In Treatment s02e08 Episode Script

Oliver - Week Two

- So was that so hard? - I think we're okay.
VO: michvanilly, salomon.
Oliver - Wednesday 4:00 pm - Are we gonna play another game? - Would you like to? I don't know.
Since we met the last time I've been reading up on the rules of blackjack.
I don't want to play right now.
That's fine.
Why'd you learn about blackjack? Because I want to understand more about the things you like to do.
Why? Because I think you're a very interesting person.
- I'm not interesting.
- Well, I think you are.
You're really observant, you're perceptive, you've got a great sense of humor and you're obviously extremely smart.
- My teachers don't think I'm smart.
- Really? They say things like that? I don't want to talk about school.
So what would you like to talk about? You don't have to talk to me if you don't want to.
- I know that.
- I won't tell my parents.
You'll still get paid.
I'm not gonna force you to talk to me, but if you're having if there's anything you do want to talk about, this would be a good place to do it.
You know why I don't want to talk about school? - 'cause all my teachers hate me.
- They hate you? That's terrible.
I can't see any reason why they would.
They're all mad because I fall asleep in class.
Does that happen a lot? - Pretty much every day.
- Well, then you must be you must be very tired.
No, school is just boring.
You don't like any of your classes? Not really.
They're not about real things.
What do you mean by that? Like, math is algebra it's not even numbers, it's letters.
- It's all fake.
- And what about all the other classes? History, for example.
Doesn't that have to be real? We don't have history it's called humanities, and right now we're reading this lame book called "Lord of The Flies.
" Have you ever read it? A long time ago.
In what way do you find it lame? These kids crash on a deserted island and start doing mean things.
And you don't find that realistic? You don't need to crash on an island for kids to be mean.
That's true.
Have you ever seen kids be mean like that? - You wanna see something? - Sure.
They just gave one of these to everybody at school.
- What is this? - It's a turtle.
It's a turtle.
He's beautiful.
Do you think he's okay in there? Do you want to let him out for a bit? - Is that okay? - Sure, go ahead.
- Okay.
- On the floor.
Do you have a name for him? I have to take him home and take care of him.
If he dies, I fail.
So why do you think that would happen? I'm gonna forget to feed him or leave him behind and he's gonna die.
He looks really healthy to me.
It seems like you're doing a great job.
I'm glad you took him out of that backpack, though.
It looks like it's a bit crowded in there.
Yeah, I have to take all my books home.
Really? You've got a lot of homework? No, it's just sometimes I'm at my dad's and I forget a book that I left at my mom's, so my dad gets angry because we have to go back to Brooklyn.
So it's best that I keep all my books with me.
So since we last met, you've been staying at your dad's apartment? So you still feel the same way as you felt before, that you're just not ready to stay with your dad Just yet.
Well, I'm a little bit I'm a little bit confused.
Last week you said that the reason that you couldn't stay over at your dad's was because you couldn't fall asleep because of the noise.
Now you're with your mom and you're still so tired you're falling asleep in class.
What's with that? School's boring.
I just told you that.
So So do you have any trouble is he okay there? I guess.
So you never have any trouble falling asleep at your mom's house? It's just hard to fall asleep.
Maybe the problem isn't just the noise at your dad's apartment.
Maybe it's that you're having trouble sleeping for other reasons.
Like what? A lot of people can't get to sleep because they're really stressed out at nighttime.
They can't empty their minds.
Do you think that's true about you? Maybe.
I'm sure that there's a lot going on in your life that must be stressful.
You think? Is there anybody you feel comfortable talking with about how you feel? Like who? My parents? That's one possibility, yeah.
Well, if I tell my mom, she calls my dad and then they argue.
And what kind of things do they argue about? Everything.
Today they had a fight because my mom says I'm not getting enough sleep and my dad says I'm not healthy.
And what does he mean by that, "not healthy"? Fat.
Has your dad ever told you that he thinks you're fat? I know he thinks I'm fat.
Everybody thinks I'm fat, because I'm fat.
So, being fat seems to be something that really bothers you.
Do you think I'm fat? What I'm concerned about is what you think, and I think it makes you upset just from the way you talk about it.
I don't talk about it.
It's all the kids at school that do.
And what do they say to you? We're reading "Lord Of The Flies" and we have to write this essay on the character that we think we're the most like.
So everybody in the class starts laughing, because they say I should write about the character named piggy, which is the fat character in the book.
So that's what they call me now piggy.
That's a pretty cruel thing to do.
And last saturday, this girl Maya had a Bat Mitzvah and her dad got all this chocolate for the party.
This kid Eric texts everybody and says, "if you want chocolate, then you'd better get there before Oliver does.
" Sounds like a real prize, this Eric.
He's an asshole.
I didn't even want to go to the stupid party anyway.
Did you tell your mom that? Why not? Because she would've called my dad and then they would've had a fight.
So you went to the party even though you didn't want to? Kind of.
My mom dropped me off and when I got there I knew everybody was upstairs in Maya's room, so I snuck out the back door and hid behind a bush.
You hid behind a bush for the whole party? It was fine till everybody came outside to play in the snow.
Did anybody see you out there? Eric came behind the bush to take a leak.
And? He pulled out his dick and pissed all over my shoes.
What happened then? And then he went back to hang out with the other kids and they went back inside.
Sounds pretty awful.
Did you tell anybody about this? I know if it happened to me I'd find it pretty hard if I didn't have anybody to talk to about it.
If I tell my mom, then she calls my dad, then they fight and I don't want it to be my fault What don't you want to be your fault? If they get a divorce.
Have your mom and dad talked to you at all about the divorce since last week? There was this couple that came out of your office earlier.
Were they married? Did they look married to you? Do I have to guess? Why can't you tell me? I don't tell my other patients about you and that means I can't tell you about other patients.
Why would happy people come here? Sometimes people come to therapy, they talk about how they feel and they leave just feeling better.
Can you make my mom and dad happy? What I can do is I can make communication between your mom, your dad and you a little better But I can't make them happy.
Would it be okay if I invited your mom and dad into the room? Sure.
Sweetie, come over here.
So you solve all the problems? Are we good now? Well One of the things that we discussed was the was the importance of both of you working together to make sure that Oliver understands what's going on here.
You got a pretty clear sense of how well we all work together, didn't you? Is there anything the two of you would like to discuss with Oliver about what's happening? Well First of all, you probably know this already but just in case it isn't clear, your mom and I have decided that it's best for all of us if we don't live together anymore.
For good or for just now? For good.
Is there anything you want to say? Your dad's right.
For good.
Do you have any questions about what your mom and dad have just said? Why can't you guys just live together? There are a lot of reasons for that.
For one thing, I'm sure you notice how much we fight.
Because of me.
No, sweetie, you can't ever think this is about you.
But you guys do fight about me, all the time.
It's not your fault.
Look, the truth is, your mom and me, we just can't get along anymore.
That's why we have to get a divorce.
And we love you very much.
We don't want to have you see us go at it all the time.
So you are getting a divorce because of me.
That's not the way to do it.
You're only confusing him more.
Well, at least I'm trying over here.
Do you understand what your dad is saying? They're getting a divorce because I get too upset when they fight.
No, sweetie, what we're trying to say is that your dad and I, we can't stay together.
Okay? But we love you.
We love you so much and we're always gonna love you no matter what This is what always happens.
I don't wanna talk about this anymore.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you wait in the other room, and maybe do some homework, and we'll call you in a few minutes, okay? And you wonder why the kid can't fall asleep at night.
Would you stop it? At least I'm letting myself feel sad about this.
- You don't think I'm sad? You seem to be priding yourself on how quickly you can just move on.
Pride? Look, I hate that all this is happening, but I don't think it's fair to our son when you start crying in front of him.
Don't you think I'm right about that, Paul? Well, what I can tell you is that I think that your son's sleeplessness and his overeating is probably caused by the pressure that you're all under.
That's what I've been trying to explain to her for months now.
You know he believes the divorce is all his fault, and that's entirely natural.
He also believes that if he behaves in a particular way, it'll bring you two back together again.
That's also a natural fantasy.
But because things are so tense between you, at the moment, he feels that he can't talk to you about his problems.
For instance, there's a There's a boy at school who's been picking on him.
And Oliver feels that he can't speak to you about this because he doesn't want to upset you.
But I can tell you that he feels completely helpless.
You're saying that maybe we shouldn't get divorced.
No, that's I don't think that's what I what I meant.
That's what you're thinking, isn't it? How selfish and how cowardly it is for us to just throw in the towel and wreck our son's life over over small stuff? - Small stuff? - We're both stubborn, that's all.
We fight about stupid things, like how late you could stay at work, how my mother drives you crazy.
How my friends are a bad influence, how I curse too much, how everything I do is a bad influence on our kid.
And so what? I mean, really, so what? We're supposed to be just perfectly in love for the rest of our lives? I can't believe talk.
Maybe we're just going through a rough patch here.
You know, what if we just stay the course? Maybe we'll come out the other side of this.
Wouldn't that be better for Oliver? Isn't there a whole book about how parents should stay together no matter how unhappy they are and ultimately it's better for the children? That's a question that I think a lot of couples struggle with.
What I care about is what's best for for the three of you.
As bad as it's been between us, it hasn't been any better now that we're broken up, not for me anyway not for Oliver.
We owe it to him to stop and think about what we're doing before we just we move past the point of no return here.
I'm already past that point.
You like to say things like that, but is that really true? I mean, come on, are you really happy living all alone so far away from your family? I'm seeing someone else.
Why don't you come back and sit down? now.
Bess, can you please to talk about.
my night with him.
He's not gonna go with you.
- So you get to make that decision? Please, if you'll both sit down, we can make the decision together.
not gonna go stay with him if at your apartment.
Does Oliver know about your new little girlfriend? I guess he does now.
I thought you were the one who wanted to break things to him gently.
Would you tell him that it's too soon women, ? I don't think we're ever gonna figure out what's good or bad for Oliver if whenever either of you get upset, you end the session.
? - No, I dropped my class.
, because one of us right now.
Now see? She's just using Oliver as an excuse.
She's never gonna get her degree, she's never gonna move on, and she's gonna keep saying it's all because he needs her, and that's complete bullshit.
The kid needs to be allowed to grow up.
So, honey Oliver, this bag, it's a mess.
How is he ever gonna grow up if you keep treating him like a baby? Isn't it my night to go with dad? Not if you're not ready.
It's fine.
It's my night with dad and I want to stay with him.
- Do you think that's a good idea? - Hey, it's our night.
He wants to be with me.
What's the problem? No, it's no problem.
That's why we're here.
You have a good time with your dad, okay? I'll pick you up on thursday after school.
See you next week, Paul.
Bye, mom.
Why don't you walk us to the train? You're gonna get a bad back carrying all this.
I can never figure out what I need.
So long.
Next time we'll stay for the whole session.
That would be nice.
Take care, Oliver.
See you next week.
Can you give me a minute? Thank you.