In Plain Sight s04e06 Episode Script

Something A-Mish

Father, the doctor was clear— no heavy lifting.
He doesn't know my back like I do.
Nor do you.
It's a weight I can handle.
I'll be fine.
But you— you seem preoccupied, as if you're expecting the lord himself to walk up that road.
- No, it's just Yonni.
- Oh.
Well, it would be hard to confuse the two.
It's just, he should have been back already.
Oh, now, it's a long way from Harrisburg.
He's accustomed to the trip.
I'm sure he's just delayed.
[Motorcycle engines rumbling] Hey, freak.
Remember me? [Indistinct chatter] To raise a child, says an African proverb, and one first lady of note, it takes a village, a community.
Families splashing at a car wash to support the local school.
Seeding a little league field in advance of opening day.
That's not how it went in our house.
We never made it to the car wash or the bake sales.
Our communal experiences meant ducking debt collectors and the FBI, which wasn't without its lessons.
Shutting all the lights off, a sudden makeshift hide and seek, or moving every month or two teaches you quick to count on a community of one.
You know how at Lent you give up desserts for God? It's not just desserts, but yeah.
I need that kind of motivation.
Except that's not really your thing.
Giving up desserts? God, Lent.
What are you talking about, anyway? Are you— are you kidding me? These! And six long weeks of Georgia pie.
You do like your pie.
Women who whine about it going straight to their hips, they don't know how good they have it.
Me, it goes straight to my rack.
Look at me, I'm like the grand tetons over here.
- I wouldn't know.
- Uh-huh.
Anyway, Georgia wasn't a total loss.
I think the newbies at the training center actually enjoyed your cranky brand of wisdom.
Talk about six weeks down the drain.
No way they'll ever be legit WITSEC inspectors.
Meanwhile, the Amish have super-crappy cell service.
Or a timeless way of life without the encroachment of technology or the false God of progress.
- You say tomato - I say suck it! Jesus it's like they're putting on a play, except it's this boring, terrible play.
The kind they drag you to in grade school.
[Dog barking] But this case could be resolved before trial.
My daughter might not have to testify.
Her identity would never be known.
That's if you can depend on the discretion of the good people at the local courthouse.
They promised secrecy.
We were told that every detail of the case, including my wife's identity, would be kept confidential.
I wish I could assure you that the court system observed the proper safeguards every time, but Look, you need and the local police get pulled in a couple hours.
They're not equipped to protect one person around the clock.
Especially against the— what are they called again? The bikers? - Hell's Vanguard.
- Right.
Hell's Vanguard.
These are dangerous people, sir.
We're talking drugs and guns.
And you're a danger to them.
Look, in other words— this is ridiculously good pie, by the way, and I'm a pie person.
Staying here is not an option.
- We understand.
- Good.
I just—I can't.
This is—this is my home.
This is everything that I am.
And those two men were caught, so— You're right.
Two of them were caught.
But the shooter is still out there, Sarah.
So your choice isn't if you should go, it's how soon.
I'm sorry, Inspectors, but this issue has been settled.
Gelassenheit is how we respond to evil.
Acceptance of God's will.
Not the sneezing thing.
- Copy.
- Our elders have ruled that Sarah may testify in this case.
But she will not be permitted to leave us for the world of the English.
Separation from your world is central to our beliefs.
We're safe here.
The community will protect us.
We cannot advise you strongly enough to reconsider.
Look, if these guys show up again, you can't just herd 'em into a silo and smother 'em with grain.
Harrison Ford? No? Okay, look, it's getting late.
At this point, we've missed our flight.
Why don't we all just sleep on it tonight? We'll come back in the morning, okay? Nonsense.
You're tired.
It's late.
We have two spare rooms.
- You will spend the night.
- You want to stick close? I'd rather die, but we probably should.
Thank you, Eli.
We'd love to stay.
We'll settle this in the morning.
Home run on that pie, by the way.
- You don't mind if I - Oh, please.
Hey, that's great.
Thank you so much.
What? I'll go halfsies with you.
- Marshall! - Done with the Amish jokes.
- Why? They're funny.
- They're not.
And before you ask, no, I haven't seen the remote.
Ugh What about a pillow? You seen an extra pillow? These beds suck! I swear to God, I think my mattress is made of wood.
Oh, no.
What are you doing? No, no, no, no! Eli was just being polite.
He didn't expect you to actually wear 'em.
- Can you not handle this? - Oh, my God.
Put 'em away, Ichabod.
Yecch! Here.
Oh hey, hey.
One more thing.
I'm not giving you my pie.
- Hoarder.
- Glutton.
Wait, wait.
Where's the bathroom? - Now, that's funny.
- What's funny? - The bathroom.
- The bathroom's funny? No, the fact that it's outside is.
[Door creaks] Yonni? Shh, shh, shh What you think you saw, you shouldn't have seen.
Now, get down.
Please, you have no reason to fear me.
I said get down on your knees.
- You first, knob-job.
Hands away from your body! On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Down! Don't let the sexy pj's fool you, he's a lot meaner than he looks.
- What on Earth? - It's okay, Eli.
Stand back.
- Sarah, my gosh! - I'm okay.
I'm okay.
So, that community protection What, are they off nights? Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
The look on Sarah's face when we saw the plane on the tarmac, it was like we were going to the Moon on a pogo stick.
I thought she was gonna ask how the metal bird stays in the air.
The husband's spent much time outside the ancestral homeland? In their circles, he's a veritable citizen of the world after two years in Philly on a Rumspringa.
[Heavy German accent] Rumspringa.
Acclimating these two is gonna be a bear.
You got your work cut out for you teaching them to blend in.
Blend in? Stan, you seen these idiots? It's like the first Thanksgiving.
Well, let's not waste any time, all right? The faster we throw 'em in the deep end, get 'em out of the house, into a job, the better.
Yeah, I've got Delia scouring Monster.
com for butter-churning gigs, so Chief, I've taken them through the MOU, but we sort of hit a speed bump at the benefits package.
[Cell phone rings] What? What are they holding out for, the Cadillac plan? Actually, it's about tools.
- Yeah.
- Story of my life.
See, it says right here "An allotment for woodworking implements not to exceed the amount of $250.
" I'll be lucky to buy one saw with this money.
We don't generally provide designer saws.
You don't understand.
I'm a Finnish carpenter.
- Yes, Yonni is an— - No, Sarah, there's no more Yonni, okay? It's Jonathan, and it's really, really important.
- Do you understand? - Of course.
I'm sorry.
It's just one more thing that I'll need to get used to here.
What I meant to say was at home, Jonathan's cabinet-making skills were very much in demand.
All right, well, cabinet-making is out of the question now.
It's too direct an identifier.
I'm sure we'll find something to match your skill set.
If that's what you think is best.
It is.
What do they say? "Idle hands," right? Are the something something? They are, yes.
They are the something something.
Listen, Jonathan, I just set up a meeting with an overburdened, understaffed contractor friend of mine.
If you hit it off, you could start right away.
Inspectors, uh, thank you so much.
You see? It's gonna work out.
We're gonna be fine here.
And then you just [Beep] You see? No matter where you are, the navigation system will lead you back here.
- You'll never get lost.
- Fantastic.
This will make Sarah much more comfortable when she drives.
[Beeps] Drive? Me? Jonathan, are you crazy? I'll teach you.
We'll have fun.
You'll see.
[Cell phone rings] Hey, Brandi, what's up? Okay, it's been a month and a half, Mary.
A month and a half of trying to find out from you how things went with Mark.
Stop dodging.
Of course, if things did go well, who's gonna give Brandi any credit? Look, Brandi, I'm really busy.
Is there an actual question in there? Now Mark won't even talk to me.
He won't even chat me back on Facebook.
Still waiting on the questions.
There's a story here, so spill it.
Okay, fine.
Yes, there is a story here, and it is really steamy.
Here's what happened.
[Phone beeps off] Disconnected.
Here we go.
Okay, good.
Now, we should probably run through some of these appliances.
Oh, it's fine.
Jonathan and I can read through the manuals.
And the stove isn't terribly different from the one that we have at home.
Minus the kindling and the frantic rubbing together of sticks.
Something like that.
Though we do use matchsticks, Mary.
Hey, whatever magic you gotta do.
Just remember, when you're pulling pie out of that thing, I am your first and only phone call.
Oh, this is, um, the early stages of a sweater that I'm making for my husband.
Don't worry, it will be alive with color.
Nothing plain, I know.
Plain's fine.
But just Banana Republic plain, not Intercourse plain.
That's a clothing store.
I'll take you sometime.
I'd like that.
Actually, the mall's not a bad place to find you a job.
I guess so.
But it's just Yonni— Jonathan— doesn't want me to work outside of our home.
Look, Sarah, I get that you were raised differently.
I respect that.
But now, I mean, you have options other than just making a home.
Well, what's wrong with that, though? So you not want a home or family? No, no, that's not what I meant.
I mean, I chose not to have a family.
But out here, in the English world, that's an okay choice.
It's more than okay, it's— [Door opens] Sarah.
You have to see this.
Look what the marshals got us.
Uh, Jonathan We talked about this, and we agreed— no television in our home.
But we have to connect to the rest of the world now.
This is how people get connected and stay that way.
But you promised me.
Sarah We'll talk about this later.
If that's what you want.
Hey Fits and starts.
That's what it's gonna be like for you guys.
Maybe for a while, but it gets better.
I promise.
And you're not alone.
One of us will call you twice a day.
Morning and night.
However, if pie's involved I call you.
You're adjusting already.
Mary? Hey, you saved me a phone call.
Why were you gonna call me? Because I wanted to talk to you.
You got a minute? Believe it or not, detective, I'm busy looking for a knitting group.
Oh, when you're looking for a meth lab or a chop shop, I'm your gal.
Knitting, not my thing.
By all means, have a seat.
So here's the deal.
I am thinking of buying Marshall a first edition of Leaves of Grass.
Do you know if he has it already? Yeah, right.
'Cause I've got Marshall's pretentious book collection memorized.
I just thought you might.
Tell me you're not one of those psycho girlfriends trolling for intel about the guy she's dating.
Mary, this isn't a trick question.
It's not espionage.
You know Marshall better than he knows himself, and you sit five feet away from him for ten hours a day.
I figured you might know if he had the book.
Never heard him mention it.
You could give it a shot.
But if you go down in flames, I'm not your gal.
Okay then.
Look, I'm sorry I'm so cranky.
I don't know what's wrong with me today.
It's just, I can't seem to wake up.
The coffee's usually so good here.
They get it in from Costa Rica or something.
And today it tastes like— what's Spanish for "dish water"? Maybe you're coming down with a cold.
Do you know what's great for that? Herbal tea.
[Chuckles] Tea is for the sickly and the spineless.
Between the antioxidants and botanicals, it's got loads of medicinal benefits.
I'll keep an eye out for the book.
So we're good then? Is that a wrap on the girl talk? Thank you, Mary.
And for the record, you don't look sick.
That's quite a compliment.
Thank you.
[Sighs] [Phone line ringing] [Beep] Hey, Sarah, it's Mary again.
Checking in again.
Call me.
Don't forget to hit "send.
" [Beep] Mary? Jonathan? Jesus.
Where's Sarah? She's not inside? No.
And she's not answering her phone.
[Slurred speech] She probably went on a walk.
She likes to do that— to walk - Oh, boy.
- And talk and talk Oh, my God, you are fully loaded.
This just gets better and better.
- [Exhales] - Oh! [Phone line ringing] Wow.
Your breath is flammable.
Just back up.
Yeah? Hey, it's me again, with a double dose of good news.
Sarah's missing, and Jonathan just stumbled home, drunk as a sailor on leave, minus the naval charm.
Just about to call you with a late update.
Abigail and I are headed over to APD.
- Sarah was just brought in.
- What the hell? For what? Brace yourself.
She was rounded up in a vice sweep along with seven prostitutes Wow.
You can take the girl out of Intercourse Yeah, this is not your father's Amish couple.
I wasn't aware downing a fifth of bourbon was part of the Amish way.
I picked up some bad habits during my Rumspringa.
- Hmm.
- Some I brought back.
Look, Jonathan, you're lit up, she's downtown.
What the hell happened? I got good news earlier— the carpentry job.
I had a drink—one— to celebrate.
She didn't like that.
Never does.
We argued, I left.
I was gonna take a drive.
Great idea.
And original.
Sarah, she hid my key.
So I took off on foot until I found a bar And I had a drink.
Not just one this time.
[Gags] - Oh, God.
- No.
No, no, no! Don't—oh, damn it! [Vomiting, coughing] Oh [Vomiting, coughing] Don't touch me.
Oh, God! Drunk's contagious.
Who knew? Jonathan smells bad, but no offense, you look worse.
Don't ask.
It was a horrifying chain reaction kind of thing.
How's Sarah? Well, she wasn't formally arrested.
My guys took one look and realized she wasn't exactly one of the girls.
But she didn't have a good reason for being there, so they brought her in to sort things out.
Professional courtesy noted and appreciated.
Procedure requires we obtain a formal statement.
We're having a pretty busy night, so it may take a while.
Procedure's for people who don't know people.
That was a grade "A" solicitous pause I just made, so You're right.
You do know people.
Thank you.
- That was nice.
- Whatever.
[Door beeps] [Overlapping chatter] Sarah Collins Come with me.
If she gets to go, I should too.
All we were doing was talking on the street.
You'll have your night in court.
You can tell it to the judge.
Hey, take care of yourself, Sarah.
Oh, yes, I will.
Thanks, Evita.
I took a walk.
I kept going until I couldn't find my way back to the house.
Anyway, I met these women.
Evita asked for some cigarette money.
Evita? Excellent.
She got her hooker name in summer stock.
Well, she was very kind.
And this was after Jonathan He'd gone out to look for some tools at the Home Depot.
I see.
He called about an hour or so later, and he was still looking for the right saw.
I went out, and I just— I—I lost my way.
And what about your phone? Did you lose that too? I forgot it.
Jesus! What? It's this coffee.
Mine is delicious.
Would you like some? No, no.
No, thank you.
I thought we were having Greek for lunch in an hour.
We are.
I don't know, ever since the Amish, I've just been craving apple pie.
So how do we want to play this contradiction in their stories? I'm not sure.
All I know is minus the bibles and the barn raising and those ridiculous outfits, they're pretty much like the rest of us.
Hopes deferred, secrets and lies.
Periodic bouts with bad breath.
Obviously something squirrelly with those two.
The question is which one is lying? We gotta pick? Look, part of adjusting— and it's hard, I know— is forming relationships.
Right? Finding a common ground, common interests.
Just try to think of it as building a new community.
I don't want a new community, Mary.
The people back home, they— they knew me and they liked me.
So will these people.
Of course they're gonna like you.
Plus, you'll blow 'em away with your half-stitched, triple salchow, rock 'em sock 'em knitting.
- Was I even close? - Not really.
Okay, come on.
Time to make friends.
Welcome, ladies.
You must be Mary and Sarah.
- Hi.
- Have a seat.
I'm Bernice.
We spoke on the phone.
Yes, I'm Mary, and this is Sarah.
My friend Sarah.
She's kinda shy, but she's one heck of a knitter.
Watch out.
[Chuckles] Oh, we're on all different levels here.
Some of us are working on simple blankets, and the more adventurous of us are trying our hands - at baby booties.
- Boy.
- What about you, Mary? - Baby booties? No.
[Chuckles] Let's go.
Oh an Irish cable yoke cardigan.
That's quite a difficult knit.
Oh, it's for my husband.
Oh, so you're married.
I see.
You see.
What—what do you see? Sarah, I'm guessing you knit for the same reason we all do.
What would that be? Sexual frustration, of course.
Oh, my holy God.
Living with my Charlie all these years, I have to do something with these roaming hands.
Okay, so we'll be leaving now.
Good luck, ladies, with your booties.
Come back soon! Wow.
Okay, that was horrendous.
I mean, that was grannies gone wild knitting porno weirdness.
I am so sorry.
I'm going home, Mary.
Look, all right, that was clearly a bust, but there's a million other ways— No, I'm going home to Pennsylvania.
No, you're not.
You're absolutely not, Sarah.
You can't.
You said that until I testify, I'm in control.
So don't tell me where I can and I can't go.
You're supposed to try talking to Jonathan that way, - not me.
- His name is Yonni.
It's Yonni.
Come here for a minute.
Come here.
This is what's waiting for you at home.
Look familiar? Greener grass isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Holy crap! Sweet spread.
- You'll spot me right? - Stan's treat.
Really? I already told you I'm not going back to that training center.
Not for six weeks.
Not for six minutes.
All those bright-eyed WITSEC wannabes.
So whatever you're cooking up here This isn't bribery, Mary.
Actually, it's new policy.
Once a week staff lunches.
Delia's idea, actually.
And it's a good one.
I'll be the judge of that.
I think that goes without saying.
Every Friday we'll get together, compare notes [Cell phone rings] See if we can help each other out wherever we can.
More of a communal approach.
So why don't we get the ball rolling, and why don't you bring us up to speed on the Amish, Mary? Why don't you pass the lo mein, Stan? And just so we're clear, all this communal approaches and bringing everyone up to speed, I'm doing this under protest, and only for the gratis pu pu platter.
- Noted.
- Oh what's that? What's with the lame girl portion? Swimsuit season fast approaches, Mary, and the cost of me in a bikini is an extra hour on the elliptical.
But just you wait.
I will.
I will wait.
- So how's Sara adjusting, Mary? - Not well.
I don't even know if she'll make it to the stand.
It took everything I had yesterday to talk her off the ledge of a one-way ticket back to Amish country.
Well, you might want to book her a round trip.
The U.
Attorney called an hour ago.
He wants her in Harrisburg for a preliminary hearing next week.
Oh, great! Sarah gets a whiff of fresh manure and hay bales, she's liable to lock the door on ever coming back.
My contractor friend called.
Jonathan left the site for coffee three hours ago with a woman my guy described as too hot for her own good.
You try his cell? I just did.
[Cell phone rings] Not answering seems to run in the family.
I wish it ran in mine.
You've got two minutes.
I'm in the middle of ten things right now.
I told you.
For weeks now, I knew it, but you just refuse to fess up.
Something did happen between you and Mark.
Look, I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't have time to find out.
Even if I told you about the 20-year-old photos of you guys that he's posting all over his Facebook wall? Mark's Facebook wall? There's a reliable source.
Okay, Mark acting all coy now, but apparently, when he got back, he went on and on about his trip here, and was all old times this and old times that.
Look, Brandi, seriously, I gotta go.
He posted a Michael Buble song.
Michael Buble.
Mary, Buble.
Buble! Now you're just making sounds.
All right, tell me you guys didn't hook up.
What's that? There's an emergency, Stan? Mary No, he hasn't called, and I don't know anything about the woman you say he went to coffee with.
But I'm sure that he has an explanation.
Jonathan told me about the disagreement you two had the other night.
He didn't mention anything about going to Home Depot to shop for tools.
Well In our community, we're taught not to discuss family problems outside of the family— it's our way.
Sarah, it isn't 1950, or 1750.
You're allowed to speak for yourself.
After Jonathan took his Rumspringa, he returned for his baptism.
He needed it more than most.
And we all knew that he had done many English things while he was away.
Well, once you hit a certain blood alcohol level, it's more Irish than English.
What? I'm allowed.
I'm Irish.
Jonathan had been out of touch for much of the time, and his parents feared that he wouldn't return.
But when he did, he told me there had been Women Many women that Had an hourly rate.
So last night, when he left the house And didn't go shopping for tools I was concerned.
I followed him, and I saw that he was talking to one of those women.
And after he left, I went over to see what he wanted from her.
To see if he had gone back to his old ways.
He hadn't, but before I could learn more, there were sirens.
So he was just talking to her? Yes.
It was nothing.
They had a mutual friend in Philadelphia.
- A mutual friend? - Is that enough for you? Sarah, we have to move you.
Delia, run me a report on Jonathan's cell— - everything in and out.
- A move? Why? Because, as much as we want you to make friends here, mutual friends are a red flag.
Sorry, that's our way.
Come on.
Let's go.
You'd figure growing up with their code, the rectitude, the culture of abstention, - would help him to— - Keep it in his pants? He's a guy.
What do you want? Ah, so in the eternal conflict between nature and nurture— [cell phone rings] Hold that thought for, you know, ever.
Hey, Stan.
Talk to me.
- Witness secured? - Yeah.
She's at a hotel with an armed detail at her door in case she decides to take another moonlit stroll.
We ID'ed the woman and picked up Jonathan at his job.
She had quite a rap sheet for solicitation, a bunch of low-level drug busts.
Double threat.
Tell me her name's Evita.
How the hell did you know that? I'm a good guesser.
You have an address? Yeah.
Holding cell at APD.
She was just picked up again.
Bail fell through.
The cops are processing her as we speak.
See if you can get us five.
We'll be there in ten.
All right.
So we understand your bail hit an unexpected snag.
My lawyer's working on fixing that right now.
Kind of tough to find another friend to put up the bail, though, huh? - What are you offering? - We've got friends here.
A good word, and maybe that excessive bail - becomes a little more makeable.
- You put that in writing? Would you be okay with calligraphy? I was thinking calligraphy.
We just need you to point us in the direction of Jonathan Collins.
Yeah, name's not ringing a bell.
Here's a hint.
He came to see you the other night.
Oh, gosh, where are my manners? I should probably narrow that down for you, huh? You picked him up at his place of employment this afternoon.
Oh, Yonni.
Yonni put a call in to his friend back in Philly who turned him on to me.
He thought it'd be a good idea if me and Yonni spoke.
- About? - Business.
Yonni's looking to move some serious weight.
- Booger sugar.
- How serious? A key, at least.
- Not stepped on.
- Huh.
He was shipping it in from Philly.
I told him he had the wrong girl.
You know where he is now? Do I look like I know where he is? You look like a girl without bail.
I don't know what to tell you, mama.
Yonni said something about some other buyer with deeper pockets he got from my friend back in Philly.
- I wish I had a name.
- Yeah, me too.
Hey, what about my deal, baby? We'll talk to our friends.
I wanna talk to you.
Gosh, I'm so sorry.
[Door shuts] I didn't lie.
I never lied.
I just—Philadelphia, I— I didn't tell the whole truth.
No kidding.
I swear to God, take off the bonnet, blow up the barn, witnesses are all the same.
Sarah, we've had marshals searching for your husband since yesterday afternoon.
Your husband is in trouble.
You need to let us help.
I'd hoped that all this was in our past, and that's why I held things back.
And because Jonathan is my husband, and he's all that I have.
Then you knew what he did on Rumspringa.
You knew about the drugs.
Sarah, come on! The whole truth and nothing but.
Now! Soon after we were married, I found some drugs in a bag under the bed.
And when I confronted him, he promised that he would stop using them And he did.
And I was happy and grateful.
[Voice breaking] And it turns out that he— he had started selling them to others among us.
And he was caught within weeks.
There was nothing about an arrest in his file.
His behavior was reported to the church, and he was sanctioned— given an opportunity to repent.
And he said that he would.
He must have crossed his fingers.
The men that I'm going to testify against, two weeks before they came, there had been whispers that they were looking for Jonathan.
That he had bought drugs from them in Philadelphia, and never paid.
Then why did you even consider staying? Jonathan said the same thing.
We fought bitterly, and he wanted very much to come into the program, but I just prayed that it would all go away.
Sarah, look at me.
This is needle in the haystack time.
Is there anything—a name you might have overheard? A place? The tiniest detail that could tell us where Jonathan might be? I don't know.
Um There was a—a name.
There was someone that called Jonathan on his cell phone several times.
Someone that I'd never heard of.
An Arnold E? [Sighs] Mary, I've left my people and my home.
Everything that I know.
And now Jonathan is out there alone, and he could be hurt, or worse.
Please [door opens] Arnold E.
Is likely Arnold Esposito.
Joint DEA/APD task forces had him in their sights since he got in from Chicago late last year.
- Heavy hitter? - Sounds like it.
He could easily move the type of volume we're talking about.
We have an address.
I'll text it to you - and send over a car.
- Thanks for the information.
I'd appreciate you being careful with it.
Marshall, wear your vest.
Jonathan! Marshall, 911.
Jonathan? Jonathan, look at me.
Jonathan, can you hear me? - Hey, Jonathan.
- I'm a Federal Marshal.
I need an ambulance at 321 San Fernando Southwest [motorcycles revving] for a gunshot wound.
[Police radios drone] Everybody good? Be better when these assholes are picking girlfriends in prison.
We've got checkpoints on both interstates.
DEA's on it.
I need you back at your desk.
What are you talking about back at my desk? We've got a stack of paperwork ten feet high.
After that, we're doing a full-scale review.
I want to know exactly how we wound up here.
I'll give you the full-scale review right now.
Jonathan's friend in Philly gave him up.
Hell's Vanguard called in a hit.
They finally took payment for the drugs Jonathan stole.
Task force commander says the suspects have been spotted along the 25.
They're in pursuit.
Hopefully that'll convince Sarah - she can't go home again.
- Not gonna need to.
Attorney in Harrisburg has Hell's Vanguard looking to deal.
At least Sarah won't have to testify.
She still gets to go home for her husband's funeral.
That ought to be a fun trip.
Sarah, there's no easy way to go through something like this.
We're not gonna act like there is.
Losing your husband Losing Yonni the way that you have, it's unspeakable.
So sorry.
Maybe being home, even for a few days— being around what's familiar— I hope that'll be of some comfort to you.
McQueen I'm not coming back.
Look, I'm sorry, but Sarah, this—this isn't even a discussion.
Okay, yes, these men are going away, but it doesn't change the fact that you witnessed what they did.
No, it's— it's not where I am or where I would be.
It's where I wouldn't be.
Sarah, this is a mistake.
The idea of you counting on an army of sideburns and pitchforks to ward off danger I don't like it.
But, Mary, don't you see? You were right.
It's not 1950 anymore.
And I have to listen to my own voice now.
And I've— I've had my Rumspringa, and I've seen this world, and I can change my name, I can change my address, but my heart, I know where it belongs.
And a life in Albuquerque— destiny has other ideas.
Destiny? It's not as simple as that.
But it is.
It is.
It's my choice, Mary, and I'm making it.
[Somber music] Community is not exactly one size fits all.
One man's slice of heaven is another man's hell hole.
The lucky few fit in from the start like a glove, always with the wind at their backs and a place to call home, surrounded by parents, kids, and the green of the grass.
For some, though, all the community you'll ever need can be found on the other side of the room.
So here's something.
I'm kind of How should I put this? - I'm - Expecting? With child? In a family way? How'd you know? Mary, you're my partner, you're my best friend.
I'm with you all the time.
Yeah, and? And lately your, uh— your— Eww, Marshall.
Just— You do like a pie, but your liking pie is nothing new.
- What's new is the— - Okay.
Got it.
Also, there was the vomiting, as well as something Abigail mentioned about you hating the taste of coffee? All of a sudden, I can't drink it without wanting to hurl.
Can you believe that? I can't drink coffee.
Good luck with that, by the way.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
So she knows? Abigail? No.
I'm not gonna talk to her about it before I talk to you.
Why didn't you say anything? Well, Mary The thing is, I— I just thought— I kinda thought That it wasn't my place.
That book So did you have it already? Yeah, but not a first edition.
- I love first editions.
- I know.
I mean, I know now.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
So [Sighs] Mark.
Who says you can't go home again? Yeah.
So all the available options, what's your next move? Hell if I know.
My God, this sucks.
Hey what? God damn herbal tea.
It's for the spineless and the sickly.
Let me tell you what I love about first editions.
Please don't, The intimacy it provides to the reader in terms of the author's original intention.
In the case of Walt Whitman