In Plain Sight s04e11 Episode Script


Bulldog 1, this is Bulldog 7 We are two clicks out from target.
Area looks clear, over.
Roger Bulldog 7, we are Oscar Mike behind you, over.
Copy that, Bulldog 1.
See you on the other side.
Bulldog 7 out.
Dumbasses will probably get lost.
We'll have to take out Haji all by our lonesome.
That's hella profound.
All right, let's move out.
Sarge, are we seeing this? Give me the binos.
No problem, Major Filk.
Always good doing business with you, Kabir.
Son of a It's major Filk and captain Barnes.
Tell your boys to be careful with the Claymores.
I'd hate to have to deal wi a bunch of new faces.
Let's go.
Two weeks ago they're bitch-slapping non-coms over gut-busters and widow-makers gone missing.
Guess we know where they went missing to.
Hell do we do now? Our job.
Soon as Haji clears out, we get to the target.
What about Filk and Barnes? One enemy at a time, Loverro.
Get down, get down! Get out! Stay low.
Mike! The summer after first grade, my neighbor taught me how swim.
Duane, on dry land, was a sumo-sized single mom and CPA.
But five feet from the edge of the shallow end, she was my own personal safe harbor.
Holding out her stay-puft marshmallow arms, she'd say, "close your eyes, count to five, take a breath, and jump.
" What came next was a frantic mix of kicking and gulping and bubbles and gasps.
Slowly, but somewhat surely, I made it through my turquoise-colored panic and into her waiting arms.
Not because I wasn't scared.
Because she wasn't.
Days like this, it's all worth it.
Well, it's always worth it.
But days like this What, God? What's worth it? The job, the slog.
Con men and turncoats.
The low-level grunt.
Guy sees his superiors selling arms to the enemies.
Coulda looked the other way.
Oh, like you with me stealing pens from the supply closet? Instead he stands up, turns in the guys on the other side of the salute.
What's he get in return? Death threats.
His career is shot to hell.
And a one-way ticket to WITSEC.
- It's better than Fallujah.
- "It's better than Fallujah.
" That's our new bumper sticker, right? It's either that, or "WITSEC.
It's not just for mobsters anymore.
" He's a bona fide hero, people.
A little less at ease, a little more attention.
Oh, boy.
Army Special Forces, three tours in Iraq, Afghanistan.
Multiple commendations for bravery.
Distinguished Service Cross.
My husband doesn't feel he's worthy-- Sue Sergeant Loverro is in a coma on life support, ma'am.
Chest candy's pointless if the rescue's not successful.
I wouldn't say that.
The criteria for the cross is based on actions, not outcome, and your actions in saving sergeant Loverro meet that criteria and then some.
- As you were.
- Thank you, sir.
Wish I could get our other witnesses to do that.
Stan, does your friend have a name? Marshall, Mary, this is-- Major Lucas Provo, JAG attorney for Sergeant Shears.
Inspector Shannon.
Inspector Mann.
Welcome aboard.
Okay, so So I see everyone's settled.
Everyone good? Good.
This is to make official that you will be honorably discharged from the U.
As such, you are entitled to receive any and all benefits due you.
- Thank you, sir.
- And the army is coordinating with DOJ to get your entitlements set up, yes? Oh, yes, sir.
We are, sir.
Yes, just, uh, plain yes.
Now Once we get you and Mrs.
Shears in suitable quarters, the next order of business will be-- Listen, Mr.
Provo-- Major Provo.
Major Provo.
I have no doubt that you're good at your job, and even less doubt that we're good at ours.
And protecting Mr.
Stills-- not Sergeant Shears-- that's ours.
Hey, you okay? I just felt much safer on the base.
Sue, the army doesn't have its own Witness Protection.
And I promise you, we're pretty darn good at this.
So if you follow a few simple rules, safety won't be an issue.
And if there's anything you need, you can contact us day or night.
I'll be taking the lead on your case.
For the record, it was sort of my turn to take the lead.
But I've got a-- well, a bit of a situation here.
Let's just say you're not the only one who has to follow a few simple rules.
Now, once we get you settled in-- Inspectors, as much as your input is appreciated, military protects military.
On this operation, I'm running point.
Major, I'm-- I'm no lawyer, but I've got a pretty good handle on matters of jurisdiction.
Stan, back me up here.
Well, actually No, not the "actually" face.
- Not my favorite face.
- Yeah, well.
I went back and forth with DOJ.
But bottom line, the army's going to run this.
With our input, of course.
Our input? What a crock of-- We all have a chain of command, Mary.
I've formulated a detailed plan for the witnesses' security.
- It's all outlined in here.
- Wait, wait, wait.
So it's all in there? - Easy.
- Oh, that's great.
And I'm sure your plan that's all in there is perfect in theory, Major, but theory goes out the window in Witness Protection.
- It can get pretty messy.
- Inspector Shannon.
I assure you, I have spent plenty of time with messy.
And in my world, theory goes out the window - every day.
- He doesn't get it.
- Okay, look-- - Just stop.
Everybody stop.
You're talking about it like we're not even here, like it's nothing.
Our lives are gone.
In the Army, we were safe.
At least I-I thought we were.
My husband can't do this.
I can't do this.
Hey, hey.
Let us.
Go on.
Take the lead.
Messy, right? I'm just curious, what's your big book of plans say we do when the wife runs crying out of the room? Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
I had hoped that Sue would be the least of our worries.
Army wives are used to starting over, dealing with new environments, the quick assimilation.
Right, but she's not an army wife anymore.
This isn't just hopping from base to base.
- I get that.
- Do you? My mom was an army wife for 30 years.
She's now a full Professor at Johns Hopkins.
Life beyond the base, it can work.
Any suggestions how, major? What are you asking him for? He's the problem, not the solution.
How do you figure? You work for the people John's testifying against.
Your D.
office is a huge potential security leak, and "potential" is being kind.
There's no conflict of interest here.
The JAG Corps prosecutes criminals, period, just like DOJ.
Right, criminals who draw paychecks from the same company you do.
We get paid by the U.
- So do you.
- All right, people.
- Let's stay on point.
- Look, we are fast-tracking this case with the full support of the Army and Congress.
The accused, meanwhile, are in the stockade awaiting court-martial.
You think those guys don't have any reach? The stockade doesn't have any phones? I don't disagree with you.
There are many links in the chain of command.
And that includes a small handful of trained operatives who are out there, literally right this second, actively looking for John.
So if you want to keep him upright, I suggest you get on board.
Oh, on board? Gosh, why didn't you say so? He just wants me to get on board.
Okay, you two.
Cease fire.
Mary, you and Marshall are going to work with the Major.
- Get John and Sue settled.
- Oh, great.
- Thank you, Chief McQueen.
- You're welcome.
Our office is here to help in any way we can.
And hey, uh, call me Stan.
- Stan.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
"Call me Stan.
" - What? - Oh, no.
I get it.
It's cool.
A little uniform envy.
That's nothing to be ashamed of--it's kinda sweet.
Look, you're all a-twitter.
You're like an eight-year-old girl with a new Shaun Cassidy poster.
Mary, we just-- don't start, all right? The man deserves a little respect.
Of course he does.
Just, you know.
Try not to salute.
Seriously, Provo puts the "jag" in "jagoff.
" I have something that'll take you from your current level of disgust back down to your usual state of garden-variety grumpiness.
Is it a legal document promising you'll never say "garden-variety grumpiness" again? Two free tickets to an isotopes game.
What gives? You live for minor league baseball.
Abigail booked us on ghost walk the same night.
Ghost walk.
The woman loves a haunted house.
Yeah, haunted house, ghost stories.
Yay! It's a slumber party.
What's next, pillow fight and a ouija board? - Easy.
- Just sayin'.
You bailing on baseball? That's a big "c" compromise.
You mean sacrifice.
Compromise, in the romantic sense, entails inaction and potential loss, whereas sacrifice-- Yeah, stopped listening at "two free tickets.
" The realtor lists the building as southwest contemporary, but I'd say it hails more from the prairie school.
Ah, I was just gonna say that.
The prairie school.
So true.
Won't do.
Not secure enough.
Hey, Marshall, I've got an ideal.
Why don't you bore our friends with your version of the nickel tour? I'd love to have a word with Uncle Sam.
Let me show you this landscape integration.
If you'll step back here Hey.
We're trying to get these people settled.
You know, calm.
And the wife-- she's not calm.
She's about two minutes away from guys in white suits with butterfly nets.
And those fishbowl windows may as well have a sign saying "welcome, snipers.
" An interior unit on the middle floor would be optimal.
Yeah, fine, if there were a direct threat.
But we have our witnesses secured in a safe city that only a handful of people know about, two of them us and none of them snipers.
So trust me, unless someone's calling an ex or using an old credit card, this is as optimal as it gets.
You see a skylight, right? You know what I see? Oh, boy.
I have a feeling I'm about to.
Two rangers hovering in a whisper-silent They rappel down and breach this place in 30 seconds flat, and extract John before Sue can say "one Mississippi.
" Look, I know we're just army, but we do top secret pretty well too.
Really? Wikileaks says hi.
Seal team six and Osama Bin Laden tells a slightly different story.
Look, inspector.
I really want us to work together on this.
So when I tell you John's not safe here, it's not hyperbole.
He's not safe here.
What do you mean, we're not safe? Sue, that's not what he meant.
I thought the whole point of coming into this program was to keep us safe.
Of course it is, and you are.
Sue, hey.
Listen to me.
No witness in the history of WITSEC has ever been harmed when they stuck with the program.
Major Provo, he's just being a little extra cautious.
Trust me.
Look, do me a favor.
Find John, we'll load up, and we'll go see those other places, okay? Great idea.
Come on.
You win every argument with your boyfriend, don't you? Wow.
The practiced casual boyfriend drop-in.
Gotta say, I was kind of expecting more.
And for the record, I prefer "condom-ly challenged ex-douchebag.
" - So he's-- - Awol, at my request.
Hey, by the way, back there with Sue, bang-up job with the top secret.
You guys give lessons? - John? - Mm.
What Major Provo said Do you think we're really in danger? - I asked you a question, John.
- I'm trying to watch TV.
- And I'm trying to talk to you.
- Oh, Jesus.
Not again, okay? Not again.
Get your rank posterior off my spot.
First me, now Oscar.
At this rate, you'll need an extension for the bed.
I like it.
It's homey.
Oh, man.
Sue, everything okay? I can't hold him off, Marshall! - Open the door, now! - Please! Open the goddamn door! Sue, I need you to get to a safe place.
Lock yourself in any room.
I'm in the bathroom.
Help me, please! Sue, listen to me.
Call 911.
We'll be right there.
Sue? Sue? I'm coming with you.
Mary, get Provo.
It's Sue.
Open the door, now! Damn it, open the goddamn door! Open the door! Move away from the door! - Move away from the door! - Open the goddamn door! John, that's enough.
They'll kill you if you don't let me in.
They'll kill you if you don't open the door now! Ow - Albuquerque PD-- - They'll kill us! - Easy - They're gonna kill us! - Easy, easy.
- No.
No! Get off of me.
- Has he ever hit you? - Never.
Not once.
And he didn't hit me.
It's not what you think.
Sue, have you ever seen a movie of the week? If he was violent with you once, trust me, he'll do it again.
She's right.
He will.
But this isn't about domestic violence.
Really? 'Cause it looks just like it.
From what Marshall said, this is a clear case of PTSD.
PTSD's a diagnosis, Provo.
That's the why.
Right now, I care about the what.
And if you think the what isn't domestic violence-- I-I need to be with my husband.
John was in a dissociative state, triggered, at least initially, by the movie blasting on TV.
All quiet on the Western front.
Couple that with the stress of Sue pushing on Afghanistan, it's not unreasonable to think that that's why he snapped.
Marshall, when you got here, John was yelling "they will kill you," right? "They," not "I.
" Yeah, "they.
" Right.
So? Well, according to Sue, he's been battling insomnia.
Emotional detachment, disproportionate outbursts of anger.
Guess what those are symptoms of.
Pregnancy? Who made you the spokesman for post-traumatic stress? At one point during Desert Storm, my unit engaged the Republican Guard for four days of sustained combat.
I watched thousands of them die.
Literally thousands of Iraqis.
In four days.
- Jesus.
- That's gotta take its toll.
You have no idea.
I got lucky.
I got help.
Now I volunteer at Walter Reed, talking to soldiers with PTSD.
Okay, so he's got PTSD.
He's still dangerous.
So now what? You tell me.
I'm just riding shotgun on this one.
Inspector? We work the program.
Find them jobs and a place to live.
And we get him help.
Well, I'll say this.
We've never had so much room.
Don't you think, John? Yeah.
Look, I'm gonna go out for a smoke, all right? He never smoked until Afghanistan.
Everyone there, and Iraq, they all did.
Just as a time-killing thing.
Listen, about last night Is everything in Albuquerque so brown or white? Sue.
Living on base, I saw so many soldiers come home with it.
I saw what it did to their marriages.
And their families.
I knew it was possible, maybe likely, but I just Closed my eyes and prayed that it wouldn't happen to John.
That it wouldn't happen to us.
I just want my husband back.
We're gonna do everything we can to get John the help he needs.
You would have liked him, Marshall.
He--he was funny.
And charming as anything.
Everyone just loved to be even just around him.
You know? Interior's secure.
This place'll do.
This feel okay to you, Sue? - Good as any.
- Excellent.
Let's spread the word.
Good news, John.
Welcome home.
Listen, uh, John.
With everything that's happened, you know, it might help to sit with it.
You know, talk it out.
These guys have worked with a therapist - for years-- - Oh, no.
I'm good.
I was just Overtired last night.
You know, been through a lot lately.
Everything's fine.
Right, honey? Mm-hmm.
- Sue, I think that-- - I got it.
Can I talk to you two a minute? They're all yours.
"Fine"? That guy's no one's version of fine.
Yeah, I know.
I've seen too many defense lawyers manipulate a witness with PTSD into ripping his own credibility to shreds.
Right now I'm a little more concerned with him ripping his wife to shreds.
Yeah, me too.
Look, if this case goes away, a pair of traitors walk, and John's blown up his life and career for what? You think he and Sue are a mess now Honestly? All I'm thinking now is how I could eat my body weight in blue corn enchiladas, soft beef tacos, and I'm gonna say a side of Sauerkraut? Sure, who doesn't enjoy Mexican with a side of Sauerkraut? Yeah.
Oh, look.
- Papas fritas con chile.
- Thank you.
Soft beef tacos, and a blue corn enchilada.
Cool, thanks.
You'll survive without the Sauerkraut? Yeah, you know.
Sometimes, you just gotta show 'em who's boss.
Snooze on this, I'll put it all away myself.
Seriously, I didn't line my pockets with tinfoil for nothing.
You know what? This is, uh This is nice.
Yeah? You should get out more.
I'm just happy to have a beer and someone to sit with.
I've been eating solo at P.
Chang's all week.
So John and Sue.
Am I gonna have to separate those two, or what? I'm not sure.
You know, we train soldiers to tamp down their feelings, so the fact that he's not keen on sitting down with a shrink is hardly surprising.
Can't expect him to do a 180 and open up just 'cause it'd be more convenient.
You know, maybe you oughta flip through that big book of plans.
There's gotta be something in there, no? You gonna let that go anytime soon? Define "soon.
" You haven't asked me how I knew.
So we're speaking in code now, or How I knew you weren't married.
You know, the casual "boyfriend" drop-in.
Figured you didn't see a ring, you put two and two together.
- How about you? - Mm-mm.
How's that happen? How's what happen? Decorated war hero turned JAG lawyer, spends his free time volunteering with wounded vets? Come on.
There's no Mrs.
A few good men? There's gotta be a serious flaw in there somewhere.
Uh, well, um I could never hit the curveball.
- Huh.
- C'est la vie.
Ah, there it is.
C'est la vie is the flaw? Hate it.
Hate it so much.
Can I be blunt? Not sure you can't be.
You can knock off the lonely bachelor eating solo B.
Albuquerque's endless supply of dopey hot co-eds, and you skulking around in your crisp class "A"s? Please.
Fish in a barrel have a better shot.
First of all, I rarely skulk.
Answer the question.
You didn't ask one.
It was implied.
I'm holding out.
That's all you have to say? Not all.
How's the rest go? I'm holding out for something more.
For something more, you know? Smarter, messier, just Just more.
I'm holding out for someone who doesn't bug the crap out of me.
Well, I'm guessing that significantly drains the pool.
You have no idea.
- I have some idea.
- Do you? I do.
You gonna be okay with this? I'd be a lot more okay if DOJ had let me call in my guy.
We need an expert, not just on PTSD.
PTSD for vets.
You know this situation's unique.
Bringing in an outsider's not doable.
Look, military PTSD isn't my specialty.
Provo probably knows more about it than I do.
So fine.
They want to coax this guy into staring down his demons, give it a whirl.
This is all routine, but I thought it'd be good for us to jump into our prep.
Iron out the kinks before we get in front of a judge.
Yes, sir.
I asked inspector Mann to stand in as opposing counsel-- good for you? Yeah.
Okay, John, just so you know, my girlfriend got me a Law & Order box set for my birthday.
Fair warning.
- You ready? - Yeah.
We appreciate your being here today, sergeant, because you, more than anyone, can shed light on what happened in the Korengal valley.
- Yes, sir.
- Only answer if the defense asks you a question, John, okay? Okay.
I'm sorry, sir.
So let's go back to the events of that day.
You were on a forward scout with Sergeant Loretto-- Loverro, sir.
Right, sorry.
Sergeant Loverro.
You two were on a forward scouting mission.
That's correct, sir.
Questions only, sergeant.
Understood? Right.
Sorry, sir.
What did you see? I saw major Filk and captain Barnes selling weapons to the Taliban, sir.
Allegedly selling, but we'll get to that.
What happened next? We were dug in behind some rocks-- - You and Mark? - Me and Mike.
We were dug in, waiting for the field to clear before we pushed on.
And my team fired an AT-4 at Haji.
And all hell broke loose.
Get down, get down! Define "all hell.
" Well, the enemy returned fire, sir.
Me and Mike were caught in the cross.
You and, uh, Sergeant Lawrence.
Sergeant Loverro.
His name's Mike Loverro, sir.
Okay, you and Loverro were caught in the crossfire.
What happened then? We made a run for it.
Stay low! Mike! Mike got hit.
How did you know he was down? You were in the lead, isn't that what you said? Did you see him get shot? How did you know he hadn't just tripped? Stay low! Was he shot before or after you went back for him? Mike, wait! Did you see the shot? - Mike! - No, I-- Yes, I did, sir.
Which is it, sergeant? Was he shot before you got there or not? Look, I carried him to safety.
Sergeant Shears, when was sergeant Lombard shot? Look, his name's sergeant Loverro, God damn it.
Sergeant Michael Loverro.
And I killed him.
Go ahead.
During the firefight I didn't go first.
Mike did.
I, uh I-I gave him the wrong hand signal.
He jumped out before I could stop him.
He took the bullet that was meant for me.
- You don't know that.
- I was lead recon.
Mike was my responsibility.
I go first.
Things get ass-ended in battle.
You go on instinct.
You do your best.
John, you saved your friend.
If I had gone first, Mike would be fine.
He wouldn't be in a goddamn coma.
You had no way of knowing Loverro would get shot.
In the face of that, you-- you rescued him.
You carried him on your back to safety.
You risked your life to save that of a fellow soldier.
You don't think that's what a hero does? I'm not.
I'm not.
Listen, John, everything you're going through, it comes with the territory.
I know.
You're gonna come out of it.
Yeah? Where? Good question.
The next stop on Ghost Walk is the Renfro mansion, built in 1890 by then-territorial governor Charles Renfro.
He sold it to James Madsen, a U.
marshal, who used the basement as a jail.
Did I tell you? A ghost story about a marshal.
Perfect, right? A home run.
Oh! Oscar! Oscar! Oscar? Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my goodness.
Is that my little Oscar-puss? - Brandi.
- Hey.
Sorry about that.
He's still learning the leash.
So is she.
Oh, yeah, that's okay-- he's just excited to see auntie "bwandi," aren't you? Yes, you are.
I'm Peter, Brandi's fiance.
Have we met? Uh, yeah.
- She kind of arrested me.
- That's right.
Family dinner.
Got it.
Yeah, that was fun.
Just doing my job.
So Ghost Walk.
Which one of you is the haunted house aficionado? Guilty.
Can't get enough of 'em.
Since I was a kid.
Can you believe I'm marrying this? Oh, hey, are you guys coming to the wedding? I didn't know I was invited.
- Uh-- - Don't tell me you got another plus-one on the side.
My invitation did not include a plus-one.
Well, it does now.
Well, I would love to.
Now, I promise, I'll leave the cuffs at home.
- Please.
- Hey, we should catch up.
They're almost at the Renfro mansion.
If you think I'm gonna miss that basement Okay, the sad part is, he's actually totally serious.
But it was really good bumping into you guys.
- We'll see you at the wedding.
- Can't wait! Let's move in together.
You, me, and Oscar.
I'll give notice tomorrow.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
It's not too soon? Marshall, he's a dog.
He'll adjust.
Your pants are vibrating.
This is chaffee.
On my way.
I'm first in, got it? Thanks.
I gotta-- Go.
I know the drill.
I like the drill.
You wear it well.
- Is everything okay? - Everything's fine.
My evening just opened up unexpectedly.
I thought I'd stop by and see - how you and John are doing.
- What? Isn't he with you and Mary? - Did he say he was? - Yes.
He came home for a quick bite around 6:00, and then left again, said he was going to talk to you about job prospects.
No, we haven't seen him all night.
Was he acting strangely in any way? Say anything out of the ordinary? No, no.
No--no more than lately.
Oh, my God.
- Marshall, it's gone.
- What's gone? - The gun.
- What gun? The gun! The one he said you gave him.
Sue, we didn't give him a gun.
Please, please, please.
Whatever you have to do, just bring him home.
I called Mary.
She's on her way.
I know.
I got her.
Okay, great, thanks.
Located John's rental heading north on the 25, just this side of Raton Pass.
He's going to Colorado Springs.
You sound pretty sure.
Been keeping track of Loverro's progress, thinking I might be able to add him as a witness.
You think John went to see him? Manner of speaking.
Loverro died three days ago.
His funeral's tomorrow morning.
Guess where.
Great, a guy with a Mountain of guilt on his head and a gun in his hand.
There's gonna be military there, everywhere he looks.
That's a lot of targets for a loose cannon.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Sue, look at me.
Come here.
What I need you to do right now is sit still and stay calm.
We're gonna handle this, understand? You thinking what I'm thinking? I'm thinking there are not a lot of commercial flights out of sunport this time of night.
Hey, Stan, sorry to get you at home.
We need a plane.
- Marshall, time.
- Funeral's in ten.
Damn it, which way? Marshall, use the nav.
Punch in the address.
Hit "fastest route.
" What's the nav say? How long? - Nine minutes.
Turn right.
- Go, go, go.
Then shall the dust return to the earth, from whence it came.
And the spirit Peace will be with your soul I don't see him.
Pull forward.
Behind that tree.
Hey, I don't know what you told Stan to get him to say yes, but you getting in harm's way? I'm saying no.
Stay here.
I'll get in front of him.
- You flank.
- Okay.
What are you doing, John? Think, soldier.
I just Come on.
I just I wanted to apologize to Mike's wife.
No, no, no, no.
Drop it, John.
Come on.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on, John.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
For everything.
Will you please tell Sue? Just slow down, soldier.
Think about what you're doing.
That's one of your men over there--that's Mike Loverro.
You don't want to mess up his funeral, buddy.
Come on.
Right? You wanna apologize to his wife? Honor his memory? Start now.
Think about his family, John.
Think about yours.
John, damn it.
You did nothing wrong.
You did nothing wrong.
Loverro was a hero who died for his country, gladly.
He knew it when he signed on the line.
Look, you don't understand.
Six months of night sweats and a heart attack every time a car backfires.
You think I don't understand? Come on, John.
I know the world of hurt you're in right now.
Not the exact coordinates, but I'm familiar with the landscape.
Look at me, John.
Look at me.
I can help you.
But you gotta put the gun down first, buddy.
Come on, come on.
It's okay.
It's all right, buddy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, John.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I wasn't gonna hurt anybody.
I just I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
- So - So look.
I'm gonna stay here with John.
- Clean up this mess.
- Great.
See ya.
See ya.
You know that thing I said before about you being the problem and not the solution That's all you have to say? Not all.
How does the rest go? It was implied.
What's up? I just wanted to make sure that you knew I invited Abigail to the wedding.
- Abigail.
- Yeah.
- Marshall's Abigail? - Yeah.
You know she arrested you, right? She was just doing her job.
God, you're like a shark.
You only move forward.
Anyway, we ran into them at Ghost Walk the other night.
She's really nice.
They're a really adorable couple.
Oh, adorable.
They're a pail full of kittens.
You kidding me? It's a mid-life crisis with a badge.
They'll probably be broken up by the time the wedding rolls around.
But seat 'em next to each other.
It'd be fun to watch 'em squirm.
Oh, I don't know, the vibe that I got-- That's what they said about Joanie and Chachi.
How'd that turn out? Hey, I gotta go.
I'll call you later, okay? Bye.
- Mary.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, I forgot you were coming.
Oh, now, I forgot to tell you.
So we're even.
Do you want to come in? Uh, actually, I can't.
I can't stay.
I just wanted to drop something off.
Oh, well, John's resting now.
Actually, it's it's for you.
I just--I thought it couldn't hurt.
Well, what John's been through and what I'm going through, they don't really compare.
Well, they don't have to.
It's not a contest.
Look, Sue, you've been through a lot too.
You've lost a lot.
A life.
Family, friends.
I just know it's going to be tempting to reach out to that old base of support.
If you need to reach out, reach out to me, okay? Okay.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Okay, great.
Bye, Luke.
Well, Provo got into it with Colorado Springs P.
They're gonna look the other way on the funeral incident, concealed weapons charge.
So John's still on track to testify.
- Good.
- Yeah.
So "Luke" now.
What's interesting? It's his name.
You two went to lunch? I had to eat.
He was there.
You make it sound so romantic.
Romantic? Marshall.
Look at me.
Babar's sexier than I am.
Pregnant women are only less attractive to men who have never consummated with one.
What? No.
I mean, it wasn't my baby.
Blech, Marshall.
Look, if you're into that stuff, find a website.
No, it's complicated.
I was in college-- Okay, you need to stop talking now.
What is all this? What, you got a mope angling for new digs? Uh, it's, uh It's not for a witness.
It's for me.
For me and Abigail, actually.
You and Abigail.
So who's renting the u-haul? Still sorting that out.
We've both gotten pretty set in our ways.
Yeah, well How set in her ways could a 12-year-old get, right? Point is, my place doesn't feel right to her, her place doesn't feel right to me.
That's odd.
I mean, Abigail's so neat and girly, and you're so neat and girly.
Well, you know what I think.
It's not a sign that we shouldn't move in together.
It's a--a glitch.
- A glitch.
- A bump.
A bump.
Here you go.
How about this place? The prairie-style one.
It's perfect.
Ask any aquaphobic six-year-old.
There are benefits to staying out of the pool.
You get to mock the nose plugs and the kickboards, eat ice cream without watching the clock for 30 minutes after.
And the dry itch aftermath, the bleachy stench of chlorine is someone else's cross to bear.
But sitting poolside as others splash around can tempt even the most timid.
If you're feeling brave, you close your eyes, count to five, take a breath, and jump.
And you hope that someone stronger, more currently reliable-- your own sumo-sized CPA-- will be there to pull through the kicks and the gulps, the bubbles and the gasps.
You always work this late? Huh.
Well, my current condition tends to limit my dance card.
Anyway, between a backlog of these after-action reports and these marshal service pregnancy forms, I'm doing paperwork for two.
Well, how about dinner instead? Also for two.
You can't believe these forms.
That eager to get rid of me, huh? Hey, you know those, uh, little berets you guys wear? You got any extra? I gotta do something about Stan's uniform envy-- He'd love it.
We'd really love it.
- Answer the question.
- You didn't ask one.
Yeah, I did.
Your timing's crap.
Same reason I could never hit the curveball.
- Oh, really? - Yep.
One dinner.
I'm on a hop back to D.
in the morning.
It's just dinner.
You'll get me the little beret? So that's a yes? It was implied.