Innocent (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Did your wife ever express any concerns about her sister? Do you trust me? I don't blame the kids for wanting to go back to daddy.
I can't believe you even said that.
You just accused me of killing your sister.
Ugh Leave me alone.
I didn't think I'd remember anything about you, but I do.
- You work at a boat yard, don't you? - Yes.
- Do you know what a butterfly knot is? - Yeah, of course.
We now believe that your wife borrowed your coat and the blood on it was from them, which completely exonerates you.
Apparently one of the tabloids is still sniffing around.
- Dave, I really don't - I need the money, Phil.
I've been authorised to offer you £10,000.
David! Where have you been? - I've been calling and calling.
- What's happened? I didn't know you were getting a copy delivered.
- Jack beat me to it.
- Ugh Jack.
Jack, listen, listen to me.
- Stay away from us, all right.
- Listen, I shouldn't have done this.
But everything that this man wrote is all lies, it's all twisted - and exaggerated.
- Mum wasn't having affairs then? - She wasn't suffocated by her family then? - No, no, listen.
Not in the way - Why would you even talk to him? - Because I was desperate.
I don't have a bloody penny to my name.
I owe people money, Jack, all right.
I owe your uncle Phil.
I owe - I wanted to do things with you two.
- Don't blame us.
We didn't ask to be humiliated like this.
Ro, come on, we're going.
- Listen, listen, Listen! - Dad.
- OK, your mom, she struggled.
She struggled with this place, and she struggled with me.
And sometimes, I think she felt like she thought her life could have turned out differently.
But the one thing that she never regretted was having you two.
You were the brightest stars in her life.
I am so sorry for everything that you have been through.
You didn't deserve any of it.
You two are the only innocents in this.
This whole mess.
So Don't listen Don't listen to these lies.
So, Tom Wilson, where are we with his first wife? She's clamped up on us.
She doesn't want to cooperate.
Make her.
Threaten her with obstruction, if you have to.
We need to know what sort of man he was, what he liked.
Did he own equipment used in the disposal of Tara's body? - Did you speak to the DVLA? - They confirmed the Moffatts only had one car registered in the name at the time of Tara's death.
And we know Alice walked into town every day.
So we can assume that Rob used the car for work.
He would have had ropes, tarpaulin, tools in the back.
Tom Wilson, on the other hand, he left the Collins house on foot that night.
So, he might have encountered Tara at the station.
But, if he did attack her, he would have had to conceal the body, source a car, and the necessary gear before returning to dispose of her.
- The timing's tight.
- Yeah.
We need to get the Moffatts back in.
Separately this time.
- Right, boss.
- All right, boss.
I'm surprised you have the nerve to come back here, after what you did.
That was our baby, Melissa.
Our future.
And you didn't even have the decency Don't you dare talk to me about decency.
I have done nothing wrong.
How many times You sent an innocent man to jail.
You slept with his wife.
You paid Louise to cover for you.
And you lied.
You lied to my face again and again.
I was just trying to protect you.
You're a coward, Tom, and a fantasist.
You keep telling yourself that it's my fault.
But you destroyed our family, no-one else.
Right then.
Do you want to come in? No-one's here, you see.
Oh, thank you.
- Do you like living here? - Yeah, it's fine.
Have they been good to you? - You always felt loved and looked after? - Yeah.
And safe.
Have you always felt safe here? You don't You don't think they could have had something to do with mum's death? I don't know.
I really don't know.
The night Tara died you two argued about money? We wanted to pay her back.
Of course, we did, we just We just couldn't.
- Had she asked for it back? - Yeah.
- When? - That night.
She was thinking about her life, post divorce.
But she knew you didn't have the money.
What were you gonna do? Sell your car? Sell your flat? She wanted your flat.
She said, if we didn't have the cash, we'd have to sell it.
Your own sister was gonna throw you out on the streets.
Even though she had plenty of money.
I think she thought I was, like, taking advantage of her.
Is that why you assaulted her? She was just being so cruel.
Did you kill her, Alice? No.
Did you want to kill her? For a second, maybe, yeah.
Did you tell Rob how you felt? That night before he went out, did you tell him how you felt about your sister? Yeah, I did.
I did.
Not sure I see the point in that.
You get all that money selling your story, and you blow it buying the papers back.
Strange you never mentioned any of this at the time.
Your wife shagging your best friend.
I bet that drove you mad, didn't it? Knowing he was giving her what you couldn't.
Is that why you did it? Is that why you took a hammer to her? Smashed her skull in.
I know you killed her, David.
Why don't you just get it off your chest? - She told me they argued, yes.
- What about? Tara refused to pay for another round of IVF.
Thought it was a waste of money.
- Anything else? - Such as? Did Alice say anything else about the argument? Well, she was pretty wasted, so um - Did she say she hated her sister? - No.
- Did she say she wanted to harm her? - No.
- Did she say she wished Tara was dead or words to that effect? - No, of course not.
Look, she cried, she vented a bit, and then she took herself off to bed.
- And then, you went out? - And then, I went out.
My instinct is he's lying about the row and about his wife's state of mind.
- There was a point where I wondered whether they might be in it together.
- And now? I think Tara was slowly driving Alice mad.
I think she was in a tough spot and she was prepared to take it out on her sister.
Alice was on antidepressants, she was in debt, she was about to be thrown out on the street.
I think she would have murdered her sister that night if the opportunity had presented itself.
- But, Rob took the initiative? - Yeah.
I think he saved her from herself.
He could see what was happening, and he acted to protect her.
He loved her deeply, he still does.
Keep him in custody.
Extend the hours if you have to.
- We need something concrete.
A witness, forensic, a confession.
- Yes, sir.
We can't afford to get this wrong.
You told us that dad beat mom up, and you told us she was terrified.
- That is what your mum told me.
- Did you ever see? Please, Jack, come on.
It's OK, you can answer the question.
No, I didn't.
But she had marks on her, fractured cheek bone.
- Which was nothing to do with dad.
- We now know it was nothing to do with your dad.
You stood up in court and you swore that he attacked her.
- I'm not stupid.
I've read the reports.
- I know.
And I was wrong that I helped convict David.
But at the time I absolutely believed what I was saying.
- Did you? - Yes, I did.
Your mum told me that your dad hit her.
She wanted to leave him, it all just added up.
I thought that he was responsible for her death.
And I wanted to see that he paid for that.
Well then, what about now? Who do you think is responsible now? South Downs police.
Warrant to search the premises.
I'd like to up your dosage of FSH, - but if that doesn't work there are -- - Excuse me - Oh, for God's sake, Louise.
I am with a patient.
- We need to talk.
I'm sorry.
Would you give us a moment, please? I had the police round today.
They want to charge me with obstruction of justice.
- Why? - Because I lied for you.
Do you know what you get for obstruction? Two years.
- Well, I'm sure it won't come to that.
- Oh, won't it? They charged you.
Perverting the course of justice, according to DC Beckton.
What are the kids gonna think? When their mum and their dad are charged with a criminal offence? - I'll do all that I can to help.
- I need money for a lawyer.
A good one.
- So, that's what this is all about.
- Oh, you owe me, Tom.
- Big time.
- I owe you nothing.
You've had more than your pound of flesh.
I'm not gonna let you ruin my life.
I've ruined your life? Yeah, you've really suffered, haven't you? With a house and the holidays, with my kids.
Yeah, you've really had it bad.
You have been leeching off me for years, but it stops now.
- You're hurting me.
- I have done everything that you've asked.
And what do you do in return? You told my wife to abort our baby.
You don't get another penny out of me for as long as I live.
Now fuck off.
I don't think you're a bad man, Rob.
I'm sure you regret what you did to Tara.
I think you found Tara that night, and in that moment, at that time, your actions made perfect sense.
Because Alice had already told you she wanted her sister dead.
You know, she'd given you the go-ahead.
So, you killed her.
- How long have you been using ropes in a car to tarpaulins.
- What? We found one today, in your boat yard.
The same make as the one Tara's body was wrapped in.
Everyone uses RNC tarps.
It won't be hard for us to check the dates, Rob, OK? And the longer you hold out the worse it looks.
So Why don't you just do the right thing? One word from you and all that pain, all that uncertainty just goes away.
Tara will have justice.
You'll have a clear conscience.
And Alice and your family will be able to move on.
He's refusing to cooperate, so we arrested him.
Hopefully some time in custody will encourage him to reconsider.
Could you be wrong about this? Are you looking at anyone else? - No, we're not looking at anyone else.
- Oh, OK.
I know it's difficult to take in but this is good news, David.
Yeah, I think, um Thank you, Cathy.
That's what I'm trying to say.
Thank you.
- Right, now I'm gonna see my lawyer about getting my kids back.
- OK.
You can't kick me out.
I built this bloody practice from scratch.
You wouldn't have a single patient if it wasn't for me.
This place is built on my reputation.
- It's my name above the door.
- And there's the problem.
The adverse publicity surrounding the Collins case has been damaging to this practice.
- It will blow over.
- Will it? You've already been charged with perverting the course of justice? You shouldn't believe everything my ex-wife tells you.
We don't, which is why we rang the police earlier.
In these circumstances, it's our view, that your continued employment here is detrimental to the business.
So, we're suspending you, pending an official internal investigation.
Your patient list will revert to me, and your appointments rescheduled.
You are required to leave the building immediately.
- Alice isn't here.
- I'm not here to see her.
And she especially said, no-one was to see the kids until she was back.
- Rosie? - David, you can't be here.
- What's David doing here? - Jack.
- Dad? - Jack listen, I need to speak to you and your sister.
Where is she? - Talk to your lawyer.
He can get a message to him.
- Five minutes.
That's all I need.
Listen, if the situation changes, if your husband is charged Please, please, I just want to speak to him.
There's nothing you can do here, Alice.
Go home.
You'll know by now then, that Rob has been arrested on suspicion of murder.
Now, I'm not exactly sure what's gonna happen next, or When he'll be charged or what that means.
But, what I do know is I do not want either of you living here.
And nothing is gonna happen without your say so, but, I've instructed my lawyers to apply for a What's called an emergency custody order which means that you come and live with me.
Just until things have settled.
Now, if you say no I will accept that.
But I do think it is the best thing to do given the circumstances.
So what do you say, hm? Do you want to come and live with your old dad? There you go.
Seat belt.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
David, please.
Please you can't just take them.
David, please.
It's already done.
Talk to your lawyers.
Please No! Rosie Rosie Rosie - There you go.
- Thanks.
- Right, you got everything? - Yeah.
- You want one? - No.
They hardly slept a wink.
Rosie was crying half the night.
It's bound to take them a while to adjust.
I just wish we'd left ten minutes earlier.
You did the right thing.
And you got what you wanted.
So try to enjoy it.
- What time's the boss in? - She's usually here by now.
There's nothing to tell, Sir.
Those are entirely innocent.
He was upset, I was reassuring him.
- That your job now, is it? - Sometimes, yeah.
How many times have you met him on your own, away from the station? - A handful of occasions.
- Where? At a cafe, at his home, on the pier.
I was trying to build up trust with him and there was no way I could do that here.
You knew this had to be done by the book.
That we couldn't afford any mistakes and yet you choose to go on dates with a suspect.
- They weren't dates.
- Well, that's what they bloody look like.
What do you think the press would make of them? - Do you have feelings for Collins? - No.
Absolutely not.
I feel sorry for him because he was robbed of being a dad for seven years because of us, and I am ashamed of what this Force has put him through.
- Which is why I'm going to have to take you off the case.
- That's not necessary.
Effective immediately.
DS Garcia will assume your role and I expect the handover to be smooth and swift.
Rob Moffatt's records were all over the place, so I went direct to Robertson and Carter.
The first time Rob Moffatt bought tarpaulins from them was January 2010.
Eight months after Tara Collins was killed.
Prior to that, he was buying them from Humphreys.
So what do you want to do now? I never took any photos.
- I know you are lying.
- Why would I do that? - To mess up my career.
- Oh, yeah.
Hillman loves you.
Well he's taken me off the case, so - You're kidding.
- Were you jealous or something? - I would never go to him.
- I don't believe you.
- No matter how angry -- - You don't even have the balls to own up to it.
Wage your campaign against David, and let your jealousy mess up your career and mine.
And I hope you can live with the consequences, Will.
Because you won't be seeing me or Jacob again.
- This won't be forever.
- Really dad, it's fine.
Once things have settled down a bit, I'll look for somewhere bigger.
You know? Maybe somewhere away from Hailsham.
Somewhere a bit more exciting.
We could even head up North, my old stomping ground.
You get a lot more bang for your buck up there.
We can get somewhere with a big garden, and a trampoline or, we could get some pets? Well, we don't have to decide now, I'm just thinking.
I think a fresh start is going to be best for everyone.
- Rob? - They're not charging me.
- What, it's over? - Yeah, they've let me go, Alice.
I'll come and get you, love.
That'd be great, thank you.
- I'll be as quick as I can.
- OK.
See you in a bit.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I took a pill today, Rob.
More than one actually.
Losing the kids you know, losing you.
But then if I was going to do it, I wanted to be with them at the end.
So I was looking at some photographs of the kids, and us, all together.
And what I saw there was seven years of happy memories.
You know, we're not bad people.
We've done stupid things, but we are not bad people.
- Did he say why he took the photos? - No, he's denying it.
But that's Will all over.
- He'd swear black is white to avoid admitting he made a mistake.
- Tell me about it.
- Sorry that was kind of thoughtless of me.
- No, it's fine.
So many lives affected by that man.
Cathy? - Thanks for bringing us up to speed.
- No worries.
But I think it's best if we call time on these visits now.
- I mean you've been very helpful, but, well, you're off the case, so - All right.
And David needs to spend some time with his kids now.
I'm sure you understand.
Is that what David wants? - I'm sorry? - Is it what he wants or what you want? It's what's best for him.
Well, maybe, but David's an adult and if that's how he feels, I'm sure he can tell me face to face.
Just stay away, OK.
We don't want you here.
Just digging out one of the tents for the kids.
Show them how to put it up.
What were you talking to Cathy about, by the car? Not a lot.
Just chatting about what happens now, with the case and that.
Seemed a bit heated, that's all.
- Not really, no.
- Not really? - What's going on? - Nothing.
If you're not going to tell me, Phil, I'll ask Cathy.
- I told her not to come round here any more.
- Why? Do you even have to ask? She's a police officer, she's part of the Force that sent you down.
- Why would you want to cosy up to her? - Because she's nice and she's been very fair to me, and because I like her.
- I can see that.
- What's that supposed to mean? You always did have bad taste in women.
Easy Phil, all right? Which is why your big brother has to look out for you.
Cathy Hudson is trouble, mate.
Trust me.
His brother? I don't know, Cath.
I know its nuts, but humour me.
Philip Collins.
He worked for your company for a number of years, starting in May 2005.
OK, I get that.
But is there anyone else there who was working for the company back then? Thank you.
Mr Robinson, I'm DS Mari-Luz Garcia, I'd like to talk with you about Philip Collins, if I may? That's right.
He started with you in 05, I believe, and -- OK, I didn't realise that.
Can you remember why he was let go? And can you remember when? Right.
How can this guy be so sure? This was years ago.
Because it was a disciplinary matter.
Phil had taken off in the company vehicle when he was supposed to be in the office, and racked up an extra 500 miles on the clock - and he refused to explain himself when his boss challenged him.
- No.
And then he was sacked less than a week after Tara was murdered.
Was there anything about his behaviour that struck you as suspicious? Anything you can remember? Well, he was around a lot but I thought that he was being supportive, and he had taken time off work.
Maybe he didn't tell because he didn't want to burden you but we have to consider other possibilities as well.
Did you see him at all in the days leading up to Tara's murder? No, he was in Bolton.
He was in Bolton on the day that Tara went missing.
Because Tara had told me that she was leaving me, and I was in bits.
And I called him the next morning to tell him that Tara was missing.
And he was still there, he was still there, so no, it can't have been him.
It can't.
His supervisor said he left work suddenly on the day Tara died.
He took a phone call around 4:00 and then took off.
He was at work the next morning but looked a mess and wouldn't say where he'd been.
And we think he called you and then he headed down this way.
Either to see you or to confront Tara.
- Why? Why would he do that? - I don't know, David.
But we are going to have to question him.
Ah, this is The photographs that were sent to your boss.
Phil sent them.
- I'm sorry, Phil.
- You're all right, it doesn't matter.
All right? Dave? - You told me how to do that.
- What's that, mate? The butterfly knot.
You told me how to do that.
Strong as steel if done right, you said, do you remember? Glad to see you're getting your head into gear -- They know, mate.
They know.
- Sorry? - The police.
They know that you You weren't in Bolton on the day that Tara was murdered.
Sorry sorry, mate.
What we talking about here? They spoke to your supervisor at DTT, Sam Robinson, is that it? He told them why he had to let you go.
You don't want to go believing that bastard.
They sent them the report.
Apparently you drove 500 miles that day.
Why? Where did you go? Where did you go? Did you go anywhere nice? Did you go anywhere nice? I came down to see you.
I told myself I was coming down to give you some moral support.
But actually, mate, I came down to enjoy myself.
Do you know Do you know what it's like being me? The older brother.
The older brother - who can't hold down a job.
- No.
No, this is not what this is about.
Can't get a wife.
Do you remember that look my girlfriends gave me when I introduced them to you? It was the same look - The same look mum and dad always gave me.
- I swear to God, Phil.
- Disappointment.
- Here we go.
Like they'd made a mistake.
I had that for years, mate.
Years and years.
So I came down to watch you suffer.
Little Bro, with his big house, and lovely family, was in a spot of bother.
His wife was walking out on him, taking the kids with her, his business was in trouble.
To be honest, mate, it was too good to miss.
I'm not proud of myself.
And don't get me wrong, I am I am a diff I am a different man now, but back then You tell me what happened, Phil.
You tell me what happened.
I swear to God.
Traffic was a bitch, took me ages to get down.
But then, then I'm driving, I'm driving past the station and I see her.
And she's pissed, that's obvious enough, so I offered her a lift.
I thought she'd say no.
Tara always, always thought I was a prick, but this time, this time, she hops in.
And she goes for it.
Slagging you off.
Slagging off her family.
She actually called you a worm.
That always sticks in my memory because I'd never heard anyone call you that before.
And then the next thing I know we're parked by your house.
She says she's going to sneak in the back, but she's not going anywhere.
She's really in the swing of it now, - telling me what Tom Wilson liked to do to her - It's not you Phil, it's not And I can't resist.
I see myself having her, outside your posh house, in my crappy van.
So I touched her.
I don't know what I was expecting.
A slap? A kiss? But she just sits there with this weird expression on her face.
Then she said, she says, "I'm low, mate, "but I'm not that low.
" I can still hear her, slurring her words, that, that fucking sneer spread across her face.
And then she's out the van and then trotting up the path.
Like, like it's all a big joke.
I don't remember thinking about what I was doing.
I had some work tools in the front well and I grabbed a lump hammer and She was my wife.
She was my wife! I didn't mean to kill her.
But that's me all over, isn't it? I can't help fucking things up! Seven years And you just stood there! Dave, I've been trying to make up for it ever since.
You've got to believe me.
What are big brothers for, eh? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Dave.
I'm so sorry.
I am.
I'm sorry.
A forty-seven-year-old man has now been charged with the murder of Tara Collins.
I can confirm that we are no longer looking for anyone else in connection with this crime.
We are satisfied with the way this investigation has been conducted and I would like to pay tribute to DI Cathy Hudson and her team for their unstinting efforts.
I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to the Collins family.
It should never have taken this long to apprehend Tara's You ready? Yeah? Yeah.
- Here you go, fella.
- Thanks, there you go.
- Morning.
- Are we there? Yeah.
We're here.
Ro, wake up.
Jack? You all right? Rosie! We decided to stay.
Jack! I think we've all been punished enough, don't you? I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you! Thank you!