In Treatment s01e31 Episode Script

Laura - Week Seven

Previously on In Treatment.
Thanks for seeing me.
I had no one else to talk to.
- I thought my hour would be filled already.
- No.
- I'm really glad that you called.
- Really? Losing a patient is such a big deal? Losing you is a big deal.
I think it's time for you to know.
Know what? That I have very deep feelings for you.
What are you talking about, you're going away for a few days? It's for a week, actually.
With him? Where are you going? To Rome.
Daddy? Hey.
lan's being an asshole.
What? Your son.
Come on, Rosie.
He's heading back to school in, what? Two hours.
Don't you at least want to know what he did? Can you two not get along for just one lousy weekend? - Is that not possible? - He washed my iPod.
I had some clothes on top of the machine, and he dumped them in with his disgusting sports stuff and my iPod was in my pocket.
- Oh, Jesus.
- I know.
- I can't believe it.
- I know.
Your brother's actually doing laundry? You know it's not funny.
He didn't even offer to pay me back.
What am I supposed to do? I can't live without my music.
- What? Who's that? - Hm.
Um - Hello? - Just just one second.
You were saying? You know what I love? There's nothing so important in your life that a text message doesn't take priority.
My generation might have a slightly different relationship with technology than yours.
- Why don't you try reading a book? - I'd actually rather die, but thanks.
Come on, Dad.
Give me a break.
It's a national holiday.
How can anybody type so fast? I Here, let me see.
No, Dad, no.
- I just want to see it.
- Dad, no.
It's private.
OK, OK, you're right.
What's "musm"? It's m-u-s-m.
- It means "miss you so much".
- Oh.
So who's, uh Who's missing you so much? I I thought we were having a conversation.
We really weren't.
So who's missing you so much? Relax, Dad.
- Just a friend.
- Boyfriend? Uh, a friend that's a boy.
Oh, OK.
So, uh So, what's his name? He doesn't have a name.
He doesn't have a name? No, actually he believes that names are anchors - that weigh down the soul.
- Please tell me you're kidding.
I'm kidding.
His name is Noah.
- Noah? - Noah.
- Oh.
From school? - No.
From where? Just from around, not from school.
OK, well, we're progressing.
Where else is he not from? - Does it really matter? - Come on.
Indulge me, Rosie, please.
I met him at the centre, and, Dad, he's the most amazing musician.
So he volunteers with you at the centre? No, he met there with Shelly a couple of times.
And what was he being treated for, talent? OK.
When he was 16 he had a fight with his stepdad.
So - So how old is he now? - He's 18.
Anyway, he threw a rock through one window of this guy's SUV and the asshole had him arrested to teach him a lesson.
And so the court ordered him to go to one of the counsellors and Dad, honestly, Shelly really helped him to turn it around.
He's like the gentlest, sweetest guy, and he writes these amazing, beautiful songs.
He didn't know how to deal with his feelings before but now he turns them into lyrics.
is he all done with school? He works at Kinko's, OK? I know, really not great, but I'm trying to get him a new job.
In fact, I saw this entry-level job in the classifieds today.
What? You've always been really good at that - taking people under your wing.
- What's wrong with that? - Nothing, it's what I love about you.
Sometimes, though, you know, you can help the most by establishing boundaries.
- Boundaries? - Well, he might be in more need of a good friend than say a girlfriend.
I get it.
You're worried that I'm sleeping with him.
No, I'm not worried that you're sleeping with him.
Should I be? - Worried? Should you be worried? - Mm-hm.
- No, you shouldn't be worried.
- OK, fine.
The car window thing, does he have a record? Dad, really it was years ago.
Tell me you never made a stupid mistake when you were a kid.
No, I I just wanted to be clear, that's all.
Did he serve time for the car window thing? OK, you know what? I have to go because Noah is robbing a bank and I promised I'd drive the getaway car, so I'll see you.
- Wait, Rosie.
- No, seriously, Dad, I've got to go.
Rosie, wait Please, Rosie, look.
Rosie, I'm sorry.
I just wanted to find out who the boy is, that's all.
I don't think you do, Dad.
You want the basic facts - the who, the what and the where.
Like that's all that matters.
You always ask all the wrong questions.
So tell me, what questions should I be asking? "Is he nice to you?" You know, "Can you talk to him about stuff?" "Does he make you feel better about your life?" I was hoping we'd get around to that.
What, after the interrogation? I want to be able to talk to you about stuff, Dad, but not like this.
I mean, what's next? Oh, I know, the part where you say you just don't want me doing something I'll regret later.
I don't talk like that, do I? You make me sound like I'm some sort of Like I'm a grandmother or something.
Well, yeah, you do.
Do I? It's like if If you knew I was gonna do something really stupid with another guy, not Noah, you know, some other guy, some jerk Mm-hm? I mean, you would want to stop me from doing it.
Is that it? Yeah, I'd try to help you look at the risks, yeah.
You know, if Like, if I was gonna take off with him you know, like take off to Rome.
What do you know about Rome? I called her cellphone.
She picked up, and I heard in the background some guy say something like, "Where do you want him to put the tray, babe?" Then I heard her shushing him, and then her voice got all echoey, like she went into the bathroom to finish the conversation.
That was that.
He sounded really gross, like, he called her "babe".
So much for "I just need a little break from car-pooling," right? I mean, Dad, here you are trying to stop me from making a mistake and she is sleeping with someone that isn't you.
I don't understand why.
Why is she doing that? Look, Rosie, we we are trying to work this out together.
Dad, she is screwing another guy.
Did this just happen out of the blue? Rosie, look, it's taken a really long time for your mother and me to get to this point.
What your mother did or didn't do isn't Wait.
Are you saying that what she's doing isn't wrong? No, what I'm saying is that it's it's a symptom of something else that's going on.
Well, whatever it is, can you fix it? Rosie, I I am trying to work on it.
How hard? Because this whole weekend with lan home, it's like, "dum-da-dum", everything is fine, everything is normal.
lan is completely oblivious.
What do you want me to do, break her car windows? Dad, it worked.
His stepdad never fucked with him after that.
Well, it's it's It's a bit extreme, don't you think? Another man is taking your wife to Rome.
Isn't that pretty extreme? Why is she doing this to us? Rosie Just please tell me that you will fix it, OK? Please, tell me that you'll fix this.
You know where my good down pillow went? I want to take it with me and Mom said you might know where it is.
I, uh, I sometimes nap down here.
So, are you, um are you all set to go? Uh, yeah, pretty much.
Would you mind hanging on for about 15 minutes until your mom and Max get back? She just called me from the sporting goods store.
Yeah, definitely.
I've never heard anyone so excited about getting to wear a cup.
He'd be really, happy if you if you went to see him in one of his games.
It'd mean a lot to him to have his brother come down and watch him play.
Even if you had to cut out of school one Friday.
You know you sound exactly like Mom, right? - Do I? - How do you do that, anyway? You got her voice coming out of your body.
It's like, um what you call it? Uh - Ventriloquism.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that.
So why no morning patient? I thought everyone's always fighting for those early slots.
Oh, it changes, you know.
They come, they go.
I've had a few patients that that have left.
Really? Cured? - Well - Congrats.
- Is that weird? - What? You spend all this time with these people helping them and then they're gone.
Is it like me going off to college again? "Goodbye, good luck, don't be a stranger"? I think you're forgetting I was the one who encouraged you to go to college.
Because of Chloe.
- Not because of - No, it's cool.
You were right about her, you know.
Uh We weren't meant for each other.
I just I couldn't see it.
Well, I don't remember it had anything to do with OK, Dad! You know, I I don't even know if I even loved her.
Maybe I did.
I - What do you think? - I don't know.
I don't know the answer to that.
Do you ever talk to her? She called once and left a message.
I left her a message blah blah blah.
So, um, are you seeing anybody at the moment? No.
Lots of girls right now It's just not happening for me.
If I'm having a midlife crisis at 20, does that mean I'm not going to live past 40? It's not a midlife crisis, believe me.
You would know, wouldn't you? Yeah.
So, how many girls are we talking about? Come on, Dad.
No, I just want a like a Approximately how many? I'm curious.
I don't know.
Maybe, like, uh four or five.
Four or five.
You slept with five girls? Is that just counting this year? Look, five is nothing, OK? Henry, my roommate, he told me that if anyone asks to just round up.
- Apparently five is total loserville.
- Really? - Wow.
- The truth is I get bored.
Three months, you know, that's as long as they ever last.
Chloe was nine months, but, I mean Well, the last two didn't really count cos she was away and I was away.
And anyway, I was I was cheating on her with Maggie.
You remember Maggie, right, the violin player? Yeah.
You were cheating You were cheating on Chloe with Maggie? What can I say, man? There was a lot of beer involved.
Have you Have you spoken to Rosie lately? - About what? - Uh, well Um I think that, um I think you should know that Well, there's there's been some stuff going on between between your mother and me, and I thought maybe maybe Rosie had mentioned it? What kind of stuff? I don't know.
We've We've been having problems.
You guys are always having problems.
Really? You think so? Yeah, what else is new? Well, this stuff is new, and, uh Well, it's it's something that we really have to to work on.
Well, it sounds big.
You didn't sleep with someone else, did you? No, no, no.
Did Mom? Look, lan, I Is Mom having an affair? No, she's not.
It's, um It's me, actually.
I've I I met somebody, and But we're not having an affair.
Um Do I know her? No, I don't think so.
Is she a patient? No.
No, she's not a patient.
Well Are you happy or are you miserable about it? I can't tell.
I'm both.
I know it sounds crazy, but there's a part of me that that wishes I I didn't feel the way I do, and then there's Are you in love with her? I don't know.
I'm not sure.
So Are you and Mom splitting up? We're we're trying to work it out at the moment.
Well, maybe it's for the best.
You guys have been married longer than I've been alive.
That's pretty good.
I'd say you're entitled to have some fun.
Didn't I say that to you? - When? - When you first went to school.
About Chloe, I said, "You're 18 years of age now "and you're entitled to have some fun.
" Remember that? So what? I told you you were probably right about it.
Why don't you take your own advice? But that's a completely different situation.
You were just a kid.
I've been married over 20 years.
It's ridiculous.
You don't know what you're talking about, really.
All right, I'm sorry.
What do you want me to say? "You're an asshole shithead?" Maybe you should say I'm an asshole shithead, because I think that's what you're thinking.
Whatever, Dad.
This is stupid.
Look, lan, you know, when I know when my parents split up, I I had to struggle for a long time.
- In some ways I'm not even sure I ever - Well, I'm not you, Dad.
What do you want me to say? "Please don't leave"? "What are you doing to our family?" I mean Or maybe you just you want me to stop you? Look, I get it, OK? I get why you'd want to be with someone else.
I can understand how after 23 years you'd get tired of stuff - all the nagging and all those long-suffering, silent-but-deadly looks she gives you when you let her down.
I mean, she does it to Rosie, to me - everything from some tone in your voice to leaving a wet towel on the bed They're issues that you have with her.
They're not necessarily mine.
You think it's so different with you? You don't feel like she's always just disappointed or something? I mean, the woman has got a martyr complex.
- I don't know how you can deal with it.
- I Martyr? That woman put her career on hold for 15 years for you.
She took you to baseball games.
She took you to guitar lessons.
She was always there for you.
I think she's entitled to some kind of gratitude, don't you think? I know.
I I didn't mean to Just whatever.
Don't say that word to me, "whatever".
God, I hate that word.
It's such a cop-out.
- What do you want me to say? - I want you to have a little respect for your mother, is that too much to ask? I do, but is it so impossible that I can be genuinely on your side? But you don't have to take sides, lan.
I'm not asking you to take sides.
Maybe it wasn't fair of me to I know this is a lot for you to deal with That's a cop-out, OK? You can't have it both ways, Dad.
I'm old enough to tell, but I'm too young to understand it? - Don't patronise me.
- I don't mean to patronise you.
I don't.
You know, something like this takes a long time to process.
I know you have these feelings.
I just wanted us to be able to to talk about them, you know? This isn't about me.
It's not about what I feel or why I feel it.
It's about you.
What are you gonna do? What do you want? English SDH