Impulse (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

The Tether

BILL: You took my family away from me.
Show me! Four.
I trusted you, and you lied to me.
HENRY: No, no, no, no! Two.
On my knees, all my life I've been sold a chase Hustling hope for dollars, try cope a day A day Under condition, we on our way to the top We got the world at our fingers We make the penny drop [BREATHING HEAVILY, CHUCKLES.]
I'll say it loud till I mean it Talk like I be the messiah When I'm on top, I'm on top, I'm on top of the world See me run, see me run, see me run with the girls I'm on top, I'm on top, I'm on top of the world Need a break, then I'll take to the top of the world On my knees, all my life I've been sold a chase Hustling hope for dollars, try cope a day A day Euphoria, I missed you like a new treasure We go so good together Search all my life to find better But I won't hold my breath I'll just fill up and deliver They got attention deficit Wait for the good Lord to visit All my life turned to dust Oh, no, I don't have a degree.
No one knew who to trust Had a chance for good life But, um, I'm a hard worker.
See me on tele, see me on billboards and banners See me white picket fences Now watch me build up my palace Ha, ha, ha And a fast learner.
Won't forget where I started when we would Pray from the gutters 'Cause I'm on top, I'm on top I'm on top of the world Send me up, send me up with the diamonds and pearls I'm on top, I'm on top, I'm on top of the world And they can talk, they can talk But I got the good word Man, it's crazy, undefined, brand-new It's amazing I got high on a view But tonight I'm feeling tired and alone Dear Lord, I hope we didn't go wrong I think I'm winning Feel like I might Feels like I'm in it Feel like a god [GROANS.]
WOMAN: I'm so sorry about that.
WOMAN: Is she all right? MAN: Did you see that? [INDISTINCT WHISPERING.]
I'm sticking with you, honey You make the whole world sunny Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey You got that golden heart Been loving it from the start Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey [LUC'S GLOW PLAYING.]
Surf's Up.
Uh, do you have any Oh.
And what about Parmesan is on the table.
You're living dreams You're living like a Kennedy Isn't what you had envisioned Miss? So you're fading out These mushrooms are burnt.
They're full of carcinogens.
You're fading now Okay.
I'll take care of it.
GRADY: Sorry, no deliveries today.
Carryout only.
Hello? These mushrooms have cancer.
You wonder if there's light if you could fly away You're gonna leave this town But you're holding out Hey, did you get ahold of Jason? He caught whatever Casey has.
Oh, right.
Hey, did you get the Tsunami The Tsunami pizzas out? Yeah.
- Did you drop - Drop table six? Yeah, they're good.
You shine brighter than all the others You fly higher than the stars above Oh, thanks.
You glow Oh, you know [SIGHS.]
Where did all of these people come from? It should die down soon.
Yeah, we're totally screwed.
- Okay.
Hi, Iris.
Um, is Greg around? I was hoping to talk to him about getting back on the schedule.
You know, after everything that happened with Bill and the dealership, I Which part exactly? Iris, I did not sleep with Bill.
Come on, it was just a job.
I I'm truly sorry, Cleo.
I am, but you quit, and we had to replace you.
Well, there has to be something.
I mean, maybe I could cover some shifts or just fill in until something [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING SOFTLY.]
I don't really know if that's a good idea.
Hi, Cleo.
Sorry, I I know I know it's weird just showing up like this.
Um, I just, uh You following me? No, no, I, uh I heard what my dad did.
Are you, uh I mean, how are you? I'm okay.
Cool, good, good.
Um look, I just, uh I just want to thank you for everything that you said to me in that car.
I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't.
You were always so nice to me, and and I'm doing better.
I'm a better man now because of you.
And I want to thank you for not pressing charges.
Most people, they wouldn't be so forgiving, so It's not about forgiveness.
I just want to move on.
Henry and I, we we want to put this whole thing behind us.
I'm glad you're okay, Lucas.
Really, I am.
You too.
Do you know where your dad is? You don't have to worry about him.
You're safe now.
GRADY: All right, let's see what we got here.
50, $11.
50, $12.
Wow, that's really impressive.
And that's not all.
Staci with an I and no E.
And a heart.
Are you gonna text her? [SCOFFS.]
She's not really my type.
Well, I got $19 even, so Damn it! You beat me.
I know.
Well, then that's good.
Yeah, you'll need it for all your, um your fancy bio textbooks, right? Um, I'm actually thinking of going to art school.
Art, really? Like, uh, drawing, painting? I do murals on buildings, I guess.
It's like street art.
That's cool.
So like, um No.
It's not bad.
Really? Mm-mm, no! [CHUCKLES.]
Well, if you squint a little, I mean What? - Okay, it's not great.
All right, but it's Venice.
- Right? You should go see it before it sinks.
I mean, I got a whole list of places I want to go see.
I mean, I'm not rich yet, so it'll take a while, but I'll get there.
What about you, hmm? What about me? Well, is there anyplace you're itching to get to? Um [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
I don't know, I'm kind of just, like, getting used to life here.
MAN: The reason why most people need snacks before Get back to work.
YVETTE: Oh, God.
That must have been, what, ten years ago? Yeah.
So your room at home is good to go.
I cleared out all the swords and diamond necklaces.
Ruby's been using it as her princess castle.
I'm gonna get a coffee.
Your, uh, machine doesn't work.
He's worried about you.
Is that what that is? Can't even be in the same room as me.
He still blames me for what happened in Uh-uh, no.
I don't wanna hear it.
You icing me out, too? No, look, I just don't want to be the middleman anymore.
I am glad you're coming home, but you've got to at least try to fix things with Dad.
If you keep carrying all this stuff around with you, you are gonna break.
More than you already have.
Shit, uh, I was just, uh Um, we're closed.
So we can go now.
Well, I've still got some boxes to restock, but you can take off.
I'll finish up.
What are you listening to? Uh, this band out of Brazil.
Look at your dance moves.
It's a little, um, lo-fi, but that's the charm, you know? Um, do you speak Portuguese? - Mm-hmm, fluently.
- Really? Mm-hmm, yeah.
It means, uh, "Please speak more slowly.
" It's a it's a good one to know.
Hey, you know how you asked me, um, like, where I would go if I could? Mm-hmm.
I think Barcelona.
Yeah, I can see that.
Yeah, the museums, the art scene.
Yeah, I mean, yes, but it's not, like, really about that.
Um, my mom and I used to move around a lot, and we'd always, like, pass through these small towns on the way to somewhere else, and people were always asking us where we were coming from, and my mom would say Barcelona, which I guess was probably easier than saying, like, we were running away from some asshole in Grafton, New Hampshire, or wherever, but yeah.
It sort of became like a game.
Like, we would find a diner and we'd order Shirley Temples, and we'd tell the waitress that they weren't as good as the ones we had in Barcelona.
And I don't even know if they have Shirley Temples in Barcelona, but I don't know what they have there.
So yeah, Barcelona.
You'll have to send me a postcard.
Hey, um, thank you for covering today.
Oh, yeah, it was fun.
Yeah, I got to spend time with you, so I'm not complaining.
- HENRY: Sorry.
- GRADY: I got it.
- HENRY: Please.
I'm being serious.
- CLAY: Don't worry.
HENRY: I don't want please.
- Please.
What's wrong? CLAY: You'll get wet soon.
HENRY: Get the get the CLAY: Jesus, Henry.
GRADY: Henry.
HENRY: Get the fuck off of me! [OBJECTS RATTLING.]
CLEO: Henry, I thought you were at work.
I gotta go.
I'm gonna be late.
Yeah, so then I installed these really cool RGB lights, and also this arm has a rotating wrist, which is awesome.
Hey, is that the Enterprise NCC-1701-E? Okay, some people think it's the Enterprise D.
With that engine chamber? [CHUCKLES.]
I have to go to bed, but my mom wants to know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.
I already told her, no walnuts.
We're good, then.
Are you sure you're cool with me crashing your family game night? Yes, my parents like when I have company, but you can't be game master on your first visit.
And if we play Settlers of Catan, you can't build a road through an enemy's settlement.
It's a common mistake.
Why would I waste my time building roads when I know the Knight Cards get me just as many victory points and I control the Robber? Okay.
I'll see you Saturday.
I love you.
I love you, too.
For fuck's sake, kid, stop clicking on random links.
No, I'm not hacking your computer again.
Go away! I'm not a part of this anymore! If you're talking, I can't hear you, because if you are watching this, I'm dead, probably for a couple days now, if this fail-safe shit actually worked.
All my other contacts are dead, too, so you're the closest thing I have to a protégé by default, and I'm leaving you my life's work.
Well, the work of my middle age.
Everything I have on the teleporters and their operations.
Obviously they got to me before I could stop them.
I didn't plan on getting involved in this shit.
I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I decided to do the right thing.
Just don't let this fuck you over like me.
No family, no friends.
Christ, it's not lost on me that I'm sending my last words to some kid I met fucking once.
Okay, I'm sending you encrypted coordinates and a lock code.
I want you to memorize it and then delete them, and then delete this.
And good luck, kid.
Valar morghulis.
Valar dohaeris.
What happened? Had a panic attack and ended up in my fucking room.
Somebody hurt you? No.
No one did anything.
I just I just felt like I was back in that fucking truck like the first time, and I'm just mad, because I thought I was past this shit.
It gets worse before it gets better, if that's any comfort.
It's not.
What if your sister uses that fake room against me and I took care of it, I told you.
Yeah, but what does that mean? It's fine.
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't, trust me.
I'm just [GENTLE MUSIC.]
I painted my room.
I took down all my shit.
I thought I was different.
I felt different.
You're tethered to your room because of what it represents, not what it looks like.
It doesn't represent anything.
It's a fucking room.
It's where you feel safe.
Without a place to go back to, in the beginning, we'd be lost.
At least that's how I've rationalized it for myself.
So what's yours? Well apartment I grew up in, but I don't go back there anymore.
Why not? Something happened, and it stopped feeling like it used to.
So I can break it, this tether connection, whatever.
I did, but it's not an easy trade, losing safety for freedom.
Why do our bodies do such weird shit? I don't know.
What do you think we are? Fuck if I know.
Are you not even curious at all? I'm not sure if it'd change anything if I knew.
So that's it? Hey you know more than I did when I was your age, and I didn't have somebody who'd been through this shit before.
I had an uncle who was scared of me.
Thought I was Moroi, a ghost.
Not exactly an inspiring thought.
What about an angel? Do you feel like an angel? No.
Me neither.
FISHER: After Mr.
Boone shot you CLEO: I don't remember anything.
I woke up in the hospital.
FISHER: And you didn't regain consciousness - at any point before that? - HENRY: Cops? CLEO: No, not until after the surgery.
Oh, Henrietta.
Sheriff Fisher.
CLEO: Apparently there have been some new developments in the case.
You mind if I ask you a couple questions? Is there a better time to do this? It's a school night.
Oh, and I appreciate that.
We have reason to believe there was a struggle here at the house.
I already talked to Anna Hulce about that.
Unfortunately the former sheriff wasn't in her best state of mind to execute her duties, so I'm taking over.
Well, you've already took our statements.
Yes, but we want to wrap the case up.
Yeah, keep things local before the feds get involved.
I imagine you folks want want that as well.
See, the truth is, Henry, we got 25 guys out there, and they are working day in and day out.
They're combing the woods, knocking on doors, but they don't have any leads.
I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time.
What are you suggesting? [TENSE MUSIC.]
What happened to Bill Boone? Are you serious? I don't believe this.
Bill came into our house with a gun.
He shot me and abducted my daughter.
We are the victims here.
How 'bout this, huh? I'll take a quick look around, and then we'll get settled.
Have you got a warrant? Well, there's no need for that yet, Mr.
I'm just keeping things friendly.
Oh, okay, well, in that case, I will ask you with a big, friendly smile, get the fuck out of our house.
All right.
I'll get that warrant.
I'll be seeing you soon.
You folks have a good night, now.
THOMAS: Yes, yes, thank you.
What are we gonna do? They're gonna search our house.
It's okay.
They won't find anything.
Are you sure? Yes.
I'm, like, 90% sure.
Okay, no, I can't I can't do this anymore.
How can you keep doing this? I don't have a choice.
What if what if we just tell them the truth? No, not the cops.
Our parents.
If we tell them about Bill, we have to tell them about me.
Okay, but your mom loves you.
She'll accept who you are.
I don't even know what I am.
And she already treats me like there's something fucking wrong with me.
If she knew the truth, she would never be able to look at me again.
Maybe she'd think you're so much cooler.
How would I even say it? "I teleport.
" Or, "I'm a teleporter.
" Nikolai said that we might be ghosts.
And Lucas thinks I'm an angel.
Wait, Lucas Boone? Yeah, he found me at the dance.
What? Why didn't you say anything? Because it's it's fine, I think.
He just wanted to talk or check on me, protect me.
I don't fucking know.
Apparently he's religious now, like, really religious.
And he thinks you're an angel.
Could be worse.
He could think I was the devil.
I I will figure something out, and we will get through this like we always do, but we have to stick together.
Please, don't say anything to anyone.
I'm not ready for what that might do to all of us.
Okay, I won't.
But the cops aren't gonna just go away.
I know.
Now it's over Yeah-ah-ah [SLURPING.]
Hey, what level clearance did they give you? Orange.
I forgot, it's been so long since my training.
What level are you? Orange.
Okay, so the same.
It's not an easy job.
It's pretty hard.
My last partner couldn't cut it.
Now he's at corporate pushing papers.
So, like, a promotion? No, I mean, that's not what he called it.
That would be a promotion if he's at corporate now.
It's not [LOUD CLATTER.]
Fuck was that? - Stay here.
- I'll come with you.
No, no, no, no, no.
Rookie, I got it.
Behind you.
Who the fuck are you? GLASSES: She's my new partner.
Where's the Factor? Oh, come on, man, you know we can't do that.
Requires a call-in.
We're radio silent.
Oh, fuck! Oh, God.
Oh, fuck you.
Elaine will kill me.
Okay, okay.
You motherfucker.
That's all we have left.
I'd stop waiting on Elaine and start looking for a new job.
Are you okay? Um, I don't know.
Last night last night, I got a message.
Excuse me, Jenna, can I steal you for a minute? Um Sure, of course.
I'll call you later? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Can I ask what this is about? We'll explain soon enough.
Miss Hope.
Please have a seat.
Am I in trouble? LUCAS: Hey.
I'm glad that you called.
- Do you wanna - Yeah.
It's a shitty feeling, right? Looking at me and seeing him.
Yeah, I get it.
With Esther Esther Miller, Amos' mom [SIGHS.]
I'd see him all the time.
It's permanent.
Taking a life.
That's that's my fault, too, Lucas.
I'm I'm the one who pointed him out, so It's not your fault.
It's not, Henry.
Listen, I need your help.
Yeah, of course.
What what do you need? This cop Fisher came by the house, and he was asking questions.
I think he's close to figuring out what happened to your dad.
Uh, okay.
What does he know? He found blood, um, your dad's blood, and I don't know what else, but he's getting a search warrant.
Could you call him and say that you've seen your dad? That he came to you after he left my house and that he's, um that he's alive and out there somewhere? I think he'll believe you.
Yeah, but where do I say he went? And then what happens when they don't find him there? I don't know.
I'm just This is gonna buy me some time, so that's all I need.
And then what? Maybe he'll keep going in that direction.
I don't know.
I just need to get him off my back so that I can figure it out.
There's another way To stop Fisher Just make all of this go away.
But you need to trust me.
ANNA: Shit.
We, uh we need more packing tape.
Take a walk with me.
Look, I know what you're thinking.
I'm a disgrace to the uniform.
I messed up at home with Ortez.
I came here.
I made it worse.
I know you blame me for Ortez's death.
I think about him every day.
I didn't see what happened.
I wish I did, but I didn't.
My struggle with you, Anna, is not with what you saw or didn't see, it's with what you know.
You didn't trust your instincts.
You didn't assert what you knew was true.
I didn't see William shoot Ortez.
That's the truth.
What was I supposed to What truth is more important? The fact that a kid was shot in cold blood for the color of his skin or that you were facing the other way when it happened? Well, if I had said something, what difference would it have made? My partner still would have gotten off, whether I saw him or not.
I would have lied under oath.
Either way, I would have let you down.
I didn't raise you to make me proud.
I raised you to figure out what that means for yourself.
I'm sorry, Anna, but you're held to a different standard.
So the choices you make will always be harder, but you have to make them.
You left the city with regrets.
Don't leave here the same way.
No matter what people are saying, you are gonna have to live with yourself.
Baby, you see You're so right for me And I'm right for you I love the things you do Like sweet-tasting wine Your lips are so divine Your loving turns me on My lonely days are gone That's why I'm never gonna let you go Never gonna let you go Babe, I'm never gonna let you go No, no, never gonna let you go Baby, never gonna let you go Never gonna let you go Babe, I'm never gonna let you go No, no, never gonna let you go [DOOR CLOSES.]
Hey, my car is making that clicking sound again.
Never gonna let you go Hey, now.
What's the occasion? To celebrate your car making that clicking sound.
How was your day? [GROANS.]
Aw, come here.
Welcome home.
I should probably get that, just in case it's a job.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- This is nice.
- Yeah.
Girls, dinner, come on! CLEO: Hello? THOMAS: Henry.
Ooh, sparkling cider.
Never gonna let you go Never gonna let you go [CELL PHONE BUZZING.]
Never gonna let you go Never gonna let you go Babe, I'm never gonna let you go CLEO: Bye.
Thank you.
Bill Boone is dead.
What? Lucas just confessed to killing him.
I just saw Lucas.
What? When? The other day at The Yolk.
He seemed like I don't know.
I I can't believe it.
I think that it's a good thing that Bill's not out there anymore, that we are safe.
That this is finally, finally over.
CLEO: Of course, yes.
Okay, then.
Now, Jenna, how how was school today? I'm failing.
What? I'm failing school.
They told me today.
Okay, how wait.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
They told you that you're failing what subject? All of them.
I don't know.
I don't know how it happened.
What if I don't get into Colgate or anywhere? I mean, I had a plan.
Jenna, it's gonna be okay.
Grades aren't, like, the end of the world.
Yeah, maybe to you, they're not, but I actually have a future, Henry.
- THOMAS: Whoa, sweetie - CLEO: Jenna No, I know my life is some sort of joke to you.
That's not what I was saying.
This is your fault.
What? Everybody takes care of you, and you don't even give a shit.
I mean, my own dad told me to take care of you.
And that's my fault? Yes.
Henry dragged Jenna off to a party.
Henry was acting out.
Jenna followed suit.
I took care of it.
Followed suit? What? Well, come on.
She must have had some influence.
Dude, I'm sitting right here.
Why do you say that? Oh, sneaking off to parties, failing classes.
Jenna was not like this before.
Wow, okay.
No, he's right.
Everything was fine before you got here.
Jenna, what the fuck? This is your shit.
Don't try to make this about me.
Right, I'm sorry, that's your job.
I didn't ask you to, like, hang out with me or help me or whatever the fuck it is you think that I'm doing.
I have no choice! I mean, you live in my house.
Hey, don't.
So you can criticize my daughter, but I can't interrupt yours? I just want to hear her out.
It's not a bad thing to listen.
- As if I don't? - No.
All I'm saying is that someone has to maintain a sense of normalcy around here.
What the hell do you mean by that? Nothing.
Nothing, it's just you know, it's a lot sometimes.
What is, being with me? No, no, just parenting everybody.
Jesus, Thomas, you act like I'm not as good as you.
No, we Cleo, we just have a different version of good.
Are you fucking serious? Dude, lay off.
- He's not talking to you.
- Here we go.
- Here we go? - Yeah, this is exactly what I'm talking about.
The two of you are going at it again.
You two love to pick fights.
Will you please keep her out of this? - She's already in it! - You know what? Fuck this.
Yeah, run away.
That'll make everything better.
Whatever works for you, Henry.
What did you say to him? Huh? To get him to blow up his whole life.
Is it the same shit you say to me? Jenna, I am not responsible for you.
Just like you are not responsible for me.
Aren't I, though? Who else is going to keep your secrets? You know what? I am so tired of telling your stupid fucking lies.
You you made me into someone I'm not, and you just use people up and spit them out.
What the fuck? No, I don't.
You know exactly what you are.
You're just afraid to admit it.
Jenna, you better fucking watch it.
- Or what? - THOMAS: Hey! CLEO: What the hell is going on? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Well? - Henry's - Jenna's gay.
Jenna THOMAS: Henry, give her a little bit of space, Jesus! What is wrong with you? Look what you did.
What she did? They're both out of control.
How come only one of them is crying? You are so fucking blind, Thomas, you know that? Henry, come on, let's go.
Wendy, hi.
Everything okay? Lucas? He what? [SIGHS.]
No, hold on.
Slow down.
I No, I didn't know.
I've I've been on leave.
Let me find out everything I can.
Is that Jenna? No, it's work.
You okay? You're not a bad influence or a bad person.
I just totally betrayed Jenna.
So that's true? Jenna's gay? I should never have said that.
She trusted me.
I say things I shouldn't say all the time.
I know.
We Coles women are complicated.
I think you mean flawed.
Yeah, but flawed together.
TOWNES: My name is Townes Atticus Linderman, and if you're watching this, I'm probably dead.
I'm about to embark on something new, something that I hope will help more than hurt, but I'm not sure.
There are things I've seen that I never knew were possible, though I always hoped they were.
Some people might want to use it to hurt others, and I just I can't let that happen.
TOWNES: So if this leads to my end, to whoever's watching this, tell my parents and Megan I'll miss them.
I hope you understand my choices.
Jenna, it was a pleasure serving by your side.
You are my friend, even if you are stubborn and opinionated.
And, Henry Coles, thank you for trusting me and for confiding in me.
I hope whatever killed me helped you or people like you or people in general.
And, Zoe You made me brave.
I love you.
Why did you cover your art? I don't know.
I guess I was feeling stuck needed a change.
Did it help? Not really.
I'm sorry things have been so chaotic lately.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
You deserve to have a home that feels secure.
We moved around so much.
I've tried to give you that, but I'm gonna do better, Henry.
I promise.
It's you.
Doesn't matter where we go.
This room doesn't matter.
It's you.
You're my home.
You're what makes me feel safe.
I'm tethered to you.
Come here.
You've been holding back For a lifetime Without even knowing why you're so afraid Every day