Infamy (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[steady buzzing]
[woman 1] She has brought shame to us all!
[woman 2] What an insult!
[woman 1] That is infamy! She is cursed!
- [woman 2] Shame!
- [woman 3] What is she thinking?
- [woman 1] I've had enough of her!
- [woman 4] I'm crying!
[woman 3] What dishonor!
She's brought shame to the entire family!
- [woman 1] What is she thinking?
- [woman 2] What is she thinking? Why?
- [woman 5] Shame on her!
- [woman 2] She's finished!
- [woman 3] Throw her out!
- [woman 1] Infamy!
['You Should See Me in a Crown"
by Billie Eilish playing]
Bite my tongue, bide my time
Wearing a warning sign ♪
Wait 'til the world is mine ♪
[child] Gita! Gita!
Everyone's waiting for you!
[Gita] Come here!
[herd bleating]
Fell for these ocean eyes ♪
One by one by one ♪
[child] Hi, Daddy!
[father] Gita, pack your things.
[woman] Lala! Come!
Hey! Mommy, don't throw it away.
I'm taking that to Poland.
I'm gonna run this nothing town ♪
Watch me make 'em bow
One by one by one ♪
[song halts]
[footsteps approaching]
[father] Gita.
What's wrong?
Do we have to leave?
[father] Mmm.
We're going home.
But you said this was our home now.
Gita, some things aren't that simple.
This is fucking up my life.
I'm losing it all. My friends, my school.
You'll have friends and school there, too.
What do you want?
What do I want?
To live!
Like normal.
Calm down, we'll have a normal life there.
I'm almost 18.
I'll be free of you soon.
[soft, indistinct singing]
[strumming gentle chords]
[father] Friends! Let's drink!
- [man] To new beginnings, Marko!
- [woman] Yeah!
[all] Yeah!
We will miss you guys.
I promise you that we'll meet again.
[glasses clinking]
- [Marko] Cheers!
- Cheers!
To our next meeting.
To our next meeting!
[all] Cheers!
Shall we drink
to getting back our old digs?
To our return.
[mother] Hmm.
[Marko, mother] Cheers.
[drink sloshing]
["You Should See Me in a Crown" playing]
I'm gonna run this nothing town ♪
Watch me make 'em bow
One by one by one ♪
[song ends]
[exhales shakily]
Please leave a message at the tone.
[waves crashing]
[Marko] She took her backpack.
[Lala] Daddy, where's Gita?
[mother] You know, without her,
we might as well stay here.
She's part of the deal.
- [Lala] I want Gita!
- She's my daughter, she'll come back.
[scoffs] We've been waiting seven years
for them to let us come home.
Without Gita, we'd have to
stay in this dump even longer.
This dump?
They fucking ordered us to come back.
Our family needs us.
Without family, we're nothing.
You know that. Roma are nobody!
Nothing? Do you hear yourself?
Marko, you just pray that she comes back.
[cryptic, ethereal music playing]
[passersby chattering indistinctly]
How did you know I was here?
I have parental controls.
But after tomorrow,
we'll be too far for it to work.
Do you think I wanna leave?
You know how your mother is.
Our roots
Our family.
Great, but don't I even get a say?
You don't like it?
Then stay.
- [Gita] Mmm.
- [Marko] Do you have a place to stay?
Call us, sometime.
Or write us on Messenger.
Take care of yourself.
[Marko] I love you.
[jagged breathing]
[Gita] Daddy!
[Gita rapping in Polish]
Napalm dropped on my world ♪
And it used to be so inflammable ♪
Can't find words for my rap ♪
Or a rap to encompass my pain ♪
Gita Burano from Wales ♪
Taking a rollercoaster to Poland ♪
With tongues ♪
It used to be high
Now the flame is dead ♪
Will something ignite inside me? ♪
I don't think so ♪
[in English] Gita, do you wanna rap for us
one more time? Go on, baby!
Come on!
- Come on.
- No. Uh-uh.
[all chanting] Gita! Gita! Gita!
I love you.
[in Polish] Sailing to my banishment
Or pouring the last drops of my life ♪
Through a catamaran
Or whatever it's called ♪
I've got everything with me
This is my swag ♪
Which of these circles is
My real gang? ♪
How to get through
These fucking rites? ♪
Will it come to an end?
Will I win this power play? ♪
Will anything be fair again?
Can a power play be fair? ♪
It's my life turned into a game ♪
[hip-hop beat trails off]
[somber, ethereal music playing]
["Jak Minął Dzień"
by Krzysztof Krawczyk playing]
[video game blasting]
[Gita] Can we stop soon?
I have my period.
[mother] Do you have to inform everyone?
[Marko] Exactly.
[mother] I've told you so many times.
That's not a thing with us.
What's not?
[Gita] Okay, there's your taboo.
You'd better eat it so there's no trace.
So nobody knows I'm human
and have bodily functions.
Gita, we don't use
unclean words like that here,
such as "period," "pee"
Here? We're not even at Uncle's
and you're going crazy.
Sure. In Poland,
the Roma follow Romanipen.
Mmm. Have you forgotten
Romani law all of a sudden?
You'll just have to Google it.
I don't have to.
You already Googled "Romani perfection."
Excuse me?
A daughter reflects her father.
We need you to fit in.
Good thing I don't reflect you.
That would be a contrast.
[hip-hop beat playing]
[Gita rapping]
They say travel educates, gypsy ♪
Maybe no, maybe yes, gypsy ♪
Parting is killing me, gypsy
Start from the beginning, gypsy ♪
What does it even mean, gypsy? ♪
- [sneezes]
- I know you want some.
Oh, thanks.
No, Daddy! Don't eat and drive, okay?
- Remember, "Eat and drive, hit and die."
- [Marko] All right.
Okay, sweetie, never again.
- Think they have a bathtub?
- [Marko chuckles] Of course they do.
I remember this place.
It's Melissa's school.
[Lala] Who's Melissa?
- [Marko] Doesn't matter.
- [mother] We don't talk about it.
[Lala] Okay.
What's this? A sack?
I'll remind you, since you've forgotten,
that Romani women wear skirts.
They don't wear trousers.
Uh-huh. Guess I'm not Romani then.
Now that's interesting.
- You think?
- [Marko] Yeah.
[cryptic, ethereal music playing]
You said they allowed us to return.
What, should I beg on my knees?
[dramatic, sweeping strings playing]
It's been written in your blood ♪
It's been written in your heart ♪
It's the time to find the truth ♪
Time to meet the roots ♪
Written in your blood ♪
Written in your heart ♪
It's the time to find the truth ♪
Time to meet the roots ♪
[keening, dramatic strings continuing]
Remember now,
your family is the hand
wiping your tears and holding your heart.
Don't ever forget.
[music intensifies]
[door slam echoing]
[mother] I don't want to live in a trailer
ever again, you hear me?
You won't.
I'm done with poverty.
[both chuckling]
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
[both laughing]
It's just
In front of the house back there,
for a moment I thought
they'd changed their minds.
Come on.
A word given by family is sacred.
I want you to be happy.
[mother] Hmm.
[soft panting]
Where do I stay?
Hold on, I'll tell you.
[door closes]
[tinny dance music playing]
[kids laughing]
Hey, hey, hey!
[cheerful laughter continuing]
Who just farted?
- It smells like shit!
- It was him.
- No, you!
- You're big fartbags!
- Go to bed now!
- No!
- Bed, immediately!
- [kids] No!
- No?
- [both] No.
- Do you want me to get your father?
- [kids, glumly] No.
- Exactly what I thought.
- [kid 1] Okay!
- [kid 2] Damn, she's mean.
- You two be quiet!
[kids laughing]
[Lala groans]
[kid 1] You're stinking it up!
[kid 2] Yours are worse than mine!
[chickens clucking]
Stevo! Walter!
You'll get a spanking. I mean it!
[indistinct chatter]
- [blowing raspberry]
- You can't catch me!
Where's your skirt?
Back in the Middle Ages.
Good morning!
Good morning.
Gita, has your mother
told you you're Romani?
- She did.
- I see.
You're going to the table like that?
My girl, it's not proper!
All right, Auntie.
I don't have to go anywhere.
I can just sit right here.
Viola! She has
such an attitude this morning!
- [woman] How long will it take?
- [scoffs]
[woman 1] What are we going to make
this evening? We have guests.
[woman 2] Something special?
We'll serve fruit
and a roast with vegetables, of course.
[woman 3] Let's have ribs too.
Don't worry, Gita.
It was alien to me too at first.
My home was completely different.
- Thank you.
- [woman 2] Have someone run to the store.
[overlapping chatter]
Can I do anything to help at all?
[baby fussing in distance]
- [woman 2] I see.
- This one's ready.
- Put it inside that bowl. That's good.
- All right.
Didn't you hear what she said?
How can you behave this way?
She's part of this family, isn't she?
We're all one.
One family, one people. Let's act like it.
Sit, Viola, please.
Oh! I used to drink this tea
as a child. With apples.
It's a shame it was only as a child.
What is she thinking, wearing those?
[woman 3 chuckles] She may be young,
but she won't learn if she hasn't already.
[rapping in Polish]
Mom, this is for you ♪
I'm dedicating to you this skirt ♪
No swag ♪
Gypsy or Romanian, who am I more? ♪
Auntie, are we defined
By the number of frills? ♪
Gypsy style, like time stood still ♪
Nothing between the legs
Maybe it's better to have a son? ♪
No suffragettes in tights and bras ♪
When will the world end?
Where do I begin? ♪
Mom, Mom, Mom ♪
[song halts abruptly]
[indistinct chatter]
[overlapping chatter continues]
[man] We'll have your company
registered in Marko!
When you have your company
registered in the Czech Republic,
every month you can write off 19 grand.
- Mostly they want the same variety
- Uncle!
They took the money
and then blew off all the concerts!
I swear, they're completely backward!
[man on phone] Always.
Okay, listen, I need to go. Yeah.
- Later.
- [woman] It's breakfast.
[overlapping chatter continuing]
Gita, do a lot of women
in the UK have tattoos?
Well, yeah, it's normal.
These days, some gorger girls
dress better than Roma.
At least they put on a skirt,
a blouse, earrings, rings
- There you go, pretty lady!
- People should wear what they want.
Shouldn't they, Grandma?
[grandmother] You're right, darling.
Come over to me, Gita.
- She'll never learn.
- Come here!
See? My grandma, Jaśmina.
Look at the tattoos on her face.
- Awesome.
- She was important. She had power.
She led a Romani camp.
- As a woman?
- Oh, yes.
Romanipen tells us what's right and wrong,
but it's always wisdom that makes
someone important, not just wearing pants.
Do pants make a leader?
[man on phone] Yeah.
- Gita, Gita! How's your first day?
- Alien.
Romani women don't walk alone,
so if you're trying to go out,
I'll show you how.
["Sticky" by Inside Tracks playing]
[singer vocalizing]
Sticky situations
Lead to sticky conversations ♪
Grab the sticky, leave you icky-icky ♪
Paper sticky, you can date me ♪
Spend it fast like you impatient ♪
Let you touch it, feeling sticky-icky ♪
Bat and booze, I'm not pasty ♪
From the street, I caught them cases ♪
Doing a dash, the cameras flashing ♪
Picture me rolling ♪
Patting my pockets
Like patty-cake, patty-cake ♪
[man in distance] It's electric!
How much money would it take ♪
- [man 1] What you got there?
- [man 2] Something good.
I made him say my name ♪
Paper sticky, you can date me ♪
Spend it fast like you impatient ♪
Let you touch it, filthy sticky-icky ♪
Better lock it.
You know how it is. Gypsies steal.
[song trails off]
[laughter in distance]
Don't worry about it.
I just got it printed.
[chuckles wryly]
[clerk] Burano?
Then Melisa Burano You're related?
She'll need a Romani assistant.
Darling, a Romani assistant can be
a big help to our Romani students.
They mediate
any difficult situations and conflicts
resulting from low social awareness.
And your family agreed to this?
That's odd.
They don't usually let girls go to school.
[in Romani]
Why don't you lick my grandma's ass?
[clears throat]
[in English] And you too, darling.
Have a good day. And welcome, hmm?
- [girl] I don't have one.
- [hip-hop tune playing faintly]
- Maybe she has a light?
- [girl 1] Yeah, go ask her.
Be right back.
What's up?
Oh, hi.
Damn. Cool mountain bike. You got a light?
- Mmm, got one somewhere.
- Thanks.
[boy 1] Wait.
- [boy 2] Heads-up!
- Nice! Bravo, my friend!
- [girl 1] Want a drag?
- Yeah, but right here?
[boy 1] Chill.
The school doesn't give a shit.
Otherwise, we'd be in jail already.
[girl 2] Are you new here?
From Wales.
[boy 2] That's cool!
[boy 2, girl 3] We're not!
- Gita.
- This is Cherry, Kamil, Nadia, and
Hey, pass it!
- Kapuściński. Yo.
- Kapuściński.
- What's up.
- The royal family of Biała Góra.
[Gita] All right!
Cool fucking tune.
[Kamil] My choice.
These are my choices!
[hip-hop continuing faintly]
- All that happened till now is my choice.
- [Eliza] All right, last one.
- [Gita] Got it.
- [Eliza] One last hit and we're done.
[Kapuściński] Yeah?
[Kamil] We gotta go,
but it was nice meeting you, Gita.
Catch you later.
See ya.
One for the road.
- [Kamil rapping] I'm going insane ♪
- [Eliza] Hey, the speaker!
[music halts]
- [Eliza] Come on!
- [Kamil] Come on, Nadia!
["Wybory" by Jan-rapowanie & NOCNY plays]
[Polish rap song playing]
These are my choices.
- Sure, don't worry, I'll be there.
- Guests will be here soon. Look at you!
- Leave me alone, Dad. I was rehearsing.
- You look like a bum!
[woman] Don't you bring
that Polish thug to my table.
- [man] Why not?
- [woman] Because!
What is this? What is she wearing?
We have guests coming!
[baby fussing]
It's only because she's young.
- Oh my. You're stuck!
- [laughing]
Hold on.
- Oh my god, you're so beautiful!
- You're stoned, aren't you?
[dreamy music playing]
How do you like it?
- Did you bring me a lampshade?
- Jesus.
Oh, I can't.
See? You look like a queen.
Yeah, you think?
- Whoo! Everything's spinning!
- Yeah!
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Marko!
[overlapping chatter]
[sweeping, emotional
Romani folk song playing]
Don't be afraid. It'll be all right.
Eat and drink! Enjoy!
Welcome to our home, everyone!
May you be happy and healthy.
[man] Come on, Janko, put it away.
What are you doing?
Wake up!
Beautiful girl.
Are you Czech?
Fucking cool. Gita.
You live there?
[Janko] Yeah.
We were almost late.
We had a small accident.
- Really!
- [laughs] Accident?
Well, a deer was crossing the road,
and my dad had to brake the car so fast
that my nose hit the fucking dashboard.
I didn't just see stars,
I saw constellations.
- Do you speak Czech?
- I do.
No, I'm just kidding.
Bring me some juice.
Go get your own juice.
[Janko] But you're female, right?
You're a woman, so
[Gita scoffs]
All right. Let's pour another round.
[vocalizing in tune to song]
[song trails off]
[exhales in frustration]
[swishing juice]
[man] The pigs drive up to the warehouse
asking why the meds are selling so fast.
And Lisowski says,
"There was a tourist bus."
"Everyone on it had a cold.
So, we sold out, okay?"
- What the fuck could they do to him?
- Legitimate business!
The invoices have to be right, that's all.
I'm just a middleman,
but I vouch for Stefan.
I vouch for Stefan. Everything's in order.
[spirited, folksy music playing]
Ah! Cheers, sister!
Czech boy, go and dance.
All right.
Will the Roma in fact keep his word,
given to another Roma?
He's going to keep it.
[Janko] Come on, Gita!
[song ends]
[all cheering]
[woman] Bravo! Bravo!
Excuse me.
May you all be happy and healthy.
[all] May you be happy and healthy.
We'd like to sing a song
for everybody here.
Do it for me, please.
This is our song.
- [woman 1] All right! Let her sing!
- [woman 2] One of the old Romani songs!
It's called "The Dress."
[crowd calling out]
[Marko strumming intricate guitar melody]
[singing soulfully in Romani]
[all singing along]
[singing growing distant, muffled]
["The Dress" fading away,
distressing vocalizations swell]
[distressing vocalizations trail off]
[boisterous cheering]
[breathing unevenly]
You know you shouldn't
wear makeup here, right?
Why not? Who said so?
Because Romani women have natural beauty.
[Gita chuckles wryly]
My naturally beautiful mother.
- Uh-huh.
- Will you sign my form for school?
we have entirely different
plans for you here.
How do I look?
Come on.
Our guests are waiting.
[footsteps receding]
[uneven sigh]
[Marko] Where?
Outside town. Warehouse.
- She good?
- The best. A champion.
Should I bet high on her?
[man] You won't regret it.
[man] Come on.
Do you think I'm stupid?
An arranged marriage?
What do you mean?
Mom said that you guys
have plans for me here.
[chuckles] Don't listen
to your mom. I don't.
All right then.
Then sign the form for my school.
Let me smoke.
I'll wait.
[pensive, cryptic music playing]
Sign here.
[both chuckling playfully]
Thank you.
Whatever you want.
You need anything, let me know.
[lively karaoke tune playing]
[singing in Czech]
[Gita] Look, Sonny,
the patriarchy is strong as ever here.
[Gita, sarcastically]
Girls just wanna have fun ♪
in the kitchen.
[continues singing in Czech]
[Gita] And men?
Rest in peace.
My feminist roots. Dope.
- [karaoke backing halts]
- [Janko continues singing]
- [all, disgruntled] Hey!
- [man] What are you doing?
- What happened?
- Turn it back on.
We wanna hear it.
[man] Enough of those weak beats.
Shall we dance?
Dance, dance!
["La femme à la peau bleue (Chez toi)"
by Vendredi sur Mer playing]
[dreamy French electropop playing]
[song continuing faintly in distance]
[dog barking]
[man] Load it in.
See how fucking easy all of this is?
We just deliver the meds,
and they do all the dirty work.
If this succeeds,
you'll pay off your debt.
Just stay away
from the fucking casinos this time.
[exhales sharply]
[staticky buzz]
[pensive, cryptic music playing]
Roots, roots, roots ♪
Roots, roots, roots ♪
Where are my roots, man? ♪
Roots, roots, roots ♪
Where are my roots, man? ♪
Where do I feel free? ♪
Monkeys are jumping on a family tree ♪
Family tree ♪
[Stefan] Be thankful you have her.
Only she can save you now.
The Czechs bought her
without any complaints.
She's the perfect woman.
See, brother?
Even you managed to do
something right for once.
[hip-hop melody playing]
My great-great-grandmother
Had 'em tattoos on her smiler ♪
Cigar in her lips, puff, puff
No man be messin' with Grandma ♪
My great-great-grandma chief
And I'm a great-great-bitch ♪
Am I dirty 'cause blood clot
Outta my slit? ♪
Oh, Mom, how fucked is that? ♪
My gypsy blood so vivid ♪
I'm older, but timid I'm not ♪
If this is my story so be it ♪
Buzzing in my veins ♪
Expired, tired gang ♪
You need a new leader? ♪
Romanipen ♪
[somber, atmospheric music playing]
[man] You need a beat.
Chill out, I won't tell them.
My name's Tagar.
Is that your song?
It's good. Really nice flow.
You know how to make beats?
[Gita] Hey, Dad!
Did you know they had a studio?
[tense beat playing]
[scoffs] Plans? What plans
could a Romani girl your age have, huh?
[Gita] Rap, school, life? It's simple.
[Viola] We have to marry off our daughter
to strengthen the family business,
just so we can pay back all his debts.
How much am I worth?
One hundred thousand.
[panicked hyperventilating]
[Janko] I already like you.
I love you.
I know you're against it.
Nowadays, you all wanna marry out of love.
[gun cocking]
Save me, Tagar.
[music intensifies]
You started a Polish-Romani war.
[somber, mysterious music playing]
[gunshots echoing]
[Stefan] Your choice.
or infamy?
[Gita wails]
[Viola] Only you can save our family.
[Gita] Who will save me?
[hip-hop beat playing]
[Gita rapping]
My great-great-grandmother ♪
Had 'em tattoos on her smiler ♪
Cigar in her lips, puff, puff ♪
No man be messin' with Grandma ♪
My great-great-grandma chief ♪
And I'm a great-great-bitch ♪
Am I dirty
'Cause blood clot outta my slit? ♪
Oh, Mom, how fucked is that? ♪
G, G, G, G ♪
My gypsy blood so vivid ♪
I'm older, but timid I'm not ♪
If this is my story so be it ♪
Buzzing in my veins ♪
Expired, tired gang ♪
You need a new leader? ♪
How about Gita, gang? ♪
Bang, bang, taboo ♪
I'm looking straight at you ♪
Can set a bail on group ♪
It's time to tell the truth ♪
What am I speaking? ♪
Not a gypsy king, who am I really? ♪
I guess I'm gonna see ♪
Who knows what's in the saga ♪
Is Grandma queen of casta? ♪
Is Grandma Baba Yaga? ♪
How many secrets to discover? ♪
Die, lie, don't ♪
Who am I? Queen of the tribe ♪
So what's the vibe? ♪
Yeah ♪
[hip-hop beat continuing]
[song trails off]
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