iCarly (2021) s03e10 Episode Script

iHave a Proposal


Bonjour and bienvenue
to Marissa and Lewbert's
Parisian wedding.
So chic.
So elegant.
So French.
Ooh, I feel like Emily!
Suddenly, I want to win over
that mean head of marketing.
Just one question.
Why are you wearing
cargo shorts on your body?
It's my maid of honor vest
Marissa made especially for me,
because I am her very best friend.
Hey, something wrong?
It's-it's probably nothing.
I'm just a teensy bit worried
that your mom is going
to absolutely hate this.
Marissa hate this?
Wow, you don't know her
at all. How embarrassing.
Oh, my God.
I hate this!
How embarrassing.
I know ♪
You see ♪
Somehow the world will change for me ♪
And be so wonderful ♪
So wake up the members of my nation ♪
It's your time to be ♪
There's no chance
unless you take one ♪
And the time to see
the brighter side ♪
Of every situation ♪
Some things are meant to be ♪
So give your best and
leave the rest to me. ♪
What do you mean you hate it?
You wanted "eating violets,"
I got violet candies.
For "sparkling
surfaces," twinkle lights.
And for a "crimson glow,"
romantic red candles.
Listen, if it were my
wedding, I'd be like,
(FRENCH ACCENT): Oh-ho-ho.
Bastille Day, oui, oui.
But for Mrs. Benson, "eating
violets" are obviously
giant carnivorous plants to
eat any bug that gets in here.
"Sparkling surfaces" means she
wants the whole place wiped down
with industrial-grade cleaners.
And "crimson glow" means red
indoor fireworks, because
Please don't make me say it.
Lewbert is my sexy little firecracker.
I snap, crackle and pop for Marissa.
Poppity-pop-pop-pop-pop. Pow!
What are we gonna do?
Go back to our original plan
and elope to Vegas at high noon?
Mom! No! We talked about this.
A big wedding celebrates your love.
And also saves me from
having to sit in the front row
of Magic Mike Live.
It's a splash zone.
Let's not forget about the officiant.
I took a 20-minute
multiple choice online test
to make you right with God.
We can't get married
somewhere this French.
They let babies drink wine.
- Hey!
Don't worry, I got this.
ALL: You do?
We didn't mean that how it sounded.
I'll just swing by the
wholesale cleaning supply place,
make a quick stop at the
illegal fireworks depot,
and then hit the killer plant store.
Then we'll load everything in tonight
and then redecorate tomorrow,
all in time for your
perfect sunset wedding.
And what about my suit?
From the tailor shop? On it.
It'll arrive in the morning
with honey lemon tea.
Don't tell her, but she's growing on me.
Time to give this vest to
someone who actually deserves it.
Carly, will you be my maid of honor?
Happy to
but Danica can keep the vest.
No, she brought filthy
shame to this vest.
Can I at least get my keys back?
I will make this work,
but I would like to go one
week without having to help you.
Why you looking at me all weird, Benson?
I just
I really appreciate you
doing so much for my family.
Well, you're my family,
which I guess means they are, too.
Isn't this so romantic?
I mean, this is where two people
start their lives together.
And the bride stands here and says,
"I didn't expect to fall for you,
but you were right there all along."
And then the groom will be all
"I can't wait to spend the
rest of my life with you."
Did I miss anything?
That was perfect.
Wow, it's so crazy
how your whole future starts
with just one question.
Anyway, I have to go buy
four tanks of ammonia.
Score, free Buick!
Thank you for agreeing
to hear my big speech.
I appreciate your notes,
though I know there will be none
because I am perfect.
We promise to be brutally honest,
and queer girls don't lie.
Except about actually liking negronis.
Nobody wants that
herbal essence-ass drink.
Friends, Romans, Beyhive,
lend me your ears.
In every relationship,
there's a flower who
needs to be nurtured
and requires adoration,
and a gardener who tends
to their flower with love.
And if you're not in a relationship,
you are untended.
And die.
Withered and alone.
And then I'll do, like,
a joke or something.
My beautiful rose with
her prickly little thorns.
My attentive gardener who
knows how to handle her hoe.
"Hoe" with a "E."
Wow, I really thought you'd be a flower.
You have big "me, me, me" energy.
Oh, honey, back when I was
rich, I wasn't just any flower.
I was a damn orchid.
So, how'd you become a gardener?
There's only one way.
Total and utter humiliation.
Like going from being in the one percent
to serving one percent milk at Skybucks,
wearing a polyester apron.
My poor little Weedwacker.
Is anyone else hot in here?
I don't feel so well.
My darling, you're
damp as a polo saddle.
- Are you getting sick?
- Oh, no.
You're not getting me
sick before my big day.
What? They're just the dog and pony.
I'm the show.
Is it something you ate?
It must have been that leftover
sushi from Carly's FaFuDa.
Oh, and I thought wasabi was
supposed to kill the germs.
My orchid, come on.
Let me be your gardener.
I'll heat you up some tea.
I think I remember how my
butler Gerard Butler does it.
No relation.
No, I'm the gardener!
And I will never go back.
Oh, hello, rug.
Okay, um, this is going to sound crazy,
but I think Carly wants me to propose.
Propose what?
A toast to the ladies who lunch.
- To the ladies who
- No!
Why? What did she say?
We were at the wedding venue, right?
At the altar, and she looked beautiful.
And then she goes
"I can't wait to spend the
rest of my life with you."
And then she says
"Our whole future starts
with just one question."
What other question could that be?
I don't know. Carly says
a lot of crazy stuff.
You do know she just
graduated high school?
Tuscan strolls didn't transfer.
If this is what she wants,
it's just it's so soon,
and I had a whole plan.
Was your plan to get
married and divorced
and then married and divorced again?
But then after all the mistakes,
you finally wind up with
the woman of your dreams.
And now you're mature enough
not to rush into marriage.
But if Carly wants
to rush into marriage,
I am locked and loaded.
Oh, Freddie, a thousand times yes!
I'll accept this impossible
mission and do recon
and find out if Carly
wants you to propose,
all while floating just
above the laser grid
like a young Tom Cruise
or an old Tom Cruise.
He's still got it.
Okay, but don't just ask her.
You know, suss it out,
get to the bottom of it,
as long as she doesn't
know what "it" is.
Quick role-play: I'm Carly.
You're getting married!
Let's run it one more time.
(NERVOUSLY): Good plant.
Good plant.
This is the cleaner that
they use to clean cleaner.
Oh, Spencer, thank God you're here.
I am in the weeds.
How's that left hand feeling?
Why? Does it look naked?
Should I put that glove back on?
No. No, not-not a glove.
Maybe a ring might help.
And if so, would you want it
to be, uh, princess, emerald,
brilliant, old mine, pear?
Wait, why are you
asking me about proposals
at this very inappropriate
and inopportune time?
Because I'm quirky and unpredictable,
like my psych evaluation said.
Because Freddie wants to propose.
Isn't that exciting?
Harper, you're not well.
Let me prune your roots,
or whatever it is garden people do.
You think I'll be grateful
and I'll love you more,
but that's not me.
Harper Ellis Ross Bettencourt,
give me the armless shirt.
I guess I could be like
a teeny tiny flower.
(CHUCKLES): A bud.
Oh, can you grab that satin fabric
and rip it in half and
make it like a tuxedo trim
for that hideous thing?
See? This isn't so bad.
- Tinsley, dear.
- What, my love?
Caviar and a little champs.
Oh, and can you grab me some grapes?
And will you feed them
directly to my mouth
from yours, like a mama bird?
I could.
It's the only thing my nanny did
that ever made me feel better.
It's not working!
My nanny flapped her
wings when she fed me.
Hey, buddy. You got a sec?
So, what happened? Did you talk to her?
- Yes.
- And?
Yeah, no, it's a hard no.
Uh, what were her exact words?
She said, "No, no to all of this."
"This" meaning ?
You gonna be okay?
I don't know.
I suddenly feel like
we have very different
ideas of the future.
God, do Carly and I
want different things?
when someone does you a favor,
uh, you tip them.
Hey, guys, it's your girl Carly here
with some fun horticultural
facts by candlelight.
Fact one, "horticulture" is a word.
Fact two, carnivorous plants
do not like plant food.
They prefer raw hamburger meat.
Or, in a pinch, my fingers!
Just kidding.
Here is the last of it.
I got Seattle's finest
off-brand degreaser,
expired illegal fireworks
from my buddy Socko's cousin Boomer,
and an update on your
relationship status.
Later, guys.
There aren't really any
illegal fireworks here. Bye!
Wait, an update on my
relationship status?
- What are you talking about?
- I talked to Freddie
about the whole proposal thing
you have nothing to worry about.
He's never, ever gonna propose to you.
Wait, Spencer.
So you're saying that when I
gave you all my dumb answers
to all your dumb questions,
you repeated them to my boyfriend?
My marriage-obsessed boyfriend?
Not anymore.
Oh, my God, I spent this whole weekend
making this wedding perfect.
I got into Mrs. B's good graces,
hell, even Millicent finally likes me,
and now Freddie thinks
that I'd never marry him?
This could not get any worse! Oh!
Oh, my God!
customarily, when someone
does you a favor, uh
Freddie's not gonna leave
you. He just doesn't know
if you two want the same thing,
but I know you guys
are endgame. (CHUCKLES)
Yeah, I'm on TikTok.
We are endgame.
I love Freddie, and I want
to be with him forever,
but the idea of marriage
just freaks me out.
I mean, the big white dress.
Everybody I care about
in one room looking at me.
Everybody but Mom.
Are we doing this?
We having the talk?
'Cause you never wanted
to talk about Mom before.
Like that one Christmas
I started telling a story about her,
and you knocked over the
tree oh, there's a pattern.
This makes so much sense.
I-I wasn't stressed about Freddie.
I'm stressed about Mom.
Maybe the idea of
marriage spun me out so bad
because what if I do
the same thing to Freddie
that Mom did to us?
Hey, I get it.
Why do you think I've avoided marriage
for a revolving door of emotionally
unavailable, leggy women?
Your trauma's more fun than mine.
(CHUCKLES): Look, Carly,
there's a lot I may not know,
- like the capital of London.
- London's a city.
But I do know
you are not Mom.
You would never do to
anyone what Mom did to us.
I mean, look what a
great plant mom you are.
We got off to a rocky start,
but we're good now, right, Allegra?
Carly, I'm so sorry.
I'll wheel her out back
with the rest of the trash.
Six hours to make this
wedding venue absolutely
Spencer, how did you do this so quickly?
I am an artist.
Never question my process.
Also, I had a little help.
I'm just looking for the bathroom.
That makes more sense.
It took every last one of Mom's
vacuums to clean up the mess.
Did you guys stay up all night?
It's no big deal.
Can I get a little bit of that coffee?
Guess I'll go get my own coffee.
Are we okay?
Are you okay?
Because keeping track
of how you're feeling
has given me some real whiplash.
Look, I'm sorry for
all the mixed messages.
At the rehearsal, I just got
caught up in wedding fever.
A disease I know well.
But then the reality of
what that meant sunk in.
Yeah, okay. So what does that mean?
What do you want, Carly?
Freddie, I-I want you.
I never freaked out about marriage
because I never wanted
to get married before.
But being with you makes me
want to think about this stuff.
In a good way.
And also, as it turns
out, in a not good way.
Okay. So you want to talk about it?
The not good stuff?
I want to tell you everything,
because you're my person,
and I hope you always will be.
I'm not going anywhere.
My plan is to be here
any time you need me.
Why is that candelabra a tarantula?
Is it (GASPS)
BOTH: A tarantulabra.
Lewbert is gonna love it.
I cannot believe that
guy is marrying my mom.
You want me to blow up the venue again?
Are you sure you're
over your sushi saga?
I don't need regurgitated
salmon on my dress.
I haven't felt this good in years.
All eyes on me at this wedding.
- I think all eyes will be on me.
That's what Kate Middleton thought
until Pippa stole the show.
We flowers, we always find the light.
Go put your bridesmaid's
dress on, Pippa.
I'm wearing this now.
No. Enough things have gone wrong.
You have to put on
your bridesmaid's dress.
Good thing I brought a backup.
Is that p-p-p-polyester?
P-P-P-Put it on.
I'm wilting. Oh, I'm wilting!
Darling Carly,
please accept my apologies
for the state of your vest.
I did my best as Harper sang
the devil's lullaby in the bathroom.
And are you wearing polyester?
- Does that mean ?
- Mm-hmm.
Um, I'm gonna go get you guys
a couple of those negronis
you like so much.
Tinsley, I'm so sorry I went
full Black White Lotus on you.
Being nursed back to
health brought me back
to my rich, flowering ways.
But it was only because I
felt so safe in your care.
Never ring a bell in my face again.
Don't test a ho, no "E."
Ooh, I wonder if there's gonna
be sushi at the reception.
What is wrong with me?
Hey, guys, I found
Danica's formal beret.
I think the plant ate her.
Allegra's alive?!
I mean oh, no, Danica.
Should we postpone the wedding?
For Danica?
Cue the music. It's showtime.

Hey! Danica's alive!
Someone left a killer
plant by the bathroom.
Wait, you thought I was dead and
just went on with the wedding?
So, do you have, like,
some news, or ?
I got a text from Marissa.
They ran off to Vegas
for the high noon
elopement of their dreams.
The wedding is off.
Die, you bastard!
Hey are my keys in there?
Take an Uber, Danica, damn!
Guys, come on.
I've been looking
forward to this all year.
We have this place until 4:00,
and I did not memorize all
of Corinthians for nothing.
So, does anyone here
want to get married?

I didn't expect to fall for you,
but you were right there all along.
I can't wait to spend the
rest of my life with you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
You got a mom?!
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