In Treatment s01e09 Episode Script

Jake and Amy - Week Two

Previously on In Treatment.
She went to finalise the abortion.
I don't know if I want another baby, OK? I don't think the issue is as clear cut as both of you You're talking to two people who spent five years in fertility treatments.
It seems to me that you're not really talking about a child.
You're really talking about your inability to accept each other.
You haven't helped us to decide, but you've done a great job of getting us to fight.
Yes to the pregnancy or no.
To have an abortion or not have it.
- Just fucking say it already! - You want me to give you an answer? I want a yes or a no.
I think you should have an abortion.
Really? Hey.
- Smoking, huh? - No.
- Not even a drag? - Maybe just a puff.
What about our baby? I didn't inhale.
What are you doing? I got to admit, I love your smoky smell.
- Really? - Yeah.
I have a pain just here.
- She'll get over it.
- She? - Yeah.
- Thomas.
- Catherine.
- Andrew.
- Alicia.
- Sloan.
- For my grandfather.
- Oh.
Don't start with family names.
Remember my grandfather's name? Otis, Otis.
Behave, you're on probation.
It's gone.
It is? Only problem is now I got it.
- What? - Pain.
- Your stomach hurts? - I don't know.
Feel for yourself.
It's not exactly my stomach, but - What, then? - It's somewhere like Maybe it's in my pancreas or something, maybe.
- Near your spleen? - Yeah, it's in that general vicinity.
I didn't keep the appointment with Dr Kornreich.
I decided to wait.
I mean, you said last time that I'd decided without thinking it over, so now I'm thinking it over, and when we left here last time, Jake didn't say a word about it, even later we didn't talk about it, and that night we went to bed for the first time in a long time without fighting.
We were watching TV and I said, "I don't think this pregnancy's worth fighting over.
" And I said, "I think I might want this baby.
" Then I said, "Think about it some more, "because I pity a child born to a mother who doesn't want him.
" And I said, "I just said I think might want this baby.
" And that was it.
And we laughed.
And I woke up the next morning, it was late, actually, he'd left for work already and taken Lenny to school, and I just decided to take the day off.
I was just lying in bed thinking, enjoying myself, enjoying my thoughts, and I thought about giving birth and for the first time I wondered whether it was a boy or a girl and I just somehow knew that it's a girl.
And I could imagine Lenny pushing some kid who tried to take her bike, it was sweet.
Violence turns her on.
And then I got dressed, and the waistband in my pants was a little tight, which I didn't love, but I didn't get upset about it.
So you haven't seen Dr Kornreich since? Mm-mm.
And I assume you've discussed this? Well, not really.
Jake asked what happened at the doctor's, and I said, "I didn't go," and we didn't talk about it any more.
I mean, we have time, you know? - So, what do you think? - Well First of all, I'm really glad that you came back.
You both seem much more relaxed than than last week.
And, er since a week has gone by, you actually have less time to decide, but that doesn't it doesn't seem to be bothering either of you.
Less time? What, are you pressuring me now? I mean, we have at least two weeks.
I don't know, I I think we've said everything that we need to say.
I think what Amy's trying to say, Paul, is that this is gonna be our last session.
No, not necessarily, I just think we shouldn't talk about it so much.
- He'll get over it, believe me.
- No, but let's hear Paul out.
- But we talked about it.
- Let's just hear what he says.
Yes, but we decided.
I think it's too soon.
Told you.
Both of you have more than one opinion about the pregnancy.
It's not so black and white as it was last week.
And I think that's got a little to do with you both coming here.
What do you think, Amy? Mm.
I mean I still want my career.
I don't want to give it up.
But I just feel like I might be able to manage everything.
I don't know.
I'm young enough, and the world's full of working mothers.
And maybe I'll just take on less clients.
I just I don't know if I'd ever be able to get pregnant again, and I really don't want to do something that I'd regret later, and I think I can handle it, especially when I think of what a brother or sister would do for Lenny.
I just I mean, I'm not saying it's final, I just want to think about it and I will make a decision soon, I just I don't want Sorry.
Ame? Amy? What's happening? Let me in.
Ame, let me in.
Kate, can you come here a minute? What is it? How do I get this bloodstain out of the sofa? - What do you mean, blood? - Blood.
- How do I How do I get it out? - What happened? Uh, the couple who were here, she's she's pregnant, and Wh what, she had a miscarriage? No, she was She was sitting here, she she got this pain, she went to the bathroom, she came back, - and there was this blood.
- Are you OK? You look a little pale.
No, I'm fine, I'm just It's just It's blood, it's Oh, for God's sakes, Paul, don't.
I'll take care of it, just don't touch it.
- But I don't want it to dry, OK? - I know.
Just don't touch it, all right? Fuck.
This shampoo gets out bloodstains, but - How do you know these things? - You've forgotten how much I know.
I'm going to try hydrogen peroxide first.
Hydrogen peroxide.
That poor woman.
What week was she in? - I don't know.
Seventh, eighth? - Oh.
Did anything happen during the session? No.
A pretty normal session.
They'd been trying to get pregnant forever.
Are you sure that's not going to leave a stain? Huh! When's your next session? It'll have to dry.
When he comes in, he's gonna say, "What is it?" You've no idea how sensitive some of my patients can be.
Right, your patients are sensitive, not you.
You're right.
OK, well have to see after it dries.
- I'll clean up in here for you meanwhile.
- No, it's OK, leave it.
It's fine.
- Thanks for doing that anyway.
- Yeah.
Well, maybe now you'll agree to replace this filthy old couch.
You could make this room a bit more pleasant.
Why are you so concerned about this room all of a sudden? - I thought you hated it.
- Uh I don't hate this room.
I'm just still jealous of it.
Come on, I'll make you some tea before the next session.
I suppose not everything that happens in here is as dramatic as this, right? No, it isn't, Kate, it's just an office, really.
- Come on, let's go.
- You know, Paul, you call me down here for all your little emergencies, for your toilet and your sofa, you just can't wait to get me out of here, can you? Kate, do me a favour.
What do you want from me? Nothing.
I'm tired.
I'm tired, that's all.
It's no big deal.
I, uh I went back to see Gina.
Gina? When? Last week.
I just felt I needed somebody to talk to, you know? - What, to Gina? - Yes, Gina.
I I don't understand.
I thought you despised that woman.
Aren't you exaggerating just a little bit? "That woman.
" Me? It was just all that crap she wrote about you.
Well, I had to talk to somebody.
I can't talk to you about - Oh.
no, of course you can't talk to me.
- You know what I mean, Kate.
It's easier for me to talk to Gina than to somebody who who doesn't know me.
Gina? Jesus.
Why is Gina such a a threat to you, Kate? Tell me.
Don't talk to me like I'm one of your patients.
You want me out of here, fine, but do not talk to me in that condescending psychological tone, because I can't bear it.
Jesus Christ.
Can I do anything right? Oh, what? I'm sorry, is that supposed to be me? Cos you're the one walking around this house like I am fucking invisible, not to mention the children.
Just because I don't want Max to go to a school for gifted children - means I don't see him? - No, Paul, you're not seeing what he's going through.
And what is he going through, Kate? Don't you hear the way he talks about school? Don't you see that he has no friends? No, because you're off in your own little world, but I'm the one left dealing with this house, and if I've raised your children till now, Paul What do you mean, "raised my children"? What's that supposed to mean, you raised my children? Don't you see that he's home all day, that he never goes to friends, that no one ever comes to see him, doesn't that worry you? So how did you decide he's not having a good time at school? I didn't decide.
He told me.
And you, you know, you're so confident, you're so definite telling me, you know, that he's not going to a class for gifted children, what the hell do you know about what he needs or doesn't need? Paul, he has no friends.
He says he's only willing to hang out with Malcolm.
I ask him I asked him if he goes outside during recess, and he said that he hardly does, except maybe with Malcolm, his one barely friend.
And I asked him, "All right, so, sweetheart, "how do you feel about school in general?" - And he says he hates school.
- Every kid hates school.
He's bored with school, Paul.
He's bored.
He hates his teachers.
All his teachers he hates? Yes, Paul, all of his teachers.
They're all stupid to him and he's bored with all of them and he hates all of them.
And then after he tells me this, you know what the most important thing he had to tell me was? - What? - That I shouldn't tell you.
Your son has no friends, he hates his school, but the most important thing is that I not tell you! Because in your own warped way, Paul, you've made him understand it's not as important as what happens in this room, just like you've done to me! You know for a long time you've not made me feel like I was the most important thing to you.
Not me, not the kids, not compared to what happens in here.
Is that it? Tell me, when did you become such an asshole? I sit in this house and I say, "God damn it, what is this punishment?" You are so impatient with the kids, and it pisses me off.
It pisses me off that you are energetic and alive in this room and you're an old man at home.
You're an old anaemic man, Paul.
You're always tired.
You're always tired for us.
Maybe I haven't noticed.
Maybe things have gotten worse for Max.
I'll talk to him.
OK? So, how's Rosie? How's she? How's she doing? Rosie? Yeah, she's fine.
Why? I was just thinking about that thing at the youth centre.
You really think Rosie can help recovering drug addicts? I mean We don't even know what she does there, we don't even know who she sees there.
Why don't you ask her, Paul? You could try talking to her, she would she would like that, she needs that.
Are you saying now that I don't talk to Rosie? First of all, I don't talk to Max, now I don't talk to Rosie.
Is that what you're saying? I walk around the house like a blind man? Do I disgust you? Cos that's what it feels like, it feels like I disgust you.
Don't be ridiculous.
Of course you don't.
What are you talking about? Why don't we ever talk? We never talk.
I don't understand that.
We've got a few minutes.
Let's Let's talk.
I'm seeing someone.
- What do you mean, you're - What do you think I mean? - Who is he? - Someone I'm seeing.
Who the fuck is he? What difference does it make? Don't tell me, "What difference does it make?" Who the fuck is he? - He's divorced, he has a son - Divorced.
- He's 40 years old.
- 40 years old! Well, at least you can't say he's an anaemic old man.
- He runs an employment agency.
- Oh, manages an employment agency.
- Where do you meet this guy? - What difference does it make? Don't keep saying to me, "What difference does it make?" Where the fuck do you meet him? - At his place.
- At his place.
- And what do you do at his place? - Come on.
No, come on, I I want to know.
You meet this guy at his place and what do you do? Use your imagination, Paul.
Why don't you tell me, you fucking liar? You've been lying to me for the last, what is it, two months, six months, a year? I want to know what you do when you meet this guy.
- Stop it, just - I want to understand what it is that you do when you go to his place.
I want every detail, because I don't want to be left sitting alone to imagine.
- You fucking tell me.
- What do you wanna hear? He leaves work, I meet at his place, and it doesn't take us more than an hour.
Is that what you wanted to hear? He moves differently.
He does everything differently, and that is what made it so exciting.
Is that is that what you wanna hear? And I can't stop thinking about the way he looks at me, or the way he touches me.
He knows I'm married and that's what turns him on.
- Is that what you wanted to hear? - You know what amazes me? What really gets me is that you can go to this guy's place and then you can home here all wet and flushed and excited and horny, and you can sit down with our son and do his homework.
How does that make you feel? I just want to know how does that make you feel? It makes me feel like shit.
And a week later, I go back and I do it all over again.
I hope that's not too complicated for you to understand, Paul.
Happens every day, doesn't it? You know, you You know, you have the gall to accuse me of neglect, of letting you down, of letting down our kids, our family.
Whatever I did, whatever I did, it was not intentional, but what you did was deliberate.
You made a choice a deliberate choice to betray me .
and our kids.
You've made sure to ruin any chance of saving this marriage.
Me, ruin it? Oh, it was ruined already.
What I haven't been able to understand is how you have not been able to see that.
And what's hurt me the most is that you haven't had a fucking clue.
You so didn't suspect anything.
Because it never even crossed your fucking preoccupied mind that I could do anything like this.
Is it over? Are you gonna keep on seeing him? It's up to you.
Please leave.
Dreamt about Becca again.
- Same dream? - Yeah, yeah.
I'm in a boat, she's in the water.
I see her drowning.
I say to myself, "Just just jump in.
"Save her.
" Something's holding me back.
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