In The Dark (2019) s03e12 Episode Script

Do You Hear What I Hear?

1 SUSANNAH: Jenny and I did get into a fight - Mm-hmm.
- the day she went missing.
That's why I broke off this bracelet.
Hang on, why didn't you tell me any of this before? I'm getting there.
Jenny was, um She was at swim practice, and she walked over to my house all upset because her brother forgot to pick her up.
(SIGHS) Look, Jenny she needed a lot of attention.
An she was always saying these ridiculous things like, "If I killed myself, no one would even notice.
" Did she threaten that that day? Every day, it was that or "run away with her boyfriend.
" What? She had a boyfriend? He wasn't real.
He was this older guy that she made up for attention.
She was a pathological liar.
Anyway, when she said she was gonna run away with him for the millionth time, I just I snapped and said, "Well, maybe you should just go kill yourself.
" I obviously didn't think she actually would.
Susannah, what if the boyfriend wasn't fake? (SNIFFLES) If she actually ran away with him that day, maybe he had something to do with her disappearance.
- Not suicide.
- Believe me, he was fake.
She said he wanted to keep their relationship "between them" because he was older.
Then, to convince me, she made up all these little details about him, it was - It was insane.
- What details? - Like, what? - God, like, how he made the best eggplant Parmesan.
Oh, he broke his collar bone on a waterslide once, or, um, uh He taught her how to solve a Rubik's Cube.
And she solved it for me just to prove it - (CLICKING, SHUFFLING) - But she probably just taught herself on YouTube or something.
That's something that she would do.
MURPHY: Thanks for your help in there.
What was the noise you were making? - FELIX: Noise? - Yes, right in the middle of when he was talking, it was like - (IMITATES SHUFFLING SOUND) - FELIX: Oh.
FELIX: I was solving a Rubik's Cube.
I don't I don't think he was fake.
I think that older boyfriend was her uncle.
Hey, depresso, eat a pancake.
I For the last time, I don't want a pancake.
God, you're so annoying.
Why aren't you at work? Because it's Christmas Eve.
Are you that out of it? I left Murphy under a highway, okay? I left my blind friend under a highway because I got my stupid feelings hurt.
And then I made everything worse by calling Sam.
So now, if she goes to jail, Sam will kill her there.
And who knows if I'll ever see her again? - Good morning.
- Good morning.
Uh, have a pancake.
I made them out of a box.
Don't judge me.
Oh, come on, who has the time - to mix together flour and sugar? - (PHONE BUZZES) - Ah.
- Mmm.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
- What? - Nothing.
- What? - It was my friend saying she'll miss my annual Christmas Eve party.
You have an annual Christmas Eve party? I've never been invited.
Okay, why aren't you doing it this year? Uh, because of you felons.
I cancelled it.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
It's fine.
No, come on.
Let's have it.
What, and you guys hide in the closet the whole time? MAX: No, I don't mean, like, a party.
I mean, we can celebrate, you know.
Just the, uh Just the three of us.
- Huh? - Really? I'm sorry, you actually want to frolic around a ham singing "Jingle Bells" while Murphy is still AWOL? I just want to have dinner.
I mean, come on, Felix, don't you want to do something a little normal? No.
Because our lives aren't normal.
Okay? And you can't just hit pause because you feel like it.
In case you haven't noticed, we still have no idea where the hell Murphy is.
You're back.
We have to talk about Jenny.
Can I get you something? Tea, water? Uh, tea.
Tea-tea sounds great.
- Sure thing.
- Thanks.
(SIGHS) Really? This dude? Yes, this dude.
He was having an affair with his niece.
- Ew.
- Yeah.
(SIGHS) So you think I'm, like literally in the house right now? I think it's possible.
Why would he be keeping me here? Because he killed Jenny.
Oh - When she tried to expose them.
- Right.
And then suddenly, ten years later, someone shows up with her name, her social security number.
So he's probably keeping you here while he tries to figure out how you got all of her information.
Or, like I thought, he tried to kill Jenny, but she ran away, and now he thinks you're her.
He thinks you're Jenny.
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, Murph.
How do you plan on finding me with this guy hanging around? Get him on a date and steal his keys.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) No offense, but I think you're a little too old for him.
And you're wearing a crew neck.
- And you haven't showered in days.
- Shut up.
- So - (SNIFFS, CLEARS THROAT) - Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
I'm putting it - right in front of you.
- Oh Oh, thank you.
It smells so good in here.
Thank you.
- Making dinner for Christmas Eve.
- Mmm.
Are you having people over? No.
Uh just using it as an excuse to cook.
So what can I do for you? Uh, I, um I just wanted to apologize.
For what? Well, um I was just To be honest, um, the reason I was looking for Jenny, um, is because I thought that her case would lead me to my friend Jess.
And I just kind of became obsessed with the whole thing, and I-I didn't even think about how hard it might have been for you to have to dredge up all those memories, and I just feel like an ass, and I'm sorry.
That's very kind of you.
But unnecessary.
I know what it's like to want to find somebody as badly as you do.
(LOUD THUD) Sorry.
My dog, uh, thinks she's an acrobat, apparently.
I'm actually gonna go put her outside.
- Will you excuse me a moment? - Sure.
- All right.
Be right back.
- Yeah.
Maybe you're not wrong about this after all.
I told you I would find you.
I told you.
No one believed me.
Hey, guys, it's Christmas Eve.
You can go home if you want.
I'm good.
I don't have any plans.
Look, Murphy has to eat, she has to sleep; W-Where is she doing that? Car.
Still, she needs help.
Who's helping her? Wait, what about Darnell? What? Darnell visited Jess in the hospital, right? He's probably helping them.
Oh, my God, how did we not think of this before? - No, he said he didn't know anything.
- He could be lying.
Sarah, he just met you for lunch, right? - Could you give him a call? - Sure.
You - let's do it.
- Let's do it.
Sorry about that.
Oh, no problem.
Don't worry about it.
Look, I appreciate the apology, but again, no need.
I still feel bad.
I I'd love to, um, make it right and take you out for a drink.
Is there a bar around here that you like or something? Oh, no, thank you.
Come on, you don't want to be alone on Christmas Eve.
It's not as bad as you think.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I really have to get back to the kitchen.
Sure, I understand.
Um I'll just order a car, and I'll be out of your hair.
Is my phone on the table or around here or something? I'm not feeling it.
Um, I don't see it.
I'm sorry, do you - I could call it? - Oh, my God.
What? I left it at the grocery store.
I (SIGHS) I remember I set I-I put my phone down when I was paying, and then, and then I didn't pick it back up.
Which grocery store? Shoot, I don't remember the name.
It's I was there right before I came here.
It's, like, five minutes away.
- Starsky's? - Starsky's! Yes, that's it.
I feel like such an idiot.
But, um, would you mind driving me there real quick? I literally can't do anything without my phone.
- Really? - Sure.
- Thank you.
- I need some stuff anyway.
And plus, they've got a great butcher.
Prosciutto will make a really nice appetizer tonight anyhow.
Oh, great.
Thank you.
- I really appreciate it.
- Of course.
Seriously, you have no idea.
Okay, come on, Pretzel.
- There's one more step.
- Thanks.
Did you get a hold of Darnell? Uh, no, he screened my calls.
Well, just found out that he lives next to a bank.
- So? - So, they have security-cam footage so we can see if Murphy ever went to his apartment.
- Oh, nice.
- Yeah.
Ah! There you are.
What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you? Okay.
Let's go over there.
Oh, well, hang on, hang on, hang on.
I'm gonna see if, uh see if they left.
If they're still there, we're gonna want backup.
(KEYS CLACKING) (INHALES) Is that (EXHALES) Why were you at Darnell's, Sarah? I had no idea Murphy was there.
Darnell and I were kind of I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
It's over.
Anyway, Darnell was out.
I tried to arrest them.
Trey attacked me, took my gun.
(EXHALES) JOSH: So you let them get away? Yeah.
Looks like a real hostage situation.
It was.
It was! I was handcuffed.
Look, if I can just explain to you No, Sarah, you can't just explain.
You lost that opportunity when you didn't report this.
There were text messages between Darnell and me.
Text messages that-that would ruin my career.
They blackmailed me.
All right.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Oh, my God.
♪ I can't believe my phone wasn't here.
- Could've sworn I left it.
- Oh, it's fine.
But, uh, are you gonna be okay without it? Uh, oh, yeah.
I'll-I'll just get another one.
No worries.
Um could you drive me uh, drop me off at the bus station o-on your way home? - Yeah, no problem.
- Okay.
Let me just grab what I need from the butcher.
- Stay here a moment.
- Sure, sure.
("JINGLE BELLS" PLAYING) Fee, are you really not gonna eat?! Over the fields we go, laughing ♪ LESLEY: Oh, he decided to join us.
I'm starving, and it's not like a hunger strike - is gonna bring Murphy back, so - Well, good, because it's not like I got you anything else for Christmas.
Oh, I didn't get you anything either.
Unless you want my other pair of underwear.
(GRUNTS) I think it might be a bit snug.
Fee, can you take out the trash, please? I literally just sat down, - but, sure, whatever.
- Hey, I'll take that for you.
(EXHALES) ♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ Hey.
You guys know what's weird? Um, I saw these pawprints outside.
But I feel like I shoveled since the last time Murphy was here.
Oh, you probably just missed a spot.
Should we eat? Yes, ma'am! Uh, you probably want some olives.
(CLINKING) I'm just gonna wash my hands first.
- LESLEY: Want one of these? - Uh, yeah.
- Uh, all of those.
I want all of them.
- You want these? Just put 'em all on the plate.
All of them? (SCOFFS) Your birthday, you narcissist.
- MURPHY: Is Felix here? I need him.
- LESLEY: I'm sorry.
Max drove him back to Canada.
MURPHY: Wait, what? They're both gone? LESLEY: Yeah.
They must have gotten freaked out about everything.
Is there any chance you could drive me to South Bend? LESLEY: That's, like, hours away and I have work in the morning.
MURPHY: Okay, can I just come in and talk about a ride ♪ - MAX: Mmm.
- Mmm.
- How's that roll? - MAX: Oh, it's so good.
S-Smother it with butter.
Shepherds quake ♪ Enjoying your meal, Les? Mmm.
Yeah, it's really good.
I'm glad you get to enjoy your little duck confit while Murphy is sleeping on the street because of you.
Excuse me? I know she was here last night, and I know you turned her away.
Wait, what? Look, Felix, I was just trying to do what's best for you.
What's best for me is being back with Murphy! No, it isn't.
Look where that's gotten you.
Trafficking heroin, shooting drug dealers, running from the cops? This isn't you, Felix.
You don't know me! And you think you can just turn my friend away? She's not your friend.
Friends don't take advantage of people like that.
- She doesn't take advantage of me! - Are you kidding? She knows you're, like, in love with her, and she uses that to manipulate you.
- I'm not in love with her! - You are.
Which is super pathetic, considering the fact that you guys haven't even kissed.
As a matter of fact, we have! And we've done a lot more than that.
What? Holy night ♪ Yeah.
- Sorry, bro.
- Of course.
You're pissed.
MAX: I'm honestly not.
I mean, Felix is a person with a penis, so I figured it'd happen eventually.
Yeah, you seem super cool about it.
Yeah, I'm not cool about this, Lesley! Yeah, I know Murphy hasn't been great to you, but you could have at least told us.
I was just trying to Kick Murphy out so you could have Max all to yourself? - No! - What, you don't trust me? No, I do.
I just Jesus ♪ I'm sorry.
I just need a minute.
Jesus, Lord ♪ At thy birth.
♪ Thanks again for driving me to the bus station.
No problem.
(EXHALES) Look, I think that, um I'm not entirely sure what to do here.
So I'm-a need you to take a couple days off while I talk to internal affairs.
- Are you serious? - You let two of our most wanted suspects walk away because you were worried about your own job.
I took over this position because Keith did exactly that.
- (SCOFFS) - He put himself above the law.
You're actually comparing me to Keith right now? Okay.
Hey, maybe while you're talking to internal affairs, you should tell them that you were drinking on the job and tried to make out with one of your employees.
I apologized for that.
Look, all I'm saying is I feel like I'm here to weed out corruption in this department.
- Corruption? - Yes.
Got it.
Got it.
- (EXHALES) I just thought I'd try and explain myself.
You thought you were "doing what's best.
" It's fine.
It's more than that.
Look, my family My mom was pretty horrible to Felix.
I don't think she told him she loved him, like, once.
What does this have to do with Murphy? It basically gave him this complex that, like, no one would ever love him, and that made him kind of an easy target.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Basically, my friends figured out that he'd do anything for them if they gave him a little attention, so they'd, like, flirt with him to get him to write their papers and college applications and stuff.
He'd be up till, like, 3:00 in the morning working his ass off for these girls who were never gonna ever go out with him.
And I didn't do anything about it because I didn't want my friends to think I was a loser like him.
You were just a kid.
I know.
But I'm not anymore.
That's why I've done all this for him, letting you guys stay here and everything.
I'm literally just trying to prove to him that someone in this family actually cares about him.
And Murphy? She's just like those girls.
She knows Felix will do anything for her.
But this time, the worst that happens isn't that he loses sleep.
He would kill or die for her.
And when she came back here, I just saw all those girls that treated him like garbage and I finally decided to do something about it.
Come here.
(SNIFFLES) I guess, after given all that, I can start to understand why you've done what you did.
I don't know.
I know it was wrong, but I just see Felix falling into that same pattern.
Okay, wrong again, Lesley! Excuse me? Murphy is not one of your hot little friends from high school, okay? This is a completely different situation.
How is it different? Because this isn't Caroline Byrne or-or Terry Reilly, who were only out for themselves this is Murphy.
I'm telling you, it's the same.
And I'm telling you, it's not.
Did I catch some stupid romantic feelings for her? Yes, I did.
So what? We're friends.
She cares about me.
She would do anything, for the people she loves.
Look what she's doing for Jess.
And I owe it to her to do the same.
But I know you're too selfish to understand what it would be like to do anything for anyone other than yourself.
Do you have a rewards card, sir? Yeah.
Oh, my God! I completely forgot to get my dog something to eat.
Uh do you mind grabbing something? It'll be way faster if-if you go.
Sure, what do I get? Um, turkey, right? He'll, he'll eat anything.
- Whatever.
- Got it.
Uh, I'm just gonna take my dog to pee.
Do you mind tell my friend that I'll just wait for him - in the car? - Sure.
Thank you.
Find outside, Pretzel, go.
♪ Excuse me, sir? Ma'am? - Excuse me? - Yes? Oh, I'm so sorry to bother you.
Uh, I'm blind, and, uh, my phone ran out of battery, and I can't order a car, and I, I just I don't have a way to get home.
I need a ride and I'm just, like, five minutes from here.
Oh, um It's not, like, a scam or anything, I just, I don't have a way to get home.
- Oh! - Yeah.
My car's this way.
Oh, great, thank you so much.
Follow this nice lady.
Thank you! Thank you so much, thank you.
Did you see where my friend went? She took her dog outside and told me to tell you she'll meet you in the car.
Excuse me.
Christmas ♪ Snow's coming down ♪ Christmas ♪ I'm watching it fall ♪ Christmas ♪ Lots of people around ♪ Christmas.
♪ I'm in a hurry.
Baby, please come home ♪ Christmas ♪ - Here we are.
- Great.
Thank you so much.
No problem.
Do you need any help getting in or anything? No.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, I'm good.
I'm all good.
People around ♪ Find inside.
Find inside.
Find the door.
Good boy.
Come on.
All ringing in song ♪ Christmas ♪ Full of happy sounds ♪ Baby, please come home ♪ They're singing "Deck the Halls" ♪ But it's not like Christmas at all ♪ 'Cause I remember when you were here ♪ And all the fun we had last year ♪ - Come on.
- Christmas ♪ - Pretty lights on the tree ♪ - Christmas ♪ I'm watching them shine ♪ Christmas ♪ You should be here with me ♪ - Christmas ♪ - Baby, please come home ♪ Jess? Jess, can you hear me?! Jess, can you hear me? Find the stairs, buddy.
Find the stairs.
Jess? They're singing ♪ Find the stairs, buddy.
Find the stairs.
Come on, buddy.
But it's not like Christmas at all ♪ Hey! Get out of my house! Pretzel, down, good boy.
Jess! Jess! I'm here! Christmas ♪ If there was a way ♪ Christmas ♪ I'd hold back these tears ♪ Jess! Jess? Where are you? - Please, please ♪ - Please, please ♪ - Please, please, please, please ♪ - Please, please, please ♪ - Please, please, please ♪ - Baby, please come home ♪ Jess? Baby, please come home ♪ Jess! Baby, please come home ♪ Baby, please come home ♪ - Please ♪ - Please ♪ - Please, please ♪ - Please, please ♪ - Please, please, please ♪ - Please, please ♪ Hey! Baby, please come home ♪ - (POUNDING ON DOOR) - (MUFFLED SHOUTING) (NEARBY PANTING) Jess? Baby, please come home ♪ Jess? Please come home ♪ WOMAN: No No, I'm Jenny.
- You're alive.
- Who are you? Where's Redford? Is he keeping you down here? - Get out.
- Oh, my God! Jenny, it's okay.
Get out! Hang on, hang on (SHUSHING) (KEYS JINGLING) (HUFFS) Where is it? You haven't been out of this basement in ten years? - It's not safe for us out there.
- Jenny? This is not okay.
You need to come with me.
It is not safer here.
He is dangerous.
(CRYING): He saved me.
What are you talking about? When I told him I wanted to be with him and tell people about us, he just, he freaked out.
And we got into this big fight and and I ran off.
But he found me and he thought I was gonna ruin his life.
And tell everyone.
And he got really angry.
(SCREAMING) And just lost control, for a second.
He could've left me for dead.
But he loved me too much.
I'm sorry, Jen.
I didn't mean it.
Just wake up, please.
Jenny, sweetheart.
Oh, thank God.
Hi, baby.
Wait, what? Cops? Okay, yeah, okay.
Yeah, I'm almost home.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
And I'm gonna fix this.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) JENNY: I had to stay in that room for a couple of months, until he sorted everything out and divorced his wife, but then he brought me here, and made this home, for me.
Jenny, this isn't a home.
This is a prison.
JENNY: No, I love him.
Please, please don't take me away.
Jenny Are you okay? - She's scaring me.
- I know, it's okay.
I'll take care of it.
It's okay, doll.
Like my buried treasure soul ♪ You can't tell anyone, okay, please? Please don't tell anyone.
We love each other.
We're in love.
Yeah, sure.
This is not, this, this is I got to go I got to go.
I Find outside, Pretzel.
We can help each other.
I know where your friend is.
- What did you just say? - Come with me, please.
Come with me, please.
It's okay, sweetheart.
It's okay.
Be right back.
(DOOR CLOSES) (LOCK CLICKS) MURPHY: You really know where she is? Yes.
How? You said you thought that if you could get to the bottom of Jenny's case that you might find your friend.
I assume that's because your friend stole Jenny's identity, right? I'm a cardiologist.
I saw Jennifer's name pop up at Northern Presbyterian.
So I went there.
This girl had all the same information.
Birth date, social security number, all of it.
I tried to wake her up to ask her how she got it, but she was too sedated.
I went back the next day but she was gone.
So I hired a private investigator to find her.
I was worried that some girl wandering around with Jenny's identity would just get the police looking into her case again.
And the-the private investigator Mm-hmm.
Mm, yeah, he found her.
She was still using Jennifer's social security number.
But at that point she was in a different state and going by a different name, so I just thought it was more dangerous to try to speak to her - so I let it go.
- Where is she? I'll take you to her if you promise not to tell anyone about Jenny.
You seriously want me to keep quiet about the girl you're keeping prisoner in your basement? Jenny is not a prisoner.
Jenny wants to be here.
And if you want to see your friend again, yes, you'll keep quiet about us.
Look, I think you can tell that I don't want to hurt anybody; I'm a good person.
I would much rather we both get what we need and then go our separate ways.
Truly, I'm a nice guy.
I want to help you out.
But if you break your word, I will find you, wherever you are and I will kill you.
- So what do you think? - (CLAPS HANDS) Take us to Canada.
Excuse me? After we get my friend, drive us to Canada.
And you'll never hear from me again.
You have my word.
I'm gonna call an Uber.
We need to get back to my car.
- What's up, man? - You okay? I'm fine.
We actually just caught a really huge break.
Remember that triple homicide at Josiah's place? (GUNSHOTS) This morning, the dead body of a guy who was at the shooting was found in a car near Springfield.
Oh, my God.
(SCREAMS) - Oh, my God.
- The D.
took over the case.
But the gun in the car? Registered to Lesley Bell.
- Felix Bell's sister.
- Exactly.
She's not exactly a known cartel associate, so they just assumed that the gun was stolen or she put it on the black market.
But that's not true.
Trey's cell phone pinged at Lesley's, remember? Mm-hmm.
He must have taken the gun from her place.
Which means that they are staying there.
We can't arrest Lesley since the gun wasn't used to kill anyone.
We can certainly get a search warrant for her place, right? And if Murphy's there, we arrest her.
What? I just like when you get all detectivey.
You know, it warms my heart.
Shut up and call a judge.
I love how you think I wasn't gonna do that.
I was just finishing our conversation.
Call the judge.
Just respect for a conversation, that's all it is.
Shut up.
I know dinner was sort of ruined, but it was really good.
Thank you.
You okay? Yeah.
He'll get over it.
Or not.
It's fine.
God and sinners reconciled ♪ Joyful all ♪ - GENE: Chicago P.
! - (BANGING ON DOOR) - Open the door! - What? - MAX: Oh, my God.
- What the hell's going on? - Shh! I have no idea.
- (BANGING ON DOOR) Chicago P.
We know you're home.
LESLEY: Stay here, I'll get rid of them.
Can I help you? We're looking for Murphy Mason.
Well, she's not here.
Well, we'll just search the place, then.
- Excuse me, do you have a warrant? - Uh, we actually do.
A gun registered in your name was found at the site of a triple homicide.
- You brought her gun to - Max, stop.
Do not say anything right now.
Look who it is.
Murphy, you can come on out, too.
- I told you she's not here.
- JOSH: Yeah, we'll see about that.
In the meantime, you two are under arrest.
LESLEY: Hey, do you have an arrest warrant as well? They agreed to turn themselves in for the murder of Nia Bailey, - then they fled the scene.
- Oh, you mean the scene where you left their friend in a burning building? A friend they told you was in there.
And let's not forget that you probably don't even have this deal in writing, so unless you have some other evidence that I'm not aware of, seems like the only person you can arrest for this is Murphy Mason, and like I said, she's not here.
JOSH: All right, guys, fan out.
Can you at least tell me where we're going? Why? What are you gonna do? Are you gonna drive us there yourself? (LAUGHING) (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) No sign of her.
JOSH: Oh, my God, are you serious? You tell Murphy we're gonna find her.
Do you hear me? We will never, ever stop looking for her, and I'll personally see to it that she spends the rest of her life in jail.
That's a promise.
- I did it.
- Felix! - You what? - I killed Nia Bailey.
I buried her body.
All of it.
By myself.
- Come on.
- I did! Felix, seriously, shut up.
So leave Murphy alone.
Okay? I admit it.
LESLEY: Oh, my God.
Are you gonna arrest me? Okay.
Felix Bell, you're under arrest for the murder of Nia Bailey.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you - in a court of law.
- LESLEY: Seriously, - do not say another word.
- You have the right to Keep your mouth shut.
If you do not have an attorney, we will appoint you one.
Oh, my God.
This is exactly what I said would happen.
Now I have to get him out of it.
Because there's no way I'm letting him spend the rest of his life in jail because of some dumb crush.
(MID-TEMPO POP MUSIC PLAYING) Hi, are you Jimmy? Sure am.
Lesley Bell.
We spoke on the phone about the security footage.
You guys can follow me.
So this is the computer.
Someone busted our main camera last month, but the one here in the storage room still works.
Pretty simple.
You just rewind.
- Thank you, sir.
- No problem.
I'll just be at the bar if you need me.
All right, this could work.
You guys were in here, right? Yeah.
Yeah, Felix and me.
There you guys are.
You said Nia came in? Um, yeah, a few seconds later.
Or a couple minutes.
I don't know.
Give me your gun.
- No, Nia - You don't have to do this.
- NIA: Shut up.
- VINCENT: Are you sure? I can do it.
NIA: I want to.
- No, wait, please.
- Nia, wait! MAX: Please! (GUNSHOTS) MAX: No! No, God! No Oh, my God.
Thank God.
This This proves Felix didn't kill her.
What is it? - I need some air.
- Hey, hey, hey (DOOR CLOSES) Sorry.
I didn't think that might be hard to watch.
I'm an idiot.
It's okay.
I know you're going through a lot.
And I know you just want to pretend like none of this happened, but it did.
It sucks, but I think you have to start dealing with some stuff.
And if all this us is too much for you right now, I totally No.
No, I-I want to be here.
I want to be with you.
I just need a little bit of time.
Okay? Okay.
GENE: Your sister sent this over ten minutes ago.
We know you didn't shoot Nia.
You heard the gunshots while you were tied up in the back.
Just like we've already proven, we know it was Murphy.
Uh You just tell us where she is and things will be much easier for both you and Murphy.
Okay, I'll tell you.
She's leaving on a midnight train to Georgia.
(FELIX LAUGHS) He's never gonna tell us anything about Murphy.
This is pointless.
Please book him.
On obstruction of justice.
What? No.
I can explain! I-I'll explain the video! I'll explain it! Just-just keep interrogating me.
I'm your man! We're here.
Where's here? It's a pet store.
Looks like it's still open.
Not sure if she's in there, but this is where she works, last time I checked.
What She-she what? Okay.
Um, I'll be-be right back.
(DOOR CHIMING) (ENTRY CHIME SOUNDS) (BIRDS CHIRPING) JESS: Sorry, we're closed early for the holidays.
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