In Contempt (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

The Rules of Engagement

Previously on In Contempt [MOANING] Judge Dodson! Guys, this is Bennet Thompson.
He is gonna shadow Gwen's case.
Oh my God! Does anyone care about the law around here? Call it a performance review.
- She'll do great.
- Not her You.
Our case looks like a losing battle, which is unfortunate since our client is innocent.
We, the Jury, find the defendant Not guilty.
Gwen, this is Alison, my fiancée.
- Hi.
- Hey.
[PUNCHING BAG NOISE] Gwen, I will pay you 5000 dollars to go back to bed.
How'd it go with Bennet? Is Bennet the bag? Are you the bag? Last night was great.
I'm great.
Bennet's great.
His fiancée is great.
Okay, you're making about as much sense as tits on a bull.
- What fiancée? - Alison! She's beautiful, and smart with perfect teeth.
So, Alison's the bag.
Clearly, I misread the situation.
He's not into me at all.
Here's a thought, go for him anyway.
It's wrong on so many levels, Trace.
- It's thirsty and it's sad.
- Or it's bold and decisive.
He ain't married yet.
In my book, that's fair game.
- In your book, married is a fair game.
- Yeah, now you're learning.
[MUSIC PLAYING] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Synced & transcribed by reggielist, kinglouisxx & chamallow All right, last year, we processed 238,482 cases.
We did 660 trials.
But there are still 12,934 pending cases.
And we have 174 cases that are over two years old.
Now I know you all have been killing yourselves, but we've got to keep pushing them through.
- Victor.
- Hey, I deliberate.
[LAUGHING] And we love you for it, but you gotta do it faster.
All right, any other business? I have a very possible jury tempering.
- Specifically? - My last trial.
One juror told the other jurors she overheard the defendant's lawyer very publicly say "I wouldn't admit evidence regarding an alibi witness or an alternate suspect.
" And the verdict was not guilty? You want to refer her for investigation? Your call.
Copping out is just making me guilty on my own word.
It's not your word, Mike.
It's evidence.
I've got an undercover that makes you the seller.
You're marked "buy money".
Heroin in your pockets and matching bags.
Man, my mom, needed her meds.
She's got stage 4 lymphoma.
- And my grandma's in a wheelchair - Ah-ah! Flag on the play.
Your mom had cancer last time I represented you.
And your grandma passed two years ago.
Okay, okay, okay.
- What happens if I blow at trial? - 15, max.
This judge, maybe 12? I just turned 30 two weeks ago.
I'm tired, you know? I wanna walk out of here and I wanna make a change.
What about a drug program? I'll ask again.
Well, if not that, I'm just gonna fight it.
If anybody can get me that NG, it's you.
All right.
Hello, Your Honor.
Keep moving, can't be seen with you.
What were you thinking? What are you talking about, honey? They think you have tampered with a jury.
'Til that gets resolved, you're kryptonite.
Brendon McGinnis.
Step up.
Who is that? You've been creeping her for like 20 minutes.
Alison Bontemps.
She's Bennet's fiancée.
- Bennet's engaged? - Yes, and not to me.
You like him? She's gorge Has a strong face.
They're going to this restaurant tonight.
I was thinking about showing up.
Is that stalker-y? Sort of.
But also, why do that to yourself? I don't know.
I guess I just want to see what she has that I don't, why he chose her.
That, and I could poison her.
- Who's the super model? - Bennet's fiancée.
Oh my God, I'm sorry.
I He made me nervous.
He is here to evaluate me, not you.
So now just listen, remember it's all about your client, - he may look like a creep - He is a creep.
- He's a subway rubber.
- Doesn't matter.
He is your client.
You need to drop the revulsion.
The court room is all about the unspoken.
The jury's gonna clock the way that you talk about your client, the way that you look at him, the way that you touch him.
- I can't touch him.
- You have to touch him.
Keep it soft like a touch on the shoulder.
Something that telegraphs that you're not afraid.
You know that he' human.
You can do this.
Just go slow, be confident.
Docket ending 788, People v.
Jordan Dunlow.
Step up.
Thank you.
The defendant rubbed up against a woman on the subway, Your Honor, for the 12th time.
He was on his way to the Probation Department to check in with his PO.
Because he's Guess what? - On probation.
- For rubbing, I suppose.
The woman he rubbed up against happened to be - another probation officer.
- Oh, that's some bad luck, huh? It was a crowded subway.
"Frank and Beans"? Or Just the "Frank"? What? Oh my God, I'm sorry.
Nobody saw the pintos or the kobashi, Your Honor.
Okay, so we've got a 12 time loser with an in the pants subway rubbing.
I'm gonna give him 90 days.
90 days is a good deal, Jordan.
And honestly, we don't have much of a defense here.
They'll eat me alive at Riker's.
- I'll make a bail.
- So, reject the offer.
My client respectfully declines the offer.
I don't know what you're thinking, Counselor, but it's time your client realized this is the end of the line.
Gonna mark the court paper for no less than 90 days and set the a bail at 10,000 dollars.
Jordan, this much space between you and everyone else from now on.
You got it? If you have any urges, call before you do anything stupid.
- Did you give him your number? - No, I gave him yours.
What? Tell me that is "Han & Vinny's".
Oh, I love you.
Okay, so another round of 20 questions in the Guess Who Tracy Sexing Game? - Okay, next question? - Dodson.
- Where did that come from? - Because you butt-dialed me last night and the things I heard him doing to you.
You're nasty.
And let's just say appearing in front of him in court will never be the same! More importantly, are you crazy? As a borer in a peach orchard.
Ok "A", I don't know what that means, but "B", you know they can disbar you, right? Honey, of course I know.
That's the thrill.
No pizza.
What's going on? We are gonna come back to this, but I'm saving my appetite for my Bennet and Alison reconnaissance dinner.
Reconnaissance my eye! I saw her photo.
- God, you could have him easy.
- I'm not trying to steal her man.
- Then what are you doing this for? - I just want to see.
Why did she get Bennet? I'm the one who's doing God's work here.
Why am I not blessed and highly favored enough - to get the love of my life? - Maybe you are.
Huh? Maybe he just wants to see how bad you want it.
- Some cases for you ladies to cover? - Can you not knock? Yes Mr.
Charlie, right away, Mr.
- Hey, Hi, sorry to interrupt.
- Hey, make yourself useful, give this notice of actual engagement to Judge Hernandez.
Uh wait.
You are not trying to stash and cash, are you? That's what my client wants.
Have you mentioned the little issue of the marked money? Or the matching drug stash? Hon, that's not a winnable case.
So I'm supposed to plea the guy that wants a trial.
Did you even bother asking for a drug program? Dashay will never go for it, and I don't think my guy will complete it, and I hate asking, it just makes him sound guilty.
Charlie, you have to get him a program.
Talk to his mother.
Get her to plea this case.
If Dashay says no, go to his Bureau Chief.
You know it's insane to roll the dice on a stash and cash.
- Really? - Sorry, I stopped listening, - at call his mommy.
- Okay.
You think the sun comes up just to hear you crow, don't you? I'll do it.
You wanna see some real trial action? - I got a big "buy and bust" going - Uh-uh, Riggs, she's with me this week.
I'm teaching her how to connect to those Uh wait you know, uh, the, gosh, I forgot, oh, clients.
- Is that pizza gluten-free? - What? Uh, you know what, forget it.
I can live a little.
What's next? Hookers and blow? All right, ladies, thank you for lunch.
And thank you for being a teacher.
No, eh-huh, no, mine.
Hey, Janice, I wanted to drop this off.
Notice of engagement for Mr.
[MUSIC PLAYING] Mid-trial is a little late to find Jesus.
Jesus walked with Kanye, he can't walk with my client? Oh, you're panicking last minute.
Like the Novaro case.
So sorry I had to school you.
Why do you go so hard on these drug cases? You hit the pipe bag in the day or something? Look at you! An amateur shrink and an amateur attorney.
He'll plea if you approve a drug program.
For a three-time felon? Recidivism suggests that an early sentence simply wasn't long enough.
Whip a dog hard enough, he'll learn.
I'm talking about 18 months of real residential rehab.
- I'm talking about 11 years in prison.
- Come on! With his record, the max is 15.
Ken is not gonna give him more than 12.
Well then my offer saves him a year.
And if you don't like it, then you can try the case.
But don't come running to me when your little dope fiend eats the max.
You can't win this.
So, if I were you, I'd smile.
Take your 11 years and say thank you.
You ain't me.
And thank you wasn't what I had in mind.
This is how it's about to go down.
After I light your.
Ben Carson bow tie wearing ass up in front of that jury, It's gonna me schooling you on what cases I can or can't win.
After the undercover officer radioed in the description of the seller, - what did you do? - I ordered the back-up team to move in.
They spotted the defendant 20 feet from where the buy went down.
And did he match the description provided by the undercover? Stringy hair, black jeans, red baseball cap.
He also had the buy money and the stash on him.
Can you explain that to the jury? Undercovers use marked money.
We write down the serial numbers so if we arrest someone we can see if they have the same bills.
The defendant had this marked money on him.
Two fives and a ten.
Anything else? Different sellers stamp their glassine heroin bags with different designs.
Eh The heroin the undercover bought was labeled "Kopp Killer" with two Ks and two Ps.
Pyke had 12 bags of this "Kopp Killer" on him when he was arrested.
Thank you.
Have fun.
That description, the one you say matched so perfectly, that must have been recorded by the 911 SPRINT system when the undercover transmitted it.
No, we use a secure channel when we're undercover.
So there's no recording of what that description really was? I wrote it down as it came over the air.
How do we know that? I just testified to it.
Hum, okay, you have a cell phone that take pictures, right? One's with time and location stamps on them? What's your point, Counselor? Just wondering exactly what time you took pictures of the buy money.
We don't photograph it.
Then how do we know you wrote down the serial numbers before the arrest instead of after? Well again, Counselor, I just testified under oath - that we did so.
- Right, but I'm asking for some proof.
Are you accusing me? - Sounds like you're calling me a liar.
- I'm asking, - because how do we know you're not? - Okay, let's move it along, guys.
Did you get my client's fingerprints from any of the heroin glassines? - We don't test for that.
- Right, 'cause let me guess, instead of actual evidence, your sworn testimony should be enough.
Hey, my team and I are out there everyday fighting to save your communities.
Then on behalf of my community, let me say that we feel much better if you showed up with some actual evidence.
I'm done with you.
So, tell me why you're the best choice to be supervisor? You gotta teach them the fundamentals, up their skills, and then, send them out to sink or swim.
A supervisor is supposed to nurture you, mentor you, patch you up when the system gets you down.
I think we should have a giant white board in the office, with everyone's win-lost record.
A giant white board I know our clients, and I would help everyone that I supervise become the best lawyer they could be.
I'm in your, in your, platinum category.
It's what I was called to do.
It's my "dharma", as a, as a yogi would say.
More valuable, harder to obtain, worth having and worth keeping.
Come on, Tom, would I be here if I was in it for the money? No offense, but And seriously, you don't have anyone who can try a case better than me.
And no one, and I mean no one tries a case better than me.
[TRAFFIC NOISE] Smothered tofu steak, 40 dollars.
Yeah, I can smother my electric bill for the price of a meal here.
So, are you still having financial difficulties? No, it's just jokes.
I'm paying my bills, taking care of business, I'm good.
So, David's getting out soon.
We need to talk about where he's gonna live.
It's up to me to take care of my son.
Please allow me to do that.
Okay, it's just you haven't gone to see him, and I kinda know how he feels.
I mean, I keep asking you to come and see me in court, and you haven't.
Look, as I've said, Gwendolyn, I'll be there when I can.
Hey, Bennet, my word.
- Good to see you! - Judge, what a surprise.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Gwen, you remember Alison.
Of course.
Good to see you.
You wanna join us? - We'd love to.
- Sure, yeah.
- Why not? - Thank you.
Hang on.
[DOOR LOCKS] What are you doing here? I did hear something about me being a very BAD girl.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Hernandez might refer you to the DA's office for jury tempering.
It does sound very serious.
What's the matter with you? - You could lose your law license.
- God, everybody keeps saying that.
- Did you get any specifics? - I wasn't in a position to probe.
Is there anything you wanna tell me? Why don't you stop being all scaredy pants and probe this? [MUSIC PLAYING] This is very pretty for rabbit food.
So, are you really a vegan or a b-gan? Vegan who b-eatin' anything that don't have a mother - like fries, pies.
- A real one, and I'm gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, I know, sounds quite My God, must drive you crazy, Mr.
Burger & Fries.
[CHUCKLES] Not anymore, she converted me.
You know Alison, this, this spring roll's almost as good as yours.
You make your own spring rolls? I actually hand make everything.
When we travel, I take cooking lessons from the locals.
- It's just a hobby, but - Hey! Stop it! She's being modest.
Alison's about to publish a book on vegan, gluten-free eating.
That is great.
So, Gwen, what do you do for fun? Well she likes to box, so you need to be nice to her.
It's really the best.
It's my destresser, and it's a total-body workout.
I mean, can we all say bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.
My hand-eye coordination is crazy.
And with all the rotational movements, my core muscles are tight.
[PHONE RINGING] Jordan? No, keep your junk in your pants.
Do not leave the house.
I don't know.
Put an ice pack on it.
Don't get on the subway.
I'm not kidding.
I'm hanging up.
Wow, Bennet's been telling me about your cases.
But they sound more eventful than he says.
I have a serial subway rubber.
- A frotteurist.
- A what-a-hoo? It's from the French "frotter", or "to rub".
The French psychiatrist Valentin Magnan, coined the term.
I didn't know that.
I spent a year studying French intellectual history at the Sorbonne.
That's very impressive.
Thank you.
So did you ever get to the bottom of that rogue juror situation? I interviewed the foreperson.
She felt the verdict was tainted.
Some of the jurors were upset, too.
Not so upset they couldn't reach unanimous verdict.
Good point.
Did Tracy Campbell ever appear before you? All the time.
I have to say, I have trouble believing she did anything intentional.
It's a big thing to open an investigation.
It's so time-consuming.
And I for one need to focus on reducing my case load.
I'll drink to that.
But I got the snuggle bear.
That was the first time I knew she was gonna be a lawyer.
She was poor.
Dessert sampling for Mr.
Thompson and Ms.
Oh, how nice! I have the honor of catering their wedding.
You're engaged? - How wonderful! - Thank you.
We're very excited.
Thank you.
Well, we couldn't be thrilled, right, Gwen? To Bennet and Alison.
Cheers! [KNOCK ON THE DOOR] I knew you'd be back.
What kind of heroin did you buy? It was called "Kopp Killer".
And do you see the man who sold you the heroin in the court room? Right there.
In the blue blazer.
Thank you.
Nothing further.
The marked money you supposedly handed over - Did hand over.
- You claim you handed over.
I did hand it over.
Well, you have no independent proof the serial numbers were recorded beforehand? - Do you, yes or no? - Yes.
I have the testimony of Sergeant Gilford.
Who never documented recording the serial numbers.
If we had, you'd say we didn't do it on video.
If we did it on video you'd say we didn't have a clock on the video.
Now if we had a clock on the video - I'm asking the questions.
- Objection, let the man finish.
Officer, would you like to finish? We don't use cameras because we're buying real drugs from dangerous people.
We used a secured line because if people find out what we're doing, good cops get killed.
I didn't ask about the danger, Officer.
I asked if you had any real evidence or if you are just saying, "trust me" to this jury.
What I've got is this.
That's the guy who sold me the heroin.
Look, I get it.
No matter what I bring in you're gonna find some way to say it's not trustworthy.
I understand, that's your job.
But it don't mean that your man ain't a drug dealer.
- How did it go last night? - Alison is such a bitch.
And by "bitch", I mean smart, and light, with a body like "Kim".
Honestly, I can't even be mad at Bennet.
She's the truth.
Oh, my God.
You need a V-steam.
You talking about steaming this "V".
You sit on like a throne thing and there's this steaming pot of herb that goes underneath your lady parts.
It'll balance your hormones.
It's an energetic release, and it will help you get over Bennet.
I read about it in Goop.
Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle blog.
Oh Lord girl.
See you need to be reading Afrobella.
Are you kidding me? Seriously, Jordan, you got picked up again? I thought I told you to put an ice pack on it.
I'm sorry.
I'm not your client.
Please, you're one of the most distinctive dudes I have ever met.
I'm not Jordan.
I'm his twin, Gordon.
You stay right here.
You stay right here.
Can I see the papers on Mr.
Dunlow, please? Oh man, is that Jordan or Gordon? Because I can never tell.
Excuse me, you were talking to my client? Can we step outside for a minute? They're offering him a year.
We tried to get our client take 90 days.
They offered you 90 days? Damn! I would have taken that.
Oh, my God! Seriously? Oh, come on.
I mean, I just can't believe they're both rubbers.
What are the chances of Let's join forces.
I have an idea.
I think you're in my office.
It's kind of nice in here.
It's comfortable.
- Good for - Uh-uh.
Not gonna happen.
That's not what you said last night.
Why are you squatting in my secret happy place? Just trying to get my head together.
You're always in here.
I thought it might help.
Don't tell me Charlie the Great is nervous.
I might have messed up.
I got demolished by the undercover.
I should have listened to you and ran with the drug program.
[MUSIC PLAYING] Please, my body is a temple.
I let punk-ass Dashay got to me, and now, I might have blown it.
I had a hooker client once.
She got hit with promoting prostitution.
I was so amped.
I just knew I could get the charges dropped 'cause the cop who picked her up, he'd been getting blow jobs from her.
Then it backfired.
She ended up getting two years.
- You know what really sucks? - What? We go home, they go to prison.
You want my advice? Why else am I in this damn closet? Go to Dashay.
Put aside your gigantic, enormous, humongous, big ol' ego - Swallow your pride and ask him - No, no way.
I lay down for Dashay now, he'll own me.
I'll be his bitch forever.
That means no leverage for any future clients.
PD 101: you fight for every client as if they're your only client.
Street 101: A dude beat your ass, he always beats your ass.
You are not on the street anymore.
You seriously think that I should just bend over for Dashay.
I think that you are man enough not let your client suffer for your arrogance.
This might be a learning moment for you.
And mostly, I think not everything between you and Dashay has to have homo-erotic overtones.
Excuse me, Ms.
James Marks.
The parole officer who's assigned to your brother, David.
Is something wrong? Your father, he declined to serve as an approved residence from David.
David suggested I contact you.
Apparently, there's been sort of miscommunication, between my father and me.
Can we get back to you? We can't release your brother without an approved residence.
We'll wait for your call.
Dad, I just got ambushed by "parole".
Did you change your mind about David? What's going on? Call me back.
Dashay! Ah, ready for another round, "Big Time"! I came to talk some sense? Ah, all over so soon.
I may have let our prior history cloud my judgment.
Make me a reasonable offer.
I'll take it to my client.
Only if you tell me how it feels to face your own pathetic adequacy.
All right then.
Let's see, the maximum was 15, and I offered you 11 before.
If you ask me really nicely, I can give him 14.
Go ahead, ask me, really nicely.
Really nicely I'm humbly asking for the sake of my client, for you to kiss my ass.
Call your next witness.
Try to relax.
Relax body.
Center your vagina right over the steam.
Hey, hey, hey! You have to just let it get up there.
The hot water has salvia, rosemary, oregano, mugwort, wormwood Very good for detoxification of the uterus.
I'm sorry.
Is she trying to say my "cuchi" is toxic? 20 minutes.
How come Tracy doesn't like me? Well, if had to guess, and this is her, not me, she thinks you are too soft.
Too entitled, too naive.
Oh, and your hair - She said something about my hair? - No, that was me, girl.
a black salon, like a real one in the hood.
Is this supposed to itch? Because it is.
It's the steam doing its job.
No, this really is itchy.
Excuse me, spa lady? Hello, ma'am! Hi! Could you? There's a, there's a certain amount of itching, irritation happening here.
Is it possible you are allergic to the herbs? I mean, you didn't say sage.
Is there sage in here? Salvia is another name for "sage".
No, no, no.
I'm allergic to that! You have to say that.
You have to say the English words for stuff.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm allergic to sage.
You can't do that.
That is like Oh my God! Talked to Hernandez.
Thank me for saving your ass.
I didn't ask for a savior, just an occasional hook-up.
Jesus, Tracy! You came this close to being referred to the DA's Office for investigation.
- It could have ended your career.
- It was all just blown out of proportion.
You can't admit what you did, can you? - Admit what exactly? - I saw you.
I was there.
You tampered with a jury.
What you saw was me saving an innocent man from getting an unjust conviction shoved up his ass.
It was unethical and illegal.
Said the man cheating on his wife.
That is not the same thing.
What I did, it might be illegal, but it's not immoral, whereas you screwing me, it might be technically legal, but it's immoral and wildly unethical.
So why don't you spare me the lecture? I presume that the defense is stipulating to the chemist's testimony? - Actually no, Your Honor.
- Oh, come on! Mr.
Riggs, are you seriously gonna force him to put the chemist on the stand? Because if you are, I have too many cases for you to engage in fruitless exercise.
The law says prosecution has to prove every element of the offense charged.
They say the stuff is heroin.
Let them put on the chemist to prove it.
This is gamesmanship.
The defense is intentionally trying to stall.
Is there any real chance the substance in this case is not heroin? I don't know.
Not my burden.
You say you can prove your case, prove it.
Call the witness.
You've been a chemist for how long? Nine years.
So you're pretty good at recognizing heroin.
I'm very familiar with it, yes.
But even if I'm almost positive something is heroin, - I still test it.
- Right.
Can you explain what you do to it? Before I testify, I do a series of tests to prove a substance is actually a prohibited narcotic.
You do tests to confirm your suspicion.
As I said, because as a scientist, you'd never expect anyone to take your word for something - if you hadn't shown your work.
- Of course not.
How many tests do you do on a substance, - before declaring it to be heroin? - Five in total.
Three reagent tests, one micro crystal test, and then a GCMS to confirm.
- And you document each one? - Yes.
We keep contemporaneous records.
How would we know? Is there a way to verify your claim? The computer time stamps everything.
We dictate our notes as we go.
We always show our work.
I mean, we do every test possible before we testify to something.
'Cause you would never just come into the court and say, "trust me, I'm a scientist".
You'd never expect a jury to take your word on something if you hadn't shown your work, would you? No, I wouldn't.
Thank you for bringing us real evidence.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
So, what happened last night? It was painful.
I swore off men and I slept with Charlie.
Wait, you slept with Charlie? - I thought you liked Bennet.
- Yeah, so did I.
Wait, why do I smell rosemary and oregano? Because Vanessa took me to get a V-steam and broke my "v-joinx".
Christ on a cracker! I am so confused.
I took her to get a spa treatment for her cervix to cleanse her of Bennet ju-ju.
And why wasn't I invited to the cooter cleaner? Trace we were sitting on a box with a hole in it, with mugwort steam wafting up into our lady parts.
I made an executive decision that you and your cooter would not have fun.
- Good decision.
- You're welcome.
Thank you.
I don't understand the plan here.
Why are we working so hard for these rubbing twins? - Of course, you don't.
- Shouldn't they do some jail time - for rubbing against women on the subway? - I don't know, Vanessa.
Should we lock up all the alcoholics, too? Hey, Jordan, it's Gwen.
I need you to round up Gordon and call me back.
We need to have a brutally honest conversation about your sexual proclivities.
Oh, and I need to do some shopping.
I need you to put on a pant suit.
Hey, why do I smell the weeds that grew in the empty parking lot I played baseball in as a kid? [LAUGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] - I called you three times.
- Come in.
Most daughters when they see their father calling Most fathers would take their sons in after they'd been incarcerated.
What happened, Daddy? You need to get you some groceries.
And for God's sake, you need to leave that "flame boat" alone.
- That stuff will kill you.
- Dad, did you come here to talk to me about groceries? I thought that I could make peace with David's actions and his circumstances, I cannot.
I've given the two of you the best of everything.
Clearly, it is not enough.
There is nothing else that I am willing to give to your brother.
Well, how am I supposed to take him in? Gwendolyn, he is not your responsibility, either.
You need to focus on yourself and make better choices.
I might be old, but I am not blind.
I saw that you have feelings for Bennet.
So did Alison.
You need to find your own man.
Dad, decent black men are hard to come by.
That's an excuse.
You spend all of your time with your clients.
Helping without getting help.
That is no way to live.
That is no way for That is no way for my daughter to live.
Quit job, abandon brother, find love.
Got it! Thanks, Dad! Terrific parental advice! How old were you when you started getting the urge to rub on woman? - Eleven.
- Eleven.
Do you have a preferred venue for your activity? - I prefer the subway.
- The subway.
Do you like blonds, brunettes? - Ah, brunettes, dark brunettes.
- We both do.
Oh, come on.
How about woman in pants suits? Yeah, I got a thing for pant suits.
Ah, me, too, and I, I like women with clear high voices.
- Like mine? - Yeah.
- Your Honor, this is ridiculous.
- Counselor, what's your point? Would you both please stand up? [EVERYONE LAUGHS] Your Honor, both of these men suffer from frotteurism.
It is a recognized psychiatric disorder.
And it has a genetic component.
I mean, look at them, they're twins.
And they have the exact same proclivities.
And they are both "activated" by my colleague Vanessa.
This is ridiculous.
They're both serial sexual predators.
The condition is apparently very amenable to treatment.
There is actually a residential program that could help them.
Yeah, it's called the New York Prison System.
You want me to sentence serial rubbers to a rubbing program.
Therapy is far more likely to prevent future offenses.
And besides, locking them up for genetic disorder, that's like punishing them for how they were made.
Give 'em a chance to learn how to control their urges.
Or send them to Riker's, - they'll get the message.
- Enough.
Sit down.
Counselors, men like these are one of the scourges of the subway.
But I am also conscious of the limits of our prison system.
Let's hope this program works, because if it doesn't, you're both going to jail.
There was a time when a police officer could walk into a courtroom and deserved credibility.
But in the days of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice, when people can live stream cops gunning down children on Facebook, when the screams of "I can't breathe!" can still be heard echoing in the air, police just don't deserve that special treatment anymore.
Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and a thousand other names, prove beyond any doubt that the word of a police officer can no longer justify giving away a man's life to the criminal justice system.
Only the chemist showed up in this case with real evidence.
Everything else was just a whole bunch of cops saying "'Cause I said so".
They had no proof they wrote down the serial numbers before they found the money.
They had no proof they ever even radioed a description.
"'Cause I said so" is not enough.
And if it's not enough, you cannot possibly find this man guilty.
Thank you.
Notice how he talks of Tamir Rice and Eric Garner as if their deaths have anything to do with this man being a drug dealer.
His argument preys on your ignorance.
It banks on your inability to tell the difference between a bad shooting and good evidence.
In this case, the undercover bought drugs from Mike Pyke.
He identified him.
And when they arrested him, Pyke had the buy money and the drugs on him.
It's that simple.
You're angry about Eric Garner, I am too.
But you do not let a guilty drug dealer walk because some crafty defense lawyer got you riled up about the police impartiality.
You're smarter than that.
On more round, drinks on me.
Tab's pretty high you know, Gwen.
Listen, honey, one more round of drinks on Vanessa.
All right, all right.
Hey, hey, that guy at the end of bar there.
- The cute one with the bow tie.
- Who? No, no, no, no.
That's the Crips and Bloods girl.
He is forbidden fruit.
Seriously? There's no super-hot exception? Listen to me, he is the enemy.
Vanessa, how was your day of sexual deviance? Well, never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that I feel good about getting a rubber off.
Well I got it.
I mean, they obviously have a compulsion, - they can't help themselves.
- Whoa, no, no.
The question is whether you can feel good "walking" a client even if he could help it.
Who wins the unwinnable case? - What's my name? - Ah! Impressive! Though, not to rain on your parade, Vanessa and I got the rubber twins, wait for it, into a program! Boom! You got a program for Hervy and Pervy? What's our names? Well, in honor of your minor accomplishment, - drinks on me.
- Yeah.
Except you never carry your wallet.
And mess up the line of this suit? Please! Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Not this time.
You be a gentleman and you pony up.
- I'm gonna get my wallet.
- Thank you.
Step away from the vehicle.
I said, step away the vehicle! Since when is it against the law to admire a car? Put your hands in the air.
- Do it! - Hands in the air now.
You kidding me? Come on, bro.
Don't look at him.
You're dealing with me.
Hey, just relax, man.
You should learn to do what you're told.
I didn't do nothing, man.
I didn't do anything, get off of me! I didn't do anything.
Keep talking back, punk! You're under arrest for obstructing a police officer.
Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.
This is bullshit! You can't do this! Watch your head.
I want to know what I did.
What code did I break? Huh? What law did I break right here? Other than looking at a damn car Next time on In Contempt Press down.
Get it nice and black.
You can't do a strip search.
I'm a lawyer.
And my son is a black boy in America born with two strikes against him.
The defense respectfully moves you recuse yourself.
On what grounds? 'Cause you never lived in the hood, and you don't know You have no idea what I know or don't know, Gwen.
Post-bail, or plead guilty, - I got cases to move here.
- No, wait! I will lose my job.
OK, I'll work for the money, and I'll work for the man.
I do my job, 'cause don't nobody give a damn about black people.