In Treatment s01e14 Episode Script

Jake and Amy - Week Three

Previously on In Treatment.
I said, "I don't think this pregnancy is worth fighting over.
" And I said, "I think I might want this baby.
" I don't know if I'd ever be able to get pregnant again.
Ame, let me in.
What happened? She had a miscarriage? I'm seeing someone.
Who the fuck is he! What really gets me is that you can go to this guy's place, and then you can come home here all wet and flushed and excited and horny, and you can sit down with our son and do his homework.
How does that make you feel? It makes me feel like shit.
- Hi.
- Hello, Amy.
So how you feeling? Fine.
Thanks for calling.
No Jake? Remember I told you both at the beginning that in couples therapy we don't meet alone unless the third party agrees? What if I want private sessions? You mean you want to begin individual therapy? Yeah.
I think it would be better if it wasn't with me.
Why, you afraid of Jake? No.
Should I be? Why, then? Well, it's it's like three friends who go to a restaurant for dinner, and then two of us decide that we're gonna go to a movie, - without telling the third person.
- You asking me to a movie? I think we have to agree that Jake can hear everything that we say here.
OK, fine.
It's couples therapy, Jake's entitled to hear whatever we say.
It's great.
So how do you feel? Fine.
Were you worried? Yes.
Really, you worried about me? Are you surprised about that? Mm, it's nice to hear.
Did you worry about Jake too? I was worried about you both, to tell you the truth.
Who'd you worry about more? See, he he is here.
Actually, I worried about you more, because you were the one who went through it, physically.
Well, actually, I feel great.
I feel too good.
Too good? Yeah, I feel really, really good.
And that's that's not good? I feel happy.
I feel like I have energy, I feel like doing things, like putting on make-up and going dancing.
- You think I'm a monster? - No.
- Just a little bit? - No, not at all.
Well, Jake hates me.
He hates you too.
He thinks we conspired against him.
He'll never come here again.
Did you tell him you were coming? No! Doesn't want me coming here.
- Do you feel the need to hide things from him? - I I didn't have the energy to argue.
He probably wants me to feel awful after what happened and he knows that you'll help me not feel like that.
Is that what you want - for me to help you not to feel awful? Actually, no, just the opposite.
I came here because I'm not feeling bad enough.
And you feel bad about that? Yeah.
I mean, a woman who loses a baby should feel grief, right? - That's what's expected.
- Perhaps you just feel relieved? - I mean, after all your concerns and - I had no concerns.
I didn't want it.
So, why does feeling good surprise you? It isn't surprising as much as it's disturbing, you know.
I mean, what's wrong with me? Don't I have feelings? Why are you silent? - You think I don't have feelings? - No, I That's a very serious accusation, doctor.
- That is not what I think.
- But you were silent and I don't believe you.
Are you trying to pick a fight with me? No.
Because sometimes I feel that you need to be defiant, that you need to oppose and be opposed.
Oppose what? I don't know, your husband, me, a society that decides a woman should desperately want a child, that decides a woman should mourn when she miscarries.
It's a little embarrassing, you know, when you start playing the shrink.
You've suddenly got all chatty.
It's very very un-alpha male of you.
Does it bother you that I'm un-alpha male? It should bother you, doesn't bother me.
It's too bad, actually, cos you could look pretty good.
I mean, under the right circumstances, you could be handsome, even.
Under what circumstances? Oh, I don't know.
On a desert island and I'm unconscious.
I'm just kidding.
You're very handsome.
Is that Jake? - Yep.
- Where does he think you are? Who knows? Maybe fucking Reeves.
- Your boss? - Mm-hm.
That's all right, let him think that.
Is he attracted to you - Reeves? Why wouldn't he be? And what about you? Doctor, I'm a married woman! Mm.
So why is Jake so worried about you and Reeves? He's scared.
What about you? - What about me? - What do you think about me? I think you're flirting with me.
Why on earth would I do that? I don't know.
Maybe keep Jake on his toes.
Like with Reeves.
I was just kidding.
Are you are you annoyed with me? No.
I don't feel anything, remember? I I thought maybe I upset you, that's all.
No, I'm not upset.
I'm just bored.
Where's the stain? I saw it when we left here.
You must've scrubbed the couch like a lunatic.
Actually, it, uh it came off quite easily.
I'm surprised, I actually thought you'd have been down on all fours scrubbing away, and your wife standing over you shouting instructions and you saying, "It's not coming out, I don't know what to do, "my next patient'll be here any minute.
" I didn't think it would come out that easily, that's all.
Did you want it to still be there? Yes, I was very attached to it.
Where's your sense of humour? C'mon.
Well Guess I, uh I don't find it so so funny.
- I think you're disappointed.
- Why are you making a big deal out of it? What were you expecting to feel when you saw it? Nothing.
No sadness? No grief? Over a stain? No.
Over the loss of your baby.
Maybe you wanted to see that stain because you needed to accept it, and all the mixed feelings you have about it.
Hello, Jake.
Don't let me interrupt.
What're you doing here? It's couples counselling, isn't it? You said you weren't coming back.
We weren't coming back, remember? I just wanted to talk to Paul alone after what happened.
Were you following me? No.
Think I was following you? - No.
- Should I be following you? So, what were you just talking about? I didn't say a word last week while we waited for you.
- Two weeks ago.
- I didn't say a word.
- We waited 15 minutes.
- You said you weren't coming so I know what I said.
I'm here, OK? - What's that? - I'm not pregnant any more.
Why does everything that comes out of your mouth sound like an accusation? Accusation? Yeah, you interrogate me and then whatever I say or do, I'm guilty.
I can't win with you.
- Doc, my wife's paranoid, can you treat that? - Oh, Jake, you're so crass, it's frightening.
So, how are you, Paul? I'm quite well, thank you, Jake.
That's great.
That's fantastic.
You're very quiet today.
Oh, that's right, I forgot, you're here to just nod your head and do a little damage from time to time.
What do you mean, "damage"? I don't know, I wasn't here, you were talking to Amy.
So, you're here to survey the, uh the damage? I'm here because she's here.
Not for yourself? Does it bother you that I'm here? I'm paying, so I don't care if it does.
You've got some nerve, talking about money.
It's my money.
Oh, that's right, I forgot! Everything is yours, right? The money is yours, the pregnancy is yours, the miscarriage is yours, everything is yours! Do you feel it's damaging for Amy to talk to me? If she leaves our child on your couch, it is.
How do you feel about what happened with Amy's pregnancy, Jake? I feel like shit.
Would you like to talk about it? No.
Amy? - I don't wanna talk about it with him here.
- Why? - What've you got to hide? - You know you're insane, don't you? What do you think I'm hiding? Amy, do you see how your behaviour might sometimes encourage Jake's suspicions? Did she make a pass at you? What if I did? You're hitting on our therapist too? You are fucking unbelievable! Why, because he's a doctor? He could be your father.
- Sorry, Paul.
- Don't apologise for me.
Why are you so threatened by Paul? I'm not threatened.
He doesn't worry me.
- Your compulsion worries me.
- What do you mean, "compulsion"? - She knows.
- No, I'm asking you.
A compulsion to come on to men.
And do you think that's a pattern? - Yeah.
- Why do you think she does that? - Um, ask her.
- No, I'm asking you.
Sometimes people behave like that when they feel trapped in a relationship.
Is that what she told you? I'm asking you, Jake.
Why does she wanna fuck Reeves? She loves authority.
And what about you, are you not authoritative? Authoritative and authority aren't the same thing.
There must've been other bosses before Reeves.
Was Jake jealous of them too, Amy? - No.
- What's different about Reeves? It's not about Reeves.
It's about her, she's changed.
In what way? - She didn't used to have that look in her eye.
- What do you mean, "look"? That look.
Right there.
On the prowl.
She's out of control.
Is it possible that Amy's pregnancy was a chance for you to control her? A pregnancy, a baby, it's not that easy to get out on the prowl, as you put it.
She's much more restricted.
Perhaps like in the good, old days when Lenny was a baby - and she was more - Housebroken, tamed, braindead.
I got pregnant a month after we met.
I gave up my freedom the day I met you.
I'd like to pay you, Paul.
I don't think we paid for the last two weeks.
We do have a a few minutes.
I'm leaving.
Shit, I can't find my cheque book.
- You're leaving without me? - I came without you.
Where is it? - Where you going? - I don't know.
Sorry, Paul.
- When will you be home? - We'll see.
- What about Lenny's dinner? - How about his father cooks dinner? - I said where are you going? - You shit! What do you mean, "on the prowl"? What am I, some fucking animal in heat? I'm glad I'm not pregnant any more.
Really? You're glad our baby died? Yes, yes, and I'm not gonna go round looking sad for you any more.
I didn't want this baby and, man, fucking hell, I know why.
The three sessions? Jake, it doesn't matter, we can sort this out next week.
It's not a problem.
I owe you eighty.
This has been great.
Couple more of these, and we can trade you in for a divorce attorney.
Maybe you should start coming here before that happens.
As you said yourself, you've been here for Amy, not for yourself.
Maybe you should start coming back here for you.
Hey, I heard music.
Are you done? Are you going out? No, I'm Well, um, I'm going to Caroline's, because she asked me to come over and give her some advice.
- They're redecorating.
- You got a new career.
Oh, great.
She likes my taste - you have a problem with that? Is there anything to eat? No, Paul, you can order in.
You're really losing it, you know that? Why's that, because there's nothing for you to eat? You haven't been home one night this week.
What about your kids? I don't know, maybe they'll discover they have a father.
Oh! Oh, you're doing this for them? You're having an affair so they can rediscover their father? Hm.
No, I'm doing it for me.
You know what, I came down here to tell you that I won't be here next week, I'm going away for a couple of days.
- Couple of days? - Mm-hm.
Rosie won't be here.
I'll have my mother come and help you What is this? What are you talking about - you're going away for a few days? It's for a week, actually.
With with him? Where are you going? To Rome.
Wow, Rome, of all the cities.
What is this, some kind of revenge? No, Rome is completely coincidental.
It was some deal he got with work or something.
Next to the passports, there are business cards of our favourite restaurants in Rome.
Maybe I can book you two into the II Palazzetto, maybe? - You know, Paul, all - Why don't you just get out of here? I don't intend to feel guilty, you know.
- Not really interested in what you feel.
- Oh, you've made that perfectly clear.
Just close the door behind English SDH