In Plain Sight s03e04 Episode Script

Whistle Stop

- Previously on In Plain Sight I don't think we should get married in July.
Or at all.
You and I We don't work.
I do love you.
But enough? - Big day.
- We hope, we hope.
Knock, uhKnock-- knocking on Jesus, are there any dead tree products around here? Got our balls hanging out here, luck-wise.
- Thank you, Earl.
- Yeah.
Thank you very much.
Okay, so listen.
- Mm-hmm.
It's just another day at the office, all right? That's how you act no matter what.
You're there to do the job the same As you've been doing eight years.
If you get in trouble, just say the word "ticker tape.
" Understand? Ticker tape.
- Ticker tape.
- Ticker tape.
That's right.
And we'll bust in there and get you right out.
All right.
All right.
This is the day.
I can feel it.
Love the confidence.
You fake it almost as well as I do.
Earl, you know Craig Mulhaney.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, Craig.
Good to see you again.
Come on in.
Anything metal or electronic in the bag.
Don't have my boarding pass.
Anything metal or electronic in the bag.
Is that a problem? No.
Aah! Oh! I'm so sorry.
I'll be right back.
God damn it.
- Make a note-- Earl took himself offline, Did not issue the code for extraction.
He's on his own.
Have a seat.
Forgive me, Mr.
- Basic double entry.
- Mm-hmm.
Second account Check out over here - I saw-- I saw everything.
The money that the company is laundering, The people that we're laundering it for.
You were right.
I mean, drug dealers, terrorists, mobsters.
This is getting very big, very complicated.
- Is there a ledger? - Yes.
There's nothing online, nothing on computer.
Just this little book.
Yeah, that's, uh That's too bad.
What? Why? Because now we gotta go in and bust A bunch of dirty white guys Because we are gonna make a federal case out of this Thanks to the man here! Huh? Yeah! Since 1970, the federal Witness Protection program Has relocated thousands of witnesses-- Some criminal, some not-- To neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, Distinguishing them from the rest Of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
Adam, I understand, but it's my 13 cents.
Yes, Adam.
I keep calling you that, Adam, because that's your name, And I'm trying to humanize this conversation.
My weekly paychecks have been one Penny short for 13 weeks.
Well, I know that, Adam, because I know how much I make.
We're both federal employees.
We serve the hard-working taxpayer.
We have an obligation to be precise.
Now, imagine, Adam, that what's happening to me Is happening on a massive scale.
Every week, and somebody-- - Let me take this.
Hi, Adam.
Bye, Adam.
What? - You're-- you're three cents short.
I'm charging for my time.
What is that? My first work of origami.
You know, it's-- - Stop now, or you will never get laid again.
Good morning, guys.
How are you? That's nice.
Denver FBI's got a priority case.
Wheels up in one hour.
Have a good trip.
Yeah, they're on the way.
Happy to help.
The absolute worst of the four-letter words.
And the one I know best.
The 6 year old on tip toes peering into Brandy's crib.
My mother on the bedroom floor scrounging for the booze That word coming out of their mouths like a gasp Like destiny Help I've learnt over time help does not *** or hold the ladder still.
It means "Hey, I screwed up, now what are we gonna do?" Help, more than anything, is the not so subtle herald of the appearance of belief.
And don't get me even started on happy to help him.
I'm clocking three assistants to every Agent.
Do you have any idea how much that costs Before overtime? Literally the cost of just Six figures an hour.
It's the posing I can't stand.
They look like models with guns.
Self-centered, arrogant, vapid - Bull-headed, lazy FBI jackwads.
Not to mention tall, well-educated, And rarely, if ever, wrong.
Inspector Shannon, inspector mann Hi.
You're late.
Mike Faber.
Our informant, Earl donaldson, 38, Chief accountant at world one financial, Came to us three years ago When he started suspecting his ceo Of illegally laundering cash.
Yeah, read it.
Up to speed.
We execute warrants in two days, Go in, seize key evidence, and make our arrests.
Transport's on standby.
Oh, you need to know Mr.
Donaldson Hasn't completely agreed to all aspects Of entering Witness Protection.
How not completely? Mr.
Donaldson has no idea he even needs To be in Witness Protection.
What have you been telling him the last three years? What he needed to know then.
You tell him what he needs to know now.
Isn't that your job, kitten? Kitten? Jackass.
So we can't have contact with anybody ever again? Normally it's just you, your wife, and your children.
But if there are extenuating circumstances Involving other family members, we can assess those with you.
Oh, come on.
I mean, pruett's not exactly the killing type.
He's a banker.
He's a member of the aclu.
It's not pruett that we're worried about.
It's who he's laundering for.
We know this is upsetting, Mr.
Donaldson, But to ensure your safety, it really is the only option.
Try looking at it as a fresh start.
I don't want a fresh anything.
I--I love my life.
I just bought a houseboat.
You said, "get the evidence.
" I did.
I--I got you the ledger.
- Right.
- I told you where it is.
- Right.
- I told you what it proves.
I did that.
Then you said, if I did that, After the trial, I'm done.
No, no, that is what you said! All right? What is so different all of a sudden? I'll tell you.
Well, first of all, Pruett's operation is bigger than we ever thought.
There's lots more players, and they don't play very nice.
I didn't know.
I didn't know.
You didn't know.
It's not like it's a ball That we could ever see coming or control.
But listen to me, Earl, Think of the possibilities.
If you go into Witness Protection, You've got a free pass for the rest of your life.
Five-star hotels-- You're gonna be shooting golf on championship courses From dawn till dusk.
HeyHey! - You said you wanted a new car.
- Shut up! Everything Agent Faber just said is all lies.
WITSEC's not a game show.
You didn't just win a vacation.
There's not tee times or mints on the pillows Or seats in the front of the plane.
But what it is is preferable to death.
It's nicer than being hunted like an animal, Or watching your family be tortured And butchered and what? What? - Well, clearly you're just-- You're a gifted little actress, aren't you? Because that's actually a trick.
It's an old trick.
Good cop, bad cop.
Something we abandoned in the 20th century.
Apparently the fringe offices didn't get the memo.
Excuse us, Agent Faber needs a little me time.
You know what? Stop lying.
- I'm embellishing.
- Don't.
I did and I will.
What, you're gonna tell me that you never-- No.
Never to my witnesses.
Yeah, okay, that's obviously a lie.
Earl needs to know that what he's getting into Doesn't involve egyptian cotton.
Espresso, single.
Look, we all know that there are "a" deals, "b" deals, and "c" deals.
I'll just take it up with the Attorney General And make it an a-plus.
And do me a favor, okay? Would you please cut down on the torture porn? I need your help to ease him in.
Make mine a double venti.
- Triple.
- Seriously? 'cause I'm just ordering coffee.
Double triple.
All right, look.
Earl is a good guy.
He's not an easy guy.
He's prickly, he's opinionated, and he's smart.
The past three years I've been carrying him across This tightrope, And I need to get him to the other side.
I also need to know that he's gonna be okay.
So you tell me--you tell me, how do we do that? Pay the man.
And a stipend of 600.
Per day? Well, like Mary said, You'll have access to your liquid assets After the first month.
That's a lot to think about, you know? You and I, we talked about everything.
We never talked about this.
I know, but this is for your safety.
So, uh, witness protection-- it's voluntary, right? - Technically, but-- - it's your call.
Statistically speaking, How many of the people who don't go in End up hurt, killed, you know? Earl, you know who never gets touched? The people with the power to hurt their enemies.
Once you testify, you've used up all that power.
There's no cards left to play.
You're just a target.
So what you need to become is a target that can't be found.
What if I don't testify? Don't go there, Earl.
Tomorrow there's gonna be two kinds of people At your company-- Witnesses and defendants.
I need time.
I need to think.
Just don't mention WITSEC to your family.
For security purposes, we'll need to be with you for that.
All right, good.
Good, Earl.
You think about it.
We'll figure it all out.
Chief inspector McQueen? - Stan.
- Actually, it's Charlie, sir.
No, I'm stan.
Oh, right.
Sorry, sir.
- And don't call me sir.
- Yes, sir.
- And don't say "yes, sir.
" - okay.
See? A habit you're well on your way to breaking.
- Right.
- What's up? This just came through for inspector mann.
It's flagged as an emergency.
I don't know if it's got to him in the field yet.
This is not good.
So Ricky dumont is ck "the rule" dupree? - Was.
- Undefeated light heavyweight.
Two fights from the championship.
That dupree.
Dumont now.
Sorry, it won't happen again.
I'm just so-- I mean, Ricky, in WITSEC! Thanks, Charlie.
I thought maybe I could ride along, Get a little street time Learn from the master? Sorry, I don't do proteges, And until you're fully credentialed, You're riding the desk.
- Pull Ricky's file-- m.
Give it a read while I'm out.
Give me your thoughts when I'm back.
- Yes-- thank you.
What? What? Yeah! Yeah! Ha ha ha ha! I need it, man.
Come on, give it to me.
Come on, bolano.
Come on.
You guys are fighters, right? Show me what you got! Unh! Oh, no.
I'm with him.
He's a friend of mine.
Hey, that's enough.
That's enough! Hey, that's enough.
That's enough.
Get out of here, Arnie.
You gonna get hurt.
- Stop it! - Come on, bolano.
Hit me again.
Ricky Ricky, fight's over.
Fight's over, man.
Let's go home.
Come on.
No! Ricky, stop the fight.
I got him right where I need him! Give it to me.
Come on, give it to me! Yeah! Ahh! Ahh! Whoo! We did it, Arnie! Put me down.
- We did it! - Put me down, please.
We did it, Arnie! We did it! Yeah.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Let's go, buddy.
Let's go home, okay? - What's wrong, Arnie? - Ricky, hey, I'm not Arnie.
Stan McQueen.
I work with inspector mann.
Whatever you say, Arnie.
It's not funny.
It's not funny.
And you hanging at this gym is really not funny.
Where else am I gonna hang? Anywhere but a place you're gonna get recognized.
Man, we talked about this.
A long time ago.
Remember? Ricky, you know where we are? Outside.
- What city? - Albuquerque.
All right.
Well, why does that matter, Arnie? At first it looked a lot like madoff.
A lot of missing money, not enough tax being paid.
Solid, a little boring.
Then, six months ago, Earl gets a promotion, Gets deeper inside.
Sees the funds being funneled through the trading desk And sent clean and untraceable to Gerard neustadter, Based in Berlin.
Banker to various afghan terror groups.
Xiang li, of the shin woo crime syndicate.
And Robbie Jackson, a narcotics trafficker Out of Chicago, and his team of enforcers.
Now, these guys we cannot let wiggle out of the net.
HuhThe case actually doesn't suck.
No, not bad, considering how burdened you are By limitless resources.
And on that slightly lighter note, Anybody ready for dinner? Janine, will you come in here, please? We've got a 24-hour chef on call.
Make you anything you want-- thanks, janine-- As long as it's from the hamburger joint Around the corner.
Well, it's all pretty solid.
The only thing you screwed up was Earl.
I know I'm gonna regret this, but go on.
- You treated him like an evidence-delivery system Instead of a human being.
Why wait till the last minute For us to come in and do the hard part? Whoa, whoa, let me stop you right there, kitten.
What you do isn't easy, But the hard part takes three years, 7,000 man hours, And puts 257 career criminals from nine countries in jail.
Earl came to me, okay.
He volunteered.
This case evolved.
Evolved? Gimme a break.
It evolved six months ago when the bond villains popped up.
You couldn't afford to have him spooked.
Point being? Point being, if you want him safe And in WITSEC, You need to admit what you did and tell him you were wrong.
First of all, I wasn't.
Second of all, why? Look, we've seen this before.
Earl is in shock, And that shock is taking the form of denial.
The only thing that'll shake him out of that And get him where he needs to be is the truth.
Yeah, great.
Well, all I know is the facts of the case And my informant.
Earl is gonna be just fine As long as everybody does their jobs.
So set your dials to receive, 'cause tomorrow I want him happy, excited, and closed.
Or what? Or I'm gonna be a very big part of your life For a long time.
And that is what I call a motivating threat.
Hey, um Is she seeing anybody? Uh, your family's not supposed to be here.
They don't know who you are.
I haven't told them anything about this yet, all right? I told them you were clients.
But I will tell them.
And when I do, it'll be alone, by myself, when I'm ready.
All right, just take it easy, buddy.
- "buddy"? No, no.
What--what-- what's my aunt's name? - Um--what? - My aunt! If we were buddies, what's her name? Where does she live? How often do I see her, huh? Do I get to bring her into WITSEC? - Like I said, if there's extenuating circumstances-- - She's 89 years old.
She's losing her eyesight.
She lives with my cousin.
What if they don't want to come? And then my wife, she has a sister who has five kids.
All right? Listen, of course you don't know any of this.
You don't know a million things about me Because they don't help your case! I will testify, all right? But I have decided that I am not going to avail myself Of your services.
I can take care of myself.
All right, okay.
That's fine, that's fine.
Absolutely, sure, okay? Tomorrow, 8:00 A.
, here.
We're gonna go over a few things in the morning first Before we go in, right? He'll come around.
But here's what we're gonna do.
- No, uh-uh.
There's no "we" here.
You screwed this up all by yourself, You can fix it all by yourself.
And if you don't, Earl's just waiting around to get dead.
Well, at least it seemed a lot longer And ended up being totally pointless.
I don't think it's over yet.
Oh, no.
I'm sensing a pattern here, Agent Faber, As primal as it is manipulative.
You offer refreshment when you want something.
Yeah, it's one of my father's tried and true techniques, Except he uses scotch and hookers.
All right, look, whatever I need to say To get Earl into WITSEC, I'll say it.
Confession, apology, penance, silence, I'm your man.
But I really, really need to know That he's not gonna be out there by himself When it starts to go down.
So you're ready to be everything but sincere.
You want sincere, I can do sincere.
You're sort of missing the point of "sincere.
" Never mind.
All right, we'll meet at the same place in the park.
We'll run your mea culpa before Earl gets there, Then we'll lay out a few worst case histories Of people who didn't join the program.
Then whatever's gonna happen will happen.
- Okay, great.
- Great.
By the way, I've followed your father's career, And I think he's enormously effective at what he does.
Very well put, Marshall.
So who's his father? "the hatchet.
" Marshall, I don't want to hurt you.
- Congressman Faber.
- Wait.
That red-faced guy who always yells Even when there's microphones, with the Stabbing finger thing, and you can't see his eyes 'cause of that huge jungle of eyebrows? That guy? Jack "the hatchet" Faber.
Minority whip, also known as "bulljack," "crusher," and my favorite, "the thing.
" - That's his dad? - Uh-huh.
Uhh! That guy's heinous.
Just ask his four wives and nine kids About the six rehab stints.
Six? No, no, no, no, no.
Don't try to make me feel sorry for Faber.
For all we know, he worships "the thing.
" Simply offering some perspective.
Well, I don't want perspective.
I'm pissed we're still here.
I'm pissed he's got us going out there again.
I want my righteous anger fueled.
Fuel me.
Okay, let's talk about rounding, Because that's what they're saying Is behind those pennies that keep going missing From my checks.
Rounding off, that's really-- - No, no, not that, okay? And no silence.
I just can't take silence right now.
Why aren't you wearing your engagement ring? Raph and I broke up.
I said no silence.
So, um Oh, my God.
Marshall, you're killing me.
I really don't know what to say.
Now? Now you don't know what to say? For seven years, I get a combo-geyser Of Wikipedia, Jeopardy, star trek, Dead poets society, and carnac the magnificent.
And now, the one time I need a steady stream Of useless, numbing babble, I get car sounds.
Well, when did you two break up? No, no, no, no.
No questions.
Anyone can do questions.
I want pointless quotes, useless trivia, The downpour of idiocy you've practically patented.
Come on, it's a 20-minute car trip.
I don't want to think about my life, okay? Amaze me, annoy me, distract me.
Is that so much to ask? - This is so weird.
I-I-I-I got--I got nothin'.
Oh, my God, you're You're verbally impotent.
I swear this has never happened before.
Neurosgeon says the whole living in the past thing Is pugilistic dementia.
Result of repeated cranial trauma.
How do they cure it? They can't.
It's gonna get worse.
He's also got a subdural hematoma.
Blood swelling on the brain.
May or may not be augmenting the dementia, But the problem is, he keeps thinking he's still 24, Getting in fights.
One good shot to the head could kill him.
His file.
Arnie Hubbard was Ricky's trainer since he was 12.
Everything was good.
Then-- - Yeah, bookies wanted Ricky to throw a fight.
Arnie said no.
Shot in a bar.
Ricky saw the whole thing, testified.
Bad enough he had to live it once.
Now he's gonna keep living it over and over.
What do we do? Hey, stan.
So what'd the doc say? Stan? That's your name, right? So what'd the doc say? Am I okay? Well, Earl's never late.
Something's wrong.
That's Earl's car.
The key is in the ignition.
Donaldson? - Where's Earl? - He's not home? He said he was meeting with you this morning.
He said today was the day that you were going in, Making the arrests.
- Wait, he told you that? - Everything.
- Melis? Honey? - Yeah? - Are you okay? - What--what do you mean? What's going on with Earl? What do you mean? What about Earl? He was arrested right here, just a couple minutes ago.
By whom? What did you see? I saw two guys, a black sedan, badges.
FBI doesn't have him.
Wasn't the marshals.
Or the local or the state.
So who's got him? Look, Ricky, I don't know how much you're aware Of what's going on with you, medically.
I need to lose some weight.
Well, uh, there's more.
There's-- you have moments, Incidents where you're kind of not here.
What do you mean? You're not yourself sometimes.
You need care in a home.
Like for old people? I'm 35.
You're hurt.
And I don't want to see you get hurt worse, okay? Now, Charlie here has got some information.
We're gonna get you lined up someplace nice.
I gotta talk to Arnie.
Arnie's dead, remember? Right.
I'm sorry.
You've got nothing to be sorry about.
No, I got a whole lot.
I should have-- I should have gone along.
I should have thrown that fight.
I should have looked out for Arnie The way he lked out for me.
Instead, I stood there, They shot him, And I watched him die.
What for? Pride? Money? Don't got any of them anymore.
But I got plenty to be sorry about.
I can't believe this.
- We're--we're gonna find him, okay? What am I gonna tell my girls? Mrs.
Donaldson, When exactly did Earl tell you About his work with the FBI? Um, last night, When he told me about pruett And the FBI, the Witness Protection.
But why so-- - So if the house is bugged-- Explains the timing.
Whoever's listening hears and makes the move.
Earl sees the badge, goes right along.
But what do they want? Information? Ransom? Earl dead? How long before you can get a team over here To do a sweep? Yeah.
For that one.
Thank you.
Here are the recent photos of Earl.
Melissa, we'll get him back.
I promise.
Earl said you promised a lot.
That you were good at that.
Earl's a very trusting guy.
I mean, it must have been easy.
I mean, you barely had to work to make him your friend.
He told me all about that.
Do you know what you did to him? My husband? You used him and then made him feel like nothing.
And he was sick of it, And he was gonna do something.
He was gonna take care of us.
He was gonna have the power now! If he is hurt or dead-- - take it easy.
You did it! You did it! You did it! All right.
- You did-- - okay.
You did it! You did it! Come on, come on.
You did! You did! - Hi.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
- Look it over, will you? So you know who my father is, right? Yeah.
Of course.
I hate him.
And not--not because of like, uh, Tensions or issues or any of that garbage.
It's just, I really--I really hate that guy, you know? But I tell you, Fantastic at his job.
One of the great legislators of our time.
Can get any bill passed on the floor he wants.
And you know why? He's a prick, he's a bully, And all he cares about is getting the job done.
The man's chairman of the ethics committee, He's got a conscience of a gas chamber.
In government service, That's who they name the big buildings after.
Yeah, I haven't talked to him in, like, eight years.
But somehow, somehow, I've turned into him.
So how do you think that happened, huh? - I don't.
- Oh, come on, come on.
You called it, name it.
Come on, own it.
Look, Faber, we all come from some kind of crap.
If you want to dwell, Dwell on what's gonna get Earl back.
Who took him and why? Well, uh, you know, I think it must have been, uh, Something that he said to Melissa.
They were listening, so So It must have scared them.
Something that he said to her.
Something about the case, about me.
This is important, Melissa.
Okay, we need to know exactly what he said last night About what he was gonna do.
He was angry at Agent Faber.
He wasn't going into WITSEC.
Uh, it was--it was something that you told him About not being a target, not being weak or hiding, That you need something to make people afraid of you, And he was gonna get it.
It was, uh, something like a book, A journal, but he used another word.
- Ledger.
- Yeah.
What is going on here? What is this? This is a warrant.
Give me the combination.
Or I blow it open and we add obstruction.
Your call.
Aah! Tell us where the ledger is.
Stan? It's Ricky again.
He's back at the gym.
Oh, no.
Hey, Ricky.
Listen, hey, man, come on.
- Hut, hut! - We talked about this.
No boxing.
What? - It's not safe.
- What you talkin' about, Arnie? I'm a boxer.
You believe this guy? What do you want me to do? Fighters fight.
Uhh, uhh! Just hit.
What you always said, right, Arnie? I'm a fighter.
Right? Huh, huh, heh! All right, all right, all right, all right.
All right, easy.
Easy, buddy.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
I would be nobody without this guy.
Let's go.
I'd be dead in the gutter somewhere, Wouldn't nobody even care.
If it wasn't for Arnie here.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
- What you talking about? - We're going outside.
- What you talking about, Arnie? I gotta train.
Come on.
You my trainer.
You know that.
Come on, let's hit it.
Come on, let's go a few rounds.
Oh, Ricky, I don't think so, old man.
- Oh! Old man? - Ricky, come on.
We're going outside, we're going outside.
You want to see an old man? Come on.
Climb under the ropes.
I don't fight retarded grandpas, okay? Back off.
Back off, okay? - Who are you? - Back off! Hey! Don't you ever touch Arnie, kid.
You hear me? Ever! Hey, hey, that's enough! Enough! That's enough.
Back off.
Ricky? Buddy? Ricky.
Did it go right? Oh, God.
Rick! Ricky? Stay with me, buddy.
Call an ambulance! Ricky, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Call an ambulance right now! Ricky, stay with me.
Stay with me, buddy.
That's it, that's it.
I'm right here for you.
That's right.
Listen, I'm here, I'm here.
I'm Arnie.
I'm Arnie, see? Arnie's here, Arnie's here.
Here he is.
See? There you go.
That's it, buddy.
That's it, pal.
Come on, come on.
I'm right here with you.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not going anywhere.
Come on.
That's it.
Just stay with me.
Stay with me, buddy.
Get anything out of pruett? The name of his law firm.
Earl's not at the morgue or any of the hospitals.
How'd you do? Still no information on the location of Jackson's men.
But xiang li and neustadter's enforcers Are accounted for, nowhere near here.
Where are you on the ledger? My guys turned his house, his car, His office upside down.
He wouldn't have it on him.
That'd be stupid.
And Earl's not stupid.
Come on, you know the guy.
How would he play this? - Smart.
Too smart.
He'd over-think it.
If it's checkers, he'd play chess.
All right, so you've got something valuable, Something you want to protect, And you're over-thinking safety, Security.
Safety deposit box? So where has Earl got a checking account? Western eagle bank.
He rented a safe deposit box yesterday, Before he told his wife about WITSEC And after he turned down our offer of protection.
Has he accessed the box since? Has not.
The bank closes in five.
I'll talk to the manager.
You guys stay outside.
Radio if you see anything.
Oh, Jesus.
Earl! Keep your hands where I can see them! Don't move! On your face! Face down! Roll over! Hey.
Thank you.
Our deputies are with Earl's wife and kids now, Getting them packed.
Transport's ready to go.
So, uh, you okay? Yeah.
I will be.
You know.
Listen, Earl, I'm sorry if you felt That you were so alone out there.
It was all my fault, and it's not gonna happen again.
All right, I'll be in touch.
Meantime, you're in good hands.
Okay, well, we've got a pile of paperwork To Chase down, so - It--it--it's, uh, it's just occurring to me.
Uh, I'm gonna be out your way in a few weeks, And I was just wondering if maybe, you know, You and I could get together.
How come? You're being asked out on a date.
Yeah, right.
Tell him.
You are.
You want to go out with me? Yes.
Why? - Well, uh, it's-- biology? I don't know.
It's kind of hard to figure out, actually.
It's kind of like salmon.
It swims upstream, spawns, Lands on a bagel.
Listen, Faber, it's really sweet And whatever, But your timing just stinks.
Oh, yeah.
You seeing someone? Just broke up.
My timing's awesome.
- Yeah, for a soulless, brain-dead slag.
A boy can dream.
See you, Shannon.
See you, kitten.
I got for your engagement gift.
French-style, highly-aerated ice cream In 25 minutes.
You know, the history of ice cream Is as fascinating as it is long.
Let us begin at the beginning, in ancient Greece.
Marshall, I'm good.
Sorry I choked before.
It happens.
Not to me.
I'm sure you'll be great next time.
Maybe we can just talk? Sure.
So why did you and Raph break up? Because he's a beautiful, sweet, Sensitive man who adored me.
Who wants that? Exactly.
So what's the word on Ricky? Doc says he got lucky this time.
He found an independent living facility for him.
They've got experience with Alzheimer's care, so Think he'll go for it? We'll see.
Hey, Ricky.
Go to see you, bro.
How they dangling, man? - Same as always, Charlie.
- All right.
You're looking good, Ricky.
How are you feeling? I'm sorry.
Have we met? Ricky dumont.
You are? Stan.
Stan McQueen.
I work with Marshall and Charlie here.
Why don't we all go talk in my office? Help, every now and then is more than a four letter word.
Sometimes is just a baby crying for his sister from the confines of her crib.
And sometimes, if you're lucky, help comes without asking.
Because somewhere nearby is someone who'd rather keep you from falling.
Than help you up after you do.