In Treatment s02e13 Episode Script

Oliver - Week Three

It's a not as fast as the human eye so like every when you're looking at when the lens looks at stuff, everything seems much faster.
That's really cool.
It looks amazing.
So how are you doing in school? - Good, good.
- How are you doing in English? Pretty well.
So what subject are you not doing so well in? - Your mom said that - Writing.
Writing, she said that you got a C in that.
It's no big deal, dad.
It's just one C.
On your next report, why don't you let me help you? You can email it to me and we can work on it together? Okay? Email it? Are you joking? God.
Can you hold on for a second? Okay, Max.
I've got to go, unfortunately.
I've got a patient coming to see me.
You don't have patients this late.
- Is it a girlfriend? - No, it's not a girlfriend.
It's a patient who left something behind.
I'd tell you if I had a girlfriend.
No, you wouldn't.
I've got to go now, Max, okay? I'll talk to you real soon, okay? Have fun with your girlfriend.
- I've come to collect the turtle.
- Of course.
Come on in.
I didn't even know my son had a turtle until this morning.
I haven't seen Oliver all week, so I'll get him for you in a second.
He's been he's been in my kitchen living living the good life.
Oliver's been with Luke all week.
He's having a good time, or so Luke says, so I figured why spoil the party? It was nice having my week.
I actually finished "Middlemarch.
" I think you're the only one I know who has.
Does it end well? I can't even remember.
And plus I had a three-hour phone call with my sister, which was actually pretty harrowing.
But at least now I've done my duty, so I found this shoe box for for safe travel.
I'm sorry for all the trouble.
It's really no trouble at all.
Actually, he was good company.
I was worried about leaving him alone, but I guess turtles are pretty self-sufficient.
Yeah, and I baked you some cookies.
I mean, not just for you.
I did a lot of baking over the weekend.
That's really sweet of you.
I made too much and The turtle, it's way above and beyond the call of duty.
Thank you.
So I'll leave you to your evening.
- See you Wednesday, 4 o'clock.
- Good night.
VO: Gillesilb, michvanilly, salomon Oliver - Week 3 So Who wants to go first? How was your week? Great.
Glad to hear that.
And what was great about it, Oliver? I stayed at my dad's.
All week? We went to a basketball game and we sat up close.
My feeling is every New-York kid should have a chance to go the Garden and watch the Knicks suffer humiliating defeat.
And we watch The Godfather.
That's a pretty cool movie.
I had never seen it before.
Tell Paul what you said when we watched it.
you wanted to be when you grow up.
I want to be a Consingulary.
A Consiglieri.
What else did we do? We went to the Met and saw Arms and Armor - and bought some posters for his room.
- Did you have any trouble sleeping? He was out like a light the second his head hit the pillow.
We were running around the city so much.
And did your dad have the right kind of food for you? We went out to eat every night.
Guess what I like now? Paella.
What's not to like about paella? Everything good is in paella.
So it was just you and your dad all week? - None of your dad's friends came over? - They came over to watch football.
But at halftime, we played Wii Golf and I beat everybody.
So it sounds like you had a really good time.
Was there any time to do your homework? What's that supposed to mean? Just if you guys were eating out every night and watching movies and running around the city, when did Oliver have time to do his homework? I got it all done.
That's not entirely true, is it? 'Cause I found out that one of your assignments was to take care of a turtle.
Did you apologize to Paul for making him do that? - I'm sorry.
- It's no problem.
I'm glad you got him back.
I know you were worried about him last week.
But you forgot all about him when you were at your dad's.
Can't you just cut the kid some slack? I'm glad you guys had a good time.
I just want to make sure that homework and school come first for oliver.
I got all of my homework done.
- Did you? - I've already told you that.
Nina came over and helped me finish it all.
I'm sorry, who's who's Nina? My girlfriend.
So Oliver met your girlfriend this week? This person is staying at your apartment? Not staying.
She came over a few times to help Oliver with his homework.
Didn't we clearly agree it was too soon for that? You heard him, right, Paul? What's the big deal? The kid had a great week.
You heard him.
How did it feel to spend time with Nina? It was okay.
She only came over two or three times.
She went with us to Arms and Armor.
- It was her idea.
- Why didn't you say anything before? Did your dad tell you not to say anything? He didn't want to get you sad.
So now he's telling Oliver to keep secrets from me.
No, I just wanted to avoid this exact kind of conversation.
Luke, I wonder if you can see how upsetting that might be to Bess.
The way she sees it, you've asked Oliver to keep a secret from her.
But it ended up being a great week.
All went well.
I don't see why everybody wants to make this harder than it really is.
Don't we have enough people going on without bringing - some strange woman into the mix? - Mom, I already knew Nina.
How exactly do you know Nina? She was my teacher last year.
Nina Cabot, - his homeroom teacher? - From last year.
When he was in the lower school.
He's on a whole different floor now.
That really puts my mind at ease.
- How long have you been dating her? - A month.
Six weeks.
Oliver, is there anything that you would like to say about this? Whatever I say, makes everything worse.
Tell you what: why don't you and I go into the waiting room? And we just take a few minutes? Give your mom and dad some time together? What do you want? I shouldn't have said anything.
I'm glad you told the truth.
I thought if I stayed at my dad's, everybody would be happy.
But they're fighting again.
You certainly don't need to apologize for having a good time at your dad's.
It wasn't so great.
Really? But you you said in there that you had fun.
I did have fun.
But the Knicks lost.
It was still hard for me to fall asleep.
Really? My dad checked on me, so I pretended to be asleep.
Sometimes he sits at my desk and watches me.
And I try really hard not to open my eyes.
So what did it feel like to have your dad watching you like that? It felt like he was a soldier.
You know, like guarding me.
Guarding you from what? He wants me to be asleep, except I'm not.
So I didn't want to tell him that.
You mean you didn't want to worry him but with everything that's going on right now Well, I can't sleep at my mom's either.
Do you pretend to be asleep there as well? I don't feel comfortable anywhere.
I just wish there was someplace I did feel comfortable.
Makes a lot of sense.
Did you like spending time with Nina? I miss my mom.
I know that you love your mom very much.
And I'm sure that she misses you too.
She called every night.
I told her I was fine, but she sounded sad.
Did you find it hard not to tell her about Nina? My dad said if we told her, she'd get upset.
And she did.
Do you feel that you have to keep secrets from your mom and dad so that they won't get angry or upset? Oliver, I know that you want to help them.
But you can't keep them from being angry or sad.
I just wish none of this ever happened.
I hear you.
You know, I spent a lot of time watching your turtle.
I thought "How he carries that house on his back wherever he goes".
That's why turtles are so slow.
Always walking around with their houses.
Anything else you noticed about the turtle? Not really.
I just got him back this morning.
You spent more time with him than I did.
That's true.
I did notice one thing.
Yeah? When my mom met me at school to bring me the turtle, he was in a shoe box.
I thought it was mine, but she said it was yours.
And what made you think it was yours? 'Cause it was for a kid sneaker.
I asked my mom.
She said maybe you have a son.
Do you? Are you wondering what kind of dad I would be? I bet you're a good dad.
You sound pretty sure about that.
'Cause you listen to me.
So, do you have a son, or you're gonna make me guess? Okay, for now, let's say that that I do have a son.
Tell me what you think about that.
Well, I think he doesn't live here.
Not most of the time.
How come? 'Cause I come here right after school.
And if he lived here, I'd see him coming home from school, too.
So where do you think he does live? Probably with his mom.
And what do you think that's like for him? Maybe he's lonely.
He probably misses seeing you all the time.
Anything else? I wanna meet him.
Why would you like to meet him? I don't know.
Just to talk to someone like me.
I guess it'd be good to have a friend Does he have any brothers or sisters? Would that make a difference? It would make it easier.
Would you like to have a brother or a sister? I was supposed to get one, but I'm not thinking he's coming anymore.
I don't understand.
Well, my parents were gonna adopt a baby boy.
They were supposed to fly someplace in Africa to get him.
My mom showed me his pictures.
And what happened? They just stopped talking about him.
And then my dad moved out.
So since then, they haven't spoken to you about the adoption? Maybe he's Maybe he's still waiting for my mom and dad to come get him.
Maybe if they don't get a divorce, he'll come live with us.
I don't know.
That's a big thing not to know, Oliver.
Do I have to go back in there? Can't you just talk to them by yourself? You can stay here.
It won't be long.
You left the two of us alone in the same room together.
You sure like to live dangerously, don't you? I didn't want the two of you to continue talking about Nina in front of Oliver.
You mean, how Luke's been fucking Oliver's 23 year old school teacher? Things have been all really well in here so far, can't you tell? Or how you've been using Oliver to get laid.
I knew Olive liked her, about how things were going for him at school this year.
I didn't have any big plan.
And she likes him.
She helps him with his homework.
She's a good person.
What's the problem? We got agreed it was too soon for Oliver to meet someone you're dating.
And you just overturned that decision all by yourself.
You remember agreeing to that, Luke? What I remember is an ultimatum.
So instead of seating down There's no discussions with you.
There's just giving in to keep the peace.
So you just go along with whatever I say to just shut me up, you do whatever you want, him.
Look, I knew Oliver could handle it.
And I knew if I had waited for you to sign off, things would never change.
So, Luke, do you feel that there's no way to discuss things with Bess and come to a compromise? Do you feel that she needs to win every argument? That's the way it works, yes.
And Bess, you feel that Luke pretends to agree with and he just does whatever he wants? Only this time it's worse because he's using Oliver to cover for him.
You know what? I think our job here is to find a way for both of you to be straightforward, with each other.
So that Oliver feels he doesn't have to hide things from either of you.
You figure that out, you're worth a million times what we pay you.
Bess, would you like to join us? I'd like to ask you about a question.
When I was talking to Oliver just now, he told me that you've been planning to adopt a baby.
Is that true? - He talked about that with you? - Well, I was I was surprised neither of you mentioned it before.
Because it was a terrible idea right from the beginning.
That's not true.
He likes to rewrite history here.
The truth is, we've been talking about baby for years.
She actually thinks that was gonna solve all of our problems.
Or maybe I wanted to give Oliver the chance to be a big brother.
We had a really good life, and I wanted to share that with another child.
I've wanted to adopt for a very long time.
There are a lot of kids who need a good home.
And, you know, I didn't feel all the need to go through pregnancy and labor all over again.
Also you generally need to be having sex for that to happen.
Can we go back to the adoption for a moment? Would you like to tell me what happened? I honestly believed that Luke wanted this.
At least as much as I did.
We were fighting all the time, wanted to make her happy.
Well, can you tell me about the adoption process, what that was like for you? For the last two years, I was the one who did all the work.
She go crazy on me because I filled up a medical report wrong.
I had spent a week on that thing, and then I had to do it all over again.
The week before the social worker came for the home visit, she goes nuts.
She rehearses with Oliver every night, tells him what to say, she's terrified that we're gonna be turned down.
But of course, we passed with flying colors.
So when we got the referral, the baby's medical records, his little photo I showed it to Oliver, we were so excited.
I was ready that night to get on a plane to pick up the baby.
And then I gave the folder to Luke to look at.
I took one look at that kid's face, and I knew what a disaster all this was gonna be.
The whole thing was just a band-aid.
And then now, we were gonna fly to Africa, and have some poor baby dropped in the middle of our unhappyness? No, I knew the kid would find a better home.
We were already out 20 grand, but I figured that's the price you pay.
There was no way we were gonna fix this.
He comes into our room, throws the folder on the bed and says "I'm leaving".
So would you say then that this adoption was the the final straw on your marriage? Well, he just decided our marriage was over, without even discussing it.
That's because it's impossible to have a discussion with you.
If you had said any of what you've just said today, That would at least been something, you know what I mean? Once again, you felt that Bess was pushing you.
And Bess, once again you felt like Luke deceived you.
It seems to me like you've never really been able to figure out how to work through your problems together.
- Would that be right? - I would say that's pretty accurate.
reason why we're not married anymore.
See, the thing about it is, that Oliver needs you to find a way to make decisions as a team, and he needs you to He needs you to explain things to him, clearly.
Otherwise, he He fills in the gaps on his own.
I mean, for instance, do you realize that he still doesn't know whether or not he's gonna have a baby brother? What? You never told him? Can we bring him in here right now? Can we just talk about this together? And do you feel like you can both talk to him about it in a way that will clear up his confusion? I guess we owe it to him to try, right? I'll call him in, then.