In Treatment s03e19 Episode Script

Jesse: Week Five

Now, I'll do I'll do the dry and you do the wet.
How's that? What's that supposed to mean? You'll beat the eggs and milk.
I'll do the flour.
What did you think I meant? Okay.
Hey, chocolate chips.
Don't tell your mom, okay? -How much milk? -Read what it says on the thing.
So how is How is school? It's fine.
-Are you missing your friends? -I'll make new ones, Dad.
Now So, now, it says here we mix the dry ingredients into the wet.
That's not gonna work because your bowl is smaller.
Okay, so So how are How How are things going with Steve? Has he been growing on you at all? Growing on me? You mean like mold? I'm just I'm just curious what kind of a guy he is, you know.
He's fine.
I figure that if your mom's gonna marry him, then he can't be all that bad.
Give us a sec.
You all right? What's happened? I need to do my session tonight instead of tomorrow.
Look, I don't hold sessions this late, Jesse.
And I'm Right.
Then fuck you, too.
Fuck everyone.
What's going on, Jesse? -I went to see them.
-Who? Who the fuck do you think? They kicked me out of their house.
Okay, here's the key to the waiting room.
I'll see you there in a minute, okay? Do you want to tell me what happened? I called him after our session.
Who? Kevin? And I said I was ready to meet him.
And he was like, "Great, we'll meet you in the city.
" But l, kinda, wanted to see their place, so I said I would come to them.
And he was like, "Great.
" And I was like, "How's Tuesday?" And he was like, "Tuesday's great.
" When did you call him? -After the last session? -Yeah.
And why did you feel the urgency? I don't know.
I just felt good after last week.
I felt like maybe it was all gonna work out somehow.
Well, you know, we had talked about spending another few sessions What are you saying? -Are you saying that I fucked up? -No.
-Do you want me to leave? -No, I don't.
Because I don't feel like you really want me here.
I don't feel like you actually want to hear what happened to me.
Jesse, I do want to hear.
Yeah, so We were supposed to meet today at, like, 6:00.
But I'm always late for things, so I thought I would just show up early and scope the place out and then I'd get some coffee.
So I took a 3:00 train.
It only took an hour.
Jesse? There were these kids in the front yard.
And at first I thought, "lt must be the wrong house.
" But I checked the address and it wasn't.
I mean, it was the right house.
And then I thought, maybe, they were the neighbors' kids or So I looked at them up close through the zoom lens of my camera.
I took some pictures.
And then I felt really ill.
So I left.
And I went to find a diner or something, somewhere where I could think, but, apparently, there are no diners in Westchester.
There are 50 million different tennis clubs, but you can't get a fucking milk shake! Okay, okay.
So what did you do? I I walked around for a couple of hours and then I went back.
And they were gone.
Who was gone? Everybody was gone? No, Kevin and Karen were still there, but The kids, they just disappeared And not just, like, their physical bodies, but all evidence of their existences.
There was this chalk.
And the girl She was drawing on the driveway with it.
And the chalk was gone.
And the girl was gone.
And the driveway was wet.
They washed it, Paul.
So I rang the doorbell.
Kevin answered.
Kevin? So, what was he like? He was blond and tall.
They were They looked Rich.
And what else? She She had really nice legs.
Is it weird that I noticed that? No.
She was wearing these stockings and She had this round face and these little eyes that disappeared into her skull, every time she smiled.
He He looked like a really good guy.
He had a wink Like that.
So did they Did they invite you in? Yeah, and we sat at the kitchen table.
And they put out these Oreo cookies and milk like we were in a fucking Nabisco commercial.
So you found that patronizing? Yeah, I mean, I was starving so I ate, like, half the package, but What did you talk about when you were eating the cookies? I don't really remember.
You don't remember? I was just looking around the room and they were, like, watching me.
What were you looking for? Drawings on the refrigerator, sippy cups I don't know.
Were you looking for signs of other kids? Yeah, and? The outlets were childproof.
Anything else? You were convinced that the kids in the yard were definitely their kids? They just like held hands the whole time and they looked at me like Like I was gonna set their house on fire or something.
And then, like, 10 minutes later, they asked me to leave, so I left.
I can't believe I got dressed up.
I can't believe I wore this jacket.
I haven't worn it since freshman year.
And this tie isn't even mine.
It's Nate's.
I tied him up with it once and I got cum on it, so he said I could keep it.
Those were their kids, Paul.
-Do you want to know how I know? -How? I went to the bathroom before I left.
I went a couple of times.
There was this bar, by the toilet, for handicapped people.
I know, right? At least, now we know why they got in contact with me.
Isn't it obvious? What? The kid in the wheelchair, look at his face.
He's like a mini me.
And he's fucking sickly.
They want my blood.
My guts Something.
I don't know.
Are you saying that they got in touch with you because of some medical reason? Yeah, of course.
He's dying.
He probably needs a donor or something.
Okay, let's Let's take a Take a step back here, Jesse.
How do you know the kid's dying? -Look at him.
-I see a kid in a wheelchair.
He might have had an accident.
He might be paralyzed.
There's a number of things that might be wrong that aren't life-threatening.
But why would they get in touch with me after 17 years? -And why would they hide their kids from me? -Maybe they just wanted to meet you first.
They washed the fucking driveway! Okay, that's That's strange.
You're right.
But let's not leap to conclusions here.
Tell me everything that you remember about the conversation.
I already told you.
You just told me they had cookies and they were holding hands.
What did they actually say, Jesse? I don't remember what they said.
Nothing? I was stoned.
-You were stoned? -Yeah.
A little bit.
I got high while I was walking around, wasting time.
Maybe that's why you were so hungry.
Yeah, I guess so.
You said they asked you to leave the house.
Yeah, they did.
-You remember that.
And do you have any idea why? I think it had something to do with RlSD.
RlSD? Did you ask them for money? -Kinda.
-Well, what does "kinda" mean? I said that maybe we could work out some sort of deal.
A deal? Like Like a summer for some bone marrow.
If they paid for college, I'd throw in a kidney.
I don't know.
And what did they say? They didn't really say anything.
Kevin offered to drive me to the train station, so I left.
You know what? I've got to say that I'm -What, frustrated with me? -Yes.
I think you deliberately sabotaged that meeting.
No, I didn't.
I can't help but feel that it's another event in the pattern of your behavior, that you test everybody around you and then you push them away Iike you did with Marisa and Roberto and Nate.
Now it's your birth parents.
You hurt the people who care about you so that they will turn away from you, and then you can prove to yourself that you're fundamentally unlovable.
Sorry, I didn't know that I did that.
Even coming over here now, it's late.
It's not your session time.
Were you testing me to see how much I care, what I'm willing to sacrifice? Will I put my kid's needs before you? Jesse, don't walk out.
Jesse, don't walk out.
Jesse, stop.
The only reason I came here tonight is because I thought you should know how much you fucked up my fucking life.
-lf I hadn't taken your stupid advice -What advice? -You told me to call them back.
-No, I didn't.
Yes, you did.
I was gonna tell them to fuck off.
-I wrote that letter.
You took it from me.
-You gave it to me.
Stop it! Just fucking stop.
I'm the one in trouble here, okay? Not you.
Why don't you go back to your little pancakefest with your faggoty son! You know Your birth parents, they made a mistake by not telling you that you had siblings.
I I don't know what their intentions were.
Maybe they were trying to protect you.
Did I just ruin everything? What do you mean by "everything"? My whole life.
Jesse, you're 17.
You didn't kill anybody.
You haven't ruined your life.
But you made a decision and you took an action, and that action has consequences.
They kept a crippled kid.
God, what is wrong with me? There's nothing wrong with you, Jess.
-There must be something.
How old were Kevin and Karen when you were born? Didn't he say in his letter? Like, 17.
Your age.
Do you feel ready to raise a kid? No.
I know you think there's got to be some reason why your birth parents gave you up, some secret that they're keeping from you.
What if they were just too young? What if it's that simple? What then? Oh, shit! Okay, okay, stay over here.
Stay there.
-Just stay there.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
-I'm such an idiot.
I'm sorry.
-No harm done.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's just a bit of smoke, that's all.