In The Dark (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

Safe and Sound

: Hi.
- Oh, th-thank God you answered.
- Who's this? Oh, um, m-my name's Michael, and, uh, I'm-I'm a friend of, uh Sort of of-of Lorri Benson's.
- I don't know a Lorri Benson.
- MICHAEL: Your number was in her phone.
Stop calling me.
I said I don't know TREY [OVER PHONE.]
: Darnell.
Hey, man, it's Trey.
I just spoke to Josiah - And he wants to see you right away.
- What? [SIGHS.]
All right.
Yeah, yeah.
You can go in.
JOSIAH: Jessica claims she has no way of getting in touch with Murphy.
So, that's where you come in.
Can't you just Please let her go.
You promised me if I got you Nia's guys, you'd protect them.
That was before I found out she skimmed 50 bricks off the stash.
They didn't skim.
They were in the middle of getting the stash, heard the sirens a-and had to bail before they could get everything.
All I know is that I'm out $300,000.
And if your little friends don't compensate me, well, then, I kill the girl in the basement.
Here you go.
Come on.
I'm supposed to make sure you eat.
: Hello? - Hey, Cindy.
It's Darnell.
Look, I sent you some people the other day.
Can I get their new names? Why don't you ask Josiah? His guys held me at gunpoint for them.
Oh, my God.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Look, I just I really need to find them, and I can't find them without the names they're using.
- Please, Cindy.
- Ugh, all right.
Kyle Green, Jennifer Walker, Gordon Howard and Lorri Benson.
Did you say Lorri Benson? Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
- Hello? - DARNELL: Hey.
Uh, you called me earlier about Lorri? Yeah.
I thought you said you didn't know her.
Well, uh, turns out I do.
You know where she is? Yeah, that's what I was trying to tell you.
She's stuck on the side of the road.
What? Where? Um, o-on Route 11.
Just outside of Rainy River.
That is, if she hasn't already hitched a ride or something.
I will go get her.
You tell me exactly where she is.
They fled to Canada.
I can go there and get the money, but you got to give me another couple days.
Trey, go with him.
You said I could trust him.
Let's see if you were right.
- [SIGHS.]
- Seriously? What? You don't want to hang with me no more? [SIGHS.]
They don't have the money, do they? No, they don't.
But I got a plan.
Oh, you got a plan.
'Cause all your plans have turned out perfectly well in the past.
Look, Murphy's friend Felix knows Nia's bank account numbers.
I know her passwords.
So, if we can get to Felix, we can empty her accounts.
- And how do we get to Felix? - Murphy's stuck on the side of the road in Canada, so if we can get to her, we can get to him.
Stuck on the side of the road? - How do you know she's still there? - I don't.
But the kid Michael said it's a pretty abandoned road, so hopefully, no one's "Hopefully"? You sound crazy right now.
Look, you don't have to come.
Actually, I do.
You heard Josiah.
I'm just as much on the hook for this as you are.
Because I stupidly vouched for you.
I know how much money Nia has.
It's all good.
Just figure out how to get to Rainy River, wherever that is.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey! Please help me! Stop, please! [HORN HONKS.]
Oh, thank God.
It's me, Darnell.
- Darnell? - It's about Jess.
MURPHY: Is she okay? Yeah.
As long as we get him the cash by Friday.
That's tomorrow.
Don't worry.
Julian Assange over here is gonna hack into Nia's bank account and steal all the money.
Which is obviously a great plan.
We found Murphy, didn't we? Look, I just need to get Felix to give us the account numbers.
I don't know where he is.
- Wait, what? - I don't know where he is.
We agreed to split up so that if one of us got caught Okay, do you have his number? No.
It's in my phone.
- You have it memorized or - No.
It's not You heard the girl.
She said it's in her phone.
Don't call me "the girl.
" I have a name.
TREY: I'm not really gonna get caught up in the pleasantries right now, shorty.
- What we're trying to do is figure - "Shorty"? - Guys.
- Yes.
- I'm very tall.
- Guys.
Guys! I'll text the kid and get the number.
That's fine, but I still need to get my phone.
- Why? - Why? I need it in case Jess tries to call me.
Trust me, Jess is not gonna call you.
I don't care.
I need it.
All right.
Look This is stupid.
I'm-a need a break.
- Trey.
- What? - Trey! - [DOOR CLOSES.]
What is his problem? That guy sucks.
Don't say that.
That's my boy.
I'm sorry, Darnell, but I need my phone.
I need my phone.
That's the only link that Jess has to me.
All right, all right.
I texted Michael.
MURPHY: Okay, get in the car.
You can have your temper tantrum in the car.
We're leaving.
- Who you talking to? - We're leaving.
- Nine.
- You talking to me? - You Michael? - Yeah.
Uh, I-listen, I am so sorry, okay? I-I didn't mean to leave you back there, okay? It's fine.
J-Just Can I just have my phone? It's just my mom was nice to me for, like, the first time ever, really, and-and I just couldn't Brah! Just give us the phone.
Um Look, there.
Look, I put a new SIM card in it, so it should work here.
TREY: Let's hope your boy Felix did the same thing.
You're a good kid, Michael.
See you.
Still going to voice mail.
Well, keep trying.
And what are we even doing here? We're wasting time.
We just need to regroup for a couple hours.
- Figure out a plan.
- Oh, why? 'Cause poor baby Trey was getting carsick? - He didn't feel good? - No.
- Does your tummy hurt? - No, actually.
I'm completely fine.
I just don't think there's a point to driving around aimlessly.
- Do you think that's a good idea? - I'm gonna get us a room.
If you think that's a good idea, I'm down.
I'm gonna get us a room.
Murphy, keep trying Felix.
Call speed dial one.
MAN: Head on within 50 feet of the premises.
I'm on break.
I thought we weren't supposed to be calling each other.
Yeah, this could work.
I mean, Guiding Hope moved at least $2 million last month.
You have the passwords? Yeah.
I have to try a few combos, but I know I can get it.
Yeah? Okay.
This could work.
I think this could work.
Why is your guy wearing tights? [CHUCKLES.]
Felix? He-He's wearing tights? I'm not wearing tights.
I'm wearing leggings.
Uh, I didn't have time to change out of my co uh, uniform.
Okay? For work.
MURPHY: Where are you working? And how did you already get a job? FELIX: It doesn't matter.
Maybe we should have a little sidebar outside, Murphy? Just you and me? Just a little hallway sidebar? - Right now? - Yeah.
Stay, Pretzel.
FELIX: Sorry, guys.
Back in two secs.
Oh, you have a, uh Oh! Sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- I should've told you I was gonna - What is What is it? - You j You had a tendril.
- What's up? Uh [CHUCKLES.]
What? What do you mean? Oh, I mean No, I just wanted to make sure, like, we're Are we, like You know, you and me, like, we're Is it cool? Is everything fine? - Between us? - What do you mean? Uh Like, last time we saw each other was at the motel.
Honestly, I haven't I haven't even thought about it once.
: Like, I-I forgot.
We're fine.
We're fine.
Come on.
Okay, cool.
DARNELL: I found a library a couple miles from here with computers.
- We can do the transfer there.
- Let's go.
- FELIX: No need.
I have a laptop in my car.
- DARNELL: Nah, we can't use that.
- Why? If the feds or Nia's people have eyes on the accounts, it shouldn't trace back to any of our devices.
What? Yeah, that's a good catch.
I'm so sorry, I don't But I did [CLEARS THROAT.]
I'm sorry, I don't mean that in, like, a uh, like a patronizing way.
- It's fine, man, whatever.
- I just mean it as a compliment.
- Come on, Pretzel.
- Uh Uh, no, Murphy, you-you stay.
- Murphy stays, right? - Why? You heard Darnell the feds could be tracing Nia's account activity and if they trace it to this specific library and then they go and ask the employees about it, don't you think the employees are gonna remember - a-a blind woman? - Whatever.
FELIX: Yeah.
Oh, um.
I'll just meet you guys in the lobby, okay? I forgot I have to p-pee.
All right, hurry.
What are you doing? Shh.
I have to put my money in the safe.
Oh, my God, and you waited until they left? No, I just remembered just now.
Fine, yes, I did wait, okay? But only because that Trey guy literally stole money from us once before.
And, also, this thing about patronizing Darnell? I was not being patronizing to Darnell.
I was simply impressed that he came up with something that I didn't.
Which is the definition of "patronizing.
" Okay, are you seriously insinuating that I'm, like, racist or something? 'Cause that's crazy.
I'm not racist.
Everyone knows I'm not racist.
I'm the least racist person.
What the hell are you doing? This is the last $2,000 I have in the whole world, okay? I am making sure the safe is secure.
- It's a safe.
Do you really think Darnell thinks that I'm, like? Ask him.
I don't know.
It doesn't matter, but you shouldn't keep them waiting.
Hey, thank you for meeting us.
I'm Gene Clemens, this is Josh Wallace.
Dennis Brandt.
Nice to meet you guys.
Uh, how long's this vehicle been here? Well, just got called in this morning.
The commuter said he'd seen it for a couple days.
Has there been any other suspicious activity in town? [LAUGHS.]
No, pretty quiet, as usual.
You guys still looking for that, uh, blind girl? I was on patrol the night the APB went out.
Yeah uh, has she been spotted? - No.
- All right.
Well, look, I'll give you these photos.
You can post them in your station and, uh, keep an eye out.
Uh, no, wait, wait, uh, I-I've seen this girl.
Excuse me? Oh, so you did see a blind woman? Well, yeah, no, but she wasn't bl Oh, God.
Where did you see them? Uh, Blue Ridge motel off exit 22.
When? That night, the night the APB went out.
You must be joking! Yeah, that-that-that's fair [STAMMERS.]
GENE: It never occurred to you that a blind woman wanted for murder might be pretending not to be blind? You're not making us look good, man.
Have a good day, guys.
You said you know the password, man.
She has a few, just give me a sec.
- Told you.
Sorry, sorry.
She was broke.
Oh, man.
Look, I'm sorry.
We'll find another way to get the money.
Maybe you forgot, maybe you weren't listening, but my ass is on the line, too.
Give me the keys.
What? Where you going? Doesn't matter where I'm going.
You're on your own.
- Come on, man.
- You're reckless, Darnell.
That's why everyone around you ends up dead.
And I'm not gonna be one of 'em.
Give me the keys.
♪ Are you, uh, okay? Or Yeah.
It's fine, let's just [SIGHS.]
figure out what to do next.
Uh, okay, I-I just, I do I just want to clear the air about earlier - between us, um - Earlier? The stupid thing I said in the hotel.
I was just trying to pay you a compliment, and I know it came out like, "blah, blah.
Oh, yeah, no.
It was fine.
Are you sure? Okay.
'Cause, like, if you do want to talk about that to me, - I can hear that.
- It's fine.
- I-I just - Let's just, let's just focus on the - Okay.
- Yeah.
Put our heads together - and think.
- Yeah, okay.
JESS: You drank all the vodka? Is this just gonna be a thing now? Are you just gonna show up whenever you feel like it? Okay, whatever.
I guess I'll just drink this.
This is fun.
It's like a hotel party.
: Cheers.
I miss the Linsmore.
Me, too.
I miss everything.
Do you think we will ever have, like, a somewhat normal life ever again? Yeah.
How? Just trust me.
Right, but that hasn't really worked out for us.
Hello? I just came to grab my stuff.
Did we get the money? No.
Nia's broke.
Where are Darnell and Felix? I left them there.
- You left them at the library? - Yes.
Why? What are we doing? What's next? I got nothing.
And they're not gonna be able to come up with the money, so - I'm out of here.
- Where are you going? Anywhere but Chicago.
What? Hang on, no.
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
Come on.
We can we can figure out how to get the money.
We can't.
This is an impossible task, and Josiah knew it.
And he's punishing all of us.
Then let's prove him wrong.
Trey, you don't want to be on the run.
What are you gonna do? You're gonna never see your friends and family again? I'm three days in, and I can tell you that it sucks.
If we figure out how to get the money, you can go home.
And how do you plan on doing that? Felix put two grand in the safe.
There's a casino downstairs.
We can gamble.
- Oh, my God.
- It's worth a shot.
No, that's stupid.
It won't work.
Neither will running away from Josiah.
What's the code? I don't know, but I can figure it out.
I remember the tune.
He put it in, like, ten times.
- Tune? - Yeah.
- That was the tune.
- Okay.
Right here.
That's two.
Two, three.
Okay, that was good.
All good.
I try to be patient ♪ Let it be ♪ Let it happen ♪ Naturally ♪ Got me begging ♪ On my knees ♪ Oh, no ♪ Yeah, let's go.
Oh, no ♪ My excitement Follow.
♪ Gets the better of me ♪ MURPHY: Swear you're good? TREY: One time in the third grade, I was playing blackjack against my teacher - Third grade? - I won, so Chair.
How you doing? You good? Hi.
One thing ♪ On my brain ♪ Gotta work Work, work, work, work ♪ To get by ♪ We just won 200 bucks.
Just another $299,800 to go.
Don't jinx it.
Work no more ♪ No more ♪ No more ♪ No more ♪ No work.
- Okay.
How you feeling? You feeling good? - I Sure.
- You feeling lucky? - A little luck? Huh? Okay.
- Yeah.
I think we should go all in.
What? Seriously? Yeah.
I mean, we're not gonna get to 300 grand by betting a couple hundred bucks.
Plus, we're on a roll right now.
You know what I mean? You got to feel that that wave, you know? [EXHALES.]
What happened? - GENE: Do you recognize this woman? - Uh, yes.
She she stayed here with her boyfriend.
- Uh Why? - Oh.
She was here with him? HANNAH: No.
Who's that? Uh, her dude had, like, longish hair.
This tall.
Him? HANNAH: Yeah, him.
Uh did you, did you get their names, by chance? Not hers, but his was, uh, Gordon Howard.
And were they with anyone else? No, I they booked two rooms, but I didn't see their friends.
Any form of ID? Passport? Anything? No, they paid in cash.
Did they say where they were going? No.
Like, that dude's name is seriously all I know about them.
Are they, like, criminals or something? Yes.
- Wow.
- But thank you.
We appreciate you.
You were very helpful.
- Anytime.
- Mm-hmm.
Of course they paid in cash.
All right, look, we need to call Canadian authorities, have them put a APB out on Gordon Howard.
Hopefully, he's still using that name.
Okay, what if we fake a GoFundMe account, but for, like, a dying kid? [WHISPERS.]
: A dying kid? I don't know, man.
I'm sorry, okay? [SIGHS.]
- There's got to be another way.
- There isn't.
Look, we tried.
I'm gonna go.
Don't go.
Don't do that.
I told you, you don't want to be on the run.
That's why I think I'm gonna go back and tell Josiah everything.
Hopefully, he understands that it wasn't my fault.
Yeah, that'll work.
He's so, uh, reasonable.
Nice guy.
Yeah, good idea.
It's worth a shot.
And then what, you're just gonna let Darnell take the hit? I have to.
God, we have a totally different view on how friendship works.
Okay, yeah, that's cute.
But I don't need your advice.
I gotta do me.
Why are guys so annoying? You're you're clearly trying to be a dick.
You want to be a dick.
You're just gonna leave Darnell here and hope that your psychotic boss doesn't find him and kill him? Yeah, do you, Trey.
Do you.
But I'm not giving up.
And I don't care if I have to rob this casino.
I'm gonna get that money.
I'm gonna get that money.
Another 20, gentlemen.
Are you serious about that? About what? Actually stealing it? Yeah, I am.
Why? 'Cause there's this guy and he's got about a million chips on his table.
Definitely more than 300k.
Seriously? - Is he alone? - Mm-hmm.
Um okay, I could, uh I could, um I could pretend I want to go home with him, and I can, and then I could, um You don't need to do all that.
But if you can get him to cash out and meet me in the parking lot, I'll hold him up.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Where is he? At the table we were at earlier.
Meet you in the parking lot.
Come on, Pretzel.
Ha-ha! Don't take it personally, my friend.
Sometimes you just Oh, sorry, my dog is - drunk.
Does your dog have a name? - Uh, Pretzel.
- That's cute.
Do you have a name? Sean.
Let's see what kind of luck you bring me tonight.
Let me get you another drink.
Maybe you should cash in those chips, and we can get out of here.
Aw, come on, couple more hands.
I could get used to this ♪ Whoo, ooh, ooh ♪ Whoo, ooh, ooh ♪ [LAUGHS.]
Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna be, uh, taking this to the cashier.
In with the new ♪ Forget everything that you thought you knew ♪ WOMAN: That's $423,745, Mr.
Keep $200 for yourself.
- Would you like your winnings sent to your room? That would be terrific.
You-you have a room here? Yeah.
I don't like to drink and drive.
I'm a model citizen.
Shall we? Yeah.
It's nothing glamorous, but come on in.
Uh, right, so [KNOCKING.]
- Mr.
Bryce? - Yeah.
Come on in.
- Your winnings, sir.
- Yeah.
Right this way.
You can, uh, put it in the safe.
- SEAN: All right, - I'll lock it up, my friend.
Okay, and, uh, this is for you.
- Go get yourself a drink, okay? - Thank you.
- Have a great night.
- You, too, sir.
- Okay Sorry about that.
Come here.
- You good? - Yeah.
No, you just got really serious there all of a sudden.
Um - No, yeah, I'm good.
Really good.
- Okay.
Uh, actually, I'm just gonna need I think I should take out my dog real fast, um, to pee, just 'cause he he'll be annoying during [SIGHS.]
: All right.
Sounds good.
- Hurry back.
- Okay.
Um, what's the room number? [SIGHS.]
: 901.
Can I actually get a room key, just? Yeah, it's on the table by the, uh, lamp.
Got it.
- What the hell happened? - He has a room here.
It's room 901, and he put all the money in the safe.
- Mm-hmm.
- I don't know what the code is, but I know it's all the same number, so just try all of them, okay? I'll get him in the shower.
You come in the room, steal it.
- Okay.
- Okay, here's the room key.
Try all the numbers, okay? Take me back.
Let's go.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hurry.
I could feel ♪ [CLEARS THROAT.]
- Hi.
- Thought you took the key.
Um, yeah, I lost it.
Uh, I think I dropped it.
I've come so far so fast ♪ And it feels like a hundred years ♪ [MUFFLED VOICES INSIDE ROOM.]
Just 'cause I, I smell like I feel like I smell like casino.
I kind of want to take a shower.
You want to join me? I sure do.
I know you think you could do too ♪ I know you think you feel it's true ♪ It's the little things ♪ In life ♪ That I feel ♪ ♪ 'Cause I can feel it ♪ Feel it ♪ [BEEPING.]
'Cause I can feel it, feel it ♪ It's the little things ♪ In life ♪ That I feel.
♪ Are you good? Um I just forgot I'm on my period.
I don't care.
We're in the shower.
Okay? - [LAUGHS.]
I'm kind of weird about it.
But - All right.
- One sec.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I get it.
I get it.
- Um - Yeah, okay.
- Wait.
No, seriously, wait.
Get back in.
Come on.
If I'd have known I wasn't gonna have sex tonight, I would've just gone home to my wife.
MURPHY: No, I want to.
I SEAN: No, it's all right.
It's all right.
It's okay.
No hard feelings, okay? Just, uh, get changed.
But, um No, hang on.
Hang on.
Just [SIGHS.]
Where are you going? Back to the casino.
You should, uh, get your clothes on.
I'm gonna do the same.
Why? You already made so much money.
Let's-let's just get back in shower.
Come on.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
I'm good.
Yeah, okay.
Babe, do me a favor.
Get out of my way.
- Wait.
Wait, wait.
- Just I said, get your clothes on.
Where the hell's my money? It's not there? - Where'd it go? - Where the hell's my money?! I don't know.
Calm down.
- I don't know, and I - I said, - where the hell is my money?! - [GROANS.]
- Who the? - Oh! He's out.
We got to go.
: Oh, my God.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Pretzel! Pretzel.
- Let's Let's go.
- Oh! - Here you go.
Here you go.
- Oh, my - Okay, you're good, you're good.
Okay, okay, okay.
We're good, we're good.
We're good.
We're good.
- We're good.
Give me the leash.
Get the cash.
Cash, cash, cash.
Get in.
Oh, what's your name, bro? Good boy.
Good boy.
Get back here! Hey, you! Get back here! - [MURPHY SHRIEKS, SCREAMS.]
- Give me back my money! Open the door! - MURPHY: Oh, my God.
- Hey.
- Come back! - [ENGINE REVVING.]
- Get out of that car! - MURPHY: Go, go, go, go, go! - Get back! Get back here! - [ENGINE REVVING, TIRES SQUEALING.]
- I'm gonna kill you! [SIGHS.]
We're good.
What? [GASPS.]
Oh, my God, that was insane.
Thank you for helping me, um Yeah.
It's nothing.
I got you.
I'm gonna call Darnell and - find out where they are.
- Yeah, call him.
- How did I get here, man? - [PHONE BUZZING.]
I just wanted to start a guide dog school, do a little good in the world, and-and then And then And then you trafficked heroin.
Not by choice.
I'm not like Like me? 'Cause, you know, I didn't really have a choice, either.
Oh, my God, no.
That's not what I was about to say.
- What were you gonna say? - I was about to say WOMAN: Hi.
Excuse me, sir? - Yeah? - I was actually talking to him.
Your time limit for the computer is up.
: Well, there's a time limit? There is.
No, no, no, I'm Um, ma'am, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Uh, this woman has been here at her computer long before my friend came, so, are you kicking her off, too, or? Sir, I don't know when she arrived, but I know when he did.
Oh, interesting.
Do you know when I arrived? Because I came with him, and you're not kicking me off the computer, are you? - You're welcome to leave, too.
- It's fine.
- Let's go.
- No, no, no, no, no.
No, no.
No, no, no.
Hang on.
I'm sorry.
Uh, time out, everybody.
Hang on.
Is anyone else a little little disturbed by this blatant display of discrimination that is happening right before your eyes? Because, frankly, I find it very disturbing.
Sir, one more outburst, and I will have security escort you out.
Oh, I get a warning.
I wonder why! I'm just doing my job, and he's over the time limit.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Stop.
Let me handle this.
Time limit? We did not get a time limit when we came in here, okay? Did you get a time limit? - Hey.
Excuse me? - Yeah? I don't know who got a time limit.
Did you get a time limit? How about you, sir? Did you receive a time limit? Didn't think so.
A list of library rules.
Perhaps we should review them.
What do you think? Let's see if there's anything about a time limit.
Rule number one "Use a whisper voice.
" Oopsie.
Rule number two - "Treat books with respect.
" Books.
- WOMAN: Security? Not human beings, but books.
- Interesting.
- That's it.
We're calling the cops.
No, no.
I'm so sorry.
We're trying to [SIGHS.]
Can you do me a favor, and just do exactly what this cop says? Yeah, of course.
I'm so sorry about this.
I am gonna get us out of this.
Don't do anything.
Just, like I said, do what the cop says, please.
I just got off the phone with a couple of detectives.
Gordon Howard? Yes? Are you aware that you're wanted by the Chicago Police Department? Uh I don't think so.
That No, I don't Um, no, that-that's That must be a misundersta-standing.
- Oh, my God.
- What? Stay here.
- What's going on? - The cops got them.
- Why? - I don't know.
Stay here.
Uh, why him? Aiding and abetting a fugitive.
MURPHY: Oh, my God.
Back off, sir.
How much to let them go? You seriously offering me a bribe right now? How's 50K? How about a hundred? Huh? 'Cause I mean, I've got it with me right now.
POLICEMAN: Let me see.
Where is it? Hold on, dude.
Just-just hold on.
Give me the bag.
Why? What are you doing? I'm gonna get them out of this mess.
Don't worry.
We'll have enough for Jess.
Told you.
Got it all right here, so, I mean Let me see the bag.
What? This is way more than that.
Yeah, just take the hundred and let them go.
TREY: Where you going? I didn't say you could take all of it.
Dude, what are you doing? That's my Get up.
Get up.
Let's go.
It wasn't Felix? No, it was a false alarm.
Just someone else with that name that matched his description.
Oh! I'm such an idiot! I knew.
I knew.
I knew I wasn't gonna get them that easily.
All right, look, Josh, relax, man.
We'll we'll get 'em.
How's it going? Uh, not good.
Back at square one.
Too bad.
Well, I'm headed home.
You guys should do the same.
Good night.
Let's call it, man.
You guys, I think we should just do what I suggested.
We've been sitting here for two hours.
We can't waste any more time.
Give me the phone.
Make sure the number we're calling from is blocked.
This is Josh Wallace.
Josh, it's me.
I'm ready to cooperate, but I need something from you first.
You have to help me get Jess.

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