I Woke Up A Vampire (2023) s02e02 Episode Script

Track and Steal



I suck at track.
I am not gonna make this team
without my powers.
Someone might see you!
A definite no-go.
Like, the entire school.
Hunters could be out there.
Carmie are you even listening?
Him? You're joining the track
team for the new kid?
We're the new kids here.
He's a sophomore.
And no, I'm doing this
for myself.
What's with the bike?
Oh, 'cause of my new job.
I have a real knack for it.
It's fantastic and I think
- Well, it's in old media.
- What is it?
But I'm bringing it back.
Excuse me.
Yes. This is Dylan.
She needs to talk to me.
It's my boss.
Maybe you're getting a raise.
Hello, Ma'am.
On what grounds?
falling when the paper hit him.
Okay, that guy was already
Wanna buy a bike?
Um, why aren't you promoting
your comic?
sitting right there on the rack.
What do you mean? They're
- You think that's enough?
- If they sell, they sell.
You need to be pushing it out
unto the masses, huh?
Or do you wanna end up like
Thomas Brendan?
graphic novelist of all time?
You mean the greatest
Sure, that would be amazing.
No, not amazing.
Do you know he's been kicked off
every movie adaptation
of his own work?
Do you know how much money
he's lost because
he's refused to play the game!
I'm not really worried about
all of that.
Anonymity is poverty, Kev!
Well, you should be.
And that's why we're going to
get your name out there!
What if I don't want my name
out there?
Oh, you do.
You do.
And you know what?
We're going to have a signing,
right here in the shop.
We're going to build up
publicity around you,
and then, bam!
Hammer and Tong Comics will be
the place to be read.
And then they'll all
come back to me.
Get ready, Kev,
is a wild ride.
because fame
We had some good times,
didn't we?
Watch it!
Oh, hey, Kev.
What's going on?
Nothing is going on.
Once I was the greatest hunter
this town has ever seen.
And now now I've been kicked
out of computer club,
art club, fired from
a media job
A paper route?
they'll be off the planet
If it's any consolation,
before you graduate
high school.
What has become of me?
Wait, what are you doing
up here?
Usually I come here
during the day
to collect my thoughts,
No one is ever here
this early.
You and Carmie are more
night people,
I'm actually surprised
to see you.
You were surprised to see me,
at my secret hideout?
Our secret hideout.
Nothing is mine anymore.
The Collector wants to have
a signing
at our store for my comic book.
- Isn't that a good thing?
- I mean, maybe?
realize that I'm a fraud?
What if people
That my work is derivative
of the masters?
Or worse, what if no one
shows up?
I'll be there, and Carmie,
so that's two people.
What's that?
It's my great-great grandfather
Abraham's old journal.
The first Helsing to hunt.
Started with Dracula
He was the best, he made notes
on every encounter.
Monster, Mythic, Blended.
Dates, types, results.
It's all here.
Every hunter in my family has
added to it since.
My last hunt.
how you helped her escape?
You didn't write
We catch. Never release.
Not the Helsing way.
- No way!
- What?
I have no idea.
written by Abraham.
This letter was
The date reads 1903.
"Whoever hand holds ye skin,
be forewarned.
"Its secret proved beyond
my abilities.
"Inside these words
is the answer
"to ending the Mythic shadow.
in unravelling this riddle,
"Tread dearly
"if misread, life will end."
This is intense.
No, this
This is my destiny.
So you weren't going
to tell me?
I didn't want to make it
a big deal.
Too late for that.
The Collector's going all out.
I can't stop him.
Okay. Just admit it.
Your comic is about me.
I don't see it.
Glitter is your friend.
That is the first rule
of DIY lockers.
A lot of people will tell you
that your locker
is an expression of yourself.
Wrong. You'll succeed much more
in life by expressing me.
Kev! What are you doing!?
I need to get to my locker.
This is way more important.
Your books can wait.
a follow for more DIY tips.
As I was saying, give me
Use the hashtag "Leanna Live"
for me to see
your personalized lockers.
And who knows,
maybe I'll give you a follow you
back. Leanna out!
Hey, Carmie.
Kev, congrats on your signing!
Do you think that Carmela,
the star of my comic,
looks anything like Carmie,
my best friend?
Uh, I don't see the resemblance.
not everything is about you,
Me either. Carmie,
like it is me.
Uh, you wanna warm up on
the track with me later,
- Yes. Definitely.
- before tryouts?
Get loose, unwind
Warm up.
- All right.
- Sure.
Meet at the track after
fifth period.
See you later.
- O-M-G, did you see that?
- Yeah.
He was, like, so flirting
with me.
So cute!
Can we just forget about him
for like, one second?
The stress of no one showing up
to my show
is starting to wear on me.
I'll be there.
Don't worry.
And Leanna will come too.
I'll have to check my schedule.
Come on.
No hits for Sumerian,
Akkadian, or Aramaic.

You need to take a break, dear.
You're gonna strain your eyes.
Not now, Mom.
Thank you.
I'm trying to decipher an
ancient language
which may be the clue to saving
this world.
That's nice, dear, but you still
need to eat something.
- Come on.
- Wait.
great-great grandpa Abraham?
Did you know
But I do know that he was
the first Helsing
to come to America,
and apparently
quite the name for himself.
he made
I found this in his journal,
and I can't figure out what
language it's in.
I know it's over
500 years old.
Oh, that is just like him.
He loved riddles.
that one time for his birthday,
Your grandfather told me
a week-long scavenger hunt
Abraham sent him on
just to find his birthday
In the end, it was a letter
that read,
"The real present of all is
the journey we take."
It was a rough sixth birthday
for your grandfather.
I think there is a box with some
of his things in the garage.
Maybe there's something in there
that could help

So, it's important to use
vertical force
to make horizontal progress.
Totally. Okay.
So, you ready to race?
Against you? Sure!
All right, well, I'll wait for
you at the finish line.
What if I get there first?

How did you
Well, maybe you're just a better
coach than you think.
Carmie! What was that?
Excuse me?
You just beat my star
Oh, no, Tristan wasn't even
trying that hard,
and he was just giving me
a few pointers.
Well, they seem
to be working.
Team work makes
the dream work.
I'll see you at tryouts.
So be on our team.
Oh, and remember,
you miss a hundred percent of
the shots you don't take.
team pizza night.
Hey, Tristan,
- You coming?
- Sure.
You'll be making the team.
Want to come?
My parents don't really like it
when I'm out on school nights.
Aww, come on, just a slice.
Then you'll be on your way.
Just, like, one slice.
Okay, fine.
Where's Carm?
Practicing for her track
She should be done soon.
You hear that, Bill?
is stepping out in the world.
Our baby
Are you really having a signing
at Hammer and Tong?
- Why you?
- Yes.
Yeah, why you?
- What do you two want?
- Free copies.
We'll definitely be there,
if we get our free copies.
- Why would you get free copies?
- What do you mean?
We're family, Kev.
Plus, we can promote it.
Tweedle Destruction
Tweedle Doom and
have a lot of followers.
We have every gamer in town in a
ten-mile radius under our thumb.
You need us.
You give us free stuff,
we'll fill the place.
Are you even supposed to be
on social media?
It's not that big a deal.
A soul-crushing deal.
Oh, it's a big deal.
At Hammer and Tong's for your
first comic book signing
and it's empty.
before it's even started.
A career-ender,
meet you under the bleachers ♪
Trying to catch a ride,
A new team record!
Ten slices.
I mean, who knew you were full
of so many talents.
Full of surprises.
I'll get us a cold drink,
it'll settle your stomach.
- Be right back.
- Thanks.
Everyone's been talking
about you today.
Hopefully only good things.
Unfortunately, yes!
I'm just kidding.
I'm trying out for the track
team too, and looks like
competition this year.
you're my biggest
and there's so many events,
Oh, I'm new to this,
I'm sure we'll both make it.
I just wanna make the relay.
relay team when she ran here,
My mother was captain of the
and both my older sisters ran
when they went here, too.
I'm kind of a legacy.
Here you go. Ice cold.
May the best person win.
Anyway, good luck!
You too.
Whoa. Classic.


I love nights like this.
It is nice.
Is something on your mind?
I was just thinking about
the tryouts.
I don't know if I'm gonna do it.
No, you got this.
You just have to go for it.
Don't hold back.
Maybe that's the problem.
Maybe I do need to hold back.
It's not fair to Stacey.
I mean, she's been
training all year,
and I've just come in
No. You can't dim your light to
make others shine.
That's not how it works.
Wait. Wait, how long
have we been here?
- About three hours.
- What?
Oh, my parents are going to be
so mad, and my phone.
Oh my God, I lost my phone?
Maybe it's inside.
Is this it?
Thank you.
My parents are gonna kill me.
Oh, this is not good.
I'm so dead.
I'll catch up with you later.
No, I'll go get my jacket
and walk you home.
What is going on?
The track team invited me for
some pizza
and it was nice to hang out with
older kids, so I kinda went.
And you couldn't call? Text?
This is unacceptable, Carmela.
You had us worried.
you're in high school now,
I get it,
but that doesn't make you
an adult.
You have to let us know where
you're going
and what you're doing.
Okay. I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
I get it.
I don't think you understand
just how serious this is,
Sorry isn't be enough.
Go to your room.
We'll be discussing
consequences later.
I told you I get it, what more
is there to talk about?
won't be tolerated.
This attitude
I don't know what's gotten
into you.
How could you? Because you have
no idea what it's like to be me.
Two hours
late! On a school night?
My mom would ground me
for a month.
But I was with the track team!
That boy is on the track team!
Tell me everything.
Shut up.
You're missing the point of
my parental outrage.
But his name is Tristan.
And he's a sophomore, he's cute,
athletic, and so sweet.
And you like him.
Carmie, you better not
be on the phone.
I gotta go.
You got this. Just give it
everything you have.
No mercy to these mortals.
You sound like Loki.
I mean, he's got a point.
The gods were meant to rule.
Just win.
- Whoa. This is awesome.
- There's nobody here.
- Boys, are you ready?
- It's early.
You like?
I hate.
- Well, Kev, it's, uh
- No.
signing, Kev. Are you ready?
It's almost an hour until
Because you should be.
If this signing is big,
it should get us an invite
to Fan Con!
Now, the convention will get you
a fanbase,
which we will grow,
brand you as a star,
and then the money will flow.
I'll never be ready.
No! I'm not ready.
I-I can't handle this.
Do you know how many comics I've
ruined with my reviews?
How many dreams I've crushed.
I can't handle that kind of
I'm out!
Oh yeah, he's ready.
Thirteen feet, nine inches
for Carmie!
One second place and two thirds?
- Coach says you're on the team!
- Really?!
Thank you for coaching me!
Yeah, my pleasure.
One more event.
Top four make the relay team.
The 100 yard dash.
Let's do it!
You know you're better than
these other girls.
You could win this race!
Who cares? You said I already
made the team.
But we have to win it all,
Who's next?
Here you go.
- Unbelievable!
- Hey.
high school student Kev
Up until now unknown
is now a comic book sensation!
Known by only one name, like
Rihanna, Beyonc, Zendaya,
Kev is making waves.
Stay tuned for his first
exclusive interview.
Sign 'em.
They're $40 each.
Look at all the people.
Not for us.
Most are gamers.
we can send them away.
We brought them in,
What did I tell you, Kev?
And this is only the beginning!
Next stop, Fan Con!

Come on, Carmie! You got this!
Crush them all! Yes!
Carmie, don't slow down!
Carmie, what are you doing?!
Don't let her beat you!
Come on!
I thought you had me there
at the end.
I did too.
I made it.
My family's gonna be so happy!
I made it! Oh my gosh!
- The legacy continues!
- Yeah.
Thank you for losing.
Thank you!
I didn't lose. You won!
Great job, girls.
Anusree, Tabia, Carly,
and Stacey,
relay team!
Carmie, you're an alternate.
Heard that before.
- Good job.
- Good job.
I did it!
Well, that went better than
expected, hmm?
- Your fans love you.
- They do!
'Cause I'm one of them.
I'm their insider.
Someone who can straddle
the line
between creative and commercial.
but they know I'm a fan first.
It's a delicate dance,
I have no what you mean,
but keep it up.
Big things are coming. Ah!
Kev! Did I miss it?
- It's it's fine.
- Are you sure?
'Cause I feel like people say
"it's fine",
so I don't believe you.
but it's just awkward,
Well, I missed your tryouts.
How'd it go?
- I made the team!
- No way!
Whoa, congratulations!
Crushing the high school game!
Yeah! Look at us.
Uh, Kev, let's go.
You don't wanna give the public
too much of your time, hmm?
These are my friends.
The public is gone.
Well, for now.
But when you make it big, you
get new friends.
Better friends. Hmm?
Now, can you help me with this
table? It's quite heavy.
Would you mind
Thank you.
In a world full of oddballs,
Collector is definitely
an all-star.
Carmie, you've gotta see this.
Is this some language?
Yeah, it's Goblin.
- There are goblins?
- Yeah.
Wow the writing is beautiful.
Almost hypnotic.
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