Imposters (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Trouble Maybe

1 Previously on "Imposters.
" Well, I guess we should find someplace - we can sell the ring.
- I know a guy in Scottsdale.
This is not inspiring me with conf Guys, I don't say I got this unless I got this.
Where's the ring? Where's the cash? We got to go, son.
Ezra Bloom, you're under arrest.
We'll all go to the station and wait for the FBI together.
My town, my people.
I totally got this.
We'll be safe from the FBI in Mexico.
Then we sell the ring Straight up, I don't have the ring.
We're fleeing to Mexico without the ring? - So which one is you? - Hmm? We make them ourselves at the harbor.
Ooh, one of those new age places for rich yuppies? I haven't had sex in so long.
I'm such a loser.
You are like a dreamer waiting for someone to dream about.
Ready to go? Anybody need a ride? Maxie.
If you turn me in, he'll kill me.
Rules of the game, Sal.
Chin up, Max.
It's better to be sad than dead.
These people, they used to work for the Doctor.
Seems he's got a pretty strict policy when it comes to loyalty.
Scorched earth mode, Max.
Yes, Doctor.
I'm just looking for a nice quiet life in a nice quiet town where nobody knows me, clean slate, and some real stability.
A happy, normal life.
Hi, I'm Shelly, Shelly Cohen.
I'm fairly confident you know my ex-wife.
You're Lenny Cohen's husband.
- Ex-husband.
- Bingo.
Now, come on, Maddie.
Aren't you gonna invite me in? How'd you find me? Don't answer a question with a question.
That's rude.
I'm in.
Look, I didn't take anything from Gonna get right down to business? What happened to manners? What happened to hospitality? I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Let me get you a coffee or No, thanks, I'm not thirsty.
I love what you've done with the place yeesh.
Well, I just moved in.
Haven't exactly had time to fix it up.
Yeah, and you don't really have a knack for hospitality, do you? But we can discuss home decor on our little road trip.
Road trip? Well, yeah, the Doctor is very anxious to see you.
I'm just trying to start fresh, you know? A normal life here.
[chuckles] A normal life, yes.
And what is a normal life to you, Maddie Jonson? Do tell.
I don't know, maybe something without lies and deceit.
Sounds boring.
Time to go.
Please, please Mad What? Why am I here? Hmm? [groans] Maddie.
Okay, here we are.
In about 15 seconds, you're gonna go unconscious, but then we can go see the Doctor.
Just let yourself go to sleep.
Don't be afraid or do, I don't really care.
[groans] Okay, okay, that hurt.
That hurt! Talk about a lack of hospitality.
[groans] Shit.
Maddie! [knife clinks] [groaning] [wincing] Hey.
- Hey there.
- I need your help.
Yeah, are you okay? No, I'm not.
I think I want to go to the harbor.
Yeah, no, sure, of course.
I think there's an orientation tomorrow.
No, no, no, right now, I have to go right now.
Please, please.
I feel like I'm falling apart.
Okay, okay, it's gonna be okay.
I'm just gonna take her.
Do you have the keys? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
All right, just come with me.
Right this way.
[exhales] [winces] Hi, would you like to try some of our [distorted speech] I [female voice] Grey-headed tit Morning dove Common loon [Latin hip-hop music] [indistinct chatter] - Hey, there.
- How are you? - - And how's that coyote drawing coming? I'll take it to Herman, and I'll see you tomorrow with your new name.
- Gracias.
- Adios.
[Latin hip-hop music] [laughter] - Here I go.
- You go, girl.
- What happens in Mexico - Stays in Mexico.
Tequila makes me have to pee.
[laughs] So, what do you say, Robbie? Another one for the road? Hmm? Oh.
I got mugged a few days ago, so I'm kind of low on fundage.
Shit, baby.
Well, I'm buying.
Two more.
- No problem.
- But you got to flash that smile one more time to my girls.
They didn't think I had it in me.
Hey, girls, give Robbie a wave.
[together] Hi, Robbie.
Hi, girls.
Now, give me a kiss.
Por favor.
[women cheering] [speaks Spanish] Muy gracias.
You said $200, right? $200, thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- Have a nice day.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
Hola, Eddie.
- Selling something nice? - Oh, yeah, they paid well.
American dollars.
Excuse me, excuse me, is this yours? I found this on the ground here.
That's my wallet, thank you so much.
Have a great day.
Please, please take this from me.
- Oh, no, come on.
- Please, please, please, let me give you some.
It's very kind of you, thank you.
- I insist.
- Have a wonderful day.
- Thank you so much.
- You too, bye.
What a nice man you are.
A generous reward? Not so generous.
But this ought to make up for it.
Mm! Well, well.
I may have something for you.
- You're too kind.
- A present.
Thank you.
Have a wonderful day, my friend.
I most certainly will.
- Enjoy the life.
- [indistinct chatter] Hey.
Everything okay? You're late.
Sorry, Mom.
Wasn't being a dick.
I just thought maybe you got lost again.
Sounds kind of dickish to me.
Gracias, amigo.
And you sound drunk again.
Probably because I am drunk again.
But it did not stop me from working.
What the hell? This isn't even 100 bucks.
I thought you were meeting women every night.
I am.
So are you not closing? I'm closing.
I'm just not gonna take money out of people's purses.
That's the con.
That's not a con, okay? That's called stealing.
The whole thing feels wrong.
And, to be honest, I'm a bit out of jam.
Jesus Christ.
You don't have to sleep with them, you know.
You just have to take the money out of their purses - when they're not looking.
- It's called honor, man.
You get these ladies back to their room, and they look at you with those "I'm gonna masturbate about this "for the rest of my life" eyes.
What am I supposed to do? We had a code, remember? Assholes only.
And these ladies aren't assholes.
Yeah, the code became kind of moot when you left the $1.
3 million ring - in a jar in your mom's house.
- Yeah, Richie's an idiot.
Stop picking on me for a moment! Hey, relax.
We're not picking on you, okay? But I have to get Esmay another 5 grand by Friday, or we don't get the new passports, which is the only way we get to lovely Scottsdale and that friggin' ring.
So if you don't like your con, find some other way to make some money.
We're fine.
Ez, how much? $2,500, U.
That's half of it.
How did you Whoa, dude.
You got all this from picking tourists' pockets and shit? Well, no.
What do you mean "no"? I mean, I was killing it, but there's no way to raise the kind of money we need a few hundred at a time.
And I saw some opportunities, so I improvised.
I went to a printer and made some little fold-outs, sold some river tours.
Matt's Historical Boats, everybody.
There were historical boats? Well, rickety gondolas, but they did the trick.
Matt's Historical Boats.
And then I upped it and started selling, you know, actual boat tours, half off if you waited a week.
And then, I was just like, "Screw it," and I just sold, you know, an actual boat.
[singing in Spanish] [mariachi music] I think we're doing this today.
We really doing this? Let's do it, man.
- Let's do it.
- Let's push for it.
Put it where the money is, yes.
There it is! [cheering] - Salud! - Yes! [chuckling] What? We agreed not to attract attention, lay low, be smart.
How is making all the money we need in three days not smart? Yo, I think he's actually getting off on this.
[scoffs] Maybe, so what? Nobody who gets conned is innocent.
They all wanted something for cheap.
Now you're starting to sound like our ex-wife.
For real.
Ezra, seriously, you got to stop.
Find something else to do.
You're always talking about that anything else.
- Jules - And you, we have some serious work to do when we get to Scottsdale, okay? We got to be sharp.
[burps] I'm sharp as shit.
God damn it, I'm not kidding, okay? The two of you, cold turkey, today.
- Okay, fine.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Just, no more lying to each other, okay? Or else we're just deceiving, lying little Maddies.
Okay? We have to trust each other.
What else do we have? I like that.
Sorry I yelled.
So I guess we need a new code.
A post-Maddie "we won't be Maddie "to each other" code.
What do we call it? El codigo de las ex-esposas.
Condom in the soup? Code of the ex-wives.
No lying about money, right? Okay.
No lying about sex.
No lying about drinking.
- That's for you.
- Stop looking at me.
Well, if the shoe fits, buddy.
No lying about emotional eating.
What? This is a safe place.
You will be safe here.
That's what I keep telling her.
Good, that's good.
I left in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't get a chance to grab any of my credit cards - or any of my stuff, but - Not to worry.
Plenty of time to straighten out the details.
Your time here will be dedicated to the idea of wholeness, finding the elusive harmony between mind and body.
Group sessions take place once a day and are the one requirement.
And each guest has his or her own advisor to discuss how things are going.
We have a small boutique if you need to pick up anything, and your room has a beautiful view of the garden.
You'll begin your stay with a complementary sampling of our spa services.
In our meso pool, you'll feel stress and tension float away as the salt waters quiet the mind and soothe the body.
Our welcome infusion will allow your natural defenses to soften.
- Why am I here? - Why am I here? Abhyanga means attending to the body in the present moment, a semantic entryway into finding wholeness, body and mind learning from each other.
Maddie? [gasps] You okay? Yeah.
Wow, really getting in there.
Good job.
Good afternoon, Cedarvale General Hospital.
Yes, hello, I'm calling about my brother, Shelly Cohen.
Apparently he had been in some kind of altercation, and we can't seem to find him.
So I was wondering if maybe he was admitted at Cedarvale.
Sheldon Cohen, let's see.
You're a relative? Yes, sister.
Please hold.
Move the energy.
This is Detective Miller.
You're Mr.
Cohen's sister? [phone beeps] [Spanish chatter] Come on! Come on, come on, come on.
Damn it.
[indistinct chatter] [tense music] - Ay, dios mio! - Oh, my god, I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? [stammers] ¿Bueno? Perdon, no good the English.
Um You don't sound Mexican.
Where are you from? Colombia? ¿Eres escritor? Oh, a writer, no.
I'm just scribbling, really nothing much at all.
I mean, I always wanted to, but Yeah, sure, go ahead.
"He had always longed for adventure, "but when adventure came, it was different than what what he" - Imagined.
- Imagined.
"Adventure" means I like going places, doing things the unexpected.
[laughs] Okay.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, mucho gusto.
[frantic salsa music] - Missing something? - [gasps] Perdon, no good the Spanish.
Give me back my freaking phone.
Your phone for my wallet.
You flirted with me too quickly.
What? You trip over my foot, it's a classic opener, sure.
But instead of being pissed off, you're, like, instantly flirting with me? But you seemed to like it.
Maybe, but it was premature.
Made it easy to your wallet.
Only because I let you.
- You let me? - Yeah.
And why did you let me? Well, you're very beautiful.
[laughs] You're trouble, maybe.
I have to go.
That's 570 pesos.
What now? I think you forgot to give me back my money.
I don't like you so much.
Well, maybe I'll grow on you.
I'm going to work.
Oh, that's funny, I'm just headed that way.
Can I walk you? [scoffs] [mischevious music] What's your name? Oh, come on.
My name is Eddie.
Got it.
Your name is Eddie, and you're a thief.
- I'm not a thief.
- You're definitely not a writer.
"He had always longed for adventure.
" Really? So why'd you pick me as your mark? - Mark? - Yeah, victim, you know, person to steal from.
Why me? You were sitting there with this faraway look, with your baby dog eyes, like you are living some kind of idea, but in the real world, easy to push over.
Well, I guess you were wrong.
I didn't know Baby Dog Eyes was a con thief.
Artist, con artist.
Artist, right.
- - I thought you were going to work.
Shh, just buy your tickets.
All right.
[siren wailing on screen] How much do you get for doing this? If annoying boys aren't talking, I get $300.
Not bad.
What's your name? Shh.
Do you ever work with someone? You know, a distraction con is much easier and safer with a partner.
I work alone, okay? And this has been fun, maybe.
But I think it's time for you to say good-bye.
If you find a partner you trust, you'll be safer and make twice the money.
Dios mio, you talk so much.
When I find someone I want to talk to, yeah.
Twice as much money? At least.
And I'm supposed to trust you? We can do a job together, see if we fit.
You think you and me fit? Only one way to find out.
"Pawn shop"? [tense music] Well, and there you are.
Hello, Doctor.
Seems you're quite overdue for a checkup.
I've been waiting.
So where should we begin? Look, I told you when I found out that Sally had taken Elder's body We won't be talking about that.
Tell me what happened after Sally.
Once we found out that this Patrick guy was FBI, the plan was to take him for the ring and 500 grand in cash and bring it all back to you.
Maddie double-crossed me.
She double-crossed us all.
Why didn't you come to me right away? I don't know, fear and shame.
And how did I not make him as a fed? Look, I'm speaking truth here.
I'm giving you the full deal.
Believe me or don't, but I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life on the run.
And maybe this is pathetic, but if I'm not working, if I'm not working for you, then I'm kind of dead already.
So put me back to work, or just ing kill me.
Very interesting, Max.
Write this down.
4540 Kingston Road, Maple Inn, Room 206.
There's a key at the desk for you.
Go, wait there.
You'll have your answer tonight.
Hola, American coffee, please.
You're a musician? I'm studying at the academy.
And someday you'll play the Danzon No.
2 at the Palacio, right? You know that piece? It's one of my favorites.
Would you play something for me now? Here? No, I don't think so.
Okay, will you at least show me your violin? I love a beautiful instrument.
You can see it, but you will never, ever touch it.
That's beautiful.
It must be a real joy to play.
It is, yes, but better solo.
I I left my wallet at home.
I'd be happy to pick up your check.
Absolutely not.
Aw, rats, thought I was getting somewhere.
Holy shit.
It's a Valenzano.
- A what? - A Valenzano.
You see the "V"? The great Italian luthier? This this has to be at least worth $10,000.
This piece of shit? No way.
Yeah, at least $10,000.
Do you think she doesn't know what it's worth? She just left it here to go and get you, what, 15 bucks.
I can take it and sell it.
We can split the money.
You're a thief.
That poor lady's coming back for this.
Get out of here.
- What? - No, get out! All right, I was only kidding, buddy.
Keep the change.
De nada.
[laughing] Yeah? That idiot gave me 20,000 pesos for a stupid violin we bought for 5,000.
- Yes! - That was fantastic! I mean, the two of us working together, we were so ingrainly.
My name is Rosa.
[laughter] Your best room.
Your very best room.
Got it! Okay.
Okay, got it.
You doing better? I was kind of worried there.
No, I'm good.
Settling in, you know? Haven't reached nirvana yet, if that's what you're asking.
Well, you're just getting started.
That's my man Walt.
You saw him at the booth this morning.
It took him a while to get into the groove too.
You mean your man like "main man" or your man? I guess both.
Lucky me, right? Really? Wow.
Oh, no.
Are you heartbroken? Were you holding a torch for me? Please.
I was just surprised, that's all.
No, no oh, my You thought I wanted you to come here so I could seduce you.
That's not at all what I was saying.
Oh, my God, you did.
Damn, I am flattered, unless, of course, you think everyone wants to seduce you.
That's not what I'm saying.
I'm saying I am usually a little more perceptive.
Well, then, physician, heal thyself.
You know, maybe turn that perceptiveness inwards.
I was wondering where you've been hiding.
Welcome back.
- Hi.
- Hi.
This is Molly.
It's her first day.
Oh, I'm so jealous.
The first time is always so special.
Linda Langer, I'm from Chicago.
Really? I don't know why I'm always compelled to add that little tidbit of info, but I do.
Anyway, it is good to meet you, Molly.
Pleasure to meet you.
You know, I happen to know where they hide the real cocktails in this joint.
Would you care to join me? God bless you.
We'll catch you later.
- Bye.
- Bye, doll.
Where are you from? [soft music] You know what? ¿Que? I think maybe we fit.
[laughter] Thank you, gods above, for sending me an artist, and not just a thief.
Rosa? I don't believe it.
[lively percussion] Not really smart to go back to the scene of a crime.
Then again, you do seem to like getting caught.
Was that the plan from the beginning? Screw me then take all my money? Well done.
What's this? Since this morning, I doubled the money I took from you.
I tried the trick you told me about the store receipt.
Um Wow.
Did you check out of the hotel yet? Actually, no, I have the hotel for another [door opens] Oye, muchachos.
Hola, Guapa.
Jeff Katz, Brendan Philips, and Eunice Chase.
Here we are.
Who? Gonna take our new passport pictures.
You're drinking? I thought we talked about this.
- Oh, it's just beer.
- Seriously? Okay, who do you want to be? Brendan? Jeff? I prefer Eunice, but I can be flexible.
All right.
Jeff, Brendan, let's see what you got.
[upbeat Latin music] - Mm-mm.
- No.
A no.
Oh, hello.
That's a person; that could work.
[camera shutter clicking] Hmm, not bad.
Thank you.
Looks like you broke through that writer's block.
I figured out a story, and now I'm just following to see where it takes me.
It's almost like I'm living it.
So what's the story? You really interested? Okay.
So it's based on my cousin, Callie Shuman.
It was short for Calvin.
He was sick of living in Indianapolis, so he took a globe of the world, spun it around, stuck his finger on it, and decided to go wherever it stopped.
It's kind of exploring themes of reinvention in the postmodern psyche of the young American male.
And there's lots of awesome, mind-blowing sex.
Yeah, what do you know about awesome sex? It's fiction.
[soft music] Maddie Jonson.
No "H" in Jonson.
How does a girl from Pottsville become Stop it, stop it.
Maddie Jonson, Saffron [echoing] See, I love you.
Alice, Alice.
Ava Bloom, 117 61 Molly? Hi, there.
Must have dozed off.
Well, you found a good spot to do it.
Are you ready? For what? For your first one-on-one.
I'm Gail, your advisor.
How about we get you some coffee? I can use some myself.
I'd like to start with the basics.
So if you have any questions, of course, that's great too.
Sounds good.
You're tugging at your clothes.
Is this uncomfortable for you? No, it's very comfortable.
Tell me, were you in therapy in Indianapolis? Indianapolis? Did I get that wrong? Oh, no, you got it right, actually.
I've been just moving so much recently, that I put down Indianapolis as my last permanent address.
But you got it.
I understand you came here in a rush.
It sounded quite intense.
It was.
I was in a dangerous relationship.
Very unhealthy for me.
But I got out of it.
And it's okay, you know? I'm okay.
Mm-hmm? This is a place where you don't have to be okay.
Thank you.
Ending a relationship, no matter how unhealthy, is an upheaval.
So it's very important that you understand why.
Why why I left? I think Why you were there in the first place.
That's easy.
I think I was in love.
And? And isn't that enough? Apparently not.
Well, then I guess I was in love with the wrong person.
But why? I would propose that when you started the relationship, you were a little bit the wrong person yourself.
Not sure I'm following you.
That's okay.
Can you tell me why you're crying? I don't know.
That's okay; you don't have to know.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
I promise you.
Right down to the bottom.
Hey, Robbie, my man, how's it hanging, bro? Low and to the left, amigo.
No, not for me.
I'm off the sauce for a minute.
Got to get back in game shape.
All right, no problem.
That should cover my tab, with a little extra for your hospitality.
Aw, man.
That's really nice of you, thanks.
Whoa, whoa.
Your tab's officially cleared, man.
Good man.
[women speaking French] Good afternoon, ladies.
Welcome to the Nighthawk.
What can I get you? We are want many drinks, and, uh, the most funs here.
- The most - Funs.
We want the most funs.
Robbie, they want the most funs.
Are you the most fun? [women speaking French] I am.
I am the most fun.
Let's go ahead and start a new tab.
Let's go ahead and do that.
Yeah, yeah.
[dark music] [chatter on TV] Do me a favor and get it over with.
I'm not into dramatic death scenes.
Oh, Maxie.
Always so bossy.
I'm not gonna kill you.
At least not just yet.
I don't want to run around I don't want to run around