In The Dark (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

Hanging by a Thread

1 Previously on In the Dark You want us to launder money for you? You keep your company, I keep mine.
It's very lucrative.
There's no way Felix or Jess w No, they in.
They were in when they stole my money.
JOSH: That woman we're after, she's expecting a big shipment that we'll intercept, and then she'll be done, because of me.
They're planning on intercepting it at the warehouse.
So you can redirect the shipment to Guiding Hope and then disperse it to your other stash houses from there.
NIA: Well, it ain't gonna fit in that safe.
MURPHY: We have a basement.
- I may be able to get us out of this.
- Really? I started working with someone else.
Someone who can take Nia down if you just help me.
I'm gonna kill that bitch.
(GUNSHOTS) ♪ Come here.
Come here.
MURPHY: You're no good for me, I'm no good for you.
I think maybe it's time that we move on.
I'm not coming back this time, Murphy.
- JOSH: Who's this? - MURPHY: That would be my ex.
Your ex-boyfriend is Max Parish? Were you the new launderer? - We didn't have a choice.
- Everyone has a choice.
Did you kill Nia Bailey? Because if you did, I won't let you get away with it.
Murphy! Murphy, where are you? (PANTING) Where's my phone? Where's my phone? Murphy! JESS: He's been in there forever.
- What is he doing? - MURPHY: I don't know.
FELIX: I can't believe you just left him in your apartment.
MURPHY: I panicked.
He kept accusing me of killing Nia and I I don't know, I ran.
I needed a second to think.
Do you realize how guilty running makes you look? Very guilty.
Guilty people run.
That's what guilty people do.
What was I supposed to do? - Uh, deny it? - I did.
Say, "I didn't do it.
" I did say I didn't do it and he didn't believe me.
Plus there's nothing in there that could incriminate us.
(SHUSHES) There he is.
You guys, get down, get down.
What is he doing? I think he's walking to the train.
Did he take anything? No, it doesn't look like it.
Look, even if he takes this to someone, all he has is what Murphy said to him.
I mean, he has no evidence.
It's-it's her word against his.
- So - No, wait.
- What? - What if he was recording her? I took his phone.
JESS: Great.
Look, guys, I think we just pretend like this never happened.
The more we white Bronco it, the worse we're gonna look.
So, I say we just kind of lay low, fly under the radar.
No, we can't lay low.
We can't just lay low.
Josh is not gonna quit.
Once again, he doesn't have any evidence.
What if he gets evidence, Felix? How? Sterling was terrifyingly thorough.
Okay? I think we're good.
- What if, what-what if? - JESS: Murphy.
Felix is right.
Let's go to work.
All right.
Let's go to work.
When I was just a little girl ♪ I asked my mother ♪ "What will I be? ♪ "Will I be pretty? ♪ Will I be rich?" ♪ Here's what she said to me ♪ Que sera, sera ♪ Whatever will be, will be ♪ Look, I'm sorry I went to the DEA about busting Dean, but I did come to you first and I was right.
Dean was working for Nia.
Yeah, it's terrible.
He must have really struggled with Chloe.
The thing is, I think Dean might have killed this kid Tyson Parker.
Hey, Clemens, and what are you gonna do? Put a dead cop on trial? Maybe.
I mean, Dean dies the day after Nia goes missing? Plus that Tyson Parker kid worked for Nia.
- This is all connected, Chief.
- Gene, I've been here a long time.
I don't condone anything that Dean did, but he was one of us.
And if you can't wrap your head around that concept, we are gonna have to have a completely different conversation, you understand? No.
I don't understand.
Because that was an innocent 15-year-old kid.
You don't even want to look into it? Clemens, you work in narcotics.
Stop trying to solve homicide cases.
Nia Bailey is missing, as is her cartel shipment.
Seems like you might want to be focused on that.
You got it? Yeah, I got it.
Close the door on your way out.
Yes, sir.
Ooh, whoa ♪ (DOOR CLOSES) Ooh, whoa ♪ I've danced with the devil ♪ Done my deals ♪ Looked into the eyes of ♪ My burning fear ♪ Way down by the river ♪ I'm wrapped up in these chains ♪ (DOOR OPENS) (CLEARS THROAT) Welcome to Guiding Hope.
JOSH: Hello, Murphy.
Ooh, whoa.
♪ Hi.
How can I help you? This is my supervisor, Agent Reveles.
RYAN: We're conducting a field audit.
Could we speak to whoever's in charge? Yes.
Um Yeah.
Uh, Felix? Can you come out here, please? (CHUCKLES): Hey.
What's, uh, what's going on? RYAN: IRS field audit.
We're gonna need access to your books and bank accounts.
All right.
JOSH: Since I can't arrest you for the murder of Nia Bailey yet, I'll get you on money laundering until I find enough evidence for the murder.
Hey, what's up, Miller? Yeah, you holding up okay? (EXHALES) Yeah, I'm-I'm fine.
It's weird, right? Dean, he always seemed nice to me, but Well, it's just too bad.
A real shame.
Nah, his poor daughter.
Do you know who's taking care of her? - Uh, yeah, his brother.
- Hmm.
That's good.
Well, listen, you need anything, you let me know.
- Oh, actually, Miller, um - Yeah? Uh How close were you to Jules Becker? I know you both worked homicide.
Not very.
Why? I'm just trying to figure out what she knew about this kid Tyson Parker.
I mean, his file is bare.
I just I don't know, I thought that maybe she told you something.
Was anyone here friends with her? Well, I mean, Dean, right? And that other girl.
What other girl? Sign in here and I need your I.
- Who are you here to see? - Um Uh, you, actually.
You're-you're Sarah Barnes? Yeah.
Used to work for CPD? Yeah.
Uh, we-we haven't met yet.
I'm Gene Clemens, narcs district 23.
I must have started right after you quit.
I didn't quit, and apparently you're the one who took my job.
Your file said you resigned.
Mm, of course.
Well, look, I wanted to talk to you about Jules Becker.
I know you two were close.
Um (CLEARS THROAT) I'll take a break in ten and I'll meet you at the coffee truck over there.
Murphy, um, tell me, uh, news about, uh, recent puppies Updates? - Um - On the puppies? Yeah, we're just waiting for the new litter - to be born and then once they are - Ah, yes.
Yeah, once they are, I'll do my vet thing.
Yeah, they nee Yeah, they Yeah.
Got it.
We have to take these.
Yeah, sure, yeah, no problem.
JESS: Thank you.
Uh Drive safe! Buckle up.
(CHUCKLES) - (JESS EXHALES) - (WHISPERS): Okay, they're gone.
Okay, do you think there's anything in there that would No, I'm not that stupid.
We're good.
- Okay.
- We're fine.
We're not good.
We're not good.
It took Josh a whole five hours to show up at our door on an official investigation.
He's not gonna stop.
Well, he's not gonna find anything, either.
Right, yeah, what are you suggesting, Murphy? That we kill Josh, too? Yes, Jess, I'm suggesting that we murder Josh.
Guys! Please stop saying those things out loud.
The IRS just left the building, okay? The point is, he Josh, he can't have his job.
So you need to we need to find the number of the, of his That his boss, the that Reveles chick.
And do what? Well, I know he's been lying about his vision, so I - No, no, automatic no.
- Oh, no.
We're not You want to just sit here and let him come after us? No, I don't want to give him any more ammunition.
FELIX: All he has right now is some good old Murphy hatred and a bunch of paperwork that proves we are a nonprofit 501c3 organization that gives away Seeing Eye dogs to people who need them.
- Yeah.
- Okay? The horror.
- It's not a big deal.
- I love that you don't think - any of this is horror.
- I don't see it.
GENE: So, not only did Dean murder an innocent 15-year-old kid, but he also had his own partner killed? That's what Darnell said at Jules's funeral.
Sorry, just, this is This is a lot to take in right now.
Just, that dude literally made me pancakes at his house, like, less than a week ago.
And you live to tell the tale.
(LAUGHS) Somehow.
So wait a minute.
Did you, did you tell anyone else? Chief.
And the next day, I was forced to resign, for police misconduct.
He's in on it.
I knew it.
I just need to figure out how to prove what Dean did, and then prove that the chief covered it up.
Then it's game over.
I'd start with Murphy Mason.
She was in that accident with Dean.
After I got fired, I talked to the arresting officer.
She had some evidence that got him arrested.
She didn't tell me that.
- You know what that was? - I don't know.
Chief showed up, and it magically disappeared.
Of course it magically disappeared.
Okay, I'll get it out of her.
Jules says she's a bit of a psycho.
(LAUGHS): A little bit.
But I think I can handle her.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
(LAUGHS) Come on, now, you got to have a little bit more faith in your replacement.
(LAUGHS) I'm trying.
Hi, Ms.
This is, uh, Karen Banks.
I'm calling from the Chicago Institute for the Blind.
Um, I'm-I'm calling about one of your employees, uh, Joshua Wallace.
He came in for mobility training, and I just need to confirm his employment for, um for insurance purposes.
Yeah, severe vision loss.
RYAN: If you're losing your sight, I need to know, Agent Wallace.
JOSH: But that call was fake.
It's not true.
RYAN: Well, let's have you take a test.
WOMAN: Josh Wallace? We're ready for you.
Read the second line for me.
Um E.
Try again.
Um P.
Uh, let's try the first line.
Um M? No, uh, K? (SIGHS) Josh is here, Murphy.
Looks like he just cleaned out his desk.
Uh, I'll meet you upstairs in a second.
I just lost my job.
Oh, that sucks.
Are you okay? Don't do that.
It's embarrassing.
- Do what? - Pretend like you care, when you were the one who did it.
I-I don't know what you're talking about.
I didn't do mobility training.
I'm just here to get my phone.
I-I really need it and I know you took it.
What? No, I didn't.
I You probably dropped it somewhere.
Yeah, on your bed.
I have personal stuff on there.
- Stuff I need.
- I don't have it.
Go buy a new one.
(SHORT CHUCKLE) Wow, you really are an awful person.
- No, no, no, no.
Seriously - Forward, Pretzel.
I'm not even being hyperbolic.
You are the worst person I've ever met in my entire life.
And I'm gonna prove what you did, with or without my job.
Do you hear me? With or without my job.
She said she's not coming.
Can you, uh, can you give her a message for me? Tell her I know it was Murphy.
(LOCK BUZZES) Josh Wallace.
Well, was.
I know you don't talk to Feds, but if it makes you feel any better, I did just get fired today.
Okay, look, I'll just cut to the chase.
I know Nia Bailey didn't run.
And I also know that she's dead, and I believe Murphy Mason is responsible.
I've been looking into your operation for a long time.
I know how much you loved Nia.
And now you can bring her killer to justice.
Hey, it's not the way you want to do it, but it's better than nothing.
You're out of options.
You're gonna be in here for the rest of your life.
Sam is there any information you could help me with? My ex-girlfriend helped them.
And I taught her everything she knows, including the best place near Chicago to bury a body is Lynwood Forest.
So if you're looking for Nia, I'd look there.
Thank you.
Thank you.
♪ (KNOCKING) Who is it? GENE: Officer Gene Clemens.
I got to talk to you, Murphy.
(QUIETLY): What do, what do you think he wants? I don't know.
- Okay, well, get rid of him.
- Really? 'Cause I was gonna invite him in for a margarita.
Sup? Hey.
It's about Tyson Parker.
I heard that you were there the night that Dean was arrested, and you had something on him.
It was nothing.
Uh, just all a big misunderstanding.
That's why they let him go.
Come on, we both know that's not true.
I thought you wanted justice for your friend, Murphy.
Nothing's gonna bring Tyson back.
So I'm just trying to move on.
- Murphy - Um, but it's really late, and, uh, I'm gonna go to bed.
(SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) Thank you for not doing that.
Yeah, Jess, let me talk to a cop about Tyson, who was working for Nia.
There's nothing stupid about that.
(DOOR OPENS) Oh, my God, it's - it's freezing.
- It's, like, one degree in here.
The heater broke, and I can't get anyone over to fix it.
Oh, and, uh, very cool job, by the way, on getting Josh fired behind our backs.
Wait, shut up.
Is this button missing? - What? - Wait, this button, it-it This button's missing, right? Yeah.
Why? Oh, my God.
(SIGHS) I think it fell off in the woods.
Okay how do you know it didn't fall off before then - or after then? - Because I haven't buttoned it up since, and I-I haven't I remember buttoning it up in the car on the way there.
Um well, do you remember unbuttoning it? I mean, technically, I didn't.
Max did.
Why was Max unbuttoning Why do you think, Felix? Oh.
Seriously? Graveside? It just happened.
And, I mean, he all of a sudden was, like, ripping off my clothes, and he wasn't - gentle, per se.
- (SPUTTERS) But I know where it is.
I know, I know it's there.
All right.
We should go back and get it.
- What? - JESS: Go back and get it? Are you insane? FELIX: It's a needle in a haystack.
Not to mention, extremely risky.
So therefore, we're never going back there, ever, ever, ever, because we cannot be spotted there.
What if someone finds the button, with my DNA on it, and then the bodies turn up there? It's a button! It's a button, a little tiny button, in miles and miles of forest.
Let's say a hiker does happen upon the button What do you think's gonna happen? He's gonna look at the button and say, "Hold the phone, "I don't know, I think there's some bodies buried "beneath that button.
Grab a shovel, guys.
" Get real.
Listen, I understand that you are very bored with our regular life, but I need you to just start living it.
- It is not about that.
- Yes, it is.
Now, sit down at your desk, answer the phone, pretend to actually work when I walk by.
Normal stuff.
Okay? Please.
I'm gonna go fix the heater.
Come on.
Jess, can you please take me? No.
No, you've done enough, Murphy.
We need to get to work.
(GRUNTS) I'll just meet you there in a couple hours.
Uh I drank too much last night, so I'm feeling pukey.
Okay, yeah, I'll see you later, then.
(DOOR CLOSES) ♪ MAX: Unbelievable.
(SIGHS) - Max.
- Nope.
- I have nothing to say to you.
- Max, please.
Please, I'm freaking out.
I'm worried we're gonna get caught.
(SIGHS) ♪ I'm not getting dragged back into this.
You're on your own.
This is not just my fault.
Okay? If you hadn't ripped off my jacket like a horny little teenager, I wouldn't be in this situation.
We wouldn't be in this situation had you not called your IRS agent boyfriend at 4:00 in the morning.
I don't know why you're being so dismissive about the fact that your your semen, Max, could be literally everywhere.
You know exactly where my semen went.
I'm good.
- I have nothing to worry about.
- Nothing to worry about? - Max, if someone finds that button - (DOOR OPENS) Can you guarantee your DNA isn't on it? (GROANS, CHUCKLES SOFTLY) It's not like I can get there by myself either, so Fine, whatever.
Let's get this over with.
Coming? Oh, great.
- (CAR DOOR OPENS) - Good.
No, that's good.
Yeah, we sh Yeah, okay.
Here I come.
- You're late.
- Yeah, well, I had to watch ten million YouTube tutorials on how to fix a heater and then go to five hardware stores to find the proper tools.
- (SIGHS) - You know what, Felix, I don't care because it is so cold in here.
Everything is numb.
Like I can't-I can't I can't feel my boobs.
Let me grab my manifold Gauge because apparently I know what that is now.
Where's Murphy? Hungover.
What? (SCOFFS) It's as if you just met the woman.
(SIGHS) Felix, what are you talking about? She's hungover all the time.
Yeah, that's true.
But also true is that she becomes irrationally obsessed with specific ideas and cannot focus on anything else until it's done.
Meaning? Meaning she went to go get that stupid, idiotic, tiny, meaningless, stupid, stupid button.
No, she's not that's obviously a bit of a stretch.
Oh, really? Because we left her alone for two seconds and she managed to get a federal agent fired.
Right, okay, but how would she have even gotten there? An Uber, a bus, she made sweet love to some dude she met in a bar in exchange for a ride.
She's Murphy.
Check your stalker app.
Okay, we'll check my stalker app, Felix.
But it's just gonna tell me that she's In the woods? Is she in the woods? No.
Okay, well, where is she? I'm not going to be mad, and I don't blame you, but we need to know where she is, so just tell me.
She's on her way to the woods.
- Moron! Moron! - What? Why would you leave her home alone? She's my best friend and I obviously trusted her.
Have you learned nothing? Wh Okay, so, say she does go there, and she, um, finds the button, - (PHONE LINE RINGING) - what what's the big deal? The big deal is that she's never going to find it and then she's going to be out there for the next hundred days tapping away until, finally, someone notices her.
(RECORDED): Hi, it's Murphy.
Leave a message.
Voice mail.
Okay, I'm calling her.
(PHONE LINE RINGING) She's not going to answer your call either.
- Hi, it's Murphy.
Leave a message.
- All right, well, then let's go! Felix, let's go to the woods, okay?! Yeah, no doy.
(SIGHS) Are you seriously not gonna talk to me at all? Nope.
Well, for what it's worth, I appreciate you doing this.
I'm not doing this for you.
I just never want to go back to prison.
And, so, I believe that Nia Bailey has not fled, but is in fact dead.
You'll find her body at Lynwood Forest.
Prime suspect: Murphy Mason.
Okay, look, even if your theory's correct, we cannot allocate hundreds of thousands of dollars in resources based on something a felon told you.
GENE: Come on, Chief, it sounds like something at least worth looking into.
No, it's not worth our time.
Very well.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Thank you.
Hey, Sarah, it's, uh, Gene, from CPD.
Gene, hi.
Uh, what happened? Did you talk to Murphy? Yeah, yeah, a couple days ago.
She sort of stonewalled me, but, uh something huge just landed in my lap.
This kid from IRS CI thinks that Murphy killed Nia Bailey.
Seriously? Yeah.
The chief put the kibosh on the search crew.
You should've seen his face.
He clearly doesn't want Murphy anywhere around here.
But if I can arrest her for this, then I can just cut a deal with her and get her to testify against the chief.
Well, it sounds like you've got it all figured out.
What do you need me for? Nothing.
I was just-I was just excited.
Oh, I-I gotta go, I gotta go.
Yo, Josh.
Officer Clemens.
Nah, Gene's fine, man.
Okay, Gene.
- That was brutal in there, man.
- Thanks.
Look, I want to help you.
I think you're right about Murphy.
What? I say we go to the forest, see if we can find Nia's body.
- Um, I just got denied.
- No, no.
- We can.
Like me and you.
- Wh - It's over 6,000 acres.
- Okay, you, sir, need a more positive attitude, all right? We can just tell my boss that you're gonna help me find the cartel shipment, which I'm supposed to be doing anyway.
Why do you want to help an unemployed blind guy? I just want justice, man.
Just like you.
Thank you? Okay.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry, I didn't see it.
- No, it's okay.
- That's actually really embarrassing.
- No, no, no.
It's a-it's a you know what? I'm more of a hugger anyway.
That's the first time that's actually ever happened.
Well, I'm glad it happened with me.
So how are we supposed to do this anyway? Well, like, without dogs or-or radar.
Come on, man, you think Sherlock Holmes had ground penetrating radar? I'm right here.
Uh, Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character.
Yeah, but based on, like, a real person.
No, he wasn't.
Uh, Yuh-huh.
Joseph Bell.
He was a surgeon.
See? Not just a pretty face.
Okay, uh, so, what do you suggest? Well, they didn't just carry a body into the woods from the road, right? That's just too risky, so I think that they drove in, then took the body out of the car.
Now, there's not that many entrances into the woods, it's a dense forest, so I think we should get some shovels, find out where they went in, follow the tire tracks, dig.
That's, um that's not terrible.
It's a lot funner than, uh, filing tax returns, huh? Yeah, I never actually filed tax returns.
♪ (DOOR LOCK CLICKING) Okay, can you not do that? Oh, look who decided to speak.
You okay? I haven't heard from you in a couple of days.
(SIGHS) Go away.
Why do you have two phones? One isn't mine.
(SCOFFS) Whose is it? It doesn't matter.
- Nice, Murph.
- He came over to get it and he was so desperate for his phone back that I got paranoid that there was something on us in there.
There wasn't, right? - No.
- Okay, you-you checked? Jess did.
She checked, there's nothing.
She checked all the texts and e-mails and stuff.
But he wouldn't need his phone to check any of that stuff.
You can do that from literally anywhere with Internet.
If he wanted this phone back so badly, he must need, like, photos or notes or something that he didn't save to the cloud.
- Right.
That's a good point.
- Ooh, hang on.
He's got tons of voice notes labeled with names.
Probably his cases.
Well, you're one of them.
- I am? - Yeah.
Play it.
JOSH (RECORDED): Murphy Mason.
When she smiles, like really smiles, which is rare, she has these matching dimples.
It's really quite cute.
- What is this? - Just turn it off.
Turn it off.
It's - (RECORDING STOPS) - Oh, whatever.
He's trying to remember what people look like.
I did the same thing when I was at his stage.
I-I wrote myself descriptions of literally everyone I knew.
I mean, his accountant is probably on there.
I don't care.
I'm just happy there isn't anything incriminating on it.
MURPHY: You sure no one will find us? MAX: Yes, I drove, like, a mile in and I'm covering our tracks.
I obviously didn't know that was on his phone.
It's fine.
It's not fine.
I feel really bad.
You feel bad? Aw.
- You want a hug? - Max.
Look, I'm not here to give you closure.
I just want to find this stupid button, so I never have to see you again.
- (BIRD CAWING) - Go on.
- I'm going.
- Forward, forward, Murphy, forward.
Walk in a straight line.
(BRAKES SQUEAK) FELIX: We've got her? JESS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, um Okay, it looks like Uh what? - Uh - What's it saying? Sh she's this way.
This way.
Come on.
(MAX SIGHS) Well, this is where we buried them.
We had sex like I don't know, pick any one of these thousands of trees, Murphy.
(SCOFFS) Let's just let's just start this way, okay? MURPHY: Okay.
I'm not seeing any entrance big enough for a car yet.
You sure it's these woods? This is what Sam told me.
GENE: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on.
JOSH: What? I think that's Felix Bell's car.
That blue clunker.
They left it here.
Or maybe they came back.
Let me see? It is.
(LAUGHS) The license plate matches.
Oh, my God.
You think they're really stupid enough to come back here? Murphy's paranoid.
It's like when you drive back to the house to check you've locked it up.
That's probably what she's doing.
I do a little dance.
What? When I lock up my house.
I do a little dance, you know? You can never forget when you do a little dance.
You can't forget that kind of thing.
Can we focus on this, please? All right, so, what, if we see them, we can't arrest them yet, right? No, but if we find Nia's body and we get a sighting of them it's over.
Hey, check this out.
- What? - Amateurs.
They didn't even cover up their tracks.
(CHUCKLES) This is great.
You just had to leave her alone, didn't you? I'm not her babysitter, Felix.
Oh, yeah, you just make her dinner, put her to bed, wake her up, give her medicine when she's feeling sicky.
You know what, how about I murder you and bury your body in the woods? Anything? Yes, Murphy.
Found it, hours ago.
Then decided not to tell you because I'm having so much fun.
Just keep looking.
Yeah, I am.
- FELIX: Hello! - MAX: Oh, great.
Hi, Murphy what, are you guys having sex again? - Jess? - Yeah.
Hi, you feeling nauseous still? MURPHY: You guys, get out of here! Just go home! We got this.
Murphy, you don't "got this," okay? I remember when I was a kid we, uh I was at a camp.
These two kids went missing Can we please all get the hell out of here? I'm not going anywhere! I need to find the button! - (GENE TALKING IN DISTANCE) - MAX: Guys, guys, shut up.
Shh, shh, shh.
Did you hear that? I think that's Josh.
It's Josh? GENE: Chicago PD! Freeze! Did you see them? No.
Must have been a deer or something.
JOSH: Wait, wait, wait.
The tracks go round and round.
I think this might be where Nia is.
JOSH: It's worth a shot.
Sam said Sterling would have buried her at least six feet deep, so - better get started.
- Yeah, you're right.
Hang on.
I'm gonna wee.
The plastic bag.
- Hold on.
- Here, look, look.
- Whatcha got? Whatcha got? It's a button.
From Murphy's jacket.
It's the same color.
GENE: Wait, wait, wait, let me see.
There's blood on this, man.
(BRANCH SNAPS) Hey! Hey! Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go! (GRUNTS) JOSH: Damn it! Hey, Josh, you all right? - You okay? - Yeah.
Sorry, man.
- No, that's fine, man.
- I blew it.
No, they didn't carry Nia out of here.
Come on, let's go find her.
It's fine, man We can't arrest them without the body, anyway.
This is where the footprints are.
You said they buried her at least six feet deep? Yeah, that's what Sam said.
Then we better start digging.
♪ Hey.
What the hell were you guys doing there? I had it under control.
Us? What the hell were you two doing there? Yeah.
We all decided not to go, Murphy.
No, you decided.
I can't believe I listened to you again! This is not just my fault! I don't understand how it's my fault at all.
- Oh! - What? It's not your fault? Max and I, we we actually covered our tracks.
- Oh - We actually hid our car.
You guys led Josh and Gene straight to us.
- Covered your tracks? - Wow! - You covered your tracks?! - You guys had sex over the grave! Shut up! (EXHALES) MAX: Look we can point fingers all day, but what's done is done.
They're gonna find Murphy's DNA, probably mine, too.
All our footprints, by the way.
And it's only a matter of time before they find the bodies.
It's over.
(SPITS) Hey.
I hit something.
(BOTH GASP) Dude, there's two bodies in here.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) All right, lift 'em up.
♪ - (GROANS) - Hey, Chief.
- Not a word, Clemens.
- Look, I-I know.
I know.
But Nia Bailey's body? I mean, that's got to be huge for the precinct, right? I'm handing the Nia Bailey case over to Warren.
Warren? He's, like, 100.
You're on desk duty.
Meantime, I've been up all night dealing with all this, so I'm headed home to get some sleep.
So should you.
What are you guys, the Hardy Boys? Come on, man.
I thought you said this whole Dean thing was gonna go away.
(SIGHS): Yeah, well, I didn't know Nia Bailey's body was gonna surface.
(SCOFFS) So now you have all these people looking for the one girl that knows that you covered up a murder? Please, keep it down, Chris.
It's not "all these people.
" It's two guys, and they're idiots.
But you're the boss.
Just tell them to stop.
Put them on something else.
I took them off the case.
Nobody's gonna find her.
I promise.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Where are we going? We're gonna go solve this thing.
I'm not handing it off to Warren.
He's in the chief's pocket.
So, what, you want to solve this today? Okay.
You know, you would think that after uncovering two bodies with our bare hands, you'd have just a little bit of faith.
- Hey, Lydia.
- Hey.
This is my friend Josh.
He's helping me out on the case.
Well, I wish that it were more of a case.
There was nothing on the bodies you found.
They were scrubbed heavily with bleach.
Wasn't the other guy they killed their receptionist? Yeah, but preliminary reports show Benjamin Wakefield wasn't killed.
It looks like an opioid overdose.
More proof showing Murphy's involved.
That's conjecture.
There was one thing that might help.
You know that button you gave me? There were two strains of blood on it.
So one is a match for Nia Bailey.
The other one's not in our system.
I'd bet my life that's Murphy's.
I'll get a warrant to collect a DNA sample from her apartment.
Thank you so much, Lydia.
Didn't I tell you to have some faith? Have faith.
Every time.
All right, fellas.
See what you can find.
- Hair, a-a toothbrush, anything.
- Yep.
Copy that.
When I was just a little girl ♪ I asked my mother ♪ "What will I be? ♪ "Will I be pretty? ♪ Will I be rich?" ♪ Here's what she said to me ♪ Thank you for meeting us so late, by the way.
(CHUCKLES) Or, uh, early, I guess, technically, I should say.
Sure thing.
Did you, um Are our apartments It's done.
Give me your I.
Sera ♪ Que sera, sera ♪ Whatever will be will be ♪ You guys can relax.
Whatever it is you're running from, no one's gonna be able to find you now.
You're gonna be just fine.
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