Ice Road Truckers (2007) s10e04 Episode Script

Trial By Ice

1 Narrator: Now on Ice Road Truckers Art: So far I'd say this is the worst road yet.
I've never been on them, I don't know what to expect.
Narrator: the drivers take on new frontiers.
I can see how they call this the Death Road.
I'm on the road! Narrator: New blood Holy shit! Welcome to the ice road, baby.
Narrator: and It was somewheres around here where I almost went through.
Narrator: an old nemesis.
I gotta be fucked to be doing this.
Narrator: The ice road truckers could be facing their warmest and shortest season on record.
Open trails could be closed at any time.
And some roads may never open at all.
So the companies are doing what they can to survive.
Darrell: Alberta's a long ways from here.
Narrator: For Darrell and Lisa that means expanding the map into a new province.
You got them loaded up and ready to go? Long ways to Alberta but I'm on it.
All right, yep thanks, bye.
Fort Chip, Alberta.
- It may be a long ways away but it pays good.
- Okay.
I don't know what the road conditions like up there.
Stories I've heard is it's a very rough road.
We got this new contract going to Alberta.
It gives us the opportunity to expand into a new province, grow this company.
Well, let's get out of here.
It's gonna be a long drive.
I've heard these roads are real dangerous, but we're gonna take the risk to make this company survive.
(Truck doors shut) Narrator: Darrell and Lisa will be venturing farther than they've ever been before.
Hauling 50 tons of heating supplies over 1000 miles from Winnipeg to distant Fort Chipewyan over a trail nicknamed The Death Road.
(Chains clink) I've never been on 'em.
I don't know what to expect but these communities depend on it.
I depend on it; this trucking company depends on it.
Narrator: Traveling this far for a company with only a two truck fleet could be an overreach, but if they pull it off it'll be their biggest payout to date.
Hope for the best.
Narrator: Back in Winnipeg Good to go.
Narrator: Polar is looking to expand their team.
Just days ago Don't let me down.
I'm gonna give you a shot.
- Yeah.
Awesome, thank you.
- All right? Welcome aboard.
Narrator: 22-year-old Steph Custance, finally got the green light to join the ice roads battle.
Mark: It's a short season and uh, I've gotta get loads moving fast and I need all the drivers I can get.
I'm gonna take a chance on, on Steph.
Narrator: Now the rookies gearing up for her first run, but she won't be flying solo.
- Todd? - Yeah.
- Hey, Steph.
- Stephanie.
Nice to meet ya.
Yeah, I'll be convoying out with you.
Narrator: She'll be learning from Polar's best, company top dog, Todd Dewey.
You know what you signed up for? I don't really know exactly what to expect.
Well, you're in for one hell of a rodeo then, aren't ya? My first impression of Stephanie is she's a rookie with zero experience.
That's a recipe for nothing but disaster.
You know, it's hard to say how dangerous it's gonna be.
- It's dangerous no matter what.
- Yeah.
But with the weather we're having this year and everything that's going on, I-I'm nervous about it myself.
I have no idea what to expect.
I don't know what's coming but I'm excited.
Whatever man, let's go, hammer down.
So let's hit the road.
Let's get out of here and uh, see what hells gonna throw our way this year.
Sounds good, Steph.
Narrator: The convoy's mission retrieve two trailers that were forced to be abandoned last winter.
But to get them Todd and Steph must travel 500 grueling miles to Shamattawa, one of the most remote destinations on the Manitoba winter roads.
Here we go.
Are you ready to roll? - Fucking right.
Todd: (on radio) - Okay dokey.
Narrator: It's an assignment that would be a challenge for a veteran, but for a rookie it'll be a trial by fire.
Got a little spunk to her I'll tell you that.
We'll see how she feels at the end of the day or should I say at the end of the trip.
Out on the open road.
Fuck, yeah.
I'm doing it.
(Laughs) Fucking doing it.
Narrator: While the newcomer heads out on her first trip, 400 miles to the northeast (Truck rattles) Fuck! Narrator: the company wild card is putting his veteran skills to the test.
Art: rock a my baby in the old truck everything here will all beat to fuck Narrator: Art Burke's headed down one of the most notorious trials in all of Ontario.
I'm off to Sachigo Lake this morning with a load of building supplies.
It's pretty heavy I can tell by the feel.
I'd say we're maxing right to the shit.
It's a heavy load.
Narrator: Sachigo Lake falls on the outskirts of the winter road system over 500 rugged miles from Winnipeg.
(Truck rattles) So far I say this is the worst road yet.
(Truck rattles) Yet.
Narrator: The route's littered with uneven hills and punishing rocks that are breaking through under the crumbling muskeg.
(Truck rattles) Art: I don't wanna get stuck in here, cause if you get stuck God knows how long you're stuck.
Narrator: This season the deteriorating roads have already stopped drivers in their tracks.
I can't fuck around, can't fuck around.
Narrator: And no one knows it more than Art Hang on here.
- (Truck smashes) - Whoa! Narrator: who was stranded for nearly 24 hours on his first trip.
Well, isn't this wonderful? (Chains clink) Fuck! Fucking Christ.
(Truck rattles) Oh my goodness, b'y.
I can look forward to I don't know how many hours of this.
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh.
Well, I've come to this fork in the road.
Here we go again, eh.
Narrator: From here there are two ways to get to Sachigo Lake.
A longer path with plenty of extra rocky miles and a shorter one but loaded with a three mile ice crossing.
This looks like the spot last year and last year I went that way and that's where I almost went through the ice.
Art: Whoa! (Ice cracking, water gurgling) Broke through the fucking ice, man.
(Tires spinning) It's almost like flipping a coin, kind of thing, right.
Which way do I go here? (Truck door slam) So if I cross that piece of ice, road's are way shorter, eh.
So I'm gonna try it and see what happens.
Narrator: Art makes the call-- he'll face off with the crossing that nearly cost him his life last season.
If I'm sorry I did this, well, I'll be sorry I did this.
Narrator: Deep in the Canadian wilderness (Truck rattles) I'm on the road! I'm on the winter road.
We're fucking heading to Shamattawa, bud.
This is your big debut right here, girl.
This is what you've been waiting for.
Narrator: Polar's convoy of Todd Dewey and rookie Steph Custance are pushing down one of the toughest roads in Manitoba.
It's a good feeling to be here, it's a really good feeling to be here.
Every fucking bump is a good feeling to be here.
(Truck rattles) This means a lot; this is money for my kid.
Everything I do in my life is for my kid.
Just paying attention to her.
I got her right in front of me, right in my sights, I see everything she's doing.
I really want her to just get the feeling of the roads, you know, how it's throwing the truck around.
Narrator: It's Steph's first trip on the winter roads.
All right, hang on.
(on radio) This is gonna get rough.
Copy that.
Narrator: And the trail's packed with new challenges around every turn.
Todd: (on radio) Watch it.
(Truck rattles) Oh.
(Truck smashes) Holy shit! That knocked me right out of gear.
Woo! We're good, good to go.
(Laughs) Yeah, you're doing good.
I don't want to take no chances.
We're going to chain the shit out of these tires.
Steph: (on radio) Copy that.
Todd: (on radio) We'll stop right here.
This is a good wide spot.
(Doors slam) Narrator: Driver's put on chains for added traction, an essential step for surviving the ice roads.
Todd: Stephanie what are you doing? There ain't no way you beat me putting chains on.
Steph: Um, I'm looking at your job so I can figure out mine.
Um, I got all my chains laid out.
Just wanna make sure I'm put Todd: What are you trying to tell me here? Steph: I might not know how to put chains on my tires.
Todd: You're kidding me.
And we're going onto the ice road? Oh, lord.
Wow, I wanna take you right now and dunk your head in this frickin' snow bank.
Steph: (Laughs) Don't.
Yeah this is, chains are-- Yeah, you definitely need to learn how to throw chains.
I mean, and they gotta be thrown right 'cause if they're not on nice and tight, they're not thrown right, then your chains break apart then you don't got any, and then you're really in trouble.
This is all the stuff you should know before you even attempt to even drive the ice roads.
Get it all leveled out; your ice breakers are up.
Just tuck it under the tire just like that you got it.
'Kay, now get your bungees.
Just make like a big star all the way around.
That bungee cord probably has got more stretch than you weigh.
See and it doesn't help when they're ice cold like it is too.
There you go.
Then we'll do one right here maybe.
Nice and tight.
They look good.
There's only one thing left to do, hit the road.
Steph: - All right.
Todd: - 'Kay.
Todd: She had no idea how to throw chains.
It was her first time ever.
That uh, that's pretty scary.
Hammer down.
Ha, she's got high spirits, but I'm telling you right now, she's got a lot to prove today.
Boy it's going to be an exciting day.
(on radio) Okay, girl, here we go! Narrator: With the tires chained up and a new skill learned, the duo gets back on the road with over 300 miles still to go.
While Polar's convoy presses on, 700 miles to the west in Alberta (Wind gusts) (Engine roars) I'm leading, but do you know what the hell's going on down this road? I don't know shit about this, this Alberta stuff.
It's all new, it's all Alberta, haven't been here before.
Narrator: Darrell and Lisa are convoying on their most ambitious journey yet.
Into a new province, and onto a trial nicknamed The Death Road.
We ended up branching out our company and going to Alberta.
Long ride up here from Winnipeg.
Narrator: The contract would be the young companies richest to date, but the trail to distant Fort Chipewyan is a marathon and even with 900 miles behind them, they've still got 300 yet to go.
(Radio static) There's nobody else out here.
(Wind gusts) (Radio static) I don't like being this far out.
I can see how they call this The Death Road.
If anything ever went wrong out here you'd die before anybody else came along.
(Truck engine hums) Darrell: Things could get out of hand real quick in a situation like this.
You don't know what's ahead of ya? (on radio) Don't know what's around the next corner.
Take it as it comes.
I think that's why we're so good on these roads cause we're good at adapting ourselves to the situation.
Yeah, 10-4.
If anybody can get this job done it's me and Darrell.
Now we just have to prove that.
(Truck engine roars) We either succeed or failure's not an option so you never know Lisa: (on radio) I got a problem.
I just had a check engine light come on.
(Beeping) Oh, fuck.
- (Beeping) Lisa: - What a disaster.
Narrator: In Alberta, hundreds of miles from home Lisa: I just had a check engine light come on.
Narrator: Lisa Kelly and Darrell Ward could be facing a worst case scenario.
Oh, fuck.
(Beeping) Lisa: I need to pull over here and uh, check it out.
Darrell: (on radio) All right.
What a disaster.
(Rumbles to a halt, airbrakes hiss) Darrell: Fine time to have a problem.
Lisa: Um, so my check engine light come on and I wanna make sure everything's okay.
Darrell: Yeah.
Let's see what we have here.
Well, we do have oil in the water, lots of it.
Narrator: Oil from the engine is leaking into the coolant system.
There's a lot of oil in there.
You got an internal leak.
Narrator: If too much oil continues to bleed, the engine could seize up.
When you start the engine you're pushing oil into the water system which is what we don't want.
Narrator: With the leak it's a guessing game how long until Lisa's truck is un-drivable.
Darrell: We're gonna run it, we're gonna keep an eye on the oil and make sure it stays full of oil.
Narrator: Hundreds of miles from any mechanic or service station, they've got no choice but to press forward.
Darrell: There ain't much else we can do about it.
Put her into the wind.
(Truck engine hums) Narrator: Darrell and Lisa hit the long road, big money on the line and fingers crossed.
Lisa: Run with it, watch it, make sure it doesn't get low on fluids.
I have no idea if we'll make it.
Guess we'll find out.
Narrator: While the renegades press their luck, 700 miles to the east (Truck rattles) Oh, fuck.
Oh my God.
Narrator: Polar's convoy of Steph Custance and Todd Dewey is in the thick of it, and the rookie is getting a crash course on the winter roads.
Steph: I feel like a demolition derby driver or something out here.
Welcome to the ice roads, baby.
(on radio) Yeah, these roads are unforgiving.
(Laughing) Yep.
My frickin' door's opened up.
Narrator: Since breaking onto the ice roads four years ago, no job's been too tough Got the door shut now, ha, ha, ha.
Biggest load in history to cross this ice right here I'm hauling right now.
Narrator: or too big for Todd.
That's what I'm talking about.
Narrator: And he's earned the reputation as Polar's most reliable driver.
Todd: - Woo! Lisa: - Holy cow.
Narrator: So there's no better teacher on the winter roads.
Todd: Steph's doing a great job so far.
She's keeping a pretty good pace.
I don't want to push her too hard right off the get go.
(Truck rattles) Oh my God.
I actually have to raise my steering wheel because, actually I might need to keep it down so it keeps me down.
Todd: (on radio) Ha, ha, yep.
(Truck engine roars) The main thing you want to look out for on these ice roads is big bumps in the center of the road because if it's a great big rock that rock gets your oil can you know what'll happen.
Yeah, I'll fucking piss oil everywhere and ruin my engine.
Todd: (on radio) Yeah, you'll rip your oil can wide open and lose all your oil.
All right, sounds good.
I'll uh, yeah, I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Yeah, you betcha.
Yeah, what's going on, bud? Uh, headed up uh, winter road there to Shamattawa.
Todd: Oh.
Sweet Lord, thanks for the information we appreciate it.
That's good to know.
Thanks, buddy.
Todd: (on radio) Yep, you too.
Uh, hey Stephanie, you got your ears open? Uh, yeah, now I got my nerves going too.
Todd: Yeah, did you just hear that gentleman there that radioed us? Yeah, I uh I mean, what are we supposed to do about that? Ha, welcome to ice road trucking.
That's what happens.
Thank God.
It happens all the time so.
He said the road was still open and uh, all I can say is keep your fingers crossed, kid.
Well, we're almost there now so there ain't no turning back.
Hopefully we can get across.
Holy fuck.
I'll walk her through it and get her across it and we'll get back to trucking.
(Airbrakes hiss) I'm shitting my pants right now.
Go check out the ice.
All right.
I know she's nervous.
'Kay, well, this is it.
(Wind gusts) Out there, somebody's obviously fell through right there and that's why that's blocked off.
Crazy to think that, isn't it? Yeah, I'm, I'm kind of shitting my pants here.
Just stay away from that whole area.
Okay? Yeah.
Say I did go through, how fast am I going through? You're gonna go through probably pretty quick.
Holy fuck.
I know you have a kid at home and I got kids at home, but believe me I think about it every time I get onto the ice.
This is part of the job.
This is, this is ice road trucking.
You ready? I'm nervous but I'm ready.
Narrator: With a crossing that's already seen one truck break through, Steph prepares for her first time on the ice.
Okay Steph, I know you're nervous but we don't got all day.
There she goes.
Holy fuck, here it is.
(Ice crunching) Narrator: Deep in the Canadian wilderness Okay Steph, I know you're nervous but we don't got all day.
Narrator: rookie Steph Custance is facing the first ice crossing of her career.
There she goes.
Holy fuck, here it is.
Narrator: A truck's already broken through on this crossing.
Going on the ice.
Narrator: And all the newcomer can do is hope to avoid the same fate.
(Ice cracking) So far so good.
I'm nervous cause I gotta listen for the ice cracking and I'm, I'm concerned because I mean, we're on a river.
It's not just a lake where you know, when it goes down it's sinking.
Here it's got current underneath.
Narrator: The water plummets to depths of over 100 feet and combined with the rivers swift current there'd be no chance for survival if the ice doesn't hold.
(Ice cracking) Steph: (on radio) - Hey Todd.
- Yeah? Steph: (on radio) I'm feeling really nervous.
I hear the ice cracking.
Todd: I know you're nervous.
(on radio) Don't speed just in case and don't get nervous when you hear the ice popping.
(Ice cracking) Yeah, I'm nervous.
You can hear the ice flexing.
Now I want to get off.
(Ice cracking) Todd: I feel for her.
That first time I heard the ice cracking and popping it's, it's pretty nerve wracking.
(Ice cracking) (Engine hums) She's staying on the right path and she's got, looks like she's going about the right speed.
Ooh, second gear.
(Ice cracking) I've never wanted to go even slower so much more in my life.
(Ice cracking) Yeah, I see the end.
(Ice cracking) I just made it to land, I think.
I did, yes.
(Crying) Feels so great.
Todd, I made it.
Todd: (on radio) You make it? Yep.
Todd: (on radio) Thatta girl.
Todd: (on radio) Your first real big ice crossing.
I'm proud of ya.
Good job, junior.
Couldn't have done it without you, papa Todd.
(Laughing) Oh, this feels so Todd: (on radio) Okay, well, if you made it that must mean I'm gonna make 'er too.
I'm coming across.
I'm so happy.
It's a really emotional moment in my life.
It was huge.
It was triumphant.
I felt like woman.
(Laughs) Todd: Look at the glow on your face.
Steph: I have to hug you.
I do.
You have to give me a hug.
I am so excited.
Thank you so much.
Todd: I'm proud of ya.
Good job, junior.
Oh, I'm so proud of myself.
That feels so good.
That's an accomplishment.
You're playing with the big boys.
Well, there's only one thing left to do.
Hammer down.
We still got more miles to go and there's one more crossing at the end of this run sometime tonight or possibly in the morning so.
- Okay.
- Let's put some miles on.
- Let's get back to trucking.
- Okay.
- Proud of you, junior.
- Thank you.
I haven't seen a smile like that on someone's face in a long time.
Ah, so cool.
I'm taking that one to the fucking bank, man.
Narrator: While Polar's convoy pushes towards the final stretch deep in Ontario (Truck engine roars) Around this time last year that I came through here.
I nearly went through the ice.
I'm hoping that's not gonna happen again.
Narrator: Art Burke's headed down the shortcut to Sachigo Lake and on a collision course with an old nemesis.
I mastered every ice road that I've tackled so far except the one up here where I nearly went through.
My fucking truck so I gotta go with it.
Okay, b'y.
It's too late now.
There is no turning around here now.
(Airbrakes hiss) (Wind gusts) (Truck door shuts) It was out there in the middle someplace.
- (Ice crunching) Art: - Whoa! (Water gurgling) When I went through the ice that day I definitely got the rush, b'y.
(Engine roars) What the fuck! (Engine revs) Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
Art: And the water was all bubbling up everywhere.
We're going through the fucking ice, man.
I thought this could be it, eh.
We're going through the fucking ice here, b'y.
Fucking God almighty.
I was thinking, "I'm gonna wait until it gets up to the door.
" When it hits the door I'm out, right? Well, well, well, well, well, well, well.
So I'm gonna conquer this lake then I'll have it under my belt.
This is the one b'y.
This is the one I'm gonna conquer.
Away we go.
We are on the ice, buddy.
That's doing some fucking cracking, I'll tell ya.
Narrator: On the crossing 50 miles out of Sachigo Lake Away we go.
We are on the ice, buddy.
Narrator: Art Burke's looking to conquer the ice and his deamons.
That's doing some fucking cracking, I'll tell ya.
This load's heavy too, eh.
Narrator: The fragile ice is bending from the massive 30 ton load.
A far heavier haul than Art pulled when he broke through the same crossing last year.
(Ice cracking) It was somewheres around here where I almost went through.
Holy fuck.
Look at all the big cracks in it, eh.
(Truck rattles) I want to check this out.
This is all cracked to fuck, look at it.
(Ice cracking, popping) Oooh easy.
(Ice cracking) I gotta be fucked to be doing this, eh.
(Ice cracking) You ask me what was going through my head when I almost went through the ice, I had one thing on my mind, b'y-- to get the fuck out of there.
(Ice cracking) And I got pretty much the same thing in my mind now.
Listen to the fucking thing cracking.
(Ice cracking) We're nearly off the ice.
Fucking shit.
She's cracking.
Holy fuck.
We're almost there.
Come on, come on, come on.
And Artie is off the ice.
I mastered the ice road that I couldn't master before.
There's a fucking rush to this.
Some people skydive like I ride my bike too fast.
I do everything fucking to the extent, right? To get that rush like.
(Chains clink) Now when that's cracking and popping and all that stuff underneath you this is kind of fun.
I mean, I'm a little fucked but I like this.
Don't tell anybody for fuck's sake.
Narrator: With the ghost of the crossing behind him (Honking) Well, we're here.
We made it all the way in here.
Narrator: Art makes it to remote Sachigo Lake and once again comes through for Polar.
We're startin' to unload the truck.
I conquered the last ice crossing that I couldn't make last year.
You know, if ya, if you fall you always gotta get up and go again, eh.
And I wanted another crack at that lake.
So you just gotta get up and go again, man.
Tackle it again.
Thank you very, very much.
Thank you again very, very much.
Thank you, buddy.
You have a good one.
Might be a quick season, man, so I gotta get the hell out of here as quick as I can.
Get flipped back in here perhaps with another load and it'll be great.
(Door shuts, shifts gears) (Truck engine hums, honks) Okay, boys and girls we're off.
Another one under my belt, eh.
Now it's time to kick ass back, man.
Fasten your seatbelt, buddy, cause we're empty, we're headed home.
Hammer down.
Narrator: While Art breaths a sigh of relief, 800 miles to the northwest in Alberta You need to keep a good eye on the oil pressure.
Narrator: Lisa and Darrell are sweating it out on their company's longest haul ever.
Check engine lights on.
Staying on too.
You got an internal leak.
Losing oil out of your crankcase is not a good deal.
We need to get these loads delivered, get that truck to the shop and get it repaired.
You do have oil in the water.
Lots of it.
Narrator: Midway through the long journey Lisa's engine sprung a leak.
Darrell: Which is what we don't want.
Narrator: Despite bleeding oil for 6 hours and 200 miles the engine hasn't seized up yet.
My engine's screwed.
Hopefully, we're getting close.
Copy that.
Narrator: Now it's a race against the clock to see if Lisa's truck can make it through the final stretch before the engine gives out.
Lisa: Just question whether we'll make it or not.
(Truck rattles) This sucks.
You know if this truck doesn't make it out of here you know this business could sink, could go down.
Narrator: In the farthest reaches of Alberta Lisa: Hope that I can just make it.
Narrator: the clock's ticking on two renegade business owners.
Darrell: Just a little farther.
Narrator: Pushing over 1000 miles the teams trying to pull off the longest haul in company history if Lisa's engine can hold on.
Hopefully we're getting close.
(Truck rattles) (Truck engine hums) I see a village off to my right here.
You don't think that's Fort Chip, do ya? Yeah, off to my right.
Narrator: Finally the team reaches the outskirts of Fort Chipewyan.
I cannot believe that I made it.
Narrator: Lisa limps into the drop off point.
We survived the roads, we got our loads delivered.
Now that's how we do it.
(on radio) You did good.
Lisa: It was a long way.
It was a tough trip but we did it.
Narrator: The truck can be repaired in town for the ride back.
Lisa and Darrell have successfully expanded the winter roads map.
Darrell: It's good, Lisa, we made our first load to Alberta.
It was huge progress for us as a company expanding to a new province.
We locked in the contract.
This company's surviving, this company's expanding.
Do you have somebody lined up? - I think so.
- All right, let's go get it.
Narrator: While one convoy's completed their mission, 800 miles to the southeast the competitions still got a convoy on the road.
Shamattawa's coming up close here so we're gonna get in there, find our trailers.
Narrator: Under Todd Dewey's mentorship.
rookie Steph Custance, is only 50 miles from completing the road into Shamattawa on her first ice road's journey.
Hey Todd, do you got a copy? Yeah, Steph, go ahead.
What's up? Steph: I'm just wondering uh, are we going all the way? Are we gonna stop or what's the plan here? You know, we're this close, I think we should just get into Shamattawa go find our trailers.
you know, our, our haul and uh, gonna bunker down right next to them for the night and that way we're just ready to go for the first thing in the morning.
What do you think? Sounds good to me, buddy.
We pushed this far might as well keep trucking.
Good attitude.
I like the attitude.
She does a good job.
She, she's got a lot of enthusiasm and I like that.
But we haven't got into the hard stuff yet.
So I got my first ice crossing during the day and looks like I'm about to get my first ice crossing at night.
I'm feeling like the most worked in first timer ever.
(Chains clink) Coming up to the ice crossing.
Now uh, that doesn't look right.
Hey Todd, do you got a copy back there? Yeah, Steph, I'm right here.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm coming up to the Shamattawa night ice crossing right now.
I'm seeing some barricades up here, man.
What? Steph: Yeah, I don't know.
I'm seeing uh, I'm seeing some barricades.
It doesn't really look like I can get on to the ice.
Todd: (on radio) Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Well, if there's barricades up that only means one thing that the ice crossing into Shamattawa is closed.
That we are not getting across the ice.
Oh, no way.
Narrator: The convoy is stuck dead in their tracks.
Todd: They have barricaded it as unsafe.
We ain't makin' any money.
Narrator: After 500 bone-crushing miles, Steph's first trip and the convoy's critical mission could be a complete bust.
Narrator: Next time Todd: (on radio) Hold on.
Narrator: on Ice Road Truckers - (Chains clink) Todd: - Whoa! Narrator: the warm weather tears the roads Alex: Saint Theresa Point closed.
Narrator: and the crossings apart Darrell: Look at the ice cracking right there! What the fuck! Narrator: and has the drivers holding on - (Truck honks) Art: - Whoa! Fuck! There's a fucking truck.
Narrator: for dear life.
Art: - Hang on.
- (Truck honks)