I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier

Start with me ♪
- [RILEY] I really need a burrito.
- [MARGOT] Can someone
- please be in charge of music?
- [RILEY] Hello?
[DYLAN] I think I need to go home.
[RILEY] What you need
is a fucking burrito.
Dare you to get it started ♪
I love you, Lemon.
I dare you to get it started ♪
- Maybe we could talk later?
- It's just sex.
- I dare you to get it ♪
- [GASPS] Oh!
- I love this song.
I like, I like, I like ♪
- I like everything about you ♪
- [RILEY] Burrito!
- I like, I like ♪
- Hello, burrito!
- [DYLAN] Hey, maybe I should just go home, guys.
- [RILEY] Fucking burrito!
- I like, I like, I like ♪
- Burrito!
- So ♪
Don't you hold me
back, 'cause I know ♪
When I know I don't wanna be alone ♪
- Don't you hold me back ♪
- Be alo ♪
- 'Cause I know when I know I wanna go ♪
I'm not shy, make you
sigh, slip and slide ♪
- [DYLAN] Is Alison okay?
- [ALISON] No.

[HELEN] Lennon sent me Alison's obituary
with a rather nasty note.
[BRUCE] Well, can you blame her?
After what you did?
I did what was best for everyone.
So, why are you here?
Divine resurrection doesn't
play in the real world.
Your real world.
Where they arrest people for it.
I came to get what Clara left me.
I called your lawyer
and I told her that I'd send the money
as soon as I sold.
The money means nothing to me.
I need the Bible.
- [SCOFFS] Right.
- The time is coming.
It's my responsibility
to keep the prophecy safe.
Do you know how ridiculous you sound?
It's not too late to choose.
Your next life could be so much happier.
Well, I choose reality.
And Lennon?
Does she know she has a choice?
We have an agreement.
Stay the fuck away from her.
[ALISON] You think Dylan did this?
I never said that.
Cheeto, did you say
that dream catcher boy
pushed me through the window last night?
Come on, Margot, you've
been saying this whole time
- you thought he was sus.
- You said he was just sensitive.
That's what I thought. [SIGHS]
- Until last night.
- Ugh.
Please don't tell me he tried
to show you his salt lick.
I caught him outside my window.
I was legit joking.
Was he actually beating his meatball?
You think he came to get you first?
I don't know. I mean, I
mean, he-he didn't hurt me,
but when I wouldn't let him in,
he started saying how he freed Clara
and he knew I was
really Alison and, like,
- all of this other crazy shit.
- Wait, stop.
Stop. Rewind. He
thought you were Alison?
- Mm-hmm.
- The girl he loved?
Tried to tell him I wasn't,
but he wouldn't believe me.
And this just happened out of the blue
- outside your window?
- Yeah.
I mean, obviously, I'm
nothing like her. [CHUCKLES]
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. You're
def not desp and annoying.
No disrespect.
Maybe he just finally lost it.
Why would he come try to merc me
if he thought his one
true love was still alive?
That would, like, destroy
his entire motivation.
Unless he's just a
psycho, like you said.
I am very good at psychology.
But for the first time in my life,
really hope I'm wrong.
Me too.
I'd like to report a crime.
Do you want to have a seat?
No. Thanks.
I understand this may sound crazy,
but Alison Grant did not kill herself.
Her sister, Lennon, died,
and Alison stole her identity.
Which, according to my
research, is illegal.
- It definitely could be.
- I looked it up.
It's at least it's at least fraud.
Do you have any proof of this fraud?
She fucking told me.
I mean, Alison informed me
of her deceit last night.
Was this while you were threatening her
outside of the Grant home?
Bruce called.
He said Lennon didn't want
to get you into trouble,
but he was concerned
about your emotional state.
No. This has nothing to
do with my emotional state.
He has surveillance footage
- of you stalking Lennon on numerous occasions.
- No,
I never fucking stalked her.
They're lying to cover it up.
Alison killed the real Lennon.
I promised I wouldn't tell.
That's what happened.
- We we killed her.
- Okay.
I can see that you're upset, okay?
If you want to take a
seat, I'll go get you a soda
- or
- No, I don't want a soda.
W we killed Lennon.
We thought she was driving,
but it was really Alison.
And we hit her, the real
Lennon, after I fucked her,
and we and we did ketamine,
and we we put her body in the cave.
And you ne you need to arrest her.
And you can arrest me, too, if you want.
- You should probably sit down.
- No, I don't want to sit down!
Listen. Dylan,
I know you've lost a lot
of people you care about,
and you're obviously exhausted,
but you're saying things
that don't really make sense
and could get you in a lot of trouble.
Also, I'm-I'm gonna call
social services, okay?
- Do you want me to call your moms?
- No, I don't need you to call my moms!
I need you to do your fucking job!
You need to watch how you speak to me.
Do you have any evidence
of what you're saying?
Anyone who can corroborate your story?
Th they're all dead.
E except for Margot.
It was after her graduation party.
She was in the car.
In the car that Alison was driving
while she was pretending to be Lennon?
Why the fuck are you
talking to me like I'm four?
I'm telling you, more
people are gonna die.
How do you know that?
I just do.
God, I make shitty coffee.
Good thing you have a
restaurant next door.
[SIGHS] Wanted to see
how you were doing.
[SIGHS] Not good.
I can't I can't believe I told Dylan.
It's okay. We handled it.
You'll just have to be
extra careful for a while.
How's Margot?
We don't need to worry about
her if that's what you're asking.
It's just I
I just thought Dylan would
[SIGHS] I mean, what the
fuck is wrong with me?
Sometimes people just aren't
who we want them to be.
If it comes up, you'll
say he got confused.
Happens with twins all the time.
Except there's only one of us now.

I am afraid ♪
[MARGOT] All she ever did was
just hate on everyone here.
[DYLAN] We could take her to the cave.
[RILEY] We're just
gonna say she ran away?
No one will find her if
we put her in the cave.
[MARGOT] It's not like
she had any friends.
What do you think Alison would want?
Honey? You up for a visitor?
- [LYLA] Hey. It'll just take a minute.
- Oh. Um, of course.
Is everything okay?
I just wanted to follow up
on Alison Grant's suicide.
Oh. I told you before,
I wasn't really friends with Alison.
[LYLA] Oh, I-I remember.
We just try to get as
much information as we can
to prevent this kind of thing
from happening in the future.
More education on mental
illness would definitely help.
I agree.
- Can I get you anything to eat or drink?
- [LYLA] I'm okay.
Thanks. Do you remember anything unusual
about Alison before she disappeared?
It was your graduation night, right?
Alison was always kind of unusual.
In a sad kind of way.
- Yeah, depression will do that to you.
- [MARGOT] Tea.
I-I've struggled, myself.
With that and anxiety.
Oh, I get it.
So, you didn't notice anything
while you guys were
hanging out after the party?
We never hung out after the party.
[MEI] The party went late, remember?
You were there.
Making eyes at Bruce.
Yeah, that's not exactly
how I remember it.
So, you didn't see Alison
at all after she left?
Why would I?
I told you, I'm friends with Lennon,
not her.
[MEI] That poor family.
I can't imagine losing my child.
- [LYLA] Thanks, Mei.
- Let me know
when you're ready to
plan that bachelorette.
Hey, Mei.
[MEI] Bruce. How are you?
Fantastic, as usual.
Um, how's Margot doing?
She's doing great.
In fact, she just had a visit
from your lovely almost-fiancée.
She said she was finishing up
some paperwork about Alison.
I'm sure it's nothing. I just
just thought if someone
was asking questions
about my daughter You know?
Yeah, of course, Mei. Thanks.
- No problem.
Wrap your arms ♪
And hold me still ♪
I don't wanna think
about what I will ♪
[MARGOT] Oh! And she low-key pretended
it was for a suicide prevention program.
How fucked is that?
I-I told you Dylan was freaking.
Well, I thought you meant "freaking"
like he was a murderer,
- not a narc.
- M maybe he's both.
I mean, don't serial killers
sometimes go to the police
to, like, try and get caught to prove
they're, like, smarter or something?
They usually are smarter.
I mean, the Unabomber
literally went to Harvard.
I I just can't
believe Dylan would tell.
Well, there's legit
no other explanation,
and the anxiety is
making me have to pee.
I'm, like, hella hydrated.
I thought you wanted ♪
What I want ♪
So, what are what
are we supposed to do?
Absolutely nothing except act normal.
Oh, and lock our doors.
Tea. I mean, we don't we don't
even know what he said, so
If I'm not here to love you ♪
What am I here for? ♪
So sus.
How to begin ♪
What is?
You know, that he, um,
suddenly decided to go to dry vag
after keeping his unattractive
mouth shut all year.
Yeah, I know.
[MARGOT] Are you sure nothing
happened after I left last night
that would change his
entire outlook on life?
Other than the fact that
I caught him spying on me,
I told you, no.
So completely I did fall ♪
I guess you never know what's going on
in the mind of a psychopath.
If I'm not here to love you ♪
What am I here for? ♪
[BRUCE] Looking for a deal?
[LYLA] [CHUCKLES] I'm just following up.
- Did Lennon get a ticket or something?
- No.
Dylan came to see me this morning.
- Huh. How's he doing?
- Not very well, like you said.
He had a pretty crazy story
about how Alison stole Lennon's identity
after she killed her in a car crash,
and then something
about sex and ketamine.
need to take the Jeep in,
get it inspected or something?
[SIGHS] None of it really adds up.
- I had social services reach out to him.
- Well
[INHALES SHARPLY] Maybe I should
give the Hannahs a call, too.
Yeah. That would be a good idea.
While I'm here, want to get some lunch?
[SIGHS] I'm not all that hungry.
"Lunch" was code for fucking.
Right. Then I am very hungry.
- Yeah. Mm.
- Mm.
What are you doing here?
Did you stick your penne into
Lennon's vongole last night?
- She's not Lennon. She's Alison.
- Yeah,
she told me you were yelling
that outside her window.
- Goodbye, Margot.
- No.
I just need to know
if the used condom I found
in her trash can was yours.
- Why?
- Because if she lied to me
about having sex with you
I think I might believe you about her.
She told me who she really
was after she fucked me.
Come on.
We can talk in here.
You don't even, like, pretend
this is a real business?
It's social services.
They've been calling all day.
[SCOFFS] Well, you def need therapy.
Why the fuck did you
go to sandpaper pussy?
She's the chief of police.
Yeah. Which is why Bruce is fucking her.
Don't you watch nature documentaries?
Fathers will legit kill
to save their babies.
Only mothers do that.
The ones that don't eat their young.
You're so dark.
I thought Lyla was a good person.
There are no good people.
Just think about what Lennon did.
I can't fucking think
about anything else.
Me either.
I think she and Bruce killed everyone.
Not because they knew about the accident
but because they knew
which twin she was.
No one knew Alison better than Johnny.
Yeah, a-and Dale was
legit obsessed with Lennon,
so if he made a move and
Alison acted all virgin-y,
he would def know something was up.
- [CHUCKLES] She's not a virgin.
- I get it.
- I saw your nasty condom.
- Makes sense, but
What about Riley?
So, the day she got unalived,
she literally told me
Lennon was acting sus.
Bruce probably got
Courtney just in case.
I'm pretty sure he's the one
who pushed me through
my window last night.
I'm fine. Thanks for asking.
Why would he come get you
when I'm the one she told?
They need a new fall guy
now that Clara's dead.
I bet Bruce used her
love to get her to help.
Clara had nothing to do with it.
What the fuck happened that
night she found you in the cave?
You wouldn't understand.
We should go to the FBI.
[SIGHS] Are you out of your
mentally ill little mind?
We're not going anywhere without proof.
- What the fuck is that?
- It's a computer.
I thought you went to MIT.
I took it from Lennon's
room for you to hack.
See if you can find any of
the videos the killer sent.
What are you gonna do?
Get home before my
mother sends Kyle after me
and try to figure out a
way to get a confession.
Without getting us killed.
[DYLAN] Thanks.
For what?
Believing me.
I loved her, too.
Not today, not today ♪
Not today, not today ♪
Not today, not today ♪
Someday I'm gonna walk away from you ♪
Not today, not today ♪
Not today, not today ♪
Someday I'm gonna walk away from you ♪
Not today, not today, not today ♪
Someday I'm gonna walk away from you ♪
Not today, not today ♪
- How does Lennon feel about it?
Us maybe getting married.
I just assumed you forgot about that.
- [CHUCKLES] I'm serious.
- Mm.
I'm sure I'm not her favorite person
after she saw that video of us,
you know, fucking.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Well, it's not ideal,
she's okay.
She's away at school
most of the time, anyway.
I just know she's been
through a lot lately.
Hi. If you're looking for
the cabins, they're, um
I thought you were dead.
I is that is that why you came?
I actually just need to
speak with your father.
- I can wait in the car.
- No.
No, wait. Um, c-can we just
Can we talk? Like, just for a minute.
You-you got a new necklace.
That's none of your concern.
Why? I wore the other one
every day after
Wh-when I thought you were
I mean
Wh-what what did I
What did I do wrong?
And why
Why do you hate me just so much?
I told you, you need to move on.
Are you are you fucking kidding me?
All all I've done for
11 years is not move on,
and all I wanted every day
was for for you to be here
so that I wouldn't feel so alone and
and fucked-up.
And now you're here, and you
You just you won't
you won't even talk to me?
I mean, h how how can you do that?
How can you just how can
you just pretend to be dead?
How can you?
No, that that's not
That's not the same.
I didn't have a choice.
- Neither did I.
- Yes, you did. I mean,
you you could you
could have told us the truth.
The truth is I wanted to be dead
every single day that I was here!
I missed my family.
We were right here.
My true family was dead.
I married your father
and I tried to pretend,
but it wasn't the same.
So your true family is the cult?
That's a small-minded word.
I'm not surprised you used it.
We were a community based on
on love and truth and faith.
All the things your father rejected.
So you just left us all for Fred.
He was away on a mission when
most of the family was lost.
He knew what love really was.
No, but you used to love us.
Okay, no. I remember.
You used to read us stories,
and you would lay in bed
with me when I was scared.
You were always too much like him.
I was like you.
- Everyone told me.
- No.
You both always had
something wrong inside of you.
Fuck you.
You could still choose to
be happier in your next life.
[ALISON] You mean because
you ruined this one?
I wish you really were dead!
Other people are gonna take
what they want if you don't
get off your ass and do something.
What is there left to take?
You already took it all.
Do you know how impossible
it is to be your sister?
[SCOFFS] It's more
impossible to be yours.
All I do every day is
worry about poor Alison.
Got to make sure poor Alison's okay.
- Poor Alison would be great if you were gone.
- Here we go.
Blame me, per usual.
I do. Every day,
I wake up and I pray
you'll be fucking gone.
Well, I will be. Soon.
Not gone to Michigan.
Gone. Fucking dead and gone.
- [THUD]
What if she's right
and there's just something
broken inside of me?
Who the fuck is she to judge?
The bitch pretended to be dead.
[SIGHS] She's still my mother.
She hasn't seen you in, like,
ten fucking years.
She doesn't even know you.
Neither do you.
This is not the time
for your push and pull,
"I'm afraid of intimacy" games.
I mean it. I'm I'm
seriously fucked-up.
In what way?
Besides your porn channel and,
like, the whole cave thing.
Okay, fuck you.
I'm just saying,
I love you
- and all your fucked-up-ness.
Nothing you say can change that.
Yes, it can.
Try me.
See if I run away.
I haven't yet.
That's because you have no
idea what I'm capable of.
What the hell are you doing here?
The Bible wasn't at the compound.
Well, it isn't here.
You need to help me find it.
I don't think so.
I saw Alison.
She's still as difficult as ever.
I can only imagine the
terrible things you two did
that made her take
her sister's identity.
Fred has no idea where you are, does he?
He understands how dangerous
it is for you to be here.
I need the Bible.
I'll see if the cops
took it as evidence.
After you're gone.
I can't hear you.
[SIGHS] I said I found some very
compelling biological evidence.
Twins have no genetic distinctions.
I know, condescension king.
We were in the same science class.
Their mom is still alive.
Lennon was just here ranting
about how her mom said she was a psycho
and how I don't know her at all.
I legit thought I was gonna
get a confession, but
We're just gonna have to get
her mom to tell us instead.
Wait, why would she do that?
Every good parent wants to get
their child the help they need.
The woman left her kids
and pretended to be dead.
So, we'll just threaten to
tell the police she's alive
if she doesn't help.
Look, all we need to do is find her.
I think she may be at Clara's.
Do I want to know how you know that?
I saw a car parked
up there this morning,
and Bruce is part of the community.
Makes sense their mom was, too.
It's a cult, not a community.
You're making me very
uncomfortable with this talk.
- You want me to go see if she's up there?
- Absolutely not.
Um, this involves psychology,
which is not your area of expertise.
You just keep hacking
and wait for my signal
to bring fake Lennon.
No wonder those girls are so fucked-up.
That's a massive understatement.

Hey, Wainani. Uh, have you seen my dad?
Not for a while.
You want something to eat?
Um, that-that's okay, thanks.
If you see him, will you
tell him I'm looking for him?
He's not answering his phone.

- [THUD]
It's me.
Margot Gilbert.
Remember? I was
Lennon's best friend.
- [BEEP]
- Dad, where are you? Call me back.

[MARGOT] Hello?
Is anyone there?
What the fuck, Dylan?
You should fix the
locks on your windows.
You need to leave.
That doesn't scare me.
Well, it should.
I came to give you another chance.
You need to tell the truth,
and then I can help set you free.
You mean like you freed Clara?
It's what she wanted.
A chance at redemption in the next life.
What the fuck does that mean?
I helped prepare her for the prophecy.
Okay, um, you're-you're really
starting to scare me now.
You're the one holding the knife.
I know you wrote that note
I found on Alison's bed.
I wanted her to know I was here for her.
Before I found out she was dead
and you were her and not her at all.
We have surveillance
footage of you stalking me.
I never stalked you.
What do you call driving
by and spying on me?
Y-you wanted me to think
it was Dale the whole time,
- but it was really you.
- I was checking on you.
I check on everyone.
Every day at low tide.
It's just something I have to do.
That you can't stop
because you're mentally ill.
It's OCD.
Well, maybe you can't stop yourself
- from killing people, either.
- I didn't do that.
Stop trying to mindfuck me
and tell the fucking truth.
What if I don't know the truth?!
[WHISPERS] Oh, fuck.
- Margot?
- [MARGOT] Lennon.
You and Dylan need to
get here right now.
[ALISON] What? Where? Where you are you?
I was wrong about everything.
We need to find her.
She's at Clara's.
How do you know?
We should go.
[LYLA] You think you
can find a difference?
It would be better with full-body nudes.
To look for microscopic discrepancies.
Yeah, well, their dad didn't
have any of those, so
I'll compare them to my
notes on the deceased twin.
I just want to confirm
which one is still alive.
- [ALISON] It's dead.
- [DYLAN] Obviously.
No, um, my-my phone. I can't
see Margot's location anymore.
We should stick together.
Um, I'm sorry.
About earlier.
You know, just saying
you were mentally ill.
Maybe I am.
That's not very reassuring.
Maybe you are, too.
[DYLAN] What the fuck?
That-that's my mom.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
I-I thought Margot was
calling with the signal.
[ALISON] What signal?
Uh, nothing.
We need to call the police.
Did you hear that?
Hello? Hello, can you hear me?
- Margot, is that you?
If you can hear me, we need help.
Hey, did you get through?
[MARGOT] Lennon?
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
Get up. Are What happened?
Are you okay? Uh, give me your phone.
We need it. We need, uh,
I'll call you an ambulance.
Who-who did this to you?
You did.
You-you killed my mom?
She caused so much pain.
I couldn't let her get away with it.
Look, I
I know what she did
was terrible, but I
- I I would've been I would've been okay.
- Oh,
I didn't do it for you.
I did it for Lennon.
I am Lennon.
The real Lennon.
The one I loved.
That you killed.
I-I don't know what Dylan told you,
- but he's fucking
- I didn't need Dylan to tell me anything.
I saw it all over your social media
when you ghosted me last fall.
Your angles and hashtags were so wrong,
- it was legit insane.
- I was
- I was going through a hard time. It's
Come on, Margot.
You know who I am.
You're fucking Alison.
- Hi, Bruce.
- [BRUCE] Hey, Mei.
Any chance Lennon's at your place?
Her phone keeps going
straight to voice mail.
She's not here,
but I'm sure the BFFs are together.
Let me check Find My Friends.
I should probably
get that on Lennon's phone, huh?
Parenting and stalking go hand in hand
as far as I'm concerned.
I can't tell where Margot is
from the pin drop, but don't worry.
I've had Kyle keeping an eye on her
since she got back from California.
Great. Uh
Okay. Thanks, Mei.
- [WHISPERS] Margo, please.
- [MARGOT] I gave you so many chances
to tell the truth.
I low-key told you
the goat head was about
something else you did.
Even after I killed Johnny,
who you supposedly loved most,
how could you not fall
apart and tell the truth?
I am telling the truth.
I mean, what kind of person
lets everyone else die
to cover up their lie?
Please, Margot, just
Just think about it. I mean,
you know how messed-up I am,
the shit I hide from
from everyone else.
Shut up.
What-what about my scars? You're
you're the only one who
knows how I got those.
No, you're just trying to
manipulate me like she did.
You think I don't know
what you were doing
when you kissed me and
then acted like a cunt?
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] I mean, so Lennon.
Because I am Lennon.
I really started to believe
it when I was at Hoffman.
I thought maybe I was wrong
and you really were her.
And you really loved me.
[WHISPERS] I do love you.
Then why did you pick Dylan?
I didn't.
You're the one I always came back to.
Ever since that night.
You know that.
[RILEY] No, don't-don't come over here.
[JOHNNY] Please.
Oh. Hey.
[RILEY] She's dead.
It's gonna be okay.
- [ALISON] Mm.
- I am right here, okay?
We're gonna make it through okay.
[WHISPERS] I promise.
No one's ever loved me like that before.
You want me to feel sorry for you?
No one loves me, either, bitch.
I do.
I just fucking stabbed you.
- I know it doesn't make any sense
- Yes, it does.
You're just trying to save yourself.
I-I know it looks like
that, but I-I I swear.
I ju
I just want to help you the way
that you helped me that night.
No, I don't need your help.

Fuck! Alison!
[ALISON] So, you're just gonna
make it look like I did all of it?
[SIGHS] That was the original plan.
And it would have worked,
but then I realized
I can't rest knowing you're out there
making people like me feel crazy.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
The real Lennon would never apologize.
No, Mom, he cannot watch South Park.
I don't care if you think it's funny.
- I I got to go.
- Go for Kalei.
- [KALAMA] Hey, Chief.
We received a 911 hang-up
approximately eight minutes ago.
I traced it to Clara
Whethers' old place.
No call back.
Would you like me to go check it out?
Uh, I'm close. I'll stop by.
Okay. Be safe.
[DYLAN] Alison?!
Don't-don't move. Don't move.
- Don't move. We need to call 911, okay?
Don't worry, you can touch it.
Your DNA's already all over it.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I'm not the one who
leaves used condoms around.
She could die.
She's definitely gonna die.
Shots fired. Send backup.
What are you gonna do with
it, Mr. Anti-Gun Lobby?
Give me your fucking phone.
[CRYING] Oh, please don't shoot me.
- Thank God you're here.
- [DYLAN] Shut the fuck up.
[LYLA] Drop the gun.
On your knees. Hands on your head.
I'm gonna need an
ambulance at Clara's stat.
- He was going to kill us both.
- [DYLAN] Cut the shit.
She stabbed Alison and she was trying
to shoot her when I got the gun away.
That's insane.
- Lennon's my best friend.
- [LYLA] You, too.
On your knees. Hands on your head.
Just stay with me, okay?
Ambulance is on the way.
- My d My dad.
- [LYLA] I'll call him.
You gonna tell me what happened?
[DYLAN] Hey.
No one can No one can hurt
you if you tell the truth.
[MARGOT] Why would I hurt her?
I love you, Lemon.
It was Dylan.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Margot stabbed Why
are you doing this?!
No. Margot stabbed her
and killed her mother!
Go look at the stone room!
to God I didn't do this.
I swear to God I didn't do this.
No, no, no. What the
fuck is wrong with you?!
- Tell the fucking truth!
- Okay, come on.
No! No, no, no, no, no, no.
[DYLAN] No! Margot stabbed
her and killed her mother!
Jesus, go look at the
stone room! I swear

Sorry, sorry. Hey, where is she?
Hey, the paramedics just
took her. She's stable, okay?
[DYLAN] They set me up.
Margot tried to shoot her in the head,
and she put my come all over the knife.
Alison's mother in there
she was right there.
I swear. I didn't
Margot killed everyone!
Please, Mr. Grant. You
know I didn't do this!
- Let's go.
- [DYLAN] Tell the truth for once in your life.
[KALAMA] That's enough.
I could help. It's not too late.
I could help you be free.
I'm sorry, I should've
held him for a psych eval.
Oh, I didn't think he
could've hurt anyone.
Yeah, me neither.
Lennon said he's the
one that stabbed her.
[SIGHS] What was all
that stuff about Helen?
We haven't found any evidence.
Well, how could you?
She's been dead for years.
Yeah, Lennon should be
at the hospital soon.
[MARGOT] You realize
you've put me in
a very bad position.
[PARAMEDIC] We're en route.
We have one female, 19,
stab wound to her abdomen.
- Extensive blood loss
- [MARGOT] I mean, you know what I did.
And you chose me.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I don't care what your name is.
I have never loved
anyone more in my life.
[HANNAH] My son is a sensitive soul.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
You won't get away with this.
Do you know who my family is?
[KALAMA] They recovered Alison
Grant's computer and phone
along with some Arctic wolf spiders
in Riley Thacker's arm.
[LYLA] I can bring your lawyer back in
if that would make you more comfortable.
There is no redemption in this life.
That's what you said.
But you also said Margot did it.
I know Lennon didn't corroborate,
but I would still like to
hear your side of the story.
Her name is Alison.
[LYLA] He isn't helping himself.
Well, this probably
doesn't matter anymore,
but I did find a difference
between the Grant twins.
It actually matters a lot.
Under microscopic investigation,
I found a closed-up piercing
in Alison's upper left earlobe.
And the dead body?
[WADE] Same piercing.
Confirms it was Alison Grant
who died of an apparent suicide.
[LYLA] Thanks, Wade.
[BRUCE] You're Lennon now.
Alison ran away.
You made it up.
We both got to live with it.
[ALISON] What if I can't?
[BRUCE] No one can ever know.
How you doing?
It hurts.
It's probably gonna hurt for a while.
[INHALES] You got lucky.
Yeah, I know.
What happened to your mom?
I-I don't know.
All right.
Get some sleep.
[ALISON] I'm sure you think
I'm a terrible person.
That you would have
done it all differently.
That's what I thought, too.
I mean, you hear about crazy
shit like this all the time,
and the answer always seems
really fucking obvious.
And it is
Your enemies ♪
until it happens to you.
Suddenly, everything changes.
Lay them to rest ♪
There's no thinking it through.
There's no considering
the consequences.
Those things come later.
[MARGOT] Lennon?
[ALISON] In that moment,
all you have is the deepest,
darkest part of yourself
and a decision to make.
There's no pressing pause
or rewind.
Never leave me, okay?
What's on your mind? ♪
A story of loss ♪
There's no turning back.
It's just done.
Misery mother ♪
Give me a sign ♪
The only question is
can you live with it?

This is a very private story time
because I want to share
everything with my BB.
I mean, Dylan's cult obsession
made it très easy.
All I did was plant a few select items,
like Alison's phone.
I took it after the accident
so Riley wouldn't, like,
steal it or something.
I just used an app to send
all the messages on a timer.
I told Dale that the goat head thing
was a practical joke
you'd totally die over.
Le douchebag put it in the closet,
but then he couldn't keep
his fucking mouth shut.
He was basically extorting me,
which is totally illegal, so
[GROANS] I high-key couldn't
have done it without Kyle.
He walked in on the whole Johnny mess,
and I totally freaked and
threatened to tell my mom
he was fucking my dad,
but turned out he was cool.
I mean, he even pushed
me out of the window.
He said that's what he was there for,
to keep me out of trouble.
The problem was I paid Dale in Bitcoin
from our OnlyFans account,
and Officer Doug was
smarter than he looked.
So I told him to meet
me at the funeral and
Oh, sorry about Harold.
He just happened to be constipated.
Oh! Then you kissed me and ghosted me,
and I got confused.
Which is why I was so fragile
that night at Clara's when
Riley called me a psycho.
So when I got into
Clara's truck to escape
and saw her on the road, I
just kind of lost it.
I mean, I legit didn't
even check her pulse.
[GROANS] It would've
been a high-key disaster
if my mom hadn't found
the strawberry syrup
and confronted me about the mukbang.
So lucky I broke down
and told her everything.
It was her idea to frame Clara.
Everyone already knew
she was high-key insane.
So, she just had Kyle steal more spiders
to put in everyone's brains.
That would've been the end of it
if stupid Courtney had
just kept her mouth shut.
But Kyle just took care of her, too.
Oh, my God. And then
Clara killed herself,
which was a total coincidence
but made everything easier.
And now here we are,
the love story of the century.
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