In The Dark (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

Cross My Heart and Hope to Lie

How much time do we have? The bar opens in five hours.
This is weird.
You and me sitting at the same bar we sit at every night, drinking the same thing we drink every night.
Twilight Zone.
That's what I'm saying.
Like, I've-I've I'm acting normal, but I have this big secret from, like-like, that guy and, like, that guy - and, like, everyone at the bar.
- Jess, you can do this.
You were in the closet for 23 years.
Yeah, I know.
And I was terrible at it.
I don't I don't know how we're gonna launder money - through a guide dog school.
- I know.
Yeah, especially because Felix is so paranoid.
I mean, he won't even he won't even let me Google anything.
He made me put tape over my laptop camera.
What about Darnell? Would that be weird? Should we call him, - see if he can help? Is that weird? - No, we can't.
- Okay.
- We can't.
Nia said the only person we're allowed to talk to in her business is that Sam chick.
- Which - Oh.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Chelsea's not even here, so they're gonna make us pay for everything.
Okay, I'll get the check.
Can you watch Pretzel? I'm gonna pee.
Why'd you put his vest back on? So guys don't try to use Pretzel to hit on me.
The "Do not pet me" sign usually works.
Since when do you not want to get hit on? Oh, well, the, uh the last guy I slept with turned out to be a psycho murderer, so I'm thinking I'm done with guys.
Thanks, by the way.
Hey, Murph.
Max? - What's going on? - Look, I can't stay here, okay? I'm at a motel down the street.
Turn right when you leave.
Count three blocks.
First building on your right.
It's called the Braswick.
- Room 7.
- What are you doing here? I'll explain everything, but I have to go.
- No, wait, what are you - Look, look, Murphy, nobody can know that I'm here.
Not even Jess.
Nia's people are still after me, - and so are the cops.
All right? - Oh, my God.
Just meet me, okay? Ready to go? Uh, I think I'm actually gonna stay stick around, get another beer, probably.
You got hit on outside the bathroom? Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
I knew you weren't done with all guys.
This guy, he, uh he I don't know.
I'm just horny.
- Leave me alone.
- Yeah.
What's new? - All right.
- Well, just be careful.
I'll see you later.
Come on.
What happened to your face? Um it was a c-car accident.
Stupid Uber driver.
Are you okay? That looks like Yeah, Max, I'm fine.
Five minutes, and you're already mad at me.
Well, that wasn't cool.
I haven't heard from you in weeks, and then you just show up and force me to lie to Jess and make me come here.
I missed you so much.
That's why you're here? Yeah.
You, uh you like working here? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah? Cool, cool, cool.
Be, uh, $93.
Wow, that's Really? Yeah, you had a lot of hardcovers.
So All right.
No sweat.
No wonder no one buys books anymore.
So, you gonna tell me why you really came back? This.
Max, I'm serious.
I'm being serious.
I don't know how to not be with you.
And do you, um Do you have a plan to actually be with me? Well, you're looking at it.
- This is it.
- Oh.
Love it.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have lied to you.
I wanted to tell you everything, but I just couldn't.
I get it.
You do? Yeah.
Yeah, but I should have You know? I should have turned Nia in after what - she did to Tyson.
- She-she didn't, um It wasn't Nia.
Wait, what? Nia didn't kill Tyson.
How you feeling? Much better.
Anxious to get back to work.
Well, I moved you to Narcotics.
- You'll be point on Nia's case.
- Okay.
Just tell 'em everything you know about her organization you got from Homicide.
Also, I got you a new partner.
I You know, with all due respect, don't you think maybe I should work this one alone? No, that would raise even more eyebrows.
Got it.
See you in the morning.
You can get the tab.
So, Dean just admitted all this to you? Out of nowhere? Like Yeah.
I-I'm I think he felt guilty or whatever.
But he's back on the force now, so Well, we can tell someone.
We-we can tell the news.
- We can fix this.
- Trust me, I thought of every possible scenario.
There's no admissible evidence.
So all that would happen is this big to-do, and then he'll just get away with everything.
And then Chloe would have to live with a dad who she knows might be a murderer.
But there's something else that we can do.
It's just No, Max, I can't do that to her.
As much as it kills me, Dean's all that she has.
What t what time is it? Um it's almost midnight.
It's I have I have to go home.
I have to be at Guiding Hope at 7:00.
What are you up to tomorrow? Eating dinner in this motel with you.
You're such a loser.
I forgot what a dick you are.
You love me.
I know.
How's business been? Find a new front? Yeah.
Where? You really think I'm gonna tell you after getting all cozy with Max? Speaking of, I heard he was seen around town.
You heard from him? No.
You lying to me? Nia, no.
I would tell you.
So, what's up? Why the late-night meeting? I wanted to be home an hour ago.
I-I came here to ask a favor.
It's about Tyson.
I heard it was a cop who killed him, and I think that same cop might have been working for you.
I know.
Dean Riley.
He was working for me, but nobody offs one of my own without my permission.
So you gonna take care of him? I can't.
He's back on the force now.
Plus, I just had to handle his partner.
And if he shows up dead, too, I don't think they gonna buy another suicide.
Cream and sugar? What's up, D? You good? Yeah, it's just hard knowing people can get away with murder.
What kind of business you think we in, mack? Oh.
I just don't think I can do this anymore.
Maybe I just need a break.
All right.
How 'bout this.
You find Max, you take care of him, I give you your break.
You don't even have to come back.
You never asked me to do that to anyone.
Yeah, well getting out ain't cheap.
Besides, the guy snitched on you.
Tried to put you away for 30 years.
Thought you'd be excited about a little payback.
Thirty-one thousand six hundred and eighty two.
Don't you kind of want to just swim around in it like Scrooge McDuck? I did not get here at the crack of dawn to hear about your rich kid fetishes.
Well, maybe if you weren't up all night with random dudes, getting here early wouldn't be that difficult.
Well, I But luckily for you both, I, too, was up all night.
- Ah, with a lady? - With a book.
Guys, I think I figured out how we can do this.
Because we cannot keep making cash deposits without tipping off the Feds.
O-Okay, so what do we do? Um Okay.
So, we have money coming in, yeah? Oh, cool.
Visual aid.
I will explain it, too.
Now, all that money needs to go out.
Right? Now, only a portion of the money coming in is Nia's.
Now, we have to figure out how to get that portion back to her.
What? What? He drew boobs.
The point is, we have to figure out how to hide the fake input and the fake output, okay? So we need to make the nipple look like the entire boob? Yes.
We need to create a fundraising business that will create cash proceeds which we can give to Guiding Hope, right, and that'll justify the new input, and we should try to come up with this ASAP, so Can you guys come up with something? Okay, uh, what about the-the right boob output? Well, we need to transfer Nia's cut to the accounts of the corporations she sent over.
But we will also be hiring some new employees to create the illusion that business is booming.
Who is that? What are your parents doing here so early? - What? - What? Oh, my God.
Hey! Wow.
What are you guys doing here? I was just I called Jess and Murphy in early to go over, um inventory.
We just did inventory last week.
There were some inconsistencies.
Minutiae, really.
Didn't want to bore you guys with it, so called them in early, uh, as punishment for all the work they've been missing.
- Hate you, Felix.
- This sucks.
So, what's up? We just came in to finish up a grant proposal.
Oh, great.
Is this the, uh, Dreamer Foundation grant? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
I want to talk to you guys about that one, actually.
Why don't you come get some coffee with me.
Um, I-I was looking over the text, and I think it's pretty compelling, but, uh One thing I'm not sure of, okay, is the whole, um, color scheme of the whole We have to be way more careful.
Yeah, you think? Excuse me.
I'm Gene.
I'm, uh, I'm your new partner.
- Gene.
- Yeah.
Name is Gene.
Oh, yeah, it rhymes with Dean.
That's-that's funny.
You can call me Detective Riley, and I will call you Detective What's your last name? Uh, it's Wiley.
What? Nah, it's Clemens.
I was I was just joking, just - Uh-huh.
- So, I, uh, I hear that we're on the Nia Bailey case.
Where do you suggest we begin? Well, I got a tip about her drop point.
Figure we'll start there, see what we can find out.
Diving right in I like that.
- You want me to drive? - I'm good.
- What happened up here? - What? - Your eye.
- Oh.
Car accident.
Looks like you got punched in the face or something.
Just an airbag.
- Does it hurt? - I'm okay.
That's good.
Ben, hurry up.
It's over here.
- Hey! - Sorry we are a little late.
- Um - No worries.
You remember Ben? Yes! Hello, young Benjamin.
Welcome to Guiding Hope.
So, uh wh-where do I go? Oh.
Uh, your desk is over there, but, you know, I'll get you acquainted - with everything in, uh - Nice.
Thank you.
due time.
Look, I got to run.
I just wanted to say thanks again.
I really appreciate you giving my brother a shot.
- Yeah.
- He's really excited to work here.
I can tell.
No, no, no.
He's that's just, he's nervous.
- Okay.
- But hey, I'm working tonight.
If you want to come by the bar, drinks are on me.
It's just my way of saying thank you for all this.
Uh, yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I am surprised you like that book.
- See ya.
- See ya.
So, you gonna tell me about the guy last night? You got home kind of late.
We're supposed to be coming up with a new business idea.
What? When ever do you want to talk about Guiding Hope over sex? - Um, hi.
- Hey.
I'm here to see Felix.
Felix? Oh.
Uh, how how do you know Felix? I don't.
I'm interviewing for the new kennel tech position.
There was no one at the front desk, - so - Yes, yeah, of-of course, yeah.
Um right, 'cause we're hiring new people, obviously.
Uh, cool.
Well, I hope you I hope you nail I hope you nail it.
The interview.
I hope you nail it.
Felix is in his office.
It's the last room down the hallway on your right.
- Oh, my God, Jess.
- Don't.
Is she Do you love her? Is she your wife? No, I I wasn't "I-I hope you nail me.
- I didn't know where Felix was, Murphy.
- "I hope you nail me.
"I mean, I mean, your interview.
I hope you nail me.
" I hate you.
I hate you.
This is how Nia does her drops.
I figure if we can intercept one, then maybe we can use it as leverage.
I had the manager give me a key.
You really know what you're doing, huh? Well, uh, whoever used that locker last must have really pissed Nia off.
I didn't even know they still send messages like that.
I thought that was just in movies that's nasty.
- Uh, this was a dead end.
- More like a dead rat.
We need a new plan.
- I think I got a little something.
- What? When they put me on this case, I studied Nia Bailey's file.
Pretty much got the whole thing memorized.
Now, I didn't find much by way of leads, but there was a guy in the organization - that flipped on her.
- Yeah, Max Parish.
He had enough information on her to put her away before he ran.
Which is weird, right? Money guys usually don't know that much.
Yeah, but he-he was close with Darnell James.
That's probably where he got the information.
Okay? So is it worth going after Darnell, then? He's too loyal to Nia.
So then we go after Max.
He flipped before.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Okay, um, did you guys come up with anything? For the cash business? No.
I literally already hired three new employees.
You can't come up with a single idea? - I'm sorry.
- We need to get this business up and running, like, yesterday.
- How about a dog grooming business? - No, because we only allow service dogs in here.
- Mm.
- Um what-what about treats? Treats? You want to do treats? Okay, you guys aren't hearing me.
We need to move serious money, and we need, like, - a real business.
- Okay, what if we go to the dogs? - Huh? - What do you mean? Like a grooming truck.
Those exist, right? - We cannot afford to buy a truck.
- No, I can get one for free.
Uh, Max's.
I don't know if it's still there, but if it is, it's probably just sitting in the woods.
- Okay.
Not a terrible idea.
- Yeah.
But in case the cops are looking for it, we should paint it.
What are we gonna do, hotwire Max's truck? No.
I know he has a spare set of keys in his apartment.
I can go get them right now.
- Felix.
- Hey.
I went through these donation forms for the grant, and there's a major discrepancy.
There's, like, a hundred thousand dollars I can't account for.
That is Ugh! - Weird.
- Yep.
Uh, tell you what, c-can I We were just in the middle of discussing um His sex life.
They've been very helpful with that lately.
Okay, she's gone now.
What are you gonna tell her? I don't know.
It's crazy that she even got access to the bank account.
- I changed the passwords.
- She was probably looking over your shoulder when you were typing.
That's how she got into my AIM account she read all my chats with pervy Jared Gibson.
Okay, your parents can't be here.
We have to, like, send them home or something.
We can't send 'em home, like, every day.
I think I have to.
- Felix.
- No, Felix, you're not gonna fire them.
You know Joy she's gonna find out.
And then, eventually, her and Hank will be in a position where they have to choose between turning in their own daughter or be culpable of hiding a crime.
I-I can't do that to them.
It's gonna kill them.
Okay, just-just just hold on.
Don't-don't do this.
Don't do this.
I have to.
I'm sorry.
Please, man.
Please don't.
Come on.
It's me, D.
It's me.
Oh my God.
86% of women in same-sex relationships climax during sex, compared to 65% of women in heterosexual relationships.
Felix, are you kidding me? Jess, what's the secret? Stop reading your vagina book and help us.
I already did my side.
So please let me get back to my reading.
I set an expectation with Chelsea.
Jess, can you please tell him to help us paint? Because if I have to do this, then so does he.
Hello? What? What, Murphy? What is with you? Nothing.
Well, I just Nothing.
You know you're gonna tell me, so just tell me.
Well, I'm just I'm just realizing how small my world is now.
What do you mean? After we fired Hank and Joy, I guess that put that into perspective.
And I realize that you and Felix are the only two I Well, you're the only two I can actually be myself around now.
Okay, I think that's a little dramatic.
No, it's not.
It's not.
Not really.
Um, I'm not like you.
I'm an open book.
I can't just shut off the things that are bothering me.
What was that face? What? What was that face you just I didn't make a face.
Think I'm just tired.
Jess, I know this is this is hard.
It's not easy to keep a secret, especially for you.
But, I mean, I don't know, at least we have each other, right? Like, if you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me.
If you need to talk about your feelings, I will lez out with you and talk about feelings all night.
Whatever you want, okay? We're in this together.
You and me.
Yeah, you're right.
You're right.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- You want another beer? - I'm not here to bro out with you, man.
Look, dude, I flipped on Nia long before we ever became friends.
And the only reason I set you up is because I thought you killed Tyson.
And when Murphy told me she wasn't sure, I ran.
I knew you couldn't make the deal without the money.
I knew you wouldn't go down.
What are you doing back here, man? Murphy.
Yeah, I know it sounds stupid.
But I, uh I love her.
I don't know.
I get it.
But you can't be in Chicago.
You understand me? I know.
Then get out of here.
And then what? I got a guy who can get you a new name, new passport, everything.
Fresh start.
Look, it's not cheap, but I know you got some of that Nia money hiding somewhere.
Take care of yourself.
Uh, came up empty on Max's credit cards.
How are things on your end? Uh, better than you.
So, I checked the license plate scanner data from the day he fled got nothing.
So I expanded the search to anytime in the last two weeks, and I got a hit.
Seriously? Didn't think that was urgent enough to come find me? Nah, man.
I didn't want to bother you.
Is there an image? Hell yeah.
Thought he'd paint his truck white and we wouldn't notice.
What a moron.
Wait, the truck is on the inbound side of the highway.
I know.
He's coming back into town.
I'm just trying to figure out where he's headed.
I know exactly where he's headed.
Where's the truck? I think I left my phone in there.
I parked it in the back until we can get our logo on there.
No offense on the paint job, but it kind of looks like we're trying to kidnap children.
Yeah, I'm fully aware that me and my blind friend didn't do a stellar paint job.
Can I just have the keys, please? I gave 'em back to Murphy.
Where's Murphy? Who's Murphy? Come on, Pretzel, just take a dump already.
Max? - What? - You're seeing Max.
I don't know I don't know what you're talking about.
I found all of his stuff in your backpack.
That's why you've been so weird all day.
You can't tell anyone.
No one can know that he's back.
I can't believe you just lied to me.
I didn't lie.
I just didn't tell you every single thing that I'm doing.
Oh, come on! You know what you did.
Y You kept this huge thing from me while spouting off all this garbage about, like, "Oh, you-you and me" and "We're in this together and we have each other.
" I am I am such an idiot.
I actually believed you.
How does me having sex with Max have anything to do with that? It doesn't.
But you lying to me about it all day does.
My world is literally caving in on me, and-and my best friend, one of two people I have left you kept this massive secret from me.
- And - Jess No, Murphy.
You don't get it.
Did you forget how we got into this mess? You went to the cabin.
You took Nia's money, not me.
That's true.
But I never lied to you about it.
I don't do that.
Have fun on that high horse.
Open Uber.
Where are you going? Well, now that you know about Max, I might as well go hang out with him.
I can't wait for you not to tell me about it later.
Hey, guess you're in the shower or something.
Um, I'm on my way over.
I'm looking for Murphy Mason.
U-Um Yeah, just just go on back.
Murphy You need to leave.
- I'm here for work, Jess.
- I don't care.
Where's Murphy? Don't say her name.
Don't go anywhere near her ever again.
I just need to know if she's seen or heard from Max.
No, she hasn't heard from him.
Now, get out.
- Yeah? Then where is she? - Get out! Make sure he never comes in here ever again.
Oh, my God.
- What? - I have to go.
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, Murphy, answer your phone.
It's Murphy.
Leave a message.
Murphy? Murphy, you need to get out of there right now.
Uh uh, Chicago PD.
Was, um was this man staying here? Y-Yeah, but he left.
Any idea where he went? No.
What? Hey, Gene.
It's me.
No, he's not here.
Probably switched hotels.
I'm coming back there.
Thank you very much.
All right, bye.
Turn around.
I just got a lead, baby.
- What? - I sent Max's picture to every motel within a ten-mile radius of the one that he was staying at.
The manager of the Fitzton Motel just called, said he checked in about a hour ago.
Good work.
Catch up later.
Excuse me.
Murphy, it's me, it's me.
Jess, are you seriously trying to stop me from seeing him? No.
Dean, Dean Dean is on to Max.
I just saw him at the other motel, and he's not gonna stop until he finds him.
- Oh, my God.
- I know.
Murphy Max is a fugitive on the run.
- Dean can't find him.
- Okay, well, maybe he should come back with us, and then we could try - to hide him somewhere.
- No, no.
Uh, we of all people, can't hide him.
You need to tell him to leave.
For good.
He won't go, - even if he knows Dean is after him.
- I know.
But he will if he thinks you don't want him here.
I'm sorry, but you have to.
I don't know how to say goodbye to him again.
You can do this.
I promise.
There you are.
Thank God, because there's nothing on TV.
Come on.
Okay, what's going on? I-I can't do this.
Uh, do what? This.
Whatever this is.
After everything I've been through I realized that I I deserve to be happy.
I can make you happy, Murph.
No, Max, you can't.
I deserve to not sleep in a different motel bed every night.
I deserve to be out in public with my boyfriend.
I deserve a normal life.
And you're never gonna be able to give that to me.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I can't move on if you stay here, so you need to go.
I'm gonna miss you, Max.
Wait, wait.
Come here.
Bye, Max.
Bye, Murph.
Come on, Pretzel.
What is up? Just here to pick up my brother.
How did he do? Yeah.
Your brother, he was very very relaxed.
- Very at ease.
- He sucked.
He was better than Murphy.
- Ah, yes.
- Put it that way.
Well, that that's a start.
We're on the rise.
Uh, my shift starts in an hour.
Are you gonna come by for that drink? Yeah.
Or should I call it book club? Right.
Because of that the book I like.
You have to tell me which one is your favorite.
Wh-Which, um way? 'Cause Bridgette is mine.
Oh, you're talking about The Sisterhood of the Travel - Yeah, no, I love that book, actually.
- Yeah.
Uh Lena.
Lena's my favorite, all the way.
Sucker for an artist.
You're a nerd.
I'll see you later.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Cool.
- Bye.
Okay, bye.
See you.
All taken care of? Yeah, it's all good.
All right.
So that's it? What, you want a hug, D? You can go.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Max.
I didn't I I didn't know what to do.
I wanted I wanted him to be safe, and I thought I could figure out a way to make it work.
Uh I am I was just stupid, it was stupid.
It wasn't stupid.
You love him.
I do.
It just sucks.
You know, we never even got a shot to, like, actually be together.
I was happy for a day, and then he just had to leave again.
Well, I know I don't have the beard or the the stupid abs, but you got me.
Hey, Murph, I really I really need you right now.
You think I can get through this with only Felix? Can you get through this with only Felix? Oh.
It's just you and me.
Well, if you're all I have, then I think I'm doing pretty well.
- Are you crying? - No.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm not crying.
- It's so easy.
- No, it's not.
Shut up.
- It's so easy.
- Shh! Just You're the worst.
You're the worst.

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