In Contempt (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Stop and Frisk

1 Previously on "In Contempt" Get off of me! Ahh! - Favorite comfort food? - Ah.
My dairy-free Mac and Cheese.
- Chicken and waffles.
- Yes! - Chicken and waffles! - Damn, girl, you're killing it! How does she not know those things? And why not me, Bennett? I'm cheating on her with you.
Well, if you're so worried about it, stop cheating.
Some things can't be fixed.
Just learn to deal and move on.
You guys keep saying this, but, it's not getting any better.
It's getting worse.
You had sex with him.
At the man's wedding shower? I thought we were over I know I'm not innocent in this.
But, I turned a blind eye when everything in me told me that there was a connection between the two of you.
Alison, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Really, Gwen? When you screwed my fiance at my wedding shower in my house, in my bathroom - This is on me! - It's on both of you! But life doesn't allow us to go back and undo what happened.
It allows us to do better moving forward.
I don't understand, why are we here? I want you, but I'm not willing to share.
If you want me, it's all in.
No looking back.
Can you look me in my eye right now and promise that to me? The answer is no.
There's obviously unfinished business between the two of you.
I want you to finish it.
Maybe it's my connection with Buddhism, that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire.
And that suffering ceases when desire ceases.
Or I'm just completely masochistic.
Either way, I'm giving you 30 days.
- Thirty days for what? - To resolve, finish, or confirm whatever this is.
- What's the catch? - No catch.
If you want to be with her, then so be it.
But if you come back to me, you're with me.
- No more bullshit.
Fair? - This whole thing seems weird Gwen, if I were you, I would just shut up and say thank you.
Do we all understand each other? You might want to come by the house and grab a few things.
I don't want to see or hear from you until you decide.
And don't worry.
I get 30 days too.
Is she even human? What the hell just happened? Alison! Your wild affection Sweet Deception Taking over me You know you'll find a way To get me back Give it time He went back to the stick figure? I don't know.
He just left me sitting there and got up and ran after her, which I get, I guess.
The whole thing was just so messed up.
Alison was Stepford Wife-calm.
If it were me, there would be a lot more hair pulling.
We'd definitely knuckle up.
[PHONE RINGING] My creditor's calling you too? - No, just Dodson.
- What does he want now? Sex on top of the Empire State Building? - He left his wife.
- He what? For you? That shocked reaction is less than flattering.
No, I mean it's great news.
Right? I don't know.
Him trying to make things easier just made things far more complicated.
Girl, only you can think that a man wanting to be with you, no strings attached, was complicated.
I know that it sounds horrible, but him being married was part of the thrill.
Without the secret sex in his office and sneaking around, - what's the point? - Um, emotional connection.
You should, you know, give it a try.
- Are you not going to work? - No.
I'm still under Tom's forced vacation.
So, the walls will be washed and the grout will be cleaned when I get home? If you hire a housekeeper.
My name ain't Florence.
- OK, Wheezy.
- Bye.
I was on my way to work.
A cop car pulls up.
Punk-ass cop asks me for my ID and what I was doing.
I was late and I knew the stop was bullshit.
So I told him I wasn't going to allow him to search me.
- So, what happened? - Let me guess.
Your face ended up against a brick wall.
Hood of a car.
Cop called me a nigga, said that he was gonna crack my skull open.
Did he tell you why he stopped you? He said he saw a bulge in my pocket.
- Smokes? - Cell.
Well, I talked to the prosecutor and, since you don't have a criminal record, they're offering to drop the obstruction and resisting arrest charges and give you time served, if you plead guilty to disorderly conduct.
It's a violation, not a crime.
It's like pleading guilty to a parking ticket.
Oh, hell no.
No, no.
I ain't copping out.
Well, since it's a misdemeanor, you don't get a jury.
It's a judge trial.
And, to win, we have to prove that the arrest was illegal, which means we have to prove that it was done without what's called Reasonable suspicion.
I know.
I've been stopped like 40 times in the past 11 years.
- Excuse me? - The first time I was stopped, I was ten years old.
In the past six months, probably 12.
- Three times by this same cop.
- The hell with that.
- No plea.
- But But here's what you need to know.
It's not a slam dunk, OK? The officer's going to lie about why he stopped you.
It's going to be your word against his.
I'm tired of this shit.
Tired of bending over cop cars and kissing the pavement.
I gotta fight this.
Cause if I don't fight it in here, I'm gonna keep fighting it out there, - and I'll probably end up dead.
- Then let's take it to 'em.
Did you know that between 2002 and 2015, over five million people were stopped and frisked in NY City, and 86% of all stop-and-frisks were done without reasonable suspicion? In a city that is 66% minority, 81% of all stop-and-frisks are of black and brown people.
I didn't know it, but "I knew it".
From personal experience.
- Oh.
You mean your arrest? - Yeah.
Don't tell me you've never been stopped in a department store.
Never had a white person ask "may I help you?" in that tone where you know they don't really want to help you? Actually, no.
I mean I know it happens.
I'm not saying it doesn't.
- Followed in department store? - Well There it is.
After Oprah got stopped in Paris I started to wonder.
I mean if it happens to Oprah, right? So I noticed this guy following me at the mall, but it was only that one time, though.
Trust me.
You got followed 100 times.
- You just didn't notice it.
- The thing is, I don't know that he was following me because I'm black.
He wasn't following Suzie Q, you can believe that.
And, if you had confronted him, he would have made up some bullshit excuse that sounded plausible on its face.
Which is what the cop will do here.
It's called test-a-lie.
The cop who stopped Marcus will lie about the basis for the stop.
It's standard cop procedure.
DA's condone it.
Judges don't question it.
So, how do we prove that he's lying? - You mean, how do you prove it? - Wait, what? You're going to cross-examine the cop, rookie.
- Oh, my Gosh.
- Don't panic.
Now, how would we prove that he's full of shit? Well, I read that the Bronx Defenders and the Center for Constitutional Rights took the City to Federal Court over their stop-and-frisk policy - and won a consent decree.
- Uh-huh.
Now, all the cops have to fill out a form stating their reasons every time they stop-and-frisk someone.
And you want to see all this cop's forms and see if all of this stops are bogus.
That's a great idea.
Except, when you subpoena the police department, they're going to move to quash it.
Do you know why? The prosecution will argue that the forms related to the cop's previous stops aren't relevant to evaluating reasonable suspicion in this particular case.
Look who's been paying attention! So, what do we do? Get that cop to make it relevant.
Two peas in a pod Something was missing So good on paper We weren't listening To the sound of our hearts Thumping in sync We were yelling so loud But heard nothing Aaaaargh! Tracy, take your key with you next time you go running! God! Oh, my God! Hi! - I wasn't expecting company.
- Can I come in? It's a nice place.
Yeah, well, Architectural Digest wanted to photograph it, but I told them "nah".
Gwen, I want to apologize for yesterday Bennett, you don't owe me an apology.
I made a mistake.
You are not my man and someone was bound to get hurt.
That someone was me.
But that's what I get.
Cause I know better than to play with fire.
- How spontaneous are you? - What? I have a car waiting for us downstairs.
Pack a bag.
That 30 days it starts now.
Okay, give me Give me ten minutes.
To the sound of our hearts Thumping in sync We were yelling so loud But heard nothing I observed the defendant in a high-crime neighborhood with a bulge in his waistband area, that I suspected was a weapon.
We followed him for a short distance, at which time he engaged in furtive behavior.
- What did you do? - I got out, I asked the suspect to take his hands out of his jacket pockets and to show me some ID.
He immediately became verbally combative with me.
- How so? - He refused to be searched.
I informed him that, if he continue to be uncooperative, that I was going to have to arrest him.
He continued to refuse so I placed him in custody.
No further questions.
So, you say you had several reasons you decided to follow Mr.
Dumay? - Don't ask him.
Tell him.
- Yeah, like I said: bulge, neighborhood, furtive gestures, like a trifecta of suspiciousness.
- But the first thing - Was the bulge.
- Could've been a gun - Um, is she new? - It's okay.
- Officer, you stated that the defendant acted suspiciously, right? - Objection! - Sustained.
When you stopped him you said he didn't want to be searched.
- Objection! - Sustained.
Seriously, Noreen? Officer, can you please re-state what the defendant's furtive movements were exactly? When he saw that we were following him, he changed direction, kept looking over his shoulder at us.
He looked at you.
Sounds so suspicious! Now you can object.
Okay, let's quite the games, Counselors.
The bulge in Mr.
Dumay's jeans turned out to be a cell phone, - right? - Yeah, but And there are lots of reasons why a person walking down the street, carrying a cell phone, might turn in another direction when they see you coming.
- Correct? - Legitimate reasons, no.
How about, they don't like cops? Or their cousin was beat up by a cop? Or how about: it's their God-given right to walk in whichever direction they damn well choose? Counselor, I've got 10 years in the force.
And, let me tell you.
Usually, when someone's avoiding the police, they're doing something wrong.
So when you stop someone it's always justified, right? - Yes.
- Because you would never illegally stop someone on a whim or because they just looked - fishy, would you? - Never.
Judge, this officer suggests his stops are always justified and that he never illegally stops someone.
The subpoena for the UF-250 forms allows us to evaluate the credibility of that answer.
Grant Gathers, counsel for the New York City Police Department.
Your Honor, this subpoena is overly broad, cumbersome to respond to, and requests material that is irrelevant to the matter at hand today.
How is it irrelevant? Because the other stops the office made are not relevant as to whether he had reasonable suspicion in this stop.
Of course they are! Let's say he stops 100 people and all forms for those stops appear to give valid reasons for those stops, but maybe one or two of those people actually have contraband.
Then, arguably, he's lying when he fills out those forms, and thus lying here.
And, if he stops more people than his fellow officers, then we'll know that he thinks that every person he sees in a high-crime neighborhood is a criminal in need of a good frisk.
Atta girl, Ms.
Hastings! Nice to see a rookie gain her footing.
Your Honor, this is the worst kind of fishing expedition.
I tend to agree with the fishing expedition part.
This police department is turning communities of color in this city into Civil Rights-free zones.
By way of example, in Brownsville, Brooklyn in 2009 93 out of every 100 residents were stopped by the NYPD.
And that's why the Bronx defenders won their lawsuit, and that's why these officers have to fill out this form.
It's also why a federal monitor is dealing with this issue.
I'll take the Defense's request for a subpoena under advisement.
- Your Honor! - No, no! Mr.
Riggs, don't press your luck.
I would sleep out in the rain Give up everything Just to be with you - What is this place? - It's a wellness retreat center.
- With activity periods? - Come on! It could be fun.
It's like a cross between a spa and a summer camp.
You know being around white folks and robes makes me nervous, right? Well, when they're sipping herbal tea, it probably reduces their threat level.
Yeah, but no one here is wearing any regular clothes.
It's not a nudist colony, is it? In our suite, maybe.
I thought we had a rule, Richard.
No public meetings.
Thank you.
Well, I left Audrey, and this is far enough away from the courthouse.
Except we can't have sex here, honey.
Unless you have a thing for public bathrooms that I don't know about.
I thought it would be nice if we shared a meal.
Where we just talked, actually got to know each other a little.
A glass of Chardonnay.
What do you want to know? Well, I know you grew up in North Carolina.
So, tell me about your family.
- Two brothers, one sister.
- Uh-huh.
And were you all close, growing up? - We got along fine.
- Define "fine".
My brothers and I were like peas in a pod, and my sister and I, we just always fought.
- Was she jealous of you? - I don't know, actually.
She just never really liked me.
- That must have been hard.
- Your turn! I grew up in New Jersey.
My father was a lawyer.
I wanted to be a painter, but then I met Audrey, and she got pregnant.
You know you've never asked me about Audrey? You never asked why the marriage wasn't working.
Because I don't really want to know, sugar.
Why wasn't your marriage working? - Thank you.
- Well, I don't think I was ever really in love with her.
I think we reached a point where marriage was the next right step.
Also, you never asked me why I didn't leave her.
I just figured you didn't have the balls.
- Well, okay.
What about you? - What about me what? Why are you sleeping with married men? - Men? - I assume I'm not the first.
Which begs the question, doesn't it: What are you avoiding? You know what, sugar? I forgot that I have cases going on in Part F this afternoon.
I booked a hotel room for us tonight.
Yeah? Is it going to be 20 questions again? Or can we just screw? - We can just screw.
- Good.
I'll see you tonight, then.
I was on my way to class at Manhattan Community College.
Cops rolled up on me.
That one asked for my ID and what I was doing.
I told him I knew my rights and I ain't consenting to no search.
He threw me on top of his car, searched me anyway, cussed me out, called me a nigga.
Could you explain why you didn't cooperate with Officer Porter? I was just tired of being stopped.
It's always the same: I got a bulge in my waistband, my jacket pocket, in my pants, or I "fit the description".
You know, that's a favorite one of theirs.
Except they never tell you what the description is.
How has constantly being stopped by police affected your life? Objection, Your Honor! Relevance.
It goes to show Mr.
Dumay's state of mind, Your Honor.
To be convicted of obstructing governmental administration, he has to have intended to interfere with the officer's lawful duties.
If he only intended to assert his rights during an unlawful stop, that intent did not exist.
- Overruled.
- I've gotten five cell phones broken by being slammed against walls, I got a scar on my left cheek from being thrown to the ground.
- Anything else? - My time.
I gotta build an extra 30-45 minutes just to get where I'm going, just in case I get stopped.
And that's not even enough time.
Last time I was stopped, I was late for a job interview and I didn't get hired.
It just messes with you.
All I want is to be able to walk down the street in peace in my neighborhood, in my city.
Thank you, Mr.
Dumay, you said you did not cooperate because you were tired of being stopped, - is that correct? - Yes.
- So you were angry.
- Yes.
You didn't want the officer to search you.
I wanted to be treated with respect.
If he treated you with respect you would have cooperated? Maybe, I don't know.
Your Honor, being tired of being stopped isn't a defense to obstructing governmental administration.
It is if the stop was unlawful.
Which is why, again, we need a ruling on the subpoena.
You'll have my decision soon, Mr.
Why is he putting us off? He wants to give it to us.
But he knows if he does, he'll have the Chief Judge banging on his door.
The Chief of Police was already banging on hers.
- Which way do you think he's gonna go? - Honestly, I have no idea.
I mean, look at these activities! "Mineral forging for mindfulness, quantum consciousness" Okay, wait, "Floating meditation.
" Watch stress, tension and worry dissipate as you flow weightlessly in our silk hammocks and experience the serene vibrations of healing crystals.
Hold on! "May cause motion sickness".
Well, they have drumming and tightrope walking.
- That could be fun.
- Hold on! Horse-painting? They're painting the side of an actual horse? - Okay, that's stupid.
- Yeah.
Uh, but keep an open mind.
Why, so I can work with bees in an apiary? No, there could be some fun stuff here, you know? Okay.
Look, Brazilian martial arts! Martini master class now I can get behind those things! I have to say, this place is relaxing.
Uh, yeah, You don't want this problem NYPD doesn't want to set a precedent for releasing this data.
So I'm offering your guy an ACD.
Take the deal before judge rules or it's off the table.
They don't want the judge to sign this subpoena, so they've made an offer.
They'll dismiss the charges after six months, as long as you don't get arrested again.
So I gotta act like a good little nigga - anytime they stop me, huh? - That'd be a fair assumption.
- What d'you think? - I think the DA's seen the data and they know they don't have a pot to piss in.
I think they're running scared and I'd love to hem that cop up.
- Then that's what we do.
- Aight.
Really, hon, why don't you just do me from behind, OK? I've got to get home.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
- I'm fine.
- Is it the hotel room? I know, it's a little too clandestine, isn't it? No, it's a nice room.
How about you and I get an apartment together? What?! No! No.
How are we going to take this to the next level? Next level? Honey, this is the only level you're gonna get.
I risked my career for you.
I covered for you.
You want to blackmail me into Tracy.
I love you.
Don't say that.
Don't ever say that.
I've got to go.
The last step before we close our dream catcher is the beads.
Now, as you reach for the beads, let's all offer a silent prayer to Grandmother.
Glorious Grandmother, Diwa spirit, guide me toward healing my body and catching my dreams.
Just three Not-guilty's in a row, please.
Now, let's open our eyes and weave with wonder.
- Thank you, Grandmother.
- Yeah, thank you, Grandmother.
- Yours is very beautiful.
- Thank you.
Oh, my God! You're Bennett Thompson.
I've read all of your books.
Thank you, Younesse.
That's very flattering.
Oh, I just saw on Twitter you got engaged! This must be your fiancee.
Is it Ashley? Or Alison? No, actually, this is my sister.
It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
I've considered the Defense's motion for a subpoena, and while I am sensitive to the issues, I find that the forms the officer filled out for other stops have little bearing on this one.
The motion for the stop-and-frisk data is denied.
Judge, you can't let these cops continue to get away with this! I'm sorry, Counselor.
This just isn't the right forum.
They roam around black communities - like an occupying force - I gave you my decision.
They do whatever the hell they want! - Counselor, stop talking! - That cop stopped my client for no other reason than he's black! You know it, I know it, and she knows it.
Riggs! I have given you my decision.
The forms are not relevant.
Now, how would you like to proceed? We need a continuance so I can secure a witness, Your Honor.
What witness? I don't owe you a heads-up on our witnesses.
Now, now, let's keep it civil.
The case is continued until tomorrow.
- Who's the witness? - We don't have a witness.
Charlie, I want a witness too, but we can't lie to the court.
Were you even listening? Everybody's lying.
Nobody cares! Damn it! I just want to take his face and You talking' about Judge Adler, Nasah, or the cop? All of them.
Honey, you knew you weren't gonna get that subpoena! Cause if you'd got it, we'd all subpoena them at every stop.
Adler would have NYPD up his old, wrinkly ass.
Yeah, yeah.
I know this one feels personal, but it's not.
It damn sure felt personal when they had me face-down on that cop car with my hands cuffed behind my back.
And I'm sure it feels pretty damn personal to Marcus, too.
He was stopped by that particular cop three times.
But it's not personal to them, which gives them the advantage.
Honey, you have to take your emotions out of it.
I'm starting to think we're never gonna get these guys, - unless we get them on tape.
- What if we already have? This cop has stopped Marcus numerous times, so he's probably stopped a lot of people more than once.
What if there's a video of one of those stops just waiting for the opportunity to be put to good use? But how are we going to find out if there's a tape? Ride through the neighborhood with a bullhorn? Sort of.
I'm starting not to hate her as much.
- Gwen! - Your sister? - Gwen! - Your sister?! Look, I panicked when they recognized me! Who do you think you are? Stephen King? - Who cares who recognizes you? - What was I supposed to say? Yes, this is Alison? Or no, this is not my fiancee, this is woman I cheated on her while she gave us 30 days? Who cares? Hey! I'm boning the writer Bennett Thompson for 30 days and his fiancee, Alison, knows it! - Stop! - Get off me! Look, I'm sorry, okay? I'm a public figure.
What was I supposed to do? I mean, we never got sat down and got our story straight.
We do not need a story.
It is simple.
- Are we here together or not? - Yes.
We are.
But I spent an entire life with Alison, and until you came back into the picture, I was going to spend the rest of my life with her.
I just can't press a button and erase all of that.
So where does that leave me? Here.
With me.
Like a sister? Yes.
Like a very very hot "sistah".
You heard me say "sistah", right? Oh, so this was all just a vowel problem? Yes.
Vowel problem.
Those damn vowels! Hey! This is Charlie Riggs with the Defendants' Association.
And what I'm looking for is people.
In particular black folks, - who, umm - Cut, cut! Cut? You ain't Ava DuVernay! You ain't directing my video! Well, someone has to.
That was terrible.
What happened to making love to the camera? You just blew chunks all over it.
Really helpful, Trace.
Okay, I took a public speaking class once, and they taught us that it helps to have a mental image of someone and pretend you're speaking to them.
So, I'll just stand behind the laptop and you can pretend - you're speaking to me.
- Okay.
Hey, what's up? This is Charlie Riggs and I'm a lawyer, defending a young brother that's tired of getting stopped and frisked by this guy.
If you have video proof of him messing with you, or someone else, I could really use it.
Please share it with the hashtag #nothinginmypockets.
- Could be worse.
- Could be worse? - I was "Denzeling" that shit! - Okay, Denzel, calm down.
Now, how are we going to get this out there? What about Bennett? He has, like, 200,000 followers on Twitter.
- You want me to call Gwen? - Where is she? - With Bennett.
- No, I'll call her.
Good luck, sugar.
- Hey, Charlie.
- Hey! - Where you at? - At the Belandini.
- What's that? - You wouldn't believe it.
It's like a psych ward for the granola crowd.
About the other night I was out of line.
No, I I should have never dragged you to that whack-ass wedding shower in the first place.
What you do and who you do it with, that's your business.
Yeah, but our friendship is important to me.
No worries.
Friends to the end, right? So, listen, I can't really talk right now, cause Well, just, I need a favor.
I put together a little video trying to hustle up black men that have been stopped by this one cop, using the hashtag #nothinginmypockets.
Ooh, I like it.
But, I need somebody with a huge following, so that we can get the video to go wide.
You think Bennett would do me a solid? I don't see why not.
Hold on, you can ask him.
- Bennett! - Yeah.
Charlie has a question.
Hey, Charlie, what's up? Right.
That I can make work.
I'll text you my publicist's number and she'll take it from there.
Waiting on your DateMatcher date? Excuse me? I'm not on DateMatcher.
Oh, just on "The Mate".
Aren't you the nosy bartender? - No, I'm Derek.
- Tracy.
No ring.
With my luck, you're either gay and/or taken.
So, what's your pleasure? If we're talking about a drink, vodka soda, splash of "cran".
So a light-weight.
Alright, F-you then.
Bourbon, straight up.
Now we're getting somewhere.
So, which is it? Your place or mine? Whichever's closer.
How did you snag a job at Snapchat? Oh, they recruited me! And they flew me out to L.
four times for interviews.
Did he tell you how much he's banking? Oh, are we seriously talking money at the table? Yeah.
- That much? - Yeah, well.
Greed is good.
So, how's the Defender Association? It's definitely an adjustment.
I have, like, 100 misdemeanor cases at any one time, and I've just had my first trial.
What? Lucky you! I don't get any trial experience but I am getting - a bigger office at Caldwell.
- You are? I spearheaded the document review on one of our biggest pharmaceutical cases The partners sat me down last week.
People work at the Association for years before they even get their own office.
You're just constantly hustling trying to get your client - a fair deal.
- Fair? - They're criminals.
- You're wrong.
I just defended a guy that got stopped by the cops 40 times just because he's black.
And a woman who went to jail because she bounced a check for 356 dollars.
She has kids.
Seriously Van, you gotta get out of that place.
Yeah, I mean, if you want to do criminal, you could just do white-collar at CaldWell.
Why work in gutter, if you can work in penthouse? Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday For tonight's main course, we will be preparing sticky peanut cauliflower wings.
Oh, hold on, sorry.
Cauliflowers have wings, or do you actually mean chicken? Ah, no.
We just call them wings.
So it's cauliflower? Right.
The idea of vegan food.
You signed us up for the vegan class? I didn't know it was straight up.
She was second runner-up on Competitive Kitchen 2015.
Sorry, there's been a misunderstanding.
I thought we were making actual food.
Don't save the leftovers.
Hastings, call your next witness.
At this time, the Defense would like to call everyone who's been stopped and frisked by Officer Porter in the last six months.
Objection! What is going on? These men were all stopped by Officer Porter for having bulges, which turned out to be keys, phones, wallets, cigarettes, tissues If any of you were subsequently arrested, please raise your hand.
And these are just the people we know about.
Your Honor, the visual aids are inappropriate.
And, yet, effective.
Officer Porter does appear to be a little trigger-happy - on the stop-and-frisk.
- This is crazy! How do we know what each one of these men is saying is true? Are we going to put all 40 of them on the stand, - so I can cross-examine them? - I do also have 20 videos, Your Honor.
I'd be happy to play them for you.
I don't think that will be necessary.
Do you have a motion, Ms.
Hastings? I move for a directed verdict of "Not guilty".
- Granted.
- Yes! Yes! I knew it! - Thank you.
- Good work.
I suggest you give these to the Serge' over at the 2-5 and he can hand them out at roll call tomorrow.
Any officer that illegally stops Mr.
Dumay again is going to be personally joined to the civil suit he's about to file against the City and the police department.
Gwen! - I don't want to talk.
- We don't have to! I understand, but I'm not going anywhere.
How were the vomit peanut non-wings? Not nearly as good as if I'd have been - sharing them with you.
- You know this is bullshit.
- Which part? - All of it.
This whole place is ridiculous.
It's so Alison.
And that's the thing: I'm not her.
I'm not vegan, or perfect, or any of that.
- And you can't just slot me in.
- I'm sorry! Okay? I thought all women kind of liked this place.
- I didn't think it through.
- What are we doing? - I mean, really.
- We're trying.
You're trying.
It's like I'm a new pair of sneakers, or a new vegetable, and you're experimenting.
Which makes me the experiment.
And I feel like I'm constantly auditioning, and that sucks! Gwen, you don't have to audition.
You got the part! Can we just take a second and reset? - Hey, we still have 28 days! - No, you have 28 days! You get to just sit there and decide who you love, and I got nothing.
You have all the power.
Hell, Alison, has all the power.
She's no dumbass.
She's the one who's setting the timetable, and giving you "the choice".
And she's turning me into a frickin' performing seal.
And this is you being a performing seal? Yes! And I hate this shit.
But I'm running around here pretending to like dream-catching and I'm turning summersaults and barking for fish! Gwen! You don't have to prove anything.
I want you, just the way you are.
And to prove it Come in! Aw! Chicken and waffles! To be honest, I kind of really hate vegan food.
- And Flamebolt! - You can say what you want about the activities in this place, but they really do let you do anything.
Have some.
Ah! Goodbye, Pranayama Mudra meditation! Hello, New York City! Hey, do me a favor and get the map out the glove compartment.
- God, who uses paper maps anymore? - Call me retro, but I have a shortcut and I want to make sure.
There's no map, but what are these? I have an apartment.
I have mine; those are yours.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
Let's spend some real time together, let's make go at this.
- Really? - Yes.
- You want to drive? - Hell yeah! - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- I forgot this is stick shift.
- Mm-hmm.
I think I've got this.
- Hey! - Sorry! Sorry.
- You want me to take over? - No, I don't think so.
I think I got it.
- Gwen! - I'm just messing with you.
- Is something wrong? - What I'm about to say isn't the beginning of a discussion, but the announcement of a decision.
- Okay.
- It's been fun.
- But? - But this is where I leave you.
Why? I'm a free man.
We don't have to hide anymore.
We can be together in public.
What did you think this was? Dating? Going steady? Tracy, I left my wife for you.
We've got something going.
We had sex going.
Lots and lots of great, kinky sex.
But, if you thought that this was anything more than mutual getting off, or if you thought that giving me a pearl necklace meant we had a relationship, that's on you.
So you think you can just end this, hmm? - Like that.
- Sugar, I just did.
Can I get a shot of whiskey? I need to wash this day away.
One more here too, please.
Looks like somebody unclenched.
Do not come for me, unless I send for you.
Well, well look at that.
Bambi finally grew a backbone.
Why are you depressed? You won.
- Well, it's my friends.
- Never mind, two more.
- Make that three.
- What is with you two? You'd think you just got hammered in court, instead of making that cop look like the asshole he is! - Where's Gwen? - Catskills! Good for her! - Isn't it? - Vanessa, hon, - do you have a Hamilton? - Yeah.
- Good, go to the - Feed the jukebox.
Okay, new rule: my money, my picks.
Don't give up.
Last man standing wins.
What are you talking about? Gwen and I are just friends.
You know you love me I know you care - Oh, no, please, no! - Really, Vanessa? I told you not to let her pick! Or dance.
- Stop the madness.
- Yeah.
I had the same idea.
Holy shit! Tessa? Campinelli? You must be mistaking me for someone else.
No, no, I'm not! I've been looking all over for you! You're Tessa! Uh-huh.
I must just have one of those faces.
Baby, baby, baby oh Like baby, baby, baby no Like baby, baby, baby no oh Thought you'd always be mine, mine Next time on In Contempt This guy burned his girlfriend alive, - and then watched her die! - Allegedly.
As your new supervisor, it's my duty to prepare your performance review.
Tom usually just lets me write it - and then he signs.
- New sheriff in town.
Bennett and I are sort of moving in together.
Wow, Bennett! This is great! We are supposed to be fighting for justice! Wrong, wrong, wrong! - Take me off this trial.
- Easy, now.
You're the one who wanted more serious cases.
I can't do this.
I'm asking you as my supervisor.