In Treatment s02e11 Episode Script

Mia - Week Three

Hey, Paul, it's 7:08 and I'm downstairs.
So if you're sleeping, wake up.
Mia, sorry.
- I got detained.
- Where were you? I'm freezing.
My apologies.
Come on up.
In Treatment - Mia - Season 1 - Episode 11 You go back to Maryland on the weekends? Sorry about that.
What happened? Amtrak broke down? Are you upset that I kept you waiting? I'm stood up even by the man that I pay.
If you took the train, it must've left around That's unusual.
None of my business.
I know.
But, you know, this is our first real session.
And I'm already out We can add it on at the end if you like.
No, I can't.
I have a meeting with a new client, a plastic surgeon.
Lucky you don't need lipo.
You go to one of my guys, you could end up dead with nice thighs.
I'll remember that.
I worked all weekend, which was fine because this was the weekend that Bennett and I were supposed to go away together.
And, no, he didn't call saying he wants me back.
Maybe this is a mistake.
I mean, if I'm gonna be kept waiting at 7:00 a.
m - Do you feel like I wasn't - On time? I hope it was worth it.
Were you with your girlfriend? Is that what you imagine? Do you deflect everything that's personal? Never mind.
I already know.
My being late seems to have brought up quite a few feelings So this is more of a home really than an office.
I think you said last week that you found it homey.
Homey, but cold.
You must turn the heat down when you go away.
Is this how your Maryland office looked? What happened to all of those patients? I mean, I know what happened to Alex, but all the others.
You told them their feelings were important, and then you just left them? Is it possible that you're worried that I might leave again, Mia? Winter equals hell for hair.
What's going on? - I don't want to be here.
- Why not? I don't like brownstones Too much brown.
And this has absolutely nothing to do with the last week's session.
Because I had not even had a chance to think about that.
Actually, I have, and I was thinking about what you said at the door just before you left.
When I said, "you owe me a child"? That was a joke.
Maybe it was.
But I get the feeling that there might have been a little more to it than that.
No, no, there wasn't.
It was just a comment.
Sometimes a comment is just a comment, right? How are you? Nice to see you.
You owe me a child.
Aren't you glad I'm back? Who's Laura? Laura? Who is she? I'm not sure who you're referring to.
It's not a hard question.
I'm asking you about Laura Hill.
She's an ex-patient of yours.
If she's a patient of mine, then you know I can't discuss her.
- But I can.
- Where is this coming from? An envelope was delivered to my office.
Henry must've made a mistake and thought that I was still your lawyer.
And I opened it.
And it was her deposition regarding Alex's state of mind.
And you read it? Are you curious about what she said? I hope that you gave those papers to my lawyer.
It's obvious she was in love with you, or is.
How so? It's in and between her words.
She might as well have - sealed it with a kiss.
- And what does that mean? You are curious.
Well She describes how she dumped her fiance five minutes before the wedding That's a nice story And how she slept with Alex.
And that tells you that she was in love with me.
She did it to make you jealous.
It doesn't take Freud to figure that out.
She wanted to walk into her session and tell you that she was fucking a fucking war hero.
And what else did she say? She said that you two became friends after the therapy ended, that you called her on the phone.
You broke the rules for her.
How many other patients have you done that with? Mia, whatever happened- Whatever you imagine happened I think you had an affair with her.
You're not gonna respond? I must've hit a nerve.
So what, you broke her heart? She broke yours.
Oh, she does support your case, though.
She says that you did not mistreat Alex, she mistreated you by sleeping with him.
- Come on.
- Let's look atyour actions here, Mia.
Oh, she says she wants you to know, though, you're in her thoughts.
You opened a legal document that was not meant for you.
Point taken.
I crossed a boundary.
More than that, you knowingly violated a basic tenet of your profession.
- That makes two of us.
- And you brought it into session.
Paul, do you have any idea how many therapists are successfully sued for sleeping with their patients? What are you trying to say, Mia? How could you? Was she that young and pretty? Or did she make you feel that big and important? Take it.
It's yours.
Do you want me to pick that up? It's all yours.
I've just made an ass of myself, haven't I? I bet you're angry.
Maybe I am.
Mostly, I'm - I'm surprised.
- No, you're furious.
I can see it all over your face.
But you just can't express it because you're not supposed to.
You want me to go? Why would you think that? You know what? You can stop.
Stop, 'cause I'm leaving.
It seems to me that you're pushing me so that you can end this treatment.
No, I don't blame you.
And it's no big deal.
Actually, I think it's a very big deal.
You were the one who waited for me in the cold, although I was late.
You waited for me.
Is it possible that you're goading me because it's easier to feel angry with me than look at your own pain? I saw this show on the TV The other night BBC.
About men and their specially-made sex dolls.
The men pick out the eyes, and the mouth and the body.
And they buy them clothes.
And then they put lipstick on them and take them out for picnics and bike rides.
And they love their girls because they don't talk and they never get pregnant and they don't get mad.
And they have three perfect holes that can be repaired.
Young and pretty forever.
What were you thinking while you were watching this? I was thinking about a receptionist in my office named Stefanie who likes to wear a lot of pink.
And she's so cute and friendly.
All she does is shop online, but nobody wants to fire her because she's just too adorable, you know? And She recently announced that she's quitting because some idiot proposed.
So now I have to go to her engagement party and her bridal shower and her bachelorette party and her wedding.
And it's endless torture.
Sounds like you've been there before.
Three younger sisters and dozens of colleagues.
When men look at a woman like Stefanie, they just see the whole package.
And what would that be? Easy and fun and, you know, wild in bed at night and muffins from scratch in the morning.
And what do they see when they look at you, do you think? Blonde lawyer, might be fun to fuck, but But what? But that's it.
What I usually get What I usuallygot from men is sex.
What did you get from Laura? Do you think that I chose her over you? Well, you had sex with her.
Would that make you jealous? Well, I did have feelings for you, Paul.
Even though it was 20 years ago, you must have noticed.
And it sure felt like you had feelings for me.
It's such a cliche, isn't it A young woman falls for her therapist? But if you were gonna get involved with a patient You wonder why I didn't pick you.
You didn't.
You picked her.
You and Laura fucking your brains out.
What, on this couch? That makes me sick.
I don't want to talk about it.
Don't make me talk about it.
What would happen if we did keep talking about it? I bet you wanted her from day one.
You were smitten.
How did you manage to walk her to the door? You assume that I found her irresistible.
She knew how to get to you.
How? Act helpless and girlish.
She probably had slim hips Smelled like candy apples, wore pink or something.
Obviously, I have no idea.
Go on.
What do you imagine? She'd stare at you all googoo-eyed, impressed by your brilliant interpretations, made you feel like the world's best shrink.
And then one day her fiance got mad and she fell apart and sobbed.
And you felt sorry for her, so you sat next to her.
Go on.
And you touched her Her cheek, her tears.
And you realized how young and beautiful and vulnerable she was.
And you thought, "this is my moment.
" And you kissed her and there was no turning back.
Why not? You had to have her, unwrap her.
Take her.
And you had to feel her perfect skin and her round ass and her flat stomach.
It must've been amazing for you So forbidden.
And for her? She probably didn't feel a thing.
She's made out of silicone.
Right, the sex doll.
It wasn't about the sex for her.
It was about winning.
What did she win? You.
For those minutes you were hers.
Now do you want me to go? I'd rather know what you think happened next.
I don't know.
Maybe you held her gently until she fell asleep.
And she would like that? That's what would make her feel good? That's what she really wants? Yes.
It's good to feel that closeness.
Maybe that's what you want from me.
You mean, to fall asleep while you hold me? To be comforted, contained.
- That would never happen.
- Why not? Oh, come on, Paul, just admit that I'm difficult.
I push men away.
Look at Bennett and Andre I mean, pick any letter in the alphabet.
I've sent them packing.
I'm like a knife in your neck.
It feels good when it's gone.
Right? So you think I'd be relieved if you left? Sure.
I walk out that door You feel relief.
You want to pretend it never happened.
Actually, I already told you, I did think about our last session and the ones from 20 years ago.
You know, it's okay, Paul.
You don't have to fake it with me.
You kicked me out of here 20 years ago and you never thought about me again.
It's okay.
You know who that is? That's you playing, isn't t it? It's beautififul.
You kept that all these years? Chopin's "raindrop prelude.
" God, I love this piece, how the eighth notes sound like rain.
That's from m a recital.
My teacher, Mr.
Campbell, put that together.
He said that I was the best, but not to tell the others.
So you two had a secret.
What age were you then? I must've been 10.
That turned out to be my farewell performance.
That's a shame.
You play really beautifully.
A few weeks after that recital I was sent to live at my aunt's in new jersey.
I don't remember you telling me you were sent away when you were young.
It was only about six months.
But when I came back, the piano was gone and twin girls were there.
Do you rember anything else about the separation? My dad came to visit me every sunday.
He'd bring my favorite candies.
I liked those colored dots that were stuck to paper and those bottles filled with that sugary liquid.
And he would show me pictures of the twins.
And I would tell him that I missed them all and wanted to come home.
But he didn't take you.
Where was your mother? I don't know.
I mean, I'm sure she came, maybe at christmas.
What about the rest of the time? I went to school.
It sure was different from Greenpoint, though.
Gosh, it was so clean And modern.
And all the textbooks were new.
I didn't really like the kids, though.
I thought they were boring.
Sounds lonely.
Maybe that's why you gave me that casassette Because I'd know how you felt when you were 10 and your parents made you leave.
Maybe you thought if I listened to it back then, I would change my mind, let you stay.
- But I was difficult even then.
- You think you deserved it.
- I was impossible.
- How so? I fought with my mother all the time.
- Over what? - Everything.
You were a difficult 10-year-old who loved chopin.
I don't know why we're talking about this.
They didn't do anything wrong and I don't blame them.
Earlier in the session you said that you didn't blame me.
I crossed the line.
I violated attorney-client privilege.
You thought I was kicking you out.
Well, I bet you wanted to, right? I'm wondering, Mia, if you were testing me today.
You reprimanded me for being late.
You violated my privacy.
You even wanted me to pick up the deposition of the floor.
Well, I was pretty angry.
Maybe you were trying to see if I could be pushed away.
So you're saying that my parents were right and Bennett was right; that I'm so fucked up that nobody wants to be with me because I push everyoyone away and I'm demanding and I'm needy and I'm angry and I'm weepy? - I'm the seven fucking dwarves.
- That's not what I'm saying, Mia.
What I'm saying is that maybe you are angry, but you also want me to be close to you; and that no matter how difficult you say you are, that beneath the toughness you still want to be connected to me.
But you're also afraid.
You're afraid that I'm going to leave you.
I'd better leave.
They're early.
It's okay.
I have a meeting and I don't want to be late.
And you don't want to keep the next one waiting.
So then I'll see you next monday same time? You owe me the 12 minutes.
Okay, then I'll see you at - 6:48.
- Okay.
Did you have sex with Laura? You know, this is the second week in a row we're having what's called "a doorknob moment.
" What a are you talking about? That's when right at the end of the session, a patient says something important.
Is that your answer? 'cause that's a yes.
Is it? I mean, did you? No.
You might want to water the plant outside.
I poureded my latte on it.