In Treatment s01e06 Episode Script

Laura - Week Two

Previously on In Treatment.
Andrew gave me an ultimatum.
Either we get married or we split.
Any idea why Andrew chose this particular time? He said, "I don't know what I want, I just know I don't want this on-and-off thing.
" So I said, "Sure, then let's just decide.
" So you came up with it? No, no.
He had this thing with this on-and-off The ultim I love you.
- How long have you felt like this? - A year.
You've become the centre of my life.
Laura, I'm your therapist.
I'm not an option.
Kate! Kate! - What? - Can you come here a minute? This thing is clogged up again.
Can you do me a favour? Can you call the plumber, tell him to come over here, get it fixed? I've got a session starting in about a minute.
OK, but you realise he won't be able to come today? Have your patients go to the downstairs bathroom.
You can't be bloody serious.
- Why not? What is the problem? - It doesn't matter, it's OK.
- What is the big deal? - There's no big deal.
I'll get Dennis, that handyman guy, to come over.
Well, good.
He'll fix it and it'll get clogged up again next week.
It'll be fine, I promise you.
- What is the matter? - There is nothing the matter.
I've got a session starting in a minute.
Please! Oh.
You're finished with me now? OK.
I forgot.
I should go.
OK, so I said yes.
To Andrew.
We set a date.
It's gonna be the third weekend in June.
Everybody gets married in June.
So So you'll be a summer bride.
Evidently so.
Well, congratulations.
Thank you.
So, are you happy for us? Is that important to you? Well, if you're gonna be a guest at our wedding, you'd better be happy for us.
Andrew and I wanted to invite you.
Your wife too.
But you wouldn't come, would you? Of course you wouldn't.
But we did actually talk about it yesterday, right after I said yes, we started making a guest list and for a few minutes you were on it.
Wait a minute, you said yes just yesterday? Yeah.
I couldn't make up my mind.
It took me a few days to get over the other night and our session.
I, uh I wanted to calm down first.
Andrew was cool, he said a day here or there wouldn't matter as long as I was moving towards a decision.
You know, he's very happy that you're helping me.
For a while there, he thought he'd made a mistake recommending that I come see you.
He thinks you're an amazing therapist and that his instincts were just right, and that you're on our side.
What? Uh I guess I'm just trying to get used to to the change in tone.
You're speaking in the plural.
Well, I'm gonna be a "we", an "us", aren't I? - You say that like you're not so sure.
- No, I'm sure.
You know, Paul, I'm generally open to your interpretations, but it just seems like you're being a bit of a - Killjoy? - Yeah, something like that.
So don't.
Joy is a very rare thing when it comes to me.
What? I'm I'm just wondering if you came here today determined to, uh demonstrate that joy, especially after last week's events.
I'm asking myself if this isn't a bit too fast, if you haven't perhaps taken a short cut.
You think that I'm faking this? That I'm actually totally depressed? Well, maybe it's you that's faking it, huh? I mean, that congratulations was a bit laboured, don't you think? I I don't know if you know anything about, um, scuba diving.
They have this thing that's called the bends.
It's something that happens when the divers come up to the surface too quickly.
It's really dangerous.
It can explode your lungs from the sudden changes in pressure.
Anyway, it it seems like there's there's a huge gap between the depths that you reached last week and the heights at which you are today.
l- I'm just trying to I'm just trying to adjust myself so that I don't, uh I guess, come to the surface too quickly.
Do you dive, Paul? Yes.
I Well, w-we used to.
Ooh, who's speaking in the plural now? I can't imagine you diving.
Where'd you go? Mexico? The Caribbean? Are you interested in scuba diving? I'm a certified diver.
I know what the bends are.
No, seriously, I dove a lot before I met Andrew.
He hates it and he's claustrophobic.
It's nice to find we have something in common, you and me, isn't it? Where are you now, Laura? I just had a scary thought.
I just, um I know it's silly but beforehand when you said your your lungs could explode, it was just the thought that something might happen to you.
Yet you're the one who ascended so fast.
You know what, Paul? I don't want a depressing session.
I want a happy session.
I came with good news, so show a little support.
OK, yesterday, um, I was at Natalie's, you know, Andrew's ex, and Gary, the husband.
The ones who had a baby a few months ago.
They keep inviting us over and I keep avoiding them but yesterday they invited us for brunch Anyway, Gary makes dim sum.
He has those bamboo steamers and everything.
So I said to Andrew, "OK, let's go.
" He's been so sweet all week, I thought it was the least I could do.
So his agreeing to postpone the ultimatum, that disarmed you? All right.
Go ahead.
They have a baby.
These huge eyes.
The baby is all eyes, so beautiful.
And the way he breast-feeds, all morning he was attached to Natalie's nipple, this huge dark nipple - I've never seen anything like it.
At one point she took her boob out of the baby's mouth and squeezed it and some milk squirted out.
And Andrew has this admiring smile on his face, you know, like he was looking at some masterpiece in a museum, like the Madonna.
What do you think he saw? Maybe an image of you and he together in the future, maybe? Or maybe he just misses her tits.
No, not really.
They're not that nice.
- She's changed since she had the baby.
- In what way? I didn't really know her before but Andrew told me a lot about her.
He said she was this wild type, you know, who had a lot of guys chasing her.
She put him through hell.
He said they'd go to bed and she'd be one person, they'd wake up and she'd be someone totally new.
A free radical, that's what he used to call her.
He says I remind him of her.
That's scary.
Like this is what's left of her, her T-shirt's soaking wet and nipples - nipples, that's all that's left.
She's like a wild animal that's somehow been - Shit, what's the word? - Domesticated? Yeah, she looked domesticated, house-broken.
She said her wildest sexual fantasy was to sleep four hours straight.
- Does that scare you a little? - Oh, my God.
I'd die if I turned into a lousy lay, someone who gets fucked in her sleep.
Do you think that's what happens when people get married? I don't know.
Does it? Is sex something you forget how to do? Or is it like riding a bike? I think that depends on the on the couple.
Of course, sex, uh can be - a subterfuge, it can - Paul.
OK So anyway, I go to the kitchen to help out with something and when I come back Andrew and Gary are engrossed in this deep conversation about - you won't believe this - upholsterers.
There's this upholsterer who redid their living room and Andrew's taking the guy's number.
I'm like, "What are you doing?" He said, "You and I discussed recovering those armchairs your dad gave you.
" I'm telling you, we never discussed this and all of a sudden Andrew's reupholstering armchairs? I mean, we're talking metrosexual.
It doesn't sound like the Andrew you've been talking about.
Exactly! I mean, this was beyond metrosexual.
Do you ever watch, uh, the Animal Planet? Yeah, well, it was about this type of bird.
I can't remember the name of it, but anyway, the male bird builds a nest for the female.
You know, these amazingly intricate structures.
They're incredible.
Anyway, the female goes from nest to nest, you know, checking out all her various mating options, trying to make up her mind, while the male bird is desperately flapping about, trying to attract the female with his architecture.
You know, the nests look like cages.
Anyway the whole way home I thought I wouldn't be able to fight this any more.
So when we got near the house, we were about to park and Andrew said to me, "Do you want to go to the movies or stay home?" I said I said yes.
And he says, "Yes, the movies?" And I said, "Yes, home.
I'll marry you.
" I mean, fuck it.
"Fuck, I'll marry you, yes.
" Mm.
So where do you think this, um "Fuck it, yes," came from? I mean, everything that you've been saying to Andrew, everything you've been doing for the past few weeks has been one big no.
I mean, what, you think Andrew took me there as some sort of object lesson? To show me how good it could be for us? Cos I don't think so.
Andrew's a pretty mediocre psychologist.
Would you listen to me? I'm already bad-mouthing my future husband.
You didn't answer my question, Laura.
Where did this yes come from? You really don't understand why I said yes to him? It was because you said no to me.
Because Because I said no to you? The whole situation is just one big fucking no.
I'm not blaming you or accusing you, I'm just Did you expect a different reaction? In your fantasy how would I respond to you saying that you are, let's say, "in love with me"? First of all, take the quotation marks off the "in love with me".
It's insulting.
And stop with the fantasy talk because fantasies are for silly little girls.
We're talking about reality, Paul, which is that I'm in love with you.
- But I still - That's reality.
I still want to talk about fantasies, for a minute.
Not the fantasy of a silly little girl, but the fantasy of a grown, smart woman.
Oh, please, let's not do that.
That's beneath my dignity.
I don't think there's anything beneath our dignity if it takes us someplace our dignity refuses to go.
You remember that story you told me about that summer when you were That couple you lived with, the ones who had no children, David and Celia? You said that summer was was very significant to you.
Oh, my God.
My mother just died, Paul.
Of course it was significant.
Why rehash all this? My mother died and I was very lucky to have somebody taking me in.
So? I want to go back to that period for a bit if you don't mind.
Your mother was gone, your mother was your last wall of protection against your father from your father's How did you put it? Uh - Toxic fumes.
- Toxic fumes, yes.
His loneliness, his fears, his dependency on you.
You said he'd call you in California and say how unhappy he was, how much he missed your mother and begging you to cut your vacation short and come home.
What's this got to do with anything? You took a liking to these people who were athletic and healthy, the exact opposite of your parents in every way.
And you described David very vividly.
And you said he was very kind to you.
Yeah, you know, he used to take me camping, we'd go surfing.
Used to just talk about stuff, you know.
Teenage bullshit.
You You were very attracted to him? He was a hunk, yeah.
He looked like Nick Nolte.
They smoked a lot of grass, a lot of grass.
I smoked with them.
It was my first time.
And when that summer was over they said it was a shame they couldn't adopt you.
They said, "We want a daughter just like you.
" Yeah, I actually asked them to see if it was possible, if there was some legal way to Anyway, they laughed at me, didn't take me seriously.
They said I was "so cute".
Actually, I wanted him to adopt me.
She was great, Celia, but, you know, I was 15.
- I wanted him all to myself.
- Mm.
Makes a lot of sense when you think about it.
You were 15 years old, your father was grieving, completely dependent on you.
David must've seemed like a life raft.
Just as perhaps I am now.
From Andrew.
Perhaps I'm an alternative to everything Andrew represents - dependency, anxiety.
But I am not a realistic option for you, Laura.
This is a safe place where you can come.
Like David with the beach.
- Yes, but with one big difference.
- What's that? I don't want you to adopt me, I want you to fuck me.
I need to pee.
Uh, there's, um there's there's a problem with the, um with the thing, it's It's blocked up.
I'm gonna call the handyman.
OK, well, then, may I? Uh, well We're almost out of time, so What, are we camping? I need to pee.
What's the big deal? - I won't mess your bathroom.
- I prefer my patients to use the But you just said that the toilet overflowed.
Why don't we just finish up for today? I can owe you the ten minutes when you come back next week.
What, you're afraid your wife will see me? Or that I'll see her? Is she even home now? Is she sitting with rollers in her hair drinking beer? - This is nothing to do with my wife.
- Forget it, if it freaks you out that much.
Well, I bet that didn't come up in med school, did it? Hm? What to do in the following situation.
A patient, in love with her therapist, asks to use the bathroom.
The bathroom is out of order.
The patient then asks to enter the therapist's home.
- What should the therapist do? - I'm sorry if The correct answer is it depends on what the therapist feels towards his patient.
- I can see that you might interpret - Don't interpret, Paul.
I've had it up to here with your fucking interpretations.
You know what kills me? That no matter what I say or do, you see everything as more proof that nothing is going on here.
You turn me into a 15-year-old who isn't taken seriously.
A silly girl who people pat on the head and say, "Isn't she cute?" - You know, the I - Stop patronising me, Paul.
Look, I know when I turn somebody on, OK? You know what I thought of you the first time I saw you? - What? - I thought you looked like a dead man.
I thought beneath that professional exterior is a man who's stopped living.
I wanted to take your heart in my hands and just pump life into it.
Maybe that's your sense of, um of what happens to married people, that they just stop living.
Maybe you're afraid that's what'll happen if you marry Andrew.
Just my being here has brought you back to life.
- Laura, let's, um - Yeah.
I knew you'd deny it.
I mean, how can something like this happen to you? But I know it happened and you know it happened.
- What happened? - Me and you, Paul.
We happened.
And all the thoughts that you have before you fall asleep next to your wife happened.
I think we're out of time for today, Laura.
Why don't we talk about this next week, when you, uh when you come back? Just tell me.
I I think you owe it to me.
Do you want me? - I - Just Just a simple yes or no.
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