iCarly (2021) s03e06 Episode Script

iReunited and It Felt Okay

I can't believe it's
our ten-year reunion.
And can I just say
we turned out hot.
All right, which is better?
Like this?
Or like this?
I mean, definitely number two.
You are gonna look so good
in the class photo, but
can I just ask lovingly,
and with my full support,
why are you wearing a mortarboard?
Oh, I graduated remotely
because I was in Italy
for most of senior year.
So I missed the class photo
where everybody got
to wear this cool hat.
I also missed prom, the senior prank,
and "Cups" by Anna Kendrick.
That was a big moment.
But being in the class photo
is the one thing I can
make up for tonight.
Are you ready to rock
Ridgeway for one last ride?
Oh, vroom vroom.

The smell of feet sweat,
off-brand sports drink,
and pretending to have your
period to get out of gym.
I'm so excited to
reconnect with everyone.
You know, after you and Sam took off,
I was a bit of a social butterfly.
It's no big deal, though.
It's not like I was the coolest,
most popular guy in school.
Aw. No one was saying that, sweetie.
Oh, snap, it's the coolest,
most popular guy in school.
You'd better stop it.
Rip-off Rodney says you're cool, huh?
How much did you pay him to say that?
Nothing. First compliment's free.
But the next one's gonna cost you.
I'm sorry, did you even go here?
What? Rodney, it's me, Carly.
You sold me that cell phone
that was actually an old beeper
and then that beeper that was
actually an old calculator.
I went here from grades K through 11.
That explains it.
Anything before senior
year is irrelevant.
I know ♪
You see ♪
Somehow the world will change for me ♪
And be so wonderful ♪
So wake up the members of my nation ♪
It's your time to be ♪
There's no chance
unless you take one ♪
And the time to see
the brighter side ♪
Of every situation ♪
Some things are meant to be ♪
So give your best and
leave the rest to me. ♪
Okay, even if everything before
senior year is irrelevant,
tonight's what matters, right?
- Oh! God, why?
- Oh, my God!
It's me, Magic Malika!
Freddie "The Kingpin" Benson?
Did you, like, break into the
bowling alley or something?
Yeah. We did.
Jiminy Christmas. That's cool.
Get this: we bowled in our street shoes.
- Uh. Uh.
- Uh. Uh.
- Sneaker sisters.
- Sneaker sisters.
Remember junior year
when I was still here
and we took the SATs?
Wow, the SATs are considered
culturally offensive.
Maybe we should go take the class photo
before that gets canceled, too.
They're taking a class photo?
I should go make these
blackheads disappear.
Chugga chugga choo choo!
This is how we do, do!
Barry! Toby! My training bros!
TOGETHER: Chugga chugga chugga
chugga chugga chugga chugga
Oh, right. Your model train club.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
Oh, hey, Carly.
Freddie. What's up, F-Train?
F-Train? Another
nickname I've never heard.
Remember when we rode the
rails like westward vagabonds?
Ah, I can't believe we
drank out of paper bags.
We were so cool. No one
could see our O'Doul's.
Guys. Should we put our drinks
in brown paper bags right now
and go chug 'em in the
janitor's closet like dirtbags?
We can even leave
Janitor Mike a funny note.
He, um died senior year.
In that closet.
R.I.P. Big Mike.
Hey, there's my favorite volunteer.
Hey, Dad.
The caterers just quit.
Something about a salmonella outbreak.
Chicken skewer?
TOBY: "Dad"?
Is this Little F-Train?
No, this is Millicent.
If you guys are just
handing out nicknames,
maybe I could get one?
May I suggest Mortarboard Mama?
Uh, CarlyWuzHere?
- CamGirl69?
- Uh
It's my favorite number because
it looks like a yin-yang.

Help yourself to snacks.
Here are your drink tickets.
Your kids are in good hands,
unless someone gets hurt.
I don't do well with blood.
Nope, I don't want to be on the news.
SPENCER: Wait! Harper! Harper!
I want you to meet my kids!
Please tell me this isn't
a Nick Cannon situation.
Of course not.
I don't know any of their mothers.
These are my Spoppers and Spopettes.
See, I've been donating my seed
- Sorry, my sperm.
- (GAGS)
Apologies. My DNA?
I'll accept.
To a cryobank. See, I needed money
after I dropped out of law school
to help pay for art supplies.
So I figured, hey, I'll be a hero.
But at some point, it stopped being
a job and started being a hobby?
These are your literal children?
For tax purposes, no.
For organ donation purposes, maybe.
Does Carly know?
I don't know, ask Carly.
How can you even be sure
these are really your kids?
Okay, I see the resemblance now.
Gather ye round, Spoppers and Spopettes!
Now, I know you think you're
just here to meet your Spiblings
and your Spoppa.
But as you know by now,
I am a fine artiste.
And, as my progeny, you are my muses.
Or should I say, my Spmuses.
And as great artists have
said since the dawn of time:
who wants pizza?
Ooh, I smell sausage.
Out of the way, Splosers!
Hello. What's your name?
Hi, Potter. Do you not like pizza?
I do, but I brought my own lunch.
It's pretty much the only thing I eat.
Aah! Spaghetti tacos?
I know a parent is never
supposed to choose favorites.
But I am gonna learn your last name.

There's got to be someone
here that wants to see me.
Not him.
Carly Shay.
Shane. Wow, I haven't seen
you since you fell down
someone's elevator shaft.
Yeah. You know, lying at the bottom
of that cold, dark
shaft and spending months
in a body cast helped
me realize my purpose.
That's amazing. But what is it?
Engineering? Medicine? Saving the bees?
I just read an article about that.
(GROANS) I am, uh, deathly allergic
to all stinging insects.
Actually, I head the
physical education curriculum
right here at Ridgeway.
You're a gym teacher?
I mean, no, that, that's neat.
You get to wear shorts to work.
I wear joggers, Carly.
I'm a professional.
Yes, of course.
But you do teach fun stuff,
not "this matters" stuff.
Principal Franklin. Wait,
I thought you retired.
Can we call you Ted now?
I'm on the reunion circuit,
mostly for the free drinks
and occasional gifts.
Plus, I get to wear this shirt.
Well, I'd consider it a real gift
to stand next to you in the class photo.
You could even flip my tassel.
But, Carly, the class photo
is only for Ridgeway graduates.
I don't get it.
Of course you don't.
You never graduated.
How could she not have graduated?
Am I dating a high school dropout?
Am I a bad boy?
I went to a little bit of college.
So I know for a fact
my credits transferred.
Not true. I remember because
when I reviewed your paperwork,
I laughed and laughed.
You had an incomplete in phys ed.
(LAUGHS) It's still funny.
I took gym in Italy.
Tuscan strolls didn't transfer?
So, what you're saying
is, I can't be a part
of the class photo that I've
waited ten years to be in
because of gym?
The one class that teaches
skills I'll never even use?
Those skills are good for your
heart, your lungs, your joints
Whose side are you on, mine or gym?
It's also a good stress reliever.
We sent several notices to the
address your brother gave us:
500 Whichever Way the Tower of
Pisa Leans, Italy, no zip code.
So, my dreams of being
forever immortalized
with the class of 2013 are dashed
because I never mastered
the frigging monkey bars?
I'm confused why the photo's
more important than the diploma.
It's not even about the photo.
I missed so many milestones senior year,
and that was the one that I
could finally be a part of.
Why don't you just
ask Shane to pass you?
I mean, he's the
(CHUCKLES) the gym teacher.
That's a great idea.
Do you think that he
would do it tonight?
I mean, why wouldn't he?
He's here, I'm here,
the photographer's here.
I am going to graduate the
chiz out of high school.
Who could say no to this energy?
Blood of my blood.
Hear my decree.
Consider the great
masterpieces of the human era:
Mona Lisa. Starry Night.
Bette Midler's rendition of
"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy."
And yet they are all trash
when you compare them
to my latest installation
Mount Spencemore!
- Ooh.
- Wow.
Who is buying your art?
Spoppers and Spopettes! Assemble!
Yes, safely find a face hole.
- Spoppa?
- What is it, Potter?
There's no face hole for me.
What? How is that possible?
No, wait
There are only ten holes for 11 kids.
And I feel like you
should get Potter in there.
She really gonna shine on camera.
But there should be enough for everyone.
You know what this means, right?
Yes. But I don't want to
show off, so you say it first.
There's an imposter among us.
An imSpopster!
Oh, I love solving mysteries.
I wish I had a magnifying
glass and a pipe.
It wouldn't help me solve anything,
but I know I'd look good.
But how will we figure
out who the imSpopster is?
Ah, I need my thinking cookie.
Okay, that's why Carly
only lets you eat cookies
over the toilet.
I think I know how we
can find the imSpopster.
I already missed senior year.
Can't you just pass me?
If I'm not in the photo,
it's like I don't even exist.
And exist she must.
F-Train don't date no ghost.
Okay, I am an educator, hmm?
I don't just hand out credits
like raisins on Halloween.
All students must complete the
Lance Armstrong Fitness Test.
Uh, formerly the OJ
Simpson Fitness Test.
They're a little slow to catch up.
I can't wait until your generation
is no longer in charge.
Hey. Get back to work, okay?
Those mini quiches are not
gonna replenish themselves.
Don't talk to my kid
like that, all right?
She's volunteering her time.
Volunteering? Uh, no.
This is her detention.
That's right, gym teachers
can give out detention.
Yeah, we've got a lot
going on for ourselves.
Millicentia Mitchell.
You got detention?
I'd love to stay and chat,
but millennials need their egg pies.
Hey, what were we talking about?
Oh, yeah.
How the body is the temple,
but the gym teacher is the shaman.
Your Holiness.
As I always say to my most
useless students, good effort.
Okay, fine. I'll test you.
But you'd better not besmirch
the good name of Lance Armstrong.
Thank you, Shane.
So, you'll pass me tonight,
then I'll be in the photo,
and then I'll come back
next week to take the test.
Oh, how I cherish our friendship so.
No, no, this cannot still
be my problem next week.
If you want to take the test,
you are doing it tonight.
But I thought I was super clear.
I don't want to take the test.

Yep, she's one of yours.
Nice work. Next!
Would you like some milk?
You never take the milk.
A rule I still don't understand.
BOTH: The imSpopster.
Ten cookie tests, all
passed with flying colors,
which must mean that the
remaining kid is the imSpopster.
Yeah, but who's left?
It's Potter! No, not my favorite!
Why couldn't it have been this one?
- What, what is go ?
Mount Spencemore!
Potter! Are you okay?
It was a mistake, Spoppa, I swear.
Sometimes I just touch things
and they burst into flames.
I know, my beloved. I know.
Spencer, you are the father.
Okay, this is it.
The moment you've been waiting for:
the Lance Armstrong Fitness Test.
And, like Lance Armstrong,
I am ready to infuse myself
with my own refrigerated blood.
Mm-hmm. All you need to do
is successfully complete
one of three exercises:
Wind sprints.
- Rope climbing.
- Ugh!
Or the sit-and-reach.
Thank God.
Yeah, that's the one.
Are you ready?
No. I pulled a muscle sneezing earlier.
But here we are.
Let's do this.


I did it, Shane,
I got past my knees.
Yeah, I know.
Sorry, Carly. You'll get 'em next time.
Next time?
There is no "next time."
What's the point in graduating
if tonight was already a bust?
What's the point in
graduating high school?
Class photo time!
Ridgeway graduates, line up
in front of the bleachers!
You better get up
there, Captain Popular.
Damn it, I just gave
you another nickname.
The only nickname I have
ever wanted is Mr. iCarly.
Who cares if you're not up
there in the class photo?
No one can erase you from
my high school experience.
You were the most memorable part.
Aw, look who finally got together.
Camgirl and F-Train.
Come on, dude. Training bros
don't stand in the caboose.
That means the back.
Go for it. Really.
Are you sure?
Smile big enough for the both of us.
Wow, he really went.
Carly, wait.
Can you take the picture?
Everyone say
- (BUZZING) - Help!
- Shane!
Oh, of course. How
could we forget Shane?
Thanks, Carly.
Help! Wasps!
Wasps? Shane is deathly
allergic to all stinging insects!
Oh, yeah, yeah, that nest
has been there for years.
Well, it's not my problem.
Don't worry, Shane, I'm coming!
EpiPen. (GASPS) In my bag.

Oh, wait, no, this is just a marker.

(GASPING): Epi pen.
We meet again, you raggedy bitch.
Come on, Carly. Go!
Oh no.
Now I just have to sit and
- Reach!
By golly, she's gonna do it.
She's gonna sit and reach.
See, I told you phys ed is important.
Oh, shh, rest now.
You're talking nonsense.
Oh, thank you for keeping her safe.
It's the least I could do.
That's not true, I
could've hired security.
Wait, I'm still confused.
If you only tracked down
ten kids, why did 11 show up?
Oh, I might be able to explain that.
Spencer didn't track us down.
I tracked him down.
I'm a nurse at the "bank" where
Spencer made his "deposits."
His sample was super popular.
So height is that important.
It is.
When I decided to have a baby
on my own, I figured, hey,
everyone steals office supplies.
Legally, you should stop talking now.
- Hey, so you're a nurse, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Sounds like the kind of boring job
where I could do most of the talking.
Would you want to grab a drink sometime?
It's not like we haven't already
consummated the relationship. (CHUCKLES)
I think that could be fun.
For me, it already was.
Oh, no, you didn't hurt
your wrist, did you?
Uh, no.
Oh, great, then you can sign this.
Bye. Have fun.
So, how's your Shirley Temple?
Soured by the taste
of fibbery and hogwash?
Why didn't you just tell
me you had detention?
You should never feel
scared to tell me anything.
I know. It's not like
you would "ground" me.
"Go to your room!" Oh, no.
Alone time with all my cool stuff?
You can always be honest with me.
Although I should really
think of some punishments
with actual consequences.
It's good to have goals.
I am officially a high school graduate.
You know, you could've
handed me toilet paper
and I'd have signed off on it.
(GROANS) I am toasted, mang.
Wow, Carly, that was one
for the history books.
And for the yearbooks.
Like a yearbook for the reunion?
So, did I earn a nickname?
Life Alert?
Nope! Life Alert works. Trust me.
I love it. Photo time!
Everybody stop talking so we can
capture this cherished memory.
Hey, camera. Take a picture.
I'm proud of you, Life Alert.
Thanks, Mr. iCarly.

Chugga chugga choo
choo, this is how we
Don't, don't.
Nope, I don't want to be on the news.
W-W-Wait, w-wait, come here, w-wait.
Spauntie? And is that my Spuncle?
I don't know how to
answer that question.
Carly, this is my biological daughter
and your niece Potter.
Is now a bad time to tell you
there's ten more of
these little stonkers?
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