In The Dark (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

The Unusual Suspects

I cannot believe Ben did this to us.
I can.
Felix, what-what i-is We need to talk.
Wake Murphy up.
So, how was your guys' night last night? 'Cause I nearly drowned.
- Where? - In a toilet.
What? It's This is serious, Jessica.
It was one of Nia's guys.
I have no idea how he found out, but I skimmed some money from the stash or whatever Wait, what? You skimmed money? - Oh, my God.
- Felix Yes, yes, Jessica, I did.
I skimmed some money.
Because unlike you two, I can't just have sex whenever I want.
You paid Chelsea to have sex with you? No.
I took her to a restaurant.
My point is that I don't want to do this anymore.
It sucks.
I just, I want my life back.
Well, there's no way out.
Well, we can't go to the cops because they're protecting Dean, right? But what if we go to the feds? You want to go to the FBI? Yes.
Look, if we turn ourselves in, we might be able to prove that we were forced into this and get some sort of cooperation agreement.
- We could, we could do that? - Maybe.
I mean, you know, i-it's extremely risky.
Nia could retaliate, but Murphy says she's not that stupid? - Hmm.
- So, I put in a call to my college roommate who is a defense attorney.
We'll see what he says.
That's great.
I mean, we What did we even do? I mean, we just laundered money for, like, a month.
It's not that big a deal.
And I'm done letting people walk all over me.
- Done.
- Yes.
Yes, yes, Felix.
Yeah, yes.
Okay, great.
- This is great.
- This is great.
- It could be great.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I don't want to get my hopes up but, um, I'm gonna go take a shower.
This is good.
You know? Yeah So, um Your, uh your little plan isn't gonna work.
What? What are you talking about? Murphy.
What are you talking about? We're not just laundering some money.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God! This is a lot of drugs.
It's a lot of drugs.
Like, a lot of drugs.
It's gonna be okay.
I promise.
Oh, you promise? Okay, cool.
Just I'm sorry, okay? I'm really, really, really sorry.
She was gonna kill Max, and it was my only move.
We'll just pretend they're not there until they're not there.
- We have to tell Jess.
- No! No.
She's, like, attached at the hip to Sterling right now and she's gonna have a meltdown and she's gonna tell her.
And we cannot have that.
All right.
How old were you? I was in seventh grade, so I don't know, 13? - In seventh grade? - Yes.
You kissed your first girl in seventh grade? Yes.
I know.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Uh, hi, Murph.
What were you two doing in the bathroom together? My bra got unhooked and I asked him to help me.
It's Felix.
And I couldn't find you.
What? Uh, I should go to my desk.
Sending text to Murphy.
What did I say? I don't want you talking to her.
Technically, I'm texting, so I'm not breaking any rules.
This is not a joke.
But I really need to talk to her.
Okay, well, then, you can talk to one of your other friends.
Or you can talk to me.
I don't even understand what happened with you guys.
I don't ask you for much, Chloe, but I need you to do this one thing for me.
- Can you please not talk to her? - But she's my friend.
- And I am your dad.
What I say goes.
- Dad! You can have this back when you start listening.
Now come on.
We're already late for school.
What's up, man? - What's the big emergency? - Hey.
So serious.
I talked to Sam.
The cops didn't get Nia.
She moved her stash before they got there.
- Are you kidding me? - No.
You find out where she moved it? No, but I'm-a try.
You gonna try.
- That's all you got? - For now.
Look, man, - this is not a game, bro.
- I know.
I'm gonna meet with Nia now.
I will figure it out.
I don't mean to state the obvious, but Josiah will kill us both.
I'll figure it out.
Hey, what'd the chief say? What do you think he said? He's pissed about the raid.
I'm pissed, too.
What the heck, man? So Max Parish played us? No.
I think he made a deal with Nia.
It's the only possible reason he'd still be alive.
Gotta find where she moved those drugs.
Get a warrant for Max Parish's apartment.
I want his computer, his phone, anything that might have more of Nia's contacts.
Got it.
British dude's here to see you.
You know, the one from the IRS? Yeah.
It's cool.
You can just send him back.
Uh, sorry to just drop by, but I was, I was down the street.
No I mean, that's fine.
What's going on? Is everything okay? Uh, no.
Well, yeah, kind of.
My boss found a mistake in one of my reports.
U-Uh, it wasn't a big deal, but I I need to be able to read to do my job.
So is there, like, a trick to help me? Or I actually read that you can put the material - in the middle - You know what? There is, actually.
The trick is you admit you're going blind, and you have your phone read everything for you.
I just don't think I'm there yet.
I know it sucks.
It sucks, but there's technology that helps.
Okay? Let me show you.
So, Sam told me about last night.
Lucky you got it out in time.
Not luck.
I'm good at my job.
So you got a new spot, then? So, you come here for a reason? I Nah, I just wanted to report back that I, uh took care of that Josiah message.
You came all the way down here to tell me you did what I asked you to do? What you want, a cookie, baby? Nah.
All good.
What about the drop later? You want me on it? No.
Thank you.
I'm actually gonna try out somebody new.
This thing just literally reads everything for me.
From Department of Water Management.
Subject: Help us with this one-minute survey.
See? Just obviously delete that.
It's trash.
Call from unknown number.
And then, it tells you when someone's calling, see? Hello? It's Nia.
Just, uh One second, sorry.
I need you to make a delivery for me this afternoon.
Oh, okay.
W-What am I delivering? Take a guess.
Uh, sorry, I, uh, I actually really have to get back to work.
Well, I-I thought you were gonna show me how to set my phone.
Uh, yeah.
I-I can.
Um, I c I can later.
M-Maybe we could grab a drink or something when I get off? - Wh Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Yeah, that'd be great.
There's this place called the Linsmore.
I can be there by 8:00.
It's pretty underwhelming, but luckily, your vision is slowly dying with every passing breath.
So Thank you for that, Murphy.
Hi, Frank.
- It's Jess.
- Hi.
Thank you so much for squeezing us in at the last minute.
Yeah, of course.
Um, what's going on with Dixie? Uh, she just hasn't been herself.
I took her out for a walk and she didn't stop at the curb, which is unusual for her.
Why? Why? Why are we the ones that have to do this? I don't know.
Maybe because we're the ones that have it? - Oh, and whose fault is that? - I'm sorry, okay? Felix, I really need you right now.
What's the plan? Sam is gonna call, give us the address, but we're supposed to apparently to drop off "five bundles" to someone at 3:00.
So we just wait? I guess so.
She hasn't had much of an appetite, and she doesn't call as quickly as she used to, so I'm not sure.
I just got a little worried.
Uh, okay.
Yes, um, uh, I-I'll run some tests and see what's going on.
What was that? Someone's trying to get in.
Hi! Jess - Sorry.
- Guys, what's going on? I know there's something you're not telling me, because you two don't even like each other, and now you're hanging out all day? - I love Murphy.
- I like Felix.
I like Murphy.
You talked to the lawyer, and you don't want to tell me bad news.
Just please give it to me.
I can take it.
Yeah, we It wasn't great.
Um Yeah He said we're sort of stuck in this for now.
Wh What did he say, exactly? Just that it would be really hard to prove that we were forced into it.
I'm really sorry, Jess.
Well, um Thank you for at least trying.
Yeah, of course.
Do you care if I sit here? Sure.
Who is that? - Amber.
- Oh, hi.
Why aren't you swimming? - I just got my period.
- That sucks.
Mine just ended.
Oh, this is so boring.
I can't believe they won't even let us use our phones if we can't swim.
Like, what are we supposed to do? I don't know.
My dad took mine away this morning anyway.
Oh, my God, he did? I would die.
Yeah, I sort of am.
Ugh, this sucks.
Let's ditch and go get nachos.
Now? Yeah.
This dude's got condoms in every room.
Extra large.
Yeah, all right.
What you got, man? Well, there aren't any contacts here.
There's nothing here.
Not even a phone.
He must've kept his important stuff somewhere else.
Detective Riley.
Wait Chloe did what? How many? Five.
- Okay.
- You have five? Yes, Murphy.
I know how to count.
Come on.
Okay, good boy.
Oh, crap.
We have to take the grooming truck.
- Why? - Because Jess drove us, remember? Hi.
Where's Chloe? Felix, this doesn't concern you, please leave.
Chloe? Chloe! She's not here, you psycho.
I know she cut class to see you.
Yeah, and don't you think if she was here, she'd be with me? Leave her alone.
Don't text her, don't call her, just stop.
I think I might know where some of Max's stuff is.
Murphy, that was way too close.
I was face to face with a cop, with a bunch of drugs in my bag.
If we're actually moving this stuff, we have to do it after hours, when no one else is around.
Okay, Felix, yeah.
I'll just tell Nia this doesn't really work with your schedule.
It's 2:30.
Why aren't they calling? - I don't know.
- It's gonna take more than a half hour to get to the city, plus traffic.
I just don't know why we can't be more organized about it, you know? Supposed to be Ooh! - Hey.
- Jess! Hi.
What's up? I saw you guys walking out, so Where are you going? Where are we going? Felix wanted a smoothie, and I was, like, oh, that sounds good, so Yeah.
Just craving a smoothie.
Super weird.
A smoothie? Yeah.
I would've asked you, but you know, I know you're busy with Trixie - Dixie.
- Dixie.
So I didn't ask you.
But I would've, and I will.
Next time.
Um yeah, we really got to go, though.
But, um, just text me if you want anything, okay? Love you.
- Call from unknown number.
- Sorry.
That must be them.
Yeah, no duh.
Hello? Hill Heights Grocery.
Green Floret Trucking.
Truck number 5-6-4-3.
Yeah, got it.
We'll be there.
Chloe Riley.
What is going on? Now you think you can cut class? Dad, it was nothing.
Do not tell me it was nothing.
Now you're gonna march back into that school, and then you're gonna march home.
Those are the only two places you are gonna be for the next month, understand? - Yes.
- Good.
Go back to class.
That was dramatic.
- Mr.
Riley? Mr.
- Hi.
Hope Miranda.
I'm, I'm the administrator.
Do you have a second? Uh No.
Actually, I have to head back to work.
We just haven't received Chloe's tuition for this semester, and we're two months in.
I just wanted to check in Yeah, uh.
really? Um sorry about that.
I will, uh, figure it out.
I'll get it to you as soon as possible, okay? Thank you.
She give you the new location or what? Nah, but I'm handling it now.
What? How? There's a weekly drop I know she can't miss.
Whoever drops off the product will know where the stash is.
And whoever does the drop is just gonna tell you where it came from? Yeah.
I'll make sure.
Listen, man, you'd better, or we're Trey I know.
God You got to be kidding me.
Come on - Here, I got that.
- What? I got that.
Watch my back, okay? Yeah, I'll just keep my eyes open.
Uh, we're here for the Delivery? Put it on the truck bed? What the hell is this? There's five.
I counted.
This is five bricks.
Are you out of your mind? Sorry.
Um This is good.
Don't ever bring that much again, you idiots.
Copy that.
All right.
Nice to, uh Pleasure.
Murphy, let's go.
At least now we know what a bundle is.
Five bundles to a brick, apparently.
- Okay.
- Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.
Not during business hours, I told you.
- Felix.
- Give me that, I'll hide it.
My God.
Are you serious? Just leave it in the bag, let's go.
That's suspicious.
People obviously saw me leave with a backpack.
Do you think anyone cares enough about you to notice that? Okay, sure.
Okay, let's go.
Come on, Pretzel.
Hey, Ben.
What happened to your backpack? Must've, uh, forgotten it.
I'll go grab it.
"Do you think anybody even notices you, Felix?" "Nobody even notices what you do.
" Got it.
Got what? No Get up.
You should work, we have to look normal.
I am being normal.
I know what you're doing.
You know that if you go to your desk, you're just gonna pass Jess' office.
- That's not true.
- Yes.
It is true, and I know this because I'm holding in, like, a gallon of pee for the exact same reason.
I just hate lying to her.
At least you don't have to see her face.
Yes, Felix, what a gift God has given me.
What is What is that? Whoa.
Felix? The cops can do that? They can just take the truck? The truck is registered to Max Parish, and they're using it as evidence relevant to the commission of an act of money laundering.
- So it's about Max, not about us.
- Yeah, but - So there's nothing to worry about.
- Yeah, yeah.
Except for the fact that they seized the truck we're using for money laundering to investigate Max for money laundering.
Oh, my God, plus the go the gun.
You guys, there's a gun.
We have a gun on the truck.
I moved it into my desk drawer after we started getting actual customers.
There's nothing on the truck besides some shampoo.
Okay? We'll just all act normal.
It's fine.
It's gonna be fine, Jess, I promise.
Mm-hmm, okay, I Yeah.
We are not fine.
You don't think I know that? Thank you.
That's a cute dog.
My prints are on those drugs, Murphy.
My prints are all over those drugs.
We're gonna figure this out, okay? Murphy, the truck is currently being towed to an impound lot, where they will search it and they will find so much heroin! It's over.
It's over.
My life is over.
It's not over.
Go ask Jess to borrow her car.
How's Dixie? Still running tests.
Good, good.
Look, um, I was talking to Murphy, and we think it's probably best to just pop by the police station, make sure that they know the truck isn't technically ours, you know.
Oh, you were talking to Murphy.
Another one of your private conversations? It wasn't private.
It was just, like, you weren't there anymore.
Look, we just want to make sure that they don't think we stole the truck.
Just a precaution.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Oh, uh, can we use your car? Well, is there a way in? No.
I think we should just go.
- Cut our losses.
- Felix, I'm gonna need you to not be a little bitch for a second.
- Whoa, that - Okay? Come on.
There's got to be a way in, so think of something.
You're smart.
I'm actually not that smart, I just work very hard.
It's my deepest, darkest secret.
Okay, well, how are the other cars getting in? There's, like, a couple of tow trucks being checked in by some guard.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Okay, listen.
On my go, we're gonna get out of the car inconspicuously and walk along the fence.
- Okay? - We're just gonna walk on? We're gonna sneak on.
Wow, I should call you a little bitch more often.
Ben? Ben! - Hey.
- Hi.
Wha What's what's up? Can you watch Dixie just for another sec, please? What am I even looking for? Stop sending me to voice mail.
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
Listen, I need you to call me back, 'cause I know there's something going on between you guys, cand I don't know what it is, but it well, it sucks.
So please, please call me back.
Come here.
Come here.
What? Wait.
There's a van there.
Get in, get in.
Come here, Pretz.
- Come on, come on, come on, come on! - Okay, okay.
We did it.
We did it! We are so far from being done.
I know, but I feel good, I feel like we can actually do this.
- Wait, something's wet.
- Ew.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God! - What? I think someone was murdered in here.
What? There's, like blood everywhere, and bullet holes and p pieces of hair and scalp! - What? - Hair.
No, no, no.
I vomited.
I heard.
It's okay, I made it all into the backpack.
Felix, we were supposed to put the drugs in there.
Oh, I'm sorry I puked, Murphy.
Is there anything not wrong with you? You literally don't even know how to stop being mean to me, even in this situation.
It's-it's-it's, you know, it's unbelievable.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
You really want to have this conversation right now? Yeah, I really want to know.
Come on.
What is it about me that you've always hated? Oh, I just think it's funny that you think I'm the one who started all of this.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, what? - You really want to know? Yes, I really want to know.
- You really want to know? - I really want to know.
Fine! Fine, Felix.
You were a dick to me from the moment you started working at Guiding Hope.
You know that? You literally tried to get my own parents to fire me.
You're judgmental, you're condescending, and you think you're better than everyone else.
So, yeah, I haven't been the biggest fan of yours.
Where's Dixie? Oh, my God.
Come to the office, I've got some paperwork for you.
Right behind you.
Okay Now.
Now, now, now.
- Get out? - Go, go, go.
All right, follow me.
Come on.
- Go.
- I'm trying.
Yes! Get down.
Okay Get down.
Get down, Pretzel.
Get down.
Uh, where do we put it? Where do we put it? Can you fit it in your pants? - No, I wore skinny jeans today.
- You're wearing skinny jeans? And we're specifically looking for a cell phone or computer, but log anything that can link back to Nia.
Murphy? We've been shouting for, like, an hour in here, and nobody heard us.
You-you think you can just tow people away? You want us to believe that you've been in there since it was towed from Guiding Hope? Yes.
Your idiot tow driver didn't even think to check the back, like, I don't know, maybe there were living beings inside.
You weren't stuck.
You could have just easily walked out.
We-we didn't want to break the law, sir.
What were you doing in the van? - Working.
- We were working.
Moving in shampoos, conditioners, et cetera.
I mean, as you can see, we've converted - ye olde truck into - What's in the backpack? Sorry? The-the backpack.
- That's where I know you guys from.
- What? The-the litter kids.
They-they brought me litter.
Did Max send you here? - What? - Give me the backpack, Felix.
I'm not sure Give me the backpack, Felix.
Oh, God! Yeah, I'm so - Sorry.
Bumpy ride.
- All right, get out of the van.
It's been seized as evidence.
Let's go.
Let's go! There's a step in front of you.
- Pretzel.
- Another step right there.
- Don't touch me.
- Pat him down.
I'll take her.
Can we go now? No.
I'm taking you in.
Uh, one sec.
We can't bring them in.
- Why not? - And charge 'em for what? Being in the van? After that raid last night, dude, we can't.
Dixie! Dixie! - Dixie! - I see things over here are going super well.
Yeah, um, Ben lost the dog.
Well, I-I I lost the dog.
I lost the dog.
Uh And I-I've been looking everywhere for her and I don't know where she is and I Frank's gonna kill me.
I mean, he should kill me because I-I lost his dog, so Jess.
We'll find her.
These are, like, the most well-trained dogs in the universe.
She didn't go far.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! - Oh, my God.
- Wow.
We did that.
You did that.
That was awesome.
You did it.
You did it, Pretzel.
That's a good boy.
So proud of you.
Huh? Okay, yeah, no.
Let's not bring the heroin out, please.
Look, um, about what you were saying What? In the murder van? About me? You're right I, um, I try so hard to be the opposite of my mother and then I become exactly like my mother.
- No.
- And I'm sorry.
Felix, you're not like your mom.
- I am, I am.
- No, you're not.
She I mean, I don't know her.
But she seems awful and you're not.
I think we just misjudged each other.
And, I mean now that I know you, I realize you're not you're not mean at all.
You're just incredibly insecure.
Yeah, I am.
Thank you.
You're an insecure little bitch.
Dixie! You know, it's pointless.
She's probably just She's probably walking home.
And that's on the other side of town.
So we'll just Or she's right behind that dumpster.
Oh, my God, Dixie.
Hi, baby, are you okay? Hi.
Are you okay? I know, you were so scared and I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Quite a day.
I could use a drink.
Oh, my God! - What? - I forgot about Josh.
- IRS Josh? - Yes.
Murphy, you can't blow that guy off like any other guy.
No, it's not It's just casual drinks.
I'll go right now.
All right.
Sure you don't want me to wait with you? Uh, no, I My Uber's gonna be here in, like, ten minutes.
Well, keep me updated on Josh.
You know, within reason.
It's not, it's not like that.
He can destroy us all.
Just remember that.
Got it, thanks.
Lie down.
Opening Uber app.
Hello? It's Darnell.
Is anyone else here? No.
What's going on? You guys are working with Nia? How did that even happen? She told us not to tell anyone.
And it's not like we volunteered.
Sam held us at gunpoint.
Of course she did.
So, she's keeping all her product here? What do you care? You don't even work for her anymore.
Yeah, I do.
She never had any intention of letting me walk.
I know the feeling.
Look, I-I, I may be able to get us out of this.
Really? I started working with someone else.
Someone who can take Nia down if you just help me get the Hang on, hang on.
I I can't, I can't work for somebody else.
Nia and I made a deal.
And I cannot turn on her.
What deal? To keep Max safe.
You think he's safe? Murphy, you don't get it.
Max may be inside, but he still works for Nia.
All I know is that he's alive.
And if you want to turn on Nia, that's on you.
But it's too risky.
I'm sorry.
I get it.
I had to try.
Wait, you're not gonna Come on, I'm not gonna tell anyone.
Just make sure we don't go down with the ship.
I'd never do that to you guys.
Hello? Client list is on the phone.
Same again in a couple days.
What? Who is this? Oh, there she is.
Oh, hey.
Um Sorry, uh sorry, we had kind of, like, a situation at work.
But How are you? I'm great, I'm great.
Yeah? You seem better than the last time I saw you.
Well, because Look.
I sort of can't.
Oh, yeah, you know what I mean.
I figured out a way to get my phone to read Excel files.
Yeah? That's top notch.
Case file 34562 Henry Gottfried.
Case file 34563 Nia Bailey.
Anyway, you get it.
That's so cool.
Um wh-what did you say that was? Oh, just-just for work.
I had, like, a list of all my case files.
Anyway, I know it's stupid, but I was, I was, uh, I was pretty proud of myself.
Uh, I'm so sorry Can I, do you do you want a drink? You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Sorry about earlier.
Sorry for what? No, I did not sorry, I just, uh I just I don't want you to think I'm crazy, even though you probably already do.
And, uh, that whole, um, insane breakdown thing was only partially about the dog.
Yeah, I figured.
There's just a lot going on in my life right now.
I got into some bad stuff.
Like, really, really bad.
And, and you're, you, you are perfect.
No, I'm not perfect.
Yes, you are, you're perfect.
And I don't, I don't want you I don't want you getting mixed up in it, so Mixed up in, in what? What are you talking about? I can't tell you.
I'm sorry.
It's-it's-it's it's not good.
It's okay.
You don't, you don't have to tell me.
But, um I do know one thing.
I'm not going anywhere.
Oh, hey.
How were your drinks with Josh? Um fine.
Yeah, it was good.
Where's your lover? She just left.
Okay, well, I'm really tired, so I'm out.
Murphy, we need to talk, um Come on.
Okay, you, you and Felix have been acting so, so weird all day, and I can tell when you're not telling me something, so please please tell me.
I just f-felt bad.
Okay? I know how hopeful you were about getting out and I hate when you're sad, so I avoided you.
You need to stop avoiding me even when I'm sad.
You need to be okay with human emotions.
I'll try.
I'm really sorry.
You don't need to be sorry.
How's everything going over there? It's all good.
Want to grab a drink? Can't do my rounds until, uh, later tonight after Felix finally leaves.
You mean I don't have to share you with Jess tonight? Shut up.

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