In Treatment s02e20 Episode Script

Gina - Week Four

Alex was my patient.
He understood as a As a pilot thatÂ… civilian casualties were, in his mind, inevitable.
It's my belief that he wasn't able to forgive himself, no.
The therapy was ended by Alex.
Well, he felt that he was ready to go back to active duty and that I became aware that he was involved in a relationship.
Are you asking me if I knew on a subconscious level? That's an almost impossible question to answer.
- Was it difficult? - Those people are like They're like vultures.
I can't believe anybody actually does that for a living.
You wanna tell me about it? About the deposition? No, not really.
- I'm gonna get a drink.
- It's not even 4:00.
Coffee, I mean.
Sounds like we both had great days.
Marc was in one of those black moods this morning where he was yelling at inanimate objects.
Toothbrush is in the wrong place, the coffee's too hot as if the entire universe were conspiring against him.
Is there a psychological word for that? I think it's called displacement.
- Excuse me! - Great.
And then I went over to the office and Judy was in one of her rampages.
I've told you about Judy, right? You did? She's the one who acts like my boss even though she isn't really my boss.
God, does anybody work in this place? She searches for the lynchpin of my project and then she pulls it.
Is it possible that she wanna sabotage me? Is it possible I could just sit here for a minute and relax? Yes, I'm sorry.
You just said you didn't wanna talk about the deposition, so I was just trying to tell you about my day.
Were you? Or do you want me to just listen to your problems and then interpret your husband's behavior - and then your boss's behavior? - I wasn't trying to do that.
God, we got here fast.
Got where? Blew right past being infatuated with each other and went straight to feeling obligated.
Both of us.
I thought it would be easy to To see you and I thought it would feel Good.
Look, I'll change my appointment at Gina's so that you don't have to run into me.
I've already done that.
Sorry I'm late.
Rosie kept me waiting for half an hour.
She wanted to talk to me.
Turns out all she wanted was the keys to the car.
- Did you give her the keys? - Yeah.
- Was she happy? - I don't think so.
I guess I wanted to feel close to her, wanted to hear about school and whether she has a boyfriend or not, how she's doing with Kate.
When you were all living together, did she tell you those things? She wouldn't have had to tell me because I would have seen them.
I could overhear them or Kate would tell me.
So you didn't have conversations then either? - Do you talk on the phone? - We try.
But, you know, I can always tell she's IMing her friends on the computer.
So what can you do to feel close to her? I don't know.
I don't know Do you remember a time when you were living at home and you felt close to her? There was one time I took her.
She broke her arm and Kate was out of town so I got to take Rosie to the hospital.
A lot of sitting Emergency room, treatment room and we were waiting for the cast on her arm to dry.
And it was just Just me and Rosie.
All afternoon, just me and her.
I read to her.
I told her stories.
Played 20 questions and I spy.
That was a happy day.
Yeah, pretty sad, huh? I missed so much.
What is it? Nothing.
I was just I took I took April to the hospital this week.
- That's your patient who has cancer.
- Yeah.
Well, she wasn't She still wasn't telling anybody, her friends or her family.
She was She wasn't getting treatment.
So after our session, I just got up, I took my coat and I just brought her to the hospital.
I know it was wrong.
But you see, the oncologist had already made a treatment schedule so all she had to do was get there.
So I took her there.
I waited with her till she was finished and then I took her home.
- Did you tell her stories? - No, we were just quiet.
Were you reminded of the day - you spent with Rosie in the hospital? - Yeah.
You know, I'd give the last 10 years of my life to To be back in the hospital with Rosie that afternoon waiting for her cast to dry.
I hate my life.
It's broken.
Every day, it hurts.
I'm not getting anything from my family, so I try to get it from my patients.
I know it's wrong, but who else do I have? Who else do you have to get what you need from? Nobody.
But, okay, I have you.
But you can't give me what I need.
It's not your job.
- Let's talk about what you need.
- Do you have any water? You're supposed to have water for your patients.
You're so convinced I won't have any water for you, you don't see it.
It's sitting right there.
So, can you tell me what you need? I don't need anything special.
Just what - What everybody needs.
- Well, you have food.
- You have clothing, you have shelter.
- Well, sort of.
I have a den with no other bears.
Is that shelter? You need some other bears? I miss them.
You know what I'm talking about.
I know you do.
I do.
I miss dinner, you know? I miss the after-dinner.
What do you do in Brooklyn between dinner and bedtime? Sometimes I go to the local bar.
They've got the soccer from England on.
That's good, so Then I have Have a drink.
Well, do you ever meet any women at the bar? I see them.
I don't know if they see me.
I'm like that That lonely guy in the Edward Hopper painting, sitting at the bar.
Tell me about the women.
Some of them are pretty, you know? They wear bracelets that jingle.
They go outside to smoke.
Like my patient Mia.
- I don't think you've mentioned Mia.
- She was a patient 20 years ago.
She came back this year.
She's Well, it's complicated.
She's a lawyer that works for the firm that's handling the deposition.
The lawsuit.
We had a conversation about the case then she came back as a patient.
What do you mean, "complicated"? Complicated emotionally.
But she's really smart.
And she's - She's funny.
- Challenging? I think you could throw that one in there, yeah.
She's also the kind of woman that, if she managed to work through her issues, she could conceivably be right for me.
I'm not in love with her.
But Could see myself with somebody like her.
You've cheered up just talking about her.
Well, I am drawn to her, yeah.
But after last year and Laura, I don't think I'm going to fall in love with another patient for a while.
Is that a relief! But is she in love with you? Is that why you mentioned her? No I mentioned her because we're talking about things that I need.
I need a woman.
- For sex? - Is that what women think that men really think that they want them just for sex? No, I was just asking you if you wanted sex.
- Of course I want sex.
I'm not dead.
- Okay, well Then good.
That's something you need.
That's our subject What you need.
- So you need sex.
- I need fun.
I need release.
I need contact with another human.
- How are things going with Tammy? - Not Tammy.
- Have you been seeing her? - You know I have.
No, I don't know.
Actually, I don't know.
Well, she and I had coffee.
Then we had drinks.
Then We had a night at my apartment.
She was supposed to be traveling away on business.
A furtive afternoon, then it was over.
- You had sex? - Yes, mother.
Like bad children.
We had sex.
- Gee, I - You knew it would happen.
You made me promise not to.
I sound like a really tough and jealous mother.
I won't let you have sex.
I make you ask me for water.
You dared me to see her.
You wanted to see f I could control myself.
I know how hard it is to resist an old lover.
Too bad I didn't have more of them.
I'd like to come back to Tammy in a little while, if that's okay.
I'd like to talk some more about the bears.
- Have you seen your father? - I I don't know how he is.
Jesus, I - Did you go to see him? - No, I didn't go to see him.
- I meant to, and - Why not? Is he better? I don't know.
He may have taken a turn for the worse.
He fell a few times in the hospital so they moved him into another room.
He might have a fever.
I'm getting all this from Patrick.
I was busy preparing this week for the deposition.
- That was a treat, let me tell you.
- So you didn't go see your father.
No, I didn't.
And if you don't stop nagging me, I won't.
I'm not nagging you, Paul.
I'm reminding you that bears do not live forever.
And this bear, with whom you have very many unresolved issues, - he's dying.
- My brother says he's dying.
That doesn't really mean that he is dying.
Would you rather just get a call that he's dead? Let them call my fucking brother! You may think that you don't care about this, but you do.
If you didn't care, why would you have reacted this way when I brought him up? Paul, please sit down.
You say you're not getting what you need from anyone, but it's worse than that.
It's as though you're a baby.
You woke up from a nap and you started crying, but nobody is coming in to see what you need.
And so you cry louder and you shake the bars of the crib.
And still nobody comes.
The only problem is your father is there.
He's in the room with you, but your anger at him is so profound that you can't see him.
My father can't help me now.
No, he probably can't.
But until you acknowledge his presence in your life, you're not going to understand anything about him.
And you'll continue to shake the crib.
- What? I'm a grown man.
- Of course you are.
But what you haven't been is a grown son to your father.
And until you do that, part of you is always gonna stay a baby.
Or at best, a teenager waiting for your mother to die.
- My mother's already dead.
- That's right.
What you're afraid of, it's already happened.
Neither you nor your dad could stop it.
And the only thing you can do now is hope to heal this wound so then you can move on.
We both know what it's like not to be there at the end.
It's something you don't get over.
Hi, dad.
I'm back.
Back again.
Sorry I didn't I didn't get here earlier.
What did you used to call me? Rotten little shit.
Are you comfortable? I can get them to up the morphine if you want.
You've been lying so still all day.
Rosie and the boys are very upset about the DNR you signed.
They want me to To override it.
But I said, "He's a doctor.
"He knows what he's doing.
" Can you hear me, dad? I'll read you the sports page.
I see United are at the top of their table.
But you'll be glad to know that that City are only two points behind.
United are always at the top of the table.
I guess I forgot what it would mean to you if I came.
No, I I knew what it would mean.
I was just too mad at you and It was stupid.
I'm sorry, dad.
I know it wasn't your fault, what happened to mom.
You couldn't save her.
Neither could I.
It was just too much for both of us, so I guess you found your way out.
It's like with Kate and me, you know? Anyway "Manchester United continue "Their winning form as "they "oust "league champions" Dad.