In the Dark (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4 (Finale)

1 Are you asking me if I think my dead partner was screwing around? They're going to kill us.
A copper's dead.
And now they're coming for us.
What you doing here, Adam? You want a relationship with a woman - who doesn't even know who the father is.
- Well, I love you.
Stay away from Frank Linnell.
I've got a bit of a reputation.
Paul was my friend, I'm devastated.
- You Ray Jackson? - Yeah.
- Who was the other passenger, Ray? - Kevin Sherwood.
The last thing you want is for something to happen to your baby.
Mr Sherwood doesn't like people sticking their nose in where it's not wanted.
And who are you, then? Kevin Sherwood.
I've taken pictures of your car reg and your face and I've sent them to my boss, so if anything happens to me And you are Helen? Paul's girlfriend? How do you know where I live? When Ray described you, I figured it out.
You know who you are and the fact that you weren't there in any official capacity.
See, Ray's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
It's probably why he drives a cab.
Claps eyes on a warrant card and makes all kinds of assumptions.
But I know what happened to Paul.
- What did happen to him? - You're just probably trying to work out - what me and Paul were discussing.
- You going to tell me? Well, whoever's investigating Paul's death, they're not looking at the likes of me.
Probably looking at someone a bit younger than me, a bit blacker.
Helen, I think it's best if you leave it alone.
Best for who? You.
- Is that a warning? - It's not a warning.
OK, Helen! Just tell yourself he needed a bit of extra money.
He had a kid on the way, so he wanted a bigger house.
Tell yourself he was doing it for you.
Piss off and leave me alone.
I'm, er, I'm police.
I just going to leave my car here.
Hey, it's me.
I want to see you.
You all right? Here's what I want you to do.
I want you to take your clothes off.
Have sex with me and then hold me.
And make me feel safe.
Can you do that? Hi, it's Theo.
Is Javine there? Hold on.
It's for you.
- Theo? You OK? Where are you? - Yeah, I'm cool.
- I've found a place to hide out.
What time can I pass by? - This afternoon.
- But make sure you're not followed.
- OK.
- Really make sure, Theo.
Look, I won't.
I got a couple of routes in mind, and I won't decide till the last minute.
Be careful.
And don't go where people know ya.
I won't.
- I'll see you later.
- See you later.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
We need to talk about this.
About what? What, the fact that I had sex with you when I was perfectly happy in my relationship? But you weren't happy, were you? You wanted something different.
Oh, come on, you complimented my legs at a party and the next thing I was just spreading them for you.
We all think that our problems are so unique.
I was so complicated.
Hey - You can't just - What? Leave? I'm pregnant and I'm grieving.
That gives me licence to do just about anything.
Helen, come here.
You need to let me in.
I'm sorry.
- Stay as long as you like.
- Thanks.
I'll bring my things tomorrow.
Hello? Yeah, hi, it's Theo.
Can you tell Javine I can't make it? Dad! Here.
When did you get here? - This morning.
- What time is it? - 11.
- 11? Come on, doing a fry up.
Here you are.
Have you thought of any hymns yet? I assume you're having hymns, or pop music? Pop music.
The hit parade.
Hey, I download.
I'm not a dinosaur yet, you know! No, I haven't thought of any.
Every time I do, it just .
just reminds me he's dead.
I was going to ask if I could help carry him, carry the coffin.
You've probably got friends who can do it, but No it'll be, erm It'll be coppers.
Erm, honour guard, in dress uniform.
It's Paul's mum, she wants the whole ceremonial bit.
She sent me an e-mail, very strongly worded one.
She wants, like, 26 gun salute, and trumpets, and all that bullshit.
Did you like him? Paul? And don't don't just say yes cos he's dead.
Did you really like him? Most of the time.
He could be arrogant, especially with a beer inside him, and, of course, he was a City fan, so Yes, I liked him.
We talked .
about you, about the baby.
He was looking forward to it.
Did you trust him? Didn't you? I thought I did.
Hey, Easy, what's up? Yo, need to see ya, today.
Today? Oh, I can't today, I got some stuff to do.
Nah, today.
I'll come grab ya.
'17-year-old Meekaaeel Qureshi's young life was cut short by a violent and terrifying gun attack yesterday.
Combined with the recent disappearance of James Desunmo otherwise known as Snap, police are working on the assumption that rival gangs may have become engaged in a deadly turf war.
The police are determined to prevent the violence from escalating.
They are warning residents not to retaliate and are appealing DCI Carter.
- Hey, Ted, it's me, Helen.
- Helen, how are you doing? I'm just curious, how's that investigation going? Well, we're confident that the boys involved in that shooting are from the same estate that the lad's been killed.
- We're conducting more door-to-doors.
- And? - You know what it's like on these estates.
- Yep, wall of silence.
Just been chillin', yeah! Hey.
It's really sad, isn't it? They say it's gang related.
Talking about all sorts, they don't know shit.
What do you reckon? If it's a war, the other crew won't know what's hit 'em.
What's the other crew? Are you all part of of that crew? - Maybe.
- So, you knew them, Wave and Easy? - Everyone knows Wave.
- Is he the leader? - Are you some sort of cop? - Come on, look at me, do I look like a cop? - You look like a MILF.
- Wouldn't even need a condom.
- All right, thanks for your time.
- Hiya.
- Hi.
- Helen.
Nice to meet you.
- You didn't know him, did you? - Nah.
Did you hear about the killings that happened recently, two young boys? Yeah.
Well, it happens all the time round here, don't it? Why, who are you, anyway? I'm just I know it sounds silly, I just I got moved by the story, I just wanted to find out You shouldn't be walking around here like that, anyway.
- Did you hear about the killings that happened? Young lads.
- Yeah.
It's no more than the little bastards deserve.
They bring it all on themselves.
I seen him around but I didn't know him, like, you know what I mean? I didn't really know him, like.
Now recently, there's been nothing like that.
There's been nothing, has it? No, it's been really quiet.
Did you hear about the killings that went on? Aye, everyone's heard about them, you know? There's not much we can do.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Just, er nausea.
The baby.
I've got a son.
Going to see him later.
Can't wait.
- God, you don't seem old enough.
- Started young.
Everything starts young round here.
- Even murder? - What? I-I saw that story on the news, about that boy and, I dunno, must be my hormones, but it really moved me.
- Right.
- Did you know him? - Mikey.
- Kind of.
And what about that other boy, who they said went missing? - Well, I'd seen him round.
He was a good guy.
You know.
- Yo.
Tee! Theo! - One sec, Wave.
- Come on, man! Hurry up, man! - All right, sorry! Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Helen, it's Jess Harlow from the Coroner's Office.
- Oh, right.
Did Did you just call me? - No.
Oh, you, er, you - you didn't just call me? - No.
OK, erm, right, well, wha-what do you want? It's regarding Paul.
Is this a good time? Yeah, yeah, no, this is as good a time as any.
OK well, the senior investigating officer has conferred with the coroner and they're happy to authorise burial, issuing a temporary death certificate.
In the light of this, the SIO would himself be happy to release Paul's body.
Well, everyone's happy.
I'm sorry? Nothing.
Just, erm I'll be happy to to have his body to bury.
- All right, thank you.
- Bye-bye.
Stay there.
All right, lads? Want to be straight.
We don't know which crew is behind it, so the best thing we can do now is keep our heads down till we sort this out.
Wave's going to stay with me at my bro's.
Where are you going to stay? At-at Javine's mum's.
Wave is getting his bro's dog for protection, but I think we need something with a bit more accuracy.
Take that, bro.
It's kill or be killed, boys.
Come here.
They brought me his iPad.
I didn't even know he had one.
There's a folder on it.
" Victoria? Mm-hm.
Password required.
Did you get in it? But why would he have that? It could be anything.
Could be a code word, secret file.
Do you want me to speak to tech and see if they can hack into it? - I think he was involved with something.
- Something? Like what? There's this guy called Kevin Sherwood.
Extremely dodgy businessman -- he's got links to credit and debit card scams and money laundering, and illegal machinery sales in Nigeria.
He said Paul was helping him, that they had a deal.
And you believe him? I don't want to, but God, you know what they say, you know -- - if it smells like shit and it looks like shit - Helen.
You look like shit.
And you're going to need all your strength to get through this funeral and, to be frank, the last thing you need is to be looking at his coffin and wondering if he was corrupt.
Are you sure you want to be alone right now? Do you want to stay with me? No, I'm-I'm at my sister's.
I'm your long-lost twin sister.
I look just like you.
I even have a tiny teeny beard right on the end of my chin.
It's your doppelganger.
- Oh, my God, she's so ugly! - Ugly! I know -- look at you.
Come on! Yo, the dog won't shit.
- Let's go, bro.
- Come on.
Come on! This dog's useless.
- You want to get high? - You want to get high? You want to smoke with me? Ah? Oh, I ate too much, you know, way too much.
- Well too much.
Come on.
- Belly feels bad! - Hangin'.
We'll have to smoke outside.
- Take it down, will you, bro? - No bother.
- Oh, bro.
- What? The dog's shit on the floor, man! Are you taking the piss, bro? Nah, not outside my bro's yard.
Stay there.
I'm getting you a bag.
Dog shit! - I ain't cleaning that up! - Scoop it! Scoop it now! I can't believe you're making me do this! - I told you don't bring the dog.
- Bro! It's why I don't have a dog, bro! - Yo, dash it, bro.
- Shit! Come on.
Calm down, you little shit.
- Get down.
- You're mad! - Down, now.
- All right.
Now this is about Paul Hopkins.
- Who's that? - The police officer who got killed, waiting for a bus.
- In Gorton, right, yeah, yeah, I seen it in the pa - Don't bullshit me! Right, what do you want to know? Everything.
Like, who else was involved.
All right, just take the gun out my face.
Ah! Argh! I've got bleach and I will use it in your fucking eyes! DI Moody -- professional standards branch.
What the fuck were you doing in my flat?! - Wasn't me.
- There was a man -- there was a man in my flat! Do you want me to have a look? Let me see.
Follow me in.
Come on, let's have a look.
So? Am I under surveillance? I wouldn't call it surveillance.
We've been tracking your movements.
- Why? - You ran a vehicle check on Ray Jackson.
Any enquiry related to him gets flagged on our system.
We know you've spoken to Kevin Sherwood and you visited the murder scene of Meekaaeel Qureshi.
Yes, I also spoke to Frank Linnell and Sarah Rushton.
I've been all over town, and why, because I have got 1,000 questions and no answers.
Do you mind telling me how you came up with Ray Jackson's name? I found parking tickets.
So I took them to the CCTV monitoring centre, and they showed me Paul .
stepping into the same taxi on two separate occasions.
So I did some investigating .
and all the signs point to him being bent.
Paul wasn't corrupt.
He was working for us.
Paul's job was to target fellow officers, to secure evidence that might convict anyone passing information to organised crime figures -- individuals, gangs, whatever.
He was investigating Kevin Sherwood? Sherwood was a target Paul was making decent headway on before his death -- you've met him, - so you know what kind of person he is.
- A prick.
Correct, and not only that, he's a prick we suspect has made payments to a number of officers in various units.
What about Frank Linnell? He's not someone we have an active interest in.
Plenty of our colleagues do, of course.
Paul's been in touch with him.
Asking for info.
- What did Linnell say? - They were friends.
Friends! - They watched cricket together.
- Right.
I do know for a fact Linnell was not part of Operation Elizabeth.
- Elizabeth? - Women's names.
Elizabeth was Kevin Sherwood.
What about Victoria? It's gone.
Paul's iPad -- it's gone.
Yeah! - Hey, Easy, what's up? - Easy's dead, Theo.
They're all dead except for you.
We'll find you.
Ezra Dennison and Errol Anderton, who went by the names Easy and Wave, were found gunned down yesterday in a relatives' home.
It comes just days after 17-year-old Meekaaeel Qureshi was shot and killed riding his bicycle.
Police say the shootings appear to be targeted and are keen to reassure the public Beautiful service.
Was good of you to come.
Like I told you, he was a friend of mine.
Have they found the bastards that did it yet? Did it? The shooting, the boys in the car.
Three of them are dead.
Well, there you go.
You reap what you sow.
Isn't that right, Clyde? You reap what you sow.
If there's anything you need - Hi.
- You all right? Yeah.
- Helen, can I, erm, say something, as a friend? - Mm-hm.
If you ever need anything, please, for once in your life, just pick up the bloody phone.
OK, call me.
I know how to change a nappy, and believe it or not, I'm also extremely au fait with the vagaries of Peppa Pig.
- You OK? - How's the investigation going? - Well, I spoke with Carter, but it can wait until - Oh, no.
This is his funeral.
We are surrounded by coppers.
- This is the perfect time.
- Gary, can you give us a minute? Yeah, yeah, course.
- I was going to come see you tomorrow.
- Mm-hmm.
- After all this.
They've had the crime scene report back.
- There's a peculiarity.
- Peculiarity? Hm.
So the collision investigator was able to measure exactly how fast each car was going when the incident occurred.
- And the answer, oddly enough, was not very.
- So? The BMW was supposedly trying to get away, at a time of night when there was very little other traffic on the roads, but the only time it got up to anything like a decent speed was after the shots were fired, when it veered towards the bus stop.
Well, you would speed up if someone was shooting at you.
No, this is the thing -- I told you they dug two bullets out.
- 30 eights.
- Mm-hm.
- But they weren't in the right place.
- Meaning? They got ballistics to map the trajectory of the bullets based on the relative heights of each vehicle.
Look -- you can trace the path each bullet took.
Neither shot could have originated from the car.
Meaning what? That the shots were fired before.
I don't know when exactly, but certainly before the accident.
Helen, they were fired by someone standing outside the vehicle whilst it was stationary.
- Brian.
- Helen! I need to check local intelligence.
I'd been for a drink with a friend, and before you ask, it was one drink and I wasn't over the limit.
last about half an hour, cos I've got to go somewhere at four o'clock, so if you just lay out some copies of the report I think there'll be about six of them arriving Hello, Sarah.
Are you here for me? Well, I haven't come to make a donation.
Er, can-can you just give me a minute? It's good work you do.
It's worthy, helping the less advantaged.
Ironic, though, isn't it? Campaigning for pharmaceuticals in Third World countries when the rest of the time you're filling your own body with shit.
I'm sorry, I don't know Oh, bullshit.
What is it? Coke? Crack? - I have no idea what you're on about.
- You must really owe them.
They must have such a hold on you to make you do what you did.
Or were you just so off your off your head you couldn't think? I dunno what you're implying, but I strongly suggest that you find some evidence to back I buried him yesterday so don't you dare give me that shit! Ow! I did some digging.
There have been incidents, haven't there, Sarah? Argh! Argh! Evidence of recreational drug use.
Little stint at the Priory, but I guess it didn't help.
I guess you slipped on the recovery.
I know the bullets were fired before the crash, and I know that you're involved.
He threatened to hurt my family.
- Argh! - What's going on here? Who? He just showed me where -- he told me to hit the bus stop.
And you didn't ask why? Of course I asked.
He said he needed he needed to cause a distraction, that night, in that area.
I didn't know anyone was going to be killed.
I didn't.
I swear.
Who? I was going to lose everything.
You don't know of the threats.
Oh, God, I had to do it! I had to! Who? Who made you do it? Who organised all this, Sarah? Who? I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I wish you'd broken your neck.
Lovely surprise.
How're you coping? It's after the funeral that it really hits home.
This is the tough time.
At the funeral, you said, "You reap what you sow.
" What did you mean by that? Turn of phrase.
Like karma, isn't it? What goes around comes around.
The driver of the car that killed Paul, she said someone arranged Paul's death.
- Like who? - Well, she didn't say.
There's something I haven't told you -- about Paul .
and my daughter, Laura.
They were an item, lovers.
Before you.
He was good to her.
What happened? She was killed.
It tore my heart out.
Did Paul never tell you about Laura dying? No.
Things had been different, he'd've been my son-in-law.
You should talk to a guy called Jacky Snooks at the social centre in the Newyard Estate about a meeting that took place there a few weeks ago with those lads who got shot.
Are you Jacky Snooks? My name is Helen Weeks.
I'm a detective.
I could flash you my warrant card but I don't want to do that here.
I just want to ask you some questions, about the killings that have been going on, the young boys.
There's a mural to one of them down the road, Meekaaeel Qureshi.
Did you know them? These-these people, they're they're not my friends.
I didn't ask if they were your friends.
I asked did you know them? Three boys -- BOYS -- have been murdered.
Did they have meetings here? Did they do business? I let them play pool, dominoes.
How am I supposed to know what people discuss? Please, Jacky.
All right, I can't tell you anything.
When I close my eyes, when I open them, just look where I'm looking.
- Bob Marley? - Mm -- the man, the one and only.
- And? - Bob Marley, him see everything.
But people don't know we film, so they feel safe.
How long do you keep the footage? I need to be looking at Thursday two weeks ago.
I have no idea.
You going to have to ask the manager that.
September 15th.
Use my computer if you like.
We, er, strive to ensure nothing criminal happens in the club.
- You realise that, don't you? Brew? - Ah, yeah, yeah.
- Tea, tea would be lovely.
- No problem.
You're looking pretty large there.
- When are you due? - Today.
Any second.
But don't worry -- only 4% of births come on their due date so we'll be fine.
- Get Gosforth! - Helen? Get Gosforth! Bastard! - Helen, get off! - Helen! - What the fuck? - You killed him! - Get off me! Get off me! - Get off him! The fuck?! Fucking With Sarah's confession, he'll get life.
Adam must've known.
He must've known that Paul was working for a counter corruption unit.
Must've realised that Paul was onto him.
I'll tell you what I don't understand, is why, knowing what he knew about Adam, Paul didn't report this to his superiors.
I, er I had a thing I had a fling -- with Adam.
Paul knew.
It was over.
So if he'd disclosed that, he'd've been taken off the case.
I've slept with Adam since.
How? How could he do that? - Helen, Helen.
- No, but how, how, how, how could he? Hm.
- He was trying to protect himself.
- By killing Paul? The whole operation was going to be exposed -- Sherwood, Adam.
Adam was in his pocket -- Sherwood worked it out, tipped him off, that's it.
Adam used his drug connections to make it look like the gang caused an accident, blackmailed Sarah Rushton Clever bastard.
Threw us all off the scent.
What What I don't get is how? How did he know? How did he know that Paul would be there that night, at that bus stop? Well, it's just a thought, but maybe he was with him.
Remember the witness evidence? Saying that Paul spoke to another man? We never traced him.
Adam lured Paul out under a pretext.
What do you mean? The baby.
So we understand each other, yeah? Yeah, we're good.
You need some time to work things out.
Listen, I need a piss.
I made it so easy for Adam.
- Helen, you can't think like that.
- Oh, no, I gave him a way in.
Listen, I'll get someone to drive you home.
- No, I'm fine.
- Helen! Right, so, if Adam was in the pay of Sherwood, then he'd hired Easy and those other boys to assist him, don't you think that it's a coincidence that they all have ended up dead? They're not all dead.
Three of them are dead, one's missing.
- Presumed dead.
- And the other is alive and well as far as we know.
- The other, what? - Sarah said there were five lads in the car.
So you don't think that anyone's been trying to kill them off? Who -- Adam? Helen, go home -- rest.
We'll take things from here.
Yo, Tee.
- Theo! - Just one sec, Wave.
- Come on, man! Hurry up, man! Hiya.
Do you remember me? I'm, er, I'm the MILF from the other day.
Look, I'm looking for a for a kid called Theo -- T.
Please, it's urgent.
Do you know where he lives? What's so urgent? - What do you think? - Theo's the man? Please, just Down there -- end house.
Is Theo inside? - He lives over there.
Across the way.
- That one there? - Yeah, one on the end.
- Right, thank you.
Yo, Theo! Lady here wants to speak to Theo.
- Theo? - You can't come in.
We're just about to leave It's all right, it's OK.
Theo? - Theo! - Get out of my house! Javine, get back.
I'm a police officer.
My partner died a few weeks ago.
He was standing at a bus stop.
I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
I shot to miss.
No-one was supposed to die.
- I swear.
- I know.
There were blanks in that gun.
The woman in the car, she drove at the bus stop on purpose.
She was in on the whole thing.
It was made to look like it was an accident, like it was random.
You're in such danger, Theo.
Wherever you run to, they will find you.
Trust me, they killed all the others, they will find you .
but if you help me, help us Come on.
I'm so sorry.
Shit! Your waters! Ah.
The bathroom's through there.
Come on, I'll get you a towel.
No, er No, er, if, er, if you if you could call me a taxi, that'd be Taxi? Round here? you'll be lucky! Can one of you drive? Right, Javine, right go to your mum's and I'll meet you back there.
- I'll take her, right? I'll take you.
- Yeah.
- All right? - Yeah.
Do you know who killed them -- Wave and the others? - I've got a fair idea.
- What -- is it a secret? Ah, shit! Oh! It's OK.
Just just breathe.
Where are you running to? Lake District.
We'll find work.
Javine's mum gave us some money.
Theo, with what you know about what happened in the gang, you can convict the bastard who did all this, the ones who are responsible for killing your friends.
Thing is, if I make a statement, I'm as good as dead.
We can protect you! This is why I tracked you down.
- All right? - Yeah.
There's a lady having a baby, she needs help! There's a lady having a baby, she needs help! Right, good luck.
Get yourself to the police station and you ask for DCI Gosforth and you tell him that I sent you.
Please, Theo.
Fuck! Lover when you don't lay with me I'm a huntress for a husband lost at sea If I had you here We were here together I'd be boy and you'd be girl Beautiful Calling moon and moon Shoot that big bad hand It'll drag me to your door Now I won't see you no more Calling moon and moon Shoot that big bad hand It'll drag me to your door Now I won't see you no more I won't see you no more.