I Was Possessed (2015) s01e06 Episode Script


The whole idea that
there was a demon in my house
was completely crazy to me.
This doesn't happen in real life.
Exorcisms I
didn't believe was a real thing.
What's your mission?
I don't want to go in Mom's bedroom.
The growls sounded threatening.
You feel threatened.
Get away!
I knew something
else was in control of my body.
I wanted to kill him.
My name is Rose Queener.
My name is Minda Payne.
Unclean spirit, tell me
who has commissioned you
in the work you are doing against Minda.
What is that?
My name is Minda
Payne and I am 48 years old.
I've been a single mom for 8 years.
I have a daughter, Dax, who is 19.
And I have a son, Daniel, who is 9.
My mom is kind, nice, generous.
She is a fun-loving mom. I
like hanging out with my mom.
My ex-husband and myself
had a business on a main street
in a good-size town for 14 years.
We did very well. We were very successful.
I had a great life until I got sick.
They took me into x-rays
and the next thing I knew,
they had IVs in me and they were telling me
I was off and going into surgery.
I was in a coma for 3 months.
Dr. Benson. Dr. Benson.
Minda? Minda, can you hear me?
When I woke up, the breathing tube
was still in my throat.
And they had my arms strapped
and my legs strapped down to the bed.
Dr. Benson, telephone
I spent 3 more
weeks after that in the hospital.
It was a battle.
I had to learn how to
breathe on my own again,
eat on my own again, walk on my own again.
It was a very slow process.
Towards the end of my stay,
there was a man across the hall.
He was shallow-looking.
Just different.
This man would make crazy,
insane noises, violent sounds.
It was horrific.
And it was a constant, 24/7.
At one point I had asked
if they could move me
to a different room in the hospital.
Of course, as hospitals do,
there were none available at the time.
One afternoon, I saw
nurses rushing into his room.
Then it was silent.
And that's when I knew he was gone.
Moments after the man had
passed, I was just watching TV
and all of a sudden, the
hair on my arms stood up.
I felt like someone was hovering over me,
but I couldn't see anyone.
I just could feel the heavy presence.
Something was sucking the oxygen out of me
and it smelt really bad.
The feeling was completely overwhelming.
I'd never experienced anything
like this in my life before.
It lasted for a few minutes
but then the smell started to fade
and then it seemed almost
normal again in my room.
The air was lighter.
I didn't know how to judge what
I had experienced at that point.
It's a strange feeling.
You're scared but bewildered,
I mean almost questioning,
like, am I losing my mind?
I kinda just shook it off.
I basically told myself I'm just freaked
because someone had
just passed real close to me
and this person had been in such misery.
It was really great and fun
when my mom got home from the hospital.
And my mom was really
happy that she was home.
I was so happy that I
was gonna be sleeping in my bed
and I was so ready to live normally,
just like it never happened.
That's all I wanted.
The first night I had this terrible dream.
This man was yelling at me
in a voice I couldn't understand.
It was scary.
The nightmares happened night after night
and kept getting worse and worse.
Every time it was the
same voice screaming at me.
I didn't want to sleep at night.
I had no rest.
It was hard for me to
recover from being ill.
Mentally you think, what's going on?
When will it stop?
About 3 days later, we started hearing
strange knocking sounds.
It sounded like someone was pounding on
pipes or the furnace or the
wooden stairs to my basement.
My daughter Dax and
Daniel heard these noises.
And it frightened my children.
Every night, I hear banging doors
by my closet and downstairs,
like someone's trying
to punch the door down.
It was really scary.
The banging got worse every day.
I had my landlord come check out the house,
but there was nothing wrong with the house.
Then one night, something woke me up.
But when I tried to
get up, I couldn't move.
One night, something
woke me up and I couldn't move.
I could feel pressure on me.
Something was holding me down.
It was suffocating and I felt sick.
Get away!
It was just like the nightmares
but this time I was completely awake.
And then it stopped.
I was completely in shock
and I had no idea what to do.
I didn't tell anyone because
I was very embarrassed.
I basically told myself if I gave it time,
things would go back to normal.
But from there, things
just kept escalating.
I started seeing smoke, like
someone smoked a cigarette,
but it sticks in one spot.
It's like a black shadow, like a form,
but you can't see an actual face.
I didn't want to tell anyone.
I am a strong person.
I just wanted to shake
it off, push it away,
and act like it's not happening.
My little boy got to the point
he would not sleep alone.
Mommy, can I sleep with you?
Sure, baby.
I felt like I should stay by my mom
because I felt like me and my
mom can be--um--safe together.
Home is where
you're supposed to be safe.
And we felt completely unsafe.
It was very heartbreaking to see
both of my children going through this.
My personality started
to change completely.
I would just be angry over nothing.
I would snap at the kids.
And they'd be like, "Geez, Mom,
why are you acting this way?"
Feeling this anger, it was just not me.
As much as I thought about it
and tried to figure out what was going on,
I couldn't figure it out, what to do.
Then one night, I started to research
about shadows or figures
and then I came upon paranormal stuff.
I was brought up and taught
paranormal activities do not exist.
I thought it was a joke.
I did not believe it.
But I was completely at the end of my rope
and I was willing to try
anything to make this stop.
My name is
Reverend Michael Schroeder
and I've been an exorcist
for approximately 4 years,
through about 70 exorcisms.
When Minda first contacted me,
her son and herself were
having terrible nightmares.
And she was being held
down in her bed at night.
It was apparent that we needed to do more
research and investigation into her case.
It was important that
we have our investigators
go to the home and find
out what she's dealing with.
My name is Greg Jacks
and I am the lead investigator
and demonologist for
Christian Support Ministries.
I've been working with Reverend Schroeder
for almost 3 years now.
And been directly involved with
close to 50 cases of demonic hauntings.
The purpose of me visiting Minda's house
was to conclude for Reverend
Schroeder whether or not,
"a," Minda was truly dealing
with a demonic haunting,
and "b," how far along
in the process is she.
I don't like the basement, you know.
In talking with
Minda, it became clear that
I was not dealing with
someone who was mentally ill.
She's a very intelligent person
and could elaborate deeply on
a lot of the experiences that she had,
indicating to me that they were
genuine, authentic experiences.
I don't want to go in Mom's bedroom.
It's all right. In the name of
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
I bless the threshold of this bedroom.
It feels like someone is
pushing on my stomach all of a sudden.
Did you guys just hear that?
We could hear it with our own ears,
sometimes right next to us.
So at that point,
I started to realize
that this may be something demonic.
By the blood of Jesus Christ,
in His name, I command you.
Show yourself.
The growls sounded like
nothing I'd ever heard before.
They were not of an animal.
They were like deep throated,
like a vibration almost,
it's deep and very angry.
It's threatening. You can feel the threat.
Hearing the hissing
is a telltale sign that you're
dealing with something
a little bit more than
your average haunting.
I believed that she had
a demonic attachment.
And that the only thing
that's going to get rid of it
would be an exorcism.
I don't want to go in Mom's bedroom.
Exorcisms I always thought were
something that was just made up.
I didn't think that it was true.
I didn't believe it was a real thing.
It's scary, like
Well, let's go down.
See if it feels different.
That's important to
know if it feels different.
You feel scared?
When I got to Minda's house,
I became more convinced
that it was a demonic spirit.
Because of her reaction to me
and the fact that she was
already scared and looked like
she had been going through quite a bit.
You know--like-- I got partway down
and I started, like, getting nervous.
And it wasn't a panic attack;
it just feels like it's pushing on me.
Feelings of nausea and vomiting
are very common during exorcisms.
These things can control
people in a number of ways.
And when things aren't
going the demon's way,
they try to pull out
every trick in the book
to get the victim to stop.
Is it possible I could have
picked something like
this up in the hospital?
Possible? Yeah.
But no matter where you picked it up,
we're still going to work
at getting rid of it.
Demons are opportunistic creatures.
They tend to thrive on
changes in people's
lives, or tragic events.
That night in the hospital would have been
a perfect opportunity for the demon
to make an entrance into her life.
In the name
of our heavenly Father,
we pray that the work we are to do today
against the enemy lasts as a blessing
to your Holy name.
I took my hand and I placed my stole
on Minda's shoulder.
Like I can feel it and you know it's hot.
The stole is a blessed item
similar to a cross or holy water
and when placed on
somebody that's demonized,
they will feel burning.
It's the demon responding
to the blessed item.
Evil one, I command you to answer.
Do you hold any grounds against Minda
that will prevent you from
leaving her upon command?
Feel the burning power of the Holy Spirit.
He's going to say that until he leaves.
He'll say that right up
to the second he leaves.
For some reason.
He's trying to mess with you.
It takes a little time.
That's why we're here.
That's why we're here
to get rid of it for you.
It's making meyeah
God whose nature is
ever merciful and forgiving,
accept our prayer. Let the
I don't remember too much,
but I do remember feeling
detached from my body,
like I couldn't control it.
spirit, by the authority of
Christ's precious blood, I command you
to step forward now and give me your name.
One of the things an exorcist does
in the beginning of the exorcism
is try to get the demon's name.
It is a way to get
power over it spiritually.
Come forward now and tell me
who has commissioned you in the work
you are doing against Minda.
Speak now.
Give me your answer.
Feel the burning power of the Holy Spirit.
Baa. Baa. No.
What is that?
It's a demon.
Beelzebub is one of the
highest ranking demons in hell.
And a lot of Christians
equate him to Satan.
Once the demon starts
to tell you what its name is,
the process is already started.
The demon's already
got one foot out the door.
I say to you, unclean spirit,
go to the abyss now.
Go where God tells you to go.
The power that we as
exorcists have over the demons
comes from the Lord because
there are certain spiritual laws.
And a demon has to obey the will of God.
May the heavenly angels of God
fill the home and protect
it from further attacks
from the evil one and his demons.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
I don't know. He walked away.
He walked away?
Kind of flown away. He ran away.
Gone? Gone?
Yeah, he took two steps
and then there was something up above him
and he took off.
I can feel it. Can you feel it?
Being freed from the demon
was the most incredible
feeling in the world.
I just felt light, I felt free.
It felt like nothing could stop me.
I felt awake again.
How do you feel?
I feel much better.
Now that this situation
is behind us, my family,
we're coming back together.
I owe Reverend Mike the world
for helping me and my family.
I'm happy that
the shadows are gone.
I sleep better at night now.
Minda's very
lucky to have gotten help.
These situations don't fix themselves.
It's not going to just go away.
I believe that if Minda
had not gotten help,
it would have made her take
an attempt on either her life,
or someone else's life.
Yes, I am afraid they might come back.
I will break you down
and you know it, Jezebel.
I will break you with spiritual words
that you will not even handle.
So, what's your mission?
What's your mission?
My name is Rose
Queener and I'm 39 years old.
My husband's name is Cedric.
We have been married 21
years and we have two children.
Rose is the nicest person I know.
She's always smiling, always cheerful,
always willing to help
everybody around her.
Rose is a good
mother, really good mother.
Always does whatever for
the kids, whatever they need.
It was a perfect house for us.
I loved the big back yard.
There was a loft above
the garage, full basement.
There was a little creaking
here and there, some noises,
but I was happy.
I didn't have
the best feeling about it,
but I told my husband as long as
he let me decorate it or
do what I wanted with it
that I would be OK with moving there.
One day I was making
dinner and I was home alone.
The house was completely silent.
Then all of a sudden
My palms started to sweat
and my heart started to race.
One day I was by myself
and the house was completely silent.
Then all of a sudden
there was a huge bang in the upstairs.
I always left all the bedroom doors open
to let the air circulate
and the heat move through the house.
And when I got to the top of the stairs,
the two bedroom doors were still open,
but the third was completely shut.
It was completely empty.
There was nothing moved or unchanged,
and no cracks in the windows
where a draft would've pushed it shut.
The other thing I noticed was
an intense smell of sulfur.
It was so strong that I
had to go back downstairs.
I told myself houses settle, floors creek,
there's nothing to worry about.
I had the gas lines checked.
There was nothing. I
couldn't find anything at all.
I thought it was just dumb luck,
but you know, it was a little weird.
But what happened in
my bedroom a few days later
was something that I could not explain.
When I went into my bedroom,
I noticed a spider web in the ceiling
and I had been cleaning that day
and I knew the spider web was not there.
There were over a thousand
spiders on the ceiling.
The exterminator came
out and he sprayed everything,
but he found nothing out of the ordinary.
I don't know how to explain it.
It was just off the wall.
Things definitely
kept getting worse and worse.
The dogs would bark
into corners just facing nothing.
The bathroom cabinet
door slammed on its own.
Our TV would go on and off by itself.
And all these things occurred
between 1 and 3 in the morning.
I felt completely helpless.
I didn't think there was anything
I could do to help my family.
One friend that I talked to said that
I should call in a paranormal team
to see if the house was haunted.
It seemed crazy.
I just kinda felt like that's
kind of a made-up thing.
At the time, I really
thought it was hogwash.
I just thought it was a silly idea.
The truth?
I decided to let them come in
because it makes my wife happy.
When the paranormal
team first got to my house,
they brought a medium with them.
She was very worried
and kept writing down stuff
on a piece of paper that
she wouldn't let me see.
They also set up a ghost box
and that is supposed to pick up
any spirits that might be speaking to them.
How many of you are here?
The truth. How many of you are here?
How come I feel like
you're hiding something?
It got very cold in the room.
My back started hurting and
I couldn't hear out of my ear.
The medium turned to
the paranormal investigator
and whispered to him,
"There's one on her back."
The medium turned to
the paranormal investigator
and whispered to him,
"There's one on her back."
The medium told me that
there was a very dark force.
She had never, ever seen
anything like that before.
She said there wasn't
much she could do about it.
And they left.
I sat on the couch and cried.
After the paranormal team came in,
Rose had gotten a rash.
It was all over her body.
Her whole back was just
different colors of skin.
I told Rose to go see
the doctor right away.
The doctor had given her some medicine,
and that didn't seem to do anything.
Rose had gone to the
doctor, I believe, 3 or 4 times
and nothing helped it.
I was very worried.
She was hurting; she was in pain.
She had throat issues;
her thyroid was enlarged for a while.
She'd smile, but you
could tell she was hurting.
The doctors weren't
sure what was going on
and I was very frustrated
because I thought that I
was being misdiagnosed.
I remember visiting
Rose around that time
and I could tell that she wasn't
the same person she used to be.
It was like all the life was
being sucked out of her.
Every day, it was harder
and harder to get out of bed
and do any of the things I needed to do.
I started thinking about the next 50 years
if I had to do every
moment exactly like this,
I couldn't continue this way.
That's when I started thinking
suicide was my only option.
She was very edgy,
kinda snapping at everybody.
I mean, you could tell she
was literally falling apart.
I was very worried; there
was nothing I could do about it.
Reverend Brad contacted me
and said the paranormal team
gave him some background information
of what was happening.
So, I set up a night for him to come over.
We were running out of
options and I thought, why not?
I thought this is crazy;
this is getting a little out of hand.
I wasn't sure how to take it,
but I just figured, well, we'll go,
we'll go with it and see, you
know, see how it turns out.
My name is Reverend Bradley Luoma
and I am an ordained and trained
exorcist minister.
I have performed approximately 150
deliverances and exorcism rights of battle
upon people for the last two years.
Meeting people who claim to be possessed
is a major challenge for most
deliverance and exorcist
ministers that are out there.
There are times when
it is a true mental defect
in which the person has
not been taking medicine
and they are having psychosis.
And that's why it's essential
to interview this person,
notice any type of strange
changes within their behavior.
When I first walked into the house,
it had a sense of heaviness to the air,
almost like you could cut it with a knife.
You said she's a disciple.
He walked in our
house and immediately
my stomach flipped upside down.
So, Rose, you let me know
how this works upon you.
I started to have violent
thoughts about Reverend Brad.
I wanted him to die.
You feeling OK?
When I first walked into the house,
I just knew something wasn't quite right.
You ready?
I started to have violent
thoughts about Reverend Brad.
He shall rule them with a rod of iron
and they shall be dashed into pieces.
I wanted to kill him.
I'm a child of Christ.
I'm a child of Christ.
I was bought by his blood.
I was bought by his bl
I was bought by his blood.
I'd never seen
her laugh like that before.
She would not laugh in a priest's face.
Not at all. She's not that type of person.
You think it's funny, don't ya?
It was something
that I couldn't control.
It wasn't a normal laugh
that I had ever had before.
At that moment I knew something
else was in control of my body.
Open the mouth in the name of Christ.
Open the mouth in the name of Christ.
Open the mouth.
Eat the body of Christ. Eat.
He might as well have
tried to put worms in my mouth.
I couldn't swallow it.
I wanted to spit it out.
He blessed and he gave thanks, saying,
this is the blood of my new covenant
When a demon takes those sacraments,
it is so excruciatingly
horrid for them to ingest.
They cannot handle it.
So, what's your name?
I command you in the name of Christ.
You tell me your name.
Namesay it.
Jezebel killed many of God's prophets
and because of her acts of doing that,
God cast her into Hell.
I will break you down
and you know it, Jezebel.
I will break you with spiritual words
and you will not even handle.
That's the only reason
why you can come back.
So, what's your mission?
What's your mission?
To torture her. Mm.
In the name of Christ,
I cancel that mission.
In the name of Christ.
I bind you under the words of Christ,
bound on Earth, bound in Heaven.
We lift
We lift
the curse
the curse
off this child.
off this child.
We give her the yoke
We give her the yoke
of Christ
of Christ
We lift the curse fully.
We lift the curse fully.
Once the demons are
commanded with authority,
they have to leave.
God the Father commands it.
I was bought by his blood
I was bought by his blood
Because of that sacrifice
Because of that sacrifice
Come on, Rose, you can do it.
We're going to get you through this.
Because of that sacrifice
Because of that sacrifice
I'm a disciple.
I'm a disciple.
I was redeemed
I was redeemed
by his blood.
by his blood.
I remember where it shifted.
I started crying because I started to feel
more in control of myself.
I take you off roads and bring you back.
You OK?
Rose is one of the lucky ones.
She is very fortunate
that she did reach out
to get the proper spiritual
assistance when she did.
Had she not, who knows
what would have happened.
I'm glad to have my wife back.
My wife is very happy now.
She's a lot healthier.
It makes me feel really good.
The feeling of being
set free is indescribable.
I only can say that it was like
the first day of the best
day of the rest of my life.
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