Impulse (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


1 [bright tone] [desolate music] CLAY: What are you doing? You must be freezing.
CLAY: You should really cover yourself up.
Wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea.
Yeah, you're right.
Let me help you.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, get in.
I don't I don't think I should Get in the fucking truck.
[bass-heavy music over speakers] Um I should probably go.
Go where? Um No, I'm being serious.
Zach, get off of me.
JENNA: Please, no.
- Stop! - JENNA: Get off of me.
Just relax, okay? Stop! Get off of her! Stop! No, no, no.
- Please stop, please.
- Come on! - Jenna, Jenna, Jenna! - No, no! Jenna! Clay, please help me.
He's hurting her! Please.
ZACH: Jenna, I just want to make you feel good.
Clay, unlock the truck! ZACH: Calm down.
Unlock the fucking truck! Jenna! Jenna, I'm here! Run.
Run! Henry, go! Henry.
Henry! CLEO: Henry! Henry! Henry! - DOCTOR: Still in status.
- Known history.
Seizing for over ten minutes.
Push two CCs of Ativan.
NURSE: BP is dropping.
99 over 52.
- Okay, sweetheart, I'm here.
- Come on, come on! Please, you have to wait here.
Wait, but I but I [quavers] [haunting futuristic music] BILL: Whew, what a fucking night, huh? Help your brother get to bed, would you? [sighs] Lucas.
Look, we'll call Cleo and Thomas in the morning, okay? There's nothing we can do about it right now.
Just help your brother, all right? Why don't you help him? Why don't you stop fucking around? Okay? We got a big day tomorrow.
No, we need to call it off.
The meeting.
Amos Miller didn't hurt Clay.
- Henry lied about the whole thing.
- Oh, this shit again? She told me tonight when we were upstairs.
What do you mean? Why would she say that? - Why would she lie? - Why don't you ask him? Ask him what happened the night of the accident.
- What's he talking about? - I don't know.
- Hell, you don't know.
- Don't.
Stop it, man.
Henry came here and she told Clay - Lucas, don't! - Why do you think Why do you think we have a broken window? - Hey, shut the fuck up! - Because you fucking hurt her! You tried to fucking rape her! Hey, fuck you, Lucas! - What? - CLAY: I would never do that! Dad, I would never do that.
CLAY: I tried to tell Lucas.
Henry's lying.
- Yeah, I believe her.
- BILL: Hold on.
You're my fucking brother! How could you believe that bitch over me? BILL: Look, there is no reason for us to get God, stop acting like a fucking victim, Clay.
I'm so sick of it.
You act like you are untouchable! - BILL: Lucas - LUCAS: I am tired of cleaning up after your shit! I'm tired of cleaning up after everybody's shit! Stop it.
You're tired.
We all are.
No, you told me you told me what I needed to do.
You said, "Lucas, take care of this family.
Do what's right.
Do it for your brother.
" - Dad, what's he talking about? - Stop.
- But you were wrong.
You were wrong.
- Stop it.
Not here.
I shouldn't have done that.
I shouldn't have listened to a single fucking thing - that you ever fucking said to me! - Stop it! None of it happened! What you said none of it fucking happened! Calm down.
Now listen to me.
Okay? Listen to me.
Pop, I shouldn't have ever done that.
Go to your room.
- CLAY: Dad - Now! What you did was right.
Yes, it was.
Yes, it was.
All right? Now you need to cut this shit out.
You're letting this girl get inside your head.
You don't need this right now.
We don't need this right now.
Now, let's get some rest and we can talk about it in the morning, okay? DR.
WEAKLEY: Henrietta is experiencing some kind of extended non-convulsive seizure.
It's different than the ones that she's had, and Well, frankly, it's different than anything I've ever seen before.
CLEO: Well, what does what does that mean? DR.
WEAKLEY: Most patients who experience non-convulsive seizures do so when they're awake, and some people don't even realize that they're happening, but obviously, Henrietta has been unconscious for several hours now, and that, in and of itself, is a medical anomaly.
But the good news is that she's in stable condition, and there's no signs of brain damage.
Yeah, that that is good news.
Okay, well, what do we do now? I mean, what are you what are you gonna do? We're going to continue to monitor her.
Is she gonna wake up? She's gonna wake up, right? It's our sincere hope, yes.
CLEO: Well, how long can she stay like this before DR.
WEAKLEY: Right now, we want to just, uh take things one step at a time.
We're gonna continue to run some tests and make sure that she has everything that she needs, but the longer that she is in the seizure, the higher the risk.
[mournful music] [door slams] Mom - Hi, honey.
You hungry? - No.
Mom, listen.
I need you to come with me, okay? Jenna needs us.
She's been attacked, okay? - She needs our help.
- I'm sorry, sweetheart, but I'm stuck here.
Besides, we're gonna have dinner together as a family.
Mom, Jenna needs us.
Steve's making us lasagna.
Crispy edges, just the way you like it.
Isn't he the greatest? - What the fuck? - STEVE: Hey, hey, hey.
Not in front of the big guy.
Don't you just love it here? [loud knock] - Phil? - [belches] Mom, I I don't I don't understand.
- What's going on? - PHIL: Hey, Henry? Hello? While you're up, fetch me another beer, would you? I'll get you one.
Mom [whispering] You promised me that you were done with this asshole.
I know, but give him another shot, for me.
I need you to snap the fuck out of this shit.
This is not fair to me.
I need you.
THOMAS: Don't be so mean to your mother.
She's doing the best she can.
HENRY: Thomas Thomas! Thomas! Can you listen to me? Jenna is in trouble.
She needs our help.
Okay? Zach is trying to I think I think he's gonna rape her, so I - I can't.
- She's your daughter! Yeah, but I have to stay here with your mom now.
- She's gonna leave me soon.
- [laughs] [loud knock] Hey, gang.
I brought wine.
- CLEO: That's so sweet of you, Bill.
- BILL: Mm I'm I-I don't BILL: Henrietta, why don't you go up to your room so your mom and I can have some privacy? Yes, sweetheart, listen to Bill.
Don't you always end up there anyway? [Bill laughs] Hi.
You're You.
What are you Get off my bed.
It's my bed, too.
[high-pitched ringing] [loud whoosh] Do you hear that? It's close.
What is? Monster.
I have to hide.
- [whimpers] - Wait! What the fuck? Hello? YOUNG HENRY: Hello? [grunts, winces] [melancholy music] Hey.
You get any rest? CLAY: A little.
You know, family shouldn't talk to family that way.
- Tell that to Lucas.
- Well, I'm telling it to you right now.
Look You know, you boys are all that I've got.
This is not the life that I wanted for you.
I know it's not the life that you wanted for yourself, and that's on me.
That's on me, you understand? I'm sorry, son.
I am so sorry.
Why are you saying that? Because a man oughta own up to his mistakes.
If for nothing else, then because it'll eat you up from the inside if you don't.
It's just one of those things you start to understand when you get older.
My father used to tell it to me all the time, but I was too stubborn to listen.
I'm hoping it's not gonna be the same way for you.
I need to know what happened that night.
Between you and Henrietta.
Dad, I already told you.
Clay, this is just you and me right now.
Okay? I don't remember.
I don't remember a lot.
We were making out, and I guess I mean, she wanted it.
I know she did.
I know when a girl You know? I mean, I thought she wanted it.
You thought she wanted it? Yeah, she seemed into it.
Is there a chance that she wasn't? How am I supposed to know what's going on in someone else's head? Did she put up a fight? Did she say no? [sighs] I don't know.
I don't know anymore.
Maybe she tried to say no.
Hey You made a mistake.
That's all it was.
Look This stays here.
You understand? What you just told me, you can never say to anyone else.
What about Lucas? I'll talk to him.
That was it was just a mistake that you made.
Son, it doesn't have to define you.
I'm gonna take care of it.
I'm gonna do everything I can to protect you, okay? I told you You boys are everything to me.
[loud pounding] Ma'am.
CLEO: Sorry.
I can get you a bottle of water, if you want.
There's a machine down the hall.
A cigarette would be better, but thank you.
[sniffs] You know, when I was pregnant with her, I thought, "This kid's gonna change my life," but I had no idea how.
And she was always a little pistol, right out of the gate.
I mean She never made anything easy.
But I love her for it, I do.
I can never tell her that, of course.
But I'm so proud of her.
For being She's so stubborn.
I mean, stubborn as all get out, right? But that's what's gonna make her this interesting, powerful woman.
I just I had no idea, I mean no idea, how much I was missing.
I know her, and I knew something wasn't right.
I pushed so much shit on her.
But I just I wanted her to be happy for me, you know? And so everything that she did or she said that I should've questioned, I just let it go, but I should've pushed.
She was trying to tell me, you know? And I didn't listen.
Does she talk to you about Clay? I don't I don't know what She told me right before all this.
She told me he hurt her.
CLEO: Do you know what I'm talking about? Jenna, if you know something, please I need you to talk to me.
I don't I don't know a lot.
I I was just home, you know, when she got back.
JENNA: She never would've said anything to me otherwise.
When she got back from where? It was the night of Clay's accident.
JENNA: She was upset.
Like, it's hard to tell when Henry is upset, but Did she tell you what happened? No, not completely.
Did he Did he rape her? I think he tried.
Oh, my God.
- [crying] Oh, my God.
- JENNA: I'm sorry.
I tried to convince her to talk to you, but you know Henry's Henry.
But I I think something happened with Clay's dad after that.
With Bill? What do you mean? I know that she's scared of him.
Why? She didn't say, but it's it's all of them.
Henry's afraid of all of the Boones.
[desolate music] Hello? [gasps] [ominous musical tone] [gasps] Why'd you do this? He didn't do anything wrong.
I di I didn't.
I [echoing] You killed him.
You killed him.
LUCAS: It's your fault! [disquieting music] Oh, shit.
Fuck! [breathless] Oh, okay.
Hold on.
Hold on, just just one second.
Out of breath.
- Townes? - Hello.
Jesus, you scared the shit out of me.
My glasses are too big to fit under this, so It's really heavy.
Yeah, why are you wearing that? TOWNES: Oh, this is my costume.
You should really think about getting one.
All superheroes need them to keep their identity a secret.
I'm not a s I'm not a superhero.
Look, I need your help with something.
Like like Like, as a as a friend? Yeah, sure.
Have you seen a little girl anywhere? What do you mean? I don't know.
She was in my bedroom, and and then she was just gone, and She said there's a monster, and I think it's trying to hurt her.
[desolate music] And I'm pretty sure that she's me.
Like, when I was a kid.
I think I'm supposed to protect her.
Why are you smiling? Because this is your hero's journey, to rescue the little girl.
TOWNES: Don't you see? That's why you're here.
You'll need this.
Come on, take it.
[girl screams] Let's go.
Come on.
I thought we were clear, Deputy.
Got a lot of shit on my plate.
Jeremiah Miller and the Boones are gonna be at the dealership today.
Could be an exchange.
How do you know this? I have a source.
Really? That's all you're gonna give me? It's a chance to arrest the Mennonites and the Boones on U.
It seems like enough.
I don't trust perfectly wrapped gifts.
There's always a catch.
Look, I have reason to believe that Lucas Boone killed Amos Miller.
I want to make sure he's held accountable.
[chuckles] You regret it, don't you? Defending your partner for shooting that kid? Where do you get off? Just a question.
I didn't see what happened.
Yeah, but you knew.
White cop, black kid, unarmed.
Three bullets in the back.
Look, it ain't rocket science.
Okay, this does not have - anything to do with that.
- I ain't judging.
[crinkling food wrapper] Look, if we get ours, you'll be a step closer to getting yours, but you know how it works.
You want Lucas Boone, you build a case.
We'll be in touch.
[door closes] [whispered] Asshole.
[sighs] JEREMIAH: Lord, we reach out to you in our time of crisis.
We ask that you protect us, and wash away our sins.
Grant us the strength to face our enemies with compassion and understanding.
Be our shield against evil.
For your divine justice, we pray.
ALL: Amen.
[desolate music] If you wish peace, prepare for war.
We would be foolish to travel blindly.
Come home.
You as well.
[truck door closes] [truck doors closing, engines starting] - Townes - I just saw your dad walking around outside in the cold.
Yeah, he's he's not really a big fan of hospitals with my mom and everything.
Should I have brought marijuana? - What? - It's polite to bring a sympathy gift when someone's sick, and the only thing I know Henry likes is marijuana.
I I'm sure it'll be okay.
- Look - I was thinking.
What if she's in some kind of power coma? Like, a coma resulting from a malfunction of Henry's teleportation powers? Yeah, I don't know, but I think that we should tell them the truth.
Who? Cleo, my dad, the doctors And reveal Henry's powers? No, definitely not.
- But - No, that's rule number one.
We never do that.
She's sick.
I hate more than Jenna, you're not used to people looking at you strangely, but they will.
No one will believe us, and if they do, they'll probably call the military and lock Henry up in some compound and do tests on her like she's a lab rat, like like in "Flight of the Navigator.
" No.
The last thing Henry needs is a betrayal of friendship.
We can figure this out on our own.
What about her dad? We could try to find him.
I mean, she she teleported to that house.
And for all we know, teleportation Could be genetic.
Okay, I can go through Cleo's things at the house, see what I can find.
Your hands are so dry.
Put some lotion on them.
[sighs] [desolate music] [monitors beeping] Um, excuse me? Can someone come in here, please? - I think something's happening.
- [machines beeping] Heart rate's increasing.
Sweetheart, fight! CLEO: Come on, fight.
[Young Henry screaming] [loud rumbling] [breathing heavily] All right.
- Let's go.
- TOWNES: I can't.
This is the threshold.
You need to cross it yourself.
Townes, I told you I needed your help.
- Why can't you just - TOWNES: 'Cause you're the hero, Henry.
Only you can save the little girl from the monster.
But what if I can't? [girl straining] It's you.
Don't touch her.
She didn't do anything wrong.
[straining] You sure about that? YOUNG HENRY: Ow! Stop! Please, please, just leave her alone.
[whimpers] You're not the only one who's special, Henry Coles.
[gasps] HENRY: It's okay, it's okay.
I'm not gonna let him hurt you.
- [low whoosh] - [grunts] - CLEO: Oh, shit, what's happening? - NURSE: Get the doctor.
Henry, I'm here.
I'm right here.
Oh, my God! - Shit! - NURSE: Airway's tightened.
Okay, five milligrams of midazolam.
Step back, ma'am.
Please, step back.
- Oh, my God! - DR.
WEAKLEY: Get her some oxygen.
- I've lost the lead! - NURSE: I'm trying to reach it.
Henry, Henry, wake up! Please wake up! [machines beeping] [muffled voice] [muffled] Henry - MAN: Henry! Henry! - [giggles] Henrietta! Oh, ho, ho, ho! - MAN: I've got ya.
Argh! - Dad? I'm gonna get you, bucko! You can't.
You're too slow.
- MAN: Too slow? - Why, I'm the fastest pirate in all the land! [laughter] MAN: What's your move, lassie? [laughs] You got me.
MAN: I've been struck down by young pirate Hank, the strongest pirate I ever did see.
Wake up! Wake up! MAN: Okay, I'm awake, I'm awake.
I'm awake, Hank.
Awake, Hank.
[loud rumbling] The monster's back.
Remember? What do you mean? Henry Come on, come on! - Dad, stop - Come on! Come on! - Come on, it's okay.
- Please It's okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
Be quiet and stay here.
Please, don't do this.
I can help you.
Just Give me a chance.
[high-pitched whine] Please! Please! [gasps] It's not good enough.
There's got to be something more you can do.
Just because the medication didn't take doesn't mean I've given up.
She's stable, for now, and I've got calls in to a number of specialists.
In the meantime, we are gonna monitor her condition You're gonna monitor her condition? - We're going to keep her comfortable.
- Yeah, okay.
I'm sorry.
I wish I had better news for you.
Me too.
[cries] You know, darling, she's strong.
She's a fighter.
She'll pull through this.
- Please don't.
Just - Hey Please don't.
Just don't.
I just can't stand here anymore! What are you what are you whoa, where are you going? - What do you what is wrong? - She needed me, and I did nothing.
I did nothing.
I have to go.
- Cleo - I have to go.
Just call me if she wakes up.
I-I'm telling you, Pop, I just I have this feeling like they know.
Okay, they they - Look, they know it was me! - The Millers don't know shit.
I told you they think it was an overdose.
Yeah, of course they're gonna tell you that! Do you really think that I would ever put you in harm's way? [breathes deeply] Huh? - BILL: Of course not.
- No, no.
I told you, I got this thing handled.
I just need you to trust me.
You do trust me, don't you? - Good.
- Yeah.
Look, I spoke to Clay.
They way I see it, Henrietta told Clay she hurt him because she wishes she had.
Just a broken girl's way of causing chaos.
Makes a hell of a lot more sense than some girl crushing your brother with her super strength, right? Yeah.
BILL: I mean, you saw her at dinner.
Jesus Christ.
She's as handicapped as Clay is.
Yeah, right.
All right, now look.
Pull yourself together and meet me and the guys at the shop.
The Millers will be here soon.
- Okay? - Okay.
And do me a favor.
Stop treating Clay like shit.
He's been punished enough.
[ominous music] [phone rings] [line trilling] [line trilling] CLEO: This is Cleo.
Leave a message.
Cleo, it's Anna.
Look, I I shouldn't have lied to you the other night, but there's something you should know.
It's not safe for you to go to work today.
Stay away from Boone Motors.
Look, I wish I I could tell you more, but I can't.
Just Can you just call me back? Okay.
[door slams] CLEO: Bill? Uh, uh, Cleo.
- Hey, uh, is Henry okay? - Where is he? Where's your father? I need to talk to him.
Oh, okay, he's he's busy right now.
Look, you you cannot be here.
Listen, this is really not a good time right now.
I know what Clay did to my daughter.
[pulsing music] - Oh Uh - CLEO: Did you know, Lucas? - Did you all know? - No.
Is that why he hired me? To make nice? No, no I mean, I don't know.
I I don't know.
- He said something to her.
I know he did.
- Okay, listen to me.
I get it, I do, but we just can't talk about this right here, okay? You need to get home.
Listen, it is not safe here.
Cleo! Cleo! Get your fucking hands off me.
D just wait.
[breathing heavily] [loud noise] [ominous music] Henry.
[Jenna grunts] Put the knife down.
Get the fuck out of my house.
Okay, whoa.
Hold on, I get it.
I get how this looks.
Of course you're scared, but I think we can help each other.
See, I'm not here for you.
I'm looking for Henrietta Coles.
Thought you'd end up back here.
Why can't you just leave me alone? Where'd that come from? Get out of my room.
I'm not gonna do that.
Get out! Get out of my fucking head! Get out! Get out! - Say you're sorry! - Nope.
Say it! Say you're fucking sorry! - Say it! - Nope.
No, you heard You have to say it! You have to say you're sorry! Just admit what you did.
Just admit what you did to me, please.
[crying] Just tell the fucking truth.
Just say it.
[shrieks] [Henry cries] [desolate music] Please.
[shrieking] [crying] Please.
- [sobs] - YOUNG HENRY: Stop.
[breathing raggedly] I c-can't.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
If I do that, then he'll get away with everything.
With everything that he did to us.
You told me to kill the monster.
I'm killing the monster.
I'm doing it.
But he's not the monster.
I didn't I d I didn't I mean, I thought that I was protecting us.
[monitors beeping] [monitors beeping loudly] [gasps] [panting] Shit.
[noises downstairs] Stay calm, all right? You just give me the knife and everything's gonna be okay.
Just give me the knife.
Leave her alone! Leave her the fuck alone! Henrietta Coles.
Listen I know a lot about you.
I know what you can do.
Probably more than you know yourself.
It always starts with seizures.
You took my dad.
[stabbing sound] [tense music] [whooshing, dishes shattering] [desolate music] [whooshing] [groans] [spits] [gasps] [groaning] [synth music] [warm tone] [bright tone]