In Plain Sight s02e07 Episode Script

Duplicate Bridge

since 1970, the federal witness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses-- some criminal, some not-- in neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season02 Episode07 search and rescue workers continue to arrive at the site of this morning's catastrophic beaumont bridge collapse that sent dozens of vehicles and their occupants plunging some 80 feet into the freezing waters of the platte river.
We caught up with norman baker, chief engineer and designer of the bridge, as he left the offices of hogeland bridge and tunnel on his way to the bridge site.
Baker! Do you have any idea why this happened? No--no.
It shouldn't have.
The bridge was good.
The bridge was--was sound.
With proper maintenance, it should have stood a thousand years.
I just don't under-- oh, my god.
No, I'd better go.
Baker, one more question! According to eyewitness accounts, the collapse was proceeded by a loud, ghostly, almost moaning sound.
Any thoughts on what this might have been? That's the noise steel makes when it's stressed beyond capacity.
That was a terrible day for you.
Wasn't it, norman? It was the worst day of my life.
****** To stand in the midst of all that misery and suffering and know that something I created was the cause-- but, as you later came to find out, the beaumont bridge was not entirely your creation.
Was it? No, not entirely.
can you explain to the court? the ntsb investigation determined that the bridge came down because the gusset plates were of inferior quality and insufficient gauge.
And were those plates used on the bridge to your specifications, as you designed? No, they were not.
isn't that your signature? It looks like my signature, but I never signed that document.
Really? So, your signature appears on the plans for the faulty gussets, but you never signed them? How is that possible? It was forged by that man, karl hogeland.
That is a ridiculous claim made by a man who can't admit he screwed up.
Why on earth would I do such a thing? To save pennies? No.
There's only one logical explanation.
The bridge was built exactly as norman baker designed it.
Baker, you made a deal with the government.
You went into witness protection to avoid prosecution, didn't you? I went into witness protection because, after the collapse, karl came to my house and told me we had to get on the same page.
He said if I played ball and admitted that the bridge was built according to my plans, he'd make me a rich man.
And if I didn't, I wouldn't be the first person who disappeared because they crossed him.
****** All clear.
Let's go.
I don't understand.
Why can't I stay for the verdict? Because you're job here is done, and mine is to get you out of here safely.
- Come on, let's go.
- Please.
This is important to me.
No, it was important to norman baker, but he ceased to exist when you finished your testimony.
Now, norman danzer has to leave all that behind.
What happened a minute or a year or ten years ago can have no bearing on your new life.
I know this is hard to swallow right now, but you're just gonna have to trust me on this one.
Hey, as long as we're just standing here, you mind if I draw a bull's eye on your witness's forehead? Come on, norman.
It's time to meet your future.
After a two month trial and only 11 hours of deliberations, jurors found the defendant karl hogeland not guilty.
On all counts in connection with the collapse of the beaumont bridge.
What? Of course, I'm pleased with the verdict.
It's a terrible thing to be falsely accused, but this is no cause for celebration.
The survivors and the families of those who died are left with aching hearts and no satisfaction.
Do I blame norman? No.
He made a mistake that was compounded by a system of checks and balances that broke down.
I didn't make a mistake.
- I believe you.
- No, you don'T.
Look-- truss bridges are statically determined, meaning the forces in each member can be found in the principles of statics.
The sum of the forces in any direction acting on a body, at any point, are zero in equilibrium.
Norman-- damn it.
I didn't make a mistake.
I didn'T.
Okay, you didn't make a mistake.
And you may be the only person on earth who knows that to be true.
But as hard as that is to swallow, it has to be enough.
Because it's all the satisfaction you're gonna get.
You have to let this go now.
Yeah, I know.
I will Can I-- can I use the restroom? Sure.
You okay? Right, right, then left.
- So? - They found hogeland not guilty.
Yeah, we heard.
How's he taking it? About like you'd expect.
He sees hogeland's acquittal as an indictment of himself.
And what's more important, his work.
Well, on the plus side, hogeland's acquittal lessens his motivation to take norman out.
I don't think so.
Hogeland's not the kind of guy who leaves loose ends lying around, - and norman is definitely a loose end.
- Balcony.
I'll call 911.
Norman? What are you doing? Come on, buddy.
Give me your hand and get down from there.
When I'm on a project and it all gets to be too much, I go to the highest point I can find, look out, and try to calculate what it would take to build a bridge all the way to the horizon.
And that helps you put things in perspective? Sometimes.
Usually it just gives me a colossal headache.
But it's a fabulous way to procrastinate.
So, you're not contemplating suicide? No.
Why would I do that? I didn't do anything wrong.
Anybody have an aspirin? ****** You're really not gonna drive me to norman's? It's not my problem your car's in the shop.
And yet, somehow it's always my problem when yours is.
- Now we're on the same page.
- But you like norman.
Like is a very strong word.
I have exciting news, inspectors.
You've reached retirement age.
Aw, we'll miss you.
Not that exciting.
- no.
- A stapler.
But not just any stapler, mary.
It's a fleigler 2000 heavy duty electric staple fastening system.
The number one choice of stapling professionals worldwide.
Oh, my.
Darn right, oh my.
Had to go to hell and back to get approval for that baby.
Quick trip.
Joke if you must, mary.
But the fleigler 2000 handles up to 80 pages at once.
You're such a liar.
Here, let me try it.
Wait, those don't go together.
What? I could cobble shoes with this thing.
It is not a toy, mary.
I know that.
Now, if there's anything else? Yeah, is there a fleigler staple remover? It's back-ordered.
Oh, and before I forget, that overnight package you were expecting arrived.
It's under your desk.
kansas city barbecue? From kansas city? Actually, it's from omaha, but-- oh, marshall, you shouldn't have.
- Paws off the ribs, people.
- Wait a minute.
You shipped in genuine omaha kc barbecue and you're not sharing? Now we're on the same page.
They're for norman.
- Fine.
I'll drive you.
- What a surprise.
How's norman doing? Pretty well.
He's really an amazing guy.
But the one-year anniversary of the bridge is coming up, and minnie's bar-b-que was his favorite back home.
So, I thought, you know, he's all by himself and-- nothing cures the pain like a slab of ribs.
- Something like that.
- Yeah.
- The ribs are for norman.
- I know.
What are you doing here? Just wanted to come by, see how you're doing.
And bring you a little something.
Oh, great.
Slow roasted and ready to eat.
Just need to heat 'em up.
Okay, then.
Show me to your oven.
Let's fire these bad boys up.
Mind if we come in? Sorry, the house is a bit of a mess.
Well, isn't that festive? Not good, but festive.
Not good at all.
Norman, what is this? - It's just a-- - norman, you know the rules.
Nothing from your past.
It's too dangerous.
Yeah, and so is this.
What the hell are you thinking? A signed document with your old name on it? Are you trying to get yourself killed? Has anyone been in your house that could've seen this? A housekeeper? - No, I don't have a housekeeper.
- Really? It's astonishing.
Do you realize you could be terminated from the program for this? As it is, I have to write up a violation report.
Okay, look, I apologize.
It's just something I found online.
This hobby shop was selling model bridge kits and one plan was of the first bridge I ever built.
I couldn't resist.
But building that model was therapeutic.
It helped me put things in perspective.
You could have come to our office and stood out on a ledge for that.
I'll get rid of it if you want me to.
We're taking it with us.
Right after we have some ribs.
I can't believe you took those.
- How long have you known me? - Give me half.
Not a chance.
They're my escort fee.
- That didn't come out right.
- No.
- Good morning, squish.
- Good morning.
You ate my ribs? Um, no.
Brandi, I had those shipped in especially from omaha, at great expense.
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry.
Um, how about if I take you to frontier for breakfast? Wherever you want.
My treat.
Your treat? What's the catch? No catch.
I just thought it would be a nice thing to do.
I mean, can't a sister treat her sister to a nice meal every now and then? You know, like, you know, sisters do? Not when the sister who asked the sister hasn't had a job in a year.
What do you want? Mm, um, it's just this stupid paper for my stupid english class.
I have to describe myself from the perspective of a loved one.
And since mom's in alchy lock-up, well, I guess it's you.
How touching.
Yeah, lucky you.
So, how would you describe me? Isn't the point of the assignment for you to figure that out for yourself? No, you have to answer the questions about me.
No, I can'T.
I can't right now.
I've got to pick up marshall.
His car's in the shop.
Wow, that's a switch.
What's next? He's the smart one and you're the cute one? Oh, wait.
He's both.
- So is tonight good? - Sure.
Why is this st-- why are all of these stapled shut? I'm sorry.
I couldn't help myself.
It's the fleigler.
It's so damn powerful.
She had the same problem with her gun when she first started.
What is it? Albuquerque P.
Just reported finding norman's car abandoned by the sixth street bridge.
They're calling it a suspected suicide.
Found it 7:30this morning.
Keys werein the ignition.
See anyone else aroundwhen you got here? No, but they found a man's booton the river bank.
They're bagging it now.
also-- I found thisin the glove compartment when I was gettingthe registration.
"to whom it may concern, "I've tried to forget the past.
"Unfortunately,I could see no future either, "which leaves mewith nothing.
Best, norman baker.
" This doesn'T feel right.
It doesn't add up.
Everything with normanadded up.
I don't thinkhe killed himself.
Are you saying thatbecause you believe it, or because you thinkit's your fault? I'm saying itbecause I know my witness.
Fair enough.
What next? How about you start crunchingthe particulars while I see whatI can find at his house? Sounds like a plan.
Marshall saidnorman went to the gym every morningat 6:00 A.
Same routine,day in, day out.
Would have been easyfor someone to know where'd he be,set up an ambush.
Make it look like suicide.
So, obviously karl hogeland goes to the topof our suspect list.
Here are norman's phoneand credit card records.
No activity since yesterday,and no calls to nebraska on his home or cell linesin the past year.
And here's that listof the victims and surviving family membersthat you asked for.
Now, I ran ncic checkson all of them and two in particularstand out.
Thomas hansonlost his wife and two kidson the bridge, and he's been petitioningevery politician in the state trying to bringnorman to trial.
And, uh, mark andrews.
He's been quotedas saying he doesn't wantto bring norman to trial, he wants him dead.
Sorry it took meso long, but I had to unstapleall the folders.
not a problem.
Oh, and omaha fbijust faxed these over.
Death threats sentto norman's old house after he was relocated.
- If there's anything else? - A cup of coffeewould be nice.
I'm sure it would.
She's actuallygrowing on me.
"Marshall,these drafting tools "were given to meby my father "when I graduatedfrom georgia tech.
"I'd like for youto keep them "and my stereo system.
"They need a good home.
"Thank youfor all you've done.
Your friendnorman baker.
" Is steven home? Steven who? Steven mayberry.
He lives here, I think.
This is coulter ave, right? Yes, but there'sno steven mayberry here.
You sure you havethe number right? Yeah, positive.
I took thisfrom his file folder.
He, uh--he wrote that himself when he first cameto work at c&T.
Can you describe this steven mayberryfor me, please? Yeah, he's about 5'10",african american, thin,very serious, but sweet.
Who are you? Marshall mann,of the U.
Marshal service.
Oh, my god.
What's this all about? Is steven okay? You're scaring me.
That makes two of us.
You said steven workswith you at c&t-- chemicals and toxins.
Yeah, for almost nine months.
We were almost out of businessbefore he came along.
Do you know himvery well? No, I mean,he kept to himself mostly, but I liked him.
Everyone did.
We're all gonnamiss him a lot.
Why, what makes you thinkhe isn't coming back? The fact thathe quit two days ago.
Just came in,cleaned out his office, and said good-bye.
I'm just stopping byto bring the stuff he left in his locker.
He had a lockerwith stuff in it? Yeah, this boxand four others just like itin my trunk.
- May I? - Yeah, sure, go ahead.
Looks like norman wassupplementing his income.
I don't know what itlooks like he was doing.
Hey, eleanor, how you comingwith mayberry's financials? - I'm working on it.
- Okay.
Oh, and you'd betterorder more staples.
I think we might be out.
"Like so many other disasters "throughout history, "the beaumont bridgewas brought down by hubris.
Norman baker's beliefin his own infallibility--" guess who said that? Stop torturing yourself--and me-- and put itin the karl pile.
Have you noticedhow testy you get when we're dealingwith my witnesses? It has nothing to do with whose witnesswe're dealing with.
It has nothing to dowith whose--with whom-- it has nothing to do with who--with who-- whose witnesswith whom we're dealing.
What's withthat sentence? Look, anyway, is there any part of youthat's willing to at least considerthe possibility that norman isn't up to muchof anything right now? - Meaning? - Meaning that maybehe actually did kill himself.
No, think about it.
Norman's already in witsec pretending to besomeone he isn'T.
He wouldn't goto the trouble of inventingyet another identity if he wasn'tplanning something.
And he wouldn't justwalk away from a plan without seeing it through.
I know my witness,and he isn't frivolous.
He has an endgame.
Give me a break.
You didn't even knowhe had a beginning game.
Very clever,but look at this table.
Five boxes full of obsessingover all things bridge related.
That model we confiscated.
All these articlesabout karl hogeland.
Living a double life.
Actually, that would bea triple life.
Okay, so the bankcan't officially open mayberry's account for usuntil they have warrant in hand.
But the managerwas understanding, and told mewhat he could.
Norman,aka steven mayberry, opened a savings accounteight months ago.
And since then,he's direct deposited his salary every two weekslike clockwork.
No withdrawalsuntil day before yesterday, when he cleanedout the account to the tuneof just over $60,000.
Ten in cash,the rest in a bank check.
Where would you like meto put this? - Oh, don'T.
- You make it too easy,eleanor.
- Isn't that whatyour dates usually say? - At least I have dates.
In a matter of weeks, you've draggeda perfectly nice church lady out of the pewsand into the gutter.
Yep, and a 60-grandwithdrawal is interesting.
I told you, mark my words,norman has an endgame.
"End" beingthe operative word.
For all you know, he reached the endof his endgame.
He might have mailedthe money to a relative and taken a dive intothe rio grande as an encore.
- Not very likely.
- Why is that? Because flight manifest shows steven mayberry flewfrom albuquerque to omaha, 9:00 this morning.
Hogeland's speakingat the memorial ceremony tomorrow at 10:00 A.
Norman's gonna be there.
Why? Why? Why stage a suicide? Why create an alias? Why quit his joband clean out his bank account? What the hell's he doing? I don't know what,but I don't think it's good.
You think norman'scoming after me.
Yes, and we have reasonto believe the threat is imminent.
Then I'd better drawthe shades.
I wouldn't want him shooting mein the back now, would I? As opposed to the front? Can I get back to youon that? All due respect,miss shepherd.
Norman is no killer.
An awful engineer, yes,but no killer.
We can offer youtemporary protection.
If you choose notto accept our services, we strongly advise you notto attend the memorial tomorrow.
Not an option.
I have to be there.
For the families.
The community.
The pr.
The offer stands.
You want us with youor not? Do what you have to do, but be as inconspicuousas possible.
I've been planningthe memorial far too long to have it go sideways.
See you in the morning.
You think hogeland'sbeen planning the memorial as long as norman'sbeen planning to kill him? Not bloody likely.
Brandi, hi.
Um, where are you? Yeah, listen,something came up, but-- you know what?Forget it.
I'll just pretend thatI have a clue what you'd say about me.
- Brandi-- - another shannon family crisis? Yeah, what else? We better hurry upand get to the memorial site.
It looks like it's gonna bean all-nighter.
Every morning sincethat horrible day, I wake up and wonderabout those who perished.
What would they have done with the days since? Would they have celebrated the passing of the seasons? Fall.
The rustle of leaves beneath their feet.
Position one all clear.
I have eyeson a possible threat.
Copy that.
I need a 20.
- Spring.
- 50 yards.
- I've got the flank.
- Rear parking lot.
or the blaze of summer when youth-- - Police! - Freeze! You people ruineda very important day for me.
I promise there will berepercussions.
He's gonna repercuss.
So the day wasn'ta total loss.
This is marshall.
Yeah, all right.
Norman's been arrested.
He's in jail 70 miles away.
No wonder he didn't show up.
highway patrol pulled him over on old watson highway.
All right, thanks.
Come on, buddy.
Is it me or have we just beenwrong all day long? I'm deputy marshall miller.
This is deputy shepherd.
Word is you're norman danzer.
- That's right.
- Try again.
- Sorry? - Here's how it goes.
I say, "I hearyou're norman danzer.
" And you say, "no, deputy.
I'm thomas hanson.
" It's what we in law enforcementcall a truthful response.
I don't know any thomas hanson.
sure you do.
Guy lost his wife and kidson the beaumont bridge.
Been screamingfor norman's head.
We have newspaper clippings.
Wanna see? Would you give usa minute alone, please? Okay.
- Now you want to tell mewhere norman is? - I don't know.
You have his coat,his wallet.
You even told the police you were him.
- Did you kill norman? - No, I swear.
Okay? Look.
About a month ago, he just showed upat my door.
To apologize.
He begged me to hear him out.
I did, then I threw himthe hell out of my house.
He was so shaken he lefthis coat and wallet behind.
I see.
And with today beingthe anniversary, you just decided to put onnorman baker's jacket, take a drive,and get drunk.
I didn't realizeI had on baker's jacket until I was already in cuffs.
Later, when I sobered up, I figured outwhat was going on.
Well it just seemed likepinning a dui on him was some kind of poetic justice.
That's an excellent story,thomas.
Almost believable were it notfor the fact that I saw normanthe day before yesterday wearing that exact samejacket.
listen to me, thomas.
I know you.
I know you understand.
We build our houseon these manifold truths.
Rough hewn and perfect.
Like the ashlarsof solomon's temple.
What? "He is to be condemned, "but also deeply pitied.
"Wrong and injustice once done cannot be undone but are eternalin their consequences.
" Who sent you? "Without verity, there is no justice.
" I am so sorry, thomas, for your unspeakable loss.
But it's time now to quiet the voicesshouting for revenge, and listen to your ownpraying for justice.
He came to see me last night.
It was obvious he was suffering.
And he paid a heavy price.
He didn't ask for forgiveness.
He didn't ask for anything.
He just said, "do thisand you and all the families "hurt by the bridge collapse will get your justice.
" Maybe now you will.
Did he say what his plan was? No.
Only that he needed people to believe he wasn't wherehe was gonna be.
And that whatever I knew or didn't knowwouldn't hurt me.
Thank you.
Get some rest.
What do you got? The security systemhas him out the door almost four hours ago.
The other employeeshave the day off.
Norman must've followed him here then grabbed him.
So where did he take him? Call your sister.
Well thanksfor the reminder, but don't you thinkthis is a little more pressing? The model bridgefrom norman's house, he said it was the first onehe ever built.
What do you bet it's somewherein the greater omaha area? I need you to go outto my car.
There's a print in the trunk.
Get it and read it to me.
Um, aside from the fact that what you just saidmade no sense at all, it almost sounded likeyou were asking for my helpwith something.
Brandi, please,this is really important.
Yeah, well,so is my english paper.
Squish, listen.
I know you're rightand I'm really sorry, but I need you now.
Huh, I'll be damned.
It's a bridge.
Yeah, I know it's a bridge.
I need the name of the bridge.
Um, let's see here.
Alls it says is "platte river crossingstate highway 454.
" - Got it.
- Now what aboutmy english assignment? Hello? Norman, put the gun down.
I will, as soon as he tellsthe truth.
that's close enough.
Norman, buddy, I really don't wantto shoot you.
Norman, my partner might notwant to shoot you, but we've been upfor 36 hours straight because of you,and I'm fine with whatever gets me in bed the quickest.
Now putthe damn gun down before-- what's that? Oh, jesus,it's a dead man switch.
Norman, what did you do? I'm not a chemist by trade, but I think I whipped up a serviceable batchof nitroglycerin.
Oh, sweet jesus.
Get off the damn bridge! It's riggedwith explosives! Go! So if you shoot me, I let go of this switch.
Now, speak clearly to the camera,and tell the world what you did, or I swear to god I'll kill you.
Screw you.
Jesus! My ear! Norman, please,this nitro is really unstable.
To shockwaves from your guncould set it off.
What's it gonna be, karl? Five.
- Two-- - all right, all right! It-- was me.
My contract with the state included a million-dollartimely completion bonus.
The steel mill in japan that I hired had to shut down because of an earthquake.
The ultimate mill was tooled for a lighter gauge production.
I changed the plans so I could get the bridgefinished on time.
- And did I know anythingabout it? - No.
In truth, I thought it would be okay.
I never thoughtthat one minor compromise would bring it all down.
I'm sorry.
I know you don't believe me.
But I truly am.
All right.
Norman, please stop this.
You're not a killer.
I'd say that's debatable.
All right, come on, norman.
You got what you want.
Now let's go home.
Wh--what are you doing? Thank you for beingsuch a good friend.
For the record,my name is norman baker.
And I designedthe beaumont bridge.
Since the day of its collapse, I've gone overall my calculations-- every specification-- to prove that karl hogelandaltered my designs.
And that the failure occurredbecause of those alterations.
And I've come to the disturbing conclusion that karl hogelandwas correct when he stated that the modified plates by themselves were not enoughto cause the bridge to fail.
Truss bridges work because when properly designed, they stand in equilibrium.
The sum of all the forcesacting on one point equals zero.
However, in designingthe beaumont bridge, I input the incorrect values, causing the bridgeto be out of equilibrium.
I calculated those values using critical assumptionsI made when I first started building bridges, and have used themmy entire career.
It was the combined effect of these structural inadequacies that resulted in that resulted in the bridge collapse and the loss of life.
Norman, let's just get offthe bridge.
We can work all this out.
I don't think so.
Not this time.
I've designed 26 bridges in my career.
And like the village fool who's enamoredby his own shadow Stood countless hours gazing up at each.
Imagining What they'd be likea thousand years from now.
Like the aqueducts of rome.
Enduring testaments to the life of norman baker.
They, of course,were designed using the same flawedassumptions.
And left standing,will in time fail.
Unfortunately, I'll have to leavethe demolition of all but this oneto someone else.
I am truly sorry for the peoplewho have died, the familieswho continue to suffer, and all those whomI've disappointed.
As a last favor to me, will you please get thatto the right people? Of course,but this doesn't-- I need you allto get going now.
Norman, this is so unnecessary.
I'm gonna countbackwards from ten.
And when I reach one, I'm gonna releasethis switch.
- We have to do something.
- Norman, listen to me.
Everyone has failuresin life.
Ultimately, all of us fail.
The aqueducts of romewill fail.
But who we are, the standards by whichwe're measured, lies in our response to those failures.
My dad used to tell me, "you don't failuntil you quit.
" I know it's a cliche, but it's the best I've gotright now and it's true.
Please, norman.
Please don't quit.
You're too good a man.
The world needspeople like you.
Thank you, marshall.
I appreciateyour kind words, and so many other qualitiesabout you.
But now it's timefor you to leave.
Please don't make your last act on eartha colossal mistake.
I'm sorry.
I can't go from being someonewho's never wrong to a guy who's neverbeen right once.
I'm just notthat flexible.
- Nine.
- Norman.
Good-bye, my friend.
- Seven.
- Let's go.
What are you doing? We have to leave now.
- He's gonna blow the bridge.
- No, he's not.
Norman! Marshall.
Get her off the bridge now.
- Mary, it's over.
- So what? You're just gonna quit? What happened to your daddy'sstupid cliche? Marshall, five.
Norman, listen to me.
Okay, listen to me.
What happened to you it's not fair.
I get it.
You--you plan for your lifeand you follow the rules and you think it's allgonna work out 'cause it's supposedto work out.
And then it doesn'T.
Something stupid--something happens and it all--it all just turns to-- it all falls apartand it just goes wrong.
And it sucksand it's not fair.
No, it is fair.
That's just it.
I screwed up.
You blow this bridge.
I'm going with you.
How's that for fair? - Four.
- Norman.
He's not gonna stop.
Shut up! You don't know.
How do you know? Because I know my witness.
- Three.
- Mary.
No! Norman.
- Two.
- No! No! One.
You want meto sugarcoat it, or you want the truth? Can you sugarcoat the truth? I suppose not.
What would your sister say was your tragic flaw? My hamartia.
I think were she beingcompletely honest, mary would say it's that you shed your failureslike a raincoat.
And get up day after god-awful day expecting thingsto work out, even though it seemsthey never do.
God, you could sugarcoat ita little.
I said were she beingcompletely honest.
He assessment of you saysas much if not more about her.
What does it sayabout her? It says that she can't, uh-- she can't accept failure is a partof life.
The most important part.
It's the part that, um teaches us things.
And it's the partthat hurts.
Well, enough about that.
Um, what doesyour loved one think is your greatest asset? And don't say my chest.
people talk too much.
People think too much.
We're all village idiotsenamored with our shadows, oblivious to the setting sun.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm good.
You? hey, are you still there? Yeah, I'm here.
I'm still here.