In The Dark (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

The Last Dance

1 What are you What are you do Wait.
You're out? How did this happen? Overcrowding, I guess.
- Oh.
- Hi.
That's good.
That's good.
Um Sorry.
Just, like, wasn't I'm I guess I'm just kind of, like, surprised.
- It's-it's okay.
- Um - Do you want to come in? Yeah.
- Um, yeah.
(DOOR UNLOCKS) And what happens if she doesn't admit to trafficking drugs for Nia? She will.
MURPHY: How long were you waiting? I don't know.
A couple hours.
Were you working or? Um, no.
Murph, it's-it's fine.
I didn't expect you to stop hooking up with random guys.
I'm gonna take a quick shower.
(DOOR CLOSES) Do you want something to drink or eat? I think I have leftover Chinese in the fridge.
I'll just grab some water.
I can get it for you.
I remember where everything is.
(LIQUID POURING) (CLATTERS) MURPHY: When'd you get out? MAX: Today.
Came straight here.
That's sweet.
Where's Jess? Um, I don't know, actually.
Um Nia It Well, it doesn't matter.
She's just gone.
But I don't want to talk about it.
Well, what did Nia do? I just really don't want to talk about it.
It's fine.
Just the whole situation, like Just not really okay.
(SNIFFLES) Yeah, I bet.
"Yeah, I bet"? What? I say I'm not okay, and you say, "Yeah, I bet.
" You said you didn't want to talk about it, so (SIGHS) Look, hey.
Hey, it's o it's okay.
It's all right.
(SNIFFLES) Jess hasn't even called me.
She just ran, and she left some like, dumb note.
And just after everything, it just sucks.
Like, "everything" meaning Nia? What? I'm just Is that why you guys got into a fight? Nia Bailey.
Why do you keep why do you keep talking about Nia? I'm not.
I-I It is your work.
You're being so weird.
- No, I'm not.
- Yeah, you are.
Look, I'm I'm sorry I'm being weird.
Okay? I guess Guess prison changed me.
Prison changed you? I regretted that sentence - the moment it came out of my mouth.
- (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS): I-I I don't Don't know why I said that.
(GROANS) You look good.
Shut up.
No, I'm serious.
Guess a life of crime suits you.
Well, yeah.
I'm not gonna be in it for very much longer.
So What do you mean? We're giving everything we have to someone else, to this dude Josiah.
So Anyway, it's done.
- But - What? Hang on.
Hang on.
Are you s are you saying that Nia's making you keep her product at Guiding Hope? Is Um Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Is she stashing it, too? It sounds like it.
Look, I wasn't honest earlier.
(SNIFFLES) About what? The guy from last night.
It's just He's not random.
Just tell me.
His name's Josh.
Um And it's just, like, not that random.
So No, no, no, no.
Bring it back to Nia.
Bring it back to Nia.
MURPHY: All I wanted was for you to be out.
You know? And I still do, so I'm just, like, really confused.
I don't know.
I didn't think I didn't I don't know.
I Please say something.
Um, I just I know.
(SNIFFLES) I know.
Um I still don't get how you started trafficking drugs for Nia.
W-What? Oh, no.
MURPHY: I just basically told you I have feelings for someone else.
What is going on? What? We're together.
We're, like, actually together for the first time in a long time, and all you care about is how I got involved with How did you say you got out of prison? MAX: Overcrowding.
MURPHY: How many other people were released? - I don't know.
- What's going on, Max? Nothing.
What are you doing? Just - Trying to find it.
- S-Stop.
Murphy, stop! Hey, Dean.
What's up? (EXHALES) Just let me Let me just Let me explain.
I'm so done with you.
Get out.
- Stop.
Stop! - Get out.
Get out! (CLEARS THROAT) What do you think? I don't know.
I'm just hoping we got enough to get a warrant to search Guiding Hope.
- Yeah, me, too.
- All right, listen, I'm gonna call the chief, tell him to meet me right away.
You got to get over to Guiding Hope.
Murphy and Felix are definitely gonna try and move the drugs out.
Don't let them.
What if I don't see them do anything illegal? Like, how can I just pull them over? Make something up.
(STAMMERS) Broken taillight.
They ran a stop sign.
- Got it.
- Just go.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Thanks? Dude, she knows I was recording her.
Yeah, well, you weren't exactly smooth.
(SCOFFS) We're still good, though? - She still has her immunity, right? - Yes.
Max, for the millionth time, we're good.
- Look, I got to go, okay? - Thank you.
- Yeah.
Murphy, come on.
Open the door.
Please talk to me.
I'll explain everything if you open the door.
(DOORKNOB JIGGLES) Murph, I'm sorry.
I just I really need to talk to you, okay? Murphy? MAX: Let me just Let me explain.
MURPHY: I'm so done with you.
Get out.
- MAX: Stop.
Stop! - MURPHY: Get out.
Get out! You dragged me out of bed for this? She admits nothing.
That's not true.
She alludes to having - Nia Bailey's drugs.
- Alludes? - If you just listen again - You promised me Nia Bailey.
You haven't delivered her.
And on top of everything, I told you to drop the whole Murphy Mason angle, and you didn't.
Dean, you're done.
No, trust me on this.
If you just give me a warrant, we can search You're not hearing me.
I put my ass on the line for you, and for what? Nothing.
You're done.
You're fired.
Clean out your desk.
Hand in your gun and badge.
- (EXHALES) But, sir - Dean.
This is not a discussion.
I said clean out your desk.
(QUIET LAUGH) There's the poop kid.
(PHONE VIBRATING) Yeah? Hey, you got that warrant yet? Felix Bell and Murphy Mason just got here.
Uh, it's over.
What-what-what do you mean? I didn't get the warrant.
In fact, I just I got let go.
"Let go"? What, like, fired? Yeah.
What a load of crap.
Well, it is what it is.
No, this is not okay.
I mean, sure, some things haven't gone our way with the Bailey case, but that's no fault of yours.
Gene Look, man not for nothing, but you're the best damn cop I've ever met.
A stand-up guy, a-a bomb-ass father, and you know, a pretty good friend to me.
Well, thank you.
Look, I'm gonna sit here, I'm gonna catch these kids moving these drugs, proving to the chief that you're right, and get you your job back.
They can't wait in there forever.
I don't think I'm getting my job back.
Well, I got to try.
I'll see you later, Gene.
Okay, so, any minute now, the cops are gonna search this place and find all the heroin ever! We're gonna figure this out, okay? I want to punch Max in the face! I'm gonna tie him to a chair Okay, Felix, we need to focus! Stop, we just need to get Josiah to pick up everything, like, right now.
But he gave me his number, though.
So maybe I'll just call him? - I'm gonna call him.
- Okay.
Okay? Call Josiah.
(PHONE RINGING) Yes? Hey, it's Murphy.
Who? Murphy Mason.
Uh, you were supposed to pick up some stuff from me tomorrow, but there's been a change in plans, and I need you to pick it up from me, - Now.
- um now.
Now? Yes.
You can bring it to me.
Um that was not part of the deal, so I said tomorrow.
I can't get a crew together this last minute.
You want it out, get it out yourself, and bring it to me.
Call me when you're on your way.
I'll tell you where to meet my guys.
What? - Murphy! - Felix That's not okay There are cameras down there! A lot of cameras! Which is why Josiah was gonna bring a crew with, like, tech guys and stuff.
Can you just shut the power off? No, you cannot just shut the power off.
I guarantee you Nia has someone constantly watching that.
Well, then what were the tech guys gonna do? I don't know, probably loop a few minutes of the basement being empty while they cleared it out.
That's a thing? Have you not seen Speed? Oh, my God.
Wait, hang on.
Let me see if I can try and do it.
Pop quiz, hotshot.
Okay, Nia's guys left the default login credentials, meaning we're on the same network, so I can use an address resolution protocol poisoning to fool the FTP server.
Right, I was also gonna suggest that.
Okay, when I hit play on this looped footage, we should be good to go.
Okay, I need you to go to the basement, walk in front of the drugs, see if this worked.
Just walk? Just walk? - Straight.
- Okay End of the fence, left, first door.
Don't fall down the stairs.
So? Worked.
Really? Yeah.
Come on.
Let's go.
We don't have much time.
Okay, go.
(SLURPS) I've lapped you so many times.
I'm sorry.
I'm going as fast as I possibly can.
- Just hurry, okay? - I'm trying.
(GROANS) (KNOCKING) Who is that? - The cops? - I don't know.
Hang on.
The lady does not wish to see you.
And, quite frankly, neither do I.
Open the door! No! I If I were you - (LOUD RATTLING) - Okay.
What? What? What? - Hey! - Murphy! You've got a lot of nerve, man, coming here.
Murphy, look, I need to explain everything.
Oh, my God.
As you can see, we're a little busy cleaning up the mess that you got us in.
There's a cop outside.
Oh, God.
That cop is literally there to make sure we don't move the drugs.
They're probably just waiting for a warrant, so - we're toast! We're toast! - Stop it.
We just need to figure out a way to get everything out of here a little more discreetly.
Sounds good.
Why-why is there so much heroin here? Why are you here? Go.
I d I don't I can't even be around you.
FELIX: Okay, I have to figure out where we're gonna hide this.
- Don't.
- Just lis-listen to me.
You have immunity.
I don't know what that means.
Dean found the drugs in Chloe's cane.
He had pictures of it.
He was gonna put you away for years unless you could incriminate Nia, which you did.
So you're good.
Oh, I'm good? I'm good? Thank you so much.
He had evidence, Murphy.
What was I supposed to do? I don't know.
The opposite of what you did.
I only did this because I knew you would never work for Dean yourself.
- Yeah.
You're right.
- Cool.
So I was just supposed to let you go to prison for years? No, I had it handled.
I had it figured out.
We were gonna get out.
We were gonna get out in 24 hours.
But you ruined everythin.
You ruined it.
I was trying to help! - MURPHY: I don't need your help.
- Oh, my God! Yeah, okay, I Yeah, I know.
I know that.
You don't need anybody's help.
- I get it.
Okay? - I had it handled.
- MAX: You're impossible.
- I had it handled.
MAX: Yeah.
Clearly, you had it handled.
I did.
Just get out.
Just-just get out of here.
I love that you're allowed to save me whenever you want, - but God forbid I try to do one th - Holy crap.
Ben? Yeah.
What are you doing here? I thought you guys were just slinging dime bags.
But that's-that's impressive.
Who is this person? I'm the receptionist.
How do you do? I got to take a leak.
It's fine.
He knows everything that's happening.
Murphy, you need to listen to me.
You're not gonna do any prison time.
I don't believe a word that comes out of Dean's mouth.
Yeah, me neither.
That's why I had him put it in writing.
Did you get immunity for Felix? Can Felix just walk away? Or am I supposed to leave him with all this? 'Cause I'm not gonna do that.
So, if you'll excuse me, I'm in the middle of something.
Let me at least help you.
I don't want your help.
I don't need your help.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - FELIX: Actually, I sort of do.
We need to drag up, like, a bunch more of these.
(SIGHS) (ALARM BEEPS) (SIGHS) What's going on? I forgot something on my desk.
Picture of my daughter.
Take care of yourself, Dean.
Will do! (RATTLING) All right.
Let's load 'em.
Truck's out front, okay? (STRAINED): Okay.
(GRUNTS) Okay.
(KNOCKING) (EXHALES) (SIGHS) Long time no see.
Come in.
What do you want? I think it's more about what you want.
Oh, I think I was very clear where I stood with you.
So, you call me in the middle of the night demanding a meeting.
Just get to the point.
The DEA is closing in, as are the IRS and Chicago PD.
I also happen to know that you moved the warehouse deal to Guiding Hope.
All right, well, you obviously ain't got a warrant.
Otherwise, you would have already raided it.
That is true.
I was fired when I even brought it up.
Seems like you don't understand the concept of leverage.
Stole everything the Feds have on you, took the liberty of printing up a small sample.
The rest is encrypted on a USB drive.
These are my private books.
Phone conversations.
Nia they are going to get you.
With this, you'll know exactly what you have to move, what you have to shut down before it's too late.
And what do you get in return? A cut of the shipment.
Five, and you know I don't negotiate, so don't even try me.
Oh, uh, one more thing.
You, uh, might want to move all your heroin.
You said no one was on to it.
No not because of the cops.
MAX: Guess the life of crime suits you.
MURPHY: Well, yeah.
I'm not gonna be in it for very much longer, so MAX: What do you mean? MURPHY: We're giving everything we have to someone else, to this dude Josiah, so anyway, it's done.
Murphy is at Guiding Hope right now.
I think she's planning to move it to him tonight.
I'm gonna kill that bitch.
You go find every guy we got, and you get 'em over to Guiding Hope.
I want my stash out of there tonight.
And where the hell is Sam? Get her over there, too.
I'll call you as soon as I get everything back, and I'll give you your piece.
Sounds good.
Wait, wait.
Are there gonna be any cops there? Only my partner, but he's working rogue.
Can my guys take him? (SIGHS) Yeah.
(PANTING) (ENGINE STARTS) That's so dumb.
(SIREN WAILING) (ENGINE STARTS) He's pulling us over.
MURPHY: What? What do we do? We got to stall.
Keep driving.
- Keep driving? - Just do what he says.
What's your emergency? Hi.
Um, I'm in the vehicle with some associates, and we are being pulled over by an unmarked vehicle, uh, but we haven't broken any laws, driving the speed limit, so, just want to make sure that this is a real cop, you know, because we don't um, feel very safe.
Okay, what is the license plate number of the vehicle? Absolutely.
Uh, license plate number.
This is dispatch.
Can you confirm you're pulling someone over at Sycamore Street and Partridge Avenue? I am.
It's a dog grooming vehicle.
The license plate's Papa, Sierra, Eight, Five, Kilo, Three, Eight.
And what is your reason for stopping them? Broken taillight.
Got it.
The driver will pull over when he reaches a safer location.
Safer location? You see what you just said? I'm at Sycamore Street and Partridge Avenue.
Ain't nothing going down at Partridge and Sycamore.
It's me.
It's gone, all of it.
How? I got a guy watching the cameras.
They must have hacked into it.
And the cop? He wasn't here, either.
Fan out.
Find Murphy.
She got to be in that stupid-ass truck.
She can't be that hard to find.
On it.
Go on.
FELIX: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? - MURPHY: Max! - MAX: Look, I have to pull over.
Good to see you again, man.
Could you open up the back for me, please? May I ask why? There's the poop kid.
Got the whole gang here, huh? Open the back.
Go on, step back.
Nothing back here.
Just some dog food.
Dog food, huh? Where is it? ♪ - Is he gone? - He just drove off.
Thank God.
Um, Felix, text Josiah, tell him we're on our way.
- Got it.
- Ben should be there any minute.
I'm just gonna call and see where he is.
Call Ben.
Uh, did you did you make it out okay? Did anyone follow you? Yeah, I made it out.
No one followed me.
All good.
Okay, um, we're gonna be at the arcade in, like, 20 minutes, so we'll meet you there.
Oh, I didn't go to the arcade.
I took the drugs somewhere else.
Yeah, I hid 'em pretty good.
- What? - What? Yeah, what you guys gave me is worth a lot.
Like, millions and millions of dollars.
So yeah, I was thinking, I don't think three grand is gonna cut it for me.
Okay, Ben? Ben, I-I need you to listen to me.
We're dealing with someone extremely dangerous, okay? This is not a game, Ben.
Yeah, I know.
It's actually pretty simple.
Whoever's drugs these are, tell them I want five hundred grand.
- What?! - Shh.
Ben, I need you to tell me where they are.
Money first.
I'm at The Linsmore.
It's, like, 4:00 in the morning.
I have Chelsea's keys.
(SIGHS) What are we gonna do? It's fine.
It's fine? I don't think it's fine! What, are you gonna just explain to Josiah that he has to give $500,000 to our psycho receptionist? If you hadn't sent the drugs with Ben alone - Me?! - we would not be in this situation.
FELIX: What was I supposed to do? MURPHY: I cannot believe I listened - to your stupid idea! - Ben was the only one the cops wouldn't follow.
If one of us went with him, they would have followed us or called for a backup car, okay? And in my defense, the plan worked.
It did not work, Felix! - It worked! - No, it didn't! Some drug addict is holding Josiah's heroin ransom! It did not work! Well, technically, it's still Nia's heroin at this point.
I voted for burning down Guiding Hope.
- No one asked you! - Say that again, huh? And Felix and I decided that you don't get a vote because the only reason we're in this situation is because of you! - (CHUCKLES): Be Because of me? - Yeah.
You guys wouldn't even be working for Nia - if Felix didn't steal my money.
- FELIX: Oh! - You want to go back that far, Max? - Yeah, I want to go back that far, because that is how this whole thing started.
Shut up, Max! Is that how you talk to your new boyfriend? (GUNSHOT) Ah! What the hell was that? (HORN HONKING) - It's one of Nia's guys.
- Oh, man.
(TIRES SCREECHING) (GROANS, PANTS) You guys okay? I think so.
I'm good.
We need to run.
Hello again.
Where'd you put them? MURPHY: We're-we're we're having a little bit of a situation.
- Don't.
- Okay? The cops were on to us, so we had to move them.
Nia knows you were trying to hand them over to Josiah.
So just tell me where they are.
We don't know right now.
- Murphy - We don't know.
We gave them to someone who's hiding them.
He's trying to extort us.
He's trying to extort Nia.
And he's very unpredictable, and I don't know what he's planning on doing with the drugs.
I don't.
But if you want me to find them I have to talk to him.
Where is he? Well, if I tell you that, you'll just kill me.
I'm not stupid.
If you kill me you'll lose any chance of getting the drugs back to Nia.
You really want to explain that to her? We're gonna get in my truck, you're gonna take me to this guy.
No sudden moves.
You got it? Okay.
(SNIFFS) (QUIETLY): All right, I got this.
Come on, follow me.
You're gonna drive.
Now, where's this guy at? (INTRO TO "MONY MONY" PLAYING) Here she come now sayin' "Mony, Mony" ♪ Shoot 'em down, turn around ♪ Come on, Mony ♪ Hey, she give me love, and I feel all right now ♪ Yeah! ♪ You gotta toss and turn ♪ And feel all right ♪ I feel all right, I say ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ 'Cause you make me feel ♪ - Like I'm wanted ♪ - So good ♪ Like I'm wanted ♪ - So good ♪ - Like I'm wanted ♪ So good ♪ - Mony, Mony ♪ - So fine ♪ - Mony, Mony ♪ - So fine ♪ - Mony, Mony ♪ - It's all mine ♪ - Mony, Mony ♪ - Well, I feel all right ♪ - Mony, Mony ♪ - Say yeah ♪ Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah, yeah ♪ - Yeah, yeah ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Well, you could shake it ♪ Mony, Mony ♪ Shotgun dead, and I'll come on, Mony ♪ Josiah, man, I don't think they're coming.
They played us.
Hey, but don't stop now ♪ Come on, Mony, come on, yeah ♪ - I say yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ 'Cause you make me feel ♪ - Like I'm wanted ♪ - So good ♪ Like I'm wanted ♪ - So good ♪ - Like I'm wanted ♪ Well, I feel all right ♪ - You're so fine ♪ - Mony, Mony ♪ - You're so fine ♪ - Mony, Mony ♪ - You're so fine ♪ - Mony, Mony ♪ Well, I feel all right ♪ - I say yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ I love you, Mony, Mo-Mo-Mony ♪ I love you, Mony, Mo-Mo-Mony ♪ Ooh, I love you, Mony, Mo-Mo-Mony ♪ Ooh, I love you, Mony, Mo-Mo-Mony ♪ Ooh, I love you, Mony, Mo-Mo-Mony ♪ Ooh, I love you, Mony, Mo-Mo-Mony ♪ Ooh, I love you, Mony, Mo-Mo-Mony ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Yeah ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
♪ Ben? Ben! Benjamin.
Benjamin! - Check his pulse.
- I am.
What's going on? What's going on, Felix? He's dead.
MURPHY: What?! - What do you mean? - FELIX: He's dead.
I think he OD'd.
Oh, my God.
Spare a little candle ♪ Save some light for me ♪ Figures up ahead ♪ Hi, Murphy.
Moving in the trees ♪ White skin in linen ♪ Hi, Nia.
You think I was gonna let you handle this negotiation alone? And the full moon that hangs over ♪ Baby, I'm done trusting you with any part of my business.
Dreams in the mist ♪ Darkness on the edge ♪ Shadows where I stand ♪ I search for the time ♪ This the guy that knows where the drugs are hiding? With no hands ♪ Yeah.
Tell me he told you where they were before this happened.
I can explain Vincent, I'm gonna have a little chat with Murphy.
Nia, this isn't her fault.
Seriously, if anything, it's my fault.
I'm gonna get to you two in a second.
Vincent, take 'em in the back.
I want a little privacy with my girl.
Right over here.
How about a drink? A little whiskey? Yeah.
Could it be spring or fall? ♪ Now, let me see if I'm understanding you correctly.
You went behind my back and tried to funnel all my drugs to Josiah.
And then you gave my entire shipment to this junkie, who's now lying dead on the floor.
Falling from my lips ♪ Nia, I can explain (CRIES OUT) (COUGHING) When I close my eyes ♪ Every second ♪ Get up.
Come on.
You're tougher than that.
Come on.
When it's cold outside, every moment ♪ I always trusted you, Murphy.
And I don't trust that many people.
I guess this is why.
(GRUNTING) I can explain.
I can explain.
No, I'm good.
There's something out there ♪ I can't resist ♪ These dreams go on ♪ (LAUGHING) Oh, that's what I always liked about you, Murphy.
You never give up, do you? I live another life, these dreams ♪ (CRIES OUT) Murphy! (PANTING) Please let me go.
(GROANS) (RECORD SCRATCHING) Hang tight, honey.
Almost there.
Give me your gun.
- No, Nia, don't.
- You don't have to do this.
- Shut up.
- Are you sure? I mean, I can do it.
I want to.
- No, wait, please.
- Nia, wait Please! (STRAINING) (WHEEZES) Please don't.
Please Please don't.
No, don't.
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