I May Destroy You (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

...It Just Came Up

Hmm, no.
For Yoga Challenge Day 29,
we explore the back bend.
Back bending is
a heart opening
uplifting spiritual process
that takes you deep
into your center.
They open the body
to deep breathing,
but also place strong demands
upon the most vulnerable segment
of the sp
We're going to start
with some breaths.
So put your hands together,
and bring them
to your heart center,
just start to try and clear
You're turning into a computer.
Oh, like AI?
No, like
an IBM.
- Where is your
- What?
Where's the little hole?
Where are they feeding you
the punch-cards?
"Yoga Challenge Day 29."
Now I can almost do
a flat backbend.
Gulping down ones and zeroes,
going wherever they tell you
to go.
- Where did you find this show?
- Where?
On my phone.
So it just appeared
on the screen?
Obviously not.
I was I don't know,
I was looking for something
- and it just came up.
- Exactly.
One, zero.
You look good in my shirt.
I'm about to be Ghana's finest.
Oh! Ghana, yes.
And we have a special guest
- in the building.
- Give it to them.
Yas! Y'all heard it last week,
but she's back again.
'Cause I'm not
gonna sleep with Chris Brown.
Yeah, no, it's true
Nothing wrong with
eating chicken with your hands.
- That's a different ball
- That's the thing.
That's the that's why
not many people have it.
- Males so gross!
- Yeah.
Then he secretly
took off the condom.
Like, that's so messed up!
There are actual Reddit forums
where men share
tips and tricks
and even phrases like
he said to me,
"I thought you knew.
You mean, you didn't feel it?"
I took it off, I thought you
These are actually on the forum.
I mean, it must have been
sickening to realize
you'd been played like that
How did he react?
Yo, shall we get a coffee?
What's the look
on their faces?
Like, what is going through
their head, do you think?
It ranges anywhere
from a look of, I guess,
there's a little bit of shame,
because they don't expect
to be called out.
And then some of them
just laugh.
- They think it's
- They think it's funny.
And, I'm, like,
"No, this isn't funny
and you can you can go."
The usual?
Deep treatment and rebraiding?
What do you think?
- What do I think?
- Mm-hmm.
I know what I think.
- Julian!
- Hello. Hi.
Hello, how are you doing?
- Okay. You?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm going good.
I'm doing Look.
Good news is I feel
I will have something
for you, soon.
Okay, well, look,
don't worry about that
because Susy Henny from
Henny House, your publisher
Wants to meet you today.
- Yeah?
- Can you get here for 2:30?
- What, 2:30?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- That's in three hours, yeah?
- See see ya then. Yes.
- Three hours, yeah?
- Yes, I'll be on time. I prom
- Great.
we've got some results back
from the Sexual Assault
Referral Unit.
Semen has been detected
on the flannel
forensics collected the night
Beth came to your agent's.
Can you remember?
- Yes.
- So there is DNA.
What we usually do is
put it into our DNA database
to see if we get any hits
on anyone
that's been arrested before,
but as the sample's quite weak,
the only thing we can do
is a direct comparison.
So if we have
a potential suspect,
we can check their DNA
against the sample
and that will give us results.
So, we have a potential suspect.
There's no CCTV or witnesses,
but he's on remand
for a similar offense.
An arrest has been made.
There's still
a lot of work to do.
Yeah, yeah, but, uh, okay.
We've spoken to Simon
All fine.
He's given us Derae's
contact details,
and they've both been
fully cooperative with us.
Now, what we need to do
quite quickly
is eliminate the DNA
of any consensual partners
- from the sample.
- Mm-hmm.
I have a Biagio?
- Still in contact?
- Yes, yeah.
Um, we talk every day.
Uh, yeah,
we're still we're still
- So you need his DNA?
- Yes.
There's a forensics team over
there we can get connected with.
So if you leave us
his contact number,
- we can get on with that.
- Yeah.
He doesn't know.
- About the assault?
- Still?
No, Terry, sparkling.
Is there a reason
why you haven't told him?
He's an Italian drug lord.
I'm joking.
I suggest you let him know
prior to our call. Quickly.
I'll do it. Yup. I will do it.
Thank you.
Well, I'll let you digest
all that.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
No, uh, yeah,
it's amazing. It's am
I'm just, like,
"Wow, who are you guys?
Are you po-po?
Or are you the Rape-busters?"
I like Rape-busters, you do too.
Well done on you
for reporting it so quickly.
Oh, guys.
It's my civic duty, yeah.
Felt like something
wasn't right,
who I'm gonna call?
- Rape-busters.
- Hey!
So many different types
of sexual assault, you know?
Didn't even know you could get
raped in the mouth before this.
You have no idea.
Yeah, secret condom removal?
- That's rape.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's very informative.
- Yeah, the problem is,
when people don't know
what is a crime,
and what isn't a crime,
they don't report it.
And then
people get away with it.
Thank you.
- Love your hair, by the way.
- Yeah. Looks cool.
You okay, Britney?
- You sure?
- Yeah.
How you feeling?
That was a lot.
It was a lot, not bad
for a Monday morning, mi' chaps.
Not bad at all, my chap.
Well, it's bad
for him he got arrested.
- Whilst being under arrest.
- Hmm.
Well, while being arrested,
he got arrested again.
That's gotta suck.
But then again,
he likes things sucking.
- You're my G.
- My G.
- Ooh, I gotta go.
- Okay.
Right. See ya later, babe.
'Sup, Kwarms?
No one in the area?
He's excited
to see you, he's nervous.
Ah, he's fantastic,
he shouldn't be.
He really cares.
I'm glad
he's reading it himself,
they don't all go for that.
Is How do you say her name?
-Arabella Essiedu.
Is she able to stop by?
Yes, she confirmed. Um, but
What happened?
Why didn't she finish?
Well, I just I think there was
just an underestimation
in, um, quite how much work
needed to be to be done.
On her part or yours?
Mm-hmm. Thanks for sending
over what she's done so far.
- No.
- I found it rather readable
to the extent.
To the extent.
- Hi. Oh, hello.
- Your hair.
- Arabella!
- Oh. Wow.
- Hi.
- It's me, Susy Henny, hi!
You're Susy? Hi, Susy!
You're black!
- Hi!
- It's great to meet you.
I've heard so much about you.
Well, if you're
saying that to my face,
it means you've only heard
the good stuff.
- Sit by me.
- Okay.
- This is Sion.
- Hi. Hi.
- Love the hair by the way.
- Oh, yeah, thank you.
It's great.
Now, hair and style aside.
We were hoping you would submit
something for the summit.
I've been heartbroken,
what happened?
Well, yeah No, 'cause I
Did did you tell her?
- Hey.
- Oh, welcome, Zain.
Hi, oh, wow,
really nice to see you, Susy.
Oh, yeah. Good work, Zain,
it's been a pleasure
reading your work.
This is Sion, she works for the
International Literary Summit.
Sion? Have we met?
I used to work
at the British Library?
Oh, snap.
Um, and Arabella, wow! Hello!
- I didn't know you'd be here.
- No, neither did I.
No, I was at the police station.
Oh, why?
Oh, yeah, I was just trying
to say earlier.
Um, I was raped.
I I I reported it
as soon as I found out,
and luckily,
I remember his face,
even got traces of his DNA
in my house
so the police have come
to collect it.
Um, and yeah. I even know
his name, so
Hmm, Zain Sareen.
Thank you so much.
You've been so helpful,
- Zain's been helping me
finish my writing.
- Oh.
Well, Arabella, you better get
to work, Missy.
I wanna see that story. Hmm?
Ah! Yeah.
Now, Arabella, we would love you
to read a segment
of your current project
at the writing summit tonight.
What? Really?
No need for nerves at all now,
you have a little buddy.
Oh, um, can can a
Can a friend read it?
- Good friend?
- Yeah.
Same education, thick and thin,
friends forever?
- Y Yeah.
- And is she white?
- No, sh she's
- Great!
This is mad!
Oh, you ain't told him!
- No.
- Good.
I like it when we have secrets
he doesn't know about,
'cause we're running out.
Hold on. Wait.
They're probably gonna film
this, innit?
- Um, yeah.
- Babe, my birth is your birth.
- My death is your death.
- My death is your death, G.
This is really happening,
you know?
And what am I gonna wear?
Oh, T, don't worry
about that now.
All you have to do
is breathe.
Assess the situation,
assess the crowd,
look 'em in the eye,
gather that strength,
and when you do
Smile sweetly always,
and let it all
What happened this morning?
- When?
- I was in the shower
and you fell off
the face of the earth?
My hair. Yeah,
I had an appointment, I forgot.
Oh You don't like it?
- I do, it's hot.
- Cool.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I forgot I had the appointment.
- I didn't wanna be late.
- No, no.
Um about, uh,
what you told Susy?
Susy's black first of all,
- which is like
- What?
Susy's black,
that's like wow!
- Big boss is black.
- Yeah. She's cool.
She's not just cool,
she's Obama.
Great about having
your draft read,
she clearly believes in you.
It's mad, I ain't even
near finishing it.
Why didn't you tell me
about that?
Well, you knew
I hadn't finished,
you were supposed
to be helping me.
- No. No, about
- Remember?
Oh, my raper?
I don't know.
I guess
I thought if we both knew
you were a rapist,
- it might change us.
- What?
- What?
- What did you say?
I thought if we both knew about
the rapist, it might change us.
I can't tell you how helpful
what we do is.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Yeah, my therapist said it's
really important to do things
like painting, yoga,
cuddling with people I trust
It hurts to know
that you were
- I'm sorry.
- You've been really helpful.
Thank you.
May I help you?
Uh Yeah, I wanted
to report something.
I wanted to report a crime.
Yeah, just a moment.
I'll get someone
to speak to you.
They're gonna listen
to your book, huh?
Yeah, yeah.
Well not now, but later.
Yeah, it's all a bit, fancy,
and there's, uh, waiters
walking around
- with little bits and all that.
- Mm-hmm.
If you're gonna read, make sure
you don't take too much wine.
Yeah, I'm I'm not reading,
Terry's reading.
Ah! Okay.
But still, be careful.
I have to tell you something.
I went out one time,
and a stranger
put something in my drink.
In your drink?
Um, yeah, like a drug to ma
To make me sleepy?
Shit. Bella, you gotta
watch your drink in the club.
Excuse me?
You got to watch
your drink, you can get hurt.
- You understand?
- Gonna call you later.
Did you tell him?
I told him some.
- Some?
- Yeah, like, 30 percent.
- What did you tell him?
- I told him I was spiked.
Does he know you were raped?
Does he know that he has
to give his DNA?
- No.
- Okay.
So, yes,
that is, like, 30 percent.
- Hello.
- Hi.
How you doing? Petrified?
I don't know
what the fuck's going on, mate.
You must be Terry Pratchard?
- Yes.
- I'm Sion, nice to meet you.
- I'm Susy's assistant.
- Hi.
May I ask? Are there gonna be
many more people here?
- Yeah, quite a few.
- Ooh, good,
'cause I likes me
an audience! Yas.
Ooh, I'll be back.
- Would you like a drink?
- Oh, yes.
- Bella?
- Hmm?
Have you checked the weather?
Because it's glow season.
Got my notes, so, um, this
was about three weeks ago, yeah?
What was the name
of the suspect?
I I don't know.
Oh, you don't know?
Uh, we met on Grindr.
- So I have his address.
- What was his name on that?
Uh, no
Uh, no one uses their real name.
- You you
- you put in a username,
and you can change that
whenever you want.
So, what was the fake name?
I I think he's changed it,
and he's blocked me anyway, so,
but I have his address.
See, 'cause I've got
I've got to put a name so
What was the name he used?
You you never know,
'cause someone
else might've reported
the same name.
- So
- Um, hornyman808.
Hornyman 808?
Um, I I have his address
So when you went to his address,
you didn't say,
"Hello, my name is whatever?"
No, when you're listed
as discreet,
you don't
You don't really do that.
"Listed as discreet,"
what's that?
Uh, discreet,
secretive, private.
And the list is the thing that
you scroll through your finger.
On the phone.
I know how to use a phone.
I mean,
so what shall we call him?
How would you describe him?
He's got to have a description.
We can't name him "black,"
because, I mean,
all these guys here are black.
I'm not sure
what you want me to say.
No, it is probably a case
for special unit.
So I'm gonna speak
to a senior officer,
and get him to, um
Just to clarify, did they,
um, penetrate you or
Because there's a big difference
between sexual assault and rape.
- Yeah, yeah, I would imagine so.
- So I'd have to clarify.
Um, my trousers came very low
at one point,
so, uh,
so he might've penetrated me
without putting it
all the way in.
I'd have to check
what that feels like.
-How would you
how would you do that?
-Um, I'd I'd
I'd put my finger in my anus.
You know, there are other ways
you could've reported this.
We got machines out there
to make it easier for people
to report this kind of thing
without having to
So, I'm I'm gonna
-Do you want anything?
Water or
-Uh, nothing.
Susy, hi, sorry to interrupt,
this is my mom.
- Are you two dating?
- Hmm? Oh, no, no.
Just wondered
if there was subtext.
Yeah, yeah, I guess.
I I thought
you two might have
Uh subtext.
- Lovely guy though.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
It's impossible to protect
yourself from his nature.
- I know quite a few women,
who just
- Couldn't
Good luck,
I'll be rooting for you.
Will there be many
more people here?
'Cause I'm already
feeling a bit like
Whoa, is stage fright
a real thing?
'Cause this is all
a bit mad right now.
No, it's not a real thing,
is it? No, no, no, it's not.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention?
Cool, cool.
Please start making
your way to the main hall.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm
Just checking.
And when we read, habitually,
we learn to see
between the lines.
We learn to search
for the innermost layer
of a story, its symbols,
its intentional parallels,
its true meaning.
We learn
about characters,
and therefore, of humans,
as language evolves
and communication develops,
it improves and corrupts.
The writer is left
in a position
of great responsibility,
to ensure there is intention
in every word
if they can manage it.
Thought you'd like that one.
This is my favorite part
of the summit,
where our readers get to hear
work in progress.
That guy's trash for that fam.
Allen Akanbi
You ain't even tell me
you was fucking again.
who writes powerfully
- on life
- Bella, if I had stage fright,
do you think it'd hit now?
Or when I step
on the stage itself?
Zain Sareen.
Winner of the Berkley
First Book Award in 2017.
I wouldn't have that dick raw
if it came on a sushi platter.
Fucking prick.
Yo, I'm nervous as fuck.
And also, a little snippet
of a work in progress
- from Arabella Essiedu.
- Bells.
I can't go on that stage.
- What?
- I can't I can't do it.
- Arabella's words
will be read by
emerging black British actress,
- Terry Pratchard.
- I can't do it, Bells.
- What?
- Can't go on that stage.
I'd first like to say thanks
to my agents,
to Susy Henny and Henny House.
I'm very happy to be there
with you guys
among very talented writers.
Zain Sareen is a rapist.
He took a condom off
in the middle
of having sex with me.
He placated my shock
and gaslighted me
with such intention
that I didn't have a second
to understand
the heinous crime
that had occurred.
I believe he is a predator,
one woman has come forward
and informed me
of the same experience,
so I'm not the first.
And if I don't take this
opportunity to say this now,
I certainly won't be the last.
He is a rapist,
not rape-adjacent,
or a bit rapey,
he's a rapist under UK law.
If you're in the States,
he's rape-adjacent.
If you're in Australia,
he's a bit rapey.
Oh, no, you don't.
Nah, you're gonna feel it.
You're gonna feel it.
Sorry about the wait.
Um, so, I've spoken
to a senior officer
and, um, there's no point in us
doing a DNA sample.
You'd just had, um,
consensual sex with him,
so it wouldn't really prove
anything other than that.
But what's gonna happen is
we're gonna get the Special Unit
- to give you a call, and they
- Am I am I free to go?
Well, I can't keep you here,
but if you wanna go, you can.
Just a second.
I'm just gonna
- Oh, no, it's fine. No worries.
- No, no, no. I've got to
I've got to get someone
to show you out.
to understand the heinous
crime that had occurred.
You've literally broken
the internet.
I am dead. Bella.
I am a GIF, Bella.
I'm a GIF!
- Yeah, Terry, I saw it. I died.
- Into a dance!
Twitter is going to kill me
They've made a meme of him
running away.
that? I haven't seen that.
I just DM'd it.
Sion, I just saw it. I'm dead.
Ah, you lit it the fuck up.
A journalist has just posted
an article about it.
Where'd you find the article?
Must've been looking
for something and it came up.
- I care.
- I care about you, okay?
But you can't walk around
taking drinks from strangers
You didn't have a problem
when I took a drink from you
-and you're a drug dealer.
So, what?
-You're fucking up my life!
Don't accept drinks from anybody
apart from drug dealers?
That's smart.
Why are you talking about me?
Why are you talking about me?
You're the one that just said
I was fucking up your life.
Yes, Bella, because I have to go
to the station and do this shit.
- And I can't
- I've already told you
- I'm sorry.
- I can't deal with this shit.
Yeah, well how the fuck
do you think I feel with you
telling me I've done
something wrong,
telling me
there's something wrong with me,
- telling me what?
- Bella,
- If you'd watched your drink
- If I what
If you'd watched your drink,
you wouldn't have been raped.
I don't wanna talk to you again.
- We're here for Arabella.
- She seems fine to me.
She's vacant,
she's empty.
You know how
when your laptop shuts down
to like basic function and mode?
So you need to borrow my laptop?
What are you doing?
Survivors support group thing.
It's Theo's group.
Theodora from school?
You're wild, man, I love it.
- Miss!
- Yes, Terry?
Theo, what's happened?
My name is Theo Daniels,
I made this support group
because I hate abusers.
I know that I sound
like a real icy bitch,
but I'm lovely, I promise.
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