
need to go home.
[Riley] Burrito, guys!
I like, I like, I like ♪
- [Riley] Burrito!
- Everything about you
Hello? Burrito!
- [thudding]
- [screams]
[tires screech]
Don't you hold me back ♪
'Cause I know when I know ♪
I don't wanna be alone ♪
[music stops]
What was that?
Where are you going?
To find out what we hit.
I'm sure it was a goat.
[Margot] The car
still works, right?
So whatever it was
couldn't be that bad.
[Johnny] No, whatever it was,
i-it looks bad.
Guys, I think we should go!
What is it?
Hey, I'm sure it was a goat.
I don't think it was a goat.
What the fuck is it?
It had to be a goat.
They wander around here
all the time.
No, don't come over here.
No. Lennon?
[Riley gasping]
[Margot] Okay. It's okay.
She's okay.
She's gonna be all right.
She's dead.
Are you sure?
This cannot be happening.
This this isn't happening.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm right here.
We're gonna make it okay.
What do we do?
Shit. It's Dale.
No one say anything. I got this.
Make sure he doesn't
see her body.
[music over radio fades]
[Dale] Hey. How's it, homies?
- Hey, Dale.
- Graduation.
[chuckles] Am I right?
You two like a,
like an item now?
Hey, cool. Cool.
I'm down.
You guys got some car trouble
or something, or?
No. We're-we're good.
Why you guys, uh, hanging out
on the side of the road?
Margot. She wasn't, uh,
feeling well, so
[Margot] Wine before liquor,
never sicker.
There you go. Get it all out.
Whew. Looks like
you got this handled.
I'm-a go lay me some pipe.
Later, losers.
We need to call the police.
- What are you doing?
- Calling the police.
No, you're not. We need
to think about this first.
There's nothing to think about.
- I didn't think so.
- Maybe we should
- call my dad.
- No one's calling their parents, okay?
Or the fucking police.
We're 18, we're adults.
That's what they're gonna
fucking try us as.
- No, it was an accident.
- We're wasted.
That makes
it manslaughter, at least.
[Dylan] When you hit someone,
you're supposed
to call the police!
We all know you're
the fucking good guy, Dylan!
Okay, you know what?
I'm sorry, okay?
[Johnny] Hey, I-I don't know
what's going on between you two,
- but this is not helping.
- There's tons
- of illegal shit all over that car.
- Okay. Too much chaos.
She's dead. We can't just leave
her here and do nothing.
But we need to calm down
and think about this rationally.
I mean,
what was she even doing here?
- I'll take the blame.
- Seriously, Dylan?
The police don't give a shit
about your OCD guilt complex.
She's right. Riley is right.
They're going to arrest
all of us.
[Riley] That's the end of MIT.
Okay? None of us
are going to college
or anywhere else.
I mean, maybe Margot, 'cause
she's rich, but the rest of us?
We are fucked.
We will serve time and our lives
will be fucked forever.
They have to understand
that this was an accident.
We need to do the right thing.
- I agree.
- Seriously, Johnny?
Who is that the right thing for?
She's the one
who was driving the car.
Do you want Lennon
to go to jail?
- Do you?
- No. Of course not.
[Riley] We could say,
we could say we hit a goat.
[Johnny] And leave her here?
I'm not doing that.
We could take her to the cave.
That's where their mom
committed suicide.
No one will find her if we
put her in the cave.
That whole cult
killed themselves there.
- The tide just took them all.
- [Riley] So what?
We just, we just say
she ran away?
All she ever did
was hate on everyone here.
She wasn't going to college.
She wasn't
she didn't have a job.
Her sister was about to leave.
Why would she stick around?
It's not like
she had any friends.
I was her friend.
Since when?
Since kindergarten.
Since we all were.
This doesn't feel right.
- I agree.
- [Riley] What the fuck?
You-you were the one who just
said we should take her
- to the fucking cave.
- Car.
- Okay, can you do it again?
- Yeah. Always.
[Riley] It turned.
We can't stay here.
Okay, okay.
I say we take a vote.
I say we ask her.
I know this is hard,
but we all just want
to do the right thing.
What do you think
Alison would want?
I fucked him, okay?
I'm sorry.
I fuck lots of people.
It's not like you were
ever gonna do it.
Yes, I was.
We were literally
just talking about it.
Yeah. And then you pussied out,
just like you do
with everything.
This is life.
If it wasn't me,
it would've been someone else.
The world isn't just gonna
sit around and wait
for you forever, Alison.
Other people are gonna take
what they want if you don't get
off your ass and do something.
What is there left to take?
You already took it all.
You know how impossible it is
to be your sister?
[scoffs] It's more
impossible to be yours.
All I do every day
is worry about poor Alison.
"Got to make sure
poor Alison's okay."
I'm not "poor Alison."
Worry about your fucking self.
Come on. Johnny can drive.
[gasping breaths]
[gasping breaths]
- What the fuck?
- Pull over.
[ringtone plays]
It's FKA Twigs.
She loved FKA.
[laughs softly]
It's her fucking ringtone.
What am I gonna tell him?
That she ran away.
Wait, did you take
the SIM card out?
No one can track it if it's off.
We need to go.
- [Lafawndah: "Don't Despair"]
- And all around your body ♪
Your lovers lie ♪
Broken ♪
Don't despair ♪
Don't despair ♪
Don't despair
[liquid dripping]
You okay?
You're a fucking sociopath.
Pretty sure that's genetic.
It's not funny. I mean it.
You are deeply mentally ill.
- I know what you do with those razor blades.
- Whatever.
It's better than moping
around all day.
[Riley] All of these people
died in here?
Most of them were in the cult.
Oh, my God.
That's their mom.
Who carved them all?
Nobody knows.
I did a report on it
in fifth grade.
And you're still a freak.
Says the well-adjusted one.
[Margot screams]
- What the?
- [exhales sharply] Sorry.
It's just, it's just my Insta.
Are you recording this?
Are you out
of your fucking mind?
So ugly of you to assume.
It's the Story
I was making when we crashed.
- You posted that story?
- Johnny,
do I look like an idiot to you?
Then what is it still
doing on your phone?
I forgot to delete it, okay?
I was a little busy
keeping you all out of jail.
There. Gone.
We can't stay here.
No, we need to do
something first.
A prayer or a song or something
to send Alison's soul
to a better place.
You don't legit believe
in heaven, do you?
'Cause you know
they don't let the gays in.
My heaven does.
I believe in hell.
[Margot] I believe
in something greater
than all of us
that lives inside me.
Can we just have
a moment of silence, please?
God, please bless Alison's soul
and forgive
whatever sins
she may have committed.
Please accept her
into the kingdom of heaven
to live with you in peace
- and happiness for all eternity.
- Hey.
I think somebody's back there.
[rocks clatter softly]
What's going on?
- [rats squeaking]
- [Riley] Oh, God!
- What the fuck?
- [Margot] Oh, my God.
Are you for real?
They're just rats.
That is a shocking response
coming from you.
- I'm a complicated person.
- [groans]
Tide's coming in.
We have to go.
Please, just, like,
a couple more minutes.
We'll keep an eye on the tide.
I'm allowed to be sad.
Everyone knows
you're sad, Alison.
It's all you are every goddamn
day for the last ten years.
- My mom died.
- She was my mother, too.
And you didn't give a shit.
Just because I got the fuck on
with my life, unlike you.
You had Dad. Hmm?
Here we go. Yeah, of course
I'm his favorite.
I don't sit around and blame him
for my bad life choices.
I don't blame him. I blame you.
You should blame her.
She's the only one
who has ever loved me.
She didn't love you.
We have to go.
The tide's coming in.
I'm sorry.
[Johnny] I'm gonna
miss you, Alison.
[Dylan] Come on.
[gasping breath]
Hey, what's wrong?
Nothing. I
It's nothing.

We did the right thing.
Why are you doing this?
You have Dad and Dylan
and smiling and friends
and blowjobs, like, why can't
you just let me believe
that one person
in the entire world loved me?
Just me.
Because she didn't.
Now you have everything.
Look, I'm sorry.
Trust me, okay?
This way you can finally move on
and have a life.
I love you.
Fuck you, Lennon.
[Blake Blumentha,
Jerry Thomas: "Party for Two"]
Stream me live every time
that you come through ♪
Dreaming of a party for two ♪
Make you dizzy, boy,
you don't know what to do ♪
Now you cryin' 'cause
your dream won't come true ♪
Suck it up, boy,
go for round two ♪
Celluloid honey ♪
Looking so yummy
Can you guys
Wishin' I was 3D ♪
Party for one,
turn up the volume ♪
It's time to have fun ♪
Steam me live every time ♪
That you come through ♪
- [door opens]
- [Margot] Lennon,
you goddess.
Now, this is the party.
- What are you doing?
- Going.
Away from that dry-vag cop.
I mean, those pants? I'm sorry,
but who dresses like that?
My mom is definitely
passed out at my place.
[Johnny] Yo,
what about the lodge?
[Margot] Why are we not driving?
Is Alison okay?
- [engine starts]
- [Margot] Let's go!
- [all shout]
- Oh, shit!
No one mails
anything anymore, anyway.
Can we just talk about
what happened?
- [thudding]
- [tires screech]
I'm sure it was a goat.
I don't think it was a goat.

You ready?


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