ID-0 (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Compressed Sin

1 I'm delighted, Kane Arisugawa.
That's impossible! Me being Kane in the past? Then why would my ID data be missing? And what about Sam Tailor, who looks exactly like Kane? His body must be a clone then.
That's possible.
The clone has different experiences than the original, so his biological data could be different too.
Yes, the only sinner here is your mind.
Your body is at no fault.
Really? To Mind Trance into a clone must mean that if you're not within a certain distance Precisely! Just as I expected, Kane.
This technology can only be perfected by you and the unparalleled amount of neurons in your body.
Are you trying to obtain eternal life by wandering from body to body forever starting with Kane's clone? While it's true there are old people who want exactly this, you're wrong about me.
I want to make you atone for your sins by your own body.
To atone? Hmph.
So if I'm Kane the sinner, then who are you? Triwaker, the third of your clones.
Oh, are you going to name the next one Kane Tetrawaker or what? Do you really not remember, Kane? Me, Adams Forte Chevalier? I'm dejected! Even though we were sworn friends! doko e nagarete tadoritsuku no ka? Where will you end up, caught in this flow? Who will you spend your life searching for? dare o motomete ikiru no ka? If what you have right now is fate koko ni aru no ga sadame nara You may as well embrace it as you proceed into the distance isso gyutto dakishimete kanata made You must be here now Traveler of time, close your eyes! toki no tabibito yo mabuta tojite With enough speed to pierce through the stardust hoshikuzu o koeru supiido de Dive into the stars monogatari no hajimari made Until you reach the beginning of your story You'll have to struggle and claw your way through! mogaki agakitsudzuketeiku zero kara nukedasu Place your faith in a nascent age One that lets you break free from zero! aoki toki o shinjite Calling you, calling you everywhere utae sakebe samayoibito So raise your voice and let out a yell, wanderer! haruka na negai e to Heading for your far-off wish tsumi mo ai mo nagashite go away! Wash away your sins your love and go away! tamashii goto yurase yurase Shake, shake your entire soul! inochi tadoru Heralder You're a heralder following the course of life! Sworn friends? Sworn friends, you said? Me and you, really? Exactly, Kane.
I know everything about you.
Your education, personality, favorite food, your type of women.
Aah! Everything! He said his name was Adams, right? Adams Forte Chevalier After developing the Mind Trance System with Kane Arisugawa and Jennifer Record, he and Jennifer went missing.
So he's been calling himself Kane for a while now? Kane! Does my name really ring no bells? It's Adams! You must remember! If you really are alive! Mr.
Ido! WRYYY! You hear?! I'm the one who made your body like this! Remember it! Hate me! And scream out my name! Dammit, can't they at least contact us to say if they've made it? Pops, MT Industries is close, I'll take a look.
Somehow I just have a horrible feeling.
I agree, I'll go as well.
Ido, hang in there! Mr.
Ido! That's odd.
Ido should be able to easily dodge attacks like those.
Kane, you really can't remember? Then I'll have to just eliminate you here.
No way, his own body? You should've never appeared again Wait! Hmm? I held up my end of the bargain about bringing Ido and Alice here, but my reward is nowhere in sight.
Give me back my body! Body? Return your body? I see.
That's a good idea.
That's right, I could've just done that.
Alright then, I'll fulfill my promise.
Ido! Hmm.
Karla-Milla Foden was in Mind Trance for 10 years, but she seems to be fine.
Karla! Ms.
Karla! Then you should be fine as well.
As your friend, I'll put all my heart into this gesture.
This is an act of mercy, Kane.
Ido I I It might be a clone of your own body, but you've still been apart for 30 years.
There are bound to be some difficulties.
Let's confirm it all again to be sure.
My past, Kane.
And yours.
The Mind Trance System uses Orichalt to transfer someone's consciousness data Mr.
Ido's memories? The consciousness data of yours truly, Kane Arisugawa, is present right in this machine.
This technology is one you could call necessary for an age of space exploration.
The Mind Trance System.
The presentation results were superb.
We're getting investors one after another.
To the success of the Mind Trance system! Thank you, Kane.
We should be able to save Alice now.
Big bro Kane, will my sickness really get better? Of course.
If we move your consciousness into an I-machine, it should stabilize your mind.
Even if it's inside a machine, as long as Alice can stay alive This girl is my hope! Alice? Alice! Alice! Stay with us, Alice! Alice! The system isn't completed yet! Transferring her in critical condition would be But there isn't any other way to save her! I guess there's no choice MT System launched! Releasing Orichalt from containment! Why? Why isn't the I-machine moving? The numbers are all normal Yes, Alice's consciousness was definitely transferred.
It's fine.
Alice is still alive.
What about this is "alive"? Kane! Please, turn her back! You're the one who designed this, right? Bring Alice's consciousness back! K-Kane! There's a concentrating around the Orichalt! This shape Alice! Alice! Alice's consciousness manifested in the Orichalt? It's trying to build a body it perceives itself as? What's going on? What's happening? Alice! Alice! No!.
It Miguel Jumped? Adams, how is Jennifer? She won't be leaving the hospital soon.
The mental shock was just too strong.
I see.
It's a shame.
Stopping the MT system's development? Why? Our names would be forever recorded in history! It's just a temporary break.
After researching the atomic structure within the shards of the Orichalt that Alice's mind transferred into we've found traces of what appears to be an artificial material.
Are you talking about that old theory, the Rajeev mechanism? Indeed.
The Orichalt retrieval system from an unknown space civilization.
But there's no solid proof it exists! Same goes for the theoretical Amatsu Mikaboshi that humanity could control Adams.
Who always comes out on top in our arguments? Still But we can't just stop using Miguel Jumps for space advance anymore! Even though they use Orichalt! It's until we discover the Orillian.
Orillian? Humanoid-type Orichalt.
Are you talking about Alice? I am.
Until we discover it, we should stop all use of Orichalt, including Miguel Jum- You're always like that! Deciding thing and going through with them all on your own! Of course, you're a genius, Kane.
But without me and Jennifer the MT System would've never advanced this far as a project! I have no skills as a businessman.
I am grateful to you two.
No, you don't understand! If Orichalt use is stopped, the economy will fall to ruin! Are you trying to destroy humanity? Why not? Around 90% wouldn't be a problem.
I always wanted data like that.
You Hm? Is that why you withdrew your Rajeev paper back then? To wait until humanity builds a society with Orichalt at its core? A long-running scheme, but it worked out quite nicely.
It couldn't be Was Alice on purpose too? Of course.
I'm quite pleased how good of an Orillian she turned to be.
You I was against it, Jennifer was the one who forced me to.
Well, until the actual experiment.
Adams, after removing the baggage attached to Jennifer you can go after her Kane! Adams! Stop messing around! You were the one who betrayed us! This is your sin! You can't stop humanity anymore! Yet you said it was worthless! The life of humans! I'll do it in your stead! As if I'd let someone who doesn't care about people at all do this! Stop it, Adams! If you perform a mind transfer with these parameters, there will be malfunctions! Don't look at me with those miserable eyes of yours! Stop it! Are you trying to make a lab rat out of me?! K-Kane Thank you for everything.
No good, they won't respond no matter how much I call.
Should we break right in? They said the security was strong, we probably won't be of much use.
Aah, if only sis Karla was here now! Mr.
Ido! Mr.
Ido! What did you do to him? Calm down.
I want you, Mikuri Maya, to remember what's going to happen here.
Huh? There must be a reason why you're here now.
So I want you to be a witness.
The person who knows the truth about Adams and Kane.
After transferring his mind to an I-machine, I brought him onto an exile ship under the guise of a test machine.
As a machine that couldn't even die, only think.
That's cruel! To treat your best friend like that! Wrong! I couldn't bring myself to kill him exactly because I still thought of him as an old friend! That's right, I wanted him to still be alive.
Now, let's both see just how he came to escape the exile ship and transfer his mind to another machine.
Hahaha! I'm free! Free! I'm free! I'm Me Myself? Who am I? What is this I-Machine? It's nothing but n/a's! The ID data There is none?! What, Kane doesn't know himself? That's right I remembered.
It's the machine for detecting my ID data without using the Federation's database.
A safety net in case there was a problem with a Mind Trance, made to recover the consciousness of Kane Arisugawa.
Unbelievable You prepared something like that just for yourself? And you kept this secret from me and Jennifer You are despicable! Yeah.
I must've been a piece of shit, not going to deny that.
I can't remember my feelings and thoughts at the time.
But as for why I would recklessly seek out Orichalt.
I guess Kane must've had regrets.
To find Alice, who turned into an Orillian and disappeared to who knows where I think this thought must've been buried deep into my subliminal mind.
Emotions? Or a lust for data? How should I know, in my current state? Anyway, looks like your memories are back.
Congratulations, Kane! I want you to tell me.
If you robbed me of my memories, why bring them back now? You know already! Now that you've found the Orillian, surely you must have a plan about what to do with the wandering planet, Amatsu Mikaboshi! Or rather, Rajeev! I have a plan.
But I'm not telling you.
Huh? You won't be able to accomplish it anyway.
Aah, I missed this hubris of yours.
But now I'm a person who made MT Industries the best in the world, connections to old man Hakubi who can pull political strings, and even capable of ordering the army around! In that case, promise us our safety and give the command of the plan to Grayman- That can wait! Just look at this! Rajeev is already destroying Fifth! This is You didn't want the world to know, and this is the result.
You waited until Orichalt became inseparable from human life on purpose to relish this apocalyptic sight, you devil! If you have the slightest trace of conscience left, then Then let me tell you! Abandon Orichalt! If you do that- Not a choice! The majority of people won't be saved! Are you going to say that 90% of humanity should die again? Are you? Even if there was a different way, I wouldn't tell you.
Kane! I'm not.
I'm Ido the Excavator! Mr.
Ido! I'll make you guarantee my comrades' safety.
By force, if I need to! Comrades? Using a word like that, you're certainly no longer the Kane I knew before! Regrettable! I want to know: why do you use Kane's body and name? I told you! Mercy and atonement! You're lying.
You needed it to continue the business.
Not the name of Adams, but Kane! Having used Kane's body and name for dozens of years, can you really still call yourself Adams? Whose fault do you think it is? I am myself! That's right, exactly! And I'm myself too! The one here right now! Don't liken me to a miner! My name is Adams Forte Chevalier.
I will defeat you here, and regain myself! Transferring backup data.
You're always like this! Looking down and treating me as inferior! But time has changed! I have improved! I must improve! For the sake of mankind! His accuracy got better! He's reading his movements! Kane, the devil treating humanity as guinea pigs! Learn the power of mankind! Mr.
Ido! Dear miner, was the fact my attacks started hitting a surprise? You must've taken a backup of my mind when you transferred me.
Analyzing it, you learned how I'd defend.
Your mind truly is bright, disgustingly so.
But your correct! Enough of this.
Against Rajeev, the countermeasures I found 20 years ago will do.
There will be sacrifices, but we will prevail.
Humanity will win, with me, Adams, at their lead! He dodged? Once you know the trick, countering is possible! Observation! Theory! Proof! The basics of science! Calling yourself a scientist? You're just a damn sentient toy soldier cobbled together! And how will you respond to this? Act on my theory to get proof.
What? What are you talking about? Ms.
Karla! Run away! Quickly! Karla-Milla Foden.
Karla! My comrades Are you trying to say you won't abandon them? That's paying my debt for tricking you into coming here, Ido.
These still won't do anything good! What about this then? All of the remaining energy! What? T-This is- You're a former scientist too.
You should be able to make a theory based on observing this.
Kane is really inside of you, I'm certain now.
And now, to give you proof! We'll meet again, Kane.
How many times do I have to say it? My name is Ido.
Ido the Excavator! Do you think Mr.
Ido is fine? Ms.
Karla? Yeah.
Are you two safe? Ms.
Karla! You look just like your avatar in expanded space.
I'm sorry, I I get it, don't say anything.
Let's escape before they come back.
Are you okay? Yes.
I'm just not used to this body yet.
Pretty weak of me, don't you think? No, I don't What's weak is your endgame, Kane.
A-Adams? It's been so long since we left our home behind Drifting on the Milky Way almost every single day Where am I supposed to go? What're we really looking for? Stumbling in the darkness, cold and lost But a ray of hope still exists in my heart Rain or shine, always chase the dream Someday we'll fly across the sky, never fearing anything We'll promise that we will go on Even if you're against the wind, never stop! Don't look back! We'll one day rise above it all (Never give up) Who cares? Oh, if the going's tough Never think, keep pushing on! We can find our promised land! Thanks to Kane's consciousness data I've learned how to use the Orillian.
If I include Kane's ideas in my plan Humanity will prevail! It won't perish! I won't let it! Wait! Alice! Shejumped Stop it Adams You can't do it Those who exist create memories.
Those who die leave traces.
Who will perish? Who will be buried? In front of all of creation, our sins are inevitable.