Insecure (2016) s04e01 Episode Script

Lowkey Feelin' Myself

1 I was broke, I was crashing at Daniel's.
You should have just stayed with me.
No, girl.
Remember that week I stayed with you back in '05? You just gonna act like you didn't break my vase? I didn't do shit to your vase.
ISSA: I'm about to throw a block party.
- You need a form for each act.
- 'Cause some of the acts are TBD, but I'm on my way to getting them.
(Laughs) Which one is Andrew? Is he the black one of the Asian one? - MOLLY: The Asian one.
- Just try it out! Sometimes people can surprise you.
Boy, I'm from Florence and Crenshaw.
Don't play me.
How can I play somebody who orders crawfish tail like this isn't a date? - Oh, this is a date? - Mmhmm.
Maybe I'm too sober to notice.
- Uh, it's good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
How was Lawrence? I think I'm over him.
Nathan better know how lucky he is.
What's wrong with you? Nathan hasn't been picking up.
He hasn't hit me back in a minute.
What are you all doing out here? Why weren't we on your planning committee? Blair asked to do it, and she's a mother.
Because I don't have a baby, I couldn't do that for you? This block party, I just wish we could get, like, a really big headliner.
What do you mean "wish"? We are.
Thank you for meeting up with me.
Do you need a lift? No, I'm good actually.
I have a date.
I thought maybe I scared you away when I told you I was divorced.
Nathan, he showed up at your house and I sent his ass on the way with the quickness.
You should have let me handle it myself.
Like how you handled going over to his house.
You came after me, and then you just left.
I'm back here now for good.
ISSA: I need some time to figure out what I want.
Don't, don't shoot me down - Yeah - Don't, don't shoot me down - Okay - Don't, don't shoot me down You so motherfuckin' dangerous You so motherfuckin' dangerous You got me by my neck That's why these other niggas lame to us 'Cause all these other niggas lame as fuck We show 'em no respect Rose Cranberry (on TV): On the afternoon of July 23, 2019, 26-year-old LaToya Thompson walked into a Red Lobster on Crenshaw and Century.
But she never quite made it to those warm Cheddar Bay biscuits.
Honestly I don't fuck with Molly anymore.
Cranberry: What happened? Who's responsible? Did anyone see this coming? Could anyone have stopped it? Is LaToya just missing? Or was she murdered? We won't stop until we find out.
I'm Rose Cranberry, and this is Looking for LaToya.
We were low, we were high, Jekyll, Hyde I'll still stay by your side You know I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried (music continues, muffled) (knocking at door) Both: Self-care Sunday! Oh, wait a minute.
Are you tryin' to seduce me? Oh, always.
So - (laughs) - This week, we have a guided yoga session set to the Mereba album.
- Along with - I'm listening.
Some herbal enhancements pre-rolled to perfection.
What? Well, in that case, namaste, bitch.
- Light it up.
- Yes.
I'm so glad we're sticking to this.
'Cause, you know, I actually feel really good.
(chuckles) Girl, same.
Yesterday at the grocery store, this white lady tried to cut me.
Now I could have cussed her oat milk-drinkin' ass out, but I said, "Nope.
That emotion does not serve me.
" Not today, dairy-free bitch.
- Self-care Sunday.
- Yes.
Yeah, I was thinking earlier, ever since I got my place in order - Mm.
- it's like my life follows suit, you know what I'm sayin'? So many new opportunities have opened up.
It's a whole new world.
I'm Jasmine.
Oh, okay, well, come through, Princess Flex.
No, I'm serious.
I'm, I'm on this forward path.
I'm focused.
- It's like, no job, no man, no - Huh? All this sounds bad, but it's actually really good.
- It's good vibes, though.
- (laughs) Well, at least you're puttin' out the energy you want back.
I got to work on that.
Work is draining me.
Well, it takes time.
You know, we just got to hold each other accountable.
Molly: Okay.
(grunts) Girl, you about to burn your yoga mat.
I know! (hip-hop music playing) - Issa: Hey.
- Condola: Hey.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
Ooh, I like that top.
Is it new? This? No, I been had this.
- Oh.
- It was my grandma's.
She died.
Had hella scurvy.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It just looked so new.
Oh, I try to take care of my things.
- (groans) - Oh, no.
Yeah, I got it.
Should we go over our checklist? Check me.
- Okay, A/V.
- Mic check.
- Seating.
- Cheer zone.
- Food.
- Tacos on deck.
- Alcohol.
- Bars on wet.
Okay, then we're all set.
- Ooh! - (laughs) And I have someone micing up the fanboys.
- Oh, perfect.
- This mixer's gonna be great.
We just need to lock in these sponsors and then you'll have everything you need for the block party.
Look at us, just on top of our shit.
- (laughs) - (phone buzzing) (laughs) Oh.
Aw, is that the comeback kid? Yeah, it's been like a month.
We're still goin'.
Get it, girl.
- He's coming to the mixer.
- (phone beeps, clicks) What? Oh, I'm so excited to meet him.
Tell him to bring his wallet so he can sponsor me.
(laughter) Yeah Buddah Bless this beat Yeah Ay, let me tell you 'bout this chick from the West Coast Ooh, ah! Hey, uh, hey, Andrew.
Can you tell me where all the pins went? - Mm.
- I mean, I don't see them anymore.
I mean, they were just here a second ago, and now they're now they're not.
Pretty sure they went straight to your head.
(laughs) You know, I think you held all your power in your hair.
- And now it's gone.
- Wow.
Okay, or maybe only fucking nerds are good at bowling.
(laughs) That's what haters say.
Okay, well then, let's raise the stakes.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
If I get a strike, you have to key Taurean's car.
I am not trippin' on Taurean.
Listen, I don't need to be friends with every bald-headed person at work.
Patrice is enough.
Different bet.
If I get a strike - Mm-hmm.
- you have to kiss me.
Oh, okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- Molly: Okay.
- Molly: Ooh.
- That was Yeah.
I tried.
All these bitches try to cop me But he know he never swap me Uh Na-na-na-na-na This nigga brought me Gucci and Prada-da-da-da Uh (grunting) Um, there's too much momentum? - My bad.
- Yeah.
- Let's switch it up.
- Okay.
(grunting) Okay.
(grunting) Oh, yeah.
I'm not really, uh this position is also presenting some issues for me.
Damn, girl.
You like a Rubik's cube.
But I like a challenge.
Okay, how about, how about this? (grunting) Oh, shit.
I didn't think this would work.
Okay, oh, sh okay.
Okay! Okay! Damn, that missionary really be hittin', though.
I mean, church is always the answer.
(laughs) Oh.
Oh, shit, you got a fan? That's what's up.
Oh, yeah, you sweat on me a lot last time, so.
Hey, welcome to a full-sized nigga.
- (scoffs) - But also, your room be hot as fuck.
Ain't you the property manager? You need to fix that shit.
It's 65 degrees, but go off.
Oh, that reminds me.
Got you a little somethin', too.
Oh, word? Compliments of TSA confiscation.
(laughs) - Don't ever change.
- Thank you.
Well, you know.
I'mma holler at you later.
You know what I get it, yeah, yeah I get it, yeah, yeah Girl, are all these clothes for the mixer? - Mm-hmm.
- You know your neck's not long enough for these turtlenecks.
Ooh, girl, I'm exchanging all these.
Condola got me meeting in all these fancy spots and I got to rotate my wardrobe to keep up.
(chuckles) I mean, these don't fit.
(stifled laughter) Molly: You need me to help out with anything for the mixer? Hell yeah.
I'm puttin' everybody to work.
Condola got all these important-ass people comin'.
Target, Sonos, Casamigos, Baby Phat.
Oh, shit, girl.
These are, like, real brands.
That's legit, right? I got Wayne from the Popeye's on Centinela and Durty James from Jamz Creamery.
(scoffs) I mean, girl, everybody loves that chicken from Popeye's.
I knew it.
This mixer is not about to match the level of people coming.
And because of Condola, people are gonna expect elegance, and here I am, inviting Target to my apartment.
Why did I think I could do this? Girl, first of all, don't act like you don't have shit to offer.
Hey, you've planned events before.
You've raised money.
Yes, this is on a bigger scale, but, bitch, you weigh more now.
I don't like that metaphor but I appreciate your energy.
And also, I'm thinking of inviting Andrew.
And he works at LiveNation, so bloop, you know important people too.
He plus one status? You know, you know, we're just having fun.
Plus the nigga got jungle fever and he is infected.
- Okay? - Okay.
He patient zero in this motherfucker.
That's nice.
Yeah, you know, I feel like I got it.
Yeah, girl, you got it.
You can't keep doing this.
Mm-hmm, yeah, for sure.
Tell me what to do.
(laughs) Hey, um, just so I don't fuck it up, Andrew wanted to know if he should invite Nathan to the mixer.
- I said I would ask you.
- Oh.
Um, no, he shouldn't come.
But thanks for tellin' me.
If you were a dress, I would keep you.
And so I Googled "persuasive tactics," Condola, and apparently, Condola, you just need to smile, give a friendly consensual touch, maintain eye contact and repeat the person's name, Condola.
- I have never liked you less.
- Really? - Aw, man, Condola.
- I felt like you seemed nervous.
You need to try to focus on why these people should trust you.
What makes you special? No, that makes sense.
Quick follow-up question.
What would you say makes me special? (laughs) - You not gonna answer? - Everything.
All right, I'll take that.
I just can't get over the two of you.
Look at my baby bringing folks together from the womb.
I mean, technically we met at the cemetery - My baby shower.
- Okay.
Well, first of all, where have you been hiding this amazing person? - She's great.
- Right? Where has this fine fashionista been all of my life? - I mean, look at those shoes.
- Oh.
(Laughs) Condola, did you buy those for her? - (laugh) - Uh, you play too much.
- She playin'.
- Ooh, these are beautiful.
Did these come from a client? - Yeah, from the new boo account.
- (chuckles) Well, I guess, actually, her baby brought us together, too.
What do you mean? Hold up.
(Scoffs) Are these flowers from that one guy you went on the one date with that I thought was a total wash that meant nothing at all? Yes, him.
Um, Issa, I don't know if I told you, but I actually met him at Tiff's baby shower.
Really? 'Cause there weren't a lot of men there.
Was-was it a tall loser named Dro, maybe? No, his name is Lawrence.
What, do you know him? Issa and Lawrence are exes.
They dated.
They were a couple.
They were together.
Now they're not.
Okay, this is great.
Now, the truth is all out in the open.
It's fine.
It's fine.
- It's fine.
- (Condola exhales) Well, this is, um - This is - So dope! Of course y'all are together.
You're dope, he's dope.
Y'all dope.
(chuckles) I'm dope too.
LA is just so small.
So small.
Where are all the good men at? Where are your exes? Let me run up on them like you runnin' up on mine.
(shrill laughter) (awkward laughter) (phone rings) Voicemail: Hello, you've reached the voice mailbox for Molly (echoing): Molly Carter.
(distant woman moaning) (moaning continues) (moaning) Where you been hidin'? (moaning) Huh, do I serve you? Huh, do I serve you? Oh, baby, you're so well-connected.
(moaning) Damn, girl.
I bet you own all your own clothes, don't you? (Condola moans) True.
Oh, Lawrence, pop the tags.
Pop the tags.
- (moaning, slapping) - Stop! Oh, no.
Tasha (on TV): She told me her and her boyfriend was having problems.
They always arguing.
I know he knows somethin'.
Did he do it? Boyfriend? She said that? I mean, you know, we was talkin'.
All right, did I hit it? Yes.
I didn't kill her, though.
I mean, I-I killed the pussy.
(laughs) No, my condolences to her Moms and Pops.
(knocking on door) - Hey.
- Hey.
All right, so, we have a bottle of 2015 Josh, the finest movie theater popcorn drizzled in the realest of butter, and my own personal touch, hot sauce.
Are you okay? - Yeah, I just - It's too fast.
Wine and popcorn is kind of a move.
I think that I might be friends with your ex.
- My ex what? - Girlfriend.
Issa? - What? - Do you know the girl that I've been working with? The one whose mixer is tomorrow? That's her.
It's her mixer.
I've been helping your ex-girlfriend - plan a mixer.
- This is - Crazy, what? - Right? It is crazy.
It's like, crazy.
And the fact that she came up to me after that screening and introduced herself, it's Wait, hold on.
Is she crazy? Yeah, I mean, she's crazy, but she's not crazy crazy, you know? So how long were y'all together? Five years.
Five years? Wow, that that is significant.
- This is a lot.
- Yeah, it's a lot.
But it's fine.
We're fine.
There is no drama.
It's really all good.
Good like I should keep working with her? - You're gonna keep working with her? - I don't know.
Is that weird? (stammers) This is all weird.
No, no, you shouldn't bail on her.
It seems like she needs you right now.
Hey, you know what? You want a glass of wine? You know what, actually can we just rain check tonight? Okay, yeah, you, you sure? It's not you or anything like that.
I just I think I just need some time to process all of this.
Yeah, okay, sure.
Got body, got body Mind, body, can't stop it, hey You want it, you got it Hey, Ahmal, can you start puttin' the tablecloths on the tables? I got to grab an extension cord.
Fine, but don't forget, I got carpal tunnel and I got to DJ tonight.
You just pressing play, calm down.
Trina: Issa! Your brother is fine.
He single? Yeah, but he's gay.
Benjamin daddy gay.
And? (sighs) Oh.
(inaudible) - Hey, you made it.
- Hey.
(awkward chuckle) (both chuckle) You found a parking spot okay? Oh, yeah, I got lucky.
Somebody was leaving.
- So about Lawrence.
- Oh, he's not coming tonight.
Oh, I was Okay.
I'm just gonna go make sure everyone knows where to set up.
- I'll see you in a minute? - Cool.
What's-what's the dress code for tonight? Oh, when I said residents were welcome, I was really just being polite.
Which one you think your brother like more? Legs or titties? Titties, always.
See, everybody like titties.
Come on, girl I haven't practiced in a long time Hey, I just wanna let you know.
Today may be a little homegrown.
But she's trying.
So I could have saved this outfit? Relax, Urban Outfitters.
(exhales) Oh, ho, Urban.
Well, if we're still dating next week, uh, do you want to hang out? Oh, if? How about Friday? Friday, I have plans, but I could do any other day.
Plans? What, you got a date with one of your other girls? Huh? You out here in these streets? Is that funny? Wait.
Are you, are you dating other people? Uh, I mean, yeah, but nothing serious.
Aren't you? (scoffs) Yeah, of course.
- And-and-and you are too, so.
- Yeah.
(chuckles) Yeah, I see you, playa.
Stacking these dates.
Dates on dates on dates.
I just bought a crib on top of the hill And I bought a brand new ride Am I keeping it real? There's nothing wrong if you got it Why trust him to do anything? Kelli: Ooh, don't tell me to stop 'cause I don't know how.
(laughs) Hey, finish it off.
There you go.
Enjoy yourself.
- Turn up.
- Kelli.
This liquor has got to last all day, so you got to stop pouring so much.
I'm tryin' to help you out.
You know what they say.
The stronger the libation, the bigger the donation.
You see Spencer over there? He offered me a cool five figures for one night of passion.
Now, I'll take one for the team.
Just say the word.
- I'll never say the word.
- Yes, you can.
- No.
- The word is I'll get back to you at the end of the night.
Yeah, I got you.
Hey, what if just, hypothetically, what if you met an amazing woman - Hello.
- Right, and that amazing woman just, out of the blue, was dating your ex.
Just hypothetically.
Would you try to make it work or walk away? I mean, that happened to me, you know? She's in jail now.
I framed her, but we still write.
So y'all are like pen pen pals? Renée cool.
- Tiffany: Issa! - Okay.
- You good? - Yeah.
Ay, yo, Spencer.
You bring your Bill Murray-lookin' ass over here.
(chuckles) Hey.
Issa, this is Sheryl from Diageo.
Oh, hey, Sheryl, it's so nice to meet you in person.
Thank you so much for providing the holy spirits.
- (laughter) - Well, you're so welcome.
We do so much business with Tiffany and Condola and Condola says such great things about you.
- Issa is an amazing collaborator.
- Oh, Condola is phenomenal.
Brains, beauty, ass.
I can't wait for you to hear about the block party.
Mama got ass, too.
I'm sorry, I'm just so thankful for the alcohol.
I might name my daughter Sheryl.
Or my son.
Gender is a construct.
Well, why don't you just tell me more about the block party? - Well, I - But, but - Oh, sorry.
- No, no, you go.
- I was just gonna - I Okay, this is like watching a live conference call and I can't take it.
I was just going to mention the other vendors.
Yes, right, I noticed some of them from the cemetery screening.
It's funny.
All black LA events use the same vendors.
Everybody swaps back and forth.
It's like, once we find a good one, we all just share 'em.
Well, the block party will emphasize black businesses.
I'm not sure if Issa has mentioned that.
- Sheryl: She did.
- But what else can you tell me, Issa? I mean, you're kind of bein' stingy with the deets.
Are you Nigerian? I can't do another scam, Condola.
- She is a Nigerian princess.
- I'm an American, heh.
Sheryl, why don't I show you around? Issa, maybe we should separate.
You can take this side, I'll take this one.
- Oh.
- Let's sell this thing.
Sell it.
Let me introduce you to Are y'all okay? Oh, yeah, that's the homie.
Don't we look okay? For the record, I did not know about any Tiffany, it's fine.
Yeah, it's basically a community experience aimed at showcasing local artists and businesses.
Oh, based on Condola's other events, I thought it would be more fun.
Oh, yeah, I haven't even gotten to the fun part yet.
That's I was just gettin' there.
I'm glad you said So the main thing to know is it's gonna be fun.
It's great that it's fun, but I'm more concerned about our brand awareness.
How will you provide metrics to indicate impact? Um So it's like fun with brand elevation and social justice undertones.
Oh, you like political events? Well, this is like a caucus.
Like a party caucus.
Oh, no, no, no, no, it's not political at all.
It's not in this climate.
(laughs) It's like escapism.
Really, you just forget about it all.
- Y'all here for the mixer? - Yeah.
Okay, word.
Raise your hands up like this.
Step to the scanner.
Don't move.
What? (scoffs) My bad.
I'm all on high alert and shit.
(laughs) Enjoy, it's hype in there.
- Brrat! - Oh.
- Brrat, brrat! - Okay, yeah.
Baby when you say my name Sit back, sip some Chardonnay (exhales) Should we get a drink? Yeah, um, why don't you get me something brown? I'll go find Issa.
Oh, where are you gonna go? You'll find me.
Can you give me a second? Hey.
You're here.
Not that many people are signing up.
Can you do that thing where you make white people laugh - and they give me money? - (laughs) I'm a little rusty, but I got you.
I see you put TSA bae to work.
We bringing fuck buddies out the house now? I was on a very tight budget and he was free.
Plus, I told him to hype up everybody that comes to the mixer.
Hey, this party is nuts! Can't wait for the bigger one.
Girl, if you like it, I love it.
Well, I'm runnin' out of time and I got to get more people to sign up to sponsor.
You good? Yeah, but can I talk to you for a second? Yeah.
What's up? Andrew said that he was dating other people.
Oh, okay.
Should I trip or not? (scoffs) Here comes Dante's complaining ass.
Look at this nigga tryin' to find me.
- So what should I tell him? - Girl, I don't know.
He's here with you.
So what's the problem? You said you got it, so get it.
Dante, yes.
What the hell you got goin' on here? You've got to give your tenants a heads up.
I sent out notices weeks ago.
Well, I ain't get one.
Where I'm supposed to park? You know what, you can have my spot.
Okay, where's your car? I don't got no car.
All you ladies pop your pussy like this Shake your body, don't stop, don't miss All you ladies pop your pussy like this Shake your body, don't stop, don't miss Just do it, do it Ahmal, stick to the playlist.
What the fuck? - Trina had a request.
- You're not a real DJ.
You got a problem, sis? Trina, this is not that type of party.
Okay? Uh, anybody lookin' for that type of party come to the after-party in apartment number five.
- It's gonna be nasty.
- How nasty? Uh, no, no, no, no.
There will be no nasty after-party.
You can't throw parties in your apartment.
Oh, so I can't throw parties but you can? Shit, tell me the rules now.
I got time.
- I don't have time.
- Hey, girl.
- I know you're busy.
- "I know you're busy.
" But one of your port-o-potties is broken, and people got to pee.
- How did it break? - You don't wanna know.
I tried to calm the line down but they gettin' feisty.
They talkin' about they want a refund.
For a free event? (quiet chatter) Okay, um, can you help me out? Okay, I got you.
Hey, everyone.
Um, thank you so much for bearing with me.
We don't have to let the port-o-potties ruin our port-o-party.
- (light laughter) - Def Jam.
Thanks, guys.
Um okay.
Uh, well, my name is Issa Dee, and I'm organizing the block party, and I know I gave some of you different versions of the event, but I want to use this opportunity to make my vision clear.
We have so much talent and excellence right here, and I felt like we didn't have enough spaces to showcase and celebrate that in this neighborhood, so that's where the idea for the block party came from.
She's doing so well.
I finally know what this bitch is doing.
Do you think she's mad at me? Wait, why would she be mad at you? Issa: And so, I wanna take this moment to give a special thanks to Condola Hayes.
I could not have brought this idea to life without you.
Anyway, um, I love my neighborhood and I love this city so much.
But it devastates me to see our communities changing without our input.
And so, I wanna change that.
We have 10 sponsors so far and I know we can double it.
Sign-up sheets are in all four corners.
And I thank you so much and I will see you at the block party.
Oh God, this party is lit! Yeah! (airhorn blares) (cheers and applause) Thanks thanks, Calvin.
- Yeah.
- Woman: My friend.
I'm so proud of you.
Good job.
- Thank you, Ahmal.
- You got to thank me, too, though.
Okay, next time, I'll remember that.
(inaudible) Like a mixer up in that green, boy Yeah, yeah, yeah (R&B music playing) Ready to go? You know, actually, I think I'm gonna hang back and help Issa.
- Is that cool? - Yeah, for sure.
Uh, I'll just Lyft home.
- This was fun.
- Yeah, yeah.
Thanks so much for coming.
- Are you all right? - Mm-hmm.
Okay, cool.
- Get home safe.
- You too.
Don't know if I'm ready Girl, don't get me started I refuse to let you Issa, I loved your speech.
- Thank you.
- You're the real deal.
I'm from Oakland, and it's already changed so much.
Honey, I would be thrilled to contribute to the big day.
Uh, thank you.
Sheryl, you're a blessing I just made that up for, for you.
I'll be in touch.
(quietly): Yes! Oh, look at Miss Inglewood.
- Hey.
- (laughs) - You did so awesome.
- Thank you.
- I'm really proud of you.
- Really, really proud of you.
- (crying): Proud of you.
- Okay.
I don't know, it's the hormones.
I'm sorry.
I don't even care that much.
I'm sorry, that was mean.
That's the hormones, too.
Girl, we are so impressed with you out here being inspirational and shit.
Lookin' like Simone Biles but, like, a little clumsy.
I ain't mad.
Okay, I'll take it.
Thank you guys so much for coming through and helping out.
Of course.
Yo, where did we land on the, um, whole Spencer transaction? I think definitely don't do it.
Oh, oh, yes, no.
I No, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm - Okay, bye, y'all.
- Bye, girl.
(chuckles) Yo, that was amazing.
I got, like, 30 sponsors to sign up.
This is really happening.
I mean, I told you to get it and I fucked around and got it, too.
(chuckles) Yeah, that's amazing.
Congrats, you did your thing.
Thank you.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I mean, I think I'm done with Andrew, but whatever.
- What the fuck? - (exhales) - Why? - Because he's dating other people.
You know, and I'm letting go of whatever doesn't serve me.
(scoffs) - But y'all were having fun.
- I mean, we were.
Wait, you like him.
Like, really like him.
I don't know, I'm just bothered.
Girl, you got to be real with yourself.
Like, take me for example.
I was frontin' earlier and I had to be like, girl, stop frontin'.
Okay, so if we're done fronting, um it's weird that you're still working with Condola when she's dating Lawrence.
And when were you gonna tell me? I tried to call you.
And, yeah, I mean, it's weird, but it doesn't have to be and I'm fine with it.
So you're just gonna keep working with her and being her friend? Yeah.
And she's cool with that? I think so.
I mean, she came tonight and I couldn't have done any of this without her, so.
- Girl, I guess.
- What? It's It's just that you know your life don't have to be this messy, right? Sometimes, I think you like that shit.
I'm just trying to help you be real with yourself.
And hold you accountable.
That's it.
No, you right.
(scoffs) Thanks.
(slow R&B music playing) (phone bloops) (knocking on door) I know he did it.
I know it in my heart.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm glad you called.
- How, uh, how was the mixer? - It was good.
It was a good turnout.
So are we good? Take it or leave it, it's what you're owed Not okay He could make you think you're someone else Headaches, always, always, uh Take it or leave it, it's what you're owed Okay You got it? Yeah, I got it.
Something to get in your way, uh You choose to stay You choose to stay You choose to stay Oh Nauseous, feeling so weak Can't smoke if I do not eat Knees weak at 33 Late nights, but don't text me Swallow, but I want to scream I want the lifestyle for free Choose to ignore blues Something to get in your way, uh You choose to stay You choose to stay You choose to stay You choose to stay You choose to stay Oh I want the lifestyle for free I want the pussy for free An arm around me to grieve Late nights, but don't text me Swallow, but I want to scream I want the lifestyle for free I'm thinking two per bag.
Don't forget a toothbrush.
Broccoli extract? Girl.
Let me see one of them toothbrushes.
That's what the kids gonna do.
I don't want it to be awkward when Lawrence's name comes up.
Me, neither.
Y'all talking about me? It wasn't anything bad.
So-so-so so, what else did y'all say? (Laughing) I thought it was just gonna be the two of us.
Want me to tell her to leave? It's been almost a month and I'm just feeling close to him.
He digs you down, makes you laugh.
What's the problem? 'Cause I don't hear it.

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