In Treatment s01e04 Episode Script

Jake and Amy - Week One

Hi, Lenny, it's your dad, pick up.
Hey, what's going on there, little man? In a couple of hours.
Listen, has Mommy left already? She wasn't home? No, she's not picking up her cell.
What? What are you eating? It doesn't sound like an apple.
It sounds like a Frito.
Are you eating Fritos? OK.
Lenny, I don't have the time for this now.
We'll talk about it when I get back, OK? Bye.
The way she stuffs him with junk food drives me crazy.
Hi, this is Amy, leave me a message.
It's me.
I'm at Paul's.
Where the hell are you? What's going on? Why don't you sit down, Jake? I'm sure she'll be here in a moment.
This time slot sucks.
Hi, this is Amy.
Leave me a message.
Don't fuckin' tell me you forgot we're due at Paul's.
Call me back.
She knows we have an appointment.
We talked about it this morning.
Sarah, what's up? Hi, it's Jake.
Did she leave already? When? What do you mean? Twenty minutes or three hours? Do you know where she was going? Did she leave alone? Alone.
That means without anyone else.
Oh, OK, good.
Good girl.
See, that was easy, right? Fine, fine.
Thanks, bye.
Fuck her! Was that somebody from Amy's office? Yeah.
They're all so full of themselves.
I can't stand 'em.
l- I'm sorry, what exactly does Amy do? She's deputy, VP something.
She's all about work now.
Lenny barely sees her.
Are you comfortable being here, with me without Amy? Yeah, I'm comfortable.
You said we shouldn't start until we're both here, right? So we wait.
We can start at any time you want.
It's just If you don't mind that Amy has to hear it all again.
Nah, it's OK.
We'll wait.
I'm just getting the sense, uh, Jake, that this is difficult for you to be here without her? No, it's not difficult.
Hi, Molly.
Everything's fine.
Can you hear me now? Great.
Listen, do you know where Amy is? If I knew, I wouldn't be calling.
She's not picking up.
Do you or don't you know where she is? Molly, I'm in the middle of something, OK? All right, I'll let her know.
OK, bye.
Her mother, Jesus.
What do you mean? The way they talk, you can tell they're loaded.
They got money coming out of their asses.
- Amy too? - What do you think? She's lucky I keep things in perspective for her.
Her mother.
Yes, Molly, what is it? An attack? An attack of what? Why do you always rush to the worst case scenario? Well, fine.
Go on worrying.
I'm not.
I'm not worried.
What are you gonna do about it? That's the way it is.
I'm in the middle of something.
OK? Bye, bye.
Now I'm in trouble with her mother, the hysteric.
- She sounds anxious.
- She's a wreck.
Maybe she's skipping through the stages of anxiety.
What? Well It's like Let's say you arrange to meet somebody at a particular time and place, you arrive and they're not there and you think to yourself, "Maybe I got the time or place wrong.
" And then you get to the stage where you get angry and you say, "Where the hell are they? They're supposed to be here.
" And then you get to the stage of anxiety where you're worried if something has happened to them.
- OK, I'm out of here.
- I think you should stay a few more minutes.
She was late last week, remember? Maybe I left my ringer off.
No, you idiot, her mother just called you.
Are you leaving? I'm gonna step outside, maybe I can see something.
Jake, why are you so worried? You mean, what act of anxiety am I in? That's interesting, that you say "act of" anxiety.
Because it's an act, not a stage.
It's from that pretentious fag.
So you're familiar with the works of Roland Barthes? Surprise, surprise.
- Her mother? - Her mother.
I'm late, sorry.
Who's calling? - Why don't you answer the phone? - Where were you? I'm right here.
Were you worried? - You weren't picking up.
- Really? I'm such an idiot.
I switched it off during the meeting.
I forgot to turn it back on.
Where were you? At work, where else? What were you doing in the meantime? Mud wrestling? Wrestling.
That's what it looks like.
It's just a really bad time slot.
- What? - Sarah said you left a long time ago.
So? Traffic.
You were wearing a different outfit this morning.
He noticed.
I just bought it.
You just went and bought yourself a suit? Yeah, I spilt coffee over myself during the meeting.
- What meeting? - Are you gonna sit or what? There was traffic, that's it.
- Two o'clock.
- What? - Sarah said you left the office at two.
- That's right.
I told you I had a meeting.
A meeting with whom? What is with the interrogation? With Reeves.
What difference does it make? Who's, uh, Reeves, Amy? My boss.
- So where was it, this meeting? - At a café.
Why are you wasting our time here with Paul on this bullshit? You should have thought about that before you came in late.
Is it usual for you to be late, Amy? Sometimes.
I'm fashionably late.
Well, you've been late for all of our three sessions so far.
I apologise.
Is your being late an indicator of not wanting to be here, perhaps? Don't flatter yourself.
So you're usually late, Amy, and this is usually your reaction, Jake.
Is this his usual response? Yes.
He's suspicious.
Do you think perhaps Amy has something to hide, Jake? - Is that why you were nervous earlier on? - I wasn't nervous.
Maybe it was you who was nervous to be alone with me.
He is a bundle of nerves.
- Well, perhaps - Where did you get the outfit? - Paul's talking.
- Where did you get the outfit? I told you.
I spilt coffee on myself so I went and bought it.
Which café did you go to? Do you see what I have to deal with here? The bakery next to the office.
I had a an espresso.
He had a mint tea.
I had an almond croissant.
He had toast.
- There's no shopping in that area.
- So? - So you drove to a mall? Where to? - So? What if I did? - All the way to a mall.
- Yeah.
How much do we owe you, Paul? - What is the matter with you? - How much do we owe you? - Why? - Because we're wasting our time.
- She went to finalise the abortion.
- I didn't finalise anything.
While we've been waiting to talk about whether or not we should have an abortion, she's meeting with Kornreich to work out details.
I didn't work out any details.
- You're lying.
- I bought a suit.
Did you or did you not see Kornreich? I did see him.
But I didn't work out anything.
So what were you doing there? He told both of us that he couldn't do anything till he ran some tests so he took some blood from me.
- And you call me suspicious.
- Do you see why I hide things from you? Because you react like a madman.
It isn't an abortion.
It's in case we decide to have an abortion.
Did Kornreich ask what I thought about this or is your opinion and his enough? The man's been giving me fertility treatment for five years, can I talk to him? If you were wearing this outfit I'm sure he was happy to talk to you.
Did he look under it? Did he "check you" before taking your blood? - You're such a shithead.
- When she curses, Paul, you know she's lying.
I think, Jake, what Amy might be trying to say is that she can't talk to you about this abortion because you suspect anything that she says.
I'm the one at fault here? I'm the one at fault.
She arranges a meeting with her OB behind my back and I'm the one at fault here? Tell me something, is she paying you behind my back too? Right, I bribed him so I can have an abortion.
And on the other hand, Amy, you may be responsible for Jake's suspicions because you behave like somebody who's got something to hide.
Because you lie.
Because you won't allow me to have any doubt.
- What do you mean by that? - You can see it for yourself.
He won't even consider an abortion as an option.
Look at him.
Don't you hear how he talks to me? Perhaps his his aggressive attitude reflects his need to be more aware of what's happening to you, to be part of your decision, to understand your thought processes.
Maybe it's a it's an expression of his love for you.
Love? God.
- The cursing me out is all about love? - I didn't curse.
And you're a liar.
I'll go and see Dr Kornreich tomorrow.
I'll discuss it with him and I will make a decision.
Amy can you tell us what, uh what the most important issues for you are? We've been through that here, Paul.
- I don't know if I want to be pregnant again.
- She doesn't want the baby.
I don't know if I want another baby.
OK? I'm not sure.
I told you, I'm tired.
Are you capable of thinking of anything but yourself? - It's my pregnancy.
- Our pregnancy.
It's ours.
- Oh, really? - That's right.
And haemorrhoids, are those yours too? And the nine months of morning sickness? And the extra 50 pounds, are those yours too? Have you spoken to Dr Kornreich about terminating this pregnancy that you've wanted for so long? Yes.
I don't think, um I'll be able to love another baby.
I'm angry at him already.
I feel like it's forcing itself into the middle of things.
Ever since I became pregnant I felt the hormones raging, driving me insane, and I know I'll have postpartum, that's what happened last time.
I see it coming and it paralyses me.
I won't be able to take care of this child.
I won't love him.
I don't know what I'm capable of, you know.
I scare myself, I I scare myself to death.
So, was that convincing enough? You're insane.
Why? Because I want to be able to make my own decision? - Deranged.
- Really? If that's the case, and assuming you're mentally healthy, why are you in such a hurry to have another child with me? Maybe you could explain it to her, Paul.
You could explain that it's abnormal for a woman to make up such a crazy speech about being depressed.
I wanna get you and Kornreich and everybody off my back so I can make my own decision.
If playing the part of the depressed wife will do it, great, there.
I'm sorry I made all that up.
Really? - What? - Did you make it up? - I told you, she's a born liar.
- I lied and I apologise.
I'll go kneel in the corner and pray for forgiveness.
Isn't it possible that something in this fake narrative of yours has more than a grain of truth? Those fears sounded very real to me.
All of a sudden he's a therapist.
Maybe I'm hearing what she's trying to tell you, Jake.
What am I trying to say to him? That you're terrified.
You're terrified of having this child.
Can't you hear that? She's exaggerating her fears so that you will hear her.
So that you will listen to her.
- What do you mean? - He means that it's abnormal for a woman who spent five years in fertilisation treatments to want to get rid of the baby because she's afraid of haemorrhoids! Mm.
Right, um It seems to me that both of you have a wide range of emotions in respect of this pregnancy.
Perhaps Jake you're not confronting your fears about not wanting another baby.
And you, Amy, on the other hand, if you weren't so busy fending him off, you might find within yourself arguments for wanting another child.
Why is it so hard for the two of you to understand that a woman may choose to put her career, or her body or whatever, ahead of having a child? I think what I'm trying to say is that I don't think the issue is as clear cut - as both of you want to admit.
- Bullshit! Total bullshit.
You're talking to two people who spent five years in fertility treatments.
Do you know what it's like, five years? For five years, they've injected me, and hurt me, drawn things out of me, told me when to eat and when to sleep, when to breathe and when to fuck.
Do you know how many hands went in and out of my body during the last five years? For nothing.
And when we stopped the treatments, not because I wanted to, because the doctor told us to, the whole world including him comforted me and said, "Maybe it's for the best".
And you know what? They actually managed to convince me.
So here I am and it's a year later, I feel happier and I've lost the weight, and for the first time, I can actually see myself as someone who Someone who would never have a baby with a shithead.
- You're so primitive.
- Primitive? Mm.
Back when she was cheating with me on her first husband, Paul, I was sexy.
But now I'm primitive.
- I still find you sexy.
- Not as sexy as Reeves, right? You're wrong, believe me.
You know for a pathological liar, you sure say "believe me" a lot.
I'm a liar and deranged and egotistical.
Anything else? Just admit that you don't want to have my child.
We already have a child, remember? Yes, I do.
He's at home having Ding Dongs for dinner.
You know what? It seems to me that you're not really talking about a child.
You're really talking about your inability to accept each other - for who you are.
- I don't understand what you're doing.
Excuse me, but I just don't get it.
We came here two weeks ago because we couldn't make a decision.
And as time goes by you try to convince us that we're not indecisive but that we have problems.
You haven't helped us decide whether to have the baby, but you've done a great job of getting us to fight.
- I think what's coming out - We didn't come here to bring things out.
We came here to decide whether to keep the baby or not.
But it's not a yes or no answer.
How do you sleep at night? Should I have problems sleeping at night? If you're talking about separation, you should lose sleep.
- I wasn't talking about a separation.
- Why are we talking about a separation? We came here to talk about a pregnancy.
And we end up talking about all these other things.
Relationships! No, I'm sick of it! Yes to the pregnancy or no.
To have an abortion or not have it.
Just fucking say it.
To keep the child or don't keep it.
Tell us what you think.
- You want me to give you an answer now? - I want a yes or a no.
I think you should have an abortion.
Really? Go ahead, have an abortion.
Is that what you think? Do you see what's happened here? Do you see how you shoved me into a corner? Do you see how I had to give you the answer that you didn't want to hear? This is exactly what you do with Amy.
I can't tell you whether or not to have an abortion.
Yes, you can.
You just did.
- I don't have an answer.
- You just gave us an answer.
You could have said many things, but you told us to have an abortion, right? You had an opinion and you let it slip out.
You're murdering our child.
- Stop! Leave him alone.
- OK, let's go.
You got what you came here for.
Let's stop wasting our time.
You know why I can't tell you whether or not to have an abortion? It's nothing to do with whether I'm a psychotherapist or not, whether I'm allowed or whether I'm not allowed.
This is a personal decision for you both.
It is a personal and moral decision that you must take yourselves.
All I can do is help you to confront your feelings so that you come to a correct decision for you both.
That's all I can do.
That's it.
Goodbye, Amy.
You've reached the office of Dr Gina Toll.
Please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Gina, it's Paul.
Paul Weston.
I know it's been, uh, quite a while.
I'II I'll try again later.
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