In Treatment s01e28 Episode Script

Sophie - Week Six

Previously on In Treatment.
I feel sorry for the books up there.
I'm going back to training next week for the Olympics and if you try to stop me you will never see me again.
Right, you'll go to your father's.
Only, he's in Miami, photographing supermodels and no one can get hold of him.
He doesn't even know she was in hospital.
Shut up! He hasn't even called her in over a month.
Why didn't you tell me that your father didn't know you tried to kill yourself? I have to go.
What about our agreement? - Let's talk about it next week.
- No we won't.
What about our agreement? I won't try and kill myself as long as I'm in therapy.
- Yes? - Afternoon.
$12, please.
- For what? - Pizza.
A pizza? I didn't order a pizza.
Is there another entrance to the house? Yeah, but I'm sure nobody ordered a pizza.
OK, buddy.
Just give me a second.
Candy, can you check the street number on the Robinson Street order? Yeah, it's 848 Robinson.
Yeah, but the john claims he didn't order a pie.
You know what? Let me take it.
I think I know who it's for.
Uh, he's gonna take the pie.
What do you mean? Suddenly he did order it? - Ask him what's on it.
- You gotta tell me what's on it first.
I can't just be handing over another man's pizza.
It's, uh cheese? And And, uh And it's deep-dish? - Yeah, it's deep-dish, yeah.
- OK.
- How much is that? - It's 12.
- And here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
- For you.
- Thanks a lot.
Take care.
Want some? No, I'm OK, thanks.
I was on the bus and I realised I hadn't had anything to eat.
So I sent a text message to Google from my phone, they sent me the number of this place near you.
- Google can do that? - Google can do anything.
Sure you don't want some? I think this place is totally organic.
No, no.
Honestly, I'm sure.
I had lunch already.
- How is it? - It's all right.
Not the best, but I have to eat.
I need the calories.
How was your week? Good, thanks.
- So you're in a good mood? - I think so.
Do my moods worry you? You were a little grumpy last week.
You sort of ate me alive.
There were a couple of points that I really wanted to make clear and if I came across as impatient or, erm, or abrupt, I I apologise.
Apology accepted.
Were you having a bad week? Yeah.
And maybe some of that spilled over into this room.
It happens sometimes.
I wish it didn't.
Relax, I can take it.
- OK.
- Plus I like that side of you.
- Which side? - The no-bullshit side.
What did you mean when you said, "I need the calories"? I've lost some weight.
When you go back into training with weights and stuff, as you build up muscle, you're supposed to gain weight because muscle weighs more than fat.
Never knew that.
When I'm not here, do you just bury your head under a rock or something? So these pounds that I've put on, they could be they could be muscle really.
- Do you go to the gym? - Occasionally.
You have to do it consistently if you want to see results.
Every day.
Weights and cardio.
No pain, no gain, guy.
You're right.
You can't see muscle if it's under fat, so you have to cut back on your sugar and carb intake.
OK, coach.
- Sorry.
- No, I appreciate the tip, thanks.
Anyway, if you build muscle, you'll gain weight, unless of course you're a physiological freak like me.
Since I've started lifting weight I've lost two pounds, which is like anatomically impossible.
Now Cy won't let me lift until I gain it back.
It's bullshit, really.
He was like, "You have to make sure you eat protein after every session, "and you have to make sure that your fat-carb ratio blah blah blah.
" He weighed me two days ago.
I don't know how, but I'd lost another pound.
- Can I eat here? - Sorry? I never asked if it was OK for me to eat here.
Sure, of course it is.
I know you have all these rules and I wasn't sure if there was a rule about food.
What are my rules? Well, there was a no-suicide rule that we made last week.
I think that was more of a pact, but If it was a pact, we'd be drinking poisoned Kool-Aid together.
When I had the cast, you had that rule about not undressing me.
Well, I don't know that's so much a rule.
I I felt that that was inappropriate.
So there are no rules.
I can do whatever I want? No, that's not what I said, but you can definitely eat.
It makes me happy to see you eat with gusto.
A lot of gusto, actually.
What happened? I'm done.
I don't want any more.
It's a little disgusting.
- I thought you said it was good.
- I said it was OK.
- I'm not hungry any more.
- OK.
I had half a slice.
What do you want me to do? Finish the whole thing? Who can finish a whole slice of pizza? - I think there's a lot of people who could.
- Fat people.
Do you know what "gusto" means? Of course.
It means It means it's how fat people eat.
With gusto.
Did you know a fat person who ate with gusto? Not exactly.
Well, why are you smiling? My father had this girlfriend a model.
She hardly spoke English and he didn't speak Italian, it was ridiculous.
She used to turn up with bags of chocolate.
She kept trying to force-feed me.
When I wouldn't do it, she told my dad I was anorexic.
She went around the house pointing to me and saying, "I am so worried for her.
She has no gusto for eating.
" Meanwhile she's stuffing her bony ass like a pig and never gaining any weight.
She was a total Mia.
My dad never saw it.
What? You can say it.
I've heard it a thousand times before.
You think I have an eating disorder.
Why can't anybody understand? This is just the way I'm built.
I don't get hungry.
I can go a whole day and never get hungry.
It doesn't mean I'm anorexic.
I'm an Olympic hopeful, for God's sakes.
I know what my body is and isn't capable of.
I know my body better at 16 than regular people ever will.
Never saw her again.
She starved to death, hopefully.
I don't know.
He never stayed with any of them for very long.
And when she told him that she thought that you had an eating disorder, did he take her seriously? I don't know.
- Did he try to get you to eat more? - No.
He likes me for myself and he loves how I look.
He said if the whole gymnastics thing doesn't work out, he can get me a job as a model like that.
So, how do you feel about your weight? I love it.
I like being light and thin.
I like feeling that I could just slip away through a crack in the door if I had to.
Can you think of a time when you used your lightness, as you call it, to to slip away? I'm describing a feeling, Paul.
- Don't be so literal.
- OK.
Fair enough.
Well, can you think of a time, then, when you thought, "I wish I could just slip away"? How about right now? That that party where the boy took you into the into the bedroom.
Didn't you want to slip away then? I was trashed.
- You don't get it.
- What don't I get? The slipping away thing.
It's it's a girl thing, the wanting to be light.
To be there, but not to be there.
It's like Can we talk about something else? Finish the thought, Sophie.
I wanna talk about something else.
What would you like to talk about, then? How's your daughter? Rosie? She's, um She's fine, thank you.
Is she still with that fucked-up guy? Do you really want to talk about her or are you just trying to make me uncomfortable? I don't wanna talk about her if you don't.
- Why wouldn't I want to talk about her? - You never mention her.
After you left last week, I couldn't help thinking about how you didn't tell me that your dad was in Miami.
We're back to that? So he still doesn't know about your attempted suicide? I don't want to talk about this.
Do you want to keep it a secret from him? It's not a fucking secret.
How can it be a secret if that's all you and my mom and everyone else can talk about? - What are you thinking about? - Nothing.
I have a test tomorrow and I missed my dentist appointment today, so I have to reschedule that.
- I think you're running away.
- What? Mm-hm.
In your mind, you're planning your schedule.
We get close to something that feels dangerous to you.
And what do you do? You retreat.
I'm not retreating.
I'm stressed about the exam, I think I have a cavity and I have a stomachache from that fucking pizza.
- What a mistake that was.
- Well I have a theory about that pizza.
Surprise, surprise.
Would you like to hear it? - Do I have a choice? - Yeah.
You always have a choice.
What's your theory? I think that you were enjoying that pizza until I said something that reminded you of something your father's girlfriend used to say to you.
I used the word "gusto".
Are you saying I'm fucked up about food because of something my father's girlfriend said? - Are you fucked up about food? - Isn't everybody? What does food mean to you? What do you mean? Well, is it nutrition, is it enjoyment, is it What? - It's the enemy.
- Hm.
It's just what happens to gymnasts.
Why didn't you tell me your father was in Miami? Why was it a secret? It's not a fucking secret.
I just don't need to bother him with every boring detail of my life.
- Attempted suicide is a boring detail? - It's not a suicide attempt.
I was just testing.
Remember? Somebody around here had that theory, I think.
Yeah, that rings a bell.
He'd put it together and decide that it's all your fault.
He already thinks you're a quack, remember? It's better for you if he doesn't find out.
He'd never let me come back.
Is it better for you or me? Which of us would have to stay away from therapy, do you think? If he knew, he'd be devastated.
He is the most important person to me in this whole world.
I don't ever want to hurt him.
Why can't you just let it go? Forget it.
This is such a waste of time.
You tried to kill yourself, Sophie, and you don't want to tell the most important person in your world? He has a life! Somebody has to.
We can't all go around like walking corpses.
It's not his fault that I took those pills! I'm not saying it is his fault, I'm just trying to figure out why you were ready to leave the planet and not tell him.
- What's up your ass? - Are you angry at him for something? - I'm not angry at him.
- Is there something you're not telling me? Get off my back! OK.
Are we done? We have a little time left.
What? Well, you You've never wanted to end a session early before.
In our first session you mentioned those books up there.
I thought it was because you identified with them.
You said they were cold and lonely on the top shelf.
Then I looked at them more closely and I realised that one of them has, uh has some of your father's photographs in it.
You said that your dad loves the way that you look and that, um if you weren't a gymnast that you could be a model.
I guess models are the people that he that he chooses to surround himself with, the people he he likes.
They're the people he fucks.
I wouldn't say he likes them.
I know that in our culture thin models are are sexualised, but I've always found that really strange, because in classical art and literature, eating is often used as a metaphor for sex.
They both conjure up desire, hunger cravings inside us.
Where are you going, Sophie? Sophie, try to stay here, please.
Try not to disappear.
Eat shit, Paul.
Why are you doing this? I thought you were trying to help.
Why does the book provoke such a strong reaction in you? What you're doing is sick.
It's fucking sick.
It's perverted.
- I'll never forgive you for this.
- Why? Because I'm making you uncomfortable? I'm asking you to think about things you don't really want to talk about.
If I wanted to talk about my father's book, I would have told you it was right there.
What about all that crap about a patient deciding what we talk about? That you take things at my speed, and I control the wheels and all that? You're so full of shit.
But you have been driving what we talk about here.
You may not realise it, but you have.
The very first thing you wanted to talk about were those books.
What are you saying? That you jerk off to my father's photographs? That you open up that book and jerk off all over those sluts? You keep suggesting somebody is abusing me.
You're abusing me! That's what you people love most of all, isn't it? A good mindfuck.
To take the one good thing in somebody's life and somehow fuck it up.
Just like my father said.
Shut the fuck up about him! How could you? How could you? You're just like everybody else! Like who, Sophie? Sophie.
Please, don't go.
Why did you do that? You mean why did I take the book down? Because I had to.
I had to put the book on the table and there was really no graceful way of doing it, Sophie.
I think this book is connected to your wound.
And opening a wound, Sophie, is it's frightening, it's painful and it's and it's ugly.
You implied that I'd been sexually abused.
Is that what you heard? I never said anything like that.
This book with the with the naked models you wanted me to see that.
You know what I think? I think you're angry.
I think you've got great anger towards your father.
You said earlier on that you wished that you could slip through the cracks.
But you don't do that when you're in trouble, Sophie.
Not really.
Your mind tries to, but your body your body stays here.
You let others do things to you, because you convince yourself that that you're not really there.
That it's not happening to you.
That it's not That it's not hurting you.
I'm sure this week you'll exercise like a fiend.
And not because you're an Olympic hopeful but because I know that after this session you're gonna want to regain control.
But I want you to remember something, Sophie.
When you go up onto that beam, that's the place where you detach.
That's where you go to feel safe.
All I want you to know is you don't have to go there.
There are other places where you can feel safe.
And here, in this room is one of those places.
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