In The Dark (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

Arcade Fire

1 Jess! Get back in the car, Murphy! Murphy Jess! Murphy, we got to go! Jess! She's in there! Get her in the car! We have to go.
She's in there! Murphy, we have to go! I'm leaving, okay? Get off me! I'm not going anywhere! I don't care, but I'm leaving! Oh, God, Murph? Jess! Murph! No! Jess! Somebody help! Oh, Jess! Take her to the car! Oh, my God! Do something! To the car! Jess! Murphy Mason, you are under arrest for the murder of Nia Bailey.
Go help her! Somebody help! That was a mess.
Ah, you think? Yeah, she set us up.
You know, I bet you anything she wanted us to die in that fire.
Dude, doesn't even matter.
All right, we have Murphy.
And we still have a warrant to collect her DNA.
Yeah, well, I wanted all of them.
Yeah, okay.
At this point, I'll take what I can get.
Yeah, 'cause Murphy was who you really wanted.
Like if you had to choose.
Yeah, if I had to choose, then hell yeah.
Hell yeah.
I still can't believe we just left her there.
What were we supposed to do? Turn the lights off.
Yeah, I know.
What do we do now? I don't know.
I say we just wait here, make sure there aren't any cops coming after us.
Felix, pull it together, all right? "Pull it together"? Murphy is done! Okay? She's going away for, like, ever.
And I can't even talk about Jess.
I know we can't go back to the arcade, but I need to know if she was in there.
I don't know how we're supposed to do that.
We just have to sit here and wait it out.
- Darnell - What? knows people that work with Josiah.
Maybe they know if she was in there.
Can we at least call him? Yeah.
We got there.
The arcade was on fire.
- Wait, what? - Do you know anything? What do you mean it was on fire? Yeah, I don't know.
We never got Jess.
We're kind of freaking out over here.
Have you heard anything? No, I I think I might know what happened.
I'll find out and call you back.
Did he know anything? He thinks he might.
Trey, it's me.
I know what you did.
Answer your phone.
Officer Officer? Hello? Murphy, it's Josh.
Is Jess okay? We're finding that out.
We need a sample of your DNA.
Why? What are you talking about? Why, why are you guys here? You should be doing something.
We have a court order.
Go ahead.
Open your mouth, please.
Thank you.
Are you guys leaving? Where are you going? Look, we don't know anything yet, okay? They're still putting out the fire.
Still nothing from Darnell? No.
I can't just sit here any longer.
Well, it's not like we can just start driving around.
The cops went past us half an hour ago.
I think we're fine.
There's got to be someone we know who can find out what's going on.
Someone who has access to cops.
Fire department, the paramedics.
Oh, my God! I'm such an idiot! My sister! She was a public defender She knows everyone.
Wait, you have a sister? Unfortunately.
The fire began around 8:00 p.
Firefighters are working to control the deadly blaze, which has already burned a number of structures.
Word on the streets Just listen, man.
You were the only person who knew the cops were coming.
What'd you do? Tip off Josiah for a bonus? No.
Look, I wanted to start my own thing.
So I told Beau to snag as much as he could.
You knew we promised those drugs to the cops.
We didn't promise the cops anything.
He was the only person I talked to, and Alex caught him.
Great, so she told Josiah.
And he blew up the arcade to get rid of the stash.
With Jess inside.
Look, if Alex did tell Josiah, I feel like she would have tried to get Jess out or something.
They were, like, friends, I do I don't know.
Well, have you talked to her? No, she's not responding to my texts.
You know where she lives? This is your sister's place? Yep.
Come on, buddy.
Okay, we-we can't tell my sister what's really going on.
'Cause my first instinct is to tell strangers we murdered a drug lord.
She has one of those doorbell camera things.
- Felix? - Yep.
It's me.
After three years, perhaps a text is a less intrusive way of creeping back into my life.
Look, can we just come in, please? I'm Max.
And who is this handsome gentleman? - Pretzel.
- And does Pretzel shed? Sure does.
Yeah, Murphy's here, in custody.
So, once you get word that the DNA matches, you'll charge her? Yeah, and then I'll cut her a deal in exchange for a statement against the chief.
I can't believe that IRS guy signed off on a deal, given his history with Murphy.
He doesn't know about it, does he? Not really.
Hey, look, he would never agree to it.
No, I know, I just I didn't think you were that coldhearted.
Oh, okay, she's still going to jail, just for less time.
Look, my job is to get all the bad guys, not just one.
Oh, I know.
You're doing the right thing.
Yeah, I know.
Okay, I, uh, I should get back in there.
- Yeah.
- Ok, bye.
We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ It's the closest thing to champagne I could find in the vending machine.
Don't open it now.
Just, it's for when this is all over.
Aw, thanks, man.
Uh Thanks.
I have a question.
What if the DNA doesn't match? Aw, man it's going to.
I mean, that button came from her jacket.
I just noticed that she had one missing.
Okay, but that's enough to convict her, right? I mean, her blood was found right by the body.
Yeah, I mean, with that evidence, there's there's no way she can con Convince a jury that she's innocent.
But you know what, we're just sitting here.
Maybe maybe we can try to make this case against her bulletproof.
How? Get a confession.
Murphy, it's Gene Clemens.
Did you find out about Jess yet? We, uh, we're still working on it.
Let's talk about Nia.
You want to tell me what happened on November 24th? You guys really think I'm that stupid? What? Clearly you're just waiting on the DNA results and you're trying to get a confession from me in the meantime.
Well, let's just talk for a second.
We can talk once you find out if Jess is alive or not.
Now I would like my phone call, please.
- Murphy - I have the right to a phone call.
I saw that fire on the news your friend was in it? - Um - We are not sure.
We know that she was babysitting and brought the kids there for mini golf.
- Now we can't get a hold of her.
- Anyway um, we thought maybe you could call your old cop friends and see if you can find anything out for us, 'cause we're kind of freaking out here.
You're unbelievable.
- Why? - Look, I'm gonna do it, 'cause I'm not a dick, but you don't even talk to me anymore and then you show up 'cause you need a favor.
Um, you don't talk to me either.
'Cause you called me a whore.
- Context, Lesley.
- Whatever.
I'll get my computer.
What was the context? Oh, I called her a capitalist sellout whore.
Because she is.
She was a public defender for, like, less than a year, then moved to corporate finance after flying coach once.
Hello? It's me.
Have you heard anything about Jess? No, not yet.
H-How's it going, uh, there? They, um they took my DNA.
Look, um it's gonna be okay.
Felix, please find out what happened to Jess.
They're not telling me anything here.
I just feel like I just feel like I can't breathe.
I know, I know.
Me, too.
I'm trying.
Darnell is also trying.
This is gonna be super fun.
Well, she's not gonna incriminate herself on a police line, is she? Do you really think if we could find out what happened to Jess, - she'll talk to us? - It's worth a shot.
- You just heard her.
- Yeah.
Jess is the only thing she cares about right now.
I'll make some phone calls, see what I can find out.
You're not really gonna confess to them are you? If they have information about you.
Don't be an idiot.
Look around, Jess It's over.
If someone could give me anything about whether or not you're okay, I'll take it.
- Huh.
- What? I've just never seen you give up before.
I'm not giving up.
I got caught.
Just don't say anything.
I'd literally rather go to jail for the rest of my life than go one more second without knowing what happened to you.
You really are an idiot.
Yeah, maybe.
Hold on.
- What? - Did she just say something? Uh, okay.
Thanks, anyway.
Uh, rewind it back? Yeah, maybe.
Think she's just losing it a bit.
Any word on Jess? Uh, CFD's still looking through the wreckage.
Trying to get a preliminary report.
He retired.
Let me try Oh, no.
He hates me.
- Oh - Hang on.
Oh, my God.
Go slower.
- Seriously.
- Stop.
- She's helping us.
- But she's doing it on purpose.
I want to keep you here as long as possible so your B.
can really seep into my couch.
Have you called the kids' parents? What? The kids that your friend was babysitting? If anything happened, they would be the first to know.
Oh, uh I don't know them.
Can you just find someone, please? Oh, wait.
I helped this cop get out of a lawsuit, and he owes me a favor.
Congratulations on helping a cop get out of a lawsuit.
I'm sure you're super proud of that one.
Oscar? It's Lesley Bell, how are you? All right, thanks, man.
Yeah, I owe you a thousand beers.
Okay, all right.
They finished their initial survey.
No bodies.
No one died in that fire.
Your friend wasn't in there.
Then where is she? Max, we have to get out of here.
We have to go find Jess.
Felix, we can't just go find her.
You guys are being so sketchy.
No, we're not.
We just are gonna go.
Max? No.
Your sister was a defense attorney.
I think she could help.
- Dude.
- Felix, - what's going on? - Nothing.
Nothing? - Look around.
- I'm looking around.
What a lovely display of, uh, floor-to-ceiling firewood you have.
- Let's go.
- We need help.
We do not need help from her.
- Oh, oh, we don't? - No.
Are you forgetting that we made a deal to turn ourselves in? - We need a lawyer.
- I'm a lawyer.
No you're not.
You didn't pass the bar.
Shut up! No.
No, no.
We are talking to your sister.
Okay, what about Jess? Well, at least we know she's alive, because if we go back out there, we're gonna end up right where Murphy is.
What is going on? Zero.
Everything is cool Ow! Ow! No.
Tell me what's going on.
We were forced to launder money for a drug dealer and now the cops think we killed her! You were laundering money for a drug dealer? Yeah.
That's what I just said.
Why do the cops think you killed her? I have no idea.
Ow! Because we did! She was gonna kill our friend.
We had no choice.
I know.
I don't know what's more shocking, that you murdered someone or that you have friends.
Every case has a defense.
Even this one.
Let me see what I can do.
Well? Did you find her? We did.
Are you ready to talk? Yes.
Just tell me.
Once you tell us what happened the night of November 24th.
I swear, I'm-I'm I'll tell you everything you need, but I'm not doing that without finding out what happened to Jess first.
She wasn't in the fire.
She wasn't? No.
Are you lying to me? I wouldn't do that.
Then where is she? We don't know.
All we can confirm is that there were no bodies found in the arcade wreckage.
Now it's your turn.
Tell us what you did to Nia Bailey.
No, that wasn't the deal.
I said I would confess if you found Jess.
Oh, come on Murphy.
Look, we found out Jess wasn't in the fire, now tell us what you did to No.
Find where she is The hell? I am so done negotiating with you! You're gonna rot in prison for the rest of your life, and you keep wondering what happened to your friend from behind bars.
Good luck.
You forgot your cane.
Wow, so your friend was sleeping with the cop, the IRS dude and him? Yeah.
So you're the only guy in her life she hasn't boned? I mean, I guess that makes sense.
Who would want to take a 33-year-old's virginity? Funny joke.
You do know that I had sex with Nikki Anderson at Brad Leventhal's Halloween party.
Oh, my God.
She doesn't remember that even happening.
She was too drunk.
No one believes you.
Well, it happened.
Why are you insisting that you had sex with a girl who was too drunk to remember? Because she wasn't, okay? I was with her all night, she had, like, half a beer, then she made up this whole lie about how she was too blacked out because she doesn't want to admit she had sex with me.
Still not great.
Can we just get back to Murphy, please? Sure.
If that DNA matches, uh, your girl's gonna go to prison for the rest of her life.
What? Uh, can't you find some loophole or something? Isn't that what you do, you find loopholes? - Find one.
- Uh, a loophole for finding her blood and the victim's blood at the scene of the crime? No.
I can't do that.
No one could.
I'm sorry, man.
I - It's okay.
- No, I-I blew it.
- It's fine.
- I She's just maddening.
She was probably never gonna confess to us anyway.
And, look, we know that DNA evidence will be enough for an arrest at least.
Then we'll have all the time in the world to build a case against her.
Don't worry.
Uh Uh, I'm gonna go get some fresh air.
That's a good idea, man.
Hey, it's gonna take a while.
Why don't you go home, get some rest and come back in a couple hours? - Got your results.
- Yeah? It's a match for Murphy Mason.
I just got word the DNA matched.
So, I guess that's it, then.
They, like, take me to jail now? Do I get a lawyer? Well, before we book you, I need a statement about the chief.
What? About how he helped Dean cover up the Tyson Parker murder.
If you can do that for me, I can cut you a deal.
And you'll still do the time, but I promise you it'll be a lot less.
Can you do that for me? - Um - Come on, Murphy, look.
Just tell me what happened the night that Dean Riley got arrested.
What happened at that hospital? How much less time are we talking? I'll-I'll make sure it's under five.
What about Josh? - He-he wouldn't agree to this.
- Don't worry about Josh.
What's said between me and him is between me and him.
Or you didn't tell him.
You want to make the deal or not? Yeah, I do.
Yes, I do.
Uh Get your tape recorder.
Well, everything in-in the room is already recorded, - so, uh, when you're, - Oh.
when you're ready.
Um Uh, Dean Riley was a detective here.
And he told me that he killed Tyson Parker.
Tyson was a 17-year-old boy who happened to be my friend.
And Dean told me that he strangled him and shot him and threw his body in the river.
And I recorded Dean's confession, but then he tried to kill me, too, um We got in this crazy car accident, and when we got to the hospital, I handed my phone over to the police with the confession, and and they arrested Dean.
But then the next time I saw him, the charges had been dropped and and he was released back onto the force.
And do you know how that happened? Um Well, I asked a nurse, and she said that Dean only had one visitor his boss, the chief.
And when he left, Dean was free.
So That's how I knew the police department was in on the cover-up.
Thank you so much, Murphy.
For that.
I'm gonna book you now, but you have my word.
Under five years.
Wait, I think, uh I think we should let Josh do this.
And I know how badly he wanted me to go down, and I think we both owe it to him.
You're right.
You're right.
I'll be back in a bit.
All right, here I am.
What's going on? Just, uh, got the results back.
And? Technically, these are for the Christmas party, but I snagged a couple.
It matched with Murphy? This would be a really weird move if it didn't.
Ah, I wish this actually got me drunk.
Yeah, it might.
I think the grape sodas have been in there since 1996.
Did you book her? Uh Thought that, uh, you'd want to do the honors.
It's over, Murphy.
Oh, you know, I thought you'd be smarter than this.
Just after everything I did to you, I figured you'd stop trusting people.
Okay, you know what? I'll just, uh, I'll just take her.
You wouldn't want me to tell Josh our little secret.
- Oh, what's she talking about? - Nothing.
- Ah - What's going on? Gene cut me a deal.
I'm only gonna serve five years.
He actually just used you to get to me to give a statement against the chief.
I told you, you're way too trusting.
Hey, that's not true.
Okay? She's lying.
Come on, Josh.
All right? She lies about everything.
Oh, so you didn't cut her a deal? No.
You're-you're seriously gonna believe anything that comes out of her mouth? I mean, you said everything in here is recorded, right? So, you could go listen for yourself.
Josh, come on, man.
Yo, Josh? Josh.
- Listen, man.
- No, I'm listening to something else right now.
- Come on, man.
This is stupid! - Oh, I'll find out for myself if it's stupid or not.
Uh, can we please just go back in there? About how he helped Dean cover up the Tyson Parker murder.
If you can do that for me, I can cut you a deal.
And you'll still have to do the time, but I promise you it'll be a lot less.
And there it is.
You have no idea how corrupt my chief is.
Oh, yeah, your chief is the corrupt one.
This entire time, you let me believe that we were gonna put Murphy away for the rest of her life.
- She's still going to jail.
- Five years.
Five years for murder.
The tax evaders get longer than that! All right, can you please calm down? Don't tell me to calm down.
Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪ Excuse me, where's the closest exit? Oh, just straight ahead to the right.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
Happy holidays.
Yeah, you, too.
- You could have told me.
- You would've never gone for it.
- Yeah, you're absolutely right.
- Okay, look, I never put it in writing.
Okay? So let's just book her, then we can figure out something that works for the both of us.
- Whatever.
- Okay.
- No.
- God! We've got a fugitive on the run.
Lock down the building now.
Uh, excuse me, could you hail a cab for me? - Uh, uh, yeah, of course.
- Yeah? Taxi! We're looking for a blind woman.
Light brown hair.
- Thanks so much.
- No problem.
Have a good one.
Oh, just drive straight, and if I could borrow your phone just real fast.
Suspect is a blind woman.
Approximately five-foot-ten, still in the vicinity.
Hello? Hey, it's me.
- Hey.
- I'm in a cab.
Did you find Jess? Not yet.
Wait, you're in a cab? Yes, I-I left where I was, and I wasn't supposed to, so just please tell me where I should go.
Now, please.
I'm at my sister's.
6321 North Temple Lane.
Why are you still so pissed? Max told you Jess wasn't even in there.
- It's all good.
- It's not all good.
- What else do you want me to say? - Nothing you can say.
- Hi, are you Margie? - Yeah.
I'm a friend of your niece Alex.
We're trying to find her, and Lola told us she came here last night? It's sort of an emergency.
Yeah, no kidding.
That girl she was with was in bad shape.
With a girl? Brown hair, brown eyes? Yeah, she'd been hurt in a fire.
Alex thought that I could help 'cause I'm a nurse.
But there was nothing I could do.
That child needed a hospital.
So, did they go? Yeah, I made sure.
I drove them to Northern Presbyterian.
Thank you so much.
Sorry to bother you.
Good luck.
I hope she's okay.
Thank you.
Nah, I'm getting an Uber.
- I can drive you there.
- No, you've done enough.
I'll see you around.
Dude, I'm done with you.
Look, I know you're selfish, but this was Just go, man.
I'm here to visit Jessica Damon.
Sorry, there's no Jessica Damon.
Uh, uh, what about her Uh, Jennifer Walker.
There is a Jennifer Walker.
Sign in.
Hey, is she okay? Oh, hey.
Yeah, she just fell asleep.
They said she's gonna be fine.
Please don't tell I'm not gonna say anything to Josiah.
No one even knows where he is, anyway.
Yo, thank you, for real.
But I can take it from here.
- You sure? - Yes, yeah.
Go home.
All right.
Thanks, Darnell.
We'll talk soon.
Thank God.
Oh Okay, uh, we should get to the hospital.
I'll, uh, call that cab driver and tell Murphy I'll meet her outside.
Well, it was weird to see you.
You, too.
And I guess you won, Lesley.
Look at your life.
And look at mine.
I hate you.
Makes sense.
Seriously, what happened? You used to be, like, a compulsive showerer.
I've been living out of my car.
Leave me alone.
Just Nice to meet you.
Thanks for the pasta.
- Mm.
- It was, really good.
Yeah, no problem.
Well see you around.
Actually, do you mind driving? Oh, sure.
Sorry, I would've offered.
I just thought, 'cause it's your car No, you can have it.
I don't need it.
I'm gonna head back to Canada.
Just drop me at the train station.
Um sure.
I mean, you know, we're heading to Canada, too, after we get Jess.
Yeah, I know.
I just just want to get out of here, so Just drop me if you don't mind.
- Sure, yeah.
- Yeah, cool.
Uh, just so I know, like, what do you want me to tell Murphy? I don't know.
I don't care.
I'll be sure to sugarcoat that.
We checked all the security cameras, man, and everything.
She got away.
Hey, look, I'm sorry, okay? But we're gonna find her.
No, we won't.
- See you around.
- Hey Josh, Josh! Come Clemens.
A word.
My office.
You arrested Mason for murder, handcuffed her, and then she escaped? A blind woman somehow manages to get out of your interrogation room? I know.
I know.
I don't I don't even know what to say.
- I just - Look, I couldn't fire you for going against my orders and digging Nia Bailey's body up, but I sure as hell can fire you for letting her killer walk out these doors.
Sir, please, I Give me your badge and gun.
Give me your badge and gun.
Thank you.
All right.
Hi, buddy! Hi.
Oh, my God.
- What'd you do, break out? - Can you get these off? Oh, my God.
How did ? You left in cuffs? How did you ? It doesn't really matter, but I can't go in there with these, so can you get 'em off? I, uh Yeah.
Let me go see if I can find a pin or something from inside.
- Hurry! - Give me a second.
Oh, uh, before I forget.
I have your phone.
I-I don't care.
I, uh, got her some soup.
Soup? Yeah.
I didn't know what to get someone to properly apologize after almost getting them killed in a fire 'cause I was trying to steal a bunch of heroin.
Okay, here.
I think this'll work.
Needle for a blood draw.
Swiped it from one of those little nurse drawers.
- You stole a needle? - Yeah.
Well, you escaped the police department after being charged with murder, so I think you win.
You're, like, an actual fugitive now.
I-I Yeah, I am.
I know.
I'm aware.
So we need to leave immediately.
- Yep.
- Take longer.
Shut up.
Where's Max? He, um - What? - He went back to Canada.
He told me to say goodbye, though, and and to give you one of these.
I know he didn't, but thank you.
I needed this.
All right, can you, uh ? I should get these off.
So that we-we can go inside.
- Boom! - You got it? - Ha-ha! - Oh, my God.
Trey was just here.
He actually helped me find her.
Least he could do.
Yeah, well, anyway, uh, Jess is good.
I was just in there.
She woke up.
We talked for a bit.
Thank you.
Um, when do, uh, visiting hours open up again? 7:00 a.
Okay, we'll just wait, then.
I wouldn't wait in here if I were you, - just to be safe.
- Yeah, we know.
I guess we'll sleep in the car.
Uh I keep doing this.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Yeah, I'll, uh, look you guys up if I'm ever back in Canada.
- Please.
- I have your names.
Well, I should probably change mine from, uh, Gordon Howard.
Yeah, I would do that.
All right.
Kitty cat.
Well, I asked a nurse, and she said that Dean only had one visitor, his boss, the chief.
And when he left, Dean was free.
That's how I knew the police department was in on the cover-up.
That was wishful thinking.
Did you sleep at all? Not a wink.
Look out.
Me neither.
I'll go grab Jess.
I'll be right back.
Jess? Jess! Jess!
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