Infinity Train (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

The Beach Car

1 46 down.
7 letters One-One, how long have you been doing this? I've been helping since the start! I think it's a pretty powerful message.
One-One, right now I gotta take care of this.
So you stay here, and no more writing, okay? Aye-aye, Captain! Okay.
That's not weird.
They look so peaceful.
- 6-inch voice.
Did you say 60-inch voice?! Spells! - Spells! No angry wizards! The door should be inside of There's the gutter.
This is where I belong.
I almost found my mum that time.
And you got the 11th-highest score in pinball! Don't wanna be in the top-10, though.
Too much pressure.
This isn't a game to me, One-One.
We can still have fun.
Not when you have things to do.
You work first so you get to enjoy the fun later.
I help my dad fix the go-karts, I get to drive them before he resells them.
Work first.
Okay, sometimes there was pizza during the work.
And hose fights.
But all of that was still under the work umbrella.
Aah! It was 115 before! No, no, no, no.
Did I do something wrong? Did I lose a point? Am I being timed? I've seen that happen before.
When it reaches zero, you're a gon You're gone forever! I was talking.
- That's it? Nobody told me this number was gonna change.
Nobody said anything! Now I'm gonna die on this stupid train 'cause there isn't a stupid rule book! You rule in my book, Ms.
I don't have time for this! That's right.
Step right up.
There we go.
Say I didn't catch your name.
- That's a strong name.
A strong name for a strong man.
An effluent man such as yourself can turn his pile of junk into donuts with this truly miraculous product The Donut-Holer! That kinda just looks like a pipe.
I'll demonstrate.
Presto! Donut! This hat? Bon appetít! Donut.
Am I going too fast for you? I get to be in charge of selling these Donut-Holers? I can start my own business?! Yes! Why, you could have a whole sales team selling these Donut-Holers With pioneers like us right at the top! Yeah, like a pyramid scheme! Don't think of it so much as a pyramid scheme as a pyramid team.
You don't even know the best part.
This is the only Donut-Holer certified by my close, personal acquaintance, the Conductor.
Conductor?! H-Hey! I'm supposed to be going to Oshkosh.
It's this place in Wisconsin.
And, also, my name is Tulip.
I should've said that earlier.
But there's a game-design camp, and my parents signed a contract, and I ended up on this stupid train, and I don't want any of this! My goodness, kitten! One step at a time.
This number keeps going down, and if it reaches zero, I'm done for.
I just want to find a way off this train, and you said you know the Conductor.
You have to help me before I die.
Tell me, kitten, what makes you think the digits below your digits are counting down to your death? One-One told me? Mum check! Much too furry.
Or not furry enough.
Mother check? C'est intéressant.
Yeah, he's looking for his mom.
But my number We'll get there.
Excuse me, white ball.
Is this donut hat your mother? Yes? And, tell me, if I put this donut hat on my head, will I die? Sure.
Why not? Charming fellow, but not the most reliable, is he? Wha One-One! You made me think I was gonna die! It would be surprising if you never died.
I'm sure the Conductor would be just as sympathetic to your plight.
I'd rush off to see him right now, but, unfortunately, my personal shuttlecraft has been grounded.
You have a shuttlecraft? I'd fix her myself, but you know no thumbs.
I have thumbs.
I don't know anything about shuttlecrafts, but I fixed some stuff with my dad.
There's still the issue of my payment.
- Payment? Even with my craft, it will take a week, maybe two, to get to the Conductor.
That's a lot of sales I'm missing out on.
I have $12.
But one of the pennies is Canadian.
Money doesn't have much value to me.
I've always been more interested in the peculiar and unique.
You know, I could take the little white ball off your hands.
In exchange, I will speak to the Conductor about getting you to Where was it again? "Wis-con-sohn"? One-One? You want to take One-One with you? Ms.
Tulip, we made so many donuts! Do you really need him, or do you want to get off this train? Deal.
What kind of your own boss do you want to be? I don't think I like that word "boss.
" I want to feel like we're all on the same team.
Team Randall! Ms.
Tulip, how tall are you? I'm about - What is your hair? How am I supposed to answer that? Is your name Tulip because you have a bulbous head? What? No.
It was when I was born.
There were complications.
No! Did you make it out alive? Yeah.
It was some kind of breathing issue.
But I bounced back like a "perennial flower" or something.
At least that's what my mom told me.
So you could have been named after any perennial plant? Like horseradish? No! I don't know.
I didn't name me.
Look, Ms.
It's you.
That's a daisy.
I may not know what anything does, but there is a gear thing here that isn't in there.
Do you know where we can get a replacement? - I know, I know! Welcome to the Market! Soak up your troubles! Metal squid attack got you down? Shop your cares away! Put a little wiggle in your step! Yeah.
Very cute.
I think she's cute, too.
How How much for that gear over there? Expensive taste.
Hold the sponge! Now, that's a handsome-looking flower.
- You mean my personal, heartfelt gift that I picked out for my personal, heartfelt friend? Sounds valuable! I mean, it's not really for sale.
Too late.
Now that I've seen it, it's the only thing I want.
The price we pay for the things we desire most Fine! Just take it! My mechanical heart breaks again.
I hope the warranty's still good.
Shall we? Well, One-One, this is goodbye.
A new adventure! Where shall we meet again? We shall'nt meet again.
I'm leaving the train.
I can't take you with me, but you'll be with the Cat now, and she seems nice.
If it helps you on your journey, I understand.
Sit tight, and I'll have the Conductor sort out this whole mess.
Goodbye forever, Ms.
Tulip! How would you like to try an exciting - Not now! Okey-dokey.
No need to lose enthusiasm.
Just need a different marketing audience.
Wait a second! I've got vision, my good man, and that vision needs a team.
Well, I've never been a part of a team.
It sounds easy and profitable.
When I started Team Randall 38 minutes ago, the mission statement was "always be there for each other.
" It's more complicated than that.
- Is it? Great job asking the hard questions, Randall.
- Thanks, Randall.
You may not always bring in the sales numbers I want, but you've got heart, and I feel like you care about me.
I didn't not care! The cat was gonna help One-One, too! Probably.
I don't know.
I guess I don't really know anything about the Cat.
I just wanted to get off the train.
Listen up, Randalls.
If you can get me to the Cat, I'll take your Donut-Holer thing.
Hot dog! Hop in my body.
- It's not as weird as it sounds! Turn here real quick! Cool! Gum! I changed my mind! I want One-One back! Sorry, kitten.
We had a deal! - Ms.
Tulip! One-One, I shouldn't have One-One! Up and over! One-One! Can you slip in the cracks? - "Slip In The Cracks" is my middle name Randall Slip In The Cracks Randall.
You know, you really are a smart cookie.
Good going.
Tulip! You just made a big mistake! Good luck getting off this train now.
Have I got a deal for you! - Say, there, you look like a smart gal.
This Donut-Holer is - I'm so sorry I gave you to the cat.
I was just scared I would never get off the train, and you made me think I was gonna die, and that doesn't make it okay.
But you care, and you're a good friend, and I appreciate that, and that makes me care, and I just And I-I just I'm sorry.
It's okay, Ms.
I knew you'd bounce back.
Just like when your parents hatched you.