In Plain Sight s04e08 Episode Script

Kumar VS. Kumar

Well done.
Well done.
Now, for this next dance, which my daughter and her family have been eagerly awaiting for the last ten years of her life, Deepika will now perform the culmination of all her teachings, the Varnum, where she will cross the threshold from student to professional artist.
The Varnum is the most challenging in the Bharathanatyam recital.
Now, it represents the, uh The dedication of the dancer to her craft.
So we will now take a brief intermission, after which we will return and enjoy the Varnum.
Thank you.
Not today, Amit.
I have business to conduct.
But it is your daughter's arangetram, the pinnacle moment for her as a dancer.
This is business.
Thank you so much for coming.
My pleasure.
Good day, my friend.
Your daughter must feel like a princess.
This is the arangetram of the century.
Yes, everything is perfect.
We are most proud.
There you go, my friend.
Thank you for everything.
Not bad On a doctor's salary.
If you'll excuse me, I should get back to my daughter's performance.
FBI! Nobody move.
Put your hands up.
Nobody move, I said! Nobody move.
What is the meaning of this? Dr.
Kishore, you are under arrest.
What? How dare you? Amit? What is going on? Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
This way! Make room! Look out.
So who's throwing the baby shower? I don't know, Delia.
Who's pregnant? Oh, come on, chief.
She's been busting buttons for weeks now.
Has she told you she's pregnant? Hmm? Have the actual words passed over her lips and into your ears? No, but-- Until she does, we stay out of it.
Don't tell me you're scared of your own inspector.
Ellen Demayo.
Excuse me? When I was in high school, Ellen Demayo was dating Vinnie Archuletta, right? And everybody knew they were, you know-- You know, they were-- - Doing the nasty? - Yeah, that.
Anyway, Ellen kept getting bigger and bigger in the-- in the waistal region, right? So finally one day I went up to her.
I was like "Ellen, whoa.
Look at you.
When are you due?" - Oh, you didn't.
- Yeah, I did.
- Mm.
- I did that, yeah.
Turns out she was just very happy to be dating Vinny Archuletta to the tune of, you know, a couple, three, four cannolis a day.
And so-- They do add up.
- Oh, yeah.
- Seriously, chief? Our Mary's having a baby! Okay, okay.
That's something to celebrate.
I'll get the balloons.
No--let's just put a pin in the balloons, okay? I'll talk to her.
It's all in the timing.
This is unacceptable.
A two-bedroom apartment for a family of four? That will not do.
Remember that part where you conspired with the Indian mob to rip off millions of dollars from medicare? Pretty sure that's when you forfeited the dream house.
I can't believe we will never return home.
Will we have jobs? Proper medical care? Sweetie.
Yes, it'll all be taken care of.
Now, I understand this is very difficult for you, but you're gonna have to create a new home.
Perhaps I went about it in the wrong way.
But everything I did, I did for my family.
I do not expect someone like you to understand my culture.
Someone like me? Sorry, last time I checked, you were-- A cooperating witness in a federal case against a vast crime syndicate.
And for that, our government is extremely grateful, Mr.
Grateful, yes.
That's the word I was looking for.
You do run this office, do you not? Yes, I do.
Then you must understand I do not deal with underlings.
Say "underlings" again.
I am one of the top neurosurgeons in this country.
I want the very top man.
Then I got here just in time, didn't I? Kurt Gaffney, U.
When the D.
Said you'd be gracing us with your presence, I thought they were kidding.
Well, I like to keep you on your toes, Stanley.
I hate to overstep.
Oh, not at all.
I'm just surprised you didn't send one of your-- what'd you always call them? Minions? - Minions, underlings.
These two were made for each other.
Well, like the man said, this case deserves the very best, right? So Let's cut to the chase.
Not mince any words, shall we? Please.
Look, we're on the same team.
But you really need our help here.
You were in bed with bada rajat, A.
The U.
cabo of the Mumbai mafia, the largest Indian crime organization in the country.
And we got fraud, racketeering, money laundering There's a little something for everyone in here, Mr.
Actually, it's Mr.
And Kumar.
Give that gentleman a cigar.
Thanks, Gaff.
Hilder academy.
My father says Hilder is the best private school in the area.
They have a Bhangra club.
Bet those girls got to finish their arangetrams.
You two sure you're smart enough to get in? I placed first in the New Jersey robotics regionals.
First? Wow.
I got bounced at the city finals.
Messed up the servo overheads.
My Waterloo.
Championships are next month.
For everybody else.
Yeah, dad kind of blew it for both of us.
Maybe it's not too late.
Geography is irrelevant when it comes to high-end robotics.
I guess.
Only those who can see the invisible-- can do the impossible.
An Einstein devotee.
What's this for? If we're gonna build a robot, we're gonna need a list.
You're in good hands, Mr.
Chief McQueen here will make sure this office is on its game.
Right, Stan? That's right, Kurt.
So, Stan and Gaffney.
Questions, comments, thoughts, concerns? I don't know, but something tells me this isn't their first date.
Okay, clearly we're under the microscope on this one.
Yeah, what's with the angry polite? Seriously.
What's the story, Stan? The story is do your job.
Maybe see about getting Mrs.
Kumar a little mainstreamed.
Already on it.
Carry on.
Right here.
I think I want to adopt Vik.
He has parents, Marshall.
Plus, two nerds don't make a right.
I know, it's just-- hanging out with him, I can't help thinking about what it would be like.
Speaking of which, you know you have to tell mark about this stuff, right? No.
It was a one-night stand.
I don't have to tell my ex-husband anything.
That's what one-night stands and ex-husbands are for.
So, what are we doing here today? I don't know.
Maybe something a little less Indian? A little more red, white, and blue? You think, Sudha? More American, yes.
Exactly what I think.
I want a divorce.
Since 1970, the federal Witness Protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is somebody wants them dead.
A divorce? No.
I don't believe you.
Ashok, I know it's hard to hear, but it's true.
Excuse me, Marshall.
Sudha's here.
Sudha? Your hair.
What have they done to you? It was my decision.
To divorce your husband? Ruin our lives? Take it easy.
Let's just talk this through.
Talk what through? All that we hold sacred, and-- I will not let you do this to our family.
I will not allow it.
You are the one who has ruined our family.
I forgive you, ashok.
But our marriage is over.
Stan, this is dead serious.
This could pull the rug out from under my witness, not to mention my entire case.
If the defense finds out that Kumar's wife wants a divorce-- They could call her as a witness.
Get her to impugn his testimony.
- Yes.
- Kurt, we've done this before.
We know the drill, all right? Just give us a chance to get it under control.
Why didn't you two catch wind of this in the intake interview? Oh, I don't know, I guess she played her cards pretty close to the sari.
Yeah, that's cute.
Look, Inspector, I don't know if you're aware of this: We're in the business of convictions.
No, you're in the business of convictions.
We're in the business of keeping people safe.
, who cares if she wants to divorce him? The guy's a douche.
Hell, I want to divorce him.
- All right-- - Mary, please.
Like I said, Kurt, it's under control.
Call in Dr.
She's logged plenty of hours helping families transition into WITSEC, okay? Get the Kumars in here for some counseling asap.
Good enough? Yeah, well Better be.
All right, who snatched Stan? What is going on here? I did some digging.
It turns out he and Gaffney were in the same class at Fordham.
Friends? Rivals? Lovers? Aw, crap.
I just grossed myself out.
This is Mary.
Hey, it's Brandi.
I'm not home right now, but if you'd like to leave a message-- - you'll what? You'll still not call me back? I've left you six voicemails.
We need to talk about the rehearsal dinner.
I know you're there.
I can hear Marshall.
- Thanks, sling blade.
- What? Look, Brandi, I am really sorry, okay? I've just been so busy.
God, don't you ever get tired of saying that? We're all busy, Mary.
Everybody's busy.
But we're family.
We live three miles away from each other.
Sue me for wanting to see you.
And I want to see you too.
Honestly, I just-- oh, man.
Darn it.
I--look, I really gotta take another call.
I'll see you soon.
I promise.
You haven't told her yet? Phone acting up? No, Mary is.
I know she's not exactly a social butterfly, but this is out of hand.
I think she's actually avoiding me.
Why would she do that? I don't know.
I mean, this might sound Crazy, but Maybe she's jealous? Doesn't sound crazy.
I mean, think about it.
I found a great guy.
Oh, good.
You've been getting my reminder post-it notes.
I'm getting married.
I have an awesome job.
I'm happy.
I don't know, maybe she's a little resentful? You sure it's not just her usual spunky charm? I'm serious.
I know she can be prickly, but she's my sister, and She doesn't want to see me.
Before I met Ashok, I was admitted into the very elite Madurai Kamaraj university in India.
In secondary school, I was first in my class in science.
I dreamt of being a chemist.
What girl doesn't? I could have been a scholar, like Deepa.
Look, I understand, but, I mean-- living in a beautiful home in the suburbs, raising two kids-- brilliant kids, a lot of women dream of that.
They'd say you're lucky.
I was lucky.
Being arranged to Ashok was lucky.
He was a doctor.
He had a visa to this country.
As in arranged? I can't expect you to appreciate Well, I appreciate customs.
I just appreciate free will too.
We believe marriage is a sacred bond.
Not just between two bodies, but two souls, extending beyond one life.
It's a partnership based not just on feeling, but commitment.
Here I was thinking commitment meant letting him stay for breakfast.
All these things I have left behind.
So many dreams.
If only Ashok would listen as you have.
There's one way to find out.
I don't know why we're here.
Ashok, please.
Many consider marriage counseling to be a useful tool for illuminating the root of a couple's problem.
Under-educated, weak-minded people.
A lot of highly accredited people, doctors included, go to therapy.
Your wife's been extremely isolated.
Perhaps we should allow her the chance to express herself.
I know my wife better than anyone.
The things she's been saying-- utter nonsense.
Maybe we should let her speak for herself.
Sudha, can you talk about your decision to ask Ashok for a divorce? This is ridiculous.
I tried to tell you.
Old candy from the bottom of the beauty shop bowl? Never a good idea.
What? No, not this.
All that dialoging and navel-gazing.
You don't think therapy's helpful? I guess.
I just think instead of always running off to Dr.
Freud and friends, why not sack up, strap on some sneakers, and just run somewhere else, like around the block a few times? Cheaper than psychobabble at 20 bucks a minute.
At least you drop a pound or two.
I don't know, Finkel helped me.
And I'd say the therapeutic value of clinical intervention in resolving interpersonal conflicts has been proven over time.
Is this caramel or superglue? I was listening.
Well, score one for psychobabble.
What? Wow.
Looks like things went well in there? They did.
I'm getting a divorce and taking the children.
You were saying? So, no hope for reconciliation? I don't know.
It's not our job.
What do we care? No, we do.
Okay, on this one, we care.
All right.
Is something on your mind? - It can wait.
- Oh, okay.
Well, if it was such a bad marriage, why wait till now to ask for a divorce? Divorce is still pretty taboo in Indian culture.
If she'd left back in Jersey, she would've been ostracized by the entire community.
Then again, what culture doesn't love a good old-fashioned money motive? Alimony laws are far more generous in New Mexico.
Or, who knows.
Maybe she calls the guys he's testifying against, gives up his location.
Three days from now, some granola-head, hacky sack hiker finds his body up in Boca Negra canyon.
Sudha walks away with all the assets and not just half.
You really think she'd do that? I don't know.
Everybody's got their secrets.
That they do.
Anyway, I should go.
I've got this, um This appointment.
You've got an appointment? Oh, well, you should-- you should do that.
You should go.
Appointments are Something on your mind? It can wait.
See you later.
Drive safe, Mary.
See ya.
What was that about? Hmm? Nothing, why? It's about nothing.
Hello? - Marshall? - Vik? Marshall, get over here fast.
I need you here.
I can barely hear you.
Please, Marshall.
Hurry! I'm on my way.
How dare you do this to us? Vik! You okay, Pal? Yeah, yes.
- Where are your parents? - In the living room.
- What's going on? - Be quiet! Just sit tight in here.
I'm gonna talk to your parents.
It's gonna be all right.
I told my son not to call you.
We can handle this ourselves.
He is lying.
Ashok won't stop threatening me.
Sudha! I warned you.
We're gonna talk about this quietly.
Have a seat.
You want to tell me what happened, Sudha? I attempted to have a civilized discussion with my husband about the future.
Future? What future? Our family has no future because of you.
I politely asked that he make plans to leave us.
I explained that this is no longer his home.
She has no right to speak to me in this manner.
I am still the man of this house.
Ashok, I understand how stressful this is for all of you.
But justified or not, your behavior is scaring your children.
She is the one who is causing-- - right now, the best thing for everyone is for you to come with me.
I'll find you another place to stay.
No, no, no.
If I go, she wins.
This isn't a competition.
And that wasn't a request.
I'll help you pack a bag.
Come on.
I see you hit the hardware store.
Bought some gear for the kid, keep his mind off his parents' drama.
So Ashok's out of the house? "A-shook"? "A-shock"? "A-shake"--what is it? "Ash-ook.
" Like, uh, Otto Von schook, the 18th-century tinker? You making that up? Anyway, I put him in a hotel and made it clear he shouldn't be in touch with Sudha for the time being.
So much for getting things under control.
We'll tell Gaffney we did our best.
It's not Kurt I'm concerned with.
- No? - Ah.
We got a witness whose wife just gave him the boot, took his kids, and could be conspiring against him.
It's less than ideal, I'll grant you.
Oh, dear.
You wanna give us a minute, please? Sure.
Hey, Mary.
Everything okay? Yeah, sure.
Why? Mary, I've let this slide long enough, waiting for the exact right moment to bring up the elephant in the room-- I did not just say that.
It sort of seems like you did.
So, anyway.
It's true? You cracked the code.
Well, Mary, that's wonderful.
I had sex.
It worked.
Well, you know the regs.
And if you don't, we'll get you a copy of the medical evaluation, physical requirements forms.
- Sounds hot.
- First three months, normal duty.
Second trimester-- - I'm 18 weeks, so.
Welcome to the party.
Second trimester, you can't take the lead in any cases.
Okay, now third trimester, you're gonna-- - Right.
I know.
I have to ride the freight elevator.
I'll have you take a look at it.
Meantime, uh Can I get you anything? You can get your hand off my back.
That was a shock.
- What was a shock? - On the phone.
That was a shock.
- Ashok.
- Whatever.
He's on his way up.
- How'd he sound? - How do you think? Arrogant.
He sounded arrogant.
Like he's better than everyone and right about everything.
Yeah, but I really am.
What's up, ash What's up? Inspectors.
I must speak to you at once.
It's very important.
What, room service not up to par? Actually, it was quite deficient.
But that's not why I'm here.
There's something I need to tell you.
About Sudha.
Imagine our surprise.
She is unfit to take care of the children.
They must be removed from her care immediately.
Why? I had not wanted to humiliate her, but I have no choice.
Sudha cannot be trusted to be alone with the children.
She has been abusing drugs.
Wow, lobbing the first grenade in the custody battle with a wild accusation.
I'm stunned and a little impressed.
It's more than an accusation.
It is a fact.
You're telling us your wife, Sudha, is a drug addict.
And I can prove it.
She goes through one of these each week.
I-I can explain, but-- - no but.
Explain first.
The children.
What is going to happen? We need a minute.
Thank you.
What do you got? Oxycodone.
Sudha is literally feeling no pain.
She's not showing any overt signs of substance abuse.
Functional abusers are experts at hiding their addiction.
So the straight-laced Indian wife's a first-class pill popper? Ashok is right.
If she's abusing pain medication, we can't leave deepa and Vik here with her, no matter how good a mother she appears to be.
She needs help.
Shame we're not allowed to foster our witness's kids.
You could've put 'em up in that dork-a-palooza spare room of yours.
That's my home office.
Well, either way, the kids are coming with us.
Welcome to fatherhood.
For now, a claustrophobic hotel suite with their father will have to do.
I'm gonna stick around, get 'em settled in.
Anyway, I don't mind hanging out with vik.
Of course you don't.
He's a pint-sized you with a killer tan.
Good one.
My children.
Are they all right? They are.
Don't worry, Marshall's great with kids.
So, Sudha How long you been chokin' down the meds? Three years ago, I had back surgery.
It was excruciating.
I took the pills for the pain, and then I realized that they were starting to make the pain of my life go away too.
I never said anything, 'cause, well-- you didn't have to.
You had a husband with a blank prescription pad.
In our culture, what is private is private.
- Please do not pretend to know.
Look, here's what I know.
A stay-at-home mom gets depressed because her husband treats her like an indentured servant.
He prescribes pills without regard for the law or the fact that his wife is quickly becoming an addict because hey, every night, the dinners keep comin' like clockwork, and what's private is private.
Did I miss anything? I am not an addict.
I was in pain and in an unhappy marriage.
And the pressure of knowing what my husband was engaged in.
So you knew.
For how long? A year.
Maybe more.
A year.
Which is when you doubled down on the painkillers instead of calling the authorities.
I would never betray his trust.
He's your enabler, Sudha.
It is not his problem, please.
It is mine.
I will stop.
- How's my wife? - She's safe.
We're gonna get her the help she needs.
She was under a lot of pressure even before WITSEC.
We, uh We made some bad investments and lost the children's college fund.
Is that when you got in bed with the mob? There were mistakes made.
By everyone.
Inspector Parmalee's on her way over.
We could give you a break, maybe take the kids out for a bit.
No, they have studying to do.
Of course.
This would be educational, though.
Vik could enter his robot in this competition.
There would be exhibits, symposia.
Homework must be completed first.
Hey, Vik.
I was looking online at that robotics competition.
Oh, yeah, I've been on the threads all day.
One school built a digger that can excavate in an hour.
Oh, and the winner of the NASA lunar regolith excavation challenge is gonna be there, so bring a pen for autographs.
What about you, Deepa? You up for it? I'm up for anything that gets me out of the room, Marshall.
But I think my father needs me here.
- You sure? - Duty calls.
Come on.
That it for today? Yeah, just the check.
And a sticky bun to go.
Or for here.
I'll just eat it here.
I don't need a knife.
Long time no see.
Really creepy.
We need to talk.
First ditch the shades, double-o-asshat.
Oh, my God.
You're-- Yeah, okay.
I won't say it out loud.
So you ducking Brandi-- - she sent you to what, to spy on me? No, this is a solo mission.
But it's all starting to make sense.
She doesn't know about your Growth spurt.
And now you're running around like some sort of munchkin p.
Because Brandi thinks I'm mad at her? Pretty much.
And you're here of your own volition? - Mm-hmm.
- She has no knowledge? None.
Sneaking around.
Keeping secrets.
Going behind my sister's back.
This brother-in-law thing could work for me.
I could milk this.
No jokes.
Listen, Mary, you have two days to divulge the bulge.
- Come on-- - After which, not telling goes back on me.
In the meantime, I was never here.
Don't I wish.
The woman's an addict.
We'll get her some help.
Couple that with the loss of her kids and what she's got on her husband-- Soon-to-be ex-husband.
And what do we got? Unstable wild card with an ax to grind.
Not to mention a pretty sympathetic defense witness.
Okay, let me paint you a picture.
Okay, a poor, abused immigrant is forced to marry a tyrannical doctor up to his eyeballs in corruption, and keeping his wife strung out on pills.
And all because you couldn't keep my witness in check.
What can I tell you? This is Ashok's volley to get his kids back.
Great, so he's turning the custody battle into a full-on dogfight.
You know what this is? Jeez, earth sciences were never my strong suit, but is that a piece of paper? This is the defense's witness list.
And right at the top there-- see? First one.
Ashok's wife.
Of course, spousal privilege doesn't apply.
No, no, we can't keep her from willingly taking the stand.
That's her call.
In ten minutes-- ten minutes, my star witness goes from kindly Indian physician-- - Kindly? Have you met this guy? To leaving his credibility and my case dead on the side of the road.
Her volley back.
Game on.
My robot, optimus crime, uses an accelerometer and software written in python on arduino hardware.
Also uses a chain and gear system to move its arm in a gripping motion.
Thank you.
And that was sixth-grader Vik Kumar.
You have our thanks, Mr.
See that guy? And, at the end of our presentations, we'll now present the awards I'm gonna check it out.
Excuse me.
Hold all applause to the end.
Third place, we have optimus crime.
Second place goes to genghis kron.
And the first place winner is flobocopter.
Congratulations to Uh, excuse me.
I Sorry.
It's nothing.
Where's Vik? He's right over there.
Big Vik.
What are you doing, my man? You scared me.
I was hiding.
Hiding? Why? Third place.
I can't go home.
You have been an excellent provider.
Protected our family.
Guided our children.
You see? What did I tell you? Go on.
Trust me, he needs to hear this.
I-I can't.
- Yes, you can.
- You're instigating her.
You're hurting her.
Sudha, please make her stop this nonsense.
It is you.
You are the one who has hurt me.
Sudha, you're not well.
The medication, it's clouding-- I took the pills because of the pain you caused me.
You're my wife.
I would never hurt you.
Since the day we were married, I have tried to please you.
To be a good wife.
A good mother to the children.
To cook for you.
To clean.
To entertain your friends.
But it was never enough.
You are an excellent wife and mother.
I don't want your praise.
I want your love.
Or your-- your interest, at least.
I want you to want to know what I think.
Oh, my God.
I've hurt you.
How do I fix this? You're asking me? Sudha, Sudha.
This pain you have felt, it was never my intention.
I am ashamed of so much of my life.
I am ashamed.
And these things you want from me I will learn.
I will study and I will learn, and I will make you happy.
For what it's worth, and it isn't much, I bought it.
Defense is looking to play hardball with our witness.
Still calling Sudha to the stand? First up.
You better hope your people did their job, or our case is sunk on day one.
Not our case, Gaff.
Your case.
And for the record, my people went above and beyond.
They're not meant to be marriage counselors or day care providers-- they keep people safe.
You got that in spades.
What Mrs.
Kumar does now is none of our concern and out of our control.
I wanted to thank you for getting me into treatment.
Getting sober isn't easy.
No, but it is the right thing to do for my children.
They need me now more than ever.
We should go inside.
There's just something you should see first.
Very good.
I'm very, very proud.
What is Ashok doing? Something between a heimlich and a hug.
But he's a beginner.
I'm so proud of you, my son.
So proud.
And I love you very much.
And can you describe for us the emotional abuse Amit subjected you to for the duration of your relationship? My marriage to Amit is not Was not perfect.
He is not a perfect man.
But he is a good man.
But is it true, Ms.
Kishore, that you are seeking a divorce? My husband and I are working on our marriage.
Whether we can save it or not, time will tell.
But he knows the mistakes he has made.
And he will fix them.
Nothing further, your honor.
Kishore, even in the best of times, relationships are hard, would you agree? I would, of course.
And as woman who has endured difficulty in her marriage, you are now testifying under oath to Amit's upstanding character as a husband, a father, and as a witness? That is precisely what I am doing.
You know him pretty well, don't you? Yes.
Very well.
I have no more questions.
This is a great day for the department of justice and a great day for justice in general.
We run the race, he takes the victory lap.
How long you known this ball bag, anyway? Too long.
You two aren't related, are you? Inbred in-laws from feuding clans? Come on, you're killing me.
Give it up, Stan.
I slept with his-- - Mother? Sister? Say mother.
- Fiancee.
- What? - Whoa! - Stanley, up top! Come on! No? Ex-fiancee.
I mean, to be clear, she is now his ex-fiancee, all right? And I had no idea they were involved when we got intimate.
That's Look at him, standing there.
Like we're just gonna leave it at that.
- Adorable.
- Come on, Pal.
No more secrets.
I showed you mine.
You show me yours.
All right.
We met at a little dive bar up at 187th.
She wasn't wearing a ring-- Uh-huh, uh-huh.
And we hit it off, and then, uh Then you hit it off, right? Come on.
She told Gaffney everything.
I was her excuse to break it off with him.
I didn't know they were-- I mean-- I knew she had been dating him in college, but-- right, revenge turned a six into a nine.
Been there and been there.
it's still a mess.
- Where's he going? - Hey! Stan! Oh, look who's here.
Excuse me.
What do you think? Happy ending or hug good-bye? I don't know and I don't care.
All I know is I finally got his name down.
Not bad, right? - Eh.
- Really? Close.
Okay, everyone.
We're starting now.
Please take a seat.
Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of finishing my arangetram for you and for my family.
There are times in your life when all you can do at the end of the day is turn out the lights, flop on your bed, and throw in the towel, raise the white flag.
For some, that kind of surrender is hard to even contemplate.
And harder to accept.
And there's a dignity in that, in fighting to the finish, to the red-faced bitter end.
But in those moments in bed, right when the lights go out solace can be found.
The very act of giving up becomes a starting point.
You clear your head.
You still your beating heart.
The navigate the rocky shoal of setting out again.
Call it surrender or serenity.
It doesn't matter which.
Because the thing you never thought you'd do or say or ever have to face becomes more than what you have to do.
It becomes the way it is.
Hey, Brandi.
It's Mary.
But you know that 'cause the caller id would say it on the thing.
Plus my voice.
Anyway, I'm having a baby.
So Mom will get this message too, right? That was officially a pregnant pause.
Talk to you later.